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libfluidsynth3-2.3.4-2.2 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for i586

Name: libfluidsynth3 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2.3.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.2 Build date: Thu Feb 1 08:26:17 2024
Group: System/Libraries Build host: i04-ch2b
Size: 484930 Source RPM: fluidsynth-2.3.4-2.2.src.rpm
Url: https://www.fluidsynth.orga/
Summary: Library for Fluidsynth
This package contains the shared library for Fluidsynth.






* Wed Jan 24 2024 Takashi Iwai <>
  - Drop the leftover directory for the old system-wide service
* Tue Nov 21 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.3.4:
    * Fix a build failure when specifying `CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR` as
      an absolute path (#1261, thanks to @OPNA2608)
    * Fix some MIDI files never finish playing (#1257, thanks to
    * Implement IPv6 to IPv4 fallback (#1208, thanks to @ivan-
    * Fix a build failure when using CMake's Xcode generator
      (#1266, thanks to @bradhowes)
    * Fix pipewire's Jack implementation not found by CMake (#1268,
      thanks to @pedrolcl)
    * Fix a regression causing the MIDI Player to terminate
      prematurely (#1272, thanks to @albedozero)
* Wed Jun 14 2023 Tom Mbrt <>
  - Update to 2.3.3
    * Fix choppy sound when selecting pipewire output
    * Fix build issues on musl-based distros
    * Terminate MIDI player once internal synth-ticks overflow to prevent
      filling up the filesystem
    * Fix a bug that allowed playing notes outside of key and velocity ranges
* Wed Feb 15 2023 Florian <>
  - Fixed systemd service not starting by linking fluidsynth against
* Thu Dec 29 2022 Tom Mbrt <>
  - Update to 2.3.1
    * Prevent MIDI player from finishing prematurely
    * Fix a crash when enumerating rawmidi ALSA devices
    * Restore systemd sandboxing options and make it work with user units
    * Handle conflict with pipewire systemd daemon
  - Fix bsc#1204236 by turning systemd service into user service
* Sat Sep 24 2022 Tom Mbrt <>
  - Update to 2.3.0
    * CMake 3.13 is now required
    * for a full changelog, see
  - Remove hard-coded fluidsynth.service and use .service generated during build
* Tue Sep 06 2022 Tom Mbrt <>
  - Update to 2.2.9:
    * Fix regression in WinMIDI driver introduced in 2.2.8
    * Tracks cannot be restarted in MIDI player after reaching EOT
    * Add a system-wide configuration file for Windows
    * Harden systemd service file
    * Dependency libs for precompiled Android binaries have been updated
  - Remove harden_fluidsynth.service.patch as it has been addressed upstream
* Sun Jul 10 2022 Tom Mbrt <>
  - Update to 2.2.8:
    * ALSA and WinMIDI drivers now pass system real-time messages on to user callback
    * Fix FPU division by zero in `fluid_player_set_tempo()`
    * Fix system-wide config file not loaded
    * Pluseaudio driver now honors `audio.periods` setting
* Mon Apr 25 2022 Tom Mbrt <>
  - Update to 2.2.7
    * Fix file driver not working correctly on Windows
    * Add a function to create a sequencer event from a midi event
    * Precompiled x86 binaries are now x87-FPU compatible
    * Fix fluidsynth not responding to SIGINT and SIGTERM when using recent SDL2
* Thu Mar 24 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.2.6:
    * Undeprecation and minor revisal of the OSS driver
    * Minor improvements to CoreAudio and CoreMidi drivers
    * Fix sustained voices being held after ALL_CTRL_OFF
    * Fix clobbering of PORTAMENTO_CTRL after ALL_CRTL_OFF
    * Prevent Modulation Envelope from being stuck in decay phase, causing
      detuned voices and potentially other audible glitches for some soundfonts
    * Fix a compilation issue with recent glib
* Sun Feb 06 2022 Tom Mbrt <>
  - Update to 2.2.5
    * Fix a build failure with CMake < 3.12
    * OSS and MidiShare drivers are now deprecated
    * Prevent samples accidentally having their loops disabled
    * Fix framework installation on MacOS
* Mon Nov 22 2021
  - Update to 2.2.4:
    * Per-channel `ALL_SOUND_OFF` when seeking/stopping player
    * Fix windows related encoding problems
    * Rewind playlist when calling `fluid_player_play` after all loops are complete
    * Fix MinGW related static linking issues
* Fri Oct 15 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Drop ProtectClock hardening, can cause issues if other device acceess is needed
* Tue Sep 14 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Added patch(es):
    * harden_fluidsynth.service.patch
    * fluidsynth.service
* Sun Jul 11 2021 Tom Mbrt <>
  - Update to 2.2.2
    * The MIDI router now handles out-of-range parameters in a smarter manner
    * Keep pedaling effective when the same note is played more than once
    * Select soundfont samples by frequency instead of midi note numbers
    * Fix the sequencer's event ordering for NoteOn vel=0 events
    * libfluidsynth's import library was broken for MinGW builds
    * fluidsynth.exe short option `-Q` not working
    * Precompiled Android binaries didn't work
    * Fix openMP detection for XCode 12.5
    * Make `audio.jack.autoconnect` connect all available ports
    * Prevent MIDI Player from continuously suppressing notes
    * `fluidsynth.pc` now includes private libraries for static linking
    * Fix typos in code and documentation
* Sat May 08 2021 Tom Mbrt <>
  - Update to 2.2.1
    * Make ALSA the default driver on Linux
    * Coreaudio driver failed to initialize on MacOS 11
    * WaveOut driver failed to initialize
    * COM initialization in WASAPI driver is no longer performed in the
      caller's context
    * WASPI driver now supports reverb and chorus
    * Handle SysEx GM/GM2 mode on, GS reset, and XG reset
    * Old behaviour of `fluid_player_join` has been restored to prevent
      infinite loop in client code
    * The Soundfont loader code has been refactored, illegal generators
      will now be skipped more consequently
  - Replace deprecated %make_jobs macro with %cmake_build
* Wed Apr 07 2021
  - Update baselibs.conf for the soversion 3
* Fri Apr 02 2021 Tom Mbrt <>
  - Update to 2.2.0
    * for a full changelog, see
    * for API/ABI breaking changes, see
  - bump soversion to 3
  - require a C++ compiler
  - add RPM groups
  - demote fluid-soundfont-gm to "Recommends" (previously, the user was forced
    to install this package, even if he used a custom soundfont in the .conf file)
* Tue Mar 16 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.1.8:
    * Rapidly changing channel panning could have caused audible artifacts (#768).
    * Fix a use-after-free when loading malformed soundfonts (#808). Affects all
      versions back to at least 1.1.2.
    * The number of allowed LADSPA effect units has been increased.
* Fri Jan 29 2021 Tom Mbrt <>
  - Update to version 2.1.7
    * a regression introduced in `2.1.0` prevented chorus from being
      audible when `fluid_synth_process()` was used
    * a regression introduced in `2.0.6` prevented the MIDI player from
      restarting playback after all files have been played
    * fix a double-free violation introduced in `2.0.0` after executing
      the `info` shell command
* Sat Jan 09 2021 Tom Mbrt <>
  - Update to version 2.1.6
    * SoundFonts may never be unloaded correctly, if
    * polyphony is ever exceeded, or
    * voices are still playing while their SoundFont is being unloaded.
    * fix a heap-based use-after-free



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