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Name: apache-sshd Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 2.7.0 Vendor: obs://
Release: 1.3 Build date: Wed Jun 15 22:58:44 2022
Group: Unspecified Build host: s390zl28
Size: 4028736 Source RPM: apache-sshd-2.7.0-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Apache SSHD
Apache SSHD is a 100% pure java library to support the SSH protocols on both
the client and server side.




Apache-2.0 AND ISC


* Fri Jul 30 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Upgrade to version 2.7.0
  - Changes in version 2.5.0
    * Major code re-factoring
      + Reception of an SSH_MSG_UNIMPLEMENTED response to a
      SSH_MSG_GLOBAL_REQUEST is translated internally into same code
      flow as if an SSH_MSH_REQUEST_FAILURE has been received - see
      + Server SFTP subsystem internal code dealing with the local
      files has been delegated to the SftpFileSystemAccessor in
      order to allow easier hooking into the SFTP subsystem.
    - Resolving a local file path for an SFTP remote one
    - Reading/Writing a file's attribute(s)
    - Creating files links
    - Copying / Renaming / Deleting files
      + SftpVersionSelector is now consulted when client sends initial
      command (as well as when session is re-negotiated)
      + ScpCommandFactory is also a ShellFactory that can be used to
      provide a minimalistic shell that is good enough for WinSCP.
      + Rework SFTP streams so that the client asks and receives as
      much data as possible - see SSHD-979.
    * Minor code helpers
      + Handling of debug/ignore/unimplemented messages has been split
      into handleXXX and doInvokeXXXMsgHandler methods where the
      former validate the messages and deal with the idle timeout,
      and the latter execute the actual invcation.
      + Added overloaded methods that accept a java.time.Duration
      specifier for timeout value.
      + The argument representing the SFTP subsystem in invocations to
      SftpFileSystemAccessor has been enhanced to expose as much of
      the available functionality as possible.
    * Behavioral changes and enhancements
      + SSHD-964 - Send SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_EOF when tunnel channel being
      + SSHD-967 - Extra bytes written when
      SftpRemotePathChannel#transferTo is used.
      + SSHD-968 - Interpret SSH_MSG_UNIMPLEMENTED response to a
      heartbeat request as a liveness indicator
      + SSHD-970 - transferTo function of SftpRemotePathChannel will
      loop if count parameter is greater than file size
      + SSHD-972 - Add support for peers using OpenSSH "security key"
      key types
      + SSHD-977 - Apply consistent logging policy to caught
      + SSHD-660 - Added support for server-side signed certificate
      + SSHD-984 - Utility method to export KeyPair in OpenSSH format
      + SSHD-992 - Provide more hooks into the SFTP server subsystem
      via SftpFileSystemAccessor
      + SSHD-997 - Fixed OpenSSH private key decoders for RSA and
      + SSHD-998 - Take into account SFTP version preference when
      establishing initial channel
      + SSHD-989 - Read correctly ECDSA key pair from PKCS8 encoded
      + SSHD-1009 - Provide a minimalistic shell for supporting WinSCP
      SCP mode.
  - Changes in version 2.5.1
    * Behavioral changes and enhancements
      + SSHD-1022 NPE in SftpOutputStreamAsync#flush() if no data
      written in between.
  - Changes in version 2.6.0
    * Major code re-factoring
      + SshServerMain uses by default an ECDSA key instead of an RSA
      one. This can be overridden either by -key-type / -key-size or
    - key-file command line option.
      + SSHD-1034 Rename org.apache.sshd.common.ForwardingFilter to
      + SSHD-1035 Move property definitions to common locations.
      + SSHD-1038 Refactor packages from a module into a cleaner
      + SSHD-1080 Rework the PacketWriter to split according to the
      various semantics
      + SSHD-1084 Revert the usage of asynchronous streams when
      forwarding ports.
    * Minor code helpers
      + SSHD-1004 Using a more constant time MAC validation to
      minimize timing side channel information leak.
      + SSHD-1030 Added a NoneFileSystemFactory implementation
      + SSHD-1042 Added more callbacks to SftpEventListener
      + SSHD-1040 Make server key available after KEX completed.
      + SSHD-1060 Do not store logger level in fields.
      + SSHD-1064 Fixed ClientSession#executeRemoteCommand handling
      of STDERR in case of exception to behave according to its
      + SSHD-1076 Break down ClientUserAuthService#auth method into
      several to allow for flexible override
      + SSHD-1077 Added command line option to request specific SFTP
      version in SftpCommandMain
      + SSHD-1079 Experimental async mode on the local port forwarder
      + SSHD-1086 Added SFTP aware directory scanning helper classes
      + SSHD-1089 Added wrappers for one-time single session usage of
      SFTP/SCP clients
      + Propagate SCP file transfer ACK data to ScpTransferListener
      before validating it.
    * Behavioral changes and enhancements
      + SSHD-506 Added support for AES-GCM ciphers.
      + SSHD-954 Improve validation of DH public key values.
      + SSHD-1004 Deprecate DES, RC4 and Blowfish ciphers from default
      + SSHD-1004 Deprecate SHA-1 based key exchanges and signatures
      from default setup.
      + SSHD-1004 Deprecate MD5-based and truncated HMAC algorithms
      from default setup.
      + SSHD-1005 Added support for SCP remote-to-remote file transfer
      + SSHD-1020 SSH connections getting closed abruptly with timeout
      + SSHD-1026 Improve build reproductibility.
      + SSHD-1028 Fix SSH_MSG_DISCONNECT: Too many concurrent
      + SSHD-1032 Fix possible ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in
      + SSHD-1033 Fix simultaneous usage of dynamic and local port
      + SSHD-1039 Fix support for some basic options in ssh/sshd cli.
      + SSHD-1047 Support for SSH jumps.
      + SSHD-1048 Wrap instead of rethrow IOException in Future.
      + SSHD-1050 Fixed race condition in AuthFuture if exception
      caught before authentication started.
      + SSHD-1053 Fixed handling of certified keys authentication.
      + SSHD-1056 Added support for SCP remote-to-remote directory
      transfer - including '-3' option of SCP command CLI.
      + SSHD-1057 Added capability to select a ShellFactory based on
      the current session + use it for "WinSCP"
      + SSHD-1058 Improve exception logging strategy.
      + SSHD-1059 Do not send heartbeat if KEX state not DONE
      + SSHD-1063 Fixed known-hosts file server key verifier matching
      of same host with different ports
      + SSHD-1066 Allow multiple binding to local port tunnel on
      different addresses
      + SSHD-1070 OutOfMemoryError when use async port forwarding
      + SSHD-1100 Updated used moduli for DH group KEX
      + SSHD-1102 Provide filter support for SftpDirectoryStream
      + SSHD-1104 Take into account possible key type aliases when
      using public key authentication
      + SSHD-1107 Allow configuration of minimum DH group exchange key
      size via property or programmatically
      + SSHD-1108 Increased minimum default DH group exchange key size
      to 2048 (but support 1024)
  - Changes in version 2.7.0
    * Major code re-factoring
      + SSHD-1133 Re-factored locations and names of ServerSession and
      server-side ChannelSession related classes
      + Moved some helper methods and classes to more natural
    * Minor code helpers
      + SSHD-525 Added support for "" SFTP
      + SSHD-1083 Relaxed required Nio2Connector/Acceptor required
      constructor arguments
      + SSHD-1085 Added CliLogger + more verbosity on SshClientMain
      + SSHD-1109 Route tests JUL logging via SLF4JBridgeHandler
      + SSHD-1109 Provide full slf4j logger capabilities to CliLogger
      and use it in all CLI classes
      + SSHD-1110 Replace Class#newInstance() calls with
      + SSHD-1111 Fixed SshClientCliSupport compression option
      + SSHD-1116 Provide SessionContext argument to
      + SSHD-1116 Provide SessionContext argument to
      + SSHD-1116 Provide SessionContext argument to
      + SSHD-1125 Added option to require immediate close of channel
      in command ExitCallback invocation
      + SSHD-1127 Consolidated SftpSubsystem support implementations
      into SftpSubsystemConfigurator
      + SSHD-1148 Generate a unique thread name for each SftpSubsystem
    * Behavioral changes and enhancements
      + SSHD-1085 Added more notifications related to channel state
      change for detecting channel closing or closed earlier.
      + SSHD-1091 Renamed sshd-contrib top-level package in order to
      align naming convention.
      + SSHD-1097 Added more SessionListener callbacks related to the
      initial version and key exchange
      + SSHD-1097 Added more capability to send peer identification
      via ReservedSessionMessagesHandler
      + SSHD-1097 Implemented endless tarpit example in sshd-contrib
      + SSHD-1109 Replace log4j with logback as the slf4j logger
      implementation for tests
      + SSHD-1114 Added callbacks for client-side password
      authentication progress
      + SSHD-1114 Added callbacks for client-side public key
      authentication progress
      + SSHD-1114 Added callbacks for client-side host-based
      authentication progress
      + SSHD-1114 Added capability for interactive password
      authentication participation via UserInteraction
      + SSHD-1114 Added capability for interactive key based
      authentication participation via UserInteraction
      + SSHD-1123 Add option to chunk data in ChannelAsyncOutputStream
      if window size is smaller than packet size
      + SSHD-1125 Added mechanism to throttle pending write requests
      in BufferedIoOutputStream
      + SSHD-1127 Added capability to register a custom receiver for
      SFTP STDERR channel raw or stream data
      + SSHD-1132 Added SFTP client-side support for
      'filename-charset' extension
      + SSHD-1132 Added SFTP client-side support for
      'filename-translation-control' extension
      + SSHD-1132 Added SFTP servder-side support for non-UTF8
      encoding of returned file names
      + SSHD-1133 Added capability to specify a custom charset for
      parsing incoming commands to the ScpShell
      + SSHD-1133 Added capability to specify a custom charset for
      returning environment variables related data from the ScpShell
      + SSHD-1133 Added capability to specify a custom charset for
      handling the SCP protocol textual commands and responses
      + SSHD-1136 Use configuration property to decide whether to
      allow fallback to DH group exchange using SHA-1 if no suitable
      primes found for SHA-256
      + SSHD-1137 Added capability to override LinkOption(s) when
      accessing a file/folder via SFTP
      + SSHD-1147 SftpInputStreamAsync: get file size before SSH_FXP_OPEN
  - Modified patches:
    * 0001-Avoid-optional-dependency-on-native-tomcat-APR-libra.patch
    * apache-sshd-2.4.0-java8.patch -> apache-sshd-2.7.0-java8.patch
      + rediff to changed context
  - Added patch:
    * 0002-Fix-manifest-generation.patch
      + do not import self
* Thu Jul 16 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Added patch:
    * apache-sshd-2.4.0-java8.patch
      + restore Java 8 compatibility of bytecode generated by Java 9+
* Mon Jun 29 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Initial packaging of apache-sshd 2.4.0



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