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libvirt-libs-8.0.0-23.1.module_el8+1010+06b1482b RPM for i686

From CentOS 8-stream PowerTools for x86_64 / Packages

Name: libvirt-libs Distribution: CentOS
Version: 8.0.0 Vendor: CentOS
Release: 23.1.module_el8+1010+06b1482b Build date: Tue Apr 9 10:04:51 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 24837510 Source RPM: libvirt-8.0.0-23.1.module_el8+1010+06b1482b.src.rpm
Summary: Client side libraries
Shared libraries for accessing the libvirt daemon.






* Tue Apr 09 2024 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-23.1.el8
  - remote: check for negative array lengths before allocation (CVE-2024-2494)
* Tue Dec 12 2023 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-23
  - virnuma: Avoid integer overflow in virNumaGetPages() (rhbz#RHEL-16749)
* Mon Jul 31 2023 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-22
  - lib: Set up cpuset controller for restrictive numatune (rhbz#2223464)
* Thu Jun 22 2023 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-21
  - nodedev: update transient mdevs (rhbz#2143160)
* Fri May 19 2023 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-20
  - qemu: monitor: Drop old monitor fields from 'struct _qemuMonitorMessage' (rhbz#2170472)
  - qemu: Make 'struct _qemuMonitorMessage' private (rhbz#2170472)
  - qemu: monitor: Move declaration of struct _qemuMonitor to qemu_monitor_priv.h (rhbz#2170472)
  - qemu: qemuBlockGetNamedNodeData: Remove pointless error path (rhbz#2170472)
  - qemu: monitor: Store whether 'query-named-block-nodes' supports 'flat' parameter (rhbz#2170472)
  - qemuMonitorJSONBlockStatsUpdateCapacityBlockdev: Use 'flat' mode of query-named-block-nodes (rhbz#2170472)
  - qemu: relax shared memory check for vhostuser daemons (rhbz#2177701)
  - virpci: Resolve leak in virPCIVirtualFunctionList cleanup (CVE-2023-2700)
  - node_device_conf: Avoid memleak in virNodeDeviceGetPCIVPDDynamicCap() (CVE-2023-2700)
* Tue Mar 14 2023 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-19
  - qemu: domain: Fix logic when tainting domain (rhbz#2174447)
  - qemu: agent: Make fetching of 'can-offline' member from 'guest-query-vcpus' optional (rhbz#2174447)
* Wed Mar 01 2023 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-18
  - conf: Make VIR_DOMAIN_NET_TYPE_ETHERNET not share 'host view' (rhbz#2172578)
* Thu Feb 09 2023 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-17
  - vircpi: Add PCIe 5.0 and 6.0 link speeds (rhbz#2168116)
* Wed Feb 08 2023 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-16
  - qemu_namespace: Don't leak memory in qemuDomainGetPreservedMounts() (rhbz#2166573)
* Tue Jan 31 2023 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-15
  - nodedev: fix reported error msg in css cap XML parsing (rhbz#2165011)
  - util: refactor virDomainDeviceCCWAddress into virccw.h (rhbz#2165011)
  - util: refactor virDomainCCWAddressAsString into virccw (rhbz#2165011)
  - util: make reuse of ccw device address format constant (rhbz#2165011)
  - util: refactor ccw address constants into virccw (rhbz#2165011)
  - util: refactor virDomainCCWAddressIncrement into virccw (rhbz#2165011)
  - util: refactor virDomainDeviceCCWAddressIsValid into virccw (rhbz#2165011)
  - util: refactor virDomainDeviceCCWAddressEqual into virccw (rhbz#2165011)
  - conf: adjust method name virDomainDeviceCCWAddressParseXML (rhbz#2165011)
  - util: add ccw device address parsing into virccw (rhbz#2165011)
  - util: add virCCWDeviceAddressFromString to virccw (rhbz#2165011)
  - nodedev: refactor css format from ccw format method (rhbz#2165011)
  - nodedev: refactor ccw device address parsing from XML (rhbz#2165011)
  - nodedev: refactor css XML parsing from ccw XML parsing (rhbz#2165011)
  - schemas: refactor out nodedev ccw address schema (rhbz#2165011)
  - nodedev: add optional device address of channel device to css device (rhbz#2165011)
  - nodedev: add tests for optional device address to css device (rhbz#2165011)
  - nodedev: prevent internal error on dev_busid parse (rhbz#2165011)
  - rpc: Fix memory leak of fds (rhbz#2165428)
* Wed Jan 11 2023 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-14
  - qemu: Ignore missing vm.unprivileged_userfaultfd sysctl (rhbz#2148578)
* Wed Jan 04 2023 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-13
  - build: Only install libvirt-guests when building libvirtd (rhbz#2153688)
  - tools: Fix install_mode for some scripts (rhbz#2153688)
* Tue Dec 13 2022 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-12
  - util: json: Split out array->strinlist conversion from virJSONValueObjectGetStringArray (rhbz#2149752)
  - qemuAgentGetDisks: Don't use virJSONValueObjectGetStringArray for optional data (rhbz#2149752)
  - virpidfile: Add virPidFileReadPathIfLocked func (rhbz#2152188)
  - qemu: tpm: Get swtpm pid without binary validation (rhbz#2152188)
  - qemu_tpm: Do async IO when starting swtpm emulator (rhbz#2152188)
  - qemu: gpu: Get pid without binary validation (rhbz#2152188)
  - spec: libvirt-daemon: Add optional dependency on *-client (rhbz#2136591)
* Fri Oct 07 2022 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-11
  - qemu_process: Don't require a hugetlbfs mount for memfd (rhbz#2123196)
  - qemu_namespace: Tolerate missing ACLs when creating a path in namespace (rhbz#2123196)
  - qemu_namespace: Fix a corner case in qemuDomainGetPreservedMounts() (rhbz#2123196)
  - qemu_namespace: Introduce qemuDomainNamespaceSetupPath() (rhbz#2123196)
  - qemu_process.c: Propagate hugetlbfs mounts on reconnect (rhbz#2123196)
  - qemuProcessReconnect: Don't build memory paths (rhbz#2123196)
* Mon Jul 25 2022 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-10
  - security_selinux.c: Relabel existing mode="bind" UNIX sockets (rhbz#2101575)
  - RHEL: qemu_migration: Fix restoring memlock limit on destination (rhbz#2107954)
* Thu Jun 30 2022 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-9
  - conf: virtiofs: add thread_pool element (rhbz#2079582)
  - qemu: virtiofs: format --thread-pool-size (rhbz#2079582)
  - conf: Move virDomainObj::originalMemlock into qemuDomainObjPrivate (rhbz#2089433)
  - qemu_domain: Format qemuDomainObjPrivate::originalMemlock (rhbz#2089433)
  - qemu: Add qemuDomainSetMaxMemLock helper (rhbz#2089433)
  - qemu_migration: Use qemuDomainSetMaxMemLock (rhbz#2089433)
  - qemu_migration: Restore original memory locking limit (rhbz#2089433)
  - Add VIR_MIGRATE_ZEROCOPY flag (rhbz#2089433)
  - virsh: Add support for VIR_MIGRATE_ZEROCOPY flag (rhbz#2089433)
  - qemu_migration: Implement VIR_MIGRATE_ZEROCOPY flag (rhbz#2089433)
* Wed Jun 15 2022 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-8
  - nwfilter: fix crash when counting number of network filters (CVE-2022-0897, rhbz#2063902)
  - virDomainDiskDefValidate: Improve error messages for 'startupPolicy' checks (rhbz#2095758)
  - domain_validate: Split out validation of disk startup policy (rhbz#2095758)
  - virDomainDiskDefValidateStartupPolicy: Validate disk type better (rhbz#2095758)
  - virDomainDiskTranslateSourcePool: Fix check of 'startupPolicy' definition (rhbz#2095758)
* Tue May 17 2022 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-7
  - cpu_map: Disable cpu64-rhel* for host-model and baseline (rhbz#1851227)
  - cputest: Drop some old artificial baseline tests (rhbz#1851227)
  - cputest: Give better names to baseline tests (rhbz#1851227)
  - cputest: Add some real world baseline tests (rhbz#1851227)
  - cpu_x86: Consolidate signature match in x86DecodeUseCandidate (rhbz#1851227)
  - cpu_x86: Refactor feature list comparison in x86DecodeUseCandidate (rhbz#1851227)
  - cpu_x86: Penalize disabled features when computing CPU model (rhbz#1851227)
  - cpu_x86: Ignore enabled features for input models in x86DecodeUseCandidate (rhbz#1851227)
* Wed Apr 27 2022 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-6
  - conf: Introduce memory allocation threads (rhbz#2067126)
  - qemu_capabilities: Detect memory-backend-*.prealloc-threads property (rhbz#2067126)
  - qemu_validate: Validate prealloc threads against qemuCpas (rhbz#2067126)
  - qemu_command: Generate prealloc-threads property (rhbz#2067126)
* Fri Feb 25 2022 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-5
  - node_device: Rework udevKludgeStorageType() (rhbz#2056673)
  - node_device: Treat NVMe disks as regular disks (rhbz#2056673)
* Thu Feb 10 2022 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-4
  - qemu_command: Generate memory only after controllers (rhbz#2050697)
  - qemu: Validate domain definition even on migration (rhbz#2050702)
* Wed Feb 02 2022 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-3
  - qemuDomainSetupDisk: Initialize 'targetPaths' (rhbz#2046172)
  - RHEL: Remove <glib-2.64.0 workaround for GSource race (rhbz#2045879)
* Wed Jan 26 2022 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-2
  - Revert "report error when virProcessGetStatInfo() is unable to parse data" (rhbz#2041610)
  - qemu: fix inactive snapshot revert (rhbz#2043584)
* Fri Jan 14 2022 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-1
  - Rebased to libvirt-8.0.0 (rhbz#2012802)
* Thu Jan 13 2022 Jiri Denemark <> - 8.0.0-0rc1.1
  - Rebased to libvirt-8.0.0-rc1 (rhbz#2012802)
  - The rebase also fixes the following bugs:
      rhbz#1689202, rhbz#2014369, rhbz#2030119, rhbz#2029380, rhbz#2035237
      rhbz#2035714, rhbz#2034180
* Wed Dec 01 2021 Jiri Denemark <> - 7.10.0-1
  - Rebased to libvirt-7.10.0 (rhbz#2012802)
  - The rebase also fixes the following bugs:
      rhbz#1845468, rhbz#2017928, rhbz#2024419, rhbz#1953389, rhbz#1510237
* Wed Nov 03 2021 Jiri Denemark <> - 7.9.0-1
  - Rebased to libvirt-7.9.0 (rhbz#2012802)
  - The rebase also fixes the following bugs:
      rhbz#2011731, rhbz#2012385, rhbz#2013539
* Fri Oct 15 2021 Jiri Denemark <> - 7.8.0-1
  - Rebased to libvirt-7.8.0 (rhbz#2012802)
  - The rebase also fixes the following bugs:
      rhbz#1839070, rhbz#1942275, rhbz#1995865, rhbz#1806857, rhbz#1924616
      rhbz#1978574, rhbz#1989457, rhbz#1965589, rhbz#1677608, rhbz#1926508
      rhbz#1810863, rhbz#1845468, rhbz#1738392, rhbz#1965140
* Thu Sep 02 2021 Danilo C. L. de Paula <> - 7.6.0-2.fc34
  - Resolves: bz#2000225
    (Rebase virt:rhel module:stream based on AV-8.6)
* Fri Aug 06 2021 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-37
  - security: fix SELinux label generation logic (CVE-2021-3631)
  - storage_driver: Unlock object on ACL fail in storagePoolLookupByTargetPath (CVE-2021-3667)
* Tue Jun 01 2021 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-36
  - network: make it safe to call networkSetupPrivateChains() multiple times (rhbz#1942805)
  - network: force re-creation of iptables private chains on firewalld restart (rhbz#1942805)
  - hostdev: Update mdev pointer reference after checking device type (rhbz#1940449)
  - hostdev: mdev: Lookup mdevs by sysfs path rather than mdev struct (rhbz#1940449)
  - qemu_firmware: don't error out for unknown firmware features (rhbz#1961562)
  - docs: improve description of secure attribute for loader element (rhbz#1929357)
  - conf: introduce virDomainDefParseBootInitOptions (rhbz#1929357)
  - conf: introduce virDomainDefParseBootKernelOptions (rhbz#1929357)
  - conf: introduce virDomainDefParseBootFirmwareOptions (rhbz#1929357)
  - conf: introduce virDomainDefParseBootLoaderOptions (rhbz#1929357)
  - conf: introduce virDomainDefParseBootAcpiOptions (rhbz#1929357)
  - conf: use switch in virDomainDefParseBootOptions (rhbz#1929357)
  - conf: introduce support for firmware auto-selection feature filtering (rhbz#1929357)
  - qemu: implement support for firmware auto-selection feature filtering (rhbz#1929357)
  - domain_conf: Don't leak def->os.firmwareFeatures (rhbz#1929357)
  - conf: remove duplicated firmware type attribute (rhbz#1929357)
* Thu Mar 04 2021 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-35
  - vircgroupv2: properly detect placement of running VM (rhbz#1798463)
  - virsystemd: export virSystemdHasMachined (rhbz#1798463)
  - virsystemd: introduce virSystemdGetMachineByPID (rhbz#1798463)
  - virsystemd: introduce virSystemdGetMachineUnitByPID (rhbz#1798463)
  - vircgroup: use DBus call to systemd for some APIs (rhbz#1798463)
  - vircgroupv1: refactor virCgroupV1DetectPlacement (rhbz#1798463)
  - vircgroupv2: move task into cgroup before enabling controllers (rhbz#1798463)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV1Exists and virCgroupV2Exists (rhbz#1798463)
  - vircgroup: introduce nested cgroup to properly work with systemd (rhbz#1798463)
  - tests: add cgroup nested tests (rhbz#1798463)
  - vircgroup: correctly free nested virCgroupPtr (rhbz#1798463)
  - qemu: Add virtio related options to vsock (rhbz#1931548)
  - domain_validate: use defines for cpu period and quota limits (rhbz#1798463)
  - docs: use proper cpu quota value in our documentation (rhbz#1798463)
  - vircgroup: enforce range limit for cpu.shares (rhbz#1798463)
  - cgroup: use virCgroupSetCpuShares instead of virCgroupSetupCpuShares (rhbz#1798463)
  - cpumap: Add support for ibrs CPU feature (rhbz#1926864)
  - cpumap: Add support for svme-addr-check CPU feature (rhbz#1926864)
  - cpu_map: Add EPYC-Milan x86 CPU model (rhbz#1926864)
  - cpu_map: Install x86_EPYC-Milan.xml (rhbz#1926864)
  - cpu_map: Fix spelling of svme-addr-chk feature (rhbz#1926864)
* Mon Feb 01 2021 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-34
  - qemu: move cgroup cpu period and quota defines to vircgroup.h (rhbz#1915733)
  - vircgroupv1: use defines for cpu period and quota limits (rhbz#1915733)
  - vircgroupv2: use defines for cpu period and quota limits (rhbz#1915733)
  - vircgroup: fix cpu quota maximum limit (rhbz#1915733)
  - util: add virNetDevGetPhysPortName (rhbz#1918708)
  - util: avoid manual VIR_FREE of a g_autofree pointer in virPCIGetName() (rhbz#1918708)
  - util: Add phys_port_name support on virPCIGetNetName (rhbz#1918708)
* Thu Jan 21 2021 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-33
  - cpu_map: Fix Icelake Server model number (rhbz#1537734)
  - cputestdata: Add test data for Snowridge (rhbz#1537734)
  - cpu_map: Add support for fsrm CPU feature (rhbz#1537734)
  - cpu_map: Add support for core-capability CPU feature (rhbz#1537734)
  - cpu_map: Add support for split-lock-detect CPU feature (rhbz#1537734)
  - cpu_map: Define and enable Snowridge model (rhbz#1537734)
  - util: fix typo in VIR_MOCK_WRAP_RET_ARGS() (rhbz#1607929)
  - util/tests: enable locking on iptables/ebtables commandlines in unit tests (rhbz#1607929)
  - util/tests: enable locking on iptables/ebtables commandlines by default (rhbz#1607929)
  - tests: fix iptables test case commandline options in virfirewalltest.c (rhbz#1607929)
  - network: be more verbose about the reason for a firewall reload (rhbz#1607929)
  - util: always check for ebtables/iptables binaries, even when using firewalld (rhbz#1607929)
  - util: synchronize with firewalld before we start calling iptables directly (rhbz#1607929)
  - util: call iptables directly rather than via firewalld (rhbz#1607929)
  - util: virhostcpu: Fail when fetching CPU Stats for invalid cpu (rhbz#1915183)
* Tue Dec 15 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-32
  - util: replace macvtap name reservation bitmap with a simple counter (rhbz#1874304)
  - util: assign tap device names using a monotonically increasing integer (rhbz#1874304)
  - util: virNetDevTapCreate: initialize fd to -1 (rhbz#1874304)
* Thu Dec 10 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-31
  - conf: properly clear out autogenerated macvtap names when formatting/parsing (rhbz#1872610)
  - qemu: format 'ramfb' attribute for mediated devices (rhbz#1876297)
* Mon Nov 09 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-30
  - cpu_map: Add missing x86 features in 0x7 CPUID leaf (rhbz#1861506)
  - cpu_map: Add missing x86 features in 0x80000008 CPUID leaf (rhbz#1861506)
  - cpu_map: Add missing AMD SVM features (rhbz#1861506)
  - Add testdata for AMD EPYC 7502 (rhbz#1861506)
  - cpu_map: Defined and enable EPYC-Rome model (rhbz#1861506)
  - cpu_map: Remove monitor feature from EPYC-Rome (rhbz#1861506)
  - tests: qemuxml2argv: Use existing machine type for 'numatune-distances' case (rhbz#1749518)
  - qemuxml2xmltest: Add "numatune-distance" test case (rhbz#1749518)
  - conf: Move and rename virDomainParseScaledValue() (rhbz#1749518)
  - numa_conf: Drop CPU from name of two functions (rhbz#1749518)
  - qemu_command: Rename qemuBuildNumaArgStr() (rhbz#1749518)
  - qemuBuildMachineCommandLine: Drop needless check (rhbz#1749518)
  - numa_conf: Make virDomainNumaSetNodeCpumask() return void (rhbz#1749518)
  - Allow NUMA nodes without vCPUs (rhbz#1749518)
  - conf: Parse and format HMAT (rhbz#1749518)
  - conf: Validate NUMA HMAT configuration (rhbz#1749518)
  - numa: expose HMAT APIs (rhbz#1749518)
  - qemu: Introduce QEMU_CAPS_NUMA_HMAT capability (rhbz#1749518)
  - qemu: Build HMAT command line (rhbz#1749518)
  - qemuBuildNumaCommandLine: Fix @masterInitiator check (rhbz#1749518)
  - numa_conf: Properly check for caches in virDomainNumaDefValidate() (rhbz#1749518)
  - RNG: Allow interleaving of /domain/cpu/numa/cell children (rhbz#1749518)
* Fri Oct 09 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-29
  - qemu: substitute missing model name for host-passthrough (rhbz#1850680)
  - rpc: gendispatch: handle empty flags (CVE-2020-25637)
  - rpc: add support for filtering @acls by uint params (CVE-2020-25637)
  - rpc: require write acl for guest agent in virDomainInterfaceAddresses (CVE-2020-25637)
  - qemu: agent: set ifname to NULL after freeing (CVE-2020-25637)
  - qemu: Fix domfsinfo for non-PCI device information from guest agent (rhbz#1858771)
  - virDomainNetFindIdx: add support for CCW addresses (rhbz#1837495)
  - check for NULL before calling g_regex_unref (rhbz#1861176)
  - virhostcpu.c: fix 'die_id' parsing for Power hosts (rhbz#1876742)
  - qemuFirmwareFillDomain: Fill NVRAM template on migration too (rhbz#1880418)
  - node_device: refactor udevProcessCCW (rhbz#1853289, rhbz#1865932)
  - node_device: detect CSS devices (rhbz#1853289, rhbz#1865932)
  - virsh: nodedev: ability to filter CSS capabilities (rhbz#1853289, rhbz#1865932)
  - node_device: detect DASD devices (rhbz#1853289, rhbz#1865932)
  - udevProcessCSS: Check if def->driver is non-NULL (rhbz#1853289, rhbz#1865932)
* Wed Aug 26 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-28
  - virdevmapper: Don't cache device-mapper major (rhbz#1860421)
  - virdevmapper: Handle kernel without device-mapper support (rhbz#1860421)
  - virdevmapper: Ignore all errors when opening /dev/mapper/control (rhbz#1860421)
* Fri Aug 07 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-27
  - src: assume sys/sysmacros.h always exists on Linux (rhbz#1860421)
  - virdevmapper.c: Join two WITH_DEVMAPPER sections together (rhbz#1860421)
  - virDevMapperGetTargetsImpl: Use VIR_AUTOSTRINGLIST (rhbz#1860421)
  - virdevmapper: Don't use libdevmapper to obtain dependencies (CVE-2020-14339, rhbz#1860421)
  - virDevMapperGetTargets: Don't ignore EBADF (rhbz#1860421)
* Fri Jul 24 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-26
  - qemu: blockjob: Don't base bitmap handling of active-layer block commit on QEMU_CAPS_BLOCKDEV_REOPEN (rhbz#1857779)
  - qemu: blockjob: Actually delete temporary bitmap on failed active commit (rhbz#1857779)
  - qemu: block: Remove 'active-write' bitmap even if there are no bitmaps to merge (rhbz#1857779)
  - qemuDomainBlockPivot: Rename 'actions' to 'bitmapactions' (rhbz#1857779)
  - qemuDomainBlockPivot: Ignore failures of creating active layer bitmap (rhbz#1857779)
* Wed Jun 24 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-25
  - Upgrade components in virt:rhel module:stream for RHEL-8.3 release (rhbz#1828317)
  - conf: Don't format http cookies unless VIR_DOMAIN_DEF_FORMAT_SECURE is used (CVE-2020-14301)
  - util: Introduce a parser for kernel cmdline arguments (rhbz#1848997)
  - qemu: Check if s390 secure guest support is enabled (rhbz#1848997)
  - qemu: Check if AMD secure guest support is enabled (rhbz#1848997)
  - tools: Secure guest check on s390 in virt-host-validate (rhbz#1848997)
  - tools: Secure guest check for AMD in virt-host-validate (rhbz#1848997)
  - docs: Update AMD launch secure description (rhbz#1848997)
  - docs: Describe protected virtualization guest setup (rhbz#1848997)
* Fri Jun 19 2020 Danilo C. L. de Paula <> - 6.0.0
  - Resolves: bz#1828317
  (Upgrade components in virt:rhel module:stream for RHEL-8.3 release)
* Tue Jun 09 2020 Danilo C. L. de Paula <> - 6.0.0
  - Resolves: bz#1810193
  (Upgrade components in virt:rhel module:stream for RHEL-8.3 release)
* Fri Jun 05 2020 Danilo C. L. de Paula <> - 6.0.0
  - Resolves: bz#1810193
  (Upgrade components in virt:rhel module:stream for RHEL-8.3 release)
* Mon Apr 27 2020 Danilo C. L. de Paula <> - 6.0.0
  - Resolves: bz#1810193
    (Upgrade components in virt:rhel module:stream for RHEL-8.3 release)
* Mon Mar 16 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-42
  - RHEL: virscsi: Check device type before getting it's /dev node name (rhbz#1808388)
  - RHEL: virscsi: Support TAPEs in virSCSIDeviceGetDevName() (rhbz#1808388)
  - RHEL: virscsi: Introduce and use virSCSIDeviceGetUnprivSGIOSysfsPath() (rhbz#1808388)
  - RHEL: virutil: Accept non-block devices in virGetDeviceID() (rhbz#1808388)
  - RHEL: qemuSetUnprivSGIO: Actually use calculated @sysfs_path to set unpriv_sgio (rhbz#1808388)
  - RHEL: qemuCheckUnprivSGIO: use @sysfs_path to get unpriv_sgio (rhbz#1808399)
* Wed Mar 04 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-41
  - qemu: Translate features in virQEMUCapsGetCPUFeatures (rhbz#1804224)
* Mon Feb 17 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-40
  - process: wait longer on kill per assigned Hostdev (rhbz#1785338)
  - process: wait longer 5->30s on hard shutdown (rhbz#1785338)
* Mon Feb 10 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-39
  - selinux: Do not report an error when not returning -1 (rhbz#1788096)
  - qemu: Fix hyperv features with QEMU 4.1 (rhbz#1794868)
  - qemu: Prefer dashes for hyperv features (rhbz#1794868)
  - cpu: Drop KVM_ from hyperv feature macros (rhbz#1794868)
  - cpu: Drop unused KVM features (rhbz#1794868)
  - qemu: Fix KVM features with QEMU 4.1 (rhbz#1794868)
  - cpu: Drop CPUID definition for hv-spinlocks (rhbz#1794868)
* Tue Jan 14 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-38
  - cpu_map/x86: Add support for BFLOAT16 data type (rhbz#1749516)
* Fri Dec 13 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-37
  - cpu_map: Add TAA_NO bit for IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES MSR (CVE-2019-11135)
  - cpu_map: Add TSX_CTRL bit for IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES MSR (CVE-2019-11135)
* Thu Nov 21 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-36
  - cpu_conf: Pass policy to CPU feature filtering callbacks (rhbz#1749672, rhbz#1756156, rhbz#1721608)
  - qemuxml2*test: Add tests for Icelake-Server, -pconfig (rhbz#1749672, rhbz#1756156, rhbz#1721608)
  - qemu: Drop disabled CPU features unknown to QEMU (rhbz#1749672, rhbz#1756156, rhbz#1721608)
  - cputest: Add data for Ice Lake Server CPU (rhbz#1749672, rhbz#1756156, rhbz#1721608)
  - cpu_map: Drop pconfig from Icelake-Server CPU model (rhbz#1749672, rhbz#1756156, rhbz#1721608)
  - qemu: Fix NULL ptr dereference caused by qemuDomainDefFormatBufInternal (rhbz#1749672, rhbz#1756156, rhbz#1721608)
* Mon Sep 16 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-35
  - vircgroupv2: fix setting cpu.max period (rhbz#1749227)
* Wed Sep 04 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-34
  - vircgroupv2: fix abort in VIR_AUTOFREE (rhbz#1747440)
* Mon Aug 26 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-33
  - vircgroupv2: fix parsing multiple values in single file (rhbz#1741825)
  - vircgroupv2: fix virCgroupV2GetCpuCfsQuota for "max" value (rhbz#1741837)
* Mon Aug 19 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-32
  - virDomainObjListAddLocked: Produce better error message than 'Duplicate key' (rhbz#1737790)
  - virdbus: Grab a ref as long as the while loop is executed (rhbz#1741900)
* Tue Jul 30 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-31
  - virDomainObjListAddLocked: fix double free (rhbz#1728530)
  - docs: schemas: Decouple the virtio options from each other (rhbz#1729675)
  - util: command: use VIR_AUTOFREE instead of VIR_FREE for scalar types (rhbz#1721434)
  - util: command: define cleanup function using VIR_DEFINE_AUTOPTR_FUNC (rhbz#1721434)
  - util: netdevopenvswitch: use VIR_AUTOFREE instead of VIR_FREE for scalar types (rhbz#1721434)
  - util: virnetdevopenvswitch: Drop an unused variable @ovs_timeout (rhbz#1721434)
  - util: netdevopenvswitch: use VIR_AUTOPTR for aggregate types (rhbz#1721434)
  - util: suppress unimportant ovs-vsctl errors when getting interface stats (rhbz#1721434)
  - virNetDevOpenvswitchInterfaceStats: Optimize for speed (rhbz#1721434)
  - test: Introduce virnetdevopenvswitchtest (rhbz#1721434)
  - vircommand: Separate mass FD closing into a function (rhbz#1721434)
  - virCommand: use procfs to learn opened FDs (rhbz#1721434)
  - util: command: Ignore bitmap errors when enumerating file descriptors to close (rhbz#1721434)
  - util: Avoid possible error in virCommandMassClose (rhbz#1721434)
  - vircgroup: fix cgroups v2 controllers detection (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroupv2: store enabled controllers (rhbz#1689297)
* Wed Jul 03 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-30
  - virWaitForDevices: Drop confusing part of comment (rhbz#1710575)
  - lib: Drop UDEVSETTLE (rhbz#1710575)
  - m4: Provide default value fore UDEVADM (rhbz#1710575)
  - m4: Drop needless string checks (rhbz#1710575)
  - util: vircgroup: introduce virCgroup(Get|Set)ValueRaw (rhbz#1658890)
  - util: vircgroup: move virCgroupGetValueStr out of virCgroupGetValueForBlkDev (rhbz#1658890)
  - util: vircgroupv1: add support for BFQ blkio files (rhbz#1658890)
  - util: vircgroupv2: add support for BFQ files (rhbz#1658890)
  - Handle copying bitmaps to larger data buffers (rhbz#1703160)
* Tue Jul 02 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-29
  - cpu: allow include files for CPU definition (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu: fix cleanup when signature parsing fails (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu: push more parsing logic into common code (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu: simplify failure cleanup paths (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_map: Add support for arch-capabilities feature (rhbz#1693433)
  - cputest: Add data for Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v4 (rhbz#1686895)
  - cputest: Add data for Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7600U (rhbz#1686895)
  - cputest: Add data for Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E7540 (rhbz#1686895)
  - cputest: Add data for Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 (rhbz#1686895)
  - cputest: Add data for Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_x86: Separate ancestor model parsing from x86ModelParse (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_x86: Separate signature parsing from x86ModelParse (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_x86: Separate vendor parsing from x86ModelParse (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_x86: Separate feature list parsing from x86ModelParse (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_x86: Make sure CPU model names are unique in cpu_map (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_x86: Add x86ModelCopySignatures helper (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_x86: Store CPU signature in an array (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_x86: Allow multiple signatures for a CPU model (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_x86: Log decoded CPU model and signatures (rhbz#1686895)
  - qemu_capabilities: Inroduce virQEMUCapsGetCPUModelX86Data (rhbz#1686895)
  - qemu_capabilities: Introduce virQEMUCapsGetCPUModelInfo (rhbz#1686895)
  - qemu_capabilities: Use virQEMUCapsGetCPUModelInfo (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_x86: Add virCPUx86DataGetSignature for tests (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_map: Add hex representation of signatures (rhbz#1686895)
  - cputest: Test CPU signatures (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_map: Add more signatures for Conroe CPU model (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_map: Add more signatures for Penryn CPU model (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_map: Add more signatures for Nehalem CPU models (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_map: Add more signatures for Westmere CPU model (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_map: Add more signatures for SandyBridge CPU models (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_map: Add more signatures for IvyBridge CPU models (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_map: Add more signatures for Haswell CPU models (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_map: Add more signatures for Broadwell CPU models (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_map: Add more signatures for Skylake-Client CPU models (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu: Don't access invalid memory in virCPUx86Translate (rhbz#1686895)
  - cpu_x86: Require <cpuid> within <feature> in CPU map (rhbz#1697627)
  - cputest: Add data for Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8268 CPU (rhbz#1693433)
  - cpu_map: Add Cascadelake-Server CPU model (rhbz#1693433)
  - cpu_x86: Introduce virCPUx86DataItem container struct (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Rename virCPUx86Vendor.cpuid (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Rename virCPUx86DataItem variables (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Rename x86DataCpuidNext function (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Rename x86DataCpuid (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Rename virCPUx86CPUIDSorter (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Rename virCPUx86DataAddCPUIDInt (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Rename virCPUx86DataAddCPUID (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Rename virCPUx86VendorToCPUID (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Simplify x86DataAdd (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Introduce virCPUx86DataCmp (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Make x86cpuidSetBits more general (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Make x86cpuidClearBits more general (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Make x86cpuidAndBits more general (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Make x86cpuidMatchMasked more general (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Make x86cpuidMatch more general (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Store virCPUx86DataItem content in union (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Add support for storing MSR features in CPU map (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Move *CheckFeature functions (rhbz#1697627)
  - cputest: Add support for MSR features to (rhbz#1697627)
  - util: file: introduce VIR_AUTOCLOSE macro to close fd of the file automatically (rhbz#1697627)
  - vircpuhost: Add support for reading MSRs (rhbz#1697627)
  - virhostcpu: Make virHostCPUGetMSR() work only on x86 (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Fix placement of *CheckFeature functions (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_conf: Introduce virCPUDefFilterFeatures (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemu_command: Use consistent syntax for CPU features (rhbz#1697627)
  - tests: Add QEMU caps data for future 4.1.0 (rhbz#1697627)
  - tests: Add domain capabilities case for QEMU 4.1.0 (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemuxml2argvtest: Add test for CPU features translation (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemu: Add APIs for translating CPU features (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemu: Probe for max-x86_64-cpu type (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemu: Probe for "unavailable-features" CPU property (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemu: Probe host CPU after capabilities (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemu_command: Use canonical names of CPU features (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemu: Translate feature names from query-cpu-model-expansion (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemu: Don't use full CPU model expansion (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemu: Make qemuMonitorGetGuestCPU usable on x86 only (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu: Introduce virCPUDataAddFeature (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemu: Add type filter to qemuMonitorJSONParsePropsList (rhbz#1697627)
  - util: string: Introduce macro for automatic string lists (rhbz#1697627)
  - util: json: define cleanup function using VIR_DEFINE_AUTOPTR_FUNC (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemu: Introduce generic qemuMonitorGetGuestCPU (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemu_process: Prefer generic qemuMonitorGetGuestCPU (rhbz#1697627)
  - util: Rework virStringListAdd (rhbz#1697627)
  - conf: Introduce virCPUDefCheckFeatures (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Turn virCPUx86DataIteratorInit into a function (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Introduce virCPUx86FeatureFilter*MSR (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Read CPU features from IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES MSR (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_map: Introduce IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES MSR features (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemu: Forbid MSR features with old QEMU (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemu: Drop MSR features from host-model with old QEMU (rhbz#1697627)
  - cpu_x86: Fix memory leak - virCPUx86GetHost (rhbz#1697627)
  - qemu: Use @tmpChr in qemuDomainDetachChrDevice to build device string (rhbz#1624204)
  - qemu: Drop "user-" prefix for guestfwd netdev (rhbz#1624204)
  - qemu_hotplug: Attach guestfwd using netdev_add (rhbz#1624204)
  - qemu_hotplug: Detach guestfwd using netdev_del (rhbz#1624204)
  - qemuhotplugtest: Test guestfwd attach and detach (rhbz#1624204)
  - daemon: Register secret driver before storage driver (rhbz#1685151)
  - bhyve: Move autostarting of domains into bhyveStateInitialize (rhbz#1685151)
  - Revert "virStateDriver - Separate AutoStart from Initialize" (rhbz#1685151)
  - Revert "Separate out StateAutoStart from StateInitialize" (rhbz#1685151)
  - util: moving 'type' argument to avoid issues with mount() syscall. (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: cgroup: use VIR_AUTOFREE instead of VIR_FREE for scalar types (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Rename structs to start with underscore (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Introduce standard set of typedefs and use them (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Extract file link resolving into separate function (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Remove unused function virCgroupKill() (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Unexport unused function virCgroupAddTaskController() (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Unexport unused function virCgroupRemoveRecursively (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Move function used in tests into vircgrouppriv.h (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Remove pointless bool parameter (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Extract mount options matching into function (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Use virCgroupMountOptsMatchController in virCgroupDetectPlacement (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Introduce virCgroupEnableMissingControllers (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: machinename will never be NULL (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Remove virCgroupAddTaskController (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Introduce virCgroupGetMemoryStat (rhbz#1689297)
  - lxc: Use virCgroupGetMemoryStat (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: fix MinGW build (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Duplicate string before modifying (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Extract controller detection into function (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Extract placement validation into function (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Split virCgroupPathOfController into two functions (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Call virCgroupRemove inside virCgroupMakeGroup (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Simplify if conditions in virCgroupMakeGroup (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: Remove obsolete sa_assert (rhbz#1689297)
  - tests: Resolve possible overrun (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: cleanup controllers not managed by systemd on error (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: fix bug in virCgroupEnableMissingControllers (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: rename virCgroupAdd.*Task to virCgroupAdd.*Process (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupTaskFlags (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupAddThread (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroupmock: cleanup unused cgroup files (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroupmock: rewrite cgroup fopen mocking (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgrouptest: call virCgroupDetectMounts directly (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgrouptest: call virCgroupNewSelf instead virCgroupDetectMounts (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: introduce vircgroupbackend files (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce cgroup v1 backend files (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1Available (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: detect available backend for cgroup (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1ValidateMachineGroup (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1CopyMounts (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract v1 detect functions (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1CopyPlacement (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1ValidatePlacement (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1StealPlacement (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1DetectControllers (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1HasController (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1GetAnyController (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1PathOfController (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1MakeGroup (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1Remove (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1AddTask (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1HasEmptyTasks (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1BindMount (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1SetOwner (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Set|Get)BlkioWeight (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1GetBlkioIoServiced (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1GetBlkioIoDeviceServiced (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Set|Get)BlkioDeviceWeight (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Set|Get)BlkioDeviceReadIops (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Set|Get)BlkioDeviceWriteIops (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Set|Get)BlkioDeviceReadBps (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Set|Get)BlkioDeviceWriteBps (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1SetMemory (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1GetMemoryStat (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1GetMemoryUsage (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Set|Get)Memory*Limit (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1GetMemSwapUsage (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Allow|Deny)Device (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Allow|Deny)AllDevices (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Set|Get)CpuShares (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Set|Get)CpuCfsPeriod (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Set|Get)CpuCfsQuota (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1SupportsCpuBW (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1GetCpuacct*Usage (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1GetCpuacctStat (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Set|Get)FreezerState (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Set|Get)CpusetMems (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Set|Get)CpusetMemoryMigrate (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: extract virCgroupV1(Set|Get)CpusetCpus (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: rename virCgroupController into virCgroupV1Controller (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: rename controllers to legacy (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: remove VIR_CGROUP_SUPPORTED (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: include system headers only on linux (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroupv1: fix build on non-linux OSes (rhbz#1689297)
  - Revert "vircgroup: cleanup controllers not managed by systemd on error" (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: introduce cgroup v2 files (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2Available (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2ValidateMachineGroup (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2CopyMounts (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2CopyPlacement (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2DetectMounts (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2DetectPlacement (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2ValidatePlacement (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2StealPlacement (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2DetectControllers (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2HasController (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2GetAnyController (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2PathOfController (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2MakeGroup (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2Remove (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2AddTask (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2HasEmptyTasks (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2BindMount (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2SetOwner (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2(Set|Get)BlkioWeight (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2GetBlkioIoServiced (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2GetBlkioIoDeviceServiced (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2(Set|Get)BlkioDeviceWeight (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2(Set|Get)BlkioDeviceReadIops (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2(Set|Get)BlkioDeviceWriteIops (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2(Set|Get)BlkioDeviceReadBps (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2(Set|Get)BlkioDeviceWriteBps (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2SetMemory (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2GetMemoryStat (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2GetMemoryUsage (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2(Set|Get)MemoryHardLimit (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2(Set|Get)MemorySoftLimit (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2(Set|Get)MemSwapHardLimit (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2GetMemSwapUsage (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2(Set|Get)CpuShares (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2(Set|Get)CpuCfsPeriod (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2(Set|Get)CpuCfsQuota (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2SupportsCpuBW (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2GetCpuacctUsage (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupV2GetCpuacctStat (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: register cgroup v2 backend (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: add support for hybrid configuration (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroupmock: change cgroup prefix (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroupmock: add support to test cgroup v2 (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgrouptest: introduce initFakeFS and cleanupFakeFS helpers (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgrouptest: prepare testCgroupDetectMounts for cgroup v2 (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgrouptest: add detect mounts test for cgroup v2 (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgrouptest: add detect mounts test for hybrid cgroups (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgrouptest: prepare validateCgroup for cgroupv2 (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgrouptest: add cgroup v2 tests (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgrouptest: add hybrid tests (rhbz#1689297)
  - virt-host-validate: rewrite cgroup detection to use util/vircgroup (rhbz#1689297)
  - virt-host-validate: require freezer for LXC (rhbz#1689297)
  - virt-host-validate: Fix build on non-Linux (rhbz#1689297)
  - tests: Use correct function name in error path (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: Fix virCgroupGetMemoryStat (rhbz#1689297)
  - tests: Augment vcgrouptest to add virCgroupGetMemoryStat (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroup: introduce virCgroupKillRecursiveCB (rhbz#1689297)
  - vircgroupv2: fix virCgroupV2ValidateMachineGroup (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: implement virCgroupV2(Set|Get)CpusetMems (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: implement virCgroupV2(Set|Get)CpusetMemoryMigrate (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: implement virCgroupV2(Set|Get)CpusetCpus (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: enable cgroups v2 cpuset controller for threads (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: vircgroup: pass parent cgroup into virCgroupDetectControllersCB (rhbz#1689297)
  - internal: introduce a family of NULLSTR macros (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: vircgroup: improve controller detection (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: vircgroupv2: use any controller to create thread directory (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: vircgroupv2: enable CPU controller only if it's available (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: vircgroupv2: separate return values of virCgroupV2EnableController (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: vircgroupv2: don't error out if enabling controller fails (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: vircgroupv2: mark only requested controllers as available (rhbz#1689297)
  - Revert "util: vircgroup: pass parent cgroup into virCgroupDetectControllersCB" (rhbz#1689297)
  - util: vircgroupv2: stop enabling missing controllers with systemd (rhbz#1689297)
* Fri Jun 28 2019 Danilo de Paula <> - 4.5.0-28
  - Rebuild all virt packages to fix RHEL's upgrade path
  - Resolves: rhbz#1695587
    (Ensure modular RPM upgrade path)
* Fri Jun 21 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-27
  - RHEL: spec: Disable gluster on i686 (rhbz#1722668)
  - rpc: virnetlibsshsession: update deprecated functions (rhbz#1722735)
* Thu Jun 20 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-26
  - api: disallow virDomainSaveImageGetXMLDesc on read-only connections (CVE-2019-10161)
  - api: disallow virDomainManagedSaveDefineXML on read-only connections (CVE-2019-10166)
  - api: disallow virConnectGetDomainCapabilities on read-only connections (CVE-2019-10167)
  - api: disallow virConnect*HypervisorCPU on read-only connections (CVE-2019-10168)
* Fri Jun 14 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-25
  - admin: reject clients unless their UID matches the current UID (CVE-2019-10132)
  - locking: restrict sockets to mode 0600 (CVE-2019-10132)
  - logging: restrict sockets to mode 0600 (CVE-2019-10132)
  - util: skip RDMA detection for non-PCI network devices (rhbz#1693299)
  - virfile: Detect ceph as shared FS (rhbz#1698133)
  - virfile: added GPFS as shared fs (rhbz#1698133)
  - util: bitmap: define cleanup function using VIR_DEFINE_AUTOPTR_FUNC (rhbz#1716943)
  - qemu: Rework setting process affinity (rhbz#1716943)
  - qemu: Set up EMULATOR thread and cpuset.mems before exec()-ing qemu (rhbz#1716943)
  - conf: Add definitions for 'uid' and 'fid' PCI address attributes (rhbz#1508149)
  - qemu: Introduce zPCI capability (rhbz#1508149)
  - qemu: Enable PCI multi bus for S390 guests (rhbz#1508149)
  - conf: Introduce extension flag and zPCI member for PCI address (rhbz#1508149)
  - conf: Introduce address caching for PCI extensions (rhbz#1508149)
  - qemu: Auto add pci-root for s390/s390x guests (rhbz#1508149)
  - conf: use virXMLFormatElement() in virDomainDeviceInfoFormat() (rhbz#1508149)
  - conf: Introduce parser, formatter for uid and fid (rhbz#1508149)
  - qemu: Add zPCI address definition check (rhbz#1508149)
  - conf: Allocate/release 'uid' and 'fid' in PCI address (rhbz#1508149)
  - qemu: Generate and use zPCI device in QEMU command line (rhbz#1508149)
  - qemu: Add hotpluging support for PCI devices on S390 guests (rhbz#1508149)
  - qemuDomainRemoveRNGDevice: Remove associated chardev too (rhbz#1508149)
  - qemu_hotplug: remove erroneous call to qemuDomainDetachExtensionDevice() (rhbz#1508149)
  - qemu_hotplug: remove another erroneous qemuDomainDetachExtensionDevice() call (rhbz#1508149)
  - util: Propagate numad failures correctly (rhbz#1716907)
  - util: Introduce virBitmapUnion() (rhbz#1716908)
  - util: Introduce virNumaNodesetToCPUset() (rhbz#1716908)
  - qemu: Fix qemuProcessInitCpuAffinity() (rhbz#1716908)
  - qemu: Fix leak in qemuProcessInitCpuAffinity() (rhbz#1716908)
  - qemu: Drop cleanup label from qemuProcessInitCpuAffinity() (rhbz#1716908)
  - qemu: Fix NULL pointer access in qemuProcessInitCpuAffinity() (rhbz#1716908)
  - qemuBuildMemoryBackendProps: Pass @priv instead of its individual members (rhbz#1624223)
  - qemu: Don't use -mem-prealloc among with .prealloc=yes (rhbz#1624223)
  - nwfilter: fix adding std MAC and IP values to filter binding (rhbz#1691356)
  - qemuProcessBuildDestroyMemoryPathsImpl: Don't overwrite error (rhbz#1658112)
  - qemu_security: Fully implement qemuSecurityDomainSetPathLabel (rhbz#1658112)
  - qemu: process: SEV: Assume libDir to be the directory to create files in (rhbz#1658112)
  - qemu: process: SEV: Relabel guest owner's SEV files created before start (rhbz#1658112)
* Tue May 14 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-24
  - tests: qemuxml2argv: add CAPS_ARCH_LATEST macro (rhbz#1698855)
  - qemu: Add ccw support for vhost-vsock (rhbz#1698855)
  - qemu: Allow creating ppc64 guests with graphics and no USB mouse (rhbz#1683681)
  - conf: Expose virDomainSCSIDriveAddressIsUsed (rhbz#1692354)
  - qemuhotplugtest: Don't plug a SCSI disk at unit 7 (rhbz#1692354)
  - qemu_hotplug: Check for duplicate drive addresses (rhbz#1692354)
  - cpu_map: Add support for cldemote CPU feature (rhbz#1537731)
  - util: alloc: add macros for implementing automatic cleanup functionality (rhbz#1505998)
  - qemu: domain: Simplify non-VFIO memLockLimit calculation for PPC64 (rhbz#1505998)
  - qemu_domain: add a PPC64 memLockLimit helper (rhbz#1505998)
  - qemu_domain: NVLink2 bridge detection function for PPC64 (rhbz#1505998)
  - PPC64 support for NVIDIA V100 GPU with NVLink2 passthrough (rhbz#1505998)
  - cpu_x86: Do not cache microcode version (CVE-2018-12127, CVE-2019-11091, CVE-2018-12126, CVE-2018-12130)
  - qemu: Don't cache microcode version (CVE-2018-12127, CVE-2019-11091, CVE-2018-12126, CVE-2018-12130)
  - cputest: Add data for Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1225 v5 (CVE-2018-12127, CVE-2019-11091, CVE-2018-12126, CVE-2018-12130)
  - cpu_map: Define md-clear CPUID bit (CVE-2018-12127, CVE-2019-11091, CVE-2018-12126, CVE-2018-12130)
* Fri Feb 15 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-23
  - network: explicitly allow icmp/icmpv6 in libvirt zonefile (rhbz#1650320)
* Fri Feb 15 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-22
  - util: fix memory leak in virFirewallDInterfaceSetZone() (rhbz#1650320)
* Fri Feb 08 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-21
  - docs: Drop /dev/net/tun from the list of shared devices (rhbz#1665400)
  - qemu: conf: Remove /dev/sev from the default cgroup device acl list (rhbz#1665400)
  - qemu: cgroup: Expose /dev/sev/ only to domains that require SEV (rhbz#1665400)
  - qemu: domain: Add /dev/sev into the domain mount namespace selectively (rhbz#1665400)
  - security: dac: Relabel /dev/sev in the namespace (rhbz#1665400)
  - qemu: caps: Use CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE for probing to avoid permission issues (rhbz#1665400)
  - qemu: caps: Don't try to ask for CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE if non-root (rhbz#1665400)
  - Revert "RHEL: Require firewalld-filesystem for firewalld rpm macros" (rhbz#1650320)
  - Revert "RHEL: network: regain guest network connectivity after firewalld switch to nftables" (rhbz#1650320)
  - configure: change HAVE_FIREWALLD to WITH_FIREWALLD (rhbz#1650320)
  - util: move all firewalld-specific stuff into its own files (rhbz#1650320)
  - util: new virFirewallD APIs + docs (rhbz#1650320)
  - configure: selectively install a firewalld 'libvirt' zone (rhbz#1650320)
  - network: set firewalld zone of bridges to "libvirt" zone when appropriate (rhbz#1650320)
  - network: allow configuring firewalld zone for virtual network bridge device (rhbz#1650320)
  - util: remove test code accidentally committed to virFirewallDZoneExists (rhbz#1650320)
  - qemu: command: Don't skip 'readonly' and throttling info for empty drive (rhbz#1670337)
* Mon Jan 28 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-20
  - RHEL: qemu: Fix crash trying to use iSCSI hostdev (rhbz#1669424)
* Thu Jan 24 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-19
  - qemu: Fix logic error in qemuSetUnprivSGIO (rhbz#1666605)
  - tests: qemuxml2argv: Add test case for empty CDROM with cache mode (rhbz#1553255)
  - qemu: command: Don't format image properties for empty -drive (rhbz#1553255)
* Mon Jan 14 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-18
  - conf: correct false boot order error during domain parse (rhbz#1630393)
  - qemu: Remove duplicated qemuAgentCheckError (rhbz#1665000)
  - qemu: require reply from guest agent in qemuAgentGetInterfaces (rhbz#1665000)
  - qemu: Filter non SCSI hostdevs in qemuHostdevPrepareSCSIDevices (rhbz#1665244)
  - util: remove const specifier from nlmsghdr arg to virNetlinkDumpCallback() (rhbz#1583131)
  - util: add a function to insert new interfaces to IPv6CheckForwarding list (rhbz#1583131)
  - util: use nlmsg_find_attr() instead of an open-coded loop (rhbz#1583131)
  - util: check accept_ra for all nexthop interfaces of multipath routes (rhbz#1583131)
  - util: make forgotten changes suggested during review of commit d40b820c (rhbz#1583131)
* Mon Jan 07 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-17
  - virsh: Strip XML declaration when extracting CPU XMLs (rhbz#1659048)
  - RHEL: qemu: Add ability to set sgio values for hostdev (rhbz#1582424)
  - RHEL: qemu: Add check for unpriv sgio for SCSI generic host device (rhbz#1582424)
  - qemu: Alter @val usage in qemuSetUnprivSGIO (rhbz#1656362)
  - qemu: Alter qemuSetUnprivSGIO hostdev shareable logic (rhbz#1656362)
* Mon Dec 17 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-16
  - util: Don't overflow in virRandomBits (rhbz#1655586)
  - virrandom: Avoid undefined behaviour in virRandomBits (rhbz#1655586)
  - spec: remove libcgroup and cgconfig (rhbz#1602407)
  - qemu: Drop duplicated code from qemuDomainDefValidateFeatures() (rhbz#1647822)
  - tests: Add capabilities data for QEMU 3.1.0 on ppc64 (rhbz#1647822)
  - qemu: Introduce QEMU_CAPS_MACHINE_PSERIES_CAP_NESTED_HV (rhbz#1647822)
  - conf: Parse and format nested-hv feature (rhbz#1647822)
  - qemu: Format nested-hv feature on the command line (rhbz#1647822)
  - qemu: Add check for whether KVM nesting is enabled (rhbz#1645139)
  - secret: Add check/validation for correct usage when LookupByUUID (rhbz#1656255)
  - cpu: Add support for "stibp" x86_64 feature (rhbz#1655032)
* Mon Dec 03 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-15
  - virfile: Take symlink into account in virFileIsSharedFixFUSE (rhbz#1634782)
  - qemu: Ignore nwfilter binding instantiation issues during reconnect (rhbz#1648544)
  - qemu: Set identity for the reconnect all thread (rhbz#1648546)
  - Revert "access: Modify the VIR_ERR_ACCESS_DENIED to include driverName" (rhbz#1631608)
  - access: Modify the VIR_ERR_ACCESS_DENIED to include driverName (rhbz#1631608)
  - qemu: add vfio-ap capability (rhbz#1508146)
  - qemu: vfio-ap device support (rhbz#1508146)
  - qemu: Extract MDEV VFIO PCI validation code into a separate helper (rhbz#1508146)
  - conf: Move VFIO AP validation from post parse to QEMU validation code (rhbz#1508146)
  - qemu: Fix post-copy migration on the source (rhbz#1649169)
* Fri Nov 09 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-14
  - storage: Remove secretPath from _virStorageBackendQemuImgInfo (rhbz#1645459)
  - storage: Allow for inputvol to have any format for encryption (rhbz#1645459)
  - storage: Allow inputvol to be encrypted (rhbz#1645459)
  - access: Modify the VIR_ERR_ACCESS_DENIED to include driverName (rhbz#1631608)
  - docs: Enhance polkit documentation to describe secondary connection (rhbz#1631608)
  - qemu: Don't ignore resume events (rhbz#1634758, rhbz#1643338)
* Thu Nov 01 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-13
  - Revert "spec: Temporarily drop gluster support" (rhbz#1599339)
* Wed Oct 17 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-12
  - RHEL: Require firewalld-filesystem for firewalld rpm macros (rhbz#1639932)
* Tue Oct 16 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-11
  - virfile: fix cast-align error (rhbz#1634782)
  - virfiletest: Fix test name prefix for virFileInData test (rhbz#1634782)
  - virfiletst: Test virFileIsSharedFS (rhbz#1634782)
  - virFileIsSharedFSType: Detect direct mount points (rhbz#1634782)
  - virfile: Rework virFileIsSharedFixFUSE (rhbz#1634782)
  - RHEL: network: regain guest network connectivity after firewalld switch to nftables (rhbz#1638864)
* Mon Oct 08 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-10
  - conf: Fix check for chardev source path (rhbz#1609723)
  - tests: Reuse qemucapabilities data for qemucaps2xml (rhbz#1629862)
  - tests: Add more tests to qemucaps2xml (rhbz#1629862)
  - qemu: Drop QEMU_CAPS_ENABLE_KVM (rhbz#1629862)
  - qemu: Avoid probing non-native binaries all the time (rhbz#1629862)
  - qemu: Clarify QEMU_CAPS_KVM (rhbz#1629862)
  - qemu: Don't check for /dev/kvm presence (rhbz#1629862)
  - tests: Follow up on qemucaps2xmldata rename (rhbz#1629862)
  - security: dac: also label listen UNIX sockets (rhbz#1634775)
  - spec: Set correct TLS priority (rhbz#1632269)
  - spec: Build ceph and gluster support everywhere (rhbz#1599546)
  - virsh: Require explicit --domain for domxml-to-native (rhbz#1634769)
  - virFileIsSharedFSType: Check for fuse.glusterfs too (rhbz#1634782)
  - qemu: fix up permissions for pre-created UNIX sockets (rhbz#1634775)
  - cpu_map: Add features for Icelake CPUs (rhbz#1527657, rhbz#1526625)
  - cpu_map: Add Icelake CPU models (rhbz#1526625)
  - qemu: Properly report VIR_DOMAIN_EVENT_RESUMED_FROM_SNAPSHOT (rhbz#1634758)
  - qemu: Report more appropriate running reasons (rhbz#1634758)
  - qemu: Pass running reason to RESUME event handler (rhbz#1634758)
  - qemu: Map running reason to resume event detail (rhbz#1634758)
  - qemu: Avoid duplicate resume events and state changes (rhbz#1634758)
  - conf: qemu: add support for Hyper-V frequency MSRs (rhbz#1589702)
  - conf: qemu: add support for Hyper-V reenlightenment notifications (rhbz#1589702)
  - conf: qemu: add support for Hyper-V PV TLB flush (rhbz#1589702)
* Wed Sep 05 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-9
  - RHEL: Fix virConnectGetMaxVcpus output (rhbz#1582222)
  - storage: Add --shrink to qemu-img command when shrinking vol (rhbz#1622534)
  - access: Fix nwfilter-binding ACL access API name generation (rhbz#1622540)
  - conf: Add validation of input devices (rhbz#1591240)
  - tests: qemu: Remove disk from graphics-vnc-tls (rhbz#1598167)
  - tests: qemu: test more versions for graphics-vnc-tls (rhbz#1598167)
  - qemu: vnc: switch to tls-creds-x509 (rhbz#1598167)
  - qemu: mdev: Use vfio-pci 'display' property only with vfio-pci mdevs (rhbz#1624740)
  - virDomainDefCompatibleDevice: Relax alias change check (rhbz#1603133)
  - virDomainDetachDeviceFlags: Clarify update semantics (rhbz#1603133)
  - virDomainNetDefCheckABIStability: Check for MTU change too (rhbz#1623158)
  - RHEL: spec: Require python3-devel on RHEL-8 (rhbz#1518446)
  - qemu: monitor: Remove qemuMonitorJSONExtractCPUArchInfo wrapper (rhbz#1598829)
  - qemu: monitor: Use 'target' instead of 'arch' in reply of 'query-cpus-fast' (rhbz#1598829)
* Tue Aug 21 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-8
  - tests: Add missing thread_siblings_list files (rhbz#1608479)
  - util: Rewrite virHostCPUCountThreadSiblings() (rhbz#1608479)
  - utils: Remove arbitrary limit on socket_id/core_id (rhbz#1608479)
  - tests: Add linux-high-ids test (rhbz#1608479)
  - qemu: hotplug: Fix asynchronous unplug of 'shmem' (rhbz#1618680)
  - tests: rename hugepages to hugepages-default (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: extract hugepages-numa-default-dimm out of hugepages-numa (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: rename hugepages-numa into hugepages-numa-default (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: remove unnecessary XML elements from hugepages-numa-default (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: extract pages-discard out of hugepages-pages (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: rename hugepages-pages into hugepages-numa-nodeset (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: rename hugepages-pages2 into hugepages-numa-default-2M (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: extract pages-discard-hugepages out of hugepages-pages3 (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: rename hugepages-pages3 into hugepages-numa-nodeset-part (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: rename hugepages-pages4 into hugepages-numa-nodeset-nonexist (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: rename hugepages-pages5 into hugepages-default-2M (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: rename hugepages-pages6 into hugepages-default-system-size (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: rename hugepages-pages7 into pages-dimm-discard (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: rename hugepages-pages8 into hugepages-nodeset-nonexist (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: introduce hugepages-default-1G-nodeset-2M (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: introduce hugepages-nodeset (rhbz#1615461)
  - conf: Move hugepage XML validation check out of qemu_command (rhbz#1615461)
  - conf: Move hugepages validation out of XML parser (rhbz#1615461)
  - conf: Introduce virDomainDefPostParseMemtune (rhbz#1615461)
  - tests: sev: Test launch-security with specific QEMU version (rhbz#1619150)
  - qemu: Fix probing of AMD SEV support (rhbz#1619150)
  - qemu: caps: Format SEV platform data into qemuCaps cache (rhbz#1619150)
  - conf: Parse guestfwd channel device info again (rhbz#1610072)
* Thu Aug 16 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-7
  - qemu_migration: Avoid writing to freed memory (rhbz#1615854)
* Thu Aug 02 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-6
  - qemu: Exempt video model 'none' from getting a PCI address on Q35
  - conf: Fix a error msg typo in virDomainVideoDefValidate
* Tue Jul 31 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-5
  - esx storage: Fix typo lsilogic -> lsiLogic
  - networkGetDHCPLeases: Don't always report error if unable to read leases file
  - nwfilter: Resolve SEGV for NWFilter Snoop processing
  - qemu: Remove unused bypassSecurityDriver from qemuOpenFileAs
  - qemuDomainSaveMemory: Don't enforce dynamicOwnership
  - domain_nwfilter: Return early if net has no name in virDomainConfNWFilterTeardownImpl
  - examples: Add clean-traffic-gateway into nwfilters
* Mon Jul 23 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-4
  - qemu: hotplug: don't overwrite error message in qemuDomainAttachNetDevice
  - qemu: hotplug: report error when changing rom enabled attr for net iface
  - qemu: Fix setting global_period cputune element
  - tests: qemucaps: Add test data for upcoming qemu 3.0.0
  - qemu: capabilities: Add capability for werror/rerror for 'usb-device' frontend
  - qemu: command: Move graphics iteration to its own function
  - qemu: address: Handle all the video devices within a single loop
  - conf: Introduce virDomainVideoDefClear helper
  - conf: Introduce virDomainDefPostParseVideo helper
  - qemu: validate: Enforce compile time switch type checking for videos
  - tests: Add capabilities data for QEMU 2.11 x86_64
  - tests: Update capabilities data for QEMU 3.0.0 x86_64
  - qemu: qemuBuildHostdevCommandLine: Use a helper variable mdevsrc
  - qemu: caps: Introduce a capability for egl-headless
  - qemu: Introduce a new graphics display type 'headless'
  - qemu: caps: Add vfio-pci.display capability
  - conf: Introduce virDomainGraphicsDefHasOpenGL helper
  - conf: Replace 'error' with 'cleanup' in virDomainHostdevDefParseXMLSubsys
  - conf: Introduce new <hostdev> attribute 'display'
  - qemu: command: Enable formatting vfio-pci.display option onto cmdline
  - docs: Rephrase the mediated devices hostdev section a bit
  - conf: Introduce new video type 'none'
  - virt-xml-validate: Add schema for nwfilterbinding
  - tools: Fix typo generating adapter_wwpn field
  - src: Fix memory leak in virNWFilterBindingDispose
* Mon Jul 23 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-3
  - qemu: hotplug: Do not try to add secret object for TLS if it does not exist
  - qemu: monitor: Make qemuMonitorAddObject more robust against programming errors
  - spec: Explicitly require matching libvirt-libs
  - virDomainConfNWFilterInstantiate: initialize @xml to avoid random crash
  - qemuProcessStartPRDaemonHook: Try to set NS iff domain was started with one
  - qemuDomainValidateStorageSource: Relax PR validation
  - virStoragePRDefFormat: Suppress path formatting for migratable XML
  - qemu: Wire up PR_MANAGER_STATUS_CHANGED event
  - qemu_monitor: Introduce qemuMonitorJSONGetPRManagerInfo
  - qemu: Fetch pr-helper process info on reconnect
  - qemu: Fix ATTRIBUTE_NONNULL for qemuMonitorAddObject
  - virsh.pod: Fix a command name typo in nwfilter-binding-undefine
  - docs: schema: Add missing <alias> to vsock device
  - virnetdevtap: Don't crash on !ifname in virNetDevTapInterfaceStats
  - tests: fix TLS handshake failure with TLS 1.3
* Mon Jul 09 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-2
  - qemu: Add capability for the HTM pSeries feature
  - conf: Parse and format the HTM pSeries feature
  - qemu: Format the HTM pSeries feature
  - qemu: hotplug: Don't access srcPriv when it's not allocated
  - qemuDomainNestedJobAllowed: Allow QEMU_JOB_NONE
  - src: Mention DEVICE_REMOVAL_FAILED event in virDomainDetachDeviceAlias docs
  - virsh.pod: Drop --persistent for detach-device-alias
  - qemu: don't use chardev FD passing with standalone args
  - qemu: remove chardevStdioLogd param from vhostuser code path
  - qemu: consolidate parameters of qemuBuildChrChardevStr into flags
  - qemu: don't use chardev FD passing for vhostuser backend
  - qemu: fix UNIX socket chardevs operating in client mode
  - qemuDomainDeviceDefValidateNetwork: Check for range only if IP prefix set
  - spec: Temporarily drop gluster support
* Tue Jul 03 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-1
  - Rebased to libvirt-4.5.0
* Fri May 25 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.3.0-1
  - Rebased to libvirt-4.3.0
* Wed Mar 21 2018 Daniel P. Berrangé <> - 4.1.0-2
  - Fix systemd macro argument with line continuations (rhbz#1558648)
* Mon Mar 05 2018 Daniel Berrange <> - 4.1.0-1
  - Rebase to version 4.1.0
* Wed Feb 07 2018 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 4.0.0-2
  - Rebuilt for
* Fri Jan 19 2018 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 4.0.0-1
  - Rebase to version 4.0.0
* Wed Dec 20 2017 Cole Robinson <> - 3.10.0-2
  - Rebuild for xen 4.10
* Tue Dec 05 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.10.0-1
  - Rebase to version 3.10.0
* Fri Nov 03 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.9.0-1
  - Rebase to version 3.9.0
* Wed Oct 04 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.8.0-1
  - Rebase to version 3.8.0
* Mon Sep 04 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.7.0-1
  - Rebase to version 3.7.0
* Wed Aug 02 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.6.0-1
  - Rebase to version 3.6.0
* Sun Jul 30 2017 Florian Weimer <> - 3.5.0-4
  - Rebuild with binutils fix for ppc64le (#1475636)
* Tue Jul 25 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.5.0-3
  - Disabled RBD on i386, arm, ppc64 (rhbz #1474743)
* Mon Jul 17 2017 Cole Robinson <> - 3.5.0-2
  - Rebuild for xen 4.9
* Thu Jul 06 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.5.0-1
  - Rebase to version 3.5.0
* Fri Jun 02 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.4.0-1
  - Rebase to version 3.4.0
* Mon May 08 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.3.0-1
  - Rebase to version 3.3.0
* Mon Apr 03 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.2.0-1
  - Rebase to version 3.2.0
* Fri Mar 03 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.1.0-1
  - Rebase to version 3.1.0
* Fri Feb 10 2017 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 3.0.0-2
  - Rebuilt for
* Thu Jan 19 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.0.0-1
  - Rebase to version 3.0.0



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