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libmlt7-modules-7.12.0-2.2 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: libmlt7-modules Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 7.12.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.2 Build date: Fri Dec 30 12:17:02 2022
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/Video/Editors and Convertors Build host: lamb15
Size: 4428525 Source RPM: libmlt-7.12.0-2.2.src.rpm
Summary: Modules for the MLT multimedia framework
MLT is a multimedia framework for television broadcasting. It
provides a toolkit for broadcasters, video editors, media players,
transcoders and web streamers.

The functionality of the system is provided via an assortment of
tools, XML authoring components, and an plug-in based API.






* Tue Dec 20 2022 Christophe Marin <>
  - Build the glaxnimate module. Kdenlive complains if the plugin
    is missing (boo#1206127)
  - Change the source URL to get the glaxnimate sources
* Sun Nov 27 2022 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Update to 7.12.0
    * Fix a couple of major new bugs in the popular qtblend and
      frei0r.cairoblend transitions
    * New color animation APIs with sensible interpolation
    * Added new color animation APIs
    * Updated the following services to support animation of color
      properties: frei0r, chroma, chroma_hold, audiolevelgraph,
      audiospectrum, audiowaveform, gpsgraphic, gpstext, qtcrop,
    * Added discontinuity_reset property to dynamic_loudness filter
    * Fixed qtblend transition not blending with an opaque rgba
    * Added support for the "finer" engine in Rubberband version 3
    * Fixed crash in frei0r.cairoblend when threads property not set
    * Fixed leaking the xml producer in melt when the XML contains
      a consumer element but no profile information
    * Fixed symbol not found error in rtaudio consumer
* Wed Nov 02 2022 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Update to 7.10.0
    * Fixed some unguarded null pointers.
    * Added `MLT_REPOSITORY_DENY` environment variable to skip
      loading a module (colon delimited list of file names without
      extension, for example libmltqt).
    * Fixed frame corruption with one frame transition
    * Changed so-called test-card frame with audio to show a
    - Added `mlt_image_fill_checkerboard()`
    - Added `mlt_image_fill_white()`
    * Preserve the producer `creation_time` property when creating
      a chain.
    * Added `mlt_image_rgba_opaque()`.
    * Fixed getting a property as a timecode or clock value with 24
      or 23.98 fps in `mlt_property.c`.
    * Added support for Qt 6:
    - Added `MOD_QT6` and `BUILD_TESTS_WITH_QT6` CMake options.
    - Allow installing building and installing both Qt 5 & 6
    - Avoid loading both Qt 5 & 6 modules by preferring Qt 5
      (use MLT_REPOSITORY_DENY=libmltqt to block Qt 5 and use
      Qt 6).
    - This is limited to the `qt` module for now and not `glaxnimate`
      (still a work-in-progress).
    * Added support for WebP animation to `qimage` producer.
    * Added `gps_graphic` filter to the `qt` module.
    * Added the `format` property in each producer's get_frame method
      to indicate the producer's default/preferred mlt_image_format
      to facilitate an optimization in the `qtblend` transition when
      the B frame is opaque and has the same aspect ratio.
    * Added property animation to all audio visualization filters in
      the `qt` module.
    * Improved TGA format detection in `qimage` filter.
    * Fixed `qtblend` transition has incorrect scaling with consumer
    * Fixed an case of incorrect alpha scaling in `qtblend` transition.
    * Fixed `luma` transition not updated when `resource` property
    * Added the `alpha_operation` property to the `shape` filter.
    * Updated the `glaxnimate` git submodule to version 0.5.1.
    * Fixed `lines` filter in `oldfilm` regression in v7.6.0.
    * Added `dbpeak` property to the `audiolevel` filter in dB.
    * Fixed memory leak using some frei0r plugins in conjunction with
      an `affine` that animates the `rect` property.
    * Fixed building for musl.
    * Fixed underlinking iconv in `gdk` module on MinGW.
    * Fixed SWIG CMake options can overwrite each other.
    * Fixed SWIG 4 no longer generates a `mlt.php`
  - Drop patches, merged upstream:
    * 0001-Another-take-on-fixing-the-wcrtomb-issue.patch
    * 0001-Split-to-allow-installing-Qt5-and-Qt6-in-parallel-80.patch
    * 0002-Remove-deprecated-C-register-keyword-815.patch
    * 0003-Move-CMake-code-for-testing-to-the-right-position-fo.patch
    * 0004-Add-MLT_REPOSITORY_DENY-envvar-to-skip-plugin-loadin.patch
    * 0005-Avoid-to-load-both-qt-modules-816.patch
* Fri Aug 05 2022 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Add upstream changes to build a Qt 6 based mod:
    * 0001-Split-to-allow-installing-Qt5-and-Qt6-in-parallel-80.patch
    * 0002-Remove-deprecated-C-register-keyword-815.patch
    * 0003-Move-CMake-code-for-testing-to-the-right-position-fo.patch
    * 0004-Add-MLT_REPOSITORY_DENY-envvar-to-skip-plugin-loadin.patch
    * 0005-Avoid-to-load-both-qt-modules-816.patch
* Thu Jun 23 2022 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
  - Update to 7.8.0
    + Framework
    * Added mlt_frame_get_alpha_size() and refactored code to use
    * Fixed a possible null pointer crash in
    + Modules
    * Added a glaxnimate producer to the glaxnimate module.
    * Added new file extensions for glaxnimate producer: json,
      lottie, rawr, tgs.
    * Removed Qt4 compatibility from the qt module.
    * Added Qt6 compatibility to the qt module.
    * Added new file extensions for qimage producer: avif, heic,
      heif, jxl.
    * Fixed color_range when using the multi consumer.
    * Fixed reloading updated results in the loudness filter.
    * Fixed image_mode=blend in the timeremap link.
    * Fixed crash regression in swscale filter with odd size YUV
    * Fixed the choppy filter may result in black frames with
    * Prevent a crash in avfilter producer for a bug in glibc with
  - Remove merged upstream fixes
    * 0001-fix-798-missing-function-returns.patch
    * 0001-Supply-a-proper-return-value-on-non-void-functions.patch
  - Add
    * 0001-Another-take-on-fixing-the-wcrtomb-issue.patch
* Fri May 27 2022 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Update to 7.6.0
    + Framework:
    * Added `Mlt::Animation::next_key()` and `previous_key()` with
      error checking.
    * Fixed the `moduledir` and `mltdatadir` variables in the
      pkg-config file.
    * Removed calling `setlocale()` in `mlt_factory_init()` (moved
      to `melt` option `-setlocale`).
    * Added `mlt_properties_copy()` and `Mlt::Properties::copy()`.
    * Changed some primarily internal property names to consolidate
      on "consumer."
      as a prefix convention for all consumer properties copied to
    * Added consumer property `deinterlacer` to replace deprecated
    * Fixed full range color from producer to consumer.
    * Added `mlt_slices_size_slice()` helper function.
    * Fixed choppy playback due to large values in `frame_rate_num`
      or `frame_rate_den` in `mlt_consumer`.
    * Added performance optimization for a single slice in
    + Modules:
    * Added `audiolevelgraph` video filter to the `qt` module.
    * Added property `segment_gap` to the `audiospectrum` video
    * Added `segments` property to the `audiolevelgraph` and
      `audiospectrum` filters.
    * Fixed loading image sequence with extended UTF-8 characters
      in the name of a folder for the `qimage` producer.
    * Fixed a crash in `avformat` producer if the `rotate` property
      is set after the first frame is fetched.
    * Added the `invert_mask` property to the `shape` video filter.
    * Changed `avformat` producer to normalize frame rates very
      close to non-integer broadcast frames 24/1.001, 30/1.001,
      and 60/1.001.
    * Converted the `chroma` and `chroma_hold` filters' `key`
      property to a proper color type.
    * Added slice threading to:
    - `avformat` producer (with FFmpeg v5)
    - `swsscale` (with FFmpeg v5)
    - `lift_gamma_gain`
    - `shape`
    - `charcoal`
    - `vignette`
    - `wave`
    - `threshold`
    - `tcolor`
    - `sepia`
    - `mirror`
    - `invert`
    - `grain`
    - `lines`
    - `spot_remover`
    * Improved the speed of the `oldfilm` filter.
    * Added a faster `box_blur` filter to the core module and
      deprecated the `boxblur` filter in the kdenlive module.
    * Fixed preview scaling for the `avfilter.gblur` filter.
    * Fixed incorrect text overlap in `kdenlivetitle` producer.
    * Improved audio synchronization in `avformat` when playing
      in reverse.
    * Added much more service metadata (documentation).
    * Fixed full range 10-bit video input in `avformat` producer.
    * Fixed full range color handling in:
    - `avformat` producer
    - `avcolor_space`
    - `brightness`
    - `resize`
    - `luma` transition
    - `movit.convert`
    - `charcoal`
    - `invert`
    - `shape`
    * Fixed identifying unsupported colorspaces in `avformat`
    * Fixed preserving the alpha channel in the `avfilter.fspp`
    + Other
    * Some CMake fixes.
  - Add upstream fixes:
    * 0001-fix-798-missing-function-returns.patch
    * 0001-Supply-a-proper-return-value-on-non-void-functions.patch
* Mon Feb 07 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Installed files included a rpath to a build directory. Do not
    use rpath at all.
* Mon Dec 20 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
  - Update to version 7.4.0
    * Added more constructors and assignment operators in C++
      + Mlt::Filter::Filter(Mlt::Filter*)
      + Mlt::Link::Link(Mlt::Link*)
      + Mlt::Link::Link(Mlt::Service&)
      + Mlt::Link::Link(Mlt::Link&)
      + Mlt::Link::Link(Mlt::Link const&)
      + Mlt::Link::operator=(Mlt::Link const&)
      + Mlt::Service::Service(Mlt::Service*)
    * Fixed serialized animation in
      mlt_animation_serialize_cut_tf() and
      mlt_animation_serialize_cut() to include a trailing keyframe
    * Added property animation for avfilter filters.
    * This only works for numeric parameters, but many libavfilter
      options that have a type string are actually numeric in
      nature but accept a string expression.
    * Added rotate property to avformat producer to override
    * Changed jackrack module to silence false LADSPA plugin
      loading errors.
    * Fixed a crash in the oldfilm filter when using preview
    * Fixed timeremap link distorts audio when speed is zero.
    * Added nautical mile and knot units of measure to the gpstext
    * Fixed full range color handling with embedded tractor (e.g.
      same track transition).
    * Fixed device capture in avformat producer regression in
      version 7.2.0.
    * Fixed a crash in the matte transition.
* Mon Nov 01 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
  - Update to version 7.2.0
    * Added support for `mlt_properties` as a child of
      `mlt_properties` including XML (de)serialization:
      + `mlt_property_set_properties()`
      + `mlt_property_get_properties()`
      + `mlt_properties_set_properties()`
      + `mlt_properties_get_properties()`
      + `mlt_properties_get_properties_at)(`
      + `Mlt::Properties::set()`
      + `Mlt::Properties::get_props()`
      + `Mlt::Properties::get_props_at()`
      Applications can use this to store structured data in its
      own namespace, for example "shotcut:markers". And modules
      could use this for hierarchical parameters.
    * Fixed crash in `mlt_transition` upon inserting or removing a
    * Stopped loading `mlt_profile` until needed in `mlt_chain`
    * Added filter `gpstext` that is similar to `dynamictext`
      based on data in a GPX file.
    * Added speed parameter to `timer` filter.
    * Added WebP presets for `avformat` consumer.
    * Added a pixelate option to the `opencv_tracker` filter's
      `blur` property.
    * Fixed `center_bias` of `crop` filter not working with
    * Fixed some missing RGB `mlt_image_format` renames after
      change in v7.0.0. This primarily affected presets and
      service metadata.
    * Fixed a crash when changing preview scaling in `timeremap`
    * Fixes problems due to adding redundant normalize filters
      upon loading a producer from XML.
    * Ensure filters added by the `loader` producer always come
      first in list.
    * Fixed a crash using `shape` and `affine` filters together on
      `color` producer.
    * Fixed a crash when a `vidstab` file fails to open.
    * Changed `vidstab` filter to save its file in ASCII text mode.
    * Fixed a clang LTO error in the `decklink` module.
    * Fixed a video decoding regression on some videos in the
      `avformat` producer.
    * Fixed a crash in the `audiowaveform` filter.
    * Fixed loading a relative filename from XML for `mask_start`
      with `shape`.
    * Fixed "#filedate#" in `dynamictext` filter when used with
      `timeremap` link.
    * Fixed `timer` filter's new `speed` property interaction with
      `start` delay.
    * Fixed a crash with YUYV422 (YUY2) input in `avformat`
    * Fixed data race condition in `timeremap` link.
    * Fixed compiling `avformat` module with FFmpeg git beyond
      v4.4 with many deprecations removed.
    * Fixed alpha channel size calculation in `brightness` filter.
    * Restore legacy tracker and the new DaSiam tracker for OpenCV
      >= 4.5.3 in the `opencv_tracker` filter.
    * Fixed a crash in `opencv_tracker` on `shape_width` = 0.
    * Fixed incorrect handling of in and out points and duration
      in the `opencv_tracker` filter.
    * Fixed the `composite` transition leaking left border of an
      image on the right side on uneven width.
    * Fixed a problem handling some UTF-8 in thhe `typerwriter`
    * Added support for the `RELOCATABLE` CMake option for Linux
      or BSD build.
* Mon Sep 06 2021 Dave Plater <>
  - Remove unnecessary BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(OpenEXR)
* Mon Aug 30 2021 Dave Plater <>
  - Enabled opencv to fix boo#1184430 by enabling motion tracking
* Sat Jun 12 2021 Dave Plater <>
  - Really removed alternatives from melt sub
* Tue May 18 2021 Dave Plater <>
  - Removed alternatives from melt sub package
* Sun May 16 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
  - Update to version 7.0.1
    * Fixed a system-installed build cannot finds its modules and
    * Fixed the python installation path for binaries.
    * Added support for the `DESTDIR` environment variable when
      creating melt symlink.
    * Increased the build constant for the maximum size of a line
      of a properties file.
    * Fixed the vid.stab metadata install path.
  - Drop mlt-7.0.0-python_install_dir.patch (merged upstream)
* Mon May 03 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
  - Update to version 7.0.0
    * Added `mlt_chain` and `Mlt::Chain` classes.
    * Added `mlt_link` and `Mlt::Link` classes.
    * Added a `link` value to service `type` in the service
      metadata schema.
    * Added a boolean `animation` parameter attribute to the
      service metadata schema.
    * Added `mlt_animation_shift_frame()` and
    * Added `mlt_animation_get_string()`.
    * Fixed using a stale cached property animation string.
    * Added `mlt_image` and `Mlt::Image` classes.
    * Remove legacy "height + 1" workaround in image allocation.
    * Fixed a crash on setting `timewarp` speed higher than 23x.
    * Added `mlt_audio_silence()`.
    * Removed `mlt_image_opengl`.
    * Replaced variadic arguments in `mlt_events` with new
      `mlt_event_data` APIs.
    * Removed `mlt_geometry` APIs.
    * Renamed `mlt_image_rgb24a` as `mlt_image_rgba`.
    * Renamed `mlt_image_rgb24` to `mlt_image_rgb`.
    * Renamed `mlt_image_glsl` to `mlt_image_movit`.
    * Renamed `mlt_image_glsl_texture` to
    * Removed virtual function `mlt_frame::get_alpha_mask()`.
    * Removed `mlt_frame_get_alpha_mask()`.
    * Removed deprecated functions:
      + `mlt_sample_calculator`
      + `mlt_sample_calculator_to_now`
      + `mlt_channel_layout_name`
      + `mlt_channel_layout_id`
      + `mlt_channel_layout_channels`
      + `mlt_channel_layout_default`
      + `mlt_slices_init`
      + `mlt_slices_close`
      + `mlt_slices_run`
      + `mlt_playlist_move_region`
      + `Mlt::Playlist::move_region`
    * Fixed a rounding error calculating display aspect ratio in
    * Added a `timeremap` link to the core module with animatable
      `map` property. (Speed can increase or decrease between
      keyframes including reverse.)
    * Added `chain` and `link` XML elements to `xml` module.
    * Added "" property to `avformat`
    * Removed deprecated modules:
      + `dv`
      + `gtk2` (not gdk)
      + `kino`
      + `linsys`
      + `lumas`
      + `motion_est`
      + `swfdec`
      + `videostab`
    * Removed the following services:
      + `data_feed` filter
      + `data_show` filter
      + `region` filter and transition
      + `sdl_image`
    * Converted filters to use new `mlt_image` class:
      + `brightness`
      + `imageconver`
      + `mirror`
      + `spot_remover`
    * Deprecated the `audiowave` filter.
    * Added the ability to build the `jackrack` module without
      JACK to get only LADSPA producers and filters.
    * Deprecated `start` and `end` properties for the following
      + `brightness`
      + `panner`
      + `boxblur`
      + `wave`
      + `volume`
    * Removed deprecated `font` property from `pango` producer.
    * Improved album art (attached pic) detection in `avformat`
    * Improved the `resample` filter to have less artifacts and
      use less memory.
    * CMake: nearly complete rewrite.
    * Removed the old configure bash scripts and Makefiles.
    * Added `-chain` and `-link` options to `melt` command line.
  - Switch build to cmake
  - Drop libmlt-fixluma.patch (no longer useful)
  - Add mlt-7.0.0-python_install_dir.patch
  - Create single devel subpackage as cmake scripts are
  - Rename melt subpackage and add update-alternatives
  - Spec cleanup
* Tue Apr 13 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
  - Update to version 6.26.1
    * This version fixes a major regression in version 6.26.0 in
      the avformat producer to read from network URLs.
* Sun Apr 11 2021 Dave Plater <>
  - Removed depreciated webvfx linked package, qmelt is no longer
    needed for shotcut export.
  - Deleted obsolete webvfx-nobrowser.patch and
* Sat Apr 10 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
  - Update to version 6.26.0
    * Added support for `hwaccel` query string parameter to the
      `avformat` producer. It accepts the following values: vaapi
      and cuda.
    * Added support for `hwaccel_device` query string parameter to
      the `avformat` producer. This is only used with vaapi
      (device path) and cuda.
    * Improved the usage of image slice threading in `frei0r`.
      This only applies when `threads`=0 and only works with some
      frei0r plugins that you must decide yourself.
    * Added an ellipse item to `kdenlivetitle` producer.
    * Added support for PNG and GIF as album art in the `avformat`
    * Added BT.2020 color space metadata to the `avformat`
    * Resolved many FFmpeg deprecations in the `avformat` producer
      making it possible to support AV1 decoding.
    * Added a `strobe` fitler that periodically makes the alpha
      channel transparent.
    * Added a new `typewriter` text filter (currently only works
      with the kdenlivetitle producer).
    * Improved sound quality for lower pitch shifts in `rbpitch`.
    * Fixed speed of trick play in the `jack`, `rtaudio`,
      `sdl_audio`, and `sdl2_audio` consumers.
    * Fixed matrix for independent channels in `swresample` filter.
    * Fixed leading zeros for the `timer` filter.
    * Fixed flickering using `affine` with a `luma` transition.
    * Fixed a crash using RGBA images in the `qimage` producer
      (regression in v6.22.0).
    * Fixed `brightness` filter misbehaves on `alpha` > 1.
    * Fixed writing `flac` format file does not set its duration
      in the `avformat` consumer.
    * Fixed an infinite loop in `rbpitch` filter.
    * Fixed `ttl` in the `qimage` producer.
    * Fixed building with OpenCV 4.5
    * Fixed artifacts with multiple HTML `qtext` filters and frame
    * Deprecated the `start` and `end` properties on the following
      (use property animation instead):
      + brightness
      + panner
      + boxblur
      + wave
      + volume
    * Deprecated the following services:
      + data_show
      + region
      + transition filter
      + autotrack_rectangle
      + motion_est
      + slowmotion
    * CMake
      + Fixed building without SWIG.
      + Added many "MOD_..." options to explictly disable modules.
      + Added src/tests and the option `BUILD_TESTING`, which
      defaults off.
      + All dependency checks moved to top level CMakeLists.txt.
      + Install melt man page.
      + Install oldfilm SVG files.
      + Added src/examples.
      + Install framework/metaschema.yaml.
      + Fixed `plusgpl` datadir.
      + Added all swwig/ languages.
      + Increased C++ standard to C++14.
    * Added an `AV1` encoding preset.
    * Improved documentation of the requirement for C11.
    * The minimum version of FFmpeg is v4.0 and Libav is no longer
  - Drop libmlt-0.8.2-vdpau.patch and everything related to vdpau
    (no longer present in the tree)
  - Enable libebur128
* Mon Dec 07 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
  - Update to version 6.24.0
    * Trigger a `property-changed` event on
    * Fixed using a video transition with a video clip on an audio
    * Reduce the amount of service caching to 2X #tracks to reduce
      memory usage.
    * Added the `pillar_echo` filter to the plus module.
    * Added a `qtcrop` filter to the qt module.
    * Added `html`, `resource`, `overflow-y`, and `_hide`
      properties to the `qtext` filter for rich text.
    * Added the filter `choppy` to the core module.
    * Added slice threading to the `brightness` filter.
    * Fixed compiling with OpenCV 4.
    * Fixed the colors when using `mlt_image_format=rgb24a` with
      `avformat` consumer.
    * Fixed a possible crash in the `timewarp` producer on sources
      with non-integer frame rates.
    * Fixed a regression in version 6.22 with multiple affine
      filters at the same time.
    * Fixed possible abort or deadlock on recursive pthread
      mutexes in `avformat` producer.
    * Fixed a crash in `crop` filter with large `center_bias`
      value when `use_profile` is 1.
    * Fixed a white video frame appearing on threaded rendering in
      `freeze` filter.
    * Fixed MLT XML DRD to permit empty playlists, which may occur
      on empty tracks in a multitrack.
    * Fixed initializing QApplication in the `qimage` producer.
    * Fixed interpolation when scaling with the `affine` rect and
      geomety properties.
    * Fixed high memory usage with high factors of pitch shifting
      in the `rbpitch` filter.
    * Fixed a crash on files with more than 32 streams in the
      `avformat` producer.
    * Added the Python binding to the CMake build.
    * Added the `sdl` (v1) module to the CMake build.
    * Removed minrate and maxrate from the `webm` avformat
      consumer preset.
* Sun Aug 02 2020
  - Update to version 6.22.1
    * This patch version only fixes the version reported in the
      CMake build.
* Fri Jul 31 2020
  - Update to version 6.22.0
    * Added mlt_properties_exists() and
    * Added mlt_audio C class
    * Added Mlt::Audio C++ class
    * Fixed drop-frame timecode for 59.94 fps.
    * Fixed crash on null pointer passed to mlt_consumer_stop().
    * Fixed frei0r transitions with preview scaling.
    * Fixed affine ox and oy properties incorrect with preview
    * Fixed a crash and incorrect preview scaling with more than
      one affine
      filter active on the same frame.
    * Fixed preview scaling for the rotoscoping filter.
    * Added the sample_fmt property to the avformat consumer.
    * Fixed a possible segfault in the mix transition.
    * Removed support for text keyframes to the text and qtext
      to fix regression on strings containing '='.
    * Disable frame-threading with bigsh0t, distort0r, and medians
      frei0r plugins.
    * Added "" property the
      avformat producer.
    * Fixed a crash with with filters not supporting preview scale
      in frei0r transitions.
    * Fix artifacts in luma transition and affine filter with
    * Stop including 'title="Anonymous Submission"' in xml
    * Fixed a crash in opencv.tracker filter.
    * Fixed a crash in composite transition if luma file fails to
    * Added validations in opengl module to prevent asserts in
    * Fixed building with OpenCV 4.
    * Moved some services from gtk2 module to new gdk module:
      gtkrescale filter, pango producer and pixbuf producer
    * Deprecated the gtk2 module and no longer enabled by default.
    * Changed avformat producer to accept a '?' in
      argument/resource property by escaping it as '\?'.
    * Changed the background property of the affine filter to be
    * Deprecated the linsys (DVEO SDI) module.
    * Fixed changing the audio_index property in the avformat
    * Changed resample filter to more resiliant to frequency
    * Added a video_delay property to the sdl2_audio and rtaudio
    * Add millisecond options to the timer filter.
    * Fixed the in point handling for the timewarp producer.
    * Fixed some audio gaps and sync issues with the rbpitch
      filter and timewarp pitch compensation.
    * Fixed a possible crash caused by producer consumer.
    * Changed avformat consumer to set AVOption color_primaries
      based on the MLT colorspace if not already set as property.
    * Fixed crop right on image with odd width skews image in crop
    * Fixed incorrect silence value for unsigned 8-bit audio in
      avformat producer.
    * Changed qimage to use Qt's internal orientation detection
      instead of libexif.
    * Reduced clicks in mix transition by silencing buffers on
    * Improved A/V synchronization in (sw)resample filters - also
      reduces audio clicks.
    * Improved speed of the qimage producer.
    * Fixed incorrect color using libx264rgb in avformat consumer.
    * Fixed relative paths for avfilters that have the "filename"
    * Fixed some avfilters dropping the alpha channel: smartblur,
    * Improved performance of the resize filter.
    * Fixed an affine filter inside a transition was always
      nearest neighbor interpolation.
    * Changed the lift_gamma_gain filter to use round values up.
    * Fixed melt option "-group" applies to an implicit consumer.
    * Added "-quiet" option to melt (implies -silent but more so).
    * CMake build improvments adding modules: gdk, jackrack, lumas
      resample, sox and vorbis
    * Added avformat consumer presets: Slide-Deck-H264 and
    * Removed intra=1 from some avformat presets (use g=1 for
      intra only): intermediate/MPEG-2, intermediate/MPEG-4
      and lossless/H.264
  - Drop 0001-Fix-build-with-Qt-5.15.0.patch (merged upstream)
* Thu Apr 02 2020 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Add upstream patch to fix build with Qt 5.15:
    * 0001-Fix-build-with-Qt-5.15.0.patch
* Mon Feb 17 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
  - Update to version 6.20.0
    * Added consumer scaling:
      + mlt_profile_scale_width()
      + mlt_profile_scale_height()
      + Mlt::Profile::scale_width()
      + Mlt::Profile::scale_height()
      + support for a double "scale" property to melt and the xml
    * Fixed mlt_properties_set() with an invalid expression.
    * Added new functions that do not evaluate expressions:
      + mlt_properties_set_string()
      + Mlt::Properties::set_string()
    * Improved the service-caching heuristic in mlt_multitrack.
    * Fixed possible crashes in mlt_playlist get_frame() and
    * Added the rubberband module with a rbpitch filter.
    * Added pitch compensation to timewarp producer.
    * Added the invert_scale property to the affine filter and
    * Added the reverse property to shape filter.
    * Added support for text keyframes to the text and qtext
    * Added support for the CSRT and MOSSE algorithms in
      opencv.tracker filter.
    * Fixed a crash on empty algo property in the opencv.tracker
    * Changed vorbis module to no longer be deprecated.
    * Improved colorspace conversions in the avformat module.
    * Fixed audio artifacts on initial seek to in point in
      avformat producer.
    * Fixed the colorspace of the cached image in avformat
    * Fixed white video flashes on property changes in the qtext
    * Fixed a crash in the rotoscoping filter with large spline
    * Fixed a crash in the sdi consumer if the driver is not
    * Improved support for a video clip as luma producer to the
      luma transition.
    * Fixed a crash in the matte transition.
    * Fixed a crash when using invert property =1 in the composite
    * Added more avformat consumer presets:
      + intermediate/DNxHR-HQ
      + intermediate/ProRes HQ
      + ALAC
      + FLAC
    * Fixed some parameters in the XDCAM and D10 avformat
    * Fixed link failure on some CPU architectures.
  - Refreshed libmlt-fixluma.patch
* Tue Nov 12 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
  - Update to version 6.18.0
    * Fixed some data races in mlt_consumer, mlt_deque, and
    * Fixed the mlt_events listener incorrect owner argument.
    * Added support for the LC_ALL environmant variable on Windows.
    * Fixed the argument to mlt_factory_init() not working on
    * Fixed mlt_service_identify() not reliable in some use cases.
    * Added some default and copy constructors and assignment
      operators to mlt++
      + Filter()
      + Filter( const Filter &filter )
      + Filter& operator=( const Filter &filter )
      + Producer( const Producer &producer )
      + Producer& operator=( const Producer &producer )
      + Properties( const Properties &properties )
      + Properties& operator=( const Properties &properties )
      + Service( const Service &service )
      + Service& operator=( const Service &service )
      + Transition()
      + Transition( const Transition &transition )
      + Transition& operator=( const Transition &transition )
    * Added mlt_luma_map:
      + mlt_luma_map_init
      + mlt_luma_map_new
      + mlt_luma_map_render
      + mlt_luma_map_from_pgm
      + mlt_luma_map_from_yuv422
    * Fixed preset overrides depend on the XML attribute order.
    * Fixed serializing an animated property with a new length.
    * Fixed interpolation in rotoscoping filter.
    * Fixed crop filter not working with color producer.
    * Fixed some data races in the sdl and sdl2 consumers.
    * Fixed some data races in the avformat producer.
    * Added a movit.flip filter to the opengl module.
    * Fixed using filters on frei0r producers.
    * Added support for in and out attributes on the "consumer"
      xml element.
    * Fixed using an in point with the multi consumer.
    * Fixed avfilter fails if the image size changes.
    * Fixed showing superfluous decimals for seconds in the timer
    * Stop serializing an invalid producer as an "INVALID" text
      producer in xml.
    * Fixed an access violation crash in wave filter.
    * Added the property to the avformat
    * Fixed full range yuv422p not converted correctly in the
      avformat producer.
    * Fixed the text filter not working with pango.
    * Fixed a regression using dynamictext with pango.
    * Added a position property to avfilter for filters that need
      position info.
    * Fixed avfilter.subtitles not using the source position.
    * Added an analyze property to vidstab filter. When set,
      analysis only starts and the results file written if true.
    * Fixed crash combining affine the affine filter with the
      shape filter.
    * Added interlace detection from AVCodecContext.field_order.
    * Changed the avformat producer to not use the rescale.interp
      frame property.
      Previously, when interp == nearest, it would relax seeking.
      Now, seek accuracy is reduced during trick play (rewind or
      fast forward).
    * Fixed sws flags for auto-inserted scalers in avfilter.
    * Fixed a double free crash in ladspa filter on channel count
    * Refactored the composite and luma transitions to use
    * Refactored the pgm producer and shape filter to use
    * Refactored the lumas module to use mlt_luma_map.
    * The lumas module is now disabled by default and must be
      explicitly enabled.
    * Added property animation to the threshold filter.
    * Added a cairoblend_mode filter to the frei0r module to
      affect a frei0r.cairoblend transition used to
      composite/blend tracks.
    * Added support for new vaapi options to the avformat consumer:
      + connection_type: x11 or drm
      + driver
      + kernel_driver
    * Fixed the timewarp producer with a colon in the filename.
    * Fixed a relative file name with a colon in it in the xml
    * Fixed defaulting to album or poster art if there is another
      video stream.
    * Fixed parameter animation in frei0r plugins when using frame
      This change also enables frame-threading for more plugins.
    * Improved the qtblend filter to not process alpha if no
    * Added a background_color property to the qtblend filter.
    * Fixed the opencv.tracker incorrect behavior on cut clips.
    * Changed opencv.tracker to store absolute frame numbers.
    * Fixed incorrect frame offset on render in opencv.tracker.
    * Add an alpha_over property to luma transition. This
      addresses a behavior regression in version 6.14.0.
    * Fixed noimagecache not working in the avformat producer.
    * Mlt++ now requires C11 compiler support.
    * Fixed closing melt SDL2 window from window manager (i.e.
      close button).
    * Added -repository option to the melt command.
    * Added unit tests for Mlt::Event.
    * Fixed returning image data for Python 3.
    * Switch to python3 by default.
    * Updated the prores encoding presets to set vendor ID and
      colr atom.
    * Added a CMake build system. This is not yet prefered over
      the existing configure script and Makefiles and has less
      flexibility. It is a start and has limited support.
  - Use python 3
  - Added libmlt-fixluma.patch
* Wed May 08 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
  - Update to version 6.16.0
    * Added functions to get/set a creation date to a producer
      + mlt_producer_get_creation_time()
      + mlt_producer_set_creation_time()
      + Mlt::Producer::set_creation_time()
      + Mlt::Producer::get_creation_time()
    * Fixed dance filter not showing when lower track is
    * Refactored dynamictext filter to use
    * Marked frei0r rgsplit0r plugin version < 1.1 as not
    * Fixed possible null pointer crash in
* Sun Mar 31 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
  - Update to version 6.14.0
    * This version is mostly fixes plus a few API additions and
    * Added mlt_profile_lumas_dir().
    * Added mlt_frame_get_unique_properties().
    * Added mlt_playlist_reorder() and Mlt::Playlist::reorder().
    * Added some new convenience constructors to mlt++
      + Producer(mlt_profile profile, const char *id, const char
    * service = NULL)
      + Consumer(mlt_profile profile, const char *id , const char
    * service = NULL)
      + Transition(mlt_profile profile, const char *id, const char
    * arg = NULL)
      + Filter(mlt_profile profile, const char *id, const char
    * service = NULL)
      + Tractor(mlt_profile profile, char *id, char *arg = NULL)
    * Added Mlt::Transition::connect(Service&).
    * Added unit tests for mlt_playlist.
    * Fixed a crash on invalid transition track values in
    * Fixed a deadlock regression in v6.12.0 of mlt_consumer when
      starting from
      a paused state (producer speed=0).
    * The avformat module now requires at least FFmpeg v2.4 or
      Libav 12.
    * Added mask_start and mask_apply filters to the core module.
    * Added qtext filter to qt module.
    * Changed dynamictext and timer filters to use qtext.
    * Fixed number of digits for seconds in timer filter.
    * Added mlt_image_format property to color producer.
    * Improved color accuracy of libswscale RGB->YUV conversion.
    * Fixed frei0r producer not working with tractor.
    * Fixed decklink consumer stalling on dropped frames.
    * Generate lumas for 16:9, 9:16 (vertical), and square aspect
    * Fixed crash in qimage when alpha_size is zero.
    * Fixed the mlt_consumer channels property not being passed to
      multi consumer.
    * Fixed the shape filter for full range color and crashes.
    * Converted the shape filter to use mlt_animation.
    * Added a use_mix property to the shape filter.
    * Fixed invert=1 and mix=100 gives wrong image in shape filter.
    * Fixed a possible free null pointer in the linsys sdi
    * Fixed using destroyed temporary object in qimage.
    * Fixed a possible null pointer dereference in the
      spot_remover filter.
    * Fixed memory leak on swr_convert() failure in swresample
    * Fixed possible null pointer dereference in affine when not
      using rect.
    * Fixed loading image sequence on Windows in qimage.
    * Fixed some null pointer crashes using Movit opengl services.
    * Fixed sdl2 consumer crashes during initialization on Linux
      or BSD.
    * Fixed distorted image using melt_file.
    * Fixed qimage build on Qt version < 5.5.
    * Added offset property to the timer filter.
    * Changed the boxblur hori & vert properties' minimum to 0.
    * Fixed crash in duplicate frame on rotated videos.
    * Added automatic scaling and padding to avfilter.
    * Fixed field order when encoding progressive as interlace.
    * Fixed frei0r plugins to use the number of slices from the
      threads property.
    * Fixed over compositing with transparent clips in luma
    * Added sliced processing to dissolve-with-alpha using the
      threads property.
    * Added createdate keyword to dynamictext filter.
    * Fixed possible crash changing audio_index in avformat
    * Fixed small memory leaks in xml consumer, jackrack, and
      timewarp producer.
    * Fixed compiling opencv module with OpenCV > 3.
    * Added vertical video profiles:
      + vertical_hd_30
      + vertical_hd_60
    * Mlt++ now requires C++11 compiler support.
    * Added --disable-windeploy to configure to keep bin & lib
      folders on Windows.
    * Added support for consumer in & out to melt.
    * Fixed color accuracy of lossless/Ut Video preset and use
      pix_fmt yuv422p.
    * Fixed x264 lossless preset to use crf=0.
    * Fixed compiling with mingw32.
    * Fixed build with Python 3.



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