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perl-Module-Build-0.422400-lp152.3.2 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 for noarch

Name: perl-Module-Build Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 0.422400 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.3.2 Build date: Fri Sep 20 18:20:04 2019
Group: Development/Libraries/Perl Build host: morla3
Size: 669035 Source RPM: perl-Module-Build-0.422400-lp152.3.2.src.rpm
Summary: Build and install Perl modules
'Module::Build' is a system for building, testing, and installing Perl
modules. It is meant to be an alternative to 'ExtUtils::MakeMaker'.
Developers may alter the behavior of the module through subclassing in a
much more straightforward way than with 'MakeMaker'. It also does not
require a 'make' on your system - most of the 'Module::Build' code is
pure-perl and written in a very cross-platform way.

See "MOTIVATIONS" for more comparisons between 'ExtUtils::MakeMaker' and

To install 'Module::Build', and any other module that uses 'Module::Build'
for its installation process, do the following:

  perl Build.PL       # 'Build.PL' script creates the 'Build' script
  ./Build             # Need ./ to ensure we're using this "Build" script
  ./Build test        # and not another one that happens to be in the PATH
  ./Build install

This illustrates initial configuration and the running of three 'actions'.
In this case the actions run are 'build' (the default action), 'test', and
'install'. Other actions defined so far include:

  build                          manifest
  clean                          manifest_skip
  code                           manpages
  config_data                    pardist
  diff                           ppd
  dist                           ppmdist
  distcheck                      prereq_data
  distclean                      prereq_report
  distdir                        pure_install
  distinstall                    realclean
  distmeta                       retest
  distsign                       skipcheck
  disttest                       test
  docs                           testall
  fakeinstall                    testcover
  help                           testdb
  html                           testpod
  install                        testpodcoverage
  installdeps                    versioninstall

You can run the 'help' action for a complete list of actions.




Artistic-1.0 or GPL-1.0+


* Wed May 31 2017
  - updated to 0.4224
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Module-Build/Changes
    0.4224 - Tue May 30 19:50:07 CEST 2017
    - Released 0.42_23 without changes
    0.42_23 - Sun May 14 13:17:45 CEST 2017
    - Add code to special case dot-in-inc in Build
* Fri Mar 31 2017
  - updated to 0.4222
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Module-Build/Changes
    0.4222 - Thu Mar 30 15:40:10 CEST 2017
    - Released 0.42_21 as 0.4222
    0.42_21 - Wed Mar 22 19:04:02 CET 2017
    - Include relative path for do in Build/Makefile.PL will function without . in @INC [Todd Rinaldo]
    - Remove use deprecate [Graham Knop]
* Wed Aug 17 2016
  - updated to 0.4220
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Module-Build/Changes
    0.4220 - Tue Aug 16 22:11:14 CEST 2016
    - Released 0.42_19 as 0.4220
    0.42_19 - Sun Aug  7 17:07:38 CEST 2016
    - Initialize MM Compat environmental variables to empty strings [Leon Timmermans]
    - Skip PPM test when link_executable fails [Leon Timmermans]
    - Make more actions deterministic [Zefram]
    - Preprocess file lists generated by rscan_dir() to sort them [Niko Tyni]
* Tue May 10 2016
  - updated to 0.4218
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Module-Build/Changes
    0.4218 - Sun Apr 24 16:39:47 BST 2016
    - Skip XS test when link_executable fails
    0.42_17 - Mon Mar 21 14:02:06 CET 2016
    - Read extra_linker_flags using its accessor [Salvador Fandino]
    - Convert win shell splitting to m//gc parser, fixing handling of 0
      and handling of backslashes preceeding a double quote [Graham Knop]
    - Win32 installation of MB with gmake require SHELL env var to be set
    0.4216 - Wed Jan 20 10:39:27 CET 2016
    - Delete test that fails with new [Leon Timmermans]
    0.42_15 - Sat Nov 28 15:17:40 CET 2015
    - Honor environmental variables when using TAP::Harness directly [Leon Timmermans]
    - Reintroduce some level of perl 5.6 support [Leon Timmermans]
      Note that this comes with no guarantees or commitment
    - Allow Devel::Cover usage with TAP::Harness [Philipp Gortan]
    - Remove "running under some shell" [Shoichi Kaji]
    - Fix cookbook - code was missing trailing ` [Matthew Horsfall]
    0.4214 - Fri Jun 12 00:25:00 CEST 2015
    - Released 0.42_13 as 0.4214
    0.42_13 - Sat Jun  6 21:18:24 CEST 2015
      [BUG FIXES]
    - Handle failure to guess license from key better
    - Output data in a stable order [Jérémy Bobbio]
  - deleted patch make-builds-reproducible.patch
* Sun May 17 2015
  - updated to 0.4212
    see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Module-Build/Changes
    0.4212 - Sun May 17 00:33:34 CEST 2015
      [BUG FIXES]
    - Revert "Stop using version->normal(); prefer stringify()"
* Thu Apr 16 2015
  - expanding the version to 6 digits after . - to avoid version mismatches
* Tue Feb 03 2015
  - add make-builds-reproducible.patch to sort the config data
* Tue Feb 03 2015
  - updated to 0.4211
    - Fix t/actions/installdeps.t to work on "perl in space" [Ed J]
    - Stop using version->normal(); prefer stringify() [John Peacock]
    - inc::latest has been split out to a separate distribution on CPAN.
      It is an optional prerequisite, only needed for the experimental
      bundling feature.
* Sun Dec 21 2014
  - update to 0.4210:
    - Formally declare 5.8 dependency [Karen Etheridge]
    - Fix MBTest to work with new and old versions of Test::Builder [Chad Granum]
    - Fix type installdir -> installdirs [Leon Timmermans, Vitaliy Tokarev]
    - Removed missed references to Module::Build::Version
    - Stop calling UNIVERSAL::isa as a function
    - Fixup CPAN::Meta dependency
    - Handle old releases of CPAN::Meta more gracefully.
    - Enable release and author tests during disttest [Leon Timmermans, Alberto Simões]
    - Use CPAN::Meta::Merge for meta_merge
    - Convert with CPAN::Meta::Convert in meta_add
    - Add configure requirements
    - Module::Build::YAML has been removed
    - Module::Build::ModuleInfo has been removed
    - Module::Build::Version has been removed
    - Get rid of "use vars"
    - Added use warnings to all modules
  - use local lib in lib/Module/Build/
* Sun Feb 16 2014
  - update to 0.4205:
    - FIX license code regression for artistic license
    - Don't swallow ExtUtils::CBuilder loading errors
    - Handle testing on cross-compile builds
    - Protect against platforms without getpw{nam,uid}



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