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assertj-core-3.25.3-1.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: assertj-core Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 3.25.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Tue Apr 30 18:00:07 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host: reproducible
Size: 1485464 Source RPM: assertj-core-3.25.3-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Library of assertions similar to fest-assert
A set of strongly-typed assertions to use for unit testing
(either with JUnit or TestNG).






* Tue Apr 30 2024 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Upgrade to version 3.25.3
    * Deprecations:
      + Deprecate the following date/time related assertions in favor
      of isCloseTo:
    - isEqualToIgnoringHours
    - isEqualToIgnoringMinutes
    - isEqualToIgnoringSeconds
    - isEqualToIgnoringMillis
    - isEqualToIgnoringNanos
    - isInSameHourAs
    - isInSameMinuteAs
    - isInSameSecondAs
      + Deprecate asList in favor of asInstanceOf
    * New Features:
      + Add Descriptable#describedAs(Supplier<String>)
      + Add isInThePast and isInTheFuture to LocalDate assertions
      + Add isInThePast and isInTheFuture to the missing Java 8
      date/time types
      + Add isRecord and isNotRecord to Class assertions
      + Add hasNullValue and doesNotHaveNullValue to
      + Add asBoolean|Byte|Short|Int|Long|Float|Double to String
      + Add hasRecordComponents to Class assertions
      + Add getters for field path in ComparisonDifference
      + Allow to compare enum and string fields in the recursive
      + Provide value when assertThatThrownBy / thenThrownBy fail
      + Add isSealed and isNotSealed to Class assertions
      + Add assertThatCharSequence to disambiguate Groovy's GString
      + Change the way the properties are collected using the
      Class.getMethods() API instead of iterating the class
      hierarchy using Class.declaredMethods()
      + Add default constructor for RecursiveComparator
      + Add isPrimitive and isNotPrimitive to Class assertions
      + Add anyOf(ThrowingConsumer...) and allOf(ThrowingConsumer...)
      + Show the array/iterable under test in the assertion error
      message when it is not empty but should have been
    * Bug Fixes:
      + Compare Java types from javax and com.sun by their equals
      method in recursive comparison
      + The recursive comparison comparingOnlyFields did not treat
      array/iterable elements as root objects
      + Fixes a bug when failing assertions on DirectoryStream types
      + Fix handling of null containers in the recursive assertion
      + Handle null values in map entry sets when formatting
      + Fix NPE when expected and actual field values are null
      + Fix NPE on anyMatch when actual contains null and
      Objects::isNull is used as predicate
      + Fix misleading subsequence failure messages in string
      + Do not ignore nested fields of types specified in
      + containsExactly does not work properly with maps not using
      equals to compare keys
      + Escape percentage in shouldContainExactly error message
      + Fix recursive comparison of ignored types in unordered
      + Revert "Provide value when assertThatThrownBy/thenThrownBy
      + Revert "fix: containsExactly does not work properly with maps
      not using equals to compare keys"
      + Fix unresolvable Javadoc stylesheet URLs, simplify
      + Fix missing configuration for MatcherAssert soft assertions
      + Make deprecation notice visible in AbstractAssert#asList
      + Recursive comparison uses equals on root object when
      useOverriddenEquals is enabled
      + satisfiesExactlyInAnyOrder fails if actual overrides equals
      + Avoid calling actual.hashCode() and expected.hashCode() in
      + Recursive comparison checks for existence of fields in types
      that parameterize nested unordered iterables
      + Lock maven-clean-plugin version for all modules
      + Fix a performance regression in the recursive comparison
      related to FieldLocation
      + Don't fail when the recursive comparison checks compared
      fields in collection elements
    * Improvements
      + Add Spotless
      + Use Bnd feature to write resolved bndrun files to output
      + Add Throwable stack trace to ShouldHaveClause
      + Avoid copy of any Collection instance in
      + Add Throwable stack trace to ShouldHaveRootCauseInstance and
      + Add missing description to nested condition
      + Make nestable condition factory accept conditions on super
      + Add varargs overload to Assert::hasString and
      + Improve recursive comparison performance by caching field and
      field names result
      + Document performance cost of ignoring collection order
      + Track visited values and their comparison differences so that
      they can be reused
      + Use hash code for compareUnorderedIterables to improve
      performance in some common cases
      + Improve recursive comparison error message regarding equals
      methods used for JDK types
      + Format large arrays as strings
      + Remove null check as isArray already performs it
      + Fix PrimitiveArralList/TransformlingList test file names
      + Add exception for usages of isEqualTo and isNotEqualTo on
      + Add check for missing fields in recursive comparison where
      specific fields are requested for comparison
      + Improve efficiency of iterable string conversion
      + Add more tests for usingRecursiveComparison
      + Checks that compared fields exist before running the recursive
      + Remove maven-surefire-plugin duplicate version
      + Remove Maven default goal
      + Add dependency graph workflow
      + Normalize non-breaking spaces like regular white spaces
      + AbstractOffsetDateTimeAssert::isBetween parameter names should
      use inclusive, not exclusive
      + Invoke isNotNull in returns and doesNotReturn
      + Cache node names in ComparingFields, ComparingProperties
      + Cache node names in ComparingNormalizedFields
      + Use simpler syntax in
      + Update to Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct v2.1
      + Correct contains assertion Javadoc to reflect method behavior
      in case actual is not empty and the group of values to look
      for is
      + Fix Javadoc typos
      + Improving null-safety of isEqualToNormalizingNewlines
      + Speed up for BinaryDiff performance
      + Upgrade workflows to Java 21
      + Apply flatten-maven-plugin to assertj-core and assertj-guava
* Wed May 01 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Ensure neutrality of descriptions.
* Tue Apr 30 2019 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Initial packaging of assertj-core 3.8.0



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