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libQt5Nfc5-5.15.14+kde3-1.1 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for i586

Name: libQt5Nfc5 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 5.15.14+kde3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Wed May 29 08:25:40 2024
Group: Development/Libraries/X11 Build host: reproducible
Size: 347050 Source RPM: libqt5-qtconnectivity-5.15.14+kde3-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Qt 5 Nfc Addon
Qt is a set of libraries for developing applications.




LGPL-3.0-only OR (GPL-2.0-only OR GPL-3.0-or-later)


* Wed May 29 2024 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.14+kde3, rebased upstream:
    * Android-example: add missing properties in AndroidManifest.xml
    * Bump version to 5.15.14
* Tue Mar 19 2024 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.13+kde4, rebased upstream:
    * Doc: Replace dead link to external neard page
    * Bump version to 5.15.13
* Fri Dec 29 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.12+kde6, rebased upstream:
    * Bump version to 5.15.12
* Fri Oct 06 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.11+kde6, rebased upstream:
    * Fix bluetooth service discovery not finishing on Android
    * Add a timeout guard for Android BT device discovery not starting
    * Repair tst_QBluetoothDeviceDiscoveryAgent unit test on Android
* Thu Sep 28 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.10+kde6:
    * Fix translation context of QBluetoothUuid::WeightScaleFeature
    * QBluetoothUuid: remove default case labels and fix the fallout
* Tue Jun 13 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.10+kde4, rebased upstream:
    * Update LGPL license header
    * Replace deprecated bluetooth disable/enable methods on Android
    * includemocs
    * QLeAdvertizerBluez: add missing Q_OBJECT macro
    * Rename qleadvertiser_p.h → qleadvertiser_bluez_p.h
    * QtConnectivity: replace qSwap with std::swap/member-swap where possible
    * Fix crash when service discovery agent (SDA) is stopped on Android
    * QLowEnergyControllerPrivateAndroid: remove unused forward declaration
    * Improve Android-12 bluetooth permission error reporting
    * Update BT LE peripheral role OS support documentation
    * Introduce Android 12 / SDK 31+ bluetooth permissions
    * tst_qbluetoothservicediscovery: make auto-test less evil
    * Remove QBluetoothSocket::connected double-emit on macOS
    * Fix Android bluetooth server assert when disposed of quickly
* Fri Apr 21 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.8+kde34, rebased upstream:
    * Close socket descriptor when QBluetoothSocketBluez is destroyed
    * Fix Bluez BT LE battery reading
    * Repair tst_QBluetoothDeviceDiscoveryAgent on Android
    * Accommodate different bluez socket types in autotest [secFlags]
    * Improve bluetooth service discovery on macOS Monterey
    * Avoid multiple client sockets in pingpong bluetooth example
    * IOBluetooth: tweak a couple of classes
    * Fix missing MetaType registration
    * Improve macOS classic bluetooth (server) SDP record creation
    * IOBluetooth: fix SDP inquiry broken by Monterey
    * Windows BT: reverse the latter UUID part to correct order
    * Document the bluetooth socket data pausing on macOS Monterey
    * Decrement the pending paired device counter only once per device
    * Make Windows bluetooth to scan all found devices for services
    * PingPong example: let the parent QObject do the cleanup
    * Android: fix signal order during service discovery
    * Store the serviceinfo in pingpong example
    * tst_QBluetoothServiceInfo::tst_assignment - fix for Monterey
    * IOBluetooth (device scan) - reduce the manual timeout
    * Android BT LE Client thread protection improvement
    * Windows QBluetoothSocket: fix crash at disconnecting
    * Add Info.plists to autotests which require bluetooth usage key
    * Windows QBluetoothSocket: remove unneeded variable from SocketWorker
    * QLowEnergyController Windows: fix early disconnect crash on Win 11
* Thu Mar 16 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.8+kde8:
    * SDP scanner: encode input URLs and escape XML-specific characters
    * sdpscanner: fix URL processing
    * sdpscanner: fix potential unwanted truncation for SDP_TEXT_STR{8,16,32}
* Mon Jan 09 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.8+kde5, rebased upstream:
    * QBluetoothSocket Windows: check that host info is available
    * Thread protection for Android BT LE Server
    * QBluetoothSocket Windows: fix localAddress and peerAddress
    * QBluetoothSocket Windows: actually query remote port
    * NFC: Fix PendingIntent creation for Android 12
    * CoreBluetooth: fix warning message concatenation
    * Windows: fix object destruction order when terminating helper threads
    * Bluetooth (Darwin): bail out early, if Info.plist is missing
    * Fix thread affinity for charListObtained slot
    * Fix BT LE service addition timing issue on Android
    * macOS specific Info.plist file for Bluetooth Examples
    * IOBluetooth: avoid over-retaining Obj-C entity
* Thu Nov 03 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.7+kde5, rebased upstream:
    * Refactor characteristics read for WinRT
    * QLowEnergyControllerWinRT: refactor connection to device
    * Move connecting to a LE device to background on Windows
    * QLowEnergyController(WinRT): introduce timeout for connection
    * winrt: Protect from late AdvertisementReceived callback
    * IOBluetoothDeviceInquiry: manually interrupt Classic scan
    * QtBluetooth (examples): add Info.plist for iOS
    * CoreBluetooth: provide a description (in Info.plist) of BT usage
    * Bluetooth docs: mention the Apple's specific requirements
    * Heart-rate example: add a proper Info.plist
    * Android: Call handleTargetLost directly on NFC TagLostException
* Mon Sep 26 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.6+kde5, rebased upstream:
    * Doc: Fix typo
    * QWinRTBluetoothDeviceDiscoveryWorker: Add error handling
    * Improve detection of enabled location service on SDK<28
* Mon Jun 27 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.5+kde5, rebased upstream:
    * Add QIODevice::canReadLine call to QBluetoothSocket
    * Handle LE enhanced connection complete in Bluez peripheral
    * Keep the bluetooth service name if the remote has provided it
    * Use the service's socket protocol info on Bluez bluetooth socket
    * Fix Linux bluetooth service discovery crash with multiple services
    * Fix "loop variable creates a copy" warning
    * Prefer QChar over QString that consists of a single QChar
    * CoreBluetooth: add a workaround to enable using scan options
    * Backport a fix from Qt 6 (stop using a deprecated API)
    * Revert "Update commercial license headers"
    * Fix bug: Let QBluetoothsocket::close emit disconnected only once
    * Change tst_qlowenergycontroller to wait for disconnects
    * Update commercial license headers
  - Drop 0001-Revert-Bump-version.patch, it's versioned correctly now
* Fri Jan 21 2022 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Update to version 5.15.2+kde5:
    * Always call setOpenMode before setSocketState
    * Add server role to BlueZ service registration
    * Fix error handling in BlueZ connectToServiceHelper
    * Correct error handling in QLowEnergyControllerPrivateBluezDBUS
* Tue Jun 22 2021 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Switch to KDE's maintenance branch
  - Update to version 5.15.2+kde1:
    * Bump version
  - Add patch to reset version to 5.15.2:
    * 0001-Revert-Bump-version.patch
* Sat Jan 16 2021 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Add compatibility with qml-autoreqprov



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