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liborc-0_4-0-32bit-0.4.32-1.10 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: liborc-0_4-0-32bit Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.4.32 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.10 Build date: Wed Jun 15 05:19:45 2022
Group: System/Libraries Build host: lamb75
Size: 614724 Source RPM: orc-0.4.32-1.10.src.rpm
Summary: The Oil Runtime Compiler Library
Orc is a library and set of tools for compiling and executing very simple
programs that operate on arrays of data.  The “language” is a generic
assembly language that represents many of the features available in SIMD
architectures, including saturated addition and subtraction, and many
arithmetic operations.






* Sat Jan 16 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - Update to version 0.4.32:
    + Add support for JIT code generation in Universal Windows
      Platform apps.
    + Minor Meson build system fixes and improvements.
* Tue Jan 07 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update to version 0.4.31:
    + Fix OrcTargetPowerPCFlags enum typedef to revert API change on
    + Fixes for various PowerPC issues.
    + Enable flush-to-zero mode for float programs on ARM/neon.
    + Fix some opcodes to support x2/x4 processing on PowerPC.
* Mon Sep 09 2019 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 0.4.30:
    + Don't always generate static library but default to shared-only
    + Work around false positives in Microsoft UWP certification kit
    + Add endbr32/endbr64 instructions on x86/x86-64 for indirect
      branch tracking
    + Fix gtk-doc build when orc is used as a meson subproject
    + Switch float comparison in tests to ULP method to fix spurious
    + Fix flushing of ARM icache when using dual map
    + Use float constants/parameters when testing float opcodes
    + Add support for Hygon Dhyana processor
    + Fix PPC/PPC64 CPU family detection
    + Add little-endian PPC support
    + Fix compiler warnings with clang
    + Mark exec mapping writable in debug mode for allowing
    + Various codegen refactorings
    + autotools support has been dropped in favour of Meson as build
    + Fix PPC CPU feature detection and add support for VSX/v2.07
    + Add double/int64 support for PPC
  - No longer remove static file in install section, no longer needed
    as it's not built by default anymore.
* Sat Apr 20 2019 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 0.4.29:
    + PowerPC: Support ELFv2 ABI (A. Wilcox) and ppc64le.
    + Mips backend: only enable if the DSPr2 ASE is present.
    + Windows and MSVC build fixes.
    + orccpu-arm: Allow 'cpuinfo' fallback on non-android.
    + pkg-config file for orc-test library.
    + orcc: add --decorator command line argument to add function
      decorators in header files.
    + meson:
    - Make orcc detectable from other subprojects.
    - Add options to disable tests, docs, benchmarks, examples,
      tools, etc.
    - Misc. other fixes.
  - Pass orc-test=disabled, examples=disabled and tests=disabled to
    meson, and drop meson_tests. Tests consistantly fails on the
    buildservice and consistantly succedes when building locally,
    hence trying to build them on the obs is pointless.
* Mon Nov 20 2017
  - Update to version 0.4.28:
    + Numerous undefined behaviour fixes.
    + Ability to disable tests.
    + Fix meson dist behaviour.
* Mon Sep 04 2017
  - Switch to the meson build system, which knows how to cope with
    GTK 1.26+:
    + Use the tarball published on github (the automake bootstrapped
      one does not contain the meson build system).
    + Add meson BuildRequires and switch configure/make/make_install
      macros to the relevant meson/meson_build/meson_install
* Mon Jul 17 2017
  - Update to version 0.4.27:
    + sse: preserve non volatile sse registers, needed for MSVC.
    + x86: don't hard-code register size to 0 in orc_x86_emit_*()
    + Fix incorrect asm generation on 64-bit Windows with MSVC.
    + Add support for building using the Meson build system.
* Sun Feb 12 2017
  - Disable make check for all arches except x86_64 again.
* Wed Aug 31 2016
  - Update to version 0.4.26:
    + Use 64 bit arithmetic to increment the stride if needed.
    + Fix generation of ModR/M / SIB bytes for the EBP, R12, R13
      registers on X86/X86-64.
    + Fix test_parse unit test if no executable backend is available.
    + Add orc-test path to the -uninstalled .pc file.
    + Fix compiler warnings in the tests on OS X.
  - Add pkgconfig(glib-2.0) BuildRequires, the build looks for it.
  - Remove obsolete bconds, they were only there for now obsolete
    versions of openSUSE.
  - Drop explicit xz BuildRequires: No longer needed.
  - Enable testsuite for all arches again.
* Sat Mar 05 2016
  - Update to version 0.4.25:
    + compiler: also prefer the backup function when no target,
      instead of trying to use emulation which is usually slower.
    + executor: fix load of parameters smaller than 64 bits, fixing
      crashes on ldresnearb and friends in emulated code.
    + test-limits: improve test without target.
    + Only check for Android's liblog on Android targets, so we don't
      accidentally pick up another liblog that may exist elsewhere.
    + Don't require libtool for uninstalled setups (-uninstalled
      pkg-config file).
    + Make -Bsymbolic check in configure work with clang.
    + Coverity code analyser fixes.
    + docs: update generated opcode tables.
    + Add orc_version_string() function and make orcc check the
      liborc that is being picked up to make sure the right lib is
      being used.



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