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libmtp9-1.1.16-3.3.1 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.4 for s390x

Name: libmtp9 Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 1.1.16 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 3.3.1 Build date: Wed Nov 14 07:57:32 2018
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/Sound/Players Build host: s390zp39
Size: 688092 Source RPM: libmtp-1.1.16-3.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Library for accessing MTP Players
This package contains the libraries that allow access to USB based media
players based on the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) authored by

Common devices using this technology are Creative Zen, iRiver, Samsung
and others.






* Sat Oct 27 2018
  - updated to 1.1.16 release
    - lots of new USB ids
    - some bugfixes
    - adjust udev rules for new kernel versions (bsc#1110868)
* Sat Mar 24 2018
  - updated to 1.1.15 release
    - lots of new USB ids
    - copy and move object implemented
    - 64bit file bugfixes
    - bugfixes
* Mon Oct 02 2017
  - updated to 1.1.14 release
    - lots of new USB ids
    - 64bit file bugfixes
    - bugfixes
* Sun Apr 02 2017
  - updated to 1.1.13 release (bsc#1033830)
    - lots of new USB id updates
    - getpartialobject64 fixed for non x86_64
    - some too strict bugflags removed for Galaxy S and Motorola G2
* Fri Aug 12 2016
  - updated to 1.1.12 release
    - lots of new USB id updates
    - async event function
* Wed Feb 10 2016
  - updated to 1.1.11 release
    - lots of new USB id updates
    - small usb 3 bugfix
  - libmtp.keyring: temporary add my older key, as I mistakenly
    used that to sign the tarball
* Mon Oct 26 2015
  - Split udev rules to separate package
* Sun Oct 04 2015
  - updated to 1.1.10 release
    - lots of new ids
    - various bugfixes
* Sun Jun 21 2015
  - remove Requires on libusb-devel from libmtp-devel, the correct
    dependency is libusb1 already included by the pkgconfig
* Thu Apr 30 2015
  - Package whole udev related dirs to avoid build failures
* Mon Apr 13 2015
  - updated to 1.1.9 release
    - lots and lots of new ids
    - bugfixes
  - mtp_DroidTurbo.patch,include-config-h.patch: upstream
* Sat Mar 21 2015
  - update to 1.1.8
    - several new ids.
* Sat Jan 31 2015
  - Add device data for Droid Turbo
    add: mtp_DroidTurbo.patch
* Thu Sep 25 2014
  - include-config-h.patch: always include "config.h" first
* Tue Aug 26 2014
  - updated to 1.1.7
    - Soname - binary compatible, new interfaces
      have been added.
    - Compilation fixes for older GCC and non-GCC compilers.
    - Finalize >4GB file transfer changes so this works now.
    - A new API to check for device capabilities has been added.
    - Sync in latest upstream ptp2 changes.
    - Support for USB 3.0! (A patch adding async buffering was
      reverted after deemed instable by Debian.)
    - Some migration toward the new API in the examples.
    - Use parent storage if available as default storage media.
    - Force reset on close for Android devices.
    - Handle integrated USB hubs in mtp-probe.
    - Devices, devices, devices...
  - mtpz-use-LIBMTP_ERROR-instead-of-LIBMTP_INFO.patch: is upstream
  - music-players.h: use up to date 1.1.7 version again.
* Tue May 27 2014
  - Tell doxygen to stop producing files with timestamps.
  - define udev macros only if not already there.
* Mon Dec 09 2013
  - music-players.h: Updated to the device database of the current GIT level
    to support more MTP devices (bnc#854328)
* Fri Sep 27 2013
  - Use LIBMTP_ERROR instead of LIBMTP_INFO function in mtpz_loaddata
    (mtpz.c) to dont get junk in the udev rule when generating the rule.
    add: mtpz-use-LIBMTP_ERROR-instead-of-LIBMTP_INFO.patch
* Fri Mar 15 2013
  - updated to 1.1.6
    - Soname - binary compatible, new interfaces
      have been added.
    - Devices, devices, devices... I think I had a hundred (no kidding)
      reports for the Nexus 4. It seems hackers just love this device
      and cannot wait for me to spin a new libmtp.
    - More careful autoprobing code for Linux, running around in
      sysfs to try to avoid opening non-MTP devices. The libusb devs
      do not uniformly like this idea but what shall I do? People
      still want their devices to autodetect. Any hints welcome,
      any patches will be reviewed.
    - Interface extenstions from Philip Langdale to support the
      Android in-place read/write extensions. This will be used by
      GVFS for editing files etc, it is actually very useful when
      treating the MTP device as a "real" filesystem. It only works
      on Android devices with Google's MTP stack, but hey, that is
      a fair share of the MTP devices used today.
    - Several fixes and memory leaks fixed by Lei Zhang courtesy if
      the Chromebook project, thanks Google!
    - Windows Phone 8 should work out of the box.
  - remove upstream libmtp_motoRazr.patch
* Fri Feb 08 2013
  - add support for Motorola Droid Razr M (XT 907)
* Sun Nov 04 2012
  - mtp-probe no longer working in factory, wrong udev dir.
* Sat Sep 22 2012
  - updated to 1.1.5
    - Soname - binary compatible
    - Stop forcing altinterface 0! That bug has been around like
      forever and libgphoto2 never did this. It screws up some
      Samsung devices and is the prime reason for releasing this
      update so soon after 1.1.4 as I know a lot of people out there
      have Samsung devices!
    - Integrated Sajid Anwars hard long-term work on MTPZ. There are
      no secret keys or certificates inside libmtp, if you need these
      to talk to your MTPZ device (Zune models, Windows Phones) you
      need to get a file of secrets from some other place, preferably
    - Expose getthumbnail method and the Add Storage events as needed
      for a GNOME VFS project by Philip Langdale.
    - Rearrange and try to understand some SONY device modes again
      and again.
    - A udev script fix from Alessio Treglia to avoid poking around
      on Canon EOS 3D.
    - Devices, devices, devices...
  - Add libgrypt buildrequires for MTPZ support
* Sun Aug 19 2012
  - updated to 1.1.4
    - various bugfixes, especially in Samsung *
    - lots of new ids
* Tue Apr 03 2012
  - updated to 1.1.3
    - Soname - binary compatible.
    - Probably nailed the bugs in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 family
      of devices. Ignacio Martinez helped us fixing this!
    - Build fixes by Alessio Treglia and others.
    - A horde of new devices in the database.
* Tue Jan 31 2012
  - Remove redundant tags/sections per specfile guideline suggestions
* Fri Jan 13 2012
  - updated to 1.1.2
    * device updates
    * ported to use libusb 1.0
    * Autodetect "" devices
* Thu Dec 29 2011
  - Remove redundant tags/sections (authors list, already in package
    as a file); put %description after %package
  - Parallel build with %_smp_mflags
* Thu Dec 29 2011
  - add support for Galaxy Nexus
* Wed Dec 21 2011
  - updated to 1.1.1
    * device updates
* Mon Sep 19 2011
  - updated to 1.1.0
    * lots of new devices
    * IAD (0xfe class) device detection
  - drop HAL FDI snippets
  - libmtp8 -> libmtp9
* Fri Jun 10 2011
  - fixed typos in descriptions of libmtp.spec
* Tue Feb 15 2011
  - updated to 1.0.6
    * even less aggressive mtp probing (not detecting nearly all
      devices as MTP) bnc#668986
    * some more USB ids
* Tue Jan 25 2011
  - do not greedily match all PTP cameras in the udev rules.
* Mon Jan 10 2011
  - updated to 1.0.4 incremental release
    * new ids
    * bugfixes
    * new udev rules for new udev
* Sun May 23 2010
  - updated to 1.0.3 incremental release
    * some new ids
    * some smaller bugfixes
  - buildrequre pkg-config
* Wed Apr 28 2010
  - updated to intermediate snapshot
    * Samsung fixes and new ids
    * various small bugfixes
* Mon Feb 01 2010
  - updated to 1.0.2 bugfix release
    * new ids: Samsung, Archos, Blackberry, ...
    * bugfixes
* Wed Sep 16 2009
  - updated to 1.0.1 bugfix release
    * last patches included
    * some more bug flags for devices
* Sat Sep 05 2009
  - bugfixes to "fast metadata loading" method
* Tue Aug 04 2009
  - upgraded to 1.0.0 release
    * More USB ids
    * library interface
    * New functions:
      functions to get/send files/tracks from/to handler functions.
      External handling of individual properties:
      LIBMTP_Is_Property_Supported to check if a certain property is
      supported on a certain device.
      LIBMTP_Get_Allowed_Property_Values to get alowed range/enum of a
      property value.
      LIBMTP_Get_Representative_Sample_Format will now get the size
      parameter to allow us to determine the maximum size for a
      representative sample.
    * Added modificationdate to file and track structs.
    * Numerous Windows portability fixes.
    * Marcus Meissner rewrote the PTP object handling and metadata caching
      functions from libgphoto2 and fixed up the ugly largefile handling.
    * Various minor bug fixes.
* Tue Mar 17 2009
  - upgraded to 0.3.7
    * compatible library interface libmtp.8.2.2
    * stores albums and playlists in the default
      music folder if no default folder for albums resp.
      playlists has been detected.
    * an error report from RedHat BZ
      led to strange code for detecting anonymous OGG files
      being rewritten to handle NULL filenames and filenames
      that do not exceed 4 chars.
    * patch from Marcus to fix an issue
      with retransmit originally reported by Florent Pillet.
    * discovered a new device that cannot even
      read out battery level but still claims to be able to.
  - upgraded to 0.3.6
    * Compatible API
    * Several bug fixes to the examples
    * Improved Windows and *BSD support
    * Proper device flags to handle Toshiba players (hopefully)
    * New devices and flag settings
    * Nothing new from a programmers point of view
  - upgraded to 0.3.5
    * Bumped soname to
    - Only interface change:
    * Change metadata const*const to *const to allow playlist_id to be
      modified by LIBMTP_Update_Playlist. Shouldn't affect any code out
      there really.
    - New features and bugfixes:
    * Allow for playlists with zero tracks on them (also in update).
    * Get folders to a flat list and we get O(n) searching instead of
      the previous O(n^2) algorithm! The rest is janitorial changes.



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