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python38-typing_extensions-4.2.0-1.3 RPM for noarch

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Name: python38-typing_extensions Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 4.2.0 Vendor: obs://
Release: 1.3 Build date: Wed Jun 15 12:16:33 2022
Group: Unspecified Build host: s390zl24
Size: 224885 Source RPM: python-typing_extensions-4.2.0-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Backported and Experimental Type Hints for Python 35+
The ``typing`` module was added to the standard library in Python
3.5 on a provisional basis and will no longer be provisional in
Python 3.7. However, this means users of Python 3.5 - 3.6 who are
unable to upgrade will not be able to take advantage of new types
added to the ``typing`` module, such as ``typing.Text`` or

The ``typing_extensions`` module contains both backports of these
changes as well as experimental types that will eventually be
added to the ``typing`` module, such as ``Protocol``.

Users of other Python versions should continue to install and use
the ``typing`` module from PyPi instead of using this one unless
specifically writing code that must be compatible with multiple
Python versions or requires experimental types.






* Wed Apr 20 2022 John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <>
  - Update to version 4.2.0
    * Re-export `typing.Unpack` and `typing.TypeVarTuple` on Python 3.11.
    * Add `ParamSpecArgs` and `ParamSpecKwargs` to `__all__`.
    * Improve "accepts only single type" error messages.
    * Improve the distributed package. Patch by Marc Mueller (@cdce8p).
    * Update `typing_extensions.dataclass_transform` to rename the
      `field_descriptors` parameter to `field_specifiers` and accept
      arbitrary keyword arguments.
    * Add `typing_extensions.get_overloads` and
      `typing_extensions.clear_overloads`, and add registry support to
      `typing_extensions.overload`. Backport from python/cpython#89263.
    * Add `typing_extensions.assert_type`. Backport from bpo-46480.
    * Drop support for Python 3.6. Original patch by Adam Turner (@AA-Turner).
  - from version 4.1.1
    * Fix importing `typing_extensions` on Python 3.7.0 and 3.7.1. Original
      patch by Nikita Sobolev (@sobolevn).
  - from version 4.1.0
    * Runtime support for PEP 646, adding `typing_extensions.TypeVarTuple`
      and `typing_extensions.Unpack`.
    * Add interaction of `Required` and `NotRequired` with `__required_keys__`,
      `__optional_keys__` and `get_type_hints()`. Patch by David Cabot (@d-k-bo).
    * Runtime support for PEP 675 and `typing_extensions.LiteralString`.
    * Add `Never` and `assert_never`. Backport from bpo-46475.
    * `ParamSpec` args and kwargs are now equal to themselves. Backport from
      bpo-46676. Patch by Gregory Beauregard (@GBeauregard).
    * Add `reveal_type`. Backport from bpo-46414.
    * Runtime support for PEP 681 and `typing_extensions.dataclass_transform`.
    * `Annotated` can now wrap `ClassVar` and `Final`. Backport from
      bpo-46491. Patch by Gregory Beauregard (@GBeauregard).
    * Add missed `Required` and `NotRequired` to `__all__`. Patch by
      Yuri Karabas (@uriyyo).
    * The `@final` decorator now sets the `__final__` attribute on the
      decorated object to allow runtime introspection. Backport from
    * Add `is_typeddict`. Patch by Chris Moradi (@chrismoradi) and James
      Hilton-Balfe (@Gobot1234).
  - from version 4.0.1
    * Fix broken sdist in release 4.0.0. Patch by Adam Turner (@AA-Turner).
    * Fix equality comparison for `Required` and `NotRequired`. Patch by
      Jelle Zijlstra (@jellezijlstra).
    * Fix usage of `Self` as a type argument. Patch by Chris Wesseling
      (@CharString) and James Hilton-Balfe (@Gobot1234).
  - from version 4.0.0
    * Starting with version 4.0.0, typing_extensions uses Semantic Versioning.
      See the README for more information.
    * Dropped support for Python versions 3.5 and older, including Python 2.7.
    * Simplified backports for Python 3.6.0 and newer. Patch by Adam Turner (@AA-Turner).
    * Added in version 4.0.0
      + Runtime support for PEP 673 and `typing_extensions.Self`. Patch by
      James Hilton-Balfe (@Gobot1234).
      + Runtime support for PEP 655 and `typing_extensions.Required` and `NotRequired`.
      Patch by David Foster (@davidfstr).
    * Removed in version 4.0.0
      The following non-exported but non-private names have been removed as they are
      unneeded for supporting Python 3.6 and newer.
      + TypingMeta
      + SUBS_TREE
      + V_co
      + VT_co
  - Switch build system from setuptools to pyproject.toml
  - Update BuildRequires from pyproject.toml
  - Update execution path for testsuite script
* Sat Nov 13 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - Update to
    * Docs improvements
    * Fixes crash  and _GenericAlias import
    * Support most use cases for PEP 612 with Generic
* Mon Jul 12 2021 Markéta Machová <>
  - Update to
    * Implement TypeGuard (PEP 649)
    * backport ParamSpecArgs/Kwargs
    * Fixed required/optional keys with old-style TypedDict
    * Bring in protocol’s __init__ behaviour same like in python > 3.8
    * Support PEP 612 in typing_extensions (Python 3)
    * Add OrderedDict to typing_extensions
* Tue Jan 12 2021 Benjamin Greiner <>
  - Test in separate multibuild flavor to break depcycles with full
    python stdlib
* Tue Jan 12 2021 Benjamin Greiner <>
  - clean requirements specifications for python flavors
* Sun Dec 20 2020 Dirk Müller <>
  - add transitional typing-extensions provides
* Wed Nov 04 2020 Matej Cepl <>
  - Use python_module macro for BuildRequires when available.
* Thu Oct 15 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to version
    * enables PEP 613 Typealias to typing_extensions
    * Fix tests for Python 3.9
* Mon Apr 06 2020 Marketa Calabkova <>
  - update to version
    * official support for Python 3.8 and 3.9
* Thu Mar 12 2020 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Fix build without python2 available
* Wed Nov 06 2019 Lars Vogdt <>
  - Update to version
    + Fix isinstance() with generic protocol subclasses after subscripting
    + Fix tests for non-default interpreters
    + Use environment marker to specify typing dependency
    + Fix unions of protocols on Python 2
* Sun Jul 21 2019 Sebastian Wagner <>
  - Update to version 3.7.4:
    - No changelog available.
  - Drop test-sys-executable.patch, merged upstream.
* Sat Mar 02 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Rebase the patch to the current git state
* Sat Mar 02 2019 John Vandenberg <>
  - Add support for Python <3.5, using upstream commit as
    test-sys-executable.patch to fix the tests, replacing custom sed.
  - Remove unnecessary buid dependency on pytest and pytest-xdist
* Thu Feb 28 2019 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Drop the old tarball
* Thu Feb 28 2019 John Vandenberg <>
  - Replace test_modules.tar.gz with python-testsuite
  - Remove fix_tests.patch which is half fixing test_modules.tar.gz,
    and the other half is replaced with a less brittle sed.
  - Remove unnecessary build dependencies
  - Update to 3.7.2
    * Pass *args and **kwargs to superclass in Generic.__new__
    * Fix for issue #524
    * Fix typing_extensions to support PEP 560
    * Add annotations to NamedTuple children __new__ constructors
    * Add missing 'NoReturn' to __all__ in
    * Backport Generic.__new__ fix
    * Fix IO.closed to be property
    * Add Final to typing_extensions
    * Fix instance/subclass checks of functions against runtime protocols
    * Add Literal[...] types to typing_extensions



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