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info-7.0.3-1.8 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64le

Name: info Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 7.0.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.8 Build date: Sat Feb 3 15:35:23 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host: obs-power8-01
Size: 414017 Source RPM: texinfo-7.0.3-1.8.src.rpm
Summary: A Stand-Alone Terminal-Based Info Browser
Info is a terminal-based program for reading documentation of computer
programs in the Info format. The GNU Project distributes most of its
on-line manuals in the Info format, so you need a program called "Info
reader" to read the manuals.






* Sun Mar 26 2023 Andreas Stieger <>
  - texinfo 7.0.3:
    * texi2any: fix performance regression when Perl binary
      extension (XS) modules are not being used (e.g. with
    * info: further fix of recoding of UTF-8 files to ASCII to avoid
      text disappearing from nodes
    * info: avoid possible freeze at start of a file with
      `-v nodeline=pointers'
* Sat Feb 04 2023 Andreas Stieger <>
  - texinfo 7.0.2:
    * texi2any: do not distribute architecture-dependent files
    * info: further fix of recoding of UTF-8 files to ASCII
    * install-info: build fixes
* Tue Dec 27 2022 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - Replace transitional %usrmerged macro with regular version check (boo#1206798)
* Sun Dec 04 2022 Andreas Stieger <>
  - texinfo 7.0.1:
    * texi2any: avoid multiple crashes on empty @image argument and
      other conditions
    * avoid hang on @ref command inside section command
    * info: fix recoding of UTF-8 files to ASCII when run in C
    * js: index search fixed for new HTML output
* Tue Nov 15 2022 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Update to version 7.0 (7 November 2022)
    * texi2any
    * LaTeX added as an output format, selected with --latex
    * EPUB 3 added as an output format, selected with --epub3
    * reform throughout the code in general
    * thorough review of character encoding issues
    * new customization variables involved with character encoding:
    * warn if full-text commands (@ref, @footnote, @anchor) appear in @w
    * new variable NO_TOP_NODE_OUTPUT
    * IGNORE_BEFORE_SETFILENAME variable removed.  former effect
      is now always on.
    * HTML output:
    * use manual_name_html as output directory for split HTML instead of
      manual_name or manual_name.html
    * default DOCTYPE declaration changed to plain HTML5 style rather than
      HTML4 DTD reference
    * output only the CSS rules that are needed in an output file
      . remove CSS_LINES variable and add SHOW_BUILTIN_CSS_RULES
    * (custom CSS can still be output using EXTRA_HEAD)
    * use <code> tag for the output of @t and @verb instead of <tt>
    * use <abbr> for @acronym instead of <acronym>
    * link to table of contents from short table of contents only if a
      table of contents is actually output
    * prefix classes from @example arguments with `user-'
    * percent encode URL in @url/@uref, @email, @image and external
      manual file
      NO_CUSTOM_HTML_ATTRIBUTE variables can be used to output
      valid XHTML
    * systematic addition of classes attribute in HTML elements based on the
      Texinfo @-command names.  renaming of class attributes to avoid
      confusion with @-commands formatting and describe the role in the
      document rather than the formatting style.
    * do not add a title by default; SHOW_TITLE or NO_TOP_NODE_OUTPUT has
      to be set
    * USE_TITLEPAGE_FOR_TITLE is now true by default
    * L2H variable removed, replaced by HTML_MATH set to `l2h'
    * DocBook output:
    * do not output Top node or text before the first @node or sectioning
      @-command.  NO_TOP_NODE_OUTPUT can be set to false to output Top node
      for now.
    * replace @definfocenlose defined @-commands by the argument as-is
      to be more consistent with printed output
    * HTML/DocBook output:
    * USE_NUMERIC_ENTITY changed to mean to use numeric entities instead
      of named entities.  former effect is now always on.
    * ENABLE_ENCODING_USE_ENTITY variable removed.  former effect is now
      always off.
    * Info output
    * quote problematic node names (with :, comma...) by default
    * new customization variable ASCII_PUNCTUATION to use plain ASCII
      characters for quotation marks and a few other symbols
    * texinfo.tex
    * `@microtype on' uses microtypography in formatting for pdfTeX and LuaTeX
    * do not ignore @part page immediately following Top node
    * do `@set txicodevaristt' to get slanted typewriter for @var in code,
      `@clear txicodevaristt' to use slanted, variable-width roman font for
      @var everywhere.  flag is @set by default, but we may turn this off
      in the future.
    * new file doc/texinfo-zh.tex for Texinfo documents in Chinese.
      new support file doc/txi-zh.tex for Chinese.  doc/short-sample-zh.texi is
      a sample document.
    * info
    * better support for index entries containing parentheses
    * better support for getting bold text etc. when displaying manpages
    * bug fixed where the first index entry in a file could be ignored
    * M-C-f closes as well as opens footnotes window
    * do not crash if run in Brazilian Portuguese locale
    * Language
    * @deftype* commands use typewriter font in argument list
    * new commands @latex, @iflatex, @ifnotlatex for new LaTeX output format
    * do `@set txidefnamenospace' to omit space after a definition name
    * Other
    * build fixed for glibc 2.34
  - Delete patch 13a8894fe2.patch as now part of upstream tar ball
* Wed Aug 03 2022 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - In case of an update of package info: do never remove existing
    info page from dir file (boo#1201852)
* Fri Jul 29 2022 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Do lua scripting only once for execute() function
* Wed Jul 27 2022 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Check for filetrigger lua scriplets if rpm.execute() as function
    call is given and used this
* Tue Apr 26 2022 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Add 13a8894fe2.patch
    * Fixing @headings: Add missing option value 'single'.
      Resolved regression where gpm could not be build.
* Mon Apr 25 2022 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 6.8
    * new command @displaymath for formatting of mathematical notation
    * new command @example takes an argument to specify the language
    * Deprecate commands: @centerchap, @definfoenclose, @refill, @inforef
    * new paper size @bsixpaper
    * texi2any
    * should be faster as Perl XS parser is enabled by default
    * SHOW_MENU customization variable replaced by FORMAT_MENU.
    * only check menu structure if CHECK_NORMAL_MENU_STRUCTURE
      variable is set
    * MathJax support for display of math.
    * JavaScript License Web Labels support
    * Use sectional tables of contents instead of menus by defaut
    * Use section names in links by default
    * CONTENTS_OUTPUT_LOCATION sets location of table of contents
    * Document sections wrapped in <div> elements
    * New variable USE_NODE_DIRECTIONS to use node or section structure
      for node directions
    * copiable anchor links for definitions
    * Don't add an extra period before file extension given as
      an argument to @image if image file is not found
    * info: Support compressed dir files
    * texi2dvi: Stop on first error in input file
    * texinfo.tex:
    * put logical page numbers into PDF's ('page labels')
    * put chapter numbers in the PDF outline
    * new Finnish translation
  - Rebased texinfo-zlib.patch
* Mon Feb 21 2022 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Split locale text-domain to take care of package info
  - The package makeinfo needs both the locale text-domain of info
    and makeinfo
* Fri Feb 18 2022 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Do not recommend texinfo-lang in package info anymore (boo#1196156)
  - Rename texinfo-lang to makeinfo-lang as package makeinfo
    uses those locale files
* Wed Feb 16 2022 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - The new package texinfo-lang should not include the binaries
    with its helper files, therefore recreate texinfo package
  - Require glibc-locale at build time as otherwise perl falls
    always back to C locale
* Thu Feb 10 2022 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Split out texinfo-lang package, so info does not refer to
    traslations from texinfo package.
* Thu Sep 30 2021 Dr. Werner Fink <>
  - Move to /usr for UsrMerge (boo#1191099)
* Thu Jan 28 2021 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Use file requires for gzip to be able to use alternate



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