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libgstreamer-1_0-0-32bit-1.24.0-4.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: libgstreamer-1_0-0-32bit Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.24.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 4.1 Build date: Mon Apr 29 10:35:23 2024
Group: System/Libraries Build host: reproducible
Size: 2663898 Source RPM: gstreamer-1.24.0-4.1.src.rpm
Summary: Streaming-Media Framework Runtime
GStreamer is a streaming-media framework, based on graphs of filters
which operate on media data. Applications using this library can do
anything from real-time sound processing to playing videos, and just
about anything else media-related.  Its plug-in-based architecture
means that new data types or processing capabilities can be added by
installing new plug-ins.






* Mon Apr 29 2024
  - remove dependency on /usr/bin/python3 using
    %python3_fix_shebang_path macro, [bsc#1212476]
* Tue Mar 12 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Replace the quick fix for boo#1221150 with the version submitted
    to upstream at
    * 0001-Canonicalize-the-library-path-returned-by-dladdr.patch
  - Remove previous version of the fix for boo#1221150:
    * force-find-gst-plugin-scanner.patch
  - Fix sed command to set the gst-plugin-scanner suffix correctly
  - Add preventive checks for the sed commands that set the binary
    suffix so that they don't silently fail anymore.
* Mon Mar 11 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch from upstream to not install ptp-helper test executable
    * 0001-ptp-Dont-install-test-executable.patch
* Mon Mar 11 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch to remove the (wrong) check for relocated library which
    is making gstreamer fail to find the gst-plugin-scanner helper
    binary, thus using the installation path set at build time
    * force-find-gst-plugin-scanner.patch
* Tue Mar 05 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.24.0:
    * Highlights
    - New Discourse forum and Matrix chat space
    - New Analytics and Machine Learning abstractions and elements
    - Playbin3 and decodebin3 are now stable and the default in
      gst-play-1.0, GstPlay/GstPlayer
    - The va plugin is now preferred over gst-vaapi and has higher
    - GstMeta serialization/deserialization and other GstMeta
    - New GstMeta for SMPTE ST-291M HANC/VANC Ancillary Data
    - New unixfd plugin for efficient 1:N inter-process
      communication on Linux
    - cudaipc source and sink for zero-copy CUDA memory sharing
      between processes
    - New intersink and intersrc elements for 1:N pipeline
      decoupling within the same process
    - Qt5 + Qt6 QML integration improvements including qml6glsrc,
      qml6glmixer, qml6gloverlay, and qml6d3d11sink elements
    - DRM Modifier Support for dmabufs on Linux
    - OpenGL, Vulkan and CUDA integration enhancements
    - Vulkan H.264 and H.265 video decoders
    - RTP stack improvements including new RFC7273 modes and more
      correct header extension handling in depayloaders
    - WebRTC improvements such as support for ICE consent
      freshness, and a new webrtcsrc element to complement
    - WebRTC signallers and webrtcsink implementations for LiveKit
      and AWS Kinesis Video Streams
    - WHIP server source and client sink, and a WHEP source
    - Precision Time Protocol (PTP) clock support for Windows and
      other additions
    - Low-Latency HLS (LL-HLS) support and many other HLS and DASH
    - New W3C Media Source Extensions library
    - Countless closed caption handling improvements including new
      cea608mux and cea608tocea708 elements
    - Translation support for awstranscriber
    - Bayer 10/12/14/16-bit depth support
    - MPEG-TS support for asynchronous KLV demuxing and segment
      seeking, plus various new muxer features
    - Capture source and sink for AJA capture and playout cards
    - SVT-AV1 and VA-API AV1 encoders, stateless AV1 video decoder
    - New uvcsink element for exporting streams as UVC camera
    - DirectWrite text rendering plugin for windows
    - Direct3D12-based video decoding, conversion, composition, and
    - AMD Advanced Media Framework AV1 + H.265 video encoders with
      10-bit and HDR support
    - AVX/AVX2 support and NEON support on macOS on Apple ARM64
      CPUs via new liborc
    - GStreamer C# bindings have been updated
    - Rust bindings improvements and many new and improved Rust
    - Rust plugins now shipped in packages for all major platforms
      including Android and iOS
    - Lots of new plugins, features, performance improvements and
      bug fixes
    * For more detailed information on this update, please see
  - Rebase patches:
    * gstreamer-pie.patch
    * gstreamer-rpm-prov.patch
  - Remove patch reduce-required-meson.patch since meson 1.1 is
    really required now.
* Thu Feb 01 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.22.9:
    + Highlighted bugfixes in 1.22.9
    - More Security fixes for the AV1 video codec parser
    - va: fixes for Mesa Gallium drivers in Mesa versions older
      than v23.2
    - v4l2src: Consider framerate during caps selection
    - v4l2codec: decoder fixes
    - rtspsrc: multicast fixes
    - camerabin viewfinder fixes
    - various bug fixes, build fixes, memory leak fixes, and other
      stability and reliability improvements
    + gstreamer
    - aggregator: fix use-after-free in queries processing
    - multiqueue: Ignore queue fullness for most events
  - Rebase reduce-required-meson.patch
* Thu Jan 04 2024 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.22.8:
    + Highlighted bugfixes in 1.22.8
    - Security fixes for the AV1 video codec parser
    - avdec video decoder: fix another possible deadlock with
      FFmpeg 6.1
    - qtdemux: reverse playback and seeking fixes for files with
      raw audio streams
    - v4l2: fix "newly allocated buffer ... is not free" warning
      log flood
    - GstPlay + GstPlayer library fixes
    - dtls: Fix build failure on Windows when compiling against
      OpenSSL 3.2.0
    - d3d11screencapturesrc: Fix wrong color with HDR enabled
    - Cerbero build tool: More python 3.12 string escape warning
      fixes; make sure to bundle build tools as well
    - various bug fixes, build fixes, memory leak fixes, and other
      stability and reliability improvements
    + gstreamer
    - buffer: Unref memories before metas
    - pad: Recheck pads when linking after temporary unlock
    - baseparse: Fixes to buffers extracted from adapter
  - Rebase reduce-required-meson.patch
* Wed Nov 15 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.22.7:
    + Highlighted bugfixes:
    - Security fixes for the MXF demuxer and AV1 codec parser
    - glfilter: Memory leak fix for OpenGL filter elements
    - d3d11videosink: Fix toggling between fullscreen and maximized, and window switching in fullscreen mode
    - DASH / HLS adaptive streaming fixes
    - Decklink card device provider device name string handling fixes
    - interaudiosrc: handle non-interleaved audio properly
    - openh264: Fail gracefully if openh264 encoder/decoder creation fails
    - rtspsrc: improved whitespace handling in response headers by certain cameras
    - v4l2codecs: avoid wrap-around after 1000000 frames; tiled formats handling fixes
    - video-scaler, audio-resampler: downgraded "Can't find exact taps" debug log messages
    - wasapi2: Don't use global volume control object
    - Rust plugins: various improvements in aws, fmp4mux, hlssink3, livesync, ndisrc, rtpav1depay, rsfilesink, s3sink, sccparse
    - WebRTC: various webrtchttp, webrtcsrc, and webrtcsink improvements and fixes
    - Cerbero build tools: recognise Windows 11; restrict parallelism of gst-plugins-rs build on small systems
    - Packages: ca-certificates update; fix gio module loading and TLS support on macOS
    + gstreamer:
    - debugutils: provide gst_debug_bin_to_dot_data() implementation even if debug system is disabled
  - Rebase reduce-required-meson.patch
* Fri Sep 22 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.22.6:
    + Highlighted bugfixes:
    - Security fixes for the MXF demuxer and H.265 video parser
    - Fix latency regression in H.264 hardware decoder base class
    - androidmedia: fix HEVC codec profile registration and fix
      coded_data handling
    - decodebin3: fix switching from a raw stream to an encoded
    - gst-inspect: prettier and more correct signal and action
      signals printing
    - rtmp2: Allow NULL flash version, omitting the field, for
      better RTMP server compatibility
    - rtspsrc: better compatibility with buggy RTSP servers that
      don't set a clock-rate
    - rtpjitterbuffer: fix integer overflow that led to more
      packets being declared lost than have been lost
    - v4l2: fix video encoding regression on RPi and fix support
      for left and top padding
    - waylandsink: Crop surfaces to their display width height
    - cerbero: Recognise Manjaro; add Rust support for MSVC ARM64;
      cmake detection fixes
    - Various bug fixes, memory leak fixes, and other stability and
      reliability improvements
    + gstreamer:
    - gst-inspect: prettier and more correct signal printing, and
      print action signals in g_signal_emit_by_name() format
    - gst-launch: Disable fault signal handlers on macOS
  - Rebase reduce-required-meson.patch
* Tue Jul 25 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.22.5:
    + Highlighted bugfixes:
    - Security fixes for the RealMedia demuxer
    - vaapi decoders, postproc: Disable DMAbuf from caps
      negotiation to fix garbled video in some cases
    - decodebin3, playbin3, parsebin fixes, especially for stream
    - hlsdemux2: fix early seeking; don't pass referer when
      updating playlists; webvtt fixes
    - gtk: Fix critical caused by pointer movement when stream is
      getting ready
    - qt6: Set sampler filtering method, fixes bad quality with
      qml6glsink and gstqt6d3d11
    - v4l2src: handle resolution change when buffers are copied
    - videoflip: update orientation tag in auto mode
    - video timecode: Add support for framerates lower than 1fps
      and accept 119.88 (120/1.001) fps
    - webrtcsink: fixes for x264enc and NVIDIA encoders
    - cerbero: Pull ninja from system if possible, avoid spurious
      bootstrap of cmake
    - packages: Recipe updates for ffmpeg, libsoup, orc
    - various bug fixes, memory leak fixes, and other stability and
      reliability improvements
    + gstreamer:
    - taglist, plugins: fix compiler warnings with GLib >= 2.76
    - tracerutils: allow casting parameter types
    - inputselector: fix playing variable is never set
  - Rebase patch.
* Mon Jun 26 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.22.4:
    + Highlighted bugfixes:
    - Security fixes for flacparse, dvdspu, and subparse.
    - d3d11videosink: Fix error on pause and play.
    - decklink: Correctly handle SDK strings on macOS and free
      strings after usage on Linux.
    - filesink: Fix buffered mode writing of buffer lists and
      buffers with multiple memories.
    - gldownload: handle passthrough without a critical.
    - h265parse: Fix framerate handling regression.
    - oggdemux: vp8 fixes.
    - mp4mux, qtmux, qtdemux: Opus audio mapping fixes.
    - pngdec: Fix wrong colours output from 16bit RGB images.
    - ptp clock: Work around ptpd bug in default configuration.
    - srtpdec: fix critical warnings on shutdown.
    - v4l2src: fix support for bayer format.
    - v4l2videoenc: support force-keyframe event in v4l2 encoder.
    - vtenc: apply DTS offset to ensure DTS <= PTS.
    - gst-python: allow more functions to be called before
    - various bug fixes, memory leak fixes, and other stability and
      reliability improvements.
    + gstreamer:
    - filesink: Fix buffered mode writing of buffer lists and
      buffers with multiple memories.
    - basesink: Clear EOS flag on STREAM-START event.
    - typefindhelper: downgrade bogus error level debug log
    - ptp:
      . Correctly parse clock ID from the commandline parameters in
      the helper.
      . Work around bug in ptpd in default configuration.
  - Rebase reduce-required-meson.patch.
* Wed May 24 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.22.3:
    + Highlighted bugfixes:
    - avdec: fix occasional video decoder deadlock on seeking with
      FFmpeg 6.0.
    - decodebin3: fix regression handling input streams without
      CAPS or TIME segment such as e.g. udpsrc or `pushfilesrc.
    - bluez: a2dpsink: fix Bluetooth SIG Certification test
    - osxvideosink: fix deadlock upon closing output window.
    - qtdemux: fix edit list handling regression and AV1 codec box
    - qtmux: fix extraction of CEA608 closed caption data from
      S334-1A packets.
    - rtspsrc: Fix handling of * control path.
    - splitmux: timestamp handling improvements.
    - v4l2videodec: Rework dynamic resolution change handling
      (needed for IMX6 mainline codec).
    - videoflip: fix regression with automatically rotating video
      based on tags.
    - d3d11: many d3d11videosink and d3d11compositor fixes.
    - webrtc, rtp: numerous data race fixes and stability fixes.
    - various bug fixes, memory leak fixes, and other stability and
      reliability improvements.
    + gstreamer:
    - tracing: Initialize tracing infrastructure even if the debug
      system is not compiled in.
    - parse-launch: fix missing unref of looked-up child element.
    - gstutils: Add category and object to most logging messages.
  - Rebase reduce-required-meson.patch.
* Wed Apr 12 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.22.2:
    + Highlighted bugfixes:
    - avdec_h264: fix decoder deadlocks with FFmpeg 6.0
    - rtspsrc:
      . fix regression with URI protocols in OPTIONS requests for
      RTSP over TLD
      . improved control url handling compatibility for broken
    - decklink: fix 10 bit RGB (r210) format auto detection for
      capture and fix playout if video caps are configured before
      audio caps
    - d3d11videosink: Fix tearing in case of fullscreen mode
    - playbin: fix deadlock when stopping stream with subtitles
      visible (even more)
    - typefinding: fix regression not detecting
      application/dash+xml in some corner cases
    - osxvideosink: fix broken aspect ratio and frame drawing
    - decodebin3, parsebin: Improve elementary stream handling when
      decoders are not present and fix hang when removing a failing
    - urisourcebin: Propagate sticky events from parsebin, so that
      the `STREAM_START` event with the `GstStream` info is always
      available when pads get exposed
    - v4l2: Add support for YVU420M format; mark JPEG content as
    - h264decoder, h265decoder: DPB bumping process and latency
      reporting fixes
    - Opus: Fix reading of extended channel config in MPEG-TS and
      fix missing sample rate when remuxing from RTP to Matroska
    - zxing: add support for building against zxing-c++ 2.0
    - cerbero: Fix packaging of Rust plugins on Android; fix modern
      Gentoo distro detection
    - various bug fixes, memory leak fixes, and other stability and
      reliability improvements
    + Gstreamer:
    - datetime: Return G_MAXFLOAT instead of G_MAXDOUBLE for no
      timezone offset
    - inputselector: Wake up streaming thread before
      PLAYING_TO_PAUSED transition
    - tools: fix potential crash when passing command-line options
      on Windows
  - Rebase patches with quilt.
* Thu Mar 09 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.22.1:
    + Highlighted bugfixes:
    - audio channel-mix: allow up to 64 channels (instead of up to
      63 channels)
    - avfvideosrc: Don't wait on main thread for permissions
    - avvidenc: avoid generating inaccurate output timestamps,
      especially with variable framerate streams
    - AV1 video codec caps signalling improvements in various
    - codectimestamper: Fix timestamping on sequence update
    - d3d11overlaycompositor: fix texture width and height
    - d3d11videosink: Fix rendering on external handle
    - dashdemux2: fix seek operation taking a log time to finish
      for some streams
    - nvencoder: Fix B-frame encoding on Linux and min buffers in
      auto GPU mode
    - playbin3: fixing buffering for live pipelines
    - playbin: fix potential deadlock when stopping stream with
      subtitles visible
    - redenc: fix setting of extension ID for twcc
    - rtspsrc: improved compatibility with more broken RTSP servers
    - v4l2h264dec: Fix Raspberry Pi4 will not play video in
    - vtdec: fix jittery playback of H.264 Level 4.1 movies in
    - vtdec: Fix non-deterministic frame output after flushing
    - vtenc: fix handling of interlaced ProRes on Apple M1 hardware
    - vtenc: don't advertise ARGB/RGBA64 input caps on M1 Pro/Max
      with macOS <13
    - wasapi2src: Fix loopback capture on Windows 10 Anniversary
    - tools: better handling of non-ASCII command line arguments on
    - gst-libav: fix build against newer ffmpeg versions
    - gst-python: Use arch-specific install dir for gi overrides
    - cerbero: Fix setuptools breakage in Python 3.11
    - macOS packages: Fix broken binaries on macos < 11.0
    - various bug fixes, memory leak fixes, and other stability and
      reliability improvements
    + gstreamer:
    - buffer: fix copy meta reference debug log formatting
    - bin: Don't unlock unlocked mutex in gst_bin_remove_func()
    - pad: Don't leak user_data in gst_pad_start_task()
    - aggregator: Always lock aggpad around update_time_level
    - inputselector: Avoid potential deadlock when shutting down,
      e.g. playbin with subtitles
    - multiqueue: Handle use-interleave latency live pipelines,
      fixing buffering for live pipelines in playbin3
    - GstBaseSrc: fix transfer annotation for fixate() virtual
    - GstBaseSrc, GstPushSrc: add nullable annotations to virtual
    - tools: Make sure UTF-8 encoded command line arguments on
  - Rebase patches with quilt.
* Tue Feb 07 2023
  - Add fix using sed to find gst-plugin-scanner-%{_target_cpu}
    program (boo#1207908).
* Fri Jan 27 2023 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add patch to reduce the required meson version to 0.61.0 since
    that's what we have in SLE 15:
    * reduce-required-meson.patch
  - Probably because of a problem in SLE's meson, the generated
    pkgconfig files are missing some variables that are needed by
    rpm to generate the pkgconfig(...) provides correctly. In order
    to fix this, we now check for those variables and insert them
    in the pc files before installation if they're missing.
* Tue Jan 24 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.22.0:
    + AV1 video codec support improvements
    + New HLS, DASH and Microsoft Smooth Streaming adaptive streaming
    + Qt6 support for rendering video inside a QML scene
    + Minimal builds optimised for binary size, including only the
      individual elements needed
    + Playbin3, Decodebin3, UriDecodebin3, Parsebin enhancements and
    + WebRTC simulcast support and support for Google Congestion
    + WebRTC-based media server ingestion/egress (WHIP/WHEP) support
    + New easy to use batteries-included WebRTC sender plugin
    + Easy RTP sender timestamp reconstruction for RTP and RTSP
    + ONVIF timed metadata support
    + New fragmented MP4 muxer and non-fragmented MP4 muxer
    + New plugins for Amazon AWS storage and audio transcription
    + New gtk4paintablesink and gtkwaylandsink renderers
    + New videocolorscale element that can convert and scale in one
      go for better performance
    + High bit-depth video improvements
    + Touchscreen event support in navigation API
    + Rust plugins now shipped in macOS and Windows/MSVC binary
    + H.264/H.265 timestamp correction elements for PTS/DTS
      reconstruction before muxers
    + Improved design for DMA buffer sharing and modifier handling
      for hardware-accelerated video decoders/encoders/filters and
      capturing/rendering on Linux
    + Video4Linux2 hardware accelerated decoder improvements
    + CUDA integration and Direct3D11 integration and plugin
    + New H.264 / AVC, H.265 / HEVC and AV1 hardware-accelerated
      video encoders for AMD GPUs using the Advanced Media Framework
      (AMF) SDK
    + applemedia: H.265 / HEVC video encoding + decoding support
    + androidmedia: H.265 / HEVC video encoding support
    + New "force-live" property for audiomixer, compositor,
      glvideomixer, d3d11compositor etc.
    + Lots of new plugins, features, performance improvements and bug
  - Rebase patches with quilt.
* Thu Dec 22 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.20.5:
    + This release only contains bugfixes and it should be safe to
      upgrade from 1.20.x.
    + systemclock waiting fixes for certain 32-bit platforms/libcs
    + alphacombine: robustness improvements for corner case scenarios
    + avfvideosrc: Report latency when doing screen capture
    + d3d11videosink: various thread-safety and stability fixes
    + decklink: fix performance issue when HDMI signal has been lost
      for a long time
    + flacparse: Fix handling of headers advertising 32 bits per
    + mpegts: Handle when iconv doesn't support ISO 6937 (e.g. musl
    + opengl: fix automatic dispmanx detection for rpi4 and fix usage
      of eglCreate/DestroyImage
    + opusdec: Various channel-related fixes
    + textrender: event handling fixes, esp. for GAP event
    + subparse: Fix non-closed tag handling
    + videoscale: fix handling of unknown buffer metas
    + videosink: reverse playback handling fixes
    + qtmux: Prefill mode fixes, especially for raw audio
    + multiudpsink: allow binding to IPv6 address
    + rtspsrc:
    - Fix usage of IPv6 connections in SETUP
    - Only EOS on timeout if all streams are timed out/EOS
    + splitmuxsrc: fix playback stall if there are unlinked pads
    + v4l2: Fix SIGSEGV on state change during format changes
    + wavparse robustness fixes
    + Fix static linking on macOS (opengl, vulkan)
    + gstreamer-vaapi: fix headless build against mesa >= 22.3.0
    + GStreamer Editing Services library: Fix build with tools
    + webrtc example/demo fixes
    + unit test fixes for aesdec and rtpjitterbuffer
    + Cerbero: Fix ios cross-compile with cmake on M1; some recipe
      updates and other build fixes
    + Miscellaneous bug fixes, memory leak fixes, and other stability
      and reliability improvements
    + Performance improvements
    + Changes in gstreamer base package:
    - allocator: Copy allocator name in gst_allocator_register()
    - concat: Properly propagate EOS seqnum
    - fakesrc: avoid time overflow with datarate
    - Fix build of 1.20 branch with Meson 0.64.1 for those who have
      hotdoc installed on their system.
    - gst-inspect: Don't leak list
    - meson: fix check for pthread_setname_np()
    - miniobject: support higher refcount values
    - pads: Fix non-serialized sticky event push, e.g. instant
      change rate events
    - padtemplate: Fix annotations
    - systemclock: Use futex_time64 syscall on x32 and other
      platforms that always...
    - -Wimplicit-function-declaration in pthread_setname_np check
      (missing GNUSOURCE)
* Fri Oct 21 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.20.4:
    + Highlighted bugfixes in 1.20.4:
    - avaudiodec: fix playback issue with WMA files, would throw an
      error at EOS with FFmpeg 5.x
    - Fix deadlock when loading gst-editing-services plugin
    - Fix input buffering capacity in live mode for aggregator,
      video/audio aggregator subclasses, muxers
    - glimagesink: fix crash on Android
    - subtitle handling and subtitle overlay fixes
    - matroska-mux: allow width + height changes for
    - rtspsrc: fix control url handling for spec compliant servers
      and add fallback for incompliant servers
    - WebRTC fixes
    - RTP retransmission fixes
    - video: fixes for formats with 4x subsampling and horizontal
      co-sited chroma (Y41B, YUV9, YVU9 and IYU9)
    - Fix consuming of the macOS package as a framework in XCode
    - Performance improvements
    - Miscellaneous bug fixes, memory leak fixes, and other
      stability and reliability improvements
    + gstreamer:
    - buffer: drop parent meta in deep copy/foreach_metadata
    - devicemonitor: Use a sync bus handler for the provider to
      avoid accumulating all messages until the provider is stopped
    - element: Fix requesting of pads with string templates
    - gst:
      . Protect initialization state with a recursive mutex
      . Add missing define guard for build without gstreamer debug
      logging support
    - gst_init: Initialize static plugins just before dynamic plugins
    - info: Parse "NONE" as a valid level name
    - meta: Set the parent refcount of the GstStructure correctly
    - pluginloader: Don't hang on short reads/writes
    - tracers: leaks:
      . Fix potentially invalid memory access when trying to detect
      object type
      . Fix object-refings.class flags
    - uri: When setting the same string again do nothing
    - value: Don't loop forever when serializing invalid flag
    + Base Libraries:
    - aggregator:
      . Fix input buffering in live mode (was too low before in
      many cases)
      . Fix reversed active/flushing arguments in debug log output
      . Reset EOS flag after receiving a stream-start event
    + Core Elements: queue2:
    - Hold the lock when modifying sinkresult
    - Fix deadlock when deactivate is called in pull mode
* Wed Jun 22 2022 Aaron Stern <>
  - Update to version 1.20.3
    + Highlighted bugfixes:
    - Security fixes in Matroska, MP4 and AVI demuxers
    - Fix scrambled video playback with hardware-accelerated
      VA-API decoders on certain Intel hardware
    - playbin3/decodebin3 regression fix for unhandled streams
    - Fragmented MP4 playback fixes
    - Android H.265 encoder mapping
    - Playback of MXF files produced by FFmpeg before March 2022
    - Fix rtmp2sink crashes on 32-bit platforms
    - WebRTC improvements
    - D3D11 video decoder and screen recorder fixes
    - Performance improvements
    - Support for building against OpenCV 4.6 and other build fixes
    - Miscellaneous bug fixes, memory leak fixes, and other
      stability and reliability improvements
    + gstreamer:
    - clock: Avoid creating a weakref with every entry
      (performance improvement)
    - plugin: add Apache 2 license to list of known licenses to avoid
    - gst_plugin_load_file: force plugin reload if filename differs
      Add support for LoongArch
* Mon May 09 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Enable use of libunwind on riscv64
* Mon May 09 2022 Markéta Machová <>
  - Update to version 1.20.2
    + Highlighted bugfixes:
    - avviddec: Remove vc1/wmv3 override and fix crashes on WMV
      files with FFMPEG 5.0+
    - macOS: fix plugin discovery for GStreamer installed via brew
      and fix loading of Rust plugins
    - rtpbasepayload: various header extension handling fixes
    - rtpopusdepay: fix regression in stereo input handling if
      sprop-stereo is not advertised
    - rtspclientsink: fix possible shutdown deadlock
    - mpegts: gracefully handle "empty" program maps and fix AC-4
    - mxfdemux: Handle empty VANC packets and fix EOS handling
    - playbin3: various playbin3, uridecodebin3, and playsink fixes
    - ptpclock: fix initial sync-up with certain devices
    - gltransformation: let graphene alloc its structures memory
    - webrtcbin fixes and webrtc sendrecv example improvements
    - video4linux2: various fixes including some fixes for
      Raspberry Pi users
    - videorate segment handling fixes and other fixes
    - nvh264dec, nvh265dec: Fix broken key-unit trick modes and
      reverse playback
    - wpe: Reintroduce persistent WebContext
    - cerbero: Make it easier to consume 1.20.1 macOS GStreamer
    - build fixes and gobject annotation fixes
    - bug fixes, security fixes, memory leak fixes, and other
      stability and reliability improvements
    + gstreamer:
    - devicemonitor: clean up signal handlers and hidden providers
    - Leaks tracer: fix pthread_atfork return value check leading
      to bogus warning in log
    - Rust plugins: Not picked up by the plugin loader on macOS
    - Failed to use plugins of latest GStreamer version 1.20.x
      installed by brew on macOS
    - ptpclock: Allow at least 100ms delay between Sync/Follow_Up
      and Delay_Req/Delay_Resp messages. Fixes problems acquiring
      initial sync with certain devices
    - meson: Add -Wl,-rpath,${libdir} on macOS
    - registry: skip Rust dep builddirs when searching for plugins
* Fri Mar 18 2022 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to version 1.20.1:
    + deinterlace: various bug fixes for yadif, greedy and scalerbob
    + gtk video sink: Fix rotation not being applied when paused
    + gst-play-1.0: Fix trick-mode handling in keyboard shortcut
    + jpegdec: fix RGB conversion handling
    + matroskademux: improved ProRes video handling
    + matroskamux: Handle multiview-mode/flags/pixel-aspect-ratio
      caps fields correctly when checking caps equality on input caps
    + videoaggregator fixes (negative rate handling, current position
    + soup http plugin: Lookup libsoup dylib files on Apple
      platforms; fix Cerbero static build on Android and iOS
    + Support build against libfreeaptx in openaptx plugin
    + Fix linking issues on Illumos distros
    + GstPlay: Fix new error + warning parsing API (was unusuable
    + mpegtsmux: VBR muxing fixes
    + nvdecoder: Various fixes for 4:4:4 and high-bitdepth decoding
    + Support build against libfreeaptx in openaptx plugin
    + webrtc: Various fixes to the webrtc-sendrecv python example
    + macOS: support a relocatable `GStreamer.framework` on macOS
    + macOS: fix applemedia plugin failing to load on ARM64 macOS
    + windows: ship wavpack library
    + gst-python: Fix build with Python 3.11
    + various bug fixes, memory leak fixes, and other stability and
      reliability improvements
    + plugin loader: show the reason when spawning of
      gst-plugin-scanner fails
    + registry, plugin loading: fix dynamic relocation if
      GST_PLUGIN_SUBDIR (libdir) is not a single subdirectory;
      improve GST_PLUGIN_SUBDIR handling
    + context: fix transfer annotation on
      gst_context_writable_structure() for bindings
    + baseparse: Don't truncate the duration to milliseconds in
    + bufferpool: Deactivate pool and get rid of references to other
      objects from dispose instead of finalize
* Fri Feb 04 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.20.0:
    + Development in GitLab was switched to a single git repository
      containing all the modules
    + GstPlay: new high-level playback library, replaces GstPlayer
    + WebM Alpha decoding support
    + Encoding profiles can now be tweaked with additional
      application-specified element properties
    + Compositor: multi-threaded video conversion and mixing
    + RTP header extensions: unified support in RTP depayloader and
      payloader base classes
    + SMPTE 2022-1 2-D Forward Error Correction support
    + Smart encoding (pass through) support for VP8, VP9, H.265 in
      encodebin and transcodebin
    + Runtime compatibility support for libsoup2 and libsoup3
      (libsoup3 support experimental)
    + Video decoder subframe support
    + Video decoder automatic packet-loss, data corruption, and
      keyframe request handling for RTP / WebRTC / RTSP
    + mp4 and Matroska muxers now support profile/level/resolution
      changes for H.264/H.265 input streams (i.e. codec data changing
      on the fly)
    + mp4 muxing mode that initially creates a fragmented mp4 which
      is converted to a regular mp4 on EOS
    + Audio support for the WebKit Port for Embedded (WPE) web page
      source element
    + CUDA based video color space convert and rescale elements and
      upload/download elements
    + NVIDIA memory:NVMM support for OpenGL glupload and gldownload
    + Many WebRTC improvements
    + The new VA-API plugin implementation fleshed out with more
      decoders and new postproc elements
    + AppSink API to retrieve events in addition to buffers and
      buffer lists
    + AppSrc gained more configuration options for the internal queue
      (leakiness, limits in buffers and time, getters to read current
    + Updated Rust bindings and many new Rust plugins
    + Improved support for custom minimal GStreamer builds
    + Support build against FFmpeg 5.0
    + Linux Stateless CODEC support gained MPEG-2 and VP9
    + Windows Direct3D11/DXVA decoder gained AV1 and MPEG-2 support
    + Lots of new plugins, features, performance improvements and bug
  - Use ldconfig_scriptlets macro for post(un) handling where
  - Update Source url.
* Fri Feb 04 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.18.6:
    + gstplugin: Fix for UWP build
    + gst-ptp-helper: Do not disable multicast loopback
    + concat: fix qos event handling
    + pluginfeature: Fix object leak
    + baseparse: fix invalid avg_bitrate after reset
    + multiqueue: Fix query unref race on flush
    + gst: Initialize optional event/message fields when parsing
    + bitwriter: Fix the trailing bits lost when getting its data
    + multiqueue: never consider a queue that is not waiting
    + input-selector: Use proper segments when cleaning cached
* Thu Sep 16 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Stop building doc sub-package, we will in the future use
    upstreams own standalone doc package. Following this: Drop
    fdupes, gtk-doc and hotdoc BuildRequires, and fdupes call, no
    longer needed nor usefull.
  - Refresh patches with quilt.
* Thu Sep 16 2021 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Remove obsolete translation-update-upstream and
    gnome-patch-translation support (jsc#SLE-21105).
* Wed Sep 15 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.18.5:
    + aggregator:
    - Release the SRC lock while querying latency
    - Release pads' peeked buffer when removing the pad or
      finalizing it
    + basesink: Don't swap rstart/rstop when stepping
    + basesrc: Print segments with GST_SEGMENT_FORMAT and not
    + childproxy: init value in gst_child_proxy_get_property() if
    + clocksync: Fix providing system clock by default
    + concat:
    - Properly propagate seqnum of segment events
    - adjust running time offsets on downstream events
    - fix locking in SEGMENT event handler
    + downloadbuffer/sparsefile: several fixes for win32
    + element: NULL the lists of contexts in dispose()
    + multiqueue:
    - Use running time of gap events for wakeups.
    - Ensure peer pad exists when iterating internal links
    + pad:
    - Keep IDLE probe hook alive during immediate callback
    - Ensure last flow return is set on sink pads in push mode
    - Don't spam the debug log at INFO level when default-chaining
      a buffer list
    - clear probes holding mutex
    + parse-launch:
    - Fix a critical when using the : operator.
    + Don't do delayed property setting for top-level properties.
    + plugin: load plugins with unknown license strings
    + ptpclock: Don't leak the GList
    + queue2: Refuse all serialized queries when posting buffering
    + systemclock: Update monotonic reference time when re-scheduling
    + High CPU usage in 1.18 (but not master) when pausing playback
      in gnome-music
    + Don't use volatile to mean atomic (fixes compiler warnings with
      gcc 11)
* Fri Mar 19 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.18.4:
    important security fixes for ID3 tag reading, matroska and realmedia
    parsing, and gst-libav audio decoding
    * audiomixer, audioaggregator: input buffer handling fixes
    * decodebin3: improve stream-selection message handling
    * uridecodebin3: make “caps” property work
    * wavenc: fix writing of INFO chunks in some cases
    * v4l2: bt601 colorimetry, allow encoder resolution changes, fix
      decoder frame rate negotiation
    * decklinkvideosink: fix auto format detection, and fixes for 29.97fps
      framerate output
    * mpeg-2 video handling fixes when seeking
    * avviddec: fix bufferpool negotiation and possible memory corruption
      when changing resolution
    * various stability, performance and reliability improvements
    * memory leak fixes
    * build fixes: rpicamsrc, qt overlay example, d3d11videosink on UWP
    * info: Don’t leak log function user_data if the debug system is
      compiled out
    * task: Use SetThreadDescription() Win32 API for setting thread names,
      which preserves thread names in dump files.
    * buffer, memory: Mark info in map functions as caller-allocates and
      pass allocation params as const pointers where possible
    * clock: define AUTO_CLEANUP_FREE_FUNC for GstClockID
    * tag: id3v2: fix frame size check and potential invalid reads
    * audio: Fix gst_audio_buffer_truncate() meta handling for
      non-interleaved audio
    * audioresample: respect buffer layout when draining
    * audioaggregator: fix input_buffer ownership
    * decodebin3: change stream selection message owner, so that the app
      sends the stream-selection event to the right element
    * rtspconnection: correct data_size when tunneled mode
    * uridecodebin3: make caps property work
    * video-converter: Don’t upsample invalid lines
    * videodecoder: Fix racy critical when pool negotiation occurs during
    * video: Convert gst_video_info_to_caps() to take self as const ptr
    * examples: added qt core dependency for qt overlay example
    * matroskademux: header parsing fixes
    * rpicamsrc: depend on posix threads and vchiq_arm to fix build on
      raspios again
    * wavenc: Fixed INFO chunk corruption, caused by odd sized data not
      being padded
    * wavpackdec: Add floating point format support to fix distortions in
      some cases
    * v4l2: recognize V4L2 bt601 colorimetry again
    * v4l2videoenc: support resolution change stream encode
    * v4l2h265codec: fix HEVC profile string issue
    * v4l2object: Need keep same transfer as input caps
    * v4l2videodec: Fix vp8 and vp9 streams can’t play on board with
      vendor bsp
    * v4l2videodec: fix src side frame rate negotiation
    * avwait: Don’t post messages with the mutex locked
    * d3d11h264dec: Reconfigure decoder object on DPB size change and keep
      track of actually configured DPB size
    * dashsink: fix double unref of sinkpad caps
    * decklinkvideosink: Use correct numerator for 29.97fps
    * decklinkvideosink: fix auto format detection
    * decklinksrc: Use a more accurate capture time
    * d3d11videosink: Fix build error on UWP
    * interlace: negotiation and buffer leak fixes
    * mpegvideoparse: do not clip, so decoder receives data from keyframe
      even if it’s before the segment start
    * mpegtsparse: Fix switched DTS/PTS when set-timestamps=false
    * nvh264sldec: Reopen decoder object if larger DPB size is required
    * sdpsrc: fix double free if sdp is provided as string via the
    * vulkan: Fix elements long name.
* Sat Jan 16 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 1.18.3:
    + Highlighted bugfixes:
    - Fix ogg playback regression for ogg files that also have ID3
      or APE tags
    - compositor: fix artefacts and invalid memory access when
      blending subsampled formats
    - Exported mini object ref/unref/copy functions for use in
      bindings such as gstreamer-sharp
    - Add support for Apple silicon (M1) to cerbero package builder
    - Ship RIST plugin in binary packages
    - Various stability, performance and reliability improvements
    - Memory leak fixes
    - Build fixes
    + gstreamer:
    - gst: Add non-inline ref/unref/copy/replace methods for
      various mini objects (buffer, bufferlist, caps, context,
      event, memory, message, promise, query, sample, taglist, uri)
      for use in bindings such as gstreamer-sharp.
    - harness: don't use GST_DEBUG_OBJECT with GstHarness which is
      not a GObject.



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