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libQt5Core-private-headers-devel-5.15.13+kde138-1.2 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: libQt5Core-private-headers-devel Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 5.15.13+kde138 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Tue Mar 19 10:55:28 2024
Group: Development/Libraries/X11 Build host: reproducible
Size: 3078625 Source RPM: libqt5-qtbase-5.15.13+kde138-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Non-ABI stable experimental API for the Qt5 core library
This package provides private headers of libQt5Core that are normally
not used by application development and that do not have any ABI or
API guarantees. The packages that build against these have to require
the exact Qt version.




LGPL-3.0-only or GPL-3.0-with-Qt-Company-Qt-exception-1.1


* Tue Mar 19 2024 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.13+kde138, rebased upstream:
    * QVarLengthArray: fix UBs in emplace()/insert() ([], broken class invariant)
    * Android: use test QFileInfo fileName() instead of completeBaseName()
    * Fix few QFileInfo and QDir calls
    * savegame ex.: fix include order [2/2]: game.h
    * savegame ex.: use NSDMI, =default the default ctor
    * savegame ex.: fix include order
    * savegame ex.: fix extra ';' after Q_GADGET
    * tst_qvarlengtharray: fix MyBase trackers for swap()
    * Apple: Add CFBundleAllowMixedLocalizations=YES to Info.plist files
    * qmake: Add CFBundleDevelopmentRegion to iOS Info.plist
    * Update bundled libjpeg-turbo to version 2.1.5
    * Revert "Copy only files that belongs to QML module"
    * savegame ex.: make Level ctor explicit
    * macOS: Skip deployment target runtime check when detecting compat version
    * Apple: Use 'en' instead of 'English' as development region
    * qmake: Add CFBundleDevelopmentRegion to the macOS Info.plist
    * Update comments in QQuaternion::getEulerAngles
    * QtGui/math3d: Fix QQuaternion::getEulerAngles for GimbalLock cases
    * Pass short time format to GetTimeFormat from GetLocaleInfo
    * Android: fix height calculation
    * SQL/ODBC: fix some users of toSQLTCHAR() to not assume identical UTF-8/16/32 string lengths
    * ODBC SQL driver: fix conversion of QByteArray to QVLA<SQLTCHAR>
    * Docs:Android: Add docs notes about support for content Uris
    * QODBC: correctly fill cache when index() is called
    * Fix ignored name filter in QFileDialog::getOpenFileContent()
    * GTK3 theme: simplify code
    * Fix ContextInfo example crashing on Android
    * ibus: check object validity before honoring `inputMethodAccepted()`
    * ODBC SQL driver: deal with different sizes of SQLTCHAR correctly
    * Doc: Update copyright year
    * Android: pass EXTRA_INITIAL_URI to native FileDialog
    * Doc: Only list qt core classes in qt core io group
    * QFileSystemEngine: URL encode path in trash info, use relative path
    * [doc] Warn users about data races regarding qt_ntfs_permission_lookup
    * [doc] QSharedPointer: add some missing docs
    * Disable feature vkgen if vulkan was explicitly disabled
    * Android: handle move operation with content uris
    * Android: handle rename() operation with content uris
    * Android: Add facilities to handle more content URIs operations
    * Fix infinite loop when iterating content uri sub-files/dirs
    * Return the QFileInfo::baseName/QDir::dirName() from fileEngine impl
    * SQLite: Update SQLite to v3.40.1
    * Fix cache maybe invalid while the signal is actived from queue
    * Android A11Y: Only access the main thread when it is not blocked
    * ibus: support high dpi for cursor rectangle
    * QString: use inheritance, not template aliases, for arg() constraints
    * Fix the ref-counting for the std::function version of tryStart()
    * Android: Fix UI is scaled smaller than before
    * Android: fix Android assets handler not listing dirs with only sub dirs
    * Android: fix deprecations for getDrawable() on QtMessageDialogHelper
    * Android: Fix deprecations AlertDialog.setButton()
    * Bump version to 5.15.13
    * Doc: Increase Test Function Timeout
    * QtMiscUtils: add missing toAsciiUpper(), use it in moc
    * QLatin1/String/View: don't decay the arg() arguments
    * QBuffer: test and document open() behavior
    * SQLite: Update SQLite to v3.40.0
    * tst_qmlstream: re-use QBuffer instance in readBack()
    * iOS a11y: Ensure parent elements are stacked below their children
    * qmake: Document that QMAKE_PRE_LINK does not work with Xcode
    * Blacklist: test cases blacklisted in tst_Gestures:
    * Android: Fix incorrect dimensions - part 2
    * PCRE2: upgrade to 10.42
    * QNetworkRequest: don't assume QByteArray::constData() is NUL-terminated
    * QNetworkRequest: Make header parsing locale-independent
    * Doc: Change links from froglogic to qt domain
    * Backport QtMiscUtils::toAsciiLower() from dev
  - Commits dropped by the rebase:
    * Apply CVE-2023-24607-qtbase-5.15.diff
    * correctly set up ref counting in QThreadPool::tryStart(std::function)
* Fri Feb 16 2024 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.12+kde151:
    * Improve KTX file reading memory safety (CVE-2024-25580, boo#1219996)
    * Revert "xcb: only set base size when it's valid"
    * Fix potential leak of QPropertyAnimation in QLineEditIconButton
    * QBitArray: correct inline keyword
* Wed Jan 03 2024
  - Update to version 5.15.12+kde147:
    * Http2: fix potential overflow in assemble_hpack_block()
      (bsc#1218413, CVE-2023-51714)
    * HPack: fix incorrect integer overflow check
    * HPack: fix a Yoda Condition
* Fri Dec 29 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.12+kde144, rebased upstream:
    * QMimeDatabase: handle buggy type definitions with circular inheritance
    * xcb: only set base size when it's valid
    * QPixmapCache: fix leaking of QStrings and Keys on clear()
    * OpenFile portal: do not use O_PATH fds
    * QSystemTrayIcon: properly disconnect old menu in setContextMenu()
    * Guard QTabBar against nested event processing during moving tabs
    * QDial: don't crash when min==max and setting a value != min & max
    * QStandardItemModel: don't leak in mimeData()
    * SQL/MySQL: properly initialize variable
    * QWidgetTextControl: ignore invalid input method event
    * Update the LGPL license header
    * SQL/MySQL: fix handling of json column
    * Remove QMAKE_RANLIB and QMAKE_LINK_SHLIB from android/default_pre.prf
    * macOS: Fix less common writing systems on Catalina and later
    * Blacklist 1 tests in tst_QFtp on ubuntu-20.04
    * Update bundled libpng to version 1.6.39
    * Android: Fix signing of APKs that are generated when an AAB is also built
    * Update bundled zlib to version 1.2.13
    * doc: update the limitation of QSystemTrayIcon on X11
    * Blacklist 1 tests in tst_QTimer on ubuntu-20.04
    * Add benchmarks for QLocale number parsing
    * Add benchmarks for QString number parsing
    * Android: Fix incorrect fullscreen dimensions
    * Gtk3Theme: set XCURSOR_SIZE and XCURSOR_THEME for wayland sessions
    * xcb: Flush Display when processing xcb events
    * xcb: Add xlib wrapper for XFlush()
    * QHostAddress: Fix incorrect comparison against 'Any'
    * QSsl[OpenSSL/Android]: Fix hardcoded 1_1 suffix
    * BLACKLIST: tst_QApplication::sendEventsOnProcessEvents for RHEL 9.0
    * QMacStyle: do not set white color for grayed out button
    * Work round macOS's omission of en_DE from its own uiLanguages()
    * Suppress a deprecation warning in tst_QDateTime::toString_enumformat()
    * QJsonValue: fix incorrect to{Array,Object} when the value is empty
    * QGtk3Dialog: remove the #include for empty moc
    * Remove unneeded QWindow from QGtk3Dialog
    * tst_QSslSocket: Delete sslOptions
    * tst_QSslServer: Make the in-process server use TLS1.2
    * Android: fix Gradle warning about using enableUncompressedNativeLibs
    * Mention  limitation of QDir::drives() on Windows
    * QFileSystemEngine/Win: fix incorrect buffer size in currentPath()
    * Android: properly retrieve mime type of uri to for openUrl()
    * Android: Fix clipboard issue with urls
    * Android: Add a way to disable accessibility via an environment var
    * Update bundled libpng to version 1.6.38
    * QIOSMessageDialog::exec - work around 'windowsless' exec
    * QIosScreen: retain the right window
    * tst_Q{BitArray,ContiguousCache}: check not only count(), but size(), too
    * QIosTextResponder: stop using deprecated constants and type
    * qcompilerdetection.h: detect Coverity
    * Android: Fix Display.getRealMetrics deprecation
    * Fix broken Text rendering when noantialiased NativeRendering is used
    * forkfd: fix Clang 15 ATOMIC_VAR_INIT deprecation warning
    * eglfs: Add env.var. to disable the dedicated drmHandleEvent thread
    * doc: Don't put strings into QVector<double>
    * Remove focusProxyAndInputMethods from tst_QWidget
    * Bump version to 5.15.12
    * Update documentation of qWaitForWindowActive / qWaitForWindowExposed
    * QtHttp: Lower the severity of some log output
    * StyleSheetStyle: Fix color of placeholder texts in text edits
    * Android: Fix flickering on split screen mode
    * Update url to IAccessible2 Specification
* Thu Oct 19 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.11+kde138:
    * QLibraryPrivate: Actually merge load hints
    * QPluginLoader: report the right load hints
    * xkb: fix build with libxkbcommon 1.6.0 and later
    * a11y atspi: Map ButtonMenu role to AT-SPI equivalent
* Fri Oct 06 2023 Christophe Marin <>
  - Enable the experimental native painting feature to improve
    remote desktop performances (boo#1214915)
    exporting QT_XCB_NATIVE_PAINTING is required to use the feature.
* Fri Oct 06 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.11+kde134, rebased upstream:
    * Revert "Windows QPA: Add support to UiaRaiseNotificationEvent()"
    * FileChooser portal: Make sure is not empty
    * QPersistentModelIndex: fix UB (op< on unrelated pointers)
    * Avoid crash when keysymToQtKey(keysym, Qt::ControlModifier) is called
    * a11y atspi: translate coords for GetOffsetAtPoint the right way
    * a11y atspi: Take dialog into account as top-level window
    * a11y atspi: Fix incorrect use of x instead of y position
    * macOS: Handle asynchronous deminiaturizing of windows
    * QTranslator: generalize a UNIX-only path
    * iOS, input panel: be more careful before enabling QIOSKeyboardListener
    * Android: Fix flickering on window resize and show keyboard
    * Android A11Y: Check for active surface before calling into native code
    * xcb: Delete touch points without target windows
    * Blacklist 1 tests in tst_QDBusConnection on ubuntu-20.04
    * Fix CMake builds without ANDROID_SDK
    * Blacklist 2 tests in tst_Http2 on ubuntu-20.04
    * Blacklist 1 tests in tst_QSqlQuery on macos
    * Defer creating the special shaders in the texture blitter
    * tst_QSslSocket::serverCipherPreferencies - fix for OpenSSL v3
    * QTemporaryFile: document rename() differences from QFile
    * Doc: 3rd party: Fix reference to FreeType LICENSE.txt
    * Update bundled libjpeg-turbo to version 2.1.4
    * tst_QSsSocket: fix verifyClientCertificate with OpenSSL 3
    * tst_QSslSocket: regenerate certificate used for setLocalCertificateChain
    * tst_QSslSocket::protocolServerSide - make it work with OpenSSL v3
    * tst_QSslSocket::oldErrorsOnSocketReuse - make it work with OpenSSL v3
    * Update zconf.h prefixes to match zlib v1.2.12 update
    * xcb: fix D&D in same xembed client
    * xcb: use global coordinates for position of D&D for xembed client
    * Doc: Update QMetaType::metaObject() descriptions
    * BLACKLIST: tst_QGlyphRun::mixedScripts for Ubuntu 22.04
    * BLACKLIST tst_qfont for Ubuntu 22.04
    * BLACKLIST tst_QMenuBar::check_menuPosition for Ubuntu 22.04
    * tst_QDtls::verifyClientCertficiate - update certs for OpenSSL v3
    * QSslCertificate::toText(): add a file to compare against
    * Fix the spelling of the word "combination"
    * tst_QSslCertificate::pkcs12 - skip the test if OpenSSL version >= 3
    * Android A11Y: Fix TalkBack scrolling behavior
    * Android A11Y: Notify android about scroll events
    * QCocoaDrag: don't add pasteboard items with non-absolute URLs
    * QDirPrivate: pass input QList by cref
    * tst_qbytearray: remove qCompress_data for QT_NO_COMPRESS
    * QDeviceDiscoveryUDev: use NSDMI
    * QAuthenticator: Fix crash when using NTLM / Negotiate
    * Provide a native interface instance in minimal platform plugin
    * Android: document the supported clipboard mimetypes
    * Windows: Account for not finding child windows when calling ChildWindowFromPointEx
    * iOS: Send touch events asynchronously to avoid deadlocking UIKit event loop
    * Disable bitcode for iOS
    * macOS: Ignore deprecation for ReleaseIconRef
    * BLACKLIST tst_QApplication::sendEventsOnProcessEvents for Ubuntu 22.04
    * Convert Latin1 to UTF-16 before passing to ICU API
    * Doc: Remove repetition of word in text
    * eglfs: Fix screen cloning when atomic is enabled
    * Fix printing of dpr>1 images on Windows
    * QHttp: Fix handling of redirect loaded from cache
    * Doc: Fix return type of QLEInteger/QBEInteger post-in/decrement ops
    * qmake: Fix installation of separate debug info for plugins
    * iOS: ensure we close inputpanel after clearing focusobject
    * Convert Latin1 to UTF-16 before passing to ICU API
    * qputenv: defend against non-NUL-terminated QByteArray values
    * QFontSubset: remove unused glyphName() overload
    * Statically assert that the __mips_dsp code is only active on 32-bit
    * QGtk3Theme: Ensure gtk uses the same windowing system as Qt
    * tst_QFocusFrame: fix -Wparantheses
    * Sync Vulkan device features between QVulkanWindow and QRhi
    * SQLite: Update SQLite to v3.39.2
    * Update freetype to 2.12.1
    * corelib: Fix typos in documentation
    * QAtomicInteger docs: mention bool and char8_t as 8-bit types
    * qgraphicsitem_cast: replace 0 with nullptr
    * Doc: Hide weak overload template magic from documentation
    * Revert "QDateTime: fix adjusted datetime handling"
    * Fix select handles disappears issues
    * tst_QSslKey: prepare for the migration to OpenSSL v3
    * tst_qnetworkreply: replace server.pem/key pair
    * Disable unit testing setting up QTcpServer on special Apple interfaces
    * qmake/msbuild: Turn off "use full paths in diagnostics" by default
    * qmake/msbuild: Support all /DEBUG:xxx linker options
    * qmake/msbuild: Support all /LTCG:xxx options
    * Android A11Y: Add content change type to content change event
    * Enabler for fractional scaling of text in Qt Quick
    * macOS: Override logical DPI to 72
    * Add QDom internalSubset implementation
    * Fix tst_AndroidAssets, broken by recent changes on assets load speed
    * Android: Improve loading speed of individual assets
    * Darwin: Replace deprecated symbol kIOMasterPortDefault with equivalent
    * macOS: Remove code for handling logical DPI changes
    * Fix an incorrect invocation of llvm-readobj
    * macOS: Ignore deprecation for kOnSystemDisk icon domain
    * Copy only files that belongs to QML module
    * Android: fix wrong position of cursor handle and editpopup menu in split screen
    * Doc: Document QML_IMPORTS_PATH and QMLPATHS
    * Add the missing RCC_DIR to '.qrc' paths when generating deployment settings
    * Android: Fix the offset of the EditPopupMenu
    * xcb: update xkb_state mask as much as possible
    * QDom: Stop treating non-BMP characters as invalid
    * Android 13: Fix warnings on starting an application
    * qxkbcommon: Map Super/Hyper to Meta early enough to have an effect
    * macOS: Ignore update requests for offline displays
    * macOS: Avoid recursively updating screens when window moves screen
    * qmake/MinGW: Install separate debug info of DLLs next to the DLL
    * QMainWindow: fix restoreState() for toolbars
    * Make two QDT benchmarks data-driven and add more rows
    * Fix doc and example of QLoggingCategory::installCategory()
    * qmake: Document Xcode behavior when bundling translation files
    * Android: Fix missing import
    * QByteArray: more GCC 12 -Werror=array-bound whack-a-mole
    * CMake: Fix android sdk version propagation
    * Restore C++20-deprecated mixed-enum bitwise operators
    * Android: Fix ANR when QtService and QtActivity load in same process
    * Fix restart QtActivity
    * QArrayData::data(): do type-punning via quintptr, not char *
    * QIOSTextResponder: recreate responder upon reset
    * QSslSocket: make it work with OpenSSL v3
    * QFileSystemModelPrivate: de-inline ctor and dtor
    * Network: update Public Suffix List
    * macOS: Ensure proper quoting when calling otool in objc_namespace script
    * QKeySequence: Fix the one-off error in the mac glyph array size
  - Commits dropped by the rebase:
    * Apply CVE-2022-27404-27405-27406-qtbase-5.15.diff
    * QArrayData: fix UB via reinterpret_cast (crash with FORTIFY_SOURCE=3)
    * Adapt for q_EVP_PKEY_base_id → q_EVP_PKEY_get_base_id rename in OpenSSL 3
    * Don't use a deprecated function if built/linked with OpenSSL v3
* Thu Sep 28 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.10+kde159 (bsc#1214327, CVE-2023-37369):
    * Fix CVE-2023-43114
    * QMimeDatabase: fix detection of pattern conflict in different prefixes
    * Fix highdpi conversion of QTabletEvent coordinates on xcb
    * widget: set WA_X11NetWmWindowType* after xcb window was created
    * Fix crash when setting override cursor on multiple clients
    * QAccessibleWidget: Remove pointless ZWSP in warning message
    * Android A11Y: Fix deadlock in QtAndroidAccessibility::runInObjectContext()
    * Correctly parse non BMP char refs in the sax parser
    * Clear the _X version of alongside the enum deprecator
    * Fix UB (signed char passed to <cctype> function)
    * Qt3DRender: includemocs
    * Fix capitalization error in auto-generated qdbusmacros.h include
    * QColorDialog: Ignore mouse move events when no mouse button is pressed
    * QHostInfo: fix remaining slotObj leaks
    * QXmlStreamReader: Raise error on unexpected tokens (CVE-2023-38197,
      QTBUG-92113, QTBUG-95188, bsc#1213326)
    * QTextLayout: Reconsider cursor drawing on TextObject
    * Ensure consistent cursor width under fractional scaling
    * Fix QTextEdit cursor rectangle vertical positioning
    * Return 0 in QWindow::winId in case of failed platform window creation
    * Doc: note QWindow::winId() will cause platform window creation
    * QSslDiffieHellmanParameters: fix mem-leak
    * QHostInfo: fix leaking slot object
    * Make sure we don't count down past 0 QT_FATAL_CRITICALS
    * QLogging: DRY isFatal(QtMsgType)
    * tst_QXmlStream: remove unneeded _ba UDLs
    * Fix typo in QXmlStreamReader error message
    * QXmlStreamReader: make fastScanName() indicate parsing status to callers
    * QXmlStreamReader: change fastScanName() to take a Value*
    * Fix Croatia's currency
    * SSL: upgrade the default DH parameters
* Thu Sep 28 2023 Marcus Meissner <>
  - switch icu-devel requires to pkgconfig to allow switching libicu
* Wed Jun 28 2023 Callum Farmer <>
  - Change %_libqt5_libexecdir to %_libexecdir/qt5 (bsc#1174075)
* Tue Jun 13 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.10+kde129, rebased upstream:
    * Ssl: Copy the on-demand cert loading bool from default config
    * Schannel: Reject certificate not signed by a configured CA certificate (boo#1211994, CVE-2023-34410)
    * qnetworkreplyfileimpl_p.h: fix header guard name
    * Revert "Draw the cursor considering the descent is 0"
    * Use pkgconfig in order to find libproxy configuration
    * Upgrade PCRE2 to 10.40
    * Android A11Y: handle LocationChanged event only for focused element
    * Port binary JSON to new special integer bitfields
    * INTEGRITY: enable C99 globally
    * QObject: mark two error reporting functions COLD
    * Endian: Provide special integer bitfield unions
    * Android: set useLegacyPackaging to true in build.gradle
    * QWidgetTextControl: port to new-style connects (faster)
    * Sync qxmlstream.g with qxmlstreamparser_p.h [1/2]: switched lines
    * tst_QNetworkReply try stabilize autoDeleteReplies tests
    * Remove duplicated include for <limits>
    * Fix recursion crash when calling setStyleSheet with `qproperty-styleSheet`
    * qwindowsxpstyle: Fix typos in documentation
    * Correct prefix reported for end element in QXmlStreamReader
    * Android A11Y: Add supported role infos to A11yNodeInfo
    * Fix handling of DateTime values in QSettings
    * Fix off-by-one for "typically" lowest value INT_MIN
    * xml: Fix typos in documentation
    * QWindowsWindow: Fix typo in documentation
    * includemocs (updated script)
    * widgets: Fix typos in documentation
    * cocoa: Fix typo in debug messages
    * Only scroll QMenu when there is a valid active action
    * QTimer: Add note in documentation
    * Fix QListView assert when the last row is moved in IconMode
    * QFileDialog: Fix adding default suffix when file path contains dot
    * QLineEdit: account for the placeholderText when computing lineRect
    * QFileDialog::saveFileContent crashes on accept
    * QCompleter: QCompleter unexpectedly changes QLineEdit text
    * Fix build error on iOS with the configure option -qtnamespace
    * Draw the cursor considering the descent is 0
    * Remove pure-virtual-signals.h include from tst_moc.cpp
    * plugins: image formats - fix odr violation
    * dbus: Fix typos
    * qwindowsdialoghelpers: Fix typo in documentation
    * QTableView: Document the customizations applied to QHeaderView
    * Unicodetools: compile
    * eglfs_x11: Fix running flag linkage
    * qcompilerdetection.h: add Q_CC_{GNU,MSVC,CLANG}_ONLY macros
    * Fix CMake warning about "missing closing ' quote"
    * Fix alignment of next/prev links in offline style
    * QtDBus: includemocs
    * Image Plugins: includemocs(-ish)
    * QtGui: includemocs
    * QXcbNativeInterface: remove unused field m_sysTraySelectionAtom
    * Windows QPA: Fix slowdown with large table/tree views with accessibility
    * Macstyle: fix the text color on the disabled button
    * QMacStyle: fix tool buttons (in checked mode)
    * QTeamCityLogger: fix .arg() placeholder injection
    * QAbstractTestLogger: disable copying
    * Fix errorMessageFromComError()
    * QtNetwork: includemocs
    * AppleUnifiedLogger: Remove manually managed os_log_t cache
    * examples: add WindowStaysOnBottomHint into preview text
    * QSharedPointer: Use matching new/delete
    * QIbusPlatformInputContextPlugin: includemocs
    * QGtk3ThemePlugin: includemocs
    * QTuioTouchPlugin: includemocs
    * QtWidgets: includemocs v2022
    * QMYSQLDriverPlugin: includemocs
    * QtDeviceDiscoverySupportPrivate: includemocs
    * QLinuxFbIntegrationPlugin: includemocs
    * QtPrintSupport: includemocs
    * QSQLiteDriverPlugin: includemocs
    * QtFbSupportPrivate: includemocs
    * QXdgDesktopPortalThemePlugin: includemocs
    * QtTest: includemocs
    * QComposePlatformInputContextPlugin: includemocs
    * QtSql: includemocs
    * QVncIntegrationPlugin: includemocs
    * Fix backingstore fractional DPR glitches for widgets in child windows
    * Include <limits> where std::numeric_limits is used
    * QtInputSupportPrivate: includemocs
    * Document the default value of QSFPM::sortOrder()
    * Better document how to enable sorting in QSPFM
    * Correct documentation of INI format's loss of type information
    * Android: add missing properties in AndroidManifest.xml
    * Fix assertion failure when parsing a doubly-invalid date-time text
    * Windows QPA: Correct mistake when calculating minmaxinfo
    * Android: replace ndk.dir with android.ndkVersion in build.gradle
    * Android: remove the old copy of after reading it
    * CMake Android Support: Fix signing of APKs
    * Android: fix A11Y object description
    * macOS: Fix warning about comparing different types in QCocoaScreen::isOnline
    * Fix qmake build on FreeBSD
    * Update documentation of enum Qt::DockWidgetArea
    * xcb: recreate xcb window under some conditions
    * objc_namespace: Add support for universal binaries
    * objc_namespace: Fix misspelled argument for silencing output
    * objc_namespace: Update parsing logic to account for otool changes
    * Blacklist passwordAuth for Ubuntu 20.04
    * Android: wrap QAndroidInputContext's m_focusObject in a QPointer
    * Fix compilation with GCC 12 (and on Fedora 35 and newer)
    * Chip example: fix an accidental bool->int conversion when using PMF connections
    * qmake: Add support for C++23
    * Android: use BCP 47 tag to create a correct Locale for QTimeZone::displayName()
    * QDateTime: fix adjusted datetime handling
    * Fix crash in tst_qmltc_examples on Android
    * macOS: Remove dead code for focus ring handling in Mac style
    * Detach for colortransforms of indexed formats
    * tst_QTcpSocket::connectToHostError - handle possible timeouts
    * CoreText: Avoid populating font family aliases if family was populated
    * Graphicsview: Avoid background clearing glitches under fractional DPR
    * Windows QPA: Avoid slowdown with UI Automation name change notification
    * Windows QPA: Avoid sending accessibility notifications before activation
    * Windows: Fix potential crash when retrieving default printer
    * Make Ubuntu with its non-standard security level happy
    * Android: Blacklist failing tests on tst_QGraphicsProxyWidget
    * Update LA 4.4.1
    * iOS A11Y: Set more accessibilityTraits
    * QNX: Fix compiler warning by when FEATURE_clipboard is not enabled
    * Document that native file dialogs might not show a title
    * Doc: Remove mentionings of overflows from QElapsedTimer
    * QTextMarkdownImporter: don't apply text char format to list item block
  - Commits dropped by the rebase:
    * QBuffer: add missing <limits> include
    * Fix developer build
* Wed May 24 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.9+kde154:
    * Hsts: match header names case insensitively (CVE-2023-32762,
      QTBUG-113392, bsc#1211797)
    * Fix specific overflow in qtextlayout (CVE-2023-32763,
      QTBUG-113337, bsc#1211798)
    * QDnsLookup/Unix: make sure we don't overflow the buffer
      (CVE-2023-33285, boo#1211642)
* Tue May 09 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Amend patch to fix mouse grabbing as well (bsc#1211024):
    * big-endian-scroll.patch
* Fri Apr 21 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.9+kde151, rebased upstream:
    * QCborValue: fix incorrect to{Array,Map} when the value is empty
    * QMargins: fix a missing "full stop" in the docs
    * QLibrary: restore translated string
    * QLibrary: fix possible arg() format clobbering
    * iOS: Use python3 for enumerating test target devices
    * Android: Treat ACTION_CANCEL as TouchCancelEvent
    * Doc: Fix broken formatting
    * QFileSystemEngine: fix potential formatting error
    * QString::asprintf: check that passing field widths as arguments works
    * Backport recent QFlags tests
    * network: Fix typos in documentation
    * Fix accuracy with screen composition
    * Doc: Update documentation for QElapsedTimer's in Windows
    * Document that QStandardPath::findExecutable works with absolute paths
    * macOS: Use native resize cursors for diagonal resize
    * Fix clipped glyphs in text rendering of QGraphicsTextItem
    * Change comparison data type to fix int overflow
    * Add missing Q_WEAK_OVERLOAD definition
    * Update QFileInfo docs to mention macOS aliases
    * Distinguish macOS aliases from normal symbolic links
    * Windows QPA: Fix frameless maximize on secondary screens
    * Rewrite tst_qdataurl as a data-driven test
    * Fix compilation for wasm
    * QIOSFileDialog/QIOSDocumentPickerController - handle dismissed view controller
    * Fix QDockWidget's dock area permissions after hovering
    * Fix C++20 ambiguous relational operators between QJsonValue{,Ref}
    * Android: make sure that orientationChange is reported after resize
    * Android: set all QScreen's geometry-related parameters together
    * Blacklist: test cases blacklisted in tst_QDBusConnection:
    * wasm:  fix issue with passing username/password to network request
    * macOS: Pass multi arch flags when linking qmake
    * QCocoaFileDialogHelper: Always enable symlinks and aliases to directories
    * Android: terminate argv passed to main() with nullptr
    * Update bundled libjpeg-turbo to version 2.1.3
    * ANGLE: Load the DirectX libraries from the system path directly
    * SQLite: Update SQLite to v3.37.2
    * Fix compiler warnings about unused parameters
    * Fix getsockopt option_value initial initialization
    * Http2: Fix redirect-handling
    * Android A11Y: Fix value rounding
    * Android A11Y: Announce value together with element name when focused
    * Android A11Y: handle valueChanged events
    * tst_QSystemSemaphore: give proper path to test-helper
    * QNX: Silence compiler warning by initializing variable
    * winrt appxmanifest: Properly replace VCLibs version for newer MSVC versions
    * QAbstractSocket: Don't pretend pause and resume is a stack
    * Gui: test also depends for clipboard feature
    * QDesktopServices: deprecate destroying URL handlers w/o explicit unsetUrlHandler()
    * macOS: Respect QMAKE_APPLE_DEVICE_ARCHS when building qmake
    * HTTP: Make redirect response parsing more generic
    * BLACKLIST: tst_QGlyphRun::mixedScripts for Ubuntu 20.04
    * Android A11Y: populate child elements when constructing node info
    * Fix issue where readyRead() could happen after disconnected()
    * QStringView: add missing constexpr so we can use is_constant_evaluated
    * Use Android's View.generateViewId() for generating ids for views/surfaces
    * Remove documentation of non-existing QAccessible state
    * Doc: Fix snippet to match actual QFileInfo behavior
    * Android: Re-focus focused accessibility node after orientation change
    * Android A11Y: execute C++ code on main Qt thread
    * Android: extract parentId for hidden object in advance
    * xcb: Show valuator atom names properly in categorized logging
    * Android: replace stacktrace with debug message in search for setService
    * Better document attaching a QFutureWatcher to a started QFuture
    * doc: Update GenericDataLocation location on iOS
    * BLACKLIST test_Gestures tests for RHEL-8.4
    * QPlainTestLogger: do not print "failure location" if there's no failure
    * QAbstractItemView: do not access invalid model indices (3/N)
    * Win32: always allow the event loop to be woken up by posted events
    * rhi: d3d11: Use __uuidof where we can
    * Don't QEXPECT_FAIL tst_QLineEdit::testQuickSelectionWithMouse on macOS ARM
    * Network: Emit authenticationRequired when using Ntlm
    * testlib: Disable window restoration on macOS in a non-persistent way
    * QAbstractItemView: do not access invalid model indices (2/N)
    * QAbstractItemView: do not access invalid model indices (1/N)
    * QAbstractItemView: code tidies
    * Update float16 part of TestLib selftest
    * QGuiApplication: constant-initialize lastCursorPosition
    * Blacklist tst_QFileSystemWatcher::signalsEmittedAfterFileMoved on all Windows versions
    * [Android]: Handle the screen name, modes and refreshRate properly
    * QVersionNumber: remove the "pure" attribute from commonPrefix()
    * QEvent: initialize the static userEventTypeRegistry constexprly
    * Let QXcbGlxWindow::createVisual fallback to QXcbWindow::createVisual
    * Android A11Y: fix content update notification when object is hidden
    * Android: explicitly remove accessibility focus when element is hidden
    * BLACKLIST tst_qfont for Red Hat 8.4 and Ubuntu 20.04
    * QtCore: includemocs
    * Fix memory leak in QtConcurrent::run when called with a NULL QThreadPool
    * INTEGRITY: Prevent deletion of virtual functions
    * QMake: replace a Q_ASSERT() with a Q_UNREACHABLE()
    * QTransform benchmark: measure what was promised
    * QStaticByteArrayMatcher: add a useful comment
    * QMacStyle: use the 'momentary push in' type for push buttons
    * qopengl.h: Move C header #include(s) out of the QT_NAMESPACE
    * Enable all supported 1.0 device features in QVulkanWindow
    * Fix queue passed to vkQueuePresent
    * QFusionStyle: don't draw an invalid outline for up/down buttons
    * Doc: Make QListIterator snippets more robust
    * QVersionNumber: don't detach() in rvalue QList/QVector ctor
    * QNetworkRequest: Document how Qt handles 301 and 302 status codes
    * Convert date-time to UTC before claiming it's in GMT
    * Remove execute permission from XML files
    * Add test case for style sheet selectors for enum properties
    * FreeType: allow falling back to synthesized bold if desired
    * Fix an assertion failure in massageAdjustedDateTime()
    * Relax tst_qvulkan::vulkanVersionRequest to make it compatible with 1.1
    * Doc: Replace "C:Documents and Settings" paths
    * QOrderedMutexLocker: fix compilation with C++11
    * QHttpNetworkConnection: Always set proxy settings to all channels
    * Add a markdown writer test for a checklist item ending with `code`
    * Use QTextCharFormat::fontFixedPitch to remember Markdown backtick spans
    * QWizardLayoutInfo: make == and != operators const
    * Revert "Android: Fix screen flicker issues"
    * macOS: Handle momentum scroll NSEventPhaseBegan when scroll had ended
    * SQLite: Update SQLite to v3.37.0
    * Update copyright year to 2022
    * QTzTimeZonePrivate: use ctor delegation instead of init()
    * QTzTimeZonePrivate: fix permanently-detaching m_icu
    * tst_QGraphicsView: fix memleak
    * Doc: Update external links to Qt Creator Manual
    * macOS: assume an unidentified tablet device is a stylus
    * tst_QItemModel: fix memleaks
    * tst_qanimationgroup: fix memleaks
    * QAbstractAnimation: add missing forward-declaration
    * [doc] QCoreApplication::installTranslator() doesn't take ownership
    * tst_qtranslator: fix memleak
    * QTestData: fix streaming of u8 string literals in C++20 mode
    * QThread/Unix: extract duplicate code
    * QWindowPrivate: fix inconsistent inline on some methods
    * tst_QStringList: check that join(u'0') embeds NULs
    * macOS: Sanitize scroll deltas for NSEventPhaseCancelled
    * tst_qsharedmemory: skip readOnly() test under asan
    * QXmlStreamReader: update test distribution
    * QZipReader: update to unzip partly broken archives
    * Deliver context menu event with correct coordinates to widgets in popups
    * QTextHtmlParser: fix prefix lookahead and html comments
    * QtConcurrent::run crashes on program exit
    * tst_QPropertyAnimation: fix leaks occurring under normal operation
    * tst_QPropertyAnimation: fix wrong comment
    * QLogging: fix potential missing NUL-terminator when calling OutputDebugString
    * Fix qt_scrollRectInImage when scrolling outside of the image
  - Commits dropped by the rebase:
    * Fix compile with Qt5: Use QString::mid instead of QString::sliced
    * Restore C++11 compatibility after e8b9f4c28d3ab5e960dc54f2dc0c4b749b0b50e0
    * QDateTime: Don't require c++17
* Mon Apr 03 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.8+kde185:
    * QFSFileEngine: fix overflow bug when using lseek64
    * Add QImage null check when QOpenGLTexture converts
  - Add patch to fix return key handling in QGroupBox on GNOME (bsc#1209364):
    * 0001-Revert-QGnomeTheme-Allow-Space-Return-Enter-and-Sele.patch
  - Add patch to fix XInput2 events in big-endian X11 clients (bsc#1204883, QTBUG-105157):
    * big-endian-scroll.patch
* Thu Mar 16 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.8+kde183:
    * Add nullptr guard in QStyleSheetStyle::drawPrimitive(PE_PanelLineEdit)
    * QAbstractItemView: don't access invalid indexes on copy-key
    * Apply CVE-2023-24607-qtbase-5.15.diff (CVE-2023-24607,
    * QXcbConnection::getTimestamp: do not return stale timestamp
    * QToolButton: Elide text when constraints prevent from showing whole text
    * correctly set up ref counting in QThreadPool::tryStart(std::function)
    * Do not set Qt::ToolTip flag for QShapedPixmapWindow
    * Fix deletion order also for QImageReader/Writer::setDevice()
    * Fix deletion order in QImageReader/Writer destructors
    * QNetworkReply: Fix typos in the documentation
    * Doc: Fix typo in the online documentation template
    * Doc: Link to page documenting Qt trademarks in the copyright footer
    * [doc] Fix typo in QBuffer::setBuffer() description
    * qwindowsdrag: Fix typo in documentation
    * openglblacklists: Fix typo in description
    * qxcbscreen: Fix typo in documentation
    * Fix typos in SQL driver documentation
    * qxcbwindow.cpp: Fix sign-compare and another warnings
    * QToolButton: reimplement the fix for QTBUG-95255
    * QSysInfo::prettyProductName(): Add macOS Ventura product name
    * QSysInfo::prettyProductName(): add missing macOS product names
    * xcb: correctly disconnect xsettings callbacks
    * ibus: add SetCursorLocationRelative in InputContext.xml
* Thu Mar 02 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Drop the mechanism for supporting systems without SSE2. glibc removed
    support for looking up libraries in sse2/ subdirectories and
    qtdeclarative without SSE2 crashes Plasma (boo#1208188)
* Mon Jan 09 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.8+kde160, rebased upstream:
    * Set geometry property in QXcbWindow after checking minimum size
    * Fix potential corruption with image format conversion on arm neon
    * TLS backend SecureTransport: properly clear SSLContextRef
    * Widgets: Use effect region bounds when drawing with repaint manager
    * Revert "xcb: stablilize xkb state when keymap updated"
    * forkfd/linux: add support for LoongArch
    * Fix default QT_ARCHS for non-universal builds
    * Add the missing -mfpu=neon CXX flag
    * Fix missing characters or assert with certain font sizes
    * tst_containerapisymmetry: test ranged ctors with pure input_iterator types
    * qmake/Xcode: Mark "Qt Preprocess" build phase as always out of date
    * Windows QPA: Fix cursors getting out of sync after restoring override cursors on native windows
    * evdevkeyboard: Try opening as read-write first
    * QVarLengthArray: add some basic checks for default-ctor
    * QTableWidget doc: remove wrong comment for itemExpanded()
    * Blacklist tst_QTimer::zeroTimer on Ubuntu 20.04
    * Use Yu Gothic UI as the main fallback font for Japanese
    * qxkbcommon: UCS-4-encode surrogate characters in QKeyEvent::key()
    * Replace CopyrightFile entry in libjpeg qt_attribution.json
    * androiddeployqt: Fix signing of paths with spaces
    * OpenSSL: handle renegotiate errors by comparing certs
    * Update latest qt license agreement
    * QFontDatabase: unify relevant documentation pieces
    * wasm: Fix assert/crash when tooltip window is closed and mouse moved
    * Freetype: adjust underlinePosition to match our expectations
    * SignalTransition: guard against deleted object
    * tst_QSslSocket: QSKIP the test that is known to fail with SecureTransport
    * QStringView: fix split(QRegularExpression) returning invalid data
    * Check that QStringView::split() w/rvalue QRegularExpression returns valid data
    * Teach QOpenGLTextureBlitter about GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE textures
    * Doc build: fix conflicting response file with moc
    * QTextDocument: fix an off-by-one in the changed signal for lists
    * Fix warnings due to enums in QSizePolicy
    * Android: Set sem_wait m_terminateSemaphore behind an atomic flag
    * QGraphicsItem: Update input context after InputMethod event
    * QSharedPointer: fix counter-productive QT_PREPEND_NAMESPACE use in qHash() impl
    * tst_qhashfunctions: check qHashRange{,Commutative}() find hidden friend qHash()
    * xcb: stablilize xkb state when keymap updated
    * Stabilize tst_QAccessibilityMac
    * Handle macOS 11 issues in softHyphens test
    * QVERIFY_EXCEPTION_THROWN: re-throw unknown exceptions
    * QAuthenticator: Filter out algorithms we don't support
    * QNX: QNX7.1 updates
    * Blacklist tst_QTcpServer::linkLocal on macOS ARM
    * Blacklist problematic network auto-tests on macOS ARM
    * Blacklist and skip failing tests on macOS ARM
    * Windows QPA: Fix multi-touch support in some devices
    * freetype/no-fc: Disambiguate fonts with different widths
    * Skip disabled proxy widgets when (back)tabbing
    * Explicitly use libc++ when creating machtest stubs
    * Don't pass CXXFLAGS when creating machtest stubs
    * QFontComboBox don't response qApp fontDatabaseChanged()
    * Update architectures in machtest to arm64+x86_64, removing i386 and ppc
    * Android: bump default QT_ANDROID_API_VERSION to 31
    * macOS: Disable PCRE JIT when running under Rosetta
    * macOS: Add helper function to check whether we're running under Rosetta
    * testlib: Disable automatic backtrace when test crashes on macOS on ARM
    * macOS: Hard-code NEON and SSE/SSE2 when building universal builds
    * macOS: Always disable pixman NEON drawhelpers
    * macOS: Scope Haswell arch flags to x86_64 compilation units
    * Guard AVX parts of qfloat16 helpers instead of emitting error
    * Granularily disable PCRE2 JIT on macOS ARM
    * Avoid claiming F16C support on non-x86 platforms
    * macOS: Respect QMAKE_APPLE_DEVICE_ARCHS by building for all those archs
    * qmake: Pick default architecture on macOS based on uname
    * macOS: Don't hard-code x86_64 as the architecture when using qmake
    * qmake: Support Visual Studio 2022
    * Avoid painting outside boundaries when printing QGraphicsProxyWidget
    * wasm:  fix network reply status attribute
    * Update Gradle to 7.2.0 and Android Gradle Plugin to 7.0.2
    * wasm: fix size of QDialogs
    * plaintextEdit draw text with clipRect should consider cusorWidth
    * iOS: Hide UIWindow before restoring mirror mode
    * iOS: Defer restoring screen mirroring until next runloop pass
    * macOS: Bump max supported SDK version to 12
    * iOS: Don't try to initialize a11y for views that have no platform window
    * qnsview_mouse, scrollWheel: do not assume zero deltas on Ending phase
    * PCRE2: upgrade to 10.39
    * wasm: fix deadlock when thread calls exit
    * Fix version number when warning about Apple platform SDK mismatch
    * Doc: Add styling for note/warning/important admonitions
    * wasm: disable the canvas resize observer
    * wasm: fix window activation
    * Fix show()/hide() for child windows on xcb
    * Add warning about QCoreApplication deferred delete
    * Fix performance regression when avoiding scrollbar flipping
    * wasm: fix changing cursor shape
    * QSKIP tst_qgl:closeAndThenShow() because of flaky crashes
    * Calculate effect bounds when drawing widget graphics effect
    * Fix treemodelcompleter example
    * gl: Try the local CacheLocation when the shared one fails
    * Android: set EXTRA_TITLE to the initially selected file in save dialog
    * qmake/vcxproj: Fix malformed <Message> tags
    * qmake/vcxproj: Fix "CONFIG += combine" extra compilers
    * Android: set allowNativeHeapPointerTagging to false in the manifest
    * Update windows version detection
    * Don't link against pthread when using cxx11_future on vxworks
    * Accessibility Linux: Fix caps lock state
    * Don't render widget to backing store if its parent has graphics effect
    * Handle DPR in QPainter's drawing methods taking a brush parameter
    * XCB: Silence clipboard warning "SelectionRequest too old"
    * QVector: Don't require default-constructible types with insert()
    * Android: Hide the keyboard when the height is less than 0
    * When filling a pixmap after an assignment ensure the set DPR is not lost
    * Fix high DPI position of foreign child windows on Windows
    * QOpenSSLBackend: Properly load 3.0 when compiled with 3.0
    * Take overshoot into account when laying out QAbstractScrollArea
    * Add suffixes to loop variables for Q_FOREACH
    * Android: Fix handling of cursor position when stop composing
    * Windows QPA: Fix mouse event position for QWindows with Qt::WindowTransparentForInput
* Thu Dec 15 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.7+kde177:
    * Fix wrong to linear conversion
    * QKeySequence: Add missing modifier names
    * Scale BMP color samples with periodic bit expansion
    * Send accessible focus event after list view has focus
    * update function argument of SSL_CTX_set_options
    * Openssl backend: reinsert a missing C in qCDebug
    * Annotate QMutex with TSAN annotations
    * Handle allocation failure in QImage rotate 90/180/270 functions
    * xcb: Replace qCWarning by qCDebug in QXcbConnection::printXcbError()
    * a11y: support GetAccessibleId for at-spi
  - Drop patches, now upstream:
    * 0001-Fix-wrong-to-linear-conversion.patch
* Tue Dec 06 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Add patch to fix text rendering on 16bit X11 surfaces (boo#1205585):
    * 0001-Fix-wrong-to-linear-conversion.patch
* Thu Nov 03 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.7+kde167, rebased upstream:
    * offer an opt out of automatic xdg-desktop-portal use
    * Send string to Atspi DBus interface on name/description changed
    * Send string to Atspi DBus interface on value changed for comboboxes
    * iOS: Use generic simulator device for building apps via xcodebuild
    * xcode: Allow automatic provisioning updates when calling xcodebuild
    * Revert "[Android] Remove signal and slot mechanism to listen states in editor's"
    * Android: fix error when signing bundles
    * Doc: Fix notes in QObject
    * Allow dragging of a floating dockwidget on macOS with a custom titlebar
    * Http/2 - handle PADDED flag correctly
    * QTlsBackend (OpenSSL) : detect incompatible versions
    * Reduce the width of a hfw-widget if scrollbar would be flipping
    * QCocoaWindow: Make window key if the app's modal window is hidden
    * Doc: clarify case sensitivity in QCompleter
    * Doc: Note that qmake's CONFIG values are case-sensitive
    * Clear up QWindow::isActive() documentation
    * QWinRtFunctions::await() - introduce early exit condition
    * rhi: metal: Use the layer as the single source of truth
    * Include <QHash> explicitly
    * Update PCRE2 to 10.38
    * Add testing of QPdfWriter output to QPainter lancelot test
    * Update the COPYRIGHT.txt file
    * QTranslator: Fix loading of meta catalogs from absolute .qm path
    * tst_qtranslator: Simplify extraction of test data
    * Cocoa: Don't call makeKeyAndOrderFront for native app-modal dialogs
    * Fix querying font aliases that share name with other fonts
    * Update bundled libjpeg-turbo to version 2.1.1
    * macOS: Compute NSWindow background color without checking styleMask
    * SQLite: Update SQLite to v3.36.0
    * Android: Fix path of qmake_qmake_immediate.qrc in single_abi with qmake
    * qmake: Print error when iOS simulator device could not be found
    * Fix loading of OpenSSL on macOS versions that ship its own OpenSSL
    * QWidgetWindow: Stabilize test on Xcb
    * Blacklist flaky test
    * Fix license information for libjpeg-turbo
    * Don't unload libraries on Darwin-based operating systems
    * QThreadPool: Fix restarting of expired threads
    * Make test pass on machines with many cores
    * Blacklist tst_QSocks5SocketEngine::simpleConnectToIMAP() because of flakiness
    * Blacklist tst_qgl:closeAndThenShow() because of flakiness
    * Update Android default SDK from 29 to 30
    * Make clear why QTestLog::addB?XFail() don't add to counters
    * Fix .qm file name calculation in lrelease.prf
    * qmake/xcode: Do not create OBJECTS_DIR
    * QSslCertificate(OpenSSL plugin): fix memory leaks in extension 'parser'
    * OpenSSL: Let people opt-in to use TLS 1.3 PSK callback
    * tst_http2: Fix flaky authentication test
    * Cocoa: Make sure we can display multiple sheets for the same NSWindow
    * Fix QTextCodec::canEncode() for ICU codec
    * wasm: fix network data URI scheme
    * Doc: add more notes about full screen windows on macOS
    * macOS: Don't rely on invalidateCursorRectsForView when mouse is over view
    * Doc: add note that hiding a window doesn't close a full screen space
    * qlocale_win: Fix non-standalone month names
    * androiddeployqt: Check if apk is already aligned
    * Fix corner case in QTimeZonePrivate::dataForLocalTime()
    * Improve lancelot test of dashed line painting
    * qmake: Add support for C17/C18
    * qmake/vcxproj: Read C language standard from QMAKE_CFLAGS
    * qmake/vcxproj generator: Handle C standard compiler flags
    * qmake: Make it possible to set CONFIG += c11 with MSVC 19.28
    * qmake: Recognize MSVC 16.x as VS 2019 in the VS project generator
    * Doc: Replace the example for QFileInfo::setFile
    * QMetaEnum: avoid quadratic behavior in valueToKeys()
    * QGraphicsProxyWidget: forward Window(De)Activate events
    * QDashStroker: cap the number of repetitions of the pattern
    * Fix bug with NoFontMerging when font does not support script
    * Android: Fix unnecessary clipboard data access
    * macOS: Don't wipe NSWindowStyleMaskFullSizeContentView if set manually
    * Fix broken build when LTTng tracing is enabled
    * Attempt to unwedge tst_QThread::wait3_slowDestructor()
    * macOS: close popups on mousedown within the window frame
    * Use a scope-guard to take care of process deletion in a test
    * QVarLengthArray: add missing default-ctor documentation
  - Commits dropped by the rebase:
    * Fix compile of tst_qimage in Qt5
* Fri Sep 30 2022
  - Update to version 5.15.6+kde178:
    * ANGLE: Fix compilation on GCC 11
* Mon Sep 26 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.6+kde177, rebased upstream:
    * QStringIterator: fix UB [2/2]: use std::less to compare pointers
    * QStringIterator: fix UB [1/2]: use has{Next,Previous}() more
    * Assert validity in QStringIterator's unchecked methods
    * eglfs: Fix crash when painting the mouse cursor in a multiscreen setup
    * xcb: fix the build of native painting
    * QNetworkReplyFileImpl: Don't emit 'finished' in the ctor
    * Fix typo in code
    * Fix typo in QAbstractItemModelTester
    * sqldrivers: Fix typo in error message
    * network: Fix typos in messages
    * Remove XCB_EVENT_MASK_RESIZE_REDIRECT for Qt:WindowTransparentForInput
    * Fix build without dbus support
    * Revert "Remove the dead code for blocking methods from QtConcurrent"
    * QAIV: Reset double-click flag in mousePressEvent
    * Fix possible undefined behavior in clear_thread_data
    * Revert "xcb: implement missing bits from ICCCM 4.1.4 WM_STATE handling"
    * 3rdparty: apply a fix to the last zlib fix
    * add color picking support on wayland using the XDG desktop portal
    * Use class scope to refer to static function
    * fix AT_SPI_BUS_ADDRESS actually working
    * 3rdparty/zlib: backport the fix to CVE-2022-37434
    * widgets: avoid setting X11BypassWindowManagerHint in QToolBar
    * Don't access QObjectPrivate::declarativeData unguarded
    * Apply CVE-2022-27404-27405-27406-qtbase-5.15.diff
    * xcb: Update _NET_SUPPORTED when the window manager changes it
    * Revert "CUPS: Add support for accessible IPP printers"
    * QtConcurrent::ReduceKernel: fix race conditions
    * Fix crash in QKmsDevice::createScreenForConnector
    * Fix compile with MinGW-W64 9.0.0: Redefinition of 'struct _FILE_ID_INFO'
    * Fallback to another file dialog implementation when XDP is inaccessible
    * Add QXdgDesktopPortalFileDialog::useNativeFileDialog()
    * qmake: Ignore stderr when determining the macOS SDK version
    * Fix QDBusInterface crashing with empty path on construction
    * Network: Update expired cert
    * Android: guard getStateCount() with correct VERSION.SDK_INT
    * Add note on selecting the device which is used to run tests on Android
    * fc: Clean up current config on shutdown
    * Doc: Add see also links to operator== and operator!=
    * Fix framework dependencies in .la files
    * Fix Style java code format and warnings
    * wasm: fix network crash on abort
    * Update bundled Freetype to 2.10.4
    * CMake: Prevent multiple creation of the targets 'aab' and 'apk'
    * Android: Fix fullscreen bottom bar hide issues
    * xkb.compose: get locale from user env settings
    * xcb: implement missing bits from ICCCM 4.1.4 WM_STATE handling
    * macOS: Fix leaked NSMutableArray in applicationActivationChanged
    * StyleSheet: Use rule for ComboBox in embedded QLineEdit
    * Fix hidden API access for Android style
    * Fix memory leak if eXIf has incorrect crc
    * Fix invalid snippet reference in qtnetwork-index.html
    * Doc: Fix QList<T>::fromVector example in QList<T> documentation
    * Turn off feature timezone for emscripten
    * QXpmHandler: actually limit characters-per-pixel to four
    * QXpmHandler: fix re-entrancy bug in xpm_color_name
    * QObject: cleanup the orphaned connection lists on destruction
    * Fix crash in concurrent disconnect
    * cleanOrphanedConnectionsImpl: Allow to skip locking
    * QOrderedMutexLocker: Disable copy and provide explicit dismiss function
    * Handle even more include in enum cases
    * macOS: Stop relying on balanced CGDisplay reconfiguration callbacks
    * QFuture: fix result reporting in the filter mode
    * Doc: Minor cleanup in QWidget docs
    * Don't report results when the results list is empty
    * Windows QPA: Fix coordinates reported through UI Automation
    * Make QSqlRecord benchmarks non-fatuous
    * Halve the data-set size of tst_QSqlRecord::benchmarkRecord()
    * Update deprecated NSAccessibility method
    * H2: emit encrypted for at least the first reply, similar to H1
    * QFile benchmark: only set up and tear down the data directory once
    * Unify and clean up two identical tst_qfile::*_data() functions
    * Move QSKIP()s to _data() functions in QFile benchmark
    * Scale image with MDI icons using the correction factor
    * QNetworkDiskCache: Fix tracking of size during storeItem()
    * Always update the input method when QLineEdit receives focus
    * Fix qdbusperformance and qprocess benchmarks
    * QListView: don't scroll if selected items are removed
    * macOS: Detect sandboxed state for command line apps
    * Update obsoleted functionality in preparation for Qt 6
    * Change QCollator's default locale to QLocale().collation()
    * QDuplicateTracker: reserve() for at least Prealloc elements
    * Point out that QTreeView's expandAll/expandToDepth don't fetch data
    * QDuplicateTracker: fix the static buffer size calculation
    * macOS: Don't make frameless tool windows miniaturizable
    * macOS: Don't mangle QByteArray settings with @ prefix by decoding as UTF-8
    * tst_QtConcurrentThreadEngine: fix the threadCount() test
    * Fix QTextFormat::FullWidthSelection for right-to-left text layouts
    * Fix auto completion in QFileDialog on Windows
    * QFile benchmark: always use Unbuffered for QFSFileEngine tests
    * Fix QDirIterator benchmark to actually find its test data
    * macOS: Keep NSWindow alive after handling windowShouldClose callback
    * Windows QPA: Fix dock widget drag&drop failure
    * Remove the dead code for blocking methods from QtConcurrent
    * QtConcurrent: call the non-blocking versions in blocking ones
    * macOS 10.15: Fix focus frame for combo boxes
    * Fix placement of placeholder text in QLineEdits with action icons
    * macOS: fix separator actions not showing in menus
    * QIcc: Update test for invalid values
    * Doc: Use https for links to
    * Doc: Add a note about a limitation in QDockWidget on macOS
    * macOS: Notify socket notifier on connection error
    * QGlobalStatic: fix warning when using cv-qualified types
    * Fix right-to-left text with DirectWrite engine + QPainterPath
    * Fix mapping between Han and other CJK scripts
    * Doc: Improve QTransform documentation
    * Documentation: Remove section advertising Amazon
    * Fix linking of debug projects against release Qt on Darwin platforms
    * Extend documentation for QFile:copy()
    * macOS: Unregister screen notification handlers on QGuiApplication shutdown
    * macOS 11: Fix positioning of focus frame around combobox
    * QString: Respect precision when reading data for %.*s format string
    * Fix leak of transaction context handle in QSql's OCI driver
    * macOS: Allow programatically minimizing frameless windows
    * Doc: Move overrideCursor() from QApplication to QGuiApplication
    * Doc: Add note to Qt::MatchFlags about implementation dependent behavior
    * Update md4c to 0.4.8
    * Android: fix mimetype/namefilters handling for FileDialog
    * Enable glyph cache workaround for Apple M-family of GPUs
    * Fix rendering of text checkboxes when text is selected
    * Update public suffix list
    * iOS: cleanup connection when a screen disconnects
    * Windows: Read page size and orientation from setup dialog
    * qmake: Enable response files for WASM on Windows
    * QTextDocumentFragment: fix ifdef range
    * Update CLDR qt_attribution.json
    * Hangul composition: use < base + count checks, not <= checks
    * Doc: Fix snippet for QRandomGenerator64 docs
    * Fix date parsing when local time lacks the start of the day
    * Fix misplacement of placeholder text in QLineEdit with RTL content
    * Fix unaligned specialData formats
    * QWidgetTextControl: ignore GroupSwitchModifier for BackSpace
    * QFlags::testFlag: clarify the behavior in the docs
    * Android: Fix build error issue in examples
    * Silence misleading exception print in setQtContextDelegate
    * Fix scrolling of tab bar when the visible tab is wider than the visible space
    * Fix augmentation of UI language list
    * Calculate space requirement of menu items based on widest elements
    * Correct examples for int validation in QValidator documentation
    * tst_QTimer::remainingTime(): get rid of QTest::currentTestFailed()
    * macOS: allow Qt::AA_DontShowShortcutsInContextMenus overrides
    * Fix conversion of swap interval from QGLFormat to QSurfaceFormat
    * Fix rearranging of icons in listview via drag'n'drop
    * Fix flaky QTimer::remainingTime() test
    * tst_QDateTimeEdit::editingRanged(): use QScopedPointer
    * QAbstractItemView: don't block dragging after double click
    * xcb: Add more debug info for XCB_INPUT event
    * QPageSize: make PageSizeId ctor non-explicit
    * QtGui/math3d : Fix QQuaternion::getEulerAngles
  - Commits dropped by the rebase:
    * Restore C++11 compatibility of QSharedPointer code
  - Refresh 0001-Add-remote-print-queue-support.patch
* Fri Jul 01 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.5+kde166:
    * Drop call to setPlatformScreen in QHighDpiScaling::setScreenFactor
* Mon Jun 27 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.5+kde165, rebased upstream:
    * QArrayData: fix UB via reinterpret_cast (crash with FORTIFY_SOURCE=3)
    * Fix compile of tst_qimage in Qt5
    * SQLite driver: fix crash when binding a QByteArray/QString
    * H2: remove a rather useless limit on the number of streams
    * Revert "Qt xcb: remove false detects of Qt::GroupSwitchModifier"
    * Revert "Windows: Add synthesized fonts also when there is a style name"
    * Revert "Android: Place cursor correctly on screen when editing"
    * QAbstractButton/QComboBox/QGroupBox: static_cast event->key() to Qt::Key
    * Widgets: use QPlatformTheme::ButtonPressKeys for pressing buttons
    * QBuffer: add missing <limits> include
    * QBuffer: fail early in seek() beyond QByteArray's max capacity
    * xcb: fix cursorTheme update issue
    * QDBusMenuConnection: Close open D-Bus connection
    * Fix QGuiApplication command line options documentation for X11
    * QColorSpace: Guard against division by zero
    * Preserve QImage metadata when converting format with color table
    * Unicode: fix the grapheme clustering algorithm
    * Ignore window icon in XCB when its size exceeds maximum request length
    * QAbstractItemDelegate: fix rect given to tooltip handing
    * QXmlStreamReader: fix integer truncation (qint64 → int)
    * QShader: fix memory leak in detach()
    * QDesktopServices: fix ABA problem in QOpenUrlHandlerRegistry
    * Unix: Correctly update options pane for PDF printer
    * JSON: When clearing duplicate object entries, also clear containers
    * Remove unused internal flag from raster painting engine
    * CUPS: Add support for accessible IPP printers
    * Initialize m_exclusive in QGtk3MenuItem constructor
    * Fix data race in QCoreApplicationPrivate::sendThroughApplicationEventFilters()
    * Fix a leak of fallback dialog helper in xdgdesktopportal
    * QCOMPARE/QVERIFY: fix huge pessimisation in QTestResult
    * QPushButton/fusion style: don't ignore QIcon::On icon
    * QAbstractItemModel: fix persistent index corruption when moving columns
    * Fix data race in QObject::moveToThread()
    * QReadWriteLock: fix data race in stateForWaitCondition()
    * QReadWriteLock: fix another data race in stateForWaitCondition()
    * QReadWriteLock: fix data race in dtor
    * Revert "a11y: Do not cache classes that don't have a factory plugin"
    * Prevent crashing when FcFontList fails
    * Fix race condition in futex-based QSemaphore
    * Fix a QDBusConnection crash with pending calls when connection is closed
    * Revert "Support family names that end/start with space"
    * QProcess/Unix: ensure we don't accidentally execute something from CWD
    * Fix compile with Qt5: Use QString::mid instead of QString::sliced
    * testlib/qasciikey: Add keypad navigation keys
    * QGnomeTheme: remove unneeded Q_D
    * QGnomeTheme: Allow Space, Return, Enter and Select to press buttons
    * QPA: add ButtonPressKeys ThemeHint
    * Update bundled zlib to version 1.2.12
    * QAction: Add NOTIFY changed declaration to priority property
    * QHostInfo/Unix: Fix resolv never unloading
    * QCompleter: fix crash when setting the same model twice
    * Windows: use QSystemLibrary instead of LoadLibrary directly
    * Qt namespace: fix QT_Q_FLAG declaration for Qt::MouseEventFlags
    * Sync QPrinter orientation when PageSetup Orientation selected
    * When clearing QPixmapCache, stop its flushing timer
    * QLabel::setPixmap(): remove the no-op self-masking
    * QFreeList: replace a Q_ASSERT(false) with Q_UNREACHABLE()
    * [qgenericunixservices] Consider kde-open5 for opening URLs
    * Fix check for malformed input when decoding translations
    * Test for nullptr before dereferencing the screen
    * Check for null driver() before trying to exec()
    * Fix crash when text shaping fails
    * Make QCursor::setPos() use the correct screen
    * Close leak of QOCIDateTime object
    * Fix UI mismatch when QPrinter::setDuplex
    * xcb: fix a typo for WindowTypes
    * QPkmHandler: make const what it never modified
    * Respect AT_SPI_BUS_ADDRESS env var on Linux
    * Fix integer overflow for broken QPainterPaths
    * QDesktopServices: fix UB (data race on handlers)
    * Make indicator-application hack work in flatpak
    * Fix infinite loop in dash stroker
    * QVersionNumber: remove "pure" declaration from fromString()
    * Android: Fix Application becomes unresponsive issue
    * Fix the crashes when animated QTreeWidgetItems are hidden
    * Add test for QTranslator::load() translation file lookup algorithm
    * QComboBox: add space for scrollbar if needed after showing popup
    * QComboBox: propagate style change on widget to internal container
    * QLocalSocket: fix inclusions in namespaced builds
    * PCRE2: upgrade to 10.37
    * minor: Clean up areMetricsTooLarge() conditions
    * wasm: fix unicode keyboard handling
    * Blacklist tst_QAccessibilityMac::notificationsTest
    * Let the h2 test server both send and receive DATA frames
    * Android: Reset m_usePrimaryClip when clearing the clip data
    * Android: Remove NoSuchMethodException error
    * QVector: fix compilation failure in C++20 mode w/strict iterators
    * macOS: respect underline attribute in menu item fonts
    * macOS: don't show invisible separator items
    * iOS: Accessibility: Don't cut off the last character from the text value
    * iOS: Accessibility: Set the correct traits for EditableText
    * tst_moc: fix returning-reference-to-local warning
    * Allow for arguments that have an equals as part of it
    * Write out the HTML correctly for nested lists
    * QSqlTableModel::orderByClause(): Quote the table name
    * macOS: Fix synthesized bold
    * SQLite: Update SQLite to v3.35.5
    * Qt xcb: remove false detects of Qt::GroupSwitchModifier
    * Do not remove non-widget items when removeWidget() called with nullptr
    * QFileSystemModel fails to locate a host from root's visible children
    * CMake: Fix automatic default linking of static svg plugins
    * Blacklist tst_QGestureRecognizer::panGesture
    * Moc: parse trailing return type
    * Extend tst_QGL::graphicsViewClipping blacklisting
    * Fix antialiasing of rotated non-smooth scaled images
    * Fix QUrl::fromLocalFile with long path prefix
    * Fix QStringView::mid() to behave as documented when passed -1 for length
    * QDockWidget, macOS: don't drag on native widgets
    * Add note about the risk of setting min-width/height in a style sheet
    * cocoa: be more careful about rejecting frame strut events
    * iOS: Keep undo/redo widgets enabled on the undo shortcut bar after undo
    * QTestlib: Fix formatting of pointers in QCOMPARE
    * Cherry-pick upstream patch for non-gcc/clang/msvc compilers
    * Windows: Add synthesized fonts also when there is a style name
    * Windows: Work-around misreporting of Script and Roman
    * Extend blacklisting of tst_QNetworkReply::ioHttpRedirectPolicy
    * Extend blacklisting of tst_QWidget::focusProxyAndInputMethods
    * Android: fix wrong position of cursor hander in split screen
    * Android: handle ImEnterKeyType flag
    * Apply the Core compile definitions to the big resource targets
    * Update bundled libjpeg-turbo to version 2.1.0
    * QSpdyProtocolHandler: don't rely on device being available
    * QVnc: clip requested screen region to available screen image
    * Simplify bundled libjpeg build
    * Blacklist tst_QWidget::multipleToplevelFocusCheck() on SLES 15
    * Apply specialData font capitalization to non-rawFont text
    * Avoid fast transform paint path on values it can't handle
    * Blacklist tst_QTimeLine::interpolation on Windows in general
    * QMdiArea: Fix top level window title when using DontMaximizeSubWindowOnActivation
    * Don't draw focus frame if widget has style rules that affect border
    * Fix rare integer overflow in text shaping
    * Blacklist tst_qnetworkreply::ioHttpRedirectMultipartPost on Linux
    * Android: Fix screen flicker issues
    * [Android]: Fix exception when using Qt to create a service on Android
    * Update CLDR-derived data to newly-released v39
    * QSsl: fix UB pointer use
    * uic/Python: Add comments for mypy to ignore star imports
    * HTTP/2 authentication required
    * Windows: Update the hasFrame setting when changing window flags
    * Fix mix-guided use of const reference variable
    * Android: Fix Touch event position depending on Surface
    * macOS: Don't override action set during drop handling
    * [Android] Fix select handles misplacement on QDialog
    * wasm: fix timestamp for events
    * Do not access internal allThreads data unlocked
    * SQLite: Handle tables and fields with a dot in the name correctly
    * Doc: Mark QSet::toList, QSet::fromList, QList::toSet, QList::fromSet as obsolete
    * Unicode: fix the extended grapheme cluster algorithm
    * Android: fix for isSoftwareKeyboard method
    * [Android] Remove signal and slot mechanism to listen states in editors
    * Fix prl generation with static dependencies take 2
    * QNetworkDiskCache: Drop the file mmap-ing
    * QFile::copy: call syncToDisk on destination
    * Read DPI from X Settings initially as well
    * Fix prl generation with static dependencies take 2
    * Re-add horizontal offsets around QPushButton
    * Fix ARM and MIPS runtime CPU feature flags
    * Minor robustness improvement of text code
    * Add null pointer check
    * Don't parse XML symbols longer than 4096 characters
    * Make POSIX transition rule parser more robust
    * Extend blacklisting for SLES 15
    * Doc: Improve deprecation messages for functions using  QString::SplitBehavior
    * Don't disable menu items that belong to the active modal window
    * Doc: Fix return type of QCursor::shape()
    * QPainterPath: fix handling of fill rules
    * Windows QPA: Fix accessibility focus event for table/tree/list
    * Fix invalid pointer return with QGridLayout::itemAt(-1)
    * qmake: Improve error message when detecting macOS platform SDK upgrade
    * Assert that pointer is not nullptr before dereferencing
    * QLocalSocket/Win: fix possible UB in _q_pipeClosed()
    * tst_qapplication: Prevent desktopaware test from deactivating main test
    * iOS: Disable three-finger-tap editing interaction menu when there's no focus object
    * Fix read-only pseudo-state in QPlainTextEdit stylesheet
    * QTextHtmlParserNode: Limit colspan to avoid segfault
    * Don't judge other people's writing systems
    * macOS: Don't draw scrollbar handle when there is no range
    * QSystemSemaphorePrivate: Fix a call to tr() to translate()
    * Fix condition that adds resources for each Android ABI
    * Avoid int overflow in QImage rotate90/180/270
    * Return the result we have already when getting an object with no name
    * Avoid attempting to parse insanely long texts as zone names
    * Doc: Fix typo in publisherid for WINRT_MANIFEST
    * Fix Editable Tree Model example model rowCount and model instance leak
    * FileChooser portal: send window id in hex
    * fix windows build when both whatsthis and tooltip are disabled
    * Fix incorrectly-drawn menu indicator for QPushButton on macOS
    * Fix label margins for pulldowns with custom styled menu indicator on macOS
    * Font style name 'Normal' and 'Regular' have the same meaning
    * QString: improve lastIndexOf(QRegularExpression) docs
    * eglfs: Newer Nvidia libdrm provide device instead driver module name
    * Android: KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE translated right
    * iOS: Protect against a possible crash after the window is deleted
    * Revert "Update commercial license headers to /util files"
    * Revert "Update commercial license headers to bin, mkspecs, qmake"
    * Consistently check for nullptr in QGraphicsTextItem::inputMethodQuery
    * Remove qualification for Julian calendar
    * Revert "Update commercial license headers"
    * Revert "Update commercial license headers"
    * Fix alpha handling of QImage::setPixel
    * Fix handling of virtual/native pixels in QAndroidPlatformWindow
    * Revert "Update commercial license headers to src/concurrent and src/corelib"
    * Revert "Update commercial license headers to src/dbus, src/gui, src/network"
    * Disable Harfbuzz/CoreText hotfix on older macOS/iOS versions
    * SQLite: Update to 3.35.2
    * tst_bench_qmetaobject: Fix test
    * QAsn1Element: Avoid overflow in QAsn1Element::toInteger
    * tst_qguimetatype: Avoid deprecated methods
    * Include minus sign in ImhFormattedNumbersOnly's available keys
    * MODULE_INCLUDEPATH is supposed to be one path
    * QEventDispatcher(Win): Always honor interrupted status to avoid races
    * Android: Place cursor correctly on screen when editing
    * QStylesheetStyle: fix push button label alignment
    * Support family names that end/start with space
    * wasm: fix opengl context stencil and depth buffer handling
    * wasm: fix screen offset logic
    * Android: Add grabWindow handling
    * tst_qdtlscookie: use a proper 'enterLoopMSecs' instead of 'enterLoop'
    * Update bundled libjpeg-turbo to version 2.0.6
    * QMenu test: turn tooltip animations off
    * Android: make calling exit() conditional on an environment variable
    * Limit value in setFontSizeFromValue()
    * xcb: unset old states and set new ones for window
    * Brush up the imageviewer example
    * Fix out-of-buffer in ICC curv parsing
    * Fix logic problems with table based grayscale ICC profiles
    * Reduce warnings from ICC parsing
    * QEventDispatcherWin32: get rid of the hook procedure
    * And fix handling and test of QImage::fill(uint) as well
    * Fix handling of virtual/native pixels in QAndroidPlatformWindow
    * QLineEdit: Fix editingFinished() not being emitted when pressing the clear button
    * macOS: don't let windows that are transparent for input become key window
    * QMdiSubWindow: Set correct ControlLabel size
    * Doc: Remove styling for hyperlinks from the simplified offline style
    * Doc: Offline CSS: Reduce excess vertical spacing
    * Fix parsing of dates with spaces in day or month names
    * Rework tst_QDateTime::toString_isoDate() to eliminate an XFAIL
    * Fix tst_QDateTime::systemTimeZoneChange() for 32-bit systems
    * Extend colorspace testing and fix bug it uncovered
    * Schannel: Fix incomplete downloads with read buffer restricted
    * MinGW: fix warning in QMatrix4x4::map functions
    * QRectF/Documentation: Fix malformed table
    * Fix QImage::fill with semi-transparent QColor
    * iOS: close edit menu upon focus transfer
    * macOS: Fix crash when showing parent-less platform menus
    * macOS: Remove warning about KVO observers on QNSWindow/QNSPanel
    * Filter cosmetic lines using transformed, not world coordinates
    * Fix recently added auto test of text layout overflow
    * wasm: don’t deadlock on event processing
    * Fix QNetworkInterface IsUp and IsRunning enum documentation
    * Clarify QWindowPrivate::maybeQuitOnLastWindowClosed
    * wasm: fix showing tooltips
    * Doc: Don’t use note when documenting enum values
    * macos: Document that Drawer is obsolete
    * Doc: Update the SQL types documentation with regards to the double types
    * Doc: link to QScopeGuard in QScopedValueRollback documentation
    * Doc: Online CSS: Fix image captions overlapping images used in tables
    * Turn off the dbus examples for qmake-generated VS projects
    * Don't show focus rect for QCommandLinkButton
    * Android: Fix the input type for date/time
    * qmake: Introduce compile_included_sources CONFIG option
    * Update QPalette() documentation to not mention the application palette
    * Android: Pass pending state to ResumePauseListener
    * Fix crash when requesting A32 glyph on Wayland
    * Android: Fix input method hints for ImhHiddenText
    * a11y: Report mixed state if QCheckBox is PartiallyChecked
    * testlib: Only consider major version for macOS 11 and later in blacklists
    * iOS: hide edit menu if typing on the input panel
    * xcb: Fix available geometry after rotation
    * Remove false Q_UNREACHABLE from shaping code
    * Fix trivial typo in QDateTime::fromString() overload doc
    * QTreeWidgetItem: fix documentation error for childIndicatorPolicy()
    * Update to CLDR v38.1, adding Yukon Standard Time
    * Avoid overflow in text layout
    * QJsonObject::take: add missing detach() call
    * macOS: Don't exec file dialogs via runModal unless they are app modal
    * QMimeDatabase/xml: support both 'xmlstarlet' and 'xml' for minifying XML
    * Use design metrics when adding text to QPainterPath
    * QDir/QFileInfo: add doc notes about paths starting with ':'
    * QSsl: fix OpenSSL DLL names for Windows on ARM
    * a11y: Do not cache classes that don't have a factory plugin
    * Update public suffix list to today's latest
    * Fix QTzTimeZonePrivate::displayName()'s fallback
    * Fix problems with offset-derived ids for QTimeZone
    * QLineEdit Cursor show white area
    * Correct item indent in checkable menus in stylesheet style
    * Fix read-only pseudo-state in QTextEdit/Browser stylesheet
    * Hold references to zone IDs alive during use
    * Correct string comparison in Android's IANA ID matching code
    * Doc: Add deprecation notice
    * Change QLineF::setLength() to work whenever length() is non-zero
    * macOS: Remove DontConfirmOverwrite workaround
    * macOS: Show system tray icon on mouse button press, not release
    * macOS: Don't restrict non-modal file dialogs to open-dialogs only
    * Check date validity in calendar methods taking a QDate
    * macOS: Only check SDK major version for compatibility
    * iOS: always hide edit menu when showing the magnifier glass
    * QInputControl: accept surrogate category character
    * Set new commandLink variable when initializing QCommandLinkButton
    * Test QDateTime behavior in DST gap
    * UndoFramework example: make the background visible
    * Windows: Fix flicker when resizing translucent windows with QSizeGrip
    * Windows QPA: Fix crashes when using screen reader with Q(Plain)TextEdit
    * Avoid int overflow in gradient drawing
    * macOS: Mark QFileDialog::DontConfirmOverwrite as unsupported
    * Fix QApplication::font returns the font unstable according to the object
    * Avoid overflowing QFixed in text layout
    * iOS: ensure we close the edit menu when the user taps outside the input area
    * iOS: ensure we hide the edit menu while dragging on the selection handles
    * Fix logicalDpi() which returns invalid value
    * Windows: Fix frame margins calculation
    * Widgets: fix setTabOrder for QAbstractSpinBox-like widgets
    * macOS: Add more padding to width of non-editable comboboxes
    * Make QPushButton on macOS use QFocusFrame to fix alignment problems
    * QTabBar: update index of last visible tab in insertTab
    * Fix that the placeholdertext of QCombobox is not drawn
    * Windows: Fix dialog moving up after closing/reshowing
    * Cocoa: When validating menus, account for modal window only if active
    * PSQL: Fix the QSqlDatabase test
    * Move the qmenu_p.h include to the QT_CONFIG(menu) block
    * Fix compilation of ibase sqldriver plugin, added override
    * Protect against sign-change of size on 32bit
    * Fix division by zero
    * SQLite: Update to 3.34.0
    * QODBC: Preserve the whole value when using HighPrecision
    * Set the PlaceholderText color in the palette from the stylesheet as well
    * Update commercial license headers to bin, mkspecs, qmake
    * Update commercial license headers to /util files
    * Update commercial license headers to src/concurrent and src/corelib
    * Update commercial license headers to src/dbus, src/gui, src/network
    * Stabilize tst_QListView::internalDragDropMove() on X11
    * [Android] Fix Text select handle misplaced on QDialog issues
    * Android: Finish composing text before Key handling
    * Fix regression with closing and then reopening widgets with QGLWidget
    * eglfs: Use drmClose in drm/EGLDevice backend
    * Handle maxImageCount 0 in QVulkanWindow
    * Make QCalendar's backend registration reentrant-safe
    * Blacklist flaky QListView::internalDragDropMove case on OpenSuSE
    * Update commercial license headers
    * Update commercial license headers
    * Doc: Link to correct location
    * Doc: Generalize timer docs
    * Doc: Explain how boundingRect handles null QRectF
    * Doc: Add details to QFont::toString
    * Document QOpenGLWidget limitations without an alpha channel
    * QTabBar test: refactor: extract checkPositions helper function
    * Add new special QObjectPrivate::{connect, disconnect} for QML
    * Add "Q_UNUSED" to (3rdparty) for a 32 bit code path
    * Android: Fix for accessibility potential crash
    * QTabBar/Windows: Fix close button icons being too small on high-res screens
    * Fix missing repaints with QOpenGLWidget in a QDockWidget
    * QComboBox/Fusion style: elide text when it's too long
    * Fix qt_alphaVersion and qt_opaqueVersion in the trivial case
    * Doc: Clarify setLibraryPaths behavior
    * Fix convertToRGBA64PM for Grayscale16
    * Fix setting active window as application's focus widget
    * Send Qt::Key_MediaTogglePlayPause for VK_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE
    * Fix VNC format conversion
    * Windows font engine: Silence warnings about not being able to enumate font families
    * Blacklist failing tests for WinRT
  - Commits dropped by the rebase:
    * Add missing limits include
  - Drop 0001-Revert-Bump-version.patch, it's versioned correctly now
  - Rebase 0001-Add-remote-print-queue-support.patch
  - Drop patches, now upstream:
    * mitigate-FORTIFY_SOURCE-3.patch
    * 0001-H2-remove-a-rather-useless-limit-on-the-number-of-st.patch
    * 0001-QProcess-Unix-ensure-we-don-t-accidentally-execute-s.patch
* Mon Jun 20 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Add patch to fix some HTTP/2 communication (boo#1200715, kde#455540):
    * 0001-H2-remove-a-rather-useless-limit-on-the-number-of-st.patch
* Fri Apr 08 2022 Martin Liška <>
  - Add mitigate-FORTIFY_SOURCE-3.patch that should mitigate
    new -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=3 level as analyzed in GCC bug:
* Mon Feb 14 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update patch after it was merged to dev upstream and fix another
    place missed in the first version (boo#1195386, CVE-2022-23853,
    boo#1196501, CVE-2022-25255):
    * 0001-QProcess-Unix-ensure-we-don-t-accidentally-execute-s.patch
* Thu Feb 03 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Add patch to avoid unintentionally using binaries from CWD
    (boo#1195386, CVE-2022-23853, boo#1196501, CVE-2022-25255):
    * 0001-QProcess-Unix-ensure-we-don-t-accidentally-execute-s.patch
* Fri Jan 21 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.2+kde294:
    * QTzTimeZonePrivate::init(): fix handling of empty ID
    * Restore support for reading /etc/timezone for system zone name
    * QPathEdge: Fix array initialization
    * QTzTimeZonePrivate: fix UB (data race on m_icu)
    * Don't access QObject::objectName during QThread start
    * Restore C++11 compatibility after e8b9f4c28d3ab5e960dc54f2dc0c4b749b0b50e0
    * QVarLengthArray: fix size update on failed append()
    * Call statx() with AT_NO_AUTOMOUNT
    * QThread: Remove superfluous initialization of threadId on Unix
    * QThread: Reset the system thread ID when thread exits on Unix
    * Add missing macOS header file that was indirectly included before
    * QXcb: don't dereference pointer before checking
    * xcb: avoid to use invalid pointers
    * QVarLengthArray: fix insert() type/alias mismatch between decl and impl
    * Use qint64 to replace int while qt_transform_image_rasterize
    * QVarLengthArray: assert that the range passed to erase() is valid
    * Fix pattern type matching
    * QThread: fix UB (invalid enum value) on Private::Priority
    * Use block char format to render list item bullets and numbers
    * QDateTime: Don't require c++17
    * QVariantAnimation: fix UB (FP 0/0) in interpolated() arg calculation
    * QDateTime: fix UB (signed overflow) in addDays()
    * QString: fix UB (pointer arithmetic on nullptr) in qLastIndexOf
    * tst_QIODevice: fix UB (precondition violation) in SequentialReadBuffer::readData()
    * QVarLengthArray: fix UB (precondition violation) in range-erase()
    * Fix segmentation fault in QObject::dumpObjectInfo
* Fri Dec 24 2021
  - Update to version 5.15.2+kde268:
    * Adapt for q_EVP_PKEY_base_id → q_EVP_PKEY_get_base_id rename in OpenSSL 3
    * Don't use a deprecated function if built/linked with OpenSSL v3
    * Diffie-Hellman parameters: remove useless 'fix'
    * Dont's use DTLS_MAX_VERSION when setting SSL_CTX
    * Avoid mixing atomic futex changes and QAtomic
    * Fix qtdeclarative baseline test failure for text tables
    * Don't let text table cells shrink below their minimum width (boo#1176530)
    * Don't shrink a column when it spans multiple columns
    * Use icon themes in QPrintPreviewDialog [if they exist]
    * QAbstractFileEngine: fix UB (data race) on qt_file_engine_handlers_in_use
    * Increment reference count when restoring reference
    * Reject truncated and corrupt ascii pnm images
    * Fix handling of Sunday in POSIX time-zone rules
    * Fix developer build
  - Drop patches, support for OpenSSL < 1.1.0 is no longer necessary:
    * 0001-Lower-required-version-of-OpenSSL-to-1.1.0.patch
    * fix-build-openssl-1.1.0.patch
* Thu Oct 28 2021 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.2+kde254:
    * Revert "QPushButton: fix support of style sheet rule for text alignment"
    * Revert "Fix invalid text layout data when a full layout run is interrupted"
    * Optimize mime type matching
    * fix potential mem leak on connection lost
    * tst_QSslSocket - replace an old certificate
    * tst_QSslCertificate::verify - remove QSKIP
    * tst_QSslCertificate::verify - skip auto-test
    * Doc: bump the OpenSSL minimum supported version to 1.1.1
    * QHttpSocketEngine: Fix memory leak
    * QSslCertificate(OpenSSL) - harden protection against nullpointers
    * QSslCertificate: Guard against accessing empty QByteArray
    * Make QStyle::proxy() always return the leaf proxy
    * Prefer previously used channels in QHttpNetworkConnection
    * Fix populating selection clipboard with keyboard
    * QSslCertificate::operator == - cleanup error queue
    * Revert "Fix highdpi conversion of QTabletEvent coordinates on xcb"
    * Fix highdpi conversion of QTabletEvent coordinates on xcb
    * Support transformations in pattern/texture brushes in pdf
    * Respect font stretch if set together with font style
    * Fix QPainterPath with QFont::SmallCaps
    * Avoid generating large pdf files when using dashed cosmetic pens
    * PDF generation: disentangle native pen from transforms
    * qmake: Switch to using Xcode's new build system
    * Explicitly set input files for qtpreprocess
    * Only embed launch screen when building an app
    * Explicitly set output files for qtpreprocess
    * Fix memory leak
    * Fix reading gamma from PNGs without ICC profile
    * QPlatformWindow: fix isAncestorOf not breaking recursion
    * Cater for upstream changes in eglplatform.h
    * QTextOdfWriter: fix exporting pixmaps to ODT
    * Fix access to content: URLs with transient read/write permissions
* Fri Aug 27 2021 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.2+kde222:
    * Revert "QString::lastIndexOf: fix off-by-one for zero length matches"
    * MySQL: treat the MYSQL_FIELD as read-only
    * Remove checks for glibc < 2 from qplatformdefs.h files
    * linux-clang/qplatformdefs: fix building with musl libc
    * Refix for avoiding huge number of tiny dashes
    * Improve fix for avoiding huge number of tiny dashes
    * Avoid processing-intensive painting of high number of tiny dashes
    * xcb: add a timeout control when reading INCR property
    * Remove another usage of mysql_get_client_version()
    * MySQL: remove the version number checks in favor of actual functionality
    * QLibraryInfo: Add MSVC 2022
    * doCrypt() - check the error codes
    * Restore C++11 compatibility of QSharedPointer code
    * opengl: fix a typo in QOpenGLPaintDevice::dotsPerMeterY()
    * Fix rvalue overload of qobject_pointer_cast for GCC 9.3
    * QVarLengthArray: fix aliasing error in insert(it, n, v)
    * Fix memory leak of QOffscreenScreen in QOffscreenIntegration
    * Fix tst_moc for C++17
    * Add missing limits include
    * xcb: Avoid use-after-free in QXcbConnection::initializeScreens()
    * xcb: Remove need for QXCBScreen to resolve QXcbGlIntegration
    * Update shared-mime-info to the 2.1 release, adjust implementation
* Thu Jun 24 2021 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Revert to the default platform plugin list ("wayland;xcb")
* Thu Jun 24 2021 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.2+kde200:
    * Optimize quadratic-time insertion in QSortFilterProxyModel
* Mon Jun 21 2021 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Switch to KDE's maintenance branch
  - Update to version 5.15.2+kde199:
    * Too many changes to list here
  - Add patch to reset version to 5.15.2:
    * 0001-Revert-Bump-version.patch
  - Drop patches, now upstream:
    * 0001-Partially-revert-813a928c7c3cf98670b6043149880ed5c95.patch
    * 0001-Fix-allocated-memory-of-QByteArray.patch
    * 0001-Fix-build-with-GCC-11-include-limits.patch
    * 0001-Let-QXcbConnection-getTimestamp-properly-exit-when-X.patch
    * 0002-Build-fixes-for-GCC-11.patch
* Wed May 26 2021 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Add trailing newline to qtlogging.ini
* Tue Apr 13 2021 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Add patch to fix possible crash caused by GCC 11 build fix:
    * 0001-Partially-revert-813a928c7c3cf98670b6043149880ed5c95.patch
* Mon Feb 08 2021 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Add patch to fix build with GCC 11 (boo#1181861, QTBUG-90395):
    * 0001-Fix-build-with-GCC-11-include-limits.patch
    * 0002-Build-fixes-for-GCC-11.patch
* Tue Jan 19 2021 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Add patch to fix infinite loop in KWin on XServer exit:
    * 0001-Let-QXcbConnection-getTimestamp-properly-exit-when-X.patch
  - Spec file cleanup, remove conditionals for Leap 42.x



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