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hamcrest-2.2-2.2 RPM for noarch

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Name: hamcrest Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 2.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.2 Build date: Wed Feb 21 10:10:46 2024
Group: Development/Libraries/Java Build host: reproducible
Size: 130968 Source RPM: hamcrest-2.2-2.2.src.rpm
Summary: Library of matchers for building test expressions
Provides a library of matcher objects (also known as constraints or
predicates) allowing 'match' rules to be defined declaratively, to be
used in other frameworks. Typical scenarios include testing frameworks,
mocking libraries and UI validation rules.






* Wed Feb 21 2024 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Use %patch -P N instead of deprecated %patchN.
* Thu Jun 09 2022 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Upgrade to upstream version 2.2
    * After a long hiatus without releases, this version simplifies
      the packaging of Hamcrest into a single jar. Other big changes
      include Java 9 module compatibility, along with numerous other
      improvements and bug fixes.
    * Breaking Changes
      + Although the class API has not changed since Hamcrest 1.3, the
      way that the project is packaged has changed. Refer to the
      Hamcrest Distributables documentation for more information,
      and in particular the section on Upgrading from Hamcrest 1.x
      + The org.hamcrest.Factory annotation has been removed
      (it should not be used in client code)
    * Improvements
      + AllOf/AnyOf: Pass the matchers to constructor using varargs
      + Matchers.anyOf: Fix generic bounds compatibility for JDK 11
      + AssertionError message is unhelpful when match fails for byte
      + Use platform specific line breaks
      + Build now checks for consistent use of spaces
    * Changes
      + Fix compatibility issue for development with Android D8
      + Fix typo in license name
      + 1.3 compatible constructors for string matchers
      + Fix for split packages with Java 9 modules
      + Documentation updates
      + Add implementation for CharSequence length matcher
      + Fix for TypeSafeDiagnosingMatcher can't detect generic types
      for subclass
      + Renamed IsCollectionContaining to IsIterableContaining
      + Make Hamcrest an OSGI bundle
      + Add StringRegularExpression matcher
      + Fix StringContainsInOrder to detect if a repeated pattern is
      + Add ArrayAsIterableMatcher
      + Fix description for IsEqualIgnoringCase
      + Fix JavaDoc examples
      + Upgraded to Java 7
      + Build with Gradle
      + Deprecate IsCollectionContaining and IsArrayContainingXXX
      + Removed deprecated methods from previous release
      + Improve mismatch description of hasItem/hasItems
      + General improvements to mismatch descriptions
      + Several JavaDoc improvements and corrections
      + Deprecated several matcher factory methods of the for "isXyz"
      + Fix address doclint errors reported in JDK 1.8
      + Fix Iterable contains in order is null-safe
      + Added equalToObject() (i.e. unchecked) method
      + Fix arrayContaining(null, null) cause NullPointerException
    * Fix string matching on regular expressions
    * Fix isCloseTo() shows wrong delta in mismatch description
    * Fix add untyped version of equalTo, named equalToObject
    * Implement IsEmptyMap, IsMapWithSize
    * Fix IsArray.describeMismatchSafely() should use
    * Add Matcher implementation for files
    * Fix NPE in IsIterableContainingInOrder
  - Removed patches:
    * hamcrest-1.3-build.patch
    * hamcrest-1.3-fork-javac.patch
    * hamcrest-1.3-javadoc.patch
    * hamcrest-1.3-javadoc10.patch
    * hamcrest-1.3-javadoc9.patch
    * hamcrest-1.3-no-jarjar.patch
    * hamcrest-1.3-qdox-2.0.patch
    * hamcrest-1.3-random-build-crash.patch
    * hamcrest-reproducible-builds.patch
      + not needed with the new version
  - Modified patch:
    * hamcrest-matchers.patch -> 0001-Fix-build-with-OpenJDK-11.patch
      + adapt to the changed context
* Fri Mar 18 2022 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Modified patch:
    * hamcrest-1.3-build.patch
      + Build with source/target levels 8
  - Added patch:
    * hamcrest-matchers.patch
      + Fix build with jdk17
* Tue Jan 05 2021 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Make hamcrest build reproducibly [bsc#1120493]
  - Add hamcrest-reproducible-builds.patch
* Tue Jan 05 2021 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Fix typo in hamcrest-core description [bsc#1179994]
* Thu Nov 19 2020 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Fix RPM Lint complaint: summary-ended-with-dot
* Tue Nov 17 2020 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Add obsoletes in core to fix updates. [bsc#1174544]
* Wed Oct 02 2019 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Remove references to the hamcrest-parent pom and do not
    distribute it
    * useless since we don't build with maven
    * creates problems with gradle connector
* Tue Jan 15 2019 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Make jmock and easymock integration opt-in (bsc#1121956)
* Fri Jan 04 2019 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Use sources from github, which are accessible
  - Do not build the hamcrest-text empty jar
  - Split a core package off the main package
  - Added patch:
    * hamcrest-1.3-qdox-2.0.patch
      + Fix build against QDox 2.0
  - Removed patch:
    * hamcrest-1.3-no-integration.patch
      + Not needed any more since integration is buildable
  - Modified patches:
    * hamcrest-1.3-build.patch
    * hamcrest-1.3-fork-javac.patch
    * hamcrest-1.3-javadoc.patch
    * hamcrest-1.3-javadoc10.patch
    * hamcrest-1.3-javadoc9.patch
    * hamcrest-1.3-no-jarjar.patch
    * hamcrest-1.3-random-build-crash.patch



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