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quagga-1.1.1-2.29 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for s390x

Name: quagga Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 1.1.1 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 2.29 Build date: Sat May 26 08:04:52 2018
Group: Productivity/Networking/Routing Build host: s390lpd
Size: 5781243 Source RPM: quagga-1.1.1-2.29.src.rpm
Summary: Routing Software for BGP, OSPF and RIP
Quagga is a routing software suite, providing implementations of
OSPFv2, OSPFv3, RIP v1 and v2, RIPv3 and BGPv4. Quagga is a fork of
GNU Zebra.






* Fri Feb 09 2018
  - Applied security fix for bgpd DoS via specially crafted BGP
    UPDATE messages  (CVE-2017-16227,bsc#1065641)
    [+ quagga-CVE-2017-16227-bgpd-Fix-AS_PATH-size-calculation.patch]
  - Applied security fix for bgpd bounds check issue via attribute
    length (CVE-2018-5378,Quagga-2018-0543,bsc#1079798)
    [+ Quagga-2018-0543-bgpd.bsc1079798.patch]
  - Applied security fix for bgpd double free when processing UPDATE
    message (CVE-2018-5379,Quagga-2018-1114,bsc#1079799)
    [+ Quagga-2018-1114-bgpd.bsc1079799.patch]
  - Applied security fix for bgpd code-to-string conversion tables
    overrun (CVE-2018-5380,Quagga-2018-1550,bsc#1079800)
    [+ Quagga-2018-1550-bgpd-bsc1079800.patch]
  - Applied security fix for bgpd infinite loop on certain invalid
    OPEN messages (CVE-2018-5381,Quagga-2018-1975,bsc#1079801)
    [+ Quagga-2018-1975-bdpd.bsc1079801.patch]
* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Tue Apr 11 2017
  - Disabled passwords in default zebra.conf config file, causing
    to disable vty telnet interface by default. The vty interface
    is available via "vtysh" utility using pam authentication to
    permit management access for root without password (bsc#1021669).
  - Changed owner of /etc/quagga to quagga:quagga to permit to manage
    quagga via vty interface.
* Mon Apr 03 2017
  - Remove FIXME's added by spec-cleaner by using proper phases for the
    prereq deps
  - Remove code checking for the proc mounting (build scripts do that
    for us anyway) + remove the commented out autoconf
  - Use content of %tmpfiles_create macro rather than 2 lines of checks
  - Use version in zebra provides/obsoletes to avoid rpmlint warning
* Thu Mar 30 2017
  - Update to quagga-1.1.1, a security and bug fix release (fate#323168):
    for complete changelog, a digest of the changes:
    - Telnet 'vty' interface DoS fix due to unbounded memory
      allocation (CVE-2017-5495,bsc#1021669)
    - revert opsf6d: Update router-LSA when nbr's interface-ID changes
    for complete changelog, a digest of the changes:
    - isisd: Fix size of malloc
    - isisd: check for the existance of the correct list
    - ospf6d: fix off-by-one on display of spf reasons
    - ospf6d: don't access nexthops out of bounds
    - bgpd: fix off-by-one in attribute flags handling
    - zebra: stack overrun in IPv6 RA receive code (CVE-2016-1245)
    - bgpd: Fix buffer overflow error in bgp_dump_routes_func
  - Added libfpm_pb0 and libquagga_pb0 shared library sub-packages,
    adjusted libzebra0 sub-package name to libzebra1.
  - Use tmpfiles_create RPM macro to create quagga rundir and adjust
    tmpfiles config to contain proper rundir at install time.
  - Removed obsolete patches:
  - Do not enable zebra's tcp interface (port 2600) to use default
    unix socket for communication between the daemons (fate#323170).
  - Added quagga.log and create and su statemets to logrotate config,
    changed default zebra log file name from quagga.log to zebra.log.
  - Cleaned up the spec file using spec-cleaner.
* Sat Oct 22 2016
  - Implement shared library policy
  - Check for user/group before adding them to the system
  - Trim description
* Tue Oct 18 2016
  - Add quagga-CVE-2016-1245-stack-overrun-in-IPv6-RA-receive.patch:
    Fix for a zebra stack overrun in IPv6 RA receive code.
    (CVE-2016-1245, bsc#1005258)
* Tue Jul 05 2016
  - Fix Group tag.
* Wed May 04 2016
  - Add quagga-CVE-2016-4049-fix-buf-ovflow-bgp-dump-routes.patch
    Fix for a buffer overflow error in bgp_dump_routes_func.
    (CVE-2016-4049, bsc#977012)
* Thu Apr 07 2016
  - replace quagga.keyring with the newer upstream keyring.
* Fri Apr 01 2016
  - Add the %{_rundir} macro handling to spec in order to distinguish
    /run/ vs /var/run distro versions.
* Fri Apr 01 2016
  - Add quagga-autoconf-detect-AM_SILENT_RULES.patch:
    Fix autoconf issue of missing AM_SILENT_RULES macro.
  - Add build requirement for xz
* Thu Mar 31 2016
  - Disallow unprivileged users to enter config directory /etc/quagga
    (group: quagga, mode: 750) and read configuration files installed
    there (group: quagga, mode: 640). (boo#770619)
  - Add sysconfig.quagga:
    Fillup template for /etc/sysconfig/quagga
  - Update to version 1.0.20160315:
      Remove double read of stream
  - Update to version 1.0.20160309:
      Add code to to prevent further cli function
      Fixed if_add_update possible null dereference
      Fix _netlink_route_debug message
      Check prefix length from zebra is sensible
      Fix privilege dropping to use system defined groups
      Additional centos 6 -enable-werror fixes
      Fix code to use srandom/random
      Removal of 'show ip mroute'
    * : add/cleanup initialisers, missing includes, VRF ID in the
      API message header, assorted warning
      call if_init()/if_terminate() from vrf_init()/vrf_terminate()
      fix "babeld: Remove babeld from Quagga" (336724d)
      fix in_addr initialisers and more initialisers (for BSD)
      fix signedness mix-ups
      use an ifindex_t type, defined in lib/if.h, for ifindex values
      use long long to print time_t
      use void * for printing pointers
      babeld: Remove babeld from Quagga
      bgpd: add back old forms of 'show <afi> <safi>' for compatibility
      add "show ip bgp dampening" command tree
      add nexthop length to AF macro
      add some peer_lock/unlock debug code
      add support for timer commands with peer-group syntax
      allow using rtt in route-map's set metric
      bgp_scan shouldn't queue up route_nodes with no routes
      for processing
      check capability falls on right multiple of size,
      where possible.
      check rtt later after the real peer is known
      cleanup vty bgp_node_afi/safi utils
      compile fix for clearing-completion FSM fix, using
      workqueue helper.
      configured suppress value cannot be less than the reuse
      value in bgp dampening
      crash from not NULLing freed pointers
      display of configured dampening parameters
      do not allow a timers connect of 0
      drop machineparse / random "show" improvements
      enable "bgp log-neighbor-changes" by default
      encap: add attribute handling, add encap SAFI (RFC5512),
      extend extcommunity handling, encap show commands
      fix: bgp_btoa to compile,
      crash reported by NetDEF CI,
      ecommunity_token initialiser,
      graceful restart capability minsize,
      memory leak in bgpd/bgp_route.c,
      Null pointer dereference in bgp_info_mpath_update,
      race in clearing completion,
      small memory leak in str2prefix_rd,
      SNMP write support
      'struct peer' memory leaks
      useless call in bgpd/bgp_mplsvpn.c
      using of two pointers for struct thread_master *
      VU#270232, VPNv4 NLRI parser memcpys to stack on
      unchecked length (bsc#970952, CVE-2016-2342)
      general MP/SAFI improvements
      handle AS4 and EOI route distinguishers
      if route-map does not exist DENY for redistribute
      ignore stale entry candidates during bestpath selection.
      implicit updates in BGP may require a withdrawal from
      zebra RIB
      improve cleanup in bgp_delete()
      memory cleanups for valgrind, plus debug changes
      hook up bgp ENCAP and VPNv6 CLI node
      lower BGP's default keepalive/holdtime to 3s/9s
      lower the default 'timers connect' in BGP to 10 seconds
      make bgp_info_cmp and multiple-path decision logic more
      regular and robust to paths that do not have su_remote
      make bgp_nlri_parse_encap conform with other nlri_parse
      make _vpnv4 static handling SAFI-agnostic
      modify maxpaths cli's to use MULTIPATH_NUM for range
      only use routes from Established peers for best path
      OPEN parse errors should send OPEN_ERR and UNSPECIFIC
      peer_uptime overflows after 1 year
      fix zAPI parsing
      refactor route-map objects modifying integer values
      regularise BGP NLRI sanity checks a bit
      regularise bgp_update_receive, add missing notifies and
      remove the double-pass parsing of NLRIs
      'set comm-list delete' stops as soon as it hits a
      community-list entry with a deny
      speed up "no-hit" withdraws for routeservers
      tests - add null pointer protection to fix bgp test
      update dump to allow Extended Time Format
      update rtt on soft clear
      VPNv6 show commands
      warn user that bgp is setting maximum-paths larger than
      wire up VPNv6 protocol processing
      fix struct/pointer sizeof mixups
      fixup afi_t to be an enum and cleanup zebra.h
      remove 'struct fifo' from lib/zebra.h
      refactor FILTER_X in zebra.h
      bgp:  reorg cleanup to align process and bgp instance
      build: add --enable-werror
      ARM compilation warning fix
      determine CFLAGS more intelligently
      enable vtysh and pimd as part of default build
      list actual release procedure
      make libraries self-reliant
      remove the old PIC/PIE patch, let libtool sort it out
      rework how MULTIPATH_NUM is delivered to build
      distro:  fix redhat/
      distro:  redhat/rpm: remove with_ipv6, package pimd binary,
      remove pam stack
      redhat,CentOS: update to support CentOS/RHEL/Fedora,
      doc: add AFI/SAFI show commands to manual
      add 'OSPF Fundamentals' section to OSPF docs
      distribute a modern version of texinfo.tex with the docs
      older versions of texinfo seem to be sensitive to location
      of unmacro
      update bgpd docs, inc. on decision process, and with a
      section on MED.
      fixup of history handling
      fix alignment assumptions on non-RT_ROUNDUP platforms.
      gdb: Add a directory of files with gdb macros
      git: add (generated) cscope files to .gitignore
      HACKING: Change format to MarkDown, fix spelling mistakes
      rename to in prep for conversion to MarkDown
      isisd: add a debug mode that traces LSP construction
      add a slight delay to lsp_regenerate_schedule
      add new adjacency to LSP neighbor list
      add support to import routes from other protocols
      allow to adjust lsp-mtu
      always print adj->sysid (clang 3.6 warning)
      annotate some function arguments with const
      assorted fixes (unused variables, static)
      Attached-bit in LSP header
      don't corrupt memory for long hostnames
      don't use POSIX reserved y1/yn names
      do remove ipv6 routes from Zebra
      drop packet received on multiple interfaces due to
      the time gap in binding socket to an interface
      fix: assertion in LSP refresh timer calculation
      a typo in a log message
      crash on processing own p2p hello
      IPv6 mask application
      LSPs not being regenerated after adjacency change
      minor & vs. && mix-up
      misleading wording in log
      size_t confusions
      handle lsp confusion (ISO/IEC 10589:2002
      initialize circuit to match area is_type
      make send_lsp more robust
      provide more detailed log for failed address removal
      purge on correct level
      remove superfluous checks after XMALLOC etc.
      remove unused process_is_hello()
      show interface's ipv6 addreses
      lib:  memory cleanups for valgrind, plus debug changes
      add: CMD_RANGE_STR macro to command.h
      facility to log all CLI commands
      function to get precise remaining time of timer thread
      getgrouplist() for Solaris
      SAFI_ENCAP type, safi2str prefix utility
      "show commandtree" CLI command
      zlog_hexdump() for debugging
      allow caller to provide prefix storage in sockunion2hostprefix
      reduce strcmp in CLI hot paths
      fix optional arguments with description interactions
      constify sockunion api
      don't have log functions change errno
      fix: bookkeeping for libreadline malloc()s
      duplicate variable name in smux.c and vty.c
      Free Pointer dereference in lib/filter.c
      POSIX capabilities on SunOS platforms
      "reduce strcmp in CLI" fallout
      "sockunion: add hash function" for BSD
      vrf_bitmap leak in zclient_free()
      hide internal prefix list structures
      make prefix2str simpler to use, and use it in zclient
      make sockunion2str safer to use
      memory reporting fails over 2GB
      move the interface list into "struct vrf"
      display more info if cap_set_proc fails.
      don't use CAP_NET_BROADCAST
      remove unused 'show memory XXX' functionality
      silence type range warning in macro
      straighten out ORF prefix list support
      stream: fix stream sanity checks
      treat realloc of null pointer as alloc Now use zalloc
      rather than alloc with null. Fixes issue seen in
      bgp check tests.
      use const consistently for zserv path
      vrf: enable / disable a VRF
      vty: add separate output fd support to VTYs
      add vty_stdio()
      add vty_stdio at-close hook
      don't clear output buffer on input EOF
      put stdin in raw mode for vty
      reduce unneccessary C extension usage
      support multiple VRFs by using linux netns
      add trivial work_queue_is_scheduled helper
      wrong #define used for IPV6_MINHOPCOUNT
      zclient:  can overflow (struct interface) hw_addr if
      zebra is evil
      consolidate error reporting for zclient_read_header
      add "vrf_id" into the "struct interface"
      move "struct vrf" to be a lib module
      unify link layer type and hardware address handling
      configure an interface in non-default VRF
      ospf6d: fix for fast OSPF convergence
      fix pointer arithmetic warning
      fix uninitialized warning in SNMP
      oi->cost is uint32, not short
      use existing union, avoid strict-aliasing
      ospfd:  add missing unlock for ospf_interface_address_delete()
      extend 'ip ospf area' to take address argument + rationalise
      ospf enable
      fast OSPF convergence
      fix bug in 94266fa822ba, nbr_self rebuild didn't add
      valid nbr_self
      fix for 'no' + 'debug command' does not disable
      'debug command'
      fix unused warning in ospf_write
      impl. per interface 'ip ospf area' command
      lower the default OSPF spf timers to '0 50 5000'
      make ospf_passive_interface_update calls friendly to
      static analysis
      move route_unlock_node() in ospf_ase_incremental_update()
      ospf_ase.c, external_lsa locking fixes.
      ospf_ls_upd_send() add missing unlock.
      ospf_nbr_nbma_set()/ospf_snmp_vl_add() add unlock
      PointToPoint neighbors are identified by router ID
      remove another odd flooding hack in opaque LSA code
      remove the blocking of opaque LSAs origination and
      flooding 'optimisation'
      self nbrs needs to be rebuilt when router ID changes.
      split up network interface enable a bit, for per-interface
      area cmd
      trap on state change seems to send incorrect value for
      use route_node_lookup() instaed of route_node_get()
      pimd: add ability to set DR Priority for an interface
      add knowledge of different packet types
      add support for configuring multicast static routes
      assert when no route to source from a new igmp join
      cast ioctl values when printing them
      cast to sockaddr_in to sockaddr
      change ioctl call failure from vty_out to zlog_warn
      cleanup interface startup
      cleanup zebra debugs to be protected by debug commands
      create ability to modify hell and hold timers per interface
      do not display some default values as part of a show run
      ensure new generation_id is different from previous
      fix first DR Election, leaked fd, out of tree build,
      size_t zlog_err format string warning
      limit pim hello log messages
      mask unused zclient_broken()
      notice when we receive a packet type we can't handle yet
      stop DR election on every hello
      use IPPROTO_IP (not SOL_IP) for IP_PKTINFO
      'show debugging' collision
      ripngd: add ECMP support
      allow to enable/disable the ECMP feature
      sockopt:   add support for querying tcp round-trip-time
      sockunion: add accessors for sockunion address
      add hash function
      solaris: create ioctl_solaris.h
      drop duplicate __EXTENSION__ define
      more warnings fixed
      no ROUNDUP
      tests:   add CLI dummy command-exec tool
      add more AS4 capability tests + little fixes for
      couple of GR test cases.
      add testcli reference in/out & do DejaGNU
      vrf: add a runtime check before playing with netns
      vtysh: add missing show thread/work-queues commands
      adjust bad_cli_stomps in to reflect
      fixes & fix build
      allow display of individual daemons configs
      allow --with-libpam to build with --enable-werror
      don't use '\0' as NULL
      drop unused variables & RETSIGTYPE
      fix Quagga.conf file read in.
      fix the fix for babeld removal
      when the config file is close to the boundry of
      size of buffer vtysh hangs.
      hook up bgp ENCAP and VPNv6 CLI node
      fixup of history handling
      reduce unneccessary C extension usage
      support multiple VRFs by using linux netns
      configure an interface in non-default VRF
      zebra: fix struct/pointer sizeof mixups
      add "vrf_id" into the "struct interface"
      move "struct vrf" to be a lib module
      unify link layer type and hardware address handling
      configure an interface in non-default VRF
      add hooks upon enabling / disabling a VRF
      additional redistribute related logging
      atomic FIB updates
      clean up misc_null pragmas, RTADV define
      configure static routes in any VRF
      don't print uninitialized string
      fix: addr sent in ZEBRA_IPV6_NEXTHOP_LOOKUP
      build with rtadv disabled
      change of distance on ipv6 route creating
      duplicate routes
      leaked sockets in rtadv.c
      NetBSD interface stats printf
      non usage of VRF_DEFAULT
      route deletion on *BSD
      rtadv detection, check for non-glibc linux
      VRF code for *BSD
      implement per-route mtu handling
      let FIB stand for its respective VRF
      let the route-map rule "match interface" work
      for VRFs
      the netlink sockets work per VRF
      lookup the address in all VRFs when set the
      route-map rule "set src"
      maintain RTADV and router-id per VRF
      make RTF_LLINFO optional to fix FreeBSD
      make ZEBRA_FLAG_CHANGED internal status
      remove HAVE_IPV6 from rib.h and zebra_rib.c
      remove metric from kernel
      rib->nexthop_num is double incremented
      show interfaces in a specified VRF or all VRFs
      show routes in a specified VRF or all VRFs
      silence zebra_serv_un unused warning
      simplify redistribution code
      support FIB override routes
      use link scope for interface routes
      use prefix2str for logging where possible
      use SA_SIZE for RT_ROUNDUP on FreeBSD
      use prefix2str and unify show ip/ipv6 route code
      wire up "debug zebra packet detail"
* Sat Oct 17 2015
  - run systemd-tmpfiles in %post to get the directory set up.
* Sat Mar 21 2015
  - Fix build for openSUSE 13.1/SLE12
* Sat Mar 14 2015
  - Update to version
    * zebra: don't print uninitialized string (3b02fe8)
      This crept in as part of the MRIB improvements and I missed the compiler
      warning between other noise.  Unfortunately, printing an uninitialised
      variable can in fact make zebra crash, so this is not trivial.
  - Use systemd for openSUSE > 12.3
  - Add patch from Fedora
    * 0001-systemd-change-the-WantedBy-target.patch
* Wed Jul 30 2014
  - Update to 0.99.23
    minor fixes:
      bgpd: Fix condition allowas-in in rsclient code
      support TTL-security with iBGP, factor out TTL setting
      factor out eBGP multihop check
      fix fast external fallover behavior
      increase TCP socket buffer size
      fix O_NONBLOCK on outgoing
      send notify in OpenSent when stopping manually
      display multipath status in "show ip bgp"
      track correct originator-id in reflected routes
      add 'bgp bestpath as-path multipath-relax'
      fix crash when allowas-in is done on inactive peer
    efficient NLRI packing for AFs != ipv4-unicast
    don't compare next-hop to router-id
    use ATTR_FLAG_BIT() for BGP_ATTR_ values
    fix some DEFUN definitions
    support NEXTHOP_IPV4_IFINDEX in bgp import check
    write NOTIFY non-blockingly
    prevent double address delete on shutdown
    stricter packet handling in OpenSent
    fix lost passwords of grouped neighbors
    * : nuke ^L (page feed)
      isisd: ignore the unrecognized TLVs
      ripd: fix "show ip rip status" documentation
    avoid the zero interface metric
    correctly redistribute ifindex routes (BZ#664)
      zebra: raise the privileges before calling socket()
      Change the mechanism for comparing route ID's.
      fix some DEFUN definitions
      apply syntactic sugar to rib_dump()
      set metric for directly connected routes via netlink to 0
      log routes w/o gateway in rib_delete_ipv4
      match gateway when deleting NEXTHOP_IPV4_IFINDEX routes
      make rib_dump() compatible with IPv6 RIB
      apply route-maps for interface routes
      fix recursive-routes via ifindex routes
      implement NEXTHOP_FLAG_ONLINK
      handle blackholes encountered in recursive resolution
      rework recursive route resolution
      improve interface shutdown behaviour
      don't change connected state from zebra/interface.c
      add ZEBRA_IFC_QUEUED to keep track of kernel state
    warn if advertising connected with _REAL unset
    consolidate connected_implicit_withdraw
    clear ZEBRA_IFC_CONFIGURED on "no ipv6 addr"
    make if_subnet_delete a bit more strict
    process information about new addresses (BZ#486)`
    support NEXTHOP_IPV4_IFINDEX in bgp import check
    improve display of NEXTHOP_IPV4_IFINDEX in show ip route
    don't printf to stdout on ZEBRA_IPV6_NEXTHOP_LOOKU
    use SO_RCVBUFFORCE for netlink socket
      ospfd: add debug messages for router lsa-generation
    For an ABR, ensure the right LSID is MaxAge'd
    clarify indentation and comments in ospf_lsa_maxage_delete
    fix a reference counting issue introduced by commit 4de8bf0011
    check the LS-Ack's recentness instead of only comparing the #seq
    don't allow to set network type on loopback interfaces
    run DR election prior to LSA regeneration
    ospfd/ospf_vty.c: use keyword cmd style
    fix some DEFUN definitions
    fixup log message in ospf_zebra_delete
    refactor some common defines
    protect vs. VU#229804 (malformed Router-LSA)
    CVE-2013-2236, stack overrun in apiserver
    fix flooding procedure
    make ospf_maxage_lsa_remover actually yield
    restore nexthop IP for p2p interfaces
    fix LSA initialization for build without opaque LSA
      lib: use heap to manage timers
      remove unused thread_master_debug function
      lib/command.c: rewrite command matching/parsing
      fix possible off-by-one in stream_put_prefix()
      fix for dynamically grown hashes
      fix backtraces broken by 837d16c...
      unconditionally include stddef.h
      register vtysh socket in server socket vector (BZ#754)
      ospf6d: fix refcounting in ospf6_asbr_lsa_remove
      add "auto-cost reference-bandwidth" command
      compute interface cost from its bandwidth
      solve segfaults with ospf6d on FreeBSD
      Merge volatile/cumulus_ospf6d
      fix interface_down() stopping hellos
      clear lsa->refresh before clearing LSAs
      handle missing link local address more gracefully
      improve ordered shutdown
      clear DR info on interface_down
      set cmsg size correctly
      don't run DR election early on "ipv6 ospf6 priority"
      fix integrated config
      add SPF logs, statistics, and display of SPF parameters
      add 'log-adjacency-changes [detail]'
      don't send LSAck on an interface if we've flooded the LSU out that i/f
      handle Prefix and Router Options bits correctly
      add LSA payload to show summary output
      increment dbdesc seqnum on SeqNumberMismatch/BadLsReq event
      don't change SeqNum on initial DbDesc message
      handle seqnum wrapping
      add overload support
      fix linkdown handling
      correct nexthop through directly connected networks
      don't suppress empty router LSA
      turn off expensive debugging
      convert LSDB to use route_node, improve performance
      fix neighbor state machine (faster lsdb sync, RFC compliance)
      add p2p interface support
      fix various bugs in installing and flooding LSAs
      add more details to show ipv6 ospf6 data
      enable the commands to support detailed debugging of LSAs.
      remove older version of LSA from neigbor retx list before prematurely aging it.
      schedule SPF to run on events rather than directly on each event.
      refactor some common defines
      security: Fix some typos and potential NULL-deref
      tests: Add tests for timers
      add a test program for lib/command.c
      DejaGNU libzebra bgpd
      add DejaGNU framework
      vtysh: don't append superflous spaces (BZ#750)
    fix false lib path matching in
      doc: Modernize INSTALL.quagga.txt.
      update TODO for ospf6d work & bgp multipath
      add OSPFv3 homenet to TODO
      hash: dynamically grow hash table
    force size to be a power of 2
      guile: remove
    build issues:
      lib: remove redundant and incorrect sys/fcntl.h include
      vtysh: fix build against readline 6.3
      tests: fix build & disable testcommands
      don't build tests unless make check is run
      fix so it works with BSD make
      make --disable-bgpd kill bgpd tests too
      build: remove now-useless --{en, dis}able-tests
    improve backtrace support/detection
    reference libcap from libzebra (BZ#393,626)
    fix minimal mixup in gitinfo suffix
    Update supported versions.
      isisd: use bug-report information from autoconf
      ospf6d: use bug-report information from autoconf
      doc: fix makeinfo errors and one warning
* Wed Jul 30 2014
  - Updated to 0.99.23
    Changed /var/run to /run in .spec file in order to fix rpmlint check failure in Factory
* Wed Jul 17 2013
  - fixed source url, added tar.asc and keyring url (unchecked)
* Wed Jul 17 2013
  - Add return value for table_test.c.
* Fri Apr 19 2013
  - Update to
    major regressions:
      ospfd: restore nexthop IP for p2p interfaces
    minor fixes:
      bgpd: fix lost passwords of grouped neighbors
      lib/vty: register vtysh socket in server socket vector (BZ#754)
      ospfd: fix LSA initialization for build without opaque LSA
      ripd: correctly redistribute ifindex routes (BZ#664)
    build issues:
      build: fix minimal mixup in gitinfo suffix
      build: reference libcap from libzebra (BZ#393,626)
      build: update
      doc: fix makeinfo errors and one warning
      tests: make --disable-bgpd kill bgpd tests too
      vtysh: fix false lib path matching in
* Wed Sep 12 2012
  - add makeinfo as explicit buildrequire
* Thu Aug 09 2012
  - Update to 0.99.21
    There are some major user-visible changes:
    [bgpd] BGP multipath support has been merged
    [bgpd] SAFI (Multicast topology) support has been extended to
    propagate the topology to zebra.
    [bgpd] AS path limit functionality has been removed
    [babeld] a new routing daemon implementing the BABEL ad-hoc mesh
    routing protocol has been merged.
    [isisd] a major overhaul has been picked up. Please note that
    [*] a lot of bugs have been fixed, please refer to the git log
    The number of bugfixes and changes in this release is quite large
    at 446 commits, though some commits are counted twice due to a
    merge of Denis
    Ovsienko's RE branch some time ago. (Previous releases had around
    50 commits each.)
  - additional changes from
    This is a security-fix release that addresses 3 pending CVEs, one
    in bgpd and two in ospfd. The CVEs will be linked once released.
  - added quagga-0.99.21_isis_undefined_operations.patch:
    fix compiler warning about undefined operations
  - a47c5838e9f445ab887ad927706b11ccbb181364.patch
    Fix typo in isis topology code. Taken from git.
  - drop quagga-0.99.20-fix-bgpd-attr-memleak.patch:
    Included upstream
  - added options to build tcp-zebra, irdp and pcre:
    all enabled by default
    pcre change might cause problems in edge cases with bgp
    new buildrequires: pcre-devel
  - added option to build with isis and isis-topology:
    disabled by default
* Tue Dec 06 2011
  - Update package to quagga-0.99.20, remove stale patches.
    added upstream patch to resolve a bgpd memleak
* Wed Nov 23 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Mon Sep 19 2011
  - DoS while decoding EXTENDED_COMMUNITIES in Quagga's BGP
* Mon Sep 19 2011
  - OSPFD DoS while decoding Link State Update [bnc#718061]
* Mon Sep 19 2011
  - OSPFD DoS while decoding Hello packet [bnc#718059]
* Mon Sep 19 2011
  - OSPF6D DoS while decoding Database Description packet
* Mon Sep 19 2011
  - OSPF6D buffer overflow while decoding Link State Update with
    Inter Area Prefix Lsa [bnc#718056]
* Thu Jun 02 2011
  - Fix bnc#680499, zebro and ripd won't start [bnc#680499]
* Wed Feb 23 2011
  - fix CVE-2010-1674 and CVE-2010-1675 [bnc#654270]
* Tue Nov 09 2010
  - mark /var/run/quagga as ghost, create it in initscript
* Tue Nov 09 2010
  - updated to 0.99.17 - fixes [bnc#634300]
      fix handling of AS path data
      tighten bounds checking in RR ORF msg reader
      Only refresh external default route once.
      Make sure ospf_distribute_list_update_timer() eventually runs.
      Make sure all external routes are updated.
      fix infinite loop when deleting an interface
      Fix crash when '[no] ipv6 ospf6 advertise prefix-list' is in startup-config
      change ISIS_METHOD to use C preprocessor
      build: ignore mkinstalldirs and texinfo.tex
      build: Add QuaggaId to README.NetBSD
      build/extra: Enhance README.NetBSD make/gmake decision.
      git: add pointers to out-of-tree work
      git: add (generated) m4 files to .gitignore
      Update for git and emphasize asking for good reports.
      doc: fixed spelling in bgpd.texi
* Tue Nov 09 2010
  - updated to 0.99.16
      use monotonic clock for time of day
      code cleanup
      compile warnings cleanup
      work around warning in assegments_parse()
      fix debug messages that were masked by DISCARD_LSA
      remove unneeded memset from a very hot function
      VTY strings cleanup
      comment out unused function
      make local functions static
      enable more OSPF cost command aliases
      fix memory logging
      make some structures constant
      move check_bit into prefix common code
      fix warning on little endian
      make match functions take const args
      remove unused function: route_dump_node()
      log source of vty connections (bug #566)
      change router-id selection algo
      deal with irdp compile warnings
      cleanup RIB meta queue code
      fix more warnings in rtadv
      fix more compiler warnings
      remove unused function to fix warning
      handle RTF_CLONING removal from FreeBSD 8.0
      fix argument reference in strncpy() call for BSD
      fix RIB debug message for IPv6
      make declaration const in rtm_flag_dump()
      fix router advertisements for non-Ethernet link layer addresses
      remove dead code
      fix warnings from recent prefix bit commit
      review LSA sequence number comparison
      fix LSA locking in ospf6_new_ls_id()
      ripd: fix compiler warnings
      ripngd: compiler warnings cleanup
      isisd: fix --enable-isis-topology for 64-bit Linux
      isisd: fix BPF ioctl() calls, treat "true" and "false" as reserved
      configure: fix spelling
      configure: fix HAVE_CLOCK_MONOTONIC spelling
* Thu Dec 03 2009
  - updated to 0.99.15
    * bgpd:
      fix md5 set on listen sockets
      missing pieces from listener patch
      Workaround for invalid MBGP next hop
      Allow inbound connections to non-default view
      fd leak in bgpd
      Delete AS_CONFED_SEQUENCE when prepending an AS_SEQUENCE type segment
      Implement BGP confederation error handling (RFC5065, Par. 5)
      start listener on first instance
      peer action table static/const
      Restore ability of 'neighbor ... update-source' to take interface name
    * ospfd:
      Make sure priority is respected.
      Tighten up the connected check for redistribution
      fix performance problem with redistribute delete
      Make sure route table is recalculated.
      Make "Packet ... received on wrong link" conditional on debug
      Change struct ospf_path *oi to ifindex.
      Discriminate better when selecting links between vertices in SPF
      Make ospf_if_lookup_recv_if() find the right unnumbered i/f
      export ospf_if_table_lookup() and use it in ospf_network_run_interface()
    * ospf6d:
      bug #529, fix endianness problem in earlier commit
    * ripd:
      set IP TOS for control socket
    * zebra:
      do not touch socket before pidfile locking
    * doc:
      zebra.8 via Christian Hammers (#531)
* Wed Aug 05 2009
  - updated to 0.99.14
    * lib:
      Fix IPv6 normalisation
      Allow for large-file support, e.g. for log files >2GB
    * zebra:
      Silence noisy process_subq
      RFC 4191 Default Router Preference support for router advertisements
      linux policy routing support with ipv6
      Static route does not reach kernel.
    * bgpd:
      Fix nexthop reachability check on confederations
      fix typo made by paul in previous commit
      Avoid zombie accepted peer entries
      Small buffer overrun in bgp_clear_node_queue_init
      Stability fixes including bugs 397, 492
      Fix compiler warnings related to MD5
      Bug #533: Fix crash with copy/pasted commands, inc 'no bgp ...'
      Log a debug/update warning if filters are configured but don't exist
      Add 'show ip bgp view WORD neighbors IP (advertised|received)-routes'
      review 32-bit AS-path hotfix for 0.99.12
      Fix "show ip bgp dampened-paths" garbage output.
      Fixes to RFC2385/MD5 BGP
    * ospfd:
      Do not use stale Network/Router LSAs
      compare ifIndex too when matching paths
      external LSA route_unlock_node() fixes
      Fix a few LSA performance "bugs"
      discount IP header size from a new LSA pkt
      cancel OSPF timer hack in nsm_change_state
    * ospf6d:
      Fix regression in monotonic time patch - LSA max-aging broke
    * vtysh:
      Save vtysh history to a file
      Fix vtysh based "write term" output.
    * doc:
      Add "--disable-doc" to configure
* Wed Jul 15 2009
  - updated to 0.99.13
    * build:
      [configure] fix check for GNU awk/gawk to abort ./configure if missing
      [configure] add configure support for PCRE Posix library
      [configure] Detect support for monotonic clock
    * zebra:
      [zebra] Force rib_update when connected route deleted
      [zebra] Only announce connected routes if link is detected
      [zebra] MTU is unsigned
      [zebra] remove incorrect debug message
      [zebra] Cleanup meta-queue code
      [zebra] netlink interface minor cleanup
      [zebra] Fix vyatta bug 2814: Add "show ip route summary" command.
    * bgpd:
      [bgpd] Fix 'update-source' command: It doesn't accept interface names
      [bgpd] reference count the BGP instance
      [bgpd] Add support for the old Linux 2.4, TCP_MD5_AUTH RFC2385 patch
      [bgpd] Fixed as-path prepend/exclude ASN handling
      [bgp] Fix crash on SIGHUP, deref of freed workqueues
      [bgpd] 64-bit bugfix in community_del_val
    * ospfd:
      [ospfd] Fix OSPF route refcount leak
      [ospfd] fix vty ospfd no ospf abr-type standard
    * ospf6d:
      Convert ospf6d over to quagga_gettime() wrappers.
      [ospf6d] Remove 'no router' from OSPF6_NODE
      [ospf6d] Fix ospf6d crash if removing interface with no area
      [ospf6d] Fix ospf6d crash in show border routers
      [ospf6] Add no router ospf6
      [ospf6d] Fix ospf6d crash if range defined twice
    * ripd:
      [ripd] Ignore non-running interfaces in rip status
      [ripd] Fix metrix in call to rip_zebra_ipv4_delete
    * vtysh:
      [vtysh] Add a --noerror option
      [vtysh] Return non-zero exit code on error.
      [vtysh] Make vtysh more useable for scripting
      [vtysh] Force line buffered mode.
    * misc:
      [daemons/cleanup] Remove disabled log_mode argument support.
      [lib] Put symbolic backtrace on system log
      [lib] sockopt_tcp_signature: sin6 requires HAVE_IPV6
      [smux] 64-bit fix for lib/smux.h SNMP_INTEGER() macro
* Wed May 13 2009
  - updated to 0.99.12
    * bgpd:
      Fix bgp ipv4/ipv6 accept handling
      [bgpd] AS4 bugfix by Chris Caputo
      [bgpd] Add 'show bgp views' command
      [bgpd] Allow accepted peers to progress even if realpeer is in Connect
    * ospfd:
      [lib] Move type cast in Fletcher checksum
      [lib] Switch Fletcher checksum back to old ospfd version
      Justified OSPF cost function names and added support for:
      ospf cost <1-65535> A.B.C.D
      no ospf cost <1-65535>
    * library:
      [lib] Fix timer precision.
      [lib] fix missing sockunion_normalise_mapped
    * vtysh:
      [vtysh] Add commands from zebra_routemap.c to vtysh
    * misc:
      [build] tools/ should be in 'make dist'
  - added logrotate to Recommends
  - removed obsoleted patches:
    * bgpd-asn-dos.patch (mainline)
* Thu May 07 2009
  - fixed crash (DoS) in BGP daemon via an ASN elements
    (bgpd-asn-dos.patch) [bnc#500540]



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