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librevenge-0_0-0-0.0.4-1.30 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.4 for s390x

Name: librevenge-0_0-0 Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 0.0.4 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 1.30 Build date: Sat May 26 06:48:41 2018
Group: System/Libraries Build host: s390lp4
Size: 231055 Source RPM: librevenge-0.0.4-1.30.src.rpm
Summary: A base library for writing document import filters
librevenge is a base library for writing document import filters. It has
interfaces for text documents, vector graphics, spreadsheets and




LGPL-2.1+ or MPL-2.0+


* Wed Feb 01 2017
  - use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
* Fri Apr 15 2016
  - Do not BuildRequire gdb: there is no need to be ordered behind
    gdb in the build tree. Configure does check for the presence of
    the gdb binary, but the detected value is not used in the entire
    source tree.
* Tue Jan 12 2016
  - Version bump to 0.0.4:
    * Fix possible crash in raw generators for unbalanced open/close
    * Fix build in C++11 mode.
    * Fix gdb pretty printers and make them compatible with Python 3.
    * Fix RVNGString::Iter::last(), which only worked correctly for
      strings containing only ASCII characters.
    * Document the difference between RVNGString::len() and
    * Considerably improve performance of RVNGString iterator (a
      crude measurement shows at least 45% improvement).
* Sat Dec 26 2015
  - Version bump to 0.0.3:
    * SVG generator: fix the center of rotation.
    * Remove bashism in configure (libwpd#5).
    * Fix some syntax errors in documentation.
    * Text generator: handle footnotes and endnotes.
    * Improve performance of RVNGPropertyListVector::append() and
    * Fix several crashes or hangs when reading broken OLE2 or Zip
      files, found with the help of american-fuzzy-lop.
    * Fix build with boost 1.59 (libwpd#6).
    * Handle table:number-columns-repeated and
      table:number-rows-repeated in all spreadsheet generators.
    * CSV generator: handle rows with uneven number of columns
    * CSV generator: ignore empty rows at the end.
    * Several minor improvements and fixes.
* Wed Nov 11 2015
  - Fix compilation with boost 1.59
* Fri Jan 02 2015
  - Version bump to 0.0.2:
    - Better handling of invalid input in RVNGDirectoryStream functions.
    - Add documentation for RVNGDirectoryStream.
    - Add text:outline-level to allowed paragraph properties. This is to allow
      import libraries to handle headings properly.
    - Properly handle units in all generators, instead of expecting everything is
      in inches.
    - Implement open/closeGroup for RVNGSVGDrawingGenerator.
    - Improve handling of layers in RVNGSVGPresentationGenerator.
    - Handle master pages in RVNGSVGDrawingGenerator and
    - Simple handling of tables in RVNGSVGDrawingGenerator and
      RVNGSVGPresentationGenerator: just create a text box for each cell.
    - Fix return value of RVNGStringStream::seek when seeking to end.
    - Fix some warnings found by Coverity.
    - Use symbol visibility on Linux. The library only exports public functions
    - Fix several crashes or hangs when reading broken OLE2 or Zip files, found
      with the help of american-fuzzy-lop.
    - Add fo:language, fo:country and fo:script to allowed span properties.
    - Handle headings in RVNGHTMLTextGenerator
* Tue Jul 01 2014
  - Add gdb dep to provide /usr/share/gdb directory
* Tue Jul 01 2014
  - Disable silent rules
* Tue Jul 01 2014
  - Add group
* Tue Jun 03 2014
  - Upgrade to upstream 0.0.1 release
    * Fix license headers in some files.
    * Export API symbols on windows.
    * Really allow to disable build without streams and generators.
    * Detect CppUnit in configure already.
    * Drop dependency of librevenge-stream to Boost.Filesystem.
    * Do not throw exception when constructing RVNGDirectoryStream
      for an unexistent directory. Instead, create a valid dummy
      stream that will respond negatively to all operations (for
      consistency with RVNGFileStream).
    * Fix return type of RVNGBinaryData::getDataStream(). This change
      does affect neither API nor ABI.
    * Add some documentation for RVNGBinaryData.
    * Create a Coverity model covering the majority of librevenge data
      types, for the benefit of projects that use librevenge.
    * Several minor improvements and fixes.
  - Remove upstreamed patches:
    * 0001-fix-type-sizes-for-CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL.patch
    * 0001-fix-license-headers-for-gdb-printers.patch
* Mon May 26 2014
  - Initial package for librevenge
  - 0001-fix-type-sizes-for-CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL.patch
    * fix make check on some architectures.
  - 0001-fix-license-headers-for-gdb-printers.patch
    * pretty printers are licensed MPL-2.0 by their author.



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