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clojure-core-specs-alpha-0.2.62-8.fc41 Clojure library containing specs to describe Clojure core macros and functions linux/noarch
clojure-spec-alpha-0.3.218-8.fc41 Spec is a Clojure library to describe the structure of data and functions linux/noarch
java-1.8.0-openjdk-portable-docs- OpenJDK 8 API documentation linux/s390xNew
java-1.8.0-openjdk-portable-misc- OpenJDK 8 miscellany linux/s390xNew
java-1.8.0-openjdk-portable-unstripped- The OpenJDK 8 runtime environment, unstripped. linux/s390xNew
nodejs-22.4.1-1.fc41 JavaScript runtime linux/s390xNew
nodejs-devel-22.4.1-1.fc41 JavaScript runtime - development headers linux/s390xNew
nodejs-full-i18n-22.4.1-1.fc41 Non-English locale data for Node.js linux/s390xNew
nodejs-libs-22.4.1-1.fc41 Node.js and v8 libraries linux/s390xNew
nodejs-npm-10.8.1- Node.js Package Manager linux/s390xNew
nodejs18-18.20.2-1.fc41 JavaScript runtime linux/s390x
nodejs18-devel-18.20.2-1.fc41 JavaScript runtime - development headers linux/s390x
nodejs18-full-i18n-18.20.2-1.fc41 Non-English locale data for Node.js linux/s390x
nodejs18-libs-18.20.2-1.fc41 Node.js and v8 libraries linux/s390x
nodejs18-npm-10.5.0- Node.js Package Manager linux/s390x
nodejs20-20.15.0-1.fc41 JavaScript runtime linux/s390x
nodejs20-devel-20.15.0-1.fc41 JavaScript runtime - development headers linux/s390x
nodejs20-full-i18n-20.15.0-1.fc41 Non-English locale data for Node.js linux/s390x
nodejs20-libs-20.15.0-1.fc41 Node.js and v8 libraries linux/s390x
nodejs20-npm-10.7.0- Node.js Package Manager linux/s390x
php-pecl-memcache-8.2-6.fc41 Extension to work with the Memcached caching daemon linux/s390x
python3-oslo-config-9.4.0-3.fc41 OpenStack common configuration library linux/noarch
rubygem-xmlparser- Ruby bindings to the Expat XML parsing library linux/s390x
v8-10.2-devel- v8 - development headers linux/s390x
v8-11.3-devel- v8 - development headers linux/s390x
v8-12.4-devel- v8 - development headers linux/s390xNew

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