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Packages beginning with letter Q

qtbase6-common-6.3.0-2.mga9 Qt6 Config and Language Files linux/aarch64
qtbase6-common-devel-6.3.0-2.mga9 Development files for the Qt6 GUI toolkit linux/aarch64
qtbase6-examples-6.3.0-2.mga9 Example programs made with Qt6 linux/aarch64
qtbase6-qtpaths-6.3.0-2.mga9 Qt6 Paths Binary linux/aarch64
qtdeclarative6-6.3.0-1.mga9 Qt6 Declarative component linux/aarch64
qterminal-1.1.0-1.mga9 QT-based multitab terminal emulator linux/aarch64
qtermwidget-1.1.0-1.mga9 Qt5 terminal widget linux/aarch64
qtshadertools6-6.3.0-1.mga9 Qt6 Shader Tools linux/aarch64
qtwebchannel6-6.3.0-1.mga9 Qt WebChannel component linux/aarch64
qtwebsockets6-6.3.0-1.mga9 Qt WebSockets component linux/aarch64

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