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libcap-ng0-32bit-0.8.5-1.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: libcap-ng0-32bit Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.8.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Mon May 20 19:29:35 2024
Group: System/Libraries Build host: reproducible
Size: 25998 Source RPM: libcap-ng-0.8.5-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: An alternate Linux/POSIX capabilities library
libcap-ng is a library providing an alternate mechanism to libcap to
inspect and set Linux process and file capabilities (modeled upon a
withdrawn POSIX.1e draft).






* Mon May 20 2024 Matej Cepl <>
  - Update to version 0.8.5:
    * Remove python global exception handler since it's deprecated
    * Make the utilities link against just built libraries
    * Remove unused macro in cap-ng.h
  - Remove libcap-ng.rpmlintrc, it doesn't seem to be used any more.
* Tue Jan 02 2024 jun wang <>
  - Update to version 0.8.4
    * In capng_change_id, clear PR_SET_KEEPCAPS if returning an error
    * pscap: add -p option for reporting a specified process
    * Annotate function prototypes to warn if results are unused
    * Drop python2 support
* Thu May 04 2023 Frederic Crozat <>
  - Add _multibuild to define additional spec files as additional
    Eliminates the need for source package links in OBS.
* Mon May 09 2022 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 0.8.3:
    * Add vararg support to python bindings for capng_updatev
    * Add support for ambient capabilities
    * Add support for V3 filesystem capabilities
    * If procfs is not available, leave last_cap as CAP_LAST_CAP
    * If bounding and ambient not found in status, try prctl method
    * In capng_apply, move ambient caps to the end of the transaction
    * In capng_apply, return errors more aggressively.
    * In capng_apply, if the action includes the bounding set,resync with the kernel
    * Fix signed/unsigned warning in cap-ng.c
    * In capng_apply, return a unique error code to diagnose any failure
    * In capng_have_capability, return 0 for failure
    * Add the libdrop_ambient admin tool
    * In capng_apply, if we blew up in bounding set, allow setting capabilities
    * If PR_CAP_AMBIENT is not available, do not build libdrop_ambient
    * Improve last_cap check
    * Fix parameters to capng_updatev python bindings to be signed
    * Detect capability options at runtime to make containerization easier (ntkme)
    * Initialize the library when linked statically
    * Add gcc function attributes for deallocation
* Thu Dec 09 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to 0.7.11
    * Really clear bounding set if asked in capng_change_id
    * Avoid malloc/free in capng_apply (Natanael Copa)
    * If procfs is not available, get bounding set via prctl
  - Removed unneeded rules from rpmlintrc
* Tue May 12 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 0.7.10:
    * Update capng_change_id man page
    * Add capng_have_permitted_capabilities function
    * Update filecap to output which set the capabilities are in
    * Fix filecap to not output an error when a file has no capabilities
    * Add udplite support to netcap
    * Fix usage of pthread_atfork (Joe Orton)
    * Mark processes in child user namespaces with * (Danila Kiver)
* Thu Aug 08 2019 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Own %{_datadir}/aclocal: when we might switch to pkgconf instead
    of pkg-config, nothing in the build root is 'accidentally' owning
    this directory for us.
* Tue Feb 20 2018
  - Move %doc to %license for licenses
* Sun Feb 18 2018
  - Remove ineffective --with-pic. Fix SRPM group. Redo descriptions.
  - Rename %soname to %sover to better reflect its use.
* Sun Feb 18 2018
  - Update to version 0.7.9:
    * Detect and output a couple errors in filecap
    * Use pthread_atfork to optionally reset the pid and related info
      on fork
  - cleanup with spec-cleaner
  - use https urls



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