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libopenmpt0-0.6.4-1.2 RPM for riscv64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for riscv64

Name: libopenmpt0 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.6.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Tue Sep 13 20:03:56 2022
Group: System/Libraries Build host: sheep88
Size: 1163179 Source RPM: libopenmpt-0.6.4-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Library to operate with module formats using the openmpt API
libopenmpt is a C++ and C library to decode tracker music files
(modules) into a PCM audio stream. It is based on the player code of
the OpenMPT project, a descendant of the original ModPlug Tracker.






* Wed Jun 15 2022 Mia Herkt <>
  - Update to 0.6.4
    * Fix: Ping-pong sample loops sometimes stopped playing at the
      end of the loop.
* Mon May 16 2022 Danilo Spinella <>
  - Update to 0.6.3:
    * Pitch / Pan Separation and Random Variation instrument properties
      were not resetting properly when seeking, potentially causing
      instruments to be played e.g. at a vastly different pan position
      compared to playing the module continuously.
    * MED: Stereo samples were not imported correctly.
* Thu Mar 31 2022 Danilo Spinella <>
  - Update to 0.6.2:
    * [**Sec**] Possible out-of-bounds write in malformed IT / XM / MPTM files
      using the internal LFO plugin. (r17076)
    * [**Sec**] Possible out-of-bounds read when using Amiga BLEP interpolation
      with extremely high-pitched notes. (r17078, r17079)
    * ISO-8859-1-related charsets from Amiga OS and RISC OS are now handled more
      accurately, thus avoiding some unwanted control characters.
    * MO3: Pattern indices 254 / 255 were not treated as playable patterns even if
      the original file was a MOD / XM.
    * Correctly apply ST3-style effect memory when seeking in S3M files.
    * Command S (S3M / IT style) effect memory was not applied when seeking.
    * Initial channel mute status was not reported correctly in `get_channel_mute_status`
      since libopenmpt 0.6.0.
  - Fix build on Leap by using GCC-11 as charconv header is only included
    from GCC-8 onwards
* Mon Jan 31 2022 Mia Herkt <>
  - Update to 0.6.1:
    * [Bug] Possible hang with malformed DMF, DSM, MED, MUS, OKT and
      SymMOD files containing 65536 or more patterns when destroying
      the module.
    * [Bug] Avoid NaNs and infinite values with custom tunings and in
      the I3DL2Reverb plugin.
    * MIDI macros are now evaluated when seeking.
    * The letter “z” is now evaluated in fixed MIDI macros (Z80…ZFF)
      the same way as in Impulse Tracker.
    * MOD: Loosened VBlank timing heuristics so that “frame of mind”
      by Dascon plays correctly.
    * MOD: Validate the contents of “hidden” patterns beyond the end
      of the order list when the file size matches the expected size
      when only taken “official” patterns into account. This fixes
      Shofixti Ditty.mod from Star Control 2 while keeping other
      (partly broken) modules working.
    * MED: Command 20 (reverse sample) is now only applied when it’s
      next to a note.
    * S3M: Introducing the “Send OPL key-off when triggering notes”
      compatibility setting broke retrigger for OPL notes again
      (they retriggered rather than not retriggering).
    * S3M: Retriggering a note no longer resets its pitch after a
    * S3M: Partially implement retrigger behaviour for stopped notes
      in SoundBlaster mode: Like in IT, it is not possible to
      retrigger a sample that has already stopped playing.
    * DIGI: Improve compatibility with E3x reverse sample command.
    * DSym: Tempos < 32 were treated as tempo slides.
    * SymMOD: Key-off command was not implemented properly.
  - Changes in 0.6.0:
    * [New] MUS files from Psycho Pinball and Micro Machines 2 are
      now supported.
    * [New] SymMOD files created with Symphonie / Symphonie Pro are
      now supported.
    * [New] FMT files created with Davey W Taylor’s FM Tracker are
      now supported.
    * [New] DSYM files created with Digital Symphony are now
    * [New] STX files (transitional format between Scream Tracker 2
      and 3) are now supported.
    * [New] TakeTracker MODs with TDZ1 to TDZ3 magic bytes are now
    * [New] libopenmpt_ext: New interface interactive2 adding
      and openmpt::ext::interactive2::get_note_finetune() (C++)
      and openmpt_module_ext_interface_interactive2.note_off(),
      and openmpt_module_ext_interface_interactive2.get_note_finetune() (C).
    * [Change] libopenmpt no longer generates internal interpolation
      tables on library load time, but instead only on first module
      load time.
    * libopenmpt can now detect infinite pattern loops and treats
      them as the song end. This means that setting a repeat count
      other than -1 now always guarantees that playback will
      eventually end. The song loop counter is decremented each time
      it ends up at the start of the infinite loop, so the song does
      not restart from the beginning even if the repeat count is not
    * openmpt::module::set_position_seconds() accuracy has been
      improved for modules with pattern loops.
    * Samples played at the wrong volume when rendering modules in
    * IT: Portamentos in files with Linear Slides disabled are now
      more accurate.
    * IT: Pitch/Pan Separation was affected by note-off commands,
      and wasn’t reset by panning commands like in Impulse Tracker.
    * IT: Even after libopenmpt 0.5.14 the filter reset logic was
      still not 100% identical to Impulse Tracker: A note triggered
      on tick 0 of a row with a Pattern Delay effect still caused the
      filter to be reset on repetitions of that row even though the
      note wasn’t retriggered.
    * IT: Added read-only support for BeRoTracker commands 1 and 2
      (equivalent to XM commands K and L).
    * XM: BeRoTracker saves smooth MIDI macros in a different way
      from OpenMPT. This command is now imported correctly.
    * XM: Emulate FT2 Tone Portamento quirk that inverts portamento
      direction after the target was reached (if target note was
      higher than previous note).
    * S3M files saved with Impulse Tracker and latest Schism Tracker
      now also compute sample playback speed in Hertz.
    * Depending on whether an S3M file was last saved in Scream
      Tracker with the Sound Blaster or Gravis Ultrasound drivers
      loaded, different compatibility flags are now applied. For
      files saved with the GUS, the sample volume factor is now also
      ignored (fixes volume levels in S3Ms made on the GUS,
      in particular if they use both samples and OPL instruments).
    * S3M: Enforce the lower frequency bound.
    * MOD: Loosened VBlank timing heuristics so that the original
      copy of Guitar Slinger from Dizzy Tunes II plays correctly.
    * FAR: Correct portamento depth is now used.
    * DMF / IMF: Improved accuracy of finetune commands.
    * MDL: Implemented finetune command.
    * OKT: Various accuracy improvements such as: Sharing volume
      between mixed channels, volume commands on mixed channels are
      permanent (not reset with new notes), mixed channels do not
      support default sample volume, 7-bit samples are actually
      supposed to be played as-is (not amplified to full 8-bit
      range), reject speed command parameters >= 20.
* Thu Dec 23 2021 Mia Herkt <>
  - Update to 0.5.14:
    * [Sec] Possible out-of-bounds read in Chorus plugin with NaN
      plugin parameters. Most implementations of the “fast math”
      compiler optimizations will prevent this crash but it is not
      guaranteed. (r16096)
    * [Bug] Fixed undefined behaviour with custom tunings found with
    * OPL: Improved channel allocation strategy when there are lots
      of faded-out notes.
    * MOD: Digital Tracker MODs have four unknown bytes right after
      the magic bytes which seem to be ignored even by Digital
      Tracker itself. Just skip over them.
    * The logic when to turn off the resonant filter was broken in
      some edge cases since libopenmpt 0.5.1.
    * IMF: Implemented XE1-XE3 commands, which disable individual
      envelopes. Command Nxy (cutoff slide + resonance) is now also
      partially supported (only resonance for now).
    * IMF: Filter envelopes were upside down.
    * MTM: Omitting pattern loading through the load.skip_patterns
      ctl caused sample data to be corrupted.
    * S3M: Ignore O00 commands in files created with Scream Tracker
      3.00 and 3.01, as this command only gained effect memory in
      version 3.03.
    * STM: Use S3M-like sample swap behaviour.
    * XM: Disable arpeggio quirk for XMs made with Skale Tracker.
      Fixes KAPTENFL.XM.
* Wed Dec 01 2021 Danilo Spinella <>
  - Update to 0.5.13:
    * [Bug] Fixed various undefined behaviour found with ubsan.
    * IMF: Change envelope interpretation to be more like in XM instead of
      IT and tighten header validation.
    * MED: Some samples had a ping-pong loop when there should be no loop at all.
    * MT2: Ignore incorrect drums chunk size in early MT2 files (fixes e.g.
      “A little Rock” by Csumi).
    * MT2: Work around initial master volume of 0 used in some files that apply
      a fade-in a the song start using track automation that would stay silent
      forever otherwise (track automation is currently not supported).
    * OKT: Apply portamento on every tick.
    * mpg123: Update to v1.29.2 (2021-10-23).
* Fri Oct 22 2021 Danilo Spinella <>
  - Update to 0.5.12:
    * [Sec] Possible crash when loading malformed MDL files. (r15603)
    * [Bug] Fixed various undefined behaviour found with ubsan.
    * Seeking with sample sync sometimes didn’t compute the correct
      sample position with pingpong-looped samples.
    * IT: Tremor command I11 erroneously behaved like I00 (use previous
      parameter) unless IT Old Effects were enabled.
    * PTM: Panning was translated wrong in some edge cases.
    * IMF / PTM: Note Slide commands were sometimes slightly off.
    * OKT: Better support for fine note slides.
    * DBM: Echo enable effect parameter range checks were incorrect.
    * XM: Sample texts in XMs made with MadTracker are now also
      decoded using Windows-1252 encoding.
    * in_openmpt: Song metadata is no longer reverted when viewing
      file info.
    * mpg123: Update to v1.29.0 (2021-09-06).
* Mon Aug 23 2021 Mia Herkt <>
  - Update to 0.5.11:
    * [Sec] Possible crash with malformed modules when trying to
      access non-existent plugin slots FX251-FX255.
    * [Sec] Possible read beyond sample start after swapping to a
      sample with loop points set but not loop enabled.
    * [Sec] Fixed various possible crashes with malformed MMCMP
    * [Sec] MED: Possible read past end of sequence name
      (stack-allocated, so relatively unlikely to result in a
    * Fixed excessive memory usage with files claiming to have an
      extremely high rows per beat count while also using tempo
      swing. Maximum rows per beat are now limited to 65536.
    * STP: Avoid creating thousands of patterns when loading
      malformed files even though no more pattern data can be read.
* Sun Jul 11 2021 Mia Herkt <>
  - Update to 0.5.10:
    * S3M: Honor the Stereo flag not being set. This improves the
      sound of some tunes like Turbulence by Purple Motion.
    * S3M: Detect MPT 1.0 alpha versions which didn’t set the Stereo
      flag. In this case, the unset Stereo flag is also ignored
      because MPT 1.0 alpha used the default S3M channel panning
    * S3M: Only for OPL instruments the high sample rate bits should
      be ignored; for PCM instruments they are clamped to 65535 Hz.
    * MOD: Do not apply ProTracker loop length quirk to MODs that
      could have been made with Scream Tracker (fixes Soul-O-Matic
      by Purple Motion).
    * AMF (DSMI): Format revisions 1 and 9, as well as early
      (technically malformed) revision 10 files, are now supported.
      Surround panning commands and instrument number without note
      are now converted correctly.
    * AMF (DSMI): Patterns and samples were not read correctly in
      some files (e.g. AVOID.AMF).
    * GDM: Correctly import extra-fine portamentos.
* Wed Jun 23 2021 Mia Herkt <>
  - Update to 0.5.9:
    * The retrigger effect didn’t work correctly for OPL instruments
      in some cases depending on the chosen output sample rate.
    * S3M: Emulate IT short sample retrigger quirk in S3M files saved
      with Impulse Tracker and Schism Tracker.
    * ProTracker 3.6 doesn’t support sample swapping. It is now
      disabled when loading a ProTracker 3.6 IFF module.
    * Some files with “hidden” garbage patterns were not played
      correctly since libopenmpt 0.5.3.
    * MOD: E9x retrigger now works the same way as in ProTracker 2.
    * MDL: Improve auto-vibrato accuracy.
    * 669: Reject files that contain any pattern tempo higher than
    * Reduce memory consumption of malformed XPK-compressed files.
* Tue Apr 20 2021 Mia Herkt <>
  - Update to 0.5.8:
    * [Sec] Possible null-pointer dereference read caused by a
      sequence of openmpt::module::read,
      openmpt::module::set_position_order_row pointing to an invalid
      pattern, and another openmpt::module::read call. To trigger the
      crash, pattern 0 must not exist in the file and the tick speed
      before the position jump must be lower than the initial speed
      of the module.
    * [Bug] libopenmpt 0.5.7 broke seeking in some subsongs.
    * The built-in LFO plugin did not load the correct initial LFO
    * IT command S7x (instrument control) is now supported when
      seeking with sample sync enabled.
    * libopenmpt_ext play_note was cutting of channels even when
      there were plenty of free channels to use.
* Sat Mar 20 2021 Mia Herkt <>
  - Update to 0.5.7:
    * [Sec] Possible null-pointer dereference read caused by a
      sequence of openmpt::module::read,
      openmpt::module::set_position_seconds with a position past the
      song end, and another openmpt::module::read call.
    * IT: Instrument / sample panning was reset on note-off / fade
    * IMF: Set Finetune is now implemented correctly.
    * Fixed excessive memory consumption with malformed files in
      various formats.
* Sun Mar 14 2021 Mia Herkt <>
  - Update to 0.5.6:
    * AMS: Avoid allocating excessive amount of memory for compressed
      song message in malformed files.
    * S3M: Some samples or OPL patches were imported with a too high
      sample rate if module was saved with Scream Tracker 3.
* Tue Feb 02 2021 Mia Herkt <>
  - Update to 0.5.5:
    * [Bug] stb_vorbis: Fix decoding of Vorbis streams without
      comments which affected most Vorbis samples since stb_vorbis
    * openmpt::ext::interactive::set_pitch_factor wasn’t applied to
      OPL voices.
    * OPL channel state (in particular current patch) is now updated
      when seeking.
    * The FT2 tremolo quirk is now also applied to MOD files.
      FT2 just copied the quirky code from ProTracker!
    * DMF: Preserve effects better in some situations where there is
      more than one effect in a pattern cell.
    * DMF: Improve import of finetune effect with parameters larger
      than +/-15.
* Wed Dec 16 2020 Mia Herkt <>
  - Update to 0.5.4:
    * AMS: An upper bound for uncompressed sample size is now
      established to avoid memory exhaustion from malformed files.
    * DMF: Support early format beta versions (in particular versions
    * MED: Also use octave wrapping in 8-channel mode for MMD0/MMD1
    * MED: If 8-channel mode is activated, ignore BPM mode.
    * MED: Emulate tempo commands F01 and F02 quirk.
    * MED: Tempo commands below 32 BPM were interpreted as tempo
    * IMF: Instrument sample mapping was off by one octave, notable
      in the guitar part of Astaris by Karsten Koch.
    Changes in 0.5.3:
    * [Sec] Possible hang if a MED file claimed to contain 256 songs.
    * [Bug] libopenmpt: openmpt::is_extension_supported2() exported
      symbol was missing (C++).
    * [Bug] openmpt::module::set_position_seconds sometimes behaved
      as if the song end was reached when seeking into a pattern loop
      and in some other corner cases.
    * Increase threshold for ignoring panning commands from 820 to
    * Subsong names now fall back to the first pattern’s name if
    * MO3: Avoid certain ModPlug hacks from being fixed up twice,
      which could lead to e.g. very narrow pan swing range for old
      OpenMPT IT files saved with a recent MO3 encoder version.
    * MO3: Some files with corrupted envelope data could be rejected
      completely (normally libopenmpt should fix up the envelope
    * MO3: Song metadata didn’t correctly identify MPTM as source
      format (it appeared as IT instead).
    * STM: Change tempo computation to behave like Scream Tracker 2.3
      instead of Scream Tracker 2.2, as the playback frequencies we
      use for sample playback are closer to those of Scream Tracker
    * PLM: Percentage offset (Mxx) was slightly off.
    * WOW: Fix loading of several files and harden WOW detection.
    Changes in 0.5.2:
    * PP20: The first few bytes of some files were not decompressed
      properly, making some files unplayable (depending on the
      original format).
    Changes in 0.5.1:
    * [Bug] libopenmpt/libopenmpt.h failed to compile with
    * MPTM: Qxy now retriggers OPL notes if new compatibility flag is
      set in file.
    * MPTM: Bring back old OPL note end-of-envelope behaviour for
      files made with OpenMPT 1.28.
    * IT: Global volume slides with both nibbles set preferred the
      “slide up” nibble over the “slide down” nibble in old OpenMPT
      versions, unlike other slides. Such old files are now imported
      correctly again.
    * IT: Fixed an edge case where, if the filter hit full
      cutoff / no resonance on the first tick of a row where a new
      delayed note would be triggered, the filter would be disabled
      even though it should stay active. Fixes by maddie.
    * OXM: Some sample loops were not imported correctly.
    * XM: Out-of-range arpeggio clamping behaviour broke in OpenMPT The arpeggios in Binary World by Dakota now play
      correctly again.
    * S3M: Support old-style sample pre-amp value in very early
      S3M files.
    * S3M: Only force-enable fast slides for files ST 3.00.
      Previously, any S3M file made with an ST3 version older than
      3.20 enabled them.
    * S3M: Only apply volume and middle-C speed on instrument change
      if the new sample slot has sample data.
    * MOD: Fix an infinite loop in GamerMan by MrGamer by playing
      non-ProTracker MODs more like FT2 would.
    * M15: Improve tracker detection heuristics to never assume
      SoundTracker 2.0 if there is a huge number of Dxx commands,
      as that is a definite hint that they should be treated as
      volume slides. Fixes Monty On The Run by Master Blaster.
    * MO3: Support OPL patches in MO3 files created from MPTM and S3M
    * DBM: If a global pattern command would be lost because both
      effect commands in a cell would have to go into the regular
      effect column (e.g. a speed and a tempo command), the lost
      command is now attempted to be written into a different cell
      on the same row. Fixes “Party-Question V” by grogon.
* Sun Jun 07 2020 Dave Plater <>
  - Remove devel packages requirement on obsolete modplug
* Sun May 24 2020 Mia Herkt <>
  - Drop libmodpulg-pcfile.patch
  - Update to 0.5.0:
    * [New] OggMod compressed FastTracker 2 XM (OXM) modules are now
    * [New] The emulated Amiga type when Amiga resampler emulation
      is enabled can now be selected via ctl
      Possible values are: "auto", "a500", "a1200",
      and an experimental option "unfiltered".
    * [New] libopenmpt: New API
      openmpt::module::get_current_estimated_bpm() (C++),
      and openmpt_module_get_current_estimated_bpm() (C)
      which provides accurate beats per minute information for
      module formats with time signature and an educated guess
      based on speed and tempo for others.
    * [New] libopenmpt: New type-aware ctl APIs that do not require
      memory allocations and are thus realtime-safe:
      openmpt::module::ctl_set_floatingpoint() (C++),
      and openmpt_module_ctl_get_boolean(),
      openmpt_module_ctl_set_floatingpoint() (C).
    * [New] libopenmpt C++ New API
      openmpt::is_extension_supported2() which takes a
      std::string_view parameter instead of std::string.
    * [New] libopenmpt C++: New API
      openmpt::module::module(std::vector<std::byte> data),
      openmpt::module::module(const std::byte * data, std::size_t size),
      openmpt::module::module(const std::byte * beg, const std::byte * end).
    * [New] libopenmpt C++: New API
      openmpt::probe_file_header(flags, const std::byte * data, std::size_t size, filesize),
      openmpt::probe_file_header(flags, const std::byte * data, std::size_t size).
    * [New] libopenmpt_ext C++: New API
      openmpt::module_ext::module_ext(std::vector<std::byte> data),
      openmpt::module_ext::module_ext(const std::byte * data, std::size_t size),
      openmpt::module_ext::module_ext(std::vector<std::uint8_t> data),
      openmpt::module_ext::module_ext(const std::uint8_t * data, std::size_t size).
    * [Change] std::istream based file I/O has been speed up.
    * [Change] Dependency on iconv on Linux has been removed.
    * [Regression] libmodplug: The libmodplug emulation layer has
      been removed from the libopenmpt tree. Please use the separate
      libopenmpt-modplug package instead.
    * [Regression] Support for building with C++11 or C++14 has been
      removed. C++17 is now required to build libopenmpt.
    * [Regression] Support for client code using C++11 or C++ 14 has
      been removed. C++17 is now required to build libopenmpt client
    * [Regression] Support for GCC 4.8, 4.9, 5, 6 has been removed.
    * [Regression] Support for Clang 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 4 has been
    * [Regression] Support for Emscripten versions older than 1.39.1
      has been removed.
    * [Regression] openmpt123: Support for SDL1 (but not SDL2) output
      has been removed.
    * [Regression] openmpt123: Support for SDL2 older than 2.0.4 has
      been removed.
    * [Regression] It is no longer possible to optionally use iconv
      for character set conversions.
    * [Bug] openmpt123: openmpt123 now honors the current locale and
      outputs text appropriately.
    * Greatly improved MED import. Synthesized instruments are still
      not supported but support was added for: Multisampled
      instruments, delta samples, more pattern commands,
      Hold and Decay, VSTi and MIDI output, multiple songs and
      many other small changes.
    * Improved OPL channel allocation when more than 18 notes are
      active, so that channels that have completely faded out are
      prioritized over channels that have already been released but
      have not faded out yet.
    * Interactively triggering an OPL instrument could cause the
      first pattern channel to no longer be played back correctly.
    * Fix some inaccuracies in OPL emulator.
    * Fix overflow of OPL amplification happening at a synth
      volume level of 510.
    * End-of-sample pop reduction of surround channels was applied
      to front channels instead, causing a pop on the front channels
      instead of removing it on the back channels.
    * IT: Disable retrigger with short notes quirk for modules saved
      with Chibi Tracker, as it does not implement that quirk.
    * IT: Instrument and sample panning should not override channel
      panning for following notes.
    * IT: SBx is now prioritized over Bxx commands that are to the
      left of it.
    * IT: Duplicate Check Type “Sample” should only be applied if
      the instruments match, too.
    * IT: Duplicate Check Type “Note” should compare pattern notes,
      but it was comparing the new pattern note against the old
      translated note.
    * IT: Various fixes for envelope resetting.
    * IT / S3M: When combining SBx and EEx effects, don’t skip the
      first row of the loop like in FastTracker 2.
    * S3M: Empty pattern commands now affect effect memory as well.
    * S3M: Offset beyond loop end wraps around to loop start like in
      Scream Tracker 3 + GUS (previously it just keep playing from
      the loop start, which is neither what GUS nor Sound Blaster
      drivers do).
    * S3M: Notes cannot be retriggered after they have been cut.
    * S3M: Fix portamento after note cut
      (fixes antediluvian_song.s3m).
    * S3M / MOD: Previous note offset is no longer used for
      retriggered notes if there was no instrument number next to
      the Qxy effect.
    * MOD: Sample swapping now also works if the sample that is being
      swapped from does not loop. Swapping to a non-looped sample now
      stops playback once the swapped-from sample reaches its (loop)
    * MOD: Fix early song ending due to ProTracker pattern jump quirk
      (EEx + Dxx on same row) if infinite looping is disabled.
      Fixes Haunted Tracks.mod by Triace.
    * MOD: Previous note offset is no longer used for retriggered
      notes if there was no instrument number next to the E9x effect.
    * MOD: Vibrato type “ramp down” was upside down.
    * XM: If a file contains patterns longer than 1024 rows,
      they are now clamped to 1024 rows instead of 64 rows.
    * XM: Do not reset note-off status on portamento if there is no
      instrument number.
* Mon Apr 13 2020 Mia Herkt <>
  - Update to 0.4.12:
    * IT: Vibrato was too fast in Old Effects mode since
      libopenmpt 0.3.
    * XM: Treat 8bitbubsy’s FT2 clone exactly like Fasttracker 2 with
      respect to compatibility and playback flags. For example,
      FT2 Pan Law was not applied.
    * DMF: Some files had a wrong tempo since
      libopenmpt 0.2.5705-beta15.
* Thu Jan 30 2020 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Update to 0.4.11:
    * The “date” metadata could contain a bogus date for some older IT files.
    * Do not apply global volume ramping from initial global volume when seeking.
    * MTM: Sample loop length was off by one.
    * PSM: Sample loop length was off by one in most files.
    * MOD: Fix initial instrument change with no note playing.
* Thu Oct 03 2019 Martin Herkt <>
  - Update to version 0.4.9 bsc#1153102 CVE-2019-17113
    * [Sec] libmodplug: C API: Limit the length of strings copied to
      the output buffer of ModPlug_InstrumentName() and
      ModPlug_SampleName() to 32 bytes (including terminating null)
      as is done by original libmodplug. This avoids potential buffer
      overflows in software relying on this limit instead of querying
      the required buffer size beforehand. libopenmpt can return
      strings longer than 32 bytes here beacuse the internal limit of
      32 bytes applies to strings encoded in arbitrary character
      encodings but the API returns them converted to UTF-8, which
      can be longer. (reported by Antonio Morales Maldonado of Semmle
      Security Research Team) (r12129)
    * [Sec] libmodplug: C++ API: Do not return 0 in
      CSoundFile::GetSampleName() and CSoundFile::GetInstrumentName()
      when a null output pointer is provided. This behaviour differed
      from libmodplug and made it impossible to determine the
      required buffer size. (r12130)
* Tue Oct 01 2019 Martin Herkt <>
  - Update to version 0.4.8:
    * [Sec] Possible crash due to out-of-bounds read when playing an
      OPL note with active filter in S3M or MPTM files (r12118).
  - Update to version 0.4.7:
    * J2B: Ignore notes with non-existing instrument
      (fixes Ending.j2b)
* Sun Aug 11 2019 Martin Herkt <>
  - Update to version 0.4.6:
    * Detect IT files unpacked with early UNMO3 versions.
* Mon May 27 2019 Martin Herkt <>
  - Update to version 0.4.5:
    * [Sec] Possible crash during playback due out-of-bounds read in
      XM and MT2 files
    * Breaking out of a sustain loop through Note-Off sometimes
      didn’t continue in the regular sample loop
    * Seeking did not stop notes playing with XM Key Off (Kxx) effect
* Sun Apr 07 2019 Martin Herkt <>
  - Update to version 0.4.4:
    * [Bug] Channel VU meters were swapped.
    * Startrekker: Clamp speed to 31 ticks per row.
    * MTM: Ignore unused Exy commands on import.
      Command E5x (Set Finetune) is now applied correctly.
    * MOD: Sample swapping was always enabled since it has been
      separated from the ProTracker 1/2 compatibility flag. Now it is
      always enabled for Amiga-style modules and otherwise the old
      heuristic is used again.
* Mon Feb 11 2019 Martin Herkt <>
  - Update to version 0.4.3:
    * [Sec] Possible crash due to null-pointer access when doing a
      portamento from an OPL instrument to an empty instrument note
      map slot.
    * IT: Various fixes for note-off + instrument number in
      Old Effects mode.
    * MO3: Import IT row highlights as written by MO3 or
      newer. Required for modules using modern tempo mode.
* Tue Jan 22 2019 Martin Herkt <>
  - Update to version 0.4.2 bsc#1143582 CVE-2019-14382 bsc#1143584
    * [Sec] DSM: Assertion failure during file parsing with debug
    * [Sec] J2B: Assertion failure during file parsing with debug
    * S3M: Allow volume change of OPL instruments after Note Cut.
* Sun Jan 06 2019 Martin Herkt <>
  - Update to version 0.4.1:
    * [Bug] libmodplug: Public symbols of the C++ API had
      visibility=hidden set on non-MSVC systems, which made them not
      publicly accessible.
    * MO3: Apply playback changes based on “ModPlug-made” header flag
  - Drop libmodplug-no-exported-cpp-api-quickfix-v1.patch
* Tue Jan 01 2019
  - Add libmodplug-no-exported-cpp-api-quickfix-v1.patch: Add missing
    CSoundFile compat API (bug #1180).



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