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ed25519-java-0.3.0-2.6 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: ed25519-java Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.3.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.6 Build date: Thu Sep 1 07:11:30 2022
Group: Unspecified Build host: sheep85
Size: 79636 Source RPM: ed25519-java-0.3.0-2.6.src.rpm
Summary: Implementation of EdDSA (Ed25519) in Java
This is an implementation of EdDSA in Java. Structurally, it
is based on the ref10 implementation in SUPERCOP (see

There are two internal implementations:

* A port of the radix-2^51 operations in ref10
  - fast and constant-time, but only useful for Ed25519.
* A generic version using BigIntegers for calculation
  - a bit slower and not constant-time, but compatible
    with any EdDSA parameter specification.






* Tue Mar 22 2022 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Build with source and target levels 8
  - Added patches:
    * 0001-EdDSAEngine.initVerify-Handle-any-non-EdDSAPublicKey.patch
    * 0002-Disable-test-that-relies-on-internal-sun-JDK-classes.patch
      + Remove use of internal sun JDK classes
* Mon Jun 29 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Initial packaging of ed25519 0.3.0



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