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junit5-minimal-5.10.2-2.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: junit5-minimal Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 5.10.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Fri May 24 07:33:13 2024
Group: Development/Libraries/Java Build host: reproducible
Size: 302339 Source RPM: junit5-minimal-5.10.2-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Java regression testing framework (minimal)
JUnit is a popular regression testing framework for Java platform.






* Fri May 24 2024 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Let junit5 require junit5-minimal to avoid conflict of providers
* Tue Apr 30 2024 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to upstream version 5.10.2
    * Changes:
      + XML reports in new Open Test Reporting format
      + Configurable cleanup mode for @TempDir
      + Configurable thread mode for @Timeout
      + Conditional execution based on OS architectures
      + New TestInstancePreConstructCallback extension API
      + Reusable parameter resolution for custom extension methods
      via ExecutableInvoker
      + Parameter injection for @MethodSource methods
      + New IterationSelector
      + Various improvements to ConsoleLauncher
      + Promotion of various experimental APIs to stable
      + New LauncherInterceptor SPI
      + New testfeed details mode for ConsoleLauncher
      + New ConsoleLauncher subcommand for test discovery without
      + Dry-run mode for test execution
      + New NamespacedHierarchicalStore for use in third-party test
      + Stacktrace pruning to hide internal JUnit calls
      + New @SelectMethod support in test @Suite classes.
      + New TempDirFactory SPI for customizing how temporary
      directories are created
      +  Failure threshold for @RepeatedTest
      + New convenience base classes for implementing
      ArgumentsProvider and ArgumentConverter
      + Custom class loader support for class/method selectors,
      @MethodSource, @EnabledIf, and @DisabledIf
      + Improved configurability of parallel execution
      + Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements
  - Added patches:
    * 0001-Drop-transitive-requirement-on-apiguardian.patch
    * 0002-Add-missing-module-static-requires.patch
      + fix dependencies in files
    * 0003-Bump-open-test-reporting-to-0.1.0-M2.patch
      + fix build with the latest open-test-reporting milestone
  - Removed patch:
    * unreported-exception.patch
      + not needed any more with this version
* Mon Apr 29 2024 Fridrich Strba <>
  - The binaries are compatible with java 1.8
* Tue Apr 09 2024 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Split into two _multibuild packages so that we can use the
    junit-jupiter-api pretty early in the build without creating
    build cycles.
* Wed Feb 21 2024 Gus Kenion <>
  - Use %patch -P N instead of deprecated %patchN.
* Thu Oct 26 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Added patch:
    * unreported-exception.patch fix unreported exception error that
      is fatal with JDK 21
* Mon Sep 11 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Reproducible builds: use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for timestamp
* Mon May 09 2022 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to upstream version 5.8.2
    * Fixes:
      + Text blocks in @CsvSource are treated like CSV files
      + CSV headers in display names for @CsvSource and
      + Custom quote character support in @CsvSource and
      + Support for text blocks in @CsvSource
      + Java 18 support in the JRE enum
      + Access to the ExecutionMode in the ExtensionContext
      + Declarative test suites via @Suite classes
      + LauncherSession and accompanying listener
      + New UniqueIdTrackingListener
      + More fine-grained Java Flight Recorder events
      + Java Flight Recorder support on Java 8 Update 262 or
      + Test class ordering
      + @TempDir can be used to create multiple temporary
      + Extension registration via @ExtendWith on fields and
      + Auto-close support for arguments in @ParameterizedTest
  - Fix the classpath of console application so that it actually
* Thu Mar 03 2022 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Package also the bill-of-materials pom
* Fri Nov 08 2019 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Upgrade to junit5 5.5.2
  - Distribute also the manifest-only junit-jupiter artifact
  - Build the console by default, since picocli package exists now



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