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imlib2-loaders-1.12.2-1.4 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64le

Name: imlib2-loaders Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.12.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.4 Build date: Sun Feb 4 21:45:07 2024
Group: Development/Libraries/X11 Build host: reproducible
Size: 1554764 Source RPM: imlib2-1.12.2-1.4.src.rpm
Summary: Imlib 2 - image loaders
This package contains the imlib2 image loaders for: argb, bmp, gif,
jpeg, png, pnm, tga, tiff, xpm, j2k, heif, jxl.






* Sun Feb 04 2024 Andreas Stieger <>
  - update to 1.12.2:
    * Fixes for Y4M, ANI, PNG and JPG loaders
* Sat Sep 23 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.12.1:
    * Fix some clang complaints
    * scaling: MMX asm scaling causes segv, disable for now
    * loading: Call module exit function also when not
      dlclosing module on unload
    * loaders: Fix build with -m32 --enable-debug
    * test_load_2: Add forgotten xeyes.png
    * test_save: Fix for jxl loader on ix86
    * test_scale: MMX scaling is disabled
    * RAW loader: Don't unload loader
    * loaders: Fix CPPFLAGS order
    * imlib2_grab, imlib2_view: Unset context colormap
    * x11_grab: Use correct depth when grabbing
* Thu Aug 31 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Disable MMX code, it's broken in 1.12.0 (boo#1214528)
* Thu Aug 17 2023 Enrico Belleri <>
  - Update to 1.12.0:
    * test_load2: make error messages more descriptive
    * Y4M loader: fix support for 420 colorspaces
    * Y4M loader: add support for images with unexpected aspects
    * imlib2_view: Avoid potential use of uninitialized data
    * GIF loader: Enable showing animated images even if truncated
    * Introduce __imlib_perror() to produce error messages
    * loaders: Use common function to print error messages
    * imlib2_load: Move time_us() to separate file
    * imlib2_conv: Add option to time save operations
    * test: Fix pr_info() when not printing to stdout
    * loading: Enable calling function on loader load/unload
    * HEIF loader: Call heif_[de]init() on loader load/unload
    * autofoo: Don't check for freetype if we are building without text
    * QOI loader: Add progress calback, indent, cosmetics
    * Loaders: Static constify some data that may as well be
    * TGA loader: Fix TGA v2.0 signature check
    * test: Add basic qoi checks
    * test_scale: Test scaling some more
    * scaling: Unifdef OLD_SCALE_DOWN
    * scaling: Correct scaleinfo array length
    * scaling: Move scaling function call sequence into common __imlib_Scale()
    * scaling: Cosmetics (comments)
    * scaling: Simplify scaling points calculation (eliminate j)
    * scaling: Change ypoints[] from pointers to indices
    * scaling: Cosmetics
    * scaling: Minor refactoring
    * scaling: Correct scaling up
    * test_scale: Update for new scaling
    * image: Fix missing munmap() when using imlib_load_image_fd()
    * image: Fix potentially using incorrect file size
    * file: Remove a couple of unused functions
    * image: Fix potentially using incorrect file size - fixup
    * test: Bypass wrappers when running tests
    * test_load: Minor fix in debug message
    * Add new raw loader
    * TIFF loader: Slightly more strict signature check
    * image: Use sub-second time info when available
    * image: Fix preservation of alpha chanel flag in imlib_clone_image()
    * image cache: Avoid negative refcounts
    * image cache: Drop redundant cleanup
    * image cache: Rework cleanup
    * Revert "scaling: Correct scaling up"
    * Revert "test_scale: Update for new scaling"
    * scaling: Various trivial changes
    * scaling: Improve non-AA scale-up case
    * scaling: Correct scaling up - take 2
    * test_scale: Update for new scaling (re-applied)
    * test_scale: Exercise non-AA path too
    * WEBP saver: allow lossless and respect compression tag
    * add a new QOI decoder
    * QOI loader: fix build on non-gnu compilers
    * QOI loader: use memcmp for magic and endmarker check
    * Y4M loader: check file size before magic check
    * loading: add some debug logs
    * loading: check for alloc failure
    * Y4M loader: use custom y4m parser
    * test_load: allow y4m memory loading
    * file: Remove unused functions some more
    * introduce imlib_image_decache_file()
* Mon Jun 19 2023 Simon Lees <>
  - Changelog update only
  - integer overflow (with resultant invalid memory allocations and
    out-of-bounds reads) via an icon with many colors in its color
    map was fixed in 1.7.0 (bsc#1171472, CVE-2020-12761)
* Mon May 29 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.11.1:
    * imlib2: added loader for y4m files (uses liby4m and
    * imlib2: add y4m test examples
    * Y4M loader: Various minor changes
    * autofoo: Tweak PACKAGE_DATA_DIR definition
    * XPM loader: Add rgb.txt
    * loaders: Fix loaders potentially being loaded more than
    * loaders: Change method used to not unload loaders
    * Add JXL saver
    * loaders: Cosmetics
* Fri Mar 10 2023 Enrico Belleri <>
  - update to 1.11.0:
    * remove bad unused function
    * test: Add a few tests for obscure pnm formats
    * test: Add some pam tests
    * Avoid some more undefined behaviors with shifts
    * api: Fix code duplication around some __imlib_BlendImageToImage() calls
    * api: Change some parameter names
    * api: Tweak/correct error handling in drawable grabbing functions
    * image: Let __imlib_CreateImage() allocate pixel data buffer
    * Drop some redundant calls to __imlib_LoadImageData()
    * api: Remember error on deferred image data loads
    * imlib2_load: Show error on deferred data load problem
    * imlib2_view: Be more verbose about load errors
    * PNM loader: Speedups
    * test: Introduce image_get_crc32()
    * test: test_save: Trivial changes
    * test: test_save: Check that files are written and ok
    * PNM saver: Write images with alpha as P7 PAM RGB_ALPHA type
    * x11_rgba: Add missing const
    * x11_grab: Avoid cast-align warnings with -Wcast-align=strict
    * x11_rgba: Avoid cast-align warnings with -Wcast-align=strict
    * Loaders: Debug macro cleanups
    * ANI loader: Use struct to access chunk data
    * Loaders: Avoid cast-align warnings with -Wcast-align=strict
    * autofoo: Add __PACKED__ for optional struct packing
    * ANI, PNG, TGA loaders: Enable handling of unaligned data
    * __imlib_FileDir(): Fix missing closedir() on OOM
    * Loaders: decompress_load() is not part of the loader API
    * Loaders: Debug tweaks
    * Savers: Centralize file open/close
    * JPG saver: Avoid potential clobber warning
    * PNG saver: Avoid potential clobber warning
    * Loaders, savers: Handle EINTR during fopen()
    * api: Remove pointless statement
    * api: Update documentation for imlib_get_error()
    * api: Cosmetics around image save functions
    * api: Minor simplification in error handling in save functions
    * Add imlib_save_image_fd()
    * api: Oops - debug--
    * test_grab: Rearrange code
    * x11_grab: Let __imlib_Grab..() return error instead of ok
    * x11_grab: Eliminate unnecessary pixmap copy
    * imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable(): Simplify call path
    * x11_grab: Drop now unused 1:1 scaling path in __imlib_GrabDrawableScaledToRGBA()
    * imlib2_view: Add option to set background checkerboard field size
    * test_grab: Update
    * test_grab: Add some tests for imlib_copy_drawable_to_image()
    * test_grab: Check get-mask-from-shape too
    * x11: Pass X11 context around by struct
    * x11_grab: Move window/pixmap checking to separate function
    * x11_grab: Rework clipping
    * x11_grab: Clear image pixels not actually grabbed
    * x11_grab: Various fixes in __imlib_GrabDrawableScaledToRGBA()
    * x11_grab: Eliminate some overhead in scaled grabbing
    * test_grab: Debug tweak
    * PNM loader: avoid some undefined behavior
    * PNM loader: add read support for PAM
* Mon Dec 19 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.10.0:
    * Introduce imlib_load_image_fde
      imlib2_load: Tweak load mode handling
      Introduce Imlib2_Loader.h - all that is needed by loaders
      image: Change has alpha flag to separate byte
      loading: Don't look for cached image when not caching
      loading: New loader infrastructure
    * loading: Introduce __imlib_ImageFileContextPush/Pop
      loading: Centralize mmap handling
    * Introduce imlib_load_image_mem
    * imlib2_load: Add option to use imlib_load_image_mem
      api: Remove cast previously dropped everywhere else
      Hide imlib_get/set_color_usage() if no X11
      api: Move X11 related functions to separate file
      api: Move filter functions to separate file
      Enable disabling filter functions
      api: Move text functions to separate file
      Enable disabling text functions
      J2K loader: Drop showing deprecated item in debug message
      image: Fix memory leak when cloning images
      Unify basic X11 functionality in test programs
      Includes tweaks
      test: Re-generate test images with recent tool/library versions
      image: Hide internal ImlibImageFileInfo struct
      image: Don't munmap external memory
    * Introduce imlib_get_error
      api: error_return adjustments
      imlib2_load: Add option to enable image caching
      image: Fix potential use of uninitialized time stamps
      PNG loader: Correct frame delay in zero denominator case
      PNG loader: Cosmetics
      PNG loader: Improved handling of animated PNGs
      multiframe: Support loop count
      PNG loader: Fix animated PNG loading some more
      autofoo: Fix trouble with test subdirectory in distributed source
      autofoo: Rework git tag/release stuff
      test: test_load: Quit when loading primary image fails
      SVG loader: Don't reference multiframe stuff
    * ICO loader: Eliminate ico_load
      imlib2_view: Fix single frame update rendering
      test: test_load_2: Check frame 0/1 loading too
      PNG loader: Cosmetics
      PS loader: Cosmetics
      multiframe: Tweaks around frame number handling
      multiframe: Centralize handling of frame update offsets
      multiframe: Move frame info to allocated record
      multiframe: Allocate frame info only when needed
      PNG loader: Quit scan when target fdAT is seen
      PNG loader: Quit after loading first frame
      PNG loader: Simplify update callback handling
      imlib2_view: Fix multiframe rendering detail
      multiframe: Remove frame offset from updates
      imlib2_view: Fix multiframe after update coordinate change
      imlib2_view: Deal with all pending X events at once
      imlib2_view: Properly handle caching vs progress callbacks
      imlib2_view: Don't load bad images twice if first or last in argument list
      image: Cosmetics
    * image: Introduce __imlib_LoadEmbeddedMem
      Add new ani loader
    * image: Cosmetics
      ANI loader: Disable progress in embed loader
      ANI loader: Multiframe suport
      Introduce imlib_load_image_frame_mem
      imlib_load_image_frame_mem(): set nocache
      TGA loader: fix indexing in tgaflip
* Mon Aug 22 2022 Enrico Belleri <>
  - enable loaders for JPEG2000, HEIF, Postscript, SVG, JPEG-XL
* Fri Aug 19 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.9.1:
    * x11_color: Simplify and fix error paths
    * JPEG loader: Use mmap'ed file access
    * modules: Eliminate __imlib_TrimLoaderList()
    * Introduce strsplit()
    * modules: Cosmetics, mostly
    * modules: Enable setting multiple loader/filter paths
    * test: Add test_misc
    * modules: Fix signdness warning
    * TIFF loader: Change default save compression type
    * imlib2_load: Remove unused macro
    * imlib2_conv: Cosmetic changes
    * imlib2_conv: Drop obsolete .db stuff, simplify
    * imlib2_conv: Enable passing attached data to saver
    * check for some alloc failures
    * check for alloc failures some more
    * modules: check for filepath truncation
    * Remove some deprecation comments
    * Move API documentation to header file
    * WEBP saver: Fix return code on success
    * api.c: Cosmetics
    * Refactor some image loading functions
    * Refactor some image saving functions
    * Image load: Change error code on zero file size
    * Tweak __imlib_LoadImageData()
    * Error code rework: Use errnos/new imlib2 error codes internally
    * Add imlib_load/save_image_with_errno_return() and imlib_strerror()
    * Switch to imlib_load/save_image_with_errno_return()
    * Deprecate imlib_load/save_image_with_error_return()
    * imlib2_load: Tweak verbose output
    * Rename files with line etc. drawing functions
    * Use stdint types instead of DATA32 etc.
    * test_load: Check deferred loading too
    * imlib2_load: Show load time per load too
    * image.c: Correct loader probe loop
    * image.c: Cosmetics (move function)
    * GZ loader: Fix uncompressor exit code
    * GIF loader: Use mmap'ed file access
    * image.c: Loading tweaks
    * imlib2_view: Verbose and debug message tweaks
    * Loaders: Some trivial cosmetics
    * Loaders: Remove unnecessary calls to __imlib_FreeData()
    * debug: Enable using hex values in IMLIB2_DEBUG
    * SVG loader: Requires librsvg-2.46
    * TIFF loader: Use mmap'ed file access
    * Add jxl loader
    * test: Add basic jxl test
    * test_save: Updates
    * loaders: Ensure that found loader is ok for load/save
    * image: Fix undesired change of format
    * Drop deprecation noise from using the old DATA types
    * Drop deprecation noise from using imlib_load/save_image_with_error_return()
    * API doc corrections and tweaks for doxygen
    * Revert a couple of unintended changes
    * API doc updates
    * doc: Drop most old doc stuff
    * doc: New documentation build setup (doxygen)
    * doc: Assorted documentation intro updates
    * loaders: Fix typo, fix order
    * SVG loader: Faster signature check
    * build: Tweaks
    * Add J2K (JPEG 2000) loader using openjpeg2 library
    * test: Add some of JPEG 2000 tests
    * Add PS/EPS loader using libspectre
    * debug: Export __imlib_time_us()
    * JXL loader: Multiframe support
    * SVG loader: Avoid some warnings in rsvg.h
    * SVG loader: Fix size when unit is percent
    * SVG loader: Fix size when unit is percent some more
    * v1.9.0
    * PNM, XPM loaders: Fix trouble with non-ascii characters
    * XPM loader: Reduce signature window size some more
    * Refactor image flags stuff
    * Remove some unused image flags and deprecate functions referencing them
    * JPEG, XBM loaders: Drop pointless clearing of flag
    * Deal consistently with including Imlib2.h
    * Merge x11_draw.c/h into x11_pixmap.c/h
    * x11_rgba.c: Add some missing static qualifiers
    * x11_color.c: Make most __imlib_AllocColors*() functions static
    * x11_...: Introduce palette type enum
    * Loader includes tweaks
    * Move some loader related function prototypes to loaders.h
    * common.h: Drop round() macro
    * debug.c/h: Move __EXPORT__ to .c file
    * Remove system includes from common.h
    * Move x_VAL() macros to common.h
    * Introduce types.h
    * Remove some unnecessary headers
    * grad.c: Refactor __imlib_DrawGradient() and __imlib_DrawHsvaGradient()
    * Only have one CLIP macro
    * Mostly cosmetic tweaks around clipping checks
    * test: Command line options tweak
    * test_grab: Enable testing depths other than 24 and 32
    * x11_grab.c: Correct 16 and 15 bit depth grabbing
    * TIFF loader: Remove obsolete comment
    * ID3 loader: Drop inline and likely stuff
    * ID3 loader: Disable tags stuff
    * Introduce __imlib_GetKey()
    * Merge __imlib_FindBestLoader...() functions
    * test: Properly include test.h in test SOURCES
    * test: Exclude from tarball
    * v1.8.1
    * imlib2: saving progressive JPEG
    * XPM Loader: limit signature check to first 4KiB
    * imlib2: allow compilation without x headers
    * imlib2_load: fix typo
    * fix: possible memleak in rgba save on big endian systems
    * test: Add context test
    * Drop context image save/restore around __imlib_Load/SaveImage() calls
    * Make initial context static
    * Drop context check/init in API functions
    * Use __func__ instead of open coded function names
    * Pass parameters to __imlib_LoadImage() by struct
    * Trivial cleanups
    * imlib2_view: Cosmetics (if -> switch)
    * imlib2_view: Add 'r' command to refresh
    * imlib2_view: Move window background image init to separate function
    * imlib2_view: Refactor pixmap rendering
    * imlib2_view: Remove some pointless function calls
    * imlib2_view: Tweaks around timeout
    * debug: Add some image caching debug
    * imlib2_view: Fix caching option
    * Add support for multiframe (animated) images
    * Enable caching for multiframe images
    * imlib2_load: Add support for multiframe images
    * imlib2_view: Add support for multiframe images
    * debug: Add DL macro for additional loader debug
    * WEBP loader: Multiframe support
    * ICO loader: Multiframe support
    * GIF loader: Some refactoring, add debug
    * GIF loader: Multiframe support
    * ICO loader: Debug tweaks
    * Indent
    * debug: Avoid use of uninitialized data
    * Loader loading: Avoid access to uninitialized load() item
    * updates: Reduce memory usage
    * Drop some intermediate type definitions
    * autofoo/loader cosmetics
    * Simplify loader setup
    * Updates for animated image handling
    * imlib2_view: Fix(?) animated image frame dispose handling
    * test: Add a couple of ico depth test images
    * ICO loader: Minor optimization
    * ICO loader: Mostly cosmetic changes (inline ico_read())
    * GIF loader: Always set BLEND flag
    * imlib2_view: Rework display of animated images
    * Introduce more loader return codes
    * BZ2, ZLIB loaders: Move duplicated code to separate file
    * Add lzma loader
    * imlib2_grab: Print error message if saving fails
    * imlib2_view: Verbosity twaeks
    * imlib2_load: Verbosity twaeks
    * LZMA loader: Fix potential warning
    * Correct simplification changes
    * Correct simplification changes some more
    * XBM loader: Correct load2() result when no header is found
    * Add svg loader
    * SVG loader: Avoid problems when loading the module more than once
    * imlib2_load: Add no-data option
    * Add dispose-to-previous frame handling
    * PNG loader: Disable Imlib2-Comment stuff
    * PNG loader: Rewrite to use callback API
    * PNG loader: Add multiframe support
    * test: Check __imlib_FileKey()
    * Simplify __imlib_FileKey()
    * Avoid redundant operations when non-existing file has no "key"
    * Drop change log from before first version tag
    * test: Move generated image files out of source dir
    * test: Add makefile to generate test images
    * PNM loader: Fix P1 when spaces are omitted
    * PNM loader: Fix "XV thumbnail" (P7 332) loading
    * test: Add some more PNM type loading tests
    * image.c: Avoid potential compile error
    * imlib2_view: Avoid clang error
    * Drop/adjust a few comments
    * Move some code as suggested in source
    * HEIF loader: A couple of cleanups and fixes
    * loaders.c: Add heif to known loaders
    * autofoo: Sort loaders
    * SVG loader: Fix memory leak on error
    * HEIF loader: Avoid memory leak when module is loaded more than once
    * Mark obsolete TTF encoding functions as deprecated
    * test: Add basic heif loader check
    * Refactoring around font glyph lookup
    * Introduce acflags for configuration of rpmbuilds
    * Add some missing const qualifiers
    * Fix gcc12 warning in __imlib_ConsumeImage()
    * Fix gcc12 warning in __imlib_stripwhitespace()
    * TGA loader: Make function order same as in other loaders
    * HEIF loader: Header cleanups
    * Add imlib_version()
    * test: Merge common stuff
    * imlib2: added loader for HEIF files (uses libheif), implemented just `load2` for now
    * ICO loader: Fix compilation on big endian architectures
  - drop bigendian.patch (upstream)
* Mon May 16 2022 Berthold Gunreben <>
  - declare counter in for loop for big endian to unsignedint (loader_ico.c)
* Sat Dec 18 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.7.5:
    * Build .xz instead of .bz2 release tarball
    * Drop imlib2-config (use pkg-config)
    * Test: Add some minimal regression testing
    * Test: Fix dist
    * imlib2_load: Add option to use imlib_load_image_immediately()
    * JPEG loader: Cosmetics
    * JPEG loader: Parse EXIF data and handle orientation
    * autofoo: Drop support for libungif
    * Imlib.h: Add version macros
    * imlib2_load: Add verbose option
    * Fix build (Imlib2.h is now built)
    * test: Add icon-64.pbm
    * test: Add test_load_2
    * imlib2_view: If verbose show error message on failure
    * imlib2_load: Use clock_gettime() when available
    * debug: Infrastructure
    * debug: Add some debug related to file access and image loading
    * Introduce im->fsize
    * PNG loader: Cosmetics
    * PNG loader: Use mmap() during signature check
    * TIFF loader: Use mmap() during signature check
    * TGA loader: Use im->fsize, cosmetics, debug
    * WEBP loader: Cosmetics
    * WEBP loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * FF loader: Cosmetics
    * FF loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * ARGB loader: Cosmetics
    * ARGB loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * BMP loader: Cosmetics
    * BMP loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * ICO loader: Cosmetics
    * ICO loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * LBM loader: Cleanups
    * LBM loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * PNM loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * XBM loader: Fix potential buffer overrun
    * XBM loader: Cosmetics
    * XBM loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * XBM loader: Ignore comments and other stuff in header
    * XPM loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * test: test_load improvements
    * imlib2_view: Add option to cache images
    * Introduce UPDATE_FLAG()
    * Introduce ARRAY_SIZE()
    * Loader cosmetics
    * Loader loading: Tweaks
    * Loader loading: Move to __imlib_FindBestLoaderForFormat()
    * Loader loading: Move __imlib_GetLoaderList()
    * Loader loading: Minor loader lookup refactoring
    * Loader loading: Avoid always loading all loaders
    * Loader loading: Don't bother looking up load() if we have load2()
    * WEBP loader: Enable loading animated images (first frame by default)
    * Fixup after recent change
    * Drop unnecessary free() NULL argument checks
    * Remove some unneeded headers
    * Rename X11 related files for clarity
    * Move ImlibImagePixmap population to __imlib_AddImagePixmapToCache()
    * test: Add X11 drawable grabbing test
    * Move pixmap stuff to x11_pixmap.c/h
    * Trivial changes in __imlib_Grab...() function prototypes
    * Refactor imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable()
    * Revert "Refactor imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable()"
    * Refactor imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable() - take 2
    * x11_grab.c: Rename source/destination variables for clarity
    * Fix y-upscaling in imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable()
    * test_grab: Cleanups, cosmetics
    * test_grab: Add scale-down tests
    * Only set MAINTAINERCLEANFILES in top-level
    * imlib2_view: Enable grabbing/viewing drawables
    * x11_grab.c: Cosmetics
    * x11_grab.c: Introduce function to get shape mask
    * Speedup in imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable()
    * Avoid signedness warning
    * Avoid "exceeds maximum object size" warning
    * blend.c: Tweaks, cleanups
    * Simplify build wrt. asm files
* Sat Oct 16 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.7.4:
    * imlib2_view: Move property stuff to separate file
    * imlib2_view: Cleanups
    * imlib2_view: By default scale large images to fit on screen
    * imlib2_view: Add some debug
    * imlib2_view: Fix issue with new default scaling
    * WEBP loader: Remove forgotten debug printout
    * WEBP loader: Rename fd variable to be same as everywhere else
    * LBM loader: Fix potential out-of-bounds memory access
    * GIF, TIFF, WEBP loaders: Fix loading if filename does not have usual suffix
    * Revert "GIF, TIFF, WEBP loaders: Fix loading if filename does not have usual suffix"
    * GIF, TIFF, WEBP loaders: Fix loading if filename does not have usual suffix - take 2
    * Add script to generate Changelog
    * Update Changelog to new format
    * image.c: Use the LOAD_... macros to check loader return values
    * autofoo: Resurrect non-pkg check for bzip2
    * Remove some unnecessary X_DISPLAY_MISSING stuff
    * rend.c: Remove some pointless lines
    * Add XBM loader
    * Add imlib2_load and /build to .gitignore
    * Remove obsolete and unused AC_HEADER_STDC
    * Restore file:key functionality
    * ICO loader: Fix (disabled) debug stuff
    * ICO loader: Enable specifying ico image index by key
    * Remove unused Context functions
    * context.c: Fix potential segv
    * LBM loader: Fix handling of missing RLE data
    * Fix clang-analyzer warnings - bin (trivial)
    * Fix clang-analyzer warnings - loaders (trivial)
    * Fix clang-analyzer warnings - loaders (suppress bogus)
    * Fix clang-analyzer warnings - lib (mostly trivial)
    * Fix clang-analyzer warnings - lib (less trivial)
    * autofoo: Move more to pkg-config
    * TIFF loader: Drop use of libtiff defined types deprecated in libtiff-4.3.0
    * TGA loader: Fix loading small images without footer
    * Spec file: Add git tag to rpm file name (if built from git checkout)
    * Cleanups: while->for loops (loaders list)
    * Cleanups: while->for loops (context list)
    * Cleanups: while->for loops (im->tags list)
    * Cleanups: while->for loops (images list)
    * Cleanups: while->for loops (pixmaps list)
    * Drop unused Imlib_Object_List:last
    * Add feature to build with ASAN (--enable-gcc-asan)
    * Correct (disabled) debug printouts
    * Loaders: Remove unnecessary headers
    * WEBP saver: Use fopen() etc. like all other savers



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