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sdparm-1.10-1.38 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for s390x

Name: sdparm Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 1.10 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 1.38 Build date: Thu May 31 11:20:37 2018
Group: Hardware/Other Build host: s390lp8
Size: 271352 Source RPM: sdparm-1.10-1.38.src.rpm
Summary: List or change SCSI disk parameters
SCSI disk parameters are held in mode pages. This utility lists or
changes those parameters. Other SCSI devices (or devices that use the
SCSI command set) such as CD/DVD and tape drives may also find parts of
sdparm useful. Requires the linux kernel 2.4 series or later. In the
2.6 series any device node the understands a SCSI command set may be
used (e.g. /dev/sda). In the 2.4 series SCSI device node may be used.

Warning: It is possible (but unlikely) to change SCSI disk settings
such that the disk stops operating or is slowed down. Use with care.






* Wed Aug 24 2016
  - Update to version 1.10
    * add --inhex=FN option for decoding without device present,
    FN is interpreted as response to mode sense(10) command
    * add --raw option to interpret FN as binary (def: ASCII hex)
    * add --pdt=PDT option for use with --inhex=FN
    * --quiet used twice hides changeable, default + saved
    * add IO advice hints grouping mode page (sbc4r06, 8)
    * add Unit serial number VPD page specific sanity check
    * add NO_PI_CHK to Supported block lengths and protection
    types VPD page
    * add Background operation control mpage (sbc4r07)
    * Read-write error recovery mpage: add Misaligned writes
    reporting field (MWR)
    * sync tape mpages with ssc5r02
    * add Block limits extension VPD page
    * add Device constituents VPD page
    * add LB protection VPD page (ssc5r02a)
    * LB provisioning VPD page: expand LBPRZ, add Minimum and
    Threshold percentage fields
    * device identification VPD page: add decoding for locally
    assigned UUIDs (spc5r08)
    * the --inhex=FN option together with --inquiry decodes
    FN as a single VPD page
    * improve lto5 and lto6 vendor mpage support
    * sync to spc5r08 and sbc4r10
    * add SAS G5 (22.5 Gbps) settings (spl4r06)
    * point svn:externals to rev 663 of sg3_utils
    * upgrade automake to version 1.15 (U15.10)
    * upgrade to buildconf 20091223 version
* Sun Dec 28 2014
  - Update to version 1.09
    + decode Third Party Copy VPD page
    + Supported block lengths and protection types (sbc4r01) +
      Block device characteristics extension VPD pages added
    + zoned block device characterics VPD page added (zbc-r01c)
    + fix manufacturer-assigned serial number VPD page length
    + device id VPD: T10 vendor identification designator clean up
    + block device characteristics VPD: add ZONED (sbc4r04)
    + SAS/SPL disconnect-reconnect mpage: expand
    + SAS protocol specific port mpage: add MAXR field (spl4r01)
    + standard inquiry response (sinq): add LU_CONG
    + change ibm vendor code to lto5 and lto6
    + point svn:externals to rev 620 of sg3_utils
    + upgrade automake to version 1.14.1
    + configure: add --disable-libsgutils so build bypasses that
      library if present
    + win32: some --wscan and compile fixes
* Wed Oct 23 2013
  - Remove %fillup_prereq and %insserv_prereq; package doesn't provide
    any sysvinit script
* Thu Jun 13 2013
  - Update to new upstream release 1.08
    * New utilities: scsi_ch_swp, sas_disk_blink
    * Tracked changes at since January 2012:
    * device id VPD: add protocol specific port identifier
    * control extension mpage: add max sense data length
    * power condition mpage: FIDCPC->CCF_IDLE, FSBCPC->CCF_STAND,
    FSTCPC->CCF_STOPP (spc4r34+)
    * caching mpage: add SYNC_PROG field (sbc3r33)
    * block device characteristics VPD page additions sbc3r34
    * extended inquiry vpd page: add max supported sense data length
    * protocol-specific port information VPD page for SAS SSP,
    persistent connection (spl3r2), power disable (spl3r3)
    * allow --readonly with --set= and --clear=
    * add placeholder for third party copy VPD page
    * supply more information if a UA occurs
  - Normalized install procedure
  - Build with libsgutils support
* Sun Apr 22 2012
  - Update to version 1.07
    - LB provisioning + Block limits VPD pages to sbc3r27
    - Enhanced phy control page: optical mode enabled (spl-r07)
    - Phy control and discover page: sync to spl2r02
    - sync with spc4r31+32 (handle status good with sense)
    - extented inquiry VPD: add POA_SUP, HRA_SUP and VSA_SUP
    - application tag mode page subcode 0xf0->0x2 (sbc3r28)
    - add 'sinq' pseudo VPD page for standard inquiry response
    - add power consumption mode and VPD pages (spc4r33)
    - point out some mode page numbers are vendor specific
* Tue May 24 2011
  - Update to version 1.06:
    + allow upper and lower case in field, (mode and vpd) page,
      vendor, transport or command matching
    + control mode page: add ATMPE and RWWP fields (spc4r27)
    + extended inquiry vpd page: add extended self test completion
      minutes field (spc4r27)
    + power control mode page: PM_BG_PRECEDENCE field (spc4r24)
    - FIDCPC, FSBCPC, FSTCPC fields (spc4r25)
    + sbc3r25 renames 'thin' provisioning' to 'logical block
      provisioning'; changes mode+vpd page and field names
    - add Application tag mode page
    - add SITPUA bit to logical block provisioning mode page
    + fix '-eal' problem with vendor pages
    + point svn:externals to rev 334 of sg3_utils
* Fri Aug 13 2010
  - Update to version 1.05:
    + add '--readonly' option especially for '-C start' and
      '-C stop' on ATA disks.
    + Control mode page updates (spc4r23)
    + add Control data protection mode page (ssc4r01)
    + block device characteristics VPD page: decode form factor
    + extended inquiry VPD page: activate_microcode+r_sup (spc4r23)
    + Automation device serial number and Data transfer device
      element address VPD pages (ssc4r01)
    + add SBC Referrals VPD page (sbc3r22)
    + expand SBC Thin provisioning VPD page (sbc3r22)
    + expand SBC Block limits VPD page (sbc3r22)
    + SAS-2.1 specification split, upper layers placed in SPL
    - add enable_slumber and enable_partial fields to
      Enhanced phy control mode page
    + add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE to to lessen build issues
    + build infrastructure change to use libsgutils2 if available
  - Changes from version 1.04:
    + add SAT ATA Power condition mode page (sat2r06)
    + add SBC Thin provisioning mode page (sbc3r20)
    + add SBC Thin provisioning VPD page (sbc3r20)
    + sync with spc4r21
    + add Power condition, update extended inquiry VPD pages
    + smc3: add Device capabilities + Extended device
      capabilities + Transport geometry parameters mode pages
    + prepare for Thin provisioning VPD and mode pages
    + expand block limits VPD page
    + update Power condition mode page
    + rename SAS-2 phy mode page to Enhanced phy control (SAS)
    + add ADC mode (sub)page place holders
    + print mode page descriptors in full in more contexts
    + add linux bsg support
    + scripts/sas_disk_blink: moved here from sg3_utils package
    + rework the '-w' option (win32) per sg_scan in sg3_utils
    + change SDPARM_* constants to SG_LIB_*
    + remove sdparm.html, refer to its url in sdparm.8
    + sdparm.spec: correction to configure call
* Tue Aug 12 2008
  - Update to sdparm-1.03:
    * supports more than one device on command linx
    * speed[=val] and profile commands for MMC
    * Extended Inquiry VPD page updated (spc4r15)
    * SAS protocol-specific port mpage (add CAWT, RTOL)
    * minor cleanups
* Fri May 23 2008
  - Using 'Provides' keyword to clean update dependency.
* Thu Apr 24 2008
  - Split off from the original scsi package.



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