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tvbrowser-4.2.6-1.2 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: tvbrowser Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 4.2.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Wed Jun 15 07:47:51 2022
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/Other Build host: lamb12
Size: 6565498 Source RPM: tvbrowser-4.2.6-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Digital TV guide
TV-Browser is Plugin based digital TV guide. Plugins can be installed with
the download function of TV-Browser.






* Wed May 11 2022
  - update to version 4.2.6
    * Filter highlighting not saved
    * Import directory of version is questioned before selecting of
      import directory for transportable version
    * Reminders are not imported
* Sun May 08 2022
  - update to version 4.2.5
    * Easier building of FormLayouts
    * Allow multiple entries for exclusions in Favorites
    * Layout improvements
    * Use height instead of width for time buttons spread
    * Disabled context menu items should not be shown in program info
    * Allow disabling of sub sub context menu entries
    * Always use newest instance of program to show in ProgramInfo
    * Reminders not updated after data update
    * Add option to show info when test version of TV-Browser is available
    * Show info when using outdated TV-Browser version
    * Unify handling of properties for all type of plugins, add automated
    * Allow creation of new filter in filter selection panel
    * Add option to highlight programs of filter
    * Add option to show plugin actions in context menu of tabs and toolbar
    * Easier access for editing filter components
    * Add option to not show download dialog again in the running session
    * Linkify additional plugin program infos
    * Possible NPE at creating program text for additional plugin infos
    * Transportable version doesn't find import directory under Linux
    * Order settings in groups
    * Last line of description missing
* Wed Dec 22 2021
  - update to version 4.2.4
    * Add support for ARM 64 CPU under macOS
    * High CPU load after installing plugins
    * support native full screen mode under macOS for restoring after
    * support OpenJDK usage for transportable version under macOS
    * Don't count programs more than once in Favorite tree
    * High CPU load when showing current reminders
    * Small naming improvements
    * GUI drawing problems after deleting certain plugins
    * Add import of Android Favorites definitions
    * Ask plugin before saving settings or data
    * Add option to highlight channels in programtable by mouse entering
      channel label
    * CCME in ReminderList
    * Episode title too dark in program info for dark background colors
    * High CPU usage while displaying reminder list
    * Add method to get filter by name for FilterManager
    * Provide panel for selection of filter
    * Add maximum wait time for closing TV-Browser during running
      data update
    * Possible exception during data update
    * NPE when filter file is broken
    * Add warning if Acronis True Image is used on system
    * Other plugins should be able to request deleting of Reminder
    * Reminder and Favorites cannot receive programs
    * Season number parameter causes Exception
* Thu Jul 01 2021
  - update to version 4.2.3
    * Menu item to open settings directory
    * Show progress during downloading plugins
    * Inform plugins when TV-Browser version was updated
    * Add function to replace new line characters with single white space
    * Add function to escape quotes in parameter handler
    * Escaped quotes are not recognized when building command line
      parameters for executing external processes
    * Add escape charactar to string sequences in parameter library
    * Show info to user if plugin file is outside of user space on deleting
    * Show channel configuration only if data plugins are installed
    * Config assistant freezes TV-Browser if no data plugin is installed
    * Add autostart option for Linux
    * Plugins can return information about a program
    * Better display of additional persons in info dialog
    * Allow reset of plugin settings handled by TV-Browser
    * Show info if restart is needed to apply changes
    * Show genric filter info for context menu settings
    * Duration exclusion not saved
    * Only add date separators visibly to program list
    * Global Favorite exclusions disappear after restart of TV-Browser
    * Add tvb:// protocol handling
    * Description not always printed in program table
  - Update NewsPlugin to
* Sun Dec 27 2020
  - update to version 4.2.2
    * ProgramList contains unneeded gaps
    * On air status of program not refreshed under certain conditions
    * Add free text filter to plugin settings tab
    * Add option to prefilter showing of Reminders
    * Add option to pause reminder for time range
    * Already removed reminders reappear after data update
    * Add history to settings dialog
    * Allow highlighting with gradient colors
    * Add auto update option only for prime time
    * TV-Browser doesn't start with _JAVA_OPTIONS set
    * Allow easy exclusion of programs from Favorite based on
    * Crash under macOS
    * flexibilize parameter handler
    * Possible NPE if filter files are broken
    * Add default filter for live programs
    * Add free text filter to plugin download dialog
    * Show exclusions to user when newly created favorite doesn't
      find program it was based on
    * Add option to select/handle type of send programs to plugins
    * Provide menu to delete all reminders with certain conditions
    * Allow plugins to inject ActionMenu into context menu for
      programs requested by plugin
    * Ask user periodically for deletion of old versions settings files
    * Ask user for import directory if more than one was recently
    * Plugins cannot delete own filters
    * Allow more highlighting colors
    * High CPU usage under certain conditions
    * Settings export goes to wrong directory with Linux OS
  - Update NewsPlugin to
* Tue Dec 15 2020
  - update to version 4.2.1
    * Make sure plugins are informed about TV-Browser started event
      before starting auto update
    * Registry values can not be set under Windows
    * Allow copying of removed/added channels to clipboard
    * Tray popup at wrong location on scaled displays
    * Allow plugins to get context menu item of single plugin
    * multiple mark priority settings only return mark priority of
      first item
    * follow XDG Base Directory Specification on Linux systems
    * TV-Browser is not starting up in some cases
    * Program count missing in plugin tree
* Mon Sep 30 2019
  - update to version 4.2
    - Check if TV-Browser window is below task bar
    - Divider position not remembered for Favorite tab
    - use earliest reminder time for multiple reminders of program
    - Option for alternative info display for program panels based on filter
    - Add update function for TV-Browser JRE
    - Smaller setting design improvements
    - Program table not painted correctly on high resolution screens
    - add option to duplicate filters and filter components
    - Open TV-Browser on last used screen
    - Allow smoother scrolling in lists with programs
    - graphical errors while scrolling plugin installation list with touch pad
    - make TV-Browser Java 11 based
    - Add panning support
    - Add compounded field for origin and production year fields
    - Close in dual start warning not working
    - Picture copyright is not searchable
  - Add patch fix-junit-classpath.patch
* Mon Apr 22 2019
  - update to version 4.0.1
    - Prevent pictures from growing in height too much
    - Programs are not updated in frame with reminders
    - Make start menu entries for Windows optional
    - Autoresize reminder window
    - Add system wide key shortcuts
    - Date selection is not update if calendar is used
    - Update launch4j itself and configuration
    - TV Browser - Java 9 - Windows doesn't start.
    - Center weekday labels in date selection table
    - Filter edit in Favorites resets selected filter
    - Allow to research all Favorite programs
    - Show reminders time sorted when shown together
* Mon Sep 25 2017
  - update to version 4
    - Pos1 jumps mostly to the end of a program list
    - TV-Browser freezes at startup
    - Filter components wrongly added
    - Allow disabling of plugin sub menu items in context menu of program
    - Better focus handling for tabs in main frame
    - Context menu entry for setup of plugin in tabs
    - Show icons in tabs
    - Allow setup of line spacing for program panel font setting
    - Show channel groups in filterable program panel filter selection
    - Add option to show new found Favorite programs
    - Allow disabling of short description in ProgramInfo
    - Keyboard shortcuts for plugin actions should also work in fullscreen mode
    - Allow plugins to show more than one context menu action directly in context menu
    - Toolbar button for showing of menu
    - Allow displaying of original title if available
    - Function to highlight channel in program table that is scrolled to
    - Cancel search when search result dialog is closed
    - Longer pre data update waiting time
    - Allow deletion of single entries of search history
    - Colored backgrounds for channel label
    - Add easy copying of links
    - Use same logic for user defined font
    - Option to select more than 1 mouse action for plugin
    - Option to default to horizontal scroll in program table
    - Better reminder dialog
    - More exclusion options for Favorites
    - Wrong text for FAYT filter
    - Allow setup of reminder minutes for Favorites
    - AppData.xml file for Linux software stores
    - .deb package: symbolic link to init-script doesnt work
    - Time zone normalization might miss daylight savings time
    - Possible NPE in creation of tray programs menu
  - Update NewsPlugin to
  - Raise Java dependencies to 1.8
  - Drop tvbrowser.appdata.xml and install the file included in the
    source tarball
  - increase java heap space
* Fri Apr 21 2017
  - use strip-nondeterminism to make build fully reproducible



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