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python311-attrs-23.2.0-2.1 RPM for noarch

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Name: python311-attrs Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 23.2.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Fri May 17 11:51:39 2024
Group: Development/Languages/Python Build host: reproducible
Size: 471490 Source RPM: python-attrs-23.2.0-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Attributes without boilerplate
attrs is an MIT-licensed Python package with class decorators that ease the
chores of implementing the most common attribute-related object protocols.

You just specify the attributes to work with and attrs gives you:
  - a nice human-readable __repr__,
  - a complete set of comparison methods,
  - an initializer,
  - and much more

without writing dull boilerplate code again and again.

This gives you the power to use actual classes with actual types in your code
instead of confusing tuples or confusingly behaving namedtuples.

So put down that type-less data structures and welcome some class into your

python-attrs is the successor to python-characterstic






* Fri May 17 2024 Markéta Machová <>
  - Add patch pytest8.patch to adapt the tests to the new pytest
* Mon Jan 08 2024 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 23.2.0:
    * The type annotation for `attrs.resolve_types()` is now
    * Type stubs now use `typing.dataclass_transform` to decorate
      dataclass-like decorators, instead of the non-standard
      `__dataclass_transform__` special form, which is only
      supported by Pyright.
    * Fixed serialization of namedtuple fields using
      `attrs.asdict/astuple()` with `retain_collection_types=True`.
    * `attrs.AttrsInstance` is now a `typing.Protocol` in both type
      hints and code.
    * This allows you to subclass it along with another `Protocol`.
    * If *attrs* detects that `__attrs_pre_init__` accepts more
      than just `self`, it will call it with the same arguments as
      `__init__` was called.
    * This allows you to, for example, pass arguments to
    * Slotted classes now transform `functools.cached_property`
      decorated methods to support equivalent semantics.
    * Added *class_body* argument to `attrs.make_class()` to
      provide additional attributes for newly created classes.
    * It is, for example, now possible to attach methods.
* Thu Jun 22 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - remove outdated constructs, we no longer support < 3.8
* Mon May 08 2023 Daniel Garcia <>
  - Update to 23.1.0:
    [#] Backwards-incompatible Changes
    * Python 3.6 has been dropped and packaging switched to static
      package data using Hatch. #993
    [#] Deprecations
    * The support for zope-interface via the attrs.validators.provides
      validator is now deprecated and will be removed in, or after,
      April 2024.
    * The presence of a C-based package in our developement dependencies
      has caused headaches and we're not under the impression it's used
      a lot.
    * Let us know if you're using it and we might publish it as a
      separate package. #1120
    [#] Changes
    * attrs.filters.exclude() and attrs.filters.include() now support
      the passing of attribute names as strings. #1068
    * attrs.has() and attrs.fields() now handle generic classes
      correctly. #1079
    * Fix frozen exception classes when raised within e.g.
      contextlib.contextmanager, which mutates their __traceback__
      attributes. #1081
    * @frozen now works with type checkers that implement PEP-681 (ex.
      pyright). #1084
    * Restored ability to unpickle instances pickled before 22.2.0.
    * attrs.asdict()'s and attrs.astuple()'s type stubs now accept the
      attrs.AttrsInstance protocol. #1090
    * Fix slots class cellvar updating closure in CPython 3.8+ even when
      __code__ introspection is unavailable. #1092
    * attrs.resolve_types() can now pass include_extras to
      typing.get_type_hints() on Python 3.9+, and does so by default.
    * Added instructions for pull request workflow to
    * Added type parameter to attrs.field() function for use with
    * Please note that type checkers ignore type metadata passed into
      make_class(), but it can be useful if you're wrapping attrs. #1107
    * It is now possible for attrs.evolve() (and attr.evolve()) to
      change fields named inst if the instance is passed as a positional
    * Passing the instance using the inst keyword argument is now
      deprecated and will be removed in, or after, April 2024. #1117
    * attrs.validators.optional() now also accepts a tuple of validators
      (in addition to lists of validators). #1122
* Fri Apr 21 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - add sle15_python_module_pythons (jsc#PED-68)
* Thu Apr 13 2023 Matej Cepl <>
  - Make calling of %{sle15modernpython} optional.
* Fri Dec 23 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 22.2.0:
    * Python 3.5 is not supported anymore.
    * Python 3.6 is now deprecated and support will be removed in the next
    * `attrs.field()` now supports an *alias* option for explicit `__init__`
      argument names.
    * `attrs.NOTHING` is now an enum value, making it possible to use with
      e.g. `typing.Literal`.
    * Added missing re-import of `attr.AttrsInstance` to the `attrs`
    * Fix slight performance regression in classes with custom `__setattr__`
      and speedup even more.
    * Class-creation performance improvements by switching performance-
      sensitive templating operations to f-strings.
* Tue Sep 20 2022
  - python-six is not required for build
* Thu Aug 04 2022 Otto Hollmann <>
  - Update to 22.1.0:
    * Backwards-incompatible Changes
    * Python 2.7 is not supported anymore.
    * Dealing with Python 2.7 tooling has become too difficult for a
      volunteer-run project.
    * We have supported Python 2 more than 2 years after it was officially
      discontinued and feel that we have paid our dues. All version up to 21.4.0
      from December 2021 remain fully functional, of course. #936
    * The deprecated cmp attribute of attrs.Attribute has been removed. This
      does not affect the cmp argument to attr.s that can be used as a shortcut
      to set eq and order at the same time. #939
    * Changes
    * Instantiation of frozen slotted classes is now faster. #898
    * If an eq key is defined, it is also used before hashing the attribute. #909
    * Added attrs.validators.min_len(). #916
    * attrs.validators.deep_iterable()'s member_validator argument now also
      accepts a list of validators and wraps them in an attrs.validators.and_(). #925
    * Added missing type stub re-imports for attrs.converters and attrs.filters. #931
    * Added missing stub for attr(s).cmp_using(). #949
    * attrs.validators._in()'s ValueError is not missing the attribute, expected
      options, and the value it got anymore. #951
    * Python 3.11 is now officially supported. #969
* Tue Jan 04 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 21.4.0:
    * Fixed the test suite on PyPy3.8 where ``cloudpickle`` does not work.
    * Fixed ``coverage report`` for projects that use ``attrs`` and don't
      set a ``--source``.
    * When using ``@define``, converters are now run by default when
      setting an attribute on an instance -- additionally to validators.
    * ``import attrs`` has finally landed!
    * ``attr.asdict(retain_collection_types=False)`` (default)
      dumps collection-esque keys as tuples.
    * ``__match_args__`` are now generated to support Python 3.10's
    * If the class-level *on_setattr* is set to ``attrs.setters.validate``
      (default in ``@define`` and ``@mutable``) but no field defines
      a validator, pretend that it's not set.
    * The generated ``__repr__`` is significantly faster on Pythons with
    * Attributes transformed via ``field_transformer`` are wrapped with
      ``AttrsClass`` again.
    * Generated source code is now cached more efficiently for identical classes.
    * Added ``attrs.converters.to_bool()``.
    * ``attrs.resolve_types()`` now resolves types of subclasses after
      the parents are resolved.
    * Added new validators: ``lt(val)`` (< val), ``le(va)`` (≤ val),
      ``ge(val)`` (≥ val), ``gt(val)`` (> val), and ``maxlen(n)``.
    * ``attrs`` classes are now fully compatible with cloudpickle
    * Added new context manager ``attrs.validators.disabled()`` and
      functions ``attrs.validators.(set|get)_disabled()``.
      They deprecate ``attrs.(set|get)_run_validators()``.
      All functions are interoperable and modify the same internal state.
      They are not – and never were – thread-safe, though.
* Thu May 27 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 21.2.0:
    * We had to revert the recursive feature for ``attr.evolve()`` because it
      broke some use-cases -- sorry!
    * Python 3.4 is now blocked using packaging metadata because ``attrs`` can't
      be imported on it anymore.
    * The long-awaited, much-talked-about, little-delivered ``import attrs`` is
      finally upon us!
    * The *cmp* argument to ``attr.s()`` and `attr.ib()` has been **undeprecated**
      It will continue to be supported as syntactic sugar to set *eq* and *order* in one go.
    * Further smaller changes, see included



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