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kubernetes1.19-kubelet-common-1.19.7-lp153.1.22 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for s390x

Name: kubernetes1.19-kubelet-common Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.3
Version: 1.19.7 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp153.1.22 Build date: Wed May 19 01:34:40 2021
Group: System/Management Build host: s390zp28
Size: 433031 Source RPM: kubernetes1.19-1.19.7-lp153.1.22.src.rpm
Summary: Kubernetes kubelet daemon
Manage a cluster of Linux containers as a single system to accelerate Dev and simplify Ops.
kubelet daemon






* Wed Jan 20 2021
  - Update to version 1.19.7:
    * use default unkown sock for kubeadm cmd if cri detect is not needed
    * cherry-pick part of #97451: fix nodeport quota check failure during creating clusterip
    * Release reserved GCE IP address after ensure completes.
    * Ensure reproducible builds when build through docker
    * Fix cadvisor machine metrics
    * Create OWNERS for most of the API Priority and Fairness impl
    * Fix bug in CPUManager with race on map acccess
    * fix azure file secret not found issue
    * fix: azure file latency issue for metadata-heavy workload
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.19.6
    * Add more logging for Mount error
* Tue Jan 05 2021
  - Update to version 1.19.6:
    * volumebinding: report UnschedulableAndUnresolvable status instead of an error when PVC not found
    * E2E stress test suite for VolumeSnapshots
    * [go1.15] Use go-runner:buster-v2.2.2 image (built on go1.15.5)
    * [go1.15] staging/publishing: Set default go version to go1.15.5
    * [go1.15] Update to go1.15.5
    * [go1.15] hack/tools: Update to k/repo-infra@v0.1.3 (supports go1.15.5)
    * [go1.15] build: Update to k/repo-infra@v0.1.3 (supports go1.15.5)
    * Flush FibreChannel devices before deleting
    * Fix FibreChannel volume plugin corrupting filesystem on detach
    * vendor: update cAdvisor to v0.37.3
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.19.5
    * fix migration logic
    * Add AcceleratorStats to cri_stats_provider
    * coredns dep.Severity is newdefault, not newDefault
    * Update ingress conformance test for finalizers
    * bump cadvisor to 0.37.2
    * Restore beta os/arch labels on initial node registration
    * fix bug: concurrent map writes error
    * range_allocator: Test (lack of) double counting
    * cidrset: Add test for double counting
    * Fix double counting of IP addresses
    * Choosing the right source VIP for local endpoints
    * Bump node-problem-detector to v0.8.5
    * allow configuring ReadIdelTimeout and PingTimeout via env var
    * Add a unit test testing the HTTP/2 health check help the REST client detects broken TCP connections.
    * configure the ReadIdleTimeout and PingTimeout of the h2 transport
    * update and, equivalent of #96549
    * fix: resize Azure disk issue when it's in attached state
    * Remove ready directory which created in empty volumeMounter setUp func
    * Updating to cadvisor v0.37.1
    * Fix cacheWatcher leak when time jump to the future and jump back
    * update e2e kubectl test
    * prune type in preserve-unknown-fields objects
    * apiextensions: prune array type without items in published OpenAPI
    * fix pull image error from multiple ACRs using azure managed identity
    * fix kube-proxy cleanup
    * change GetFullQualifiedPluginNameForVolume to distinuish different drivers
    * Fix a bug that DefaultPreemption plugin is disabled when using scheduler policy
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.19.4
    * use patch instead of replace to test the dry-run option
    * Fix --dry-run invocation in kubectl e2e
    * Clean up remaining ns flag
    * Use namespace flag passed to RunKubectl* methods
    * Update max data disk count with new instance types
    * fix the panic when kubelet registers if a node object already exists with no Status.Capacity or Status.Allocatable
    * report UnschedulableAndUnresolvable status instead of an error when PVCs can't find bound persistent volumes
    * do not allow inflight watermark histograms to fall too far behind
    * Fix bug in JSON path parser where an error occurs when a range is empty
    * Build files
    * Allow priority to be set for kubelet process on Windows
    * DelegatingAuthorizationOptions: exposes and sets a default timeout for SubjectAccessReview client
    * Do not update managedFields timestamp when they don't change
    * Mask bearer token in logs when logLevel >= 9
* Fri Nov 13 2020
  - Update to version 1.19.4:
    * Do not skip externalLB update if some nodes are not found.
    * Honor disabled LocalStorageCapacityIsolation in scheduling
    * Disable watchcache for events
    * Fix seccomp PSP docker/default annotation handling
    * Re-add the event recorder in the release test
    * Don't clear the cached resourcelock when errors occurs on updates
    * Add failing test showing release is not working properly
    * Add lease release tests in leader election
    * Generate complete leader election record to resolve leader election issues with LeaseLocks
    * Fix a bug that Pods with topologySpreadConstraints get scheduled to nodes without required labels
    * If we set SelectPolicy MinPolicySelect on scaleUp behavior or scaleDown behavior,Horizontal Pod Autoscaler doesn`t automatically scale the number of pods correctly
    * fix: add missing patch flag for kubeadm init phase control-plane
    * Update the PIP when it is not in the Succeeded provisioning state during the LB update.
    * Do not assume storageclass is still in-tree after csi migration
    * Fix `kubectl describe ingress` format
    * Fixes high CPU usage in kubectl drain
    * Ignore deleted pods.
    * Automated cherry pick of #94781: Don't attempt to detach an FC device if we don't know its name
    * add a local tlsTransportCache to available_controller
    * don't cache transports for incomparable configs
    * Fix fcpath
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.19.3
    * fix upgrade test
    * fix azure disk data loss issue on Windows
    * fix azure disk attach failure for disk size bigger than 4TB
    * cloud node controller: handle empty providerID from getProviderID
    * Updating kube-proxy to trim space from loadBalancerSourceRanges
    * Don't create a new sandbox for pod with RestartPolicyOnFailure if all containers succeeded
* Thu Oct 15 2020
  - Update to version 1.19.3:
    * Azure: fix node removal race condition on VMSS deletion
    * Fix reporting network_programming_latency metrics in kube-proxy
    * make download-or-bust compatible with both sha512/sha1
    * replace sha1 with sha512
    * avoid potential secret leaking while reading .dockercfg
    * Mask Ceph RBD adminSecrets in logs when logLevel >= 4
    * upgrade test for BoundServiceAccountTokenVolume
    * fix detach azure disk issue when vm not exist
    * vsphere: improve logging message on node cache refresh event
    * Fix UpdateSnapshot when Node is partially removed
    * kubeadm: make the CP join handling of kubeconfig similar to "init"
    * kubeadm: warn but do not error out on missing CA keys on CP join
    * Return the Kubernetes version which stopped serving deprecated APIs by default
    * fix: detach azure disk broken on Azure Stack
    * Ensuring EndpointSlices are recreated after Service recreation
    * Handle nil elements when sorting, instead of panicking
    * use more granular buckets for azure api calls
    * do not mutate endpoints in the apiserver
    * Remove HeadlessService label in endpoints controller before comparing
    * test: add unit-test for TranslateCSIPVToInTree.
    * fix azure file migration panic
    * kubeadm: relax the validation of kubeconfig server URLs
    * portforward: Fix UDP-only ports calculation
    * make kube::util::find-binary not dependent on bazel-out/ structure
    * output go_binary rule directly from go_binary_conditional_pure
    * hack/lib/ some bash cleanups
    * bazel: Replace --features with Starlark build settings flag
    * [go1.15] staging/publishing: Set default go version to go1.15.2
    * [go1.15] build: Use go-runner:buster-v2.0.1 (built using go1.15.1)
    * [go1.15] Update to go1.15.2
    * [go1.15] hack/tools: Update to k/repo-infra@v0.1.1 (supports go1.15.2)
    * [go1.15] build: Update to k/repo-infra@v0.1.1 (supports go1.15.2)
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.19.2
    * count of etcd object should be limited to the specified resource
    * Track pods with required anti-affinity
    * Ensure getPrimaryInterfaceID not panic when network interfaces for Azure VMSS are null
    * Fix misusage of RLock in timeCache lru.Cache.Get()
    * support ipv6 in e2e policy tests
    * Allow 404 error on lb deletion in azure
    * fix: azure disk resize error if source does not exist
    * chore: add diskclient.Update interface
    * chore: add diskclient.ListByResourceGroup interface
* Wed Oct 07 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - use obsinfo again for commit id extraction, as this matches
    upstream's build commit id (just in case).
* Wed Oct 07 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - fix git commit determination (bsc#1177289)
* Thu Sep 17 2020
  - Update to version 1.19.2:
    * Fix index out of range panic for kubectl alpha debug
    * kubectl describe pod: use ReportingController as an event source
    * Update CNI plugins to v0.8.7
    * Add roundtrip tests for metrics repo
    * Cleanup custom metrics conversion functions
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.19.1
    * Sort list of formats for --logging-format description to make it deterministic
* Thu Sep 10 2020
  - Update to version 1.19.1:
    * build/lib/release: Explicitly use '--platform' in building server images
    * build/ Remove extraneous reference to debian-base image
    * Update default etcd server to 3.4.13
    * kubeadm: remove the CoreDNS check for supported image digests
    * Update snapshot controller to use
    * kubeadm: make the scheduler and KCM connect to local endpoint
    * Fixed reflector not recovering from "Too large resource version" errors with API servers 1.17.0-1.18.5
    * let panics propagate up when processLoop panic
    * kubeadm: Fix `upgrade plan` for air-gapped setups
    * Add impersonated user to system:authenticated group
    * cleanup: print warning message after timeout
    * Revert "cleanup: decrease log level from warn to v3"
    * cleanup: decrease log level from warn to v3
    * Remove duplicate nodeSelector
    * test(kubelet): add a regression test to verify kubelet would not panic
    * fix(kubelet): protect `containerCleanupInfos` from concurrent map writes
    * fix(azure): check error returned by scaleSet.getVMSS
    * Fix issue on skipTest in storage suits
    * Use NLB Subnet CIDRs instead of VPC CIDRs in updateInstanceSecurityGroupsForNLB
    * Add PR #89069 Action Required
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.19.0
* Mon Sep 07 2020 Richard Brown <>
  - kubernetes%{baseversion}-kubeadm now obsoletes kubernetes%{baseversionminus1}-kubeadm
* Fri Aug 28 2020 Richard Brown <>
  - Introduce kubernetes$FOO-client-common package to make -client truely parralel installable
* Thu Aug 27 2020
  - Update to version 1.19.0:
    * Updating EndpointSliceMirroring controller to listen for Service changes
    * test(kuberuntime): deflake TestRemoveContainer
    * build: Update to go-runner:buster-v2.0.0
    * build: Migrate go-runner image building to k/release
    * Reserve Static IP in Ingress test
    * Add rbac patch permissions for system:controller:glbc ingresses/status
    * Update json-patch to v4.9.0 tagged release
    * synchronize agnhost image / app version
    * track agnhost version in dependencies.yaml
    * Make sampleAndWaterMarkHistograms not fall very far behind
    * fix e2e test
    * etcd 3.4.12
    * Deflake TestServiceRegistryUpdateDryRun test
    * Fixing a flaky EndpointSliceMirroring integration test
    * Updating EndpointSlice controller to wait for all caches to be synced
    * Deflake TestSubresourcePatch
    * Speed up master reconciler tests
    * Remove flaky audit e2e test
    * Fix building with GOFLAGS=-v
    * Fix issue in evaluating symlink path for subpath
    * move ixdy to emeritus
    * move krzyzacy to emeritus
    * Fix bug for inconsistent lists served from etcd
    * publishing: Drop 'go' field from 'controller-manager' 'master' branch
    * publishing: Use go1.15.0 as default version
    * publishing: Use go1.13.15 for 1.18, 1.17, and 1.16 release branches
    * Refactor locks on registeredNodesLocks
    * fix(pluginwatcher): watch socket dir before traversing it
    * test(kubectl): deflake run_kubectl_apply_tests
    * upgrade rules_docker
    * Fix validation of ingress rules with wildcard host
    * Add missing changelog entries for v1.18.7
    * Add missing changelog entries for v1.17.10
    * Keep track of remaining pods when a node is deleted.
    * Remove direct accesses to cache's node map
    * CHANGELOG: Update directory for v1.18.8 release
    * [go115] Require go1.15 in build helper scripts
    * CHANGELOG: Update directory for v1.17.11 release
    * Add sigs for root folders
    * CHANGELOG: Update directory for v1.16.14 release
    * [go1.15] Update to go1.15
    * [go1.15] hack/tools: Update to k/repo-infra@v0.0.12 (supports go1.15.0)
    * [go1.15] build: Update to k/repo-infra@v0.0.12 (supports go1.15.0)
    * [e2e]Bind csi driver namespace to test namespace to avoid namespace collision
    * Promote spiffxp to build/ approver
    * Updating EndpointSlice controllers to return if error encountered
    * e2e storage: avoid flaky test failure when watch dies
    * Validate ingress TLS secretName in v1
    * e2e services wait for endpoint and endpoint slices
    * [Flaky test]kubectl log test never restart pod
    * cluster/images/etcd: Build etcd@3.4.9-3 using debian-base@v2.1.3
    * build: Update to debian-base@v2.1.3 and debian-iptables@v12.1.2
    * Updating EndpointSlice e2e tests to accept duplicate EndpointSlices
    * test(endpoints): deflake TestWatchHTTPTimeout
    * Sync cache before starting scheduler test
    * forget the pod when the reserve plugins fail
    * Update SMD to v4.0.1 and kube-openapi
    * Wait for mock CSI Driver bringup to perform e2e test
    * scheduler_perf: label nodes for pod affinity
    * Skip LB test per schedulable node count
    * fix(azure): set default value of VmssVirtualMachinesCacheTTLInSeconds during init to prevent data race
    * [go1.15] Update to go1.15rc2
    * generated: hack/ && hack/
    * [go1.15] hack/tools: Update to k/repo-infra@v0.0.11 (supports go1.15rc2)
    * [go1.15] build: Update to k/repo-infra@v0.0.11 (supports go1.15rc2)
    * Sign up dims for additional review roles
    * Update to json-patch 4.8.0
    * Deflake LimitRange e2e test
    * Add test cluster check when starting csi proxy
    * [go1.15] Use errors.As to unwrap net errors
    * Fix namespace controller cleanup orphaning
    * Add LabelSelector validation in Pod Affinity/AntiAffinity Filter and Score plugins
    * Add tests for out of band attachments
    * Add missing termination metrics to priority-and-fairness handler
    * e2e delete namespaces after finish
    * Add missing ppc64le architecture in the get-kube* scripts
    * Requeue service after endpoint deletion
    * Do not evict pods which tolerate all NoExecute taints
    * fix: deflake run_kubectl_apply_tests
    * Deflake TestUpdateNodeStatusWithLease - guard cached machineInfo
    * CHANGELOG: Update directory for v1.19.0-rc.4 release
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.19.0-rc.4
    * Fix /readyz to contain informer-sync
    * Move bgrant0607 to emeritus status.
    * Update e2e csi images to
    * Deflake scheduler PostBind integration test
    * cloud-node-lifecycle controller: add missing instancev2 calls for node exists and node shutdown
    * cloud provider: remove redundant implementation of InstanceMetadataByProviderID since instanceV2 is disabled for all providers
    * cloud provider: remove provider ID references and improve documentation
    * test/e2e: fail test rather than flooding logs if PVC watch is closed prematurely
    * fix TestVolumeBinding unit test
    * Deflake TestExpectationsOnRecreate
    * Add kind/regression label to the pull request template
    * Update Cluster Autoscaler version to 1.19.0
    * Make AttachDisk idempotent again
    * integration: Wait for PV to be available
    * Fixing memory leak in EndpointSliceMirroring EndpointSlice tracker
    * Fix an issue when rotated logs of dead containers are not removed.
    * Remove unuseful error message about updating pod conditions not owned by kubelet
    * Makefile: update test-e2e-node help
* Wed Aug 26 2020 Richard Brown <>
  - Initial Packaging



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