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cookiecutter-1.7.0-bp155.2.10 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.5 for noarch

Name: cookiecutter Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP5
Version: 1.7.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp155.2.10 Build date: Mon May 22 13:58:06 2023
Group: Development/Languages/Python Build host: old-cirrus4
Size: 170155 Source RPM: cookiecutter-1.7.0-bp155.2.10.src.rpm
Summary: A command-line utility that creates projects from project templates
A command-line utility that creates projects from cookiecutters (project
templates), e.g. creating a Python package project from a Python package
project template.

Project templates can be in any programming language or markup format.






* Wed Jan 01 2020 Sebastian Wagner <>
  - remove obsolete patch fix-python-invocation-tests.diff
  - remove obsolete patch cookiecutter-click7.patch
  - update to version 1.7.0:
    * Important Changes:
    * Drop support for EOL Python 3.4, thanks to [@jamescurtin]( and [@insspb]( (#1024)
    * Drop support for EOL Python 3.3, thanks to [@hugovk]( (#1024)
    * Increase the minimum click version to 7.0, thanks to [@rly]( and [@luzfcb]( (#1168)
    * Other Changes:
    * PEP257 fixing docstrings in Thanks to [@MinchinWeb]( (#1237)
    * PEP257 fixing docstrings in Thanks to [@kishan]( (#1234)
    * PEP257 fixing docstrings in Thanks to [@tonytheleg]( and [@insspb]( (#1236, #1262)
    * Fixed tests sequence for appveyor, to exclude file not found bug. Thanks to [@insspb]( (#1257)
    * Updates with svg badge for appveyor. Thanks to [@sobolevn]( (#1254)
    * Add missing {% endif %} to Choice Variables example. Thanks to [@mattstibbs]( (#1249)
    * Core documentation converted to Markdown format thanks to [@wagnernegrao](, [@insspb]( (#1216)
    * Tests update: use sys.executable when invoking python in python 3 only environment thanks to [@vincentbernat]( (#1221)
    * Prevent `click` API v7.0 from showing choices when already shown, thanks to [@rly]( and [@luzfcb]( (#1168)
    * Test the codebase with python3.8 beta on tox and travis-ci (#1206), thanks to [@mihrab34](
    * Add a [CODE\_OF\]( file to the project, thanks to [@andreagrandi]( (#1009)
    * Update docstrings in `cookiecutter/`, `cookiecutter/`, and `cookiecutter/` to follow the PEP 257 style guide, thanks to [@meahow]( (#998, #999, #1000)
    * Update docstrings in `cookiecutter/` to follow the PEP 257 style guide, thanks to [@dornheimer](
    * Fix grammar in *Choice Variables* documentation, thanks to [@jubrilissa]( (#1011)
    * Update installation docs with links to the Windows Subsystem and GNU utilities, thanks to [@Nythiennzo]( for the PR and [@BruceEckel]( for the review (#1016)
    * Upgrade flake8 to version 3.5.0, thanks to [@cclauss]( (#1038)
    * Update tutorial with explanation for how cookiecutter finds the template file, thanks to [@accraze](
    * Update CI config files to use `TOXENV` environment variable, thanks to [@asottile]( (#1019)
    * Improve user documentation for writing hooks, thanks to [@jonathansick]( (#1057)
    * Make sure to preserve the order of items in the generated cookiecutter context, thanks to [@hackebrot]( (#1074)
    * Fixed DeprecationWarning for a regular expression on python 3.6, thanks to [@reinout]( (#1124)
    * Document use of cookiecutter-template topic on GitHub, thanks to [@ssbarnea]( (#1189)
    * Update README badge links, thanks to [@luzfcb]( (#1207)
    * Update to match pep257 guidelines, thanks to [@jairideout]( (#1105)
    * Update link to Jinja2 extensions documentation, thanks to [@dacog]( (#1193)
    * Require pip 9.0.0 or newer for tox environments, thanks to [@hackebrot]( (#1215)
    * Use contextmanager when reading hook files, thanks to [@jcb91]( (#1147)
    * Add more cookiecutter templates to the mix:
    * [cookiecutter-python-cli]( by [@xuanluong]( (#1003)
    * [cookiecutter-docker-science]( by [@takahi-i]( (#1040)
    * [cookiecutter-flask-skeleton]( by [@mjhea0]( (#1052)
    * [cookiecutter-awesome]( by [@Pawamoy]( (#1051)
    * [cookiecutter-flask-ask]( by [@machinekoder]( (#1056)
    * [cookiecutter-data-driven-journalism]( by [@JAStark]( (#1020)
    * [cookiecutter-tox-plugin]( by [@obestwalter]( (#1103)
    * [cookiecutter-django-dokku]( by [@mashrikt]( (#1093)
* Wed Jan 02 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Add patch to build with new click cookiecutter-click7.patch
* Wed Feb 21 2018
  -  update to version 1.6.0:
    * Include template path or template URL in cookiecutter context under _template
    * Add a URL abbreviation for GitLab template projects
    * Add option to use templates from Zip files or Zip URLs
    * bugfixes
  - update to version 1.5.1:
    * bugfixes
  - remove fix-caplog-tests.diff, it broke the tests
  - remove separate specfile for docs, use one combined
* Fri Feb 03 2017
  - version 1.5.0: initial build



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