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Packages beginning with letter W

w3m-0.5.3+git20180125-150000.3.3.1 A text-based WWW browser linux/ppc64le
w3m-inline-image-0.5.3+git20180125-150000.3.3.1 An inline image extension for w3m linux/ppc64le
w_scan-20170107-bp155.3.7 Tool for scanning DVB transponders linux/ppc64le
wadptr-2.4-bp155.2.7 Redundancy compressor for Doom WAD files linux/ppc64le
waffle-1.7.0-bp155.3.6 C library defering selection of GL API and window system until runtime linux/ppc64le
waffle-devel-1.7.0-bp155.3.6 Libraries, includes and more to develop Waffle applications linux/ppc64le
waltham-devel-0.1.0-bp155.2.7 Development files for the Waltham network IPC library linux/ppc64le
watchexec-1.21.0-bp155.1.6 Watches a path and runs a command whenever it detects modifications. linux/ppc64le
watchman-4.9.0-bp155.3.9 A file watching service linux/ppc64le
wavemon-0.9.4-bp155.1.1 An ncurses monitoring application for wireless network devices linux/ppc64le
wavpack-5.4.0-150000.4.15.1 Hybrid Lossless Audio Compression Format linux/ppc64le
wavpack-devel-5.4.0-150000.4.15.1 Development files for wavpack, an audio compression format linux/ppc64le
waybar-0.9.13-bp155.2.6 Customizable Wayland bar for Sway and Wlroots based compositors linux/ppc64le
wayland-devel-1.21.0-150500.1.1 Development files for the Wayland Compositor Infrastructure linux/ppc64le
wayland-utils-1.0.0-bp155.2.9 Wayland diagnostic utilities linux/ppc64le
wayshot-1.2.2-bp155.1.6 Screenshot tool for wlroots based compositors linux/ppc64le
wbxml2-tools-0.11.5-bp155.2.7 Tools for libwbxml2 linux/ppc64le
wcd-6.0.4-bp155.2.7 Chdir for DOS and Unix linux/ppc64le
wcslib-devel-7.12-bp155.1.6 Development files for wcslib linux/ppc64le
wcslib-tools-7.12-bp155.1.6 Tools for wcslib linux/ppc64le
wdfs-1.4.2-bp155.2.7 WebDAV file system linux/ppc64le
wdiff-1.2.2-1.31 Display Word Differences Between Text Files linux/ppc64le
weave-kube-2.6.2-bp155.2.33 Pod Network Add-On linux/ppc64le
weave-npc-2.6.2-bp155.2.33 Pod Network Add-On linux/ppc64le
webalizer-2.23-bp155.3.8 A Web Server Log File Analysis Program linux/ppc64le
webcamoid-9.0.0-bp155.3.5 Webcam applet for Plasma linux/ppc64leNew
webkit-jsc-4-2.38.5-150400.4.34.2 JavaScript command line from WebKit linux/ppc64le
webkit-jsc-4.1-2.38.5-150400.4.34.2 JavaScript command line from WebKit linux/ppc64le
webkit-jsc-5.0-2.38.5-150400.4.34.2 JavaScript command line from WebKit linux/ppc64le
webkit2gtk-4_0-injected-bundles-2.38.5-150400.4.34.2 Injected bundles for webkit2gtk3-soup2 linux/ppc64le
webkit2gtk-4_1-injected-bundles-2.38.5-150400.4.34.2 Injected bundles for webkit2gtk3 linux/ppc64le
webkit2gtk-5_0-injected-bundles-2.38.5-150400.4.34.2 Injected bundles for webkit2gtk4 linux/ppc64le
webkit2gtk3-devel-2.38.5-150400.4.34.2 Development files for webkit2gtk3 linux/ppc64le
webkit2gtk3-minibrowser-2.38.5-150400.4.34.2 MiniBrowser from WebKit linux/ppc64le
webkit2gtk3-soup2-devel-2.38.5-150400.4.34.2 Development files for webkit2gtk3-soup2 linux/ppc64le
webkit2gtk3-soup2-minibrowser-2.38.5-150400.4.34.2 MiniBrowser from WebKit linux/ppc64le
webkit2gtk4-devel-2.38.5-150400.4.34.2 Development files for webkit2gtk4 linux/ppc64le
webkit2gtk4-minibrowser-2.38.5-150400.4.34.2 MiniBrowser from WebKit linux/ppc64le
webp-pixbuf-loader-0.0.6-bp155.1.2 WebP GDK Pixbuf Loader library linux/ppc64le
weechat-3.7.1-bp155.1.3 Multi-protocol extensible Chat Client linux/ppc64le
weechat-devel-3.7.1-bp155.1.3 Development Environment for weechat Plugins linux/ppc64le
weechat-lua-3.7.1-bp155.1.3 Lua Scripting Support for weechat linux/ppc64le
weechat-perl-3.7.1-bp155.1.3 Perl Scripting Support for weechat linux/ppc64le
weechat-python-3.7.1-bp155.1.3 Python Scripting Support for weechat linux/ppc64le
weechat-ruby-3.7.1-bp155.1.3 Ruby Scripting Support for weechat linux/ppc64le
weechat-spell-3.7.1-bp155.1.3 Aspell and Enchant Spell-Checking Support for weechat linux/ppc64le
weechat-tcl-3.7.1-bp155.1.3 Tcl Scripting Support for weechat linux/ppc64le
weston-10.0.2-bp155.1.6 Wayland Reference Compositor linux/ppc64le
weston-devel-10.0.2-bp155.1.6 Development files for Weston plugins linux/ppc64le
wev-1.0.0-bp155.1.6 Wayland event viewer linux/ppc64le
wf-recorder-0.3.0+git19-bp155.1.1 Utility program for screen recording of wlroots-based compositors linux/ppc64le
wget-1.20.3-150000.3.15.1 A Tool for Mirroring FTP and HTTP Servers linux/ppc64le
wget2-2.0.1-bp155.1.4 A Tool for Mirroring FTP and HTTP Servers linux/ppc64le
whatsapp-for-linux-1.5.0-bp155.1.2 WhatsApp for Linux linux/ppc64le
which-2.21-2.20 Displays where a particular program in your path is located linux/ppc64le
whipper-0.10.0-bp155.2.7 A CD ripper aiming for accuracy over speed linux/ppc64le
whois-5.5.10-150400.1.7 Intelligent WHOIS client linux/ppc64le
wicked-0.6.72-150500.1.2 Network configuration infrastructure linux/ppc64leNew
wicked-nbft-0.6.72-150500.1.2 Network configuration infrastructure - nbft support linux/ppc64leNew
wicked-service-0.6.72-150500.1.2 Network configuration infrastructure - systemd service linux/ppc64leNew
wiggle-1.3-bp155.2.7 A Tool for Applying Patches with Conflicts linux/ppc64le
wiiuse-devel-0.15.5-bp155.3.1 Development files for wiiuse linux/ppc64le
wildmidi-0.4.5-bp155.1.1 Softsynth midi player linux/ppc64le
wildmidi-devel-0.4.5-bp155.1.1 Development files for wildmidi linux/ppc64le
wimlib-devel-1.13.6-bp155.1.2 Development files for wimlib linux/ppc64le
wimtools-1.13.6-bp155.1.2 Tools to create, extract, modify, and mount WIM files linux/ppc64le
winetricks-20201206-bp155.2.6 A way to work around problems in WINE linux/ppc64le
winpr2-devel-2.4.0-150400.3.18.1 Windows Portable Runtime development files linux/ppc64le
winrs-2.6.7-150000.3.12.2 Windows Remote Shell linux/ppc64le
wipe-2.3.1-bp155.2.7 Secure Erasure of Data linux/ppc64le
wire-0.5.0-150000.1.9.3 Compile-time Dependency Injection for Go linux/ppc64le
wireguard-tools-1.0.20200827-5.9.1 WireGuard userspace tools linux/ppc64le
wireless-tools-30.pre9-150400.13.6 Tools for a wireless LAN linux/ppc64le
wireplumber-0.4.13-150500.1.2 Session / policy manager implementation for PipeWire linux/ppc64le
wireplumber-devel-0.4.13-150500.1.2 Session / policy manager implementation for PipeWire linux/ppc64le
wireshark-3.6.13-150000.3.89.1 A Network Traffic Analyser linux/ppc64le
wireshark-devel-3.6.13-150000.3.89.1 A Network Traffic Analyser linux/ppc64le
wireshark-plugin-libvirt-9.0.0-150500.4.2 Wireshark plugin for libvirt RPC protocol linux/ppc64leNew
wireshark-ui-qt-3.6.13-150000.3.89.1 A Network Traffic Analyser - Qt UI linux/ppc64le
wizznic-1.1-bp155.2.7 Implementation of the arcade classic Puzznic linux/ppc64le
wkhtmltopdf-0.12.4-bp155.2.9 Convert HTML into PDF and various image formats linux/ppc64le
wkhtmltopdf-devel-0.12.4-bp155.2.9 Development files for wkhtmltopdf linux/ppc64le
wl-clipboard-2.1.0-bp155.1.6 Wayland Clipboard Utilities linux/ppc64le
wl-clipboard-rs-0.7.0-bp155.1.5 Wayland Clipboard Utility in Rust linux/ppc64le
wlc-devel-0.0.11-bp155.2.8 Development files for the wlc Wayland Compositor Library linux/ppc64le
wlgreet-0.4.1-bp155.1.2 Raw wayland greeter for greetd linux/ppc64le
wlopm-0.1.0-bp155.1.1 Wayland output power management linux/ppc64le
wlr-randr-0.2.0-bp155.1.5 Utility to manage outputs of a Wayland compositor linux/ppc64le
wlroots-devel-0.14.1-bp155.3.2 Modular Wayland compositor library linux/ppc64le
wlsunset-0.2.0-bp155.1.5 Day/night gamma adjustments for Wayland compositors linux/ppc64le
wmctrl-1.07-bp155.2.8 Command line tool to interact with an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager linux/ppc64le
wmutils-1.5-bp155.2.7 Set of tools for X windows manipulation linux/ppc64le
wob-0.14.2-bp155.1.2 A lightweight overlay volume/backlight/progress/anything bar for Wayland linux/ppc64le
woff2-devel-1.0.2-3.2.1 Development files for woff2 linux/ppc64le
wofi-1.3-bp155.1.1 Launcher for wlroots compositors linux/ppc64le
wofi-devel-1.3-bp155.1.1 Development files for wofi linux/ppc64le
wol-0.7.1-2.5 Wake On Lan client linux/ppc64le
wordcut-0.5.1b2-1.29 Thai word segmentation utility. linux/ppc64le
wordcut-devel-0.5.1b2-1.29 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development. linux/ppc64le
wordnet-3.0-bp155.2.8 A lexical database for the English language linux/ppc64le
wordnet-devel-3.0-bp155.2.8 The development libraries and header files for WordNet linux/ppc64le
workrave-1.10.50-bp155.1.3 Recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury program linux/ppc64le
workrave-devel-1.10.50-bp155.1.3 Development Files for workrave linux/ppc64le
wpa_supplicant-2.10-150500.1.3 WPA supplicant implementation linux/ppc64leNew
wpa_supplicant-gui-2.10-150500.1.3 WPA supplicant graphical front-end linux/ppc64leNew
wpan-tools-0.9-bp155.2.7 Utilities to manage the Linux 802.15.4 WPAN stack linux/ppc64le
wpebackend-fdo-devel-1.12.0-150400.1.8 Development files for wpebackend-fdo linux/ppc64le
wrapsix-0.2.1-bp155.3.5 Software implementation of NAT64 linux/ppc64le
writerperfect-0.9.6-bp155.3.7 Tools for converting WordPerfect documents linux/ppc64le
wslay-1.1.1-bp155.2.9 WebSocket library in C linux/ppc64le
wslay-devel-1.1.1-bp155.2.9 Development files for the wslay WebSockets library linux/ppc64le
wsmancli-2.6.0-7.3.1 Command line client utilities for WS-Management linux/ppc64le
wt-4.8.1-bp155.3.1 Web Toolkit linux/ppc64le
wt-devel-4.8.1-bp155.3.1 Web Toolkit - Development Files linux/ppc64le
wtype-0.4-bp155.1.5 Xdotool type for Wayland linux/ppc64le
wumpus-1.9-bp155.1.1 Faithful transcription of the 1974 Atari Wumpus game linux/ppc64le
wv-1.2.9-bp155.3.11 Tools for Importing Microsoft Word (tm) Documents linux/ppc64le
wv-devel-1.2.9-bp155.3.11 Header files for wv linux/ppc64le
wv2-devel-0.4.2-bp155.3.7 Library for Importing Microsoft Word(tm) Documents - development files linux/ppc64le
wxEDID-0.0.26-bp155.1.4 Extended Display Identification Data editor linux/ppc64le
wxEphe-1.7-bp155.2.9 Astronomical ephemeris for the Sun, Moon and solar system planets linux/ppc64le
wxGTK3-3_2-devel-3.1.5-150400.1.14 Development files for wxGTK3-3_2 linux/ppc64le
wxQt-3_2-devel-3.1.5-150400.1.8 Development files for wxQt-3_2 linux/ppc64le
wxWidgets-3_0-devel- Development files for GTK2-backed wxWidgets 3.0 linux/ppc64le
wxWidgets-3_0-nostl-devel- Development files for an old API variant of wxWidgets linux/ppc64le
wxWidgets-3_0-plugin-sound_sdlu-3_0- wxWidgets SDL Plugin linux/ppc64le
wxWidgets-3_2-devel-3.1.5-150400.1.7 Development files for wxWidgets-3_2 linux/ppc64le
wxWidgets-3_2-nostl-devel-3.1.5-150400.1.10 Development files for wxWidgets-3_2-nostl linux/ppc64le
wxWidgets-3_2-plugin-sound_sdlu-3_2-3.1.5-150400.1.14 wxWidgets SDL Plugin linux/ppc64le
wxhexeditor-0.24-bp155.2.10 A free HEX editor / disk editor linux/ppc64le
wxlua-3.1.0.git.7d9d59-bp155.2.10 Lua IDE with a GUI debugger and binding generator linux/ppc64le
wxlua-devel-3.1.0.git.7d9d59-bp155.2.10 Development files of libwxlua linux/ppc64le
wxmp3gain-4.0-bp155.2.9 Front-end for mp3gain based on wxWidgets linux/ppc64le
wxsqlite3-devel-4.9.1-bp155.1.1 C++ wrapper around SQLite 3.x - Development Files linux/ppc64le
wxstedit-1.6.0.r3180-bp155.3.10 Sample program for wxWidgets's wxStyledTextCtrl Scintilla wrapper linux/ppc64le
wxstedit-devel-1.6.0.r3180-bp155.3.10 Development files of libwxstedit linux/ppc64le
wxsvg-1.5.23-bp155.1.8 Library to create, manipulate and render SVG files linux/ppc64le
wyrd-1.4.6-bp155.2.7 Text-based front-end to Remind time organizer linux/ppc64le
wyrmgus-3.5.4-bp155.2.7 Game engine for Wyrmsun linux/ppc64le
wyrmgus-devel-3.5.4-bp155.2.7 Real-time strategy gaming engine development files linux/ppc64le

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