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imlib2-1.12.1-1.2 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv7hl

Name: imlib2 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.12.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Mon Nov 13 23:04:34 2023
Group: Development/Libraries/X11 Build host: i01-armsrv2
Size: 540847 Source RPM: imlib2-1.12.1-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Image handling and conversion library
Imlib2 is an advanced replacement library for libraries like libXpm
that provides many more features with much greater flexibility and
speed than standard libraries, including font rasterization, rotation,
RGBA space rendering and blending, dynamic binary filters, scripting,
and more.






* Sat Sep 23 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.12.1:
    * Fix some clang complaints
    * scaling: MMX asm scaling causes segv, disable for now
    * loading: Call module exit function also when not
      dlclosing module on unload
    * loaders: Fix build with -m32 --enable-debug
    * test_load_2: Add forgotten xeyes.png
    * test_save: Fix for jxl loader on ix86
    * test_scale: MMX scaling is disabled
    * RAW loader: Don't unload loader
    * loaders: Fix CPPFLAGS order
    * imlib2_grab, imlib2_view: Unset context colormap
    * x11_grab: Use correct depth when grabbing
* Thu Aug 31 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Disable MMX code, it's broken in 1.12.0 (boo#1214528)
* Thu Aug 17 2023 Enrico Belleri <>
  - Update to 1.12.0:
    * test_load2: make error messages more descriptive
    * Y4M loader: fix support for 420 colorspaces
    * Y4M loader: add support for images with unexpected aspects
    * imlib2_view: Avoid potential use of uninitialized data
    * GIF loader: Enable showing animated images even if truncated
    * Introduce __imlib_perror() to produce error messages
    * loaders: Use common function to print error messages
    * imlib2_load: Move time_us() to separate file
    * imlib2_conv: Add option to time save operations
    * test: Fix pr_info() when not printing to stdout
    * loading: Enable calling function on loader load/unload
    * HEIF loader: Call heif_[de]init() on loader load/unload
    * autofoo: Don't check for freetype if we are building without text
    * QOI loader: Add progress calback, indent, cosmetics
    * Loaders: Static constify some data that may as well be
    * TGA loader: Fix TGA v2.0 signature check
    * test: Add basic qoi checks
    * test_scale: Test scaling some more
    * scaling: Unifdef OLD_SCALE_DOWN
    * scaling: Correct scaleinfo array length
    * scaling: Move scaling function call sequence into common __imlib_Scale()
    * scaling: Cosmetics (comments)
    * scaling: Simplify scaling points calculation (eliminate j)
    * scaling: Change ypoints[] from pointers to indices
    * scaling: Cosmetics
    * scaling: Minor refactoring
    * scaling: Correct scaling up
    * test_scale: Update for new scaling
    * image: Fix missing munmap() when using imlib_load_image_fd()
    * image: Fix potentially using incorrect file size
    * file: Remove a couple of unused functions
    * image: Fix potentially using incorrect file size - fixup
    * test: Bypass wrappers when running tests
    * test_load: Minor fix in debug message
    * Add new raw loader
    * TIFF loader: Slightly more strict signature check
    * image: Use sub-second time info when available
    * image: Fix preservation of alpha chanel flag in imlib_clone_image()
    * image cache: Avoid negative refcounts
    * image cache: Drop redundant cleanup
    * image cache: Rework cleanup
    * Revert "scaling: Correct scaling up"
    * Revert "test_scale: Update for new scaling"
    * scaling: Various trivial changes
    * scaling: Improve non-AA scale-up case
    * scaling: Correct scaling up - take 2
    * test_scale: Update for new scaling (re-applied)
    * test_scale: Exercise non-AA path too
    * WEBP saver: allow lossless and respect compression tag
    * add a new QOI decoder
    * QOI loader: fix build on non-gnu compilers
    * QOI loader: use memcmp for magic and endmarker check
    * Y4M loader: check file size before magic check
    * loading: add some debug logs
    * loading: check for alloc failure
    * Y4M loader: use custom y4m parser
    * test_load: allow y4m memory loading
    * file: Remove unused functions some more
    * introduce imlib_image_decache_file()
* Mon Jun 19 2023 Simon Lees <>
  - Changelog update only
  - integer overflow (with resultant invalid memory allocations and
    out-of-bounds reads) via an icon with many colors in its color
    map was fixed in 1.7.0 (bsc#1171472, CVE-2020-12761)
* Mon May 29 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.11.1:
    * imlib2: added loader for y4m files (uses liby4m and
    * imlib2: add y4m test examples
    * Y4M loader: Various minor changes
    * autofoo: Tweak PACKAGE_DATA_DIR definition
    * XPM loader: Add rgb.txt
    * loaders: Fix loaders potentially being loaded more than
    * loaders: Change method used to not unload loaders
    * Add JXL saver
    * loaders: Cosmetics
* Fri Mar 10 2023 Enrico Belleri <>
  - update to 1.11.0:
    * remove bad unused function
    * test: Add a few tests for obscure pnm formats
    * test: Add some pam tests
    * Avoid some more undefined behaviors with shifts
    * api: Fix code duplication around some __imlib_BlendImageToImage() calls
    * api: Change some parameter names
    * api: Tweak/correct error handling in drawable grabbing functions
    * image: Let __imlib_CreateImage() allocate pixel data buffer
    * Drop some redundant calls to __imlib_LoadImageData()
    * api: Remember error on deferred image data loads
    * imlib2_load: Show error on deferred data load problem
    * imlib2_view: Be more verbose about load errors
    * PNM loader: Speedups
    * test: Introduce image_get_crc32()
    * test: test_save: Trivial changes
    * test: test_save: Check that files are written and ok
    * PNM saver: Write images with alpha as P7 PAM RGB_ALPHA type
    * x11_rgba: Add missing const
    * x11_grab: Avoid cast-align warnings with -Wcast-align=strict
    * x11_rgba: Avoid cast-align warnings with -Wcast-align=strict
    * Loaders: Debug macro cleanups
    * ANI loader: Use struct to access chunk data
    * Loaders: Avoid cast-align warnings with -Wcast-align=strict
    * autofoo: Add __PACKED__ for optional struct packing
    * ANI, PNG, TGA loaders: Enable handling of unaligned data
    * __imlib_FileDir(): Fix missing closedir() on OOM
    * Loaders: decompress_load() is not part of the loader API
    * Loaders: Debug tweaks
    * Savers: Centralize file open/close
    * JPG saver: Avoid potential clobber warning
    * PNG saver: Avoid potential clobber warning
    * Loaders, savers: Handle EINTR during fopen()
    * api: Remove pointless statement
    * api: Update documentation for imlib_get_error()
    * api: Cosmetics around image save functions
    * api: Minor simplification in error handling in save functions
    * Add imlib_save_image_fd()
    * api: Oops - debug--
    * test_grab: Rearrange code
    * x11_grab: Let __imlib_Grab..() return error instead of ok
    * x11_grab: Eliminate unnecessary pixmap copy
    * imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable(): Simplify call path
    * x11_grab: Drop now unused 1:1 scaling path in __imlib_GrabDrawableScaledToRGBA()
    * imlib2_view: Add option to set background checkerboard field size
    * test_grab: Update
    * test_grab: Add some tests for imlib_copy_drawable_to_image()
    * test_grab: Check get-mask-from-shape too
    * x11: Pass X11 context around by struct
    * x11_grab: Move window/pixmap checking to separate function
    * x11_grab: Rework clipping
    * x11_grab: Clear image pixels not actually grabbed
    * x11_grab: Various fixes in __imlib_GrabDrawableScaledToRGBA()
    * x11_grab: Eliminate some overhead in scaled grabbing
    * test_grab: Debug tweak
    * PNM loader: avoid some undefined behavior
    * PNM loader: add read support for PAM
* Mon Dec 19 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.10.0:
    * Introduce imlib_load_image_fde
      imlib2_load: Tweak load mode handling
      Introduce Imlib2_Loader.h - all that is needed by loaders
      image: Change has alpha flag to separate byte
      loading: Don't look for cached image when not caching
      loading: New loader infrastructure
    * loading: Introduce __imlib_ImageFileContextPush/Pop
      loading: Centralize mmap handling
    * Introduce imlib_load_image_mem
    * imlib2_load: Add option to use imlib_load_image_mem
      api: Remove cast previously dropped everywhere else
      Hide imlib_get/set_color_usage() if no X11
      api: Move X11 related functions to separate file
      api: Move filter functions to separate file
      Enable disabling filter functions
      api: Move text functions to separate file
      Enable disabling text functions
      J2K loader: Drop showing deprecated item in debug message
      image: Fix memory leak when cloning images
      Unify basic X11 functionality in test programs
      Includes tweaks
      test: Re-generate test images with recent tool/library versions
      image: Hide internal ImlibImageFileInfo struct
      image: Don't munmap external memory
    * Introduce imlib_get_error
      api: error_return adjustments
      imlib2_load: Add option to enable image caching
      image: Fix potential use of uninitialized time stamps
      PNG loader: Correct frame delay in zero denominator case
      PNG loader: Cosmetics
      PNG loader: Improved handling of animated PNGs
      multiframe: Support loop count
      PNG loader: Fix animated PNG loading some more
      autofoo: Fix trouble with test subdirectory in distributed source
      autofoo: Rework git tag/release stuff
      test: test_load: Quit when loading primary image fails
      SVG loader: Don't reference multiframe stuff
    * ICO loader: Eliminate ico_load
      imlib2_view: Fix single frame update rendering
      test: test_load_2: Check frame 0/1 loading too
      PNG loader: Cosmetics
      PS loader: Cosmetics
      multiframe: Tweaks around frame number handling
      multiframe: Centralize handling of frame update offsets
      multiframe: Move frame info to allocated record
      multiframe: Allocate frame info only when needed
      PNG loader: Quit scan when target fdAT is seen
      PNG loader: Quit after loading first frame
      PNG loader: Simplify update callback handling
      imlib2_view: Fix multiframe rendering detail
      multiframe: Remove frame offset from updates
      imlib2_view: Fix multiframe after update coordinate change
      imlib2_view: Deal with all pending X events at once
      imlib2_view: Properly handle caching vs progress callbacks
      imlib2_view: Don't load bad images twice if first or last in argument list
      image: Cosmetics
    * image: Introduce __imlib_LoadEmbeddedMem
      Add new ani loader
    * image: Cosmetics
      ANI loader: Disable progress in embed loader
      ANI loader: Multiframe suport
      Introduce imlib_load_image_frame_mem
      imlib_load_image_frame_mem(): set nocache
      TGA loader: fix indexing in tgaflip
* Mon Aug 22 2022 Enrico Belleri <>
  - enable loaders for JPEG2000, HEIF, Postscript, SVG, JPEG-XL
* Fri Aug 19 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.9.1:
    * x11_color: Simplify and fix error paths
    * JPEG loader: Use mmap'ed file access
    * modules: Eliminate __imlib_TrimLoaderList()
    * Introduce strsplit()
    * modules: Cosmetics, mostly
    * modules: Enable setting multiple loader/filter paths
    * test: Add test_misc
    * modules: Fix signdness warning
    * TIFF loader: Change default save compression type
    * imlib2_load: Remove unused macro
    * imlib2_conv: Cosmetic changes
    * imlib2_conv: Drop obsolete .db stuff, simplify
    * imlib2_conv: Enable passing attached data to saver
    * check for some alloc failures
    * check for alloc failures some more
    * modules: check for filepath truncation
    * Remove some deprecation comments
    * Move API documentation to header file
    * WEBP saver: Fix return code on success
    * api.c: Cosmetics
    * Refactor some image loading functions
    * Refactor some image saving functions
    * Image load: Change error code on zero file size
    * Tweak __imlib_LoadImageData()
    * Error code rework: Use errnos/new imlib2 error codes internally
    * Add imlib_load/save_image_with_errno_return() and imlib_strerror()
    * Switch to imlib_load/save_image_with_errno_return()
    * Deprecate imlib_load/save_image_with_error_return()
    * imlib2_load: Tweak verbose output
    * Rename files with line etc. drawing functions
    * Use stdint types instead of DATA32 etc.
    * test_load: Check deferred loading too
    * imlib2_load: Show load time per load too
    * image.c: Correct loader probe loop
    * image.c: Cosmetics (move function)
    * GZ loader: Fix uncompressor exit code
    * GIF loader: Use mmap'ed file access
    * image.c: Loading tweaks
    * imlib2_view: Verbose and debug message tweaks
    * Loaders: Some trivial cosmetics
    * Loaders: Remove unnecessary calls to __imlib_FreeData()
    * debug: Enable using hex values in IMLIB2_DEBUG
    * SVG loader: Requires librsvg-2.46
    * TIFF loader: Use mmap'ed file access
    * Add jxl loader
    * test: Add basic jxl test
    * test_save: Updates
    * loaders: Ensure that found loader is ok for load/save
    * image: Fix undesired change of format
    * Drop deprecation noise from using the old DATA types
    * Drop deprecation noise from using imlib_load/save_image_with_error_return()
    * API doc corrections and tweaks for doxygen
    * Revert a couple of unintended changes
    * API doc updates
    * doc: Drop most old doc stuff
    * doc: New documentation build setup (doxygen)
    * doc: Assorted documentation intro updates
    * loaders: Fix typo, fix order
    * SVG loader: Faster signature check
    * build: Tweaks
    * Add J2K (JPEG 2000) loader using openjpeg2 library
    * test: Add some of JPEG 2000 tests
    * Add PS/EPS loader using libspectre
    * debug: Export __imlib_time_us()
    * JXL loader: Multiframe support
    * SVG loader: Avoid some warnings in rsvg.h
    * SVG loader: Fix size when unit is percent
    * SVG loader: Fix size when unit is percent some more
    * v1.9.0
    * PNM, XPM loaders: Fix trouble with non-ascii characters
    * XPM loader: Reduce signature window size some more
    * Refactor image flags stuff
    * Remove some unused image flags and deprecate functions referencing them
    * JPEG, XBM loaders: Drop pointless clearing of flag
    * Deal consistently with including Imlib2.h
    * Merge x11_draw.c/h into x11_pixmap.c/h
    * x11_rgba.c: Add some missing static qualifiers
    * x11_color.c: Make most __imlib_AllocColors*() functions static
    * x11_...: Introduce palette type enum
    * Loader includes tweaks
    * Move some loader related function prototypes to loaders.h
    * common.h: Drop round() macro
    * debug.c/h: Move __EXPORT__ to .c file
    * Remove system includes from common.h
    * Move x_VAL() macros to common.h
    * Introduce types.h
    * Remove some unnecessary headers
    * grad.c: Refactor __imlib_DrawGradient() and __imlib_DrawHsvaGradient()
    * Only have one CLIP macro
    * Mostly cosmetic tweaks around clipping checks
    * test: Command line options tweak
    * test_grab: Enable testing depths other than 24 and 32
    * x11_grab.c: Correct 16 and 15 bit depth grabbing
    * TIFF loader: Remove obsolete comment
    * ID3 loader: Drop inline and likely stuff
    * ID3 loader: Disable tags stuff
    * Introduce __imlib_GetKey()
    * Merge __imlib_FindBestLoader...() functions
    * test: Properly include test.h in test SOURCES
    * test: Exclude from tarball
    * v1.8.1
    * imlib2: saving progressive JPEG
    * XPM Loader: limit signature check to first 4KiB
    * imlib2: allow compilation without x headers
    * imlib2_load: fix typo
    * fix: possible memleak in rgba save on big endian systems
    * test: Add context test
    * Drop context image save/restore around __imlib_Load/SaveImage() calls
    * Make initial context static
    * Drop context check/init in API functions
    * Use __func__ instead of open coded function names
    * Pass parameters to __imlib_LoadImage() by struct
    * Trivial cleanups
    * imlib2_view: Cosmetics (if -> switch)
    * imlib2_view: Add 'r' command to refresh
    * imlib2_view: Move window background image init to separate function
    * imlib2_view: Refactor pixmap rendering
    * imlib2_view: Remove some pointless function calls
    * imlib2_view: Tweaks around timeout
    * debug: Add some image caching debug
    * imlib2_view: Fix caching option
    * Add support for multiframe (animated) images
    * Enable caching for multiframe images
    * imlib2_load: Add support for multiframe images
    * imlib2_view: Add support for multiframe images
    * debug: Add DL macro for additional loader debug
    * WEBP loader: Multiframe support
    * ICO loader: Multiframe support
    * GIF loader: Some refactoring, add debug
    * GIF loader: Multiframe support
    * ICO loader: Debug tweaks
    * Indent
    * debug: Avoid use of uninitialized data
    * Loader loading: Avoid access to uninitialized load() item
    * updates: Reduce memory usage
    * Drop some intermediate type definitions
    * autofoo/loader cosmetics
    * Simplify loader setup
    * Updates for animated image handling
    * imlib2_view: Fix(?) animated image frame dispose handling
    * test: Add a couple of ico depth test images
    * ICO loader: Minor optimization
    * ICO loader: Mostly cosmetic changes (inline ico_read())
    * GIF loader: Always set BLEND flag
    * imlib2_view: Rework display of animated images
    * Introduce more loader return codes
    * BZ2, ZLIB loaders: Move duplicated code to separate file
    * Add lzma loader
    * imlib2_grab: Print error message if saving fails
    * imlib2_view: Verbosity twaeks
    * imlib2_load: Verbosity twaeks
    * LZMA loader: Fix potential warning
    * Correct simplification changes
    * Correct simplification changes some more
    * XBM loader: Correct load2() result when no header is found
    * Add svg loader
    * SVG loader: Avoid problems when loading the module more than once
    * imlib2_load: Add no-data option
    * Add dispose-to-previous frame handling
    * PNG loader: Disable Imlib2-Comment stuff
    * PNG loader: Rewrite to use callback API
    * PNG loader: Add multiframe support
    * test: Check __imlib_FileKey()
    * Simplify __imlib_FileKey()
    * Avoid redundant operations when non-existing file has no "key"
    * Drop change log from before first version tag
    * test: Move generated image files out of source dir
    * test: Add makefile to generate test images
    * PNM loader: Fix P1 when spaces are omitted
    * PNM loader: Fix "XV thumbnail" (P7 332) loading
    * test: Add some more PNM type loading tests
    * image.c: Avoid potential compile error
    * imlib2_view: Avoid clang error
    * Drop/adjust a few comments
    * Move some code as suggested in source
    * HEIF loader: A couple of cleanups and fixes
    * loaders.c: Add heif to known loaders
    * autofoo: Sort loaders
    * SVG loader: Fix memory leak on error
    * HEIF loader: Avoid memory leak when module is loaded more than once
    * Mark obsolete TTF encoding functions as deprecated
    * test: Add basic heif loader check
    * Refactoring around font glyph lookup
    * Introduce acflags for configuration of rpmbuilds
    * Add some missing const qualifiers
    * Fix gcc12 warning in __imlib_ConsumeImage()
    * Fix gcc12 warning in __imlib_stripwhitespace()
    * TGA loader: Make function order same as in other loaders
    * HEIF loader: Header cleanups
    * Add imlib_version()
    * test: Merge common stuff
    * imlib2: added loader for HEIF files (uses libheif), implemented just `load2` for now
    * ICO loader: Fix compilation on big endian architectures
  - drop bigendian.patch (upstream)
* Mon May 16 2022 Berthold Gunreben <>
  - declare counter in for loop for big endian to unsignedint (loader_ico.c)
* Sat Dec 18 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.7.5:
    * Build .xz instead of .bz2 release tarball
    * Drop imlib2-config (use pkg-config)
    * Test: Add some minimal regression testing
    * Test: Fix dist
    * imlib2_load: Add option to use imlib_load_image_immediately()
    * JPEG loader: Cosmetics
    * JPEG loader: Parse EXIF data and handle orientation
    * autofoo: Drop support for libungif
    * Imlib.h: Add version macros
    * imlib2_load: Add verbose option
    * Fix build (Imlib2.h is now built)
    * test: Add icon-64.pbm
    * test: Add test_load_2
    * imlib2_view: If verbose show error message on failure
    * imlib2_load: Use clock_gettime() when available
    * debug: Infrastructure
    * debug: Add some debug related to file access and image loading
    * Introduce im->fsize
    * PNG loader: Cosmetics
    * PNG loader: Use mmap() during signature check
    * TIFF loader: Use mmap() during signature check
    * TGA loader: Use im->fsize, cosmetics, debug
    * WEBP loader: Cosmetics
    * WEBP loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * FF loader: Cosmetics
    * FF loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * ARGB loader: Cosmetics
    * ARGB loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * BMP loader: Cosmetics
    * BMP loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * ICO loader: Cosmetics
    * ICO loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * LBM loader: Cleanups
    * LBM loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * PNM loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * XBM loader: Fix potential buffer overrun
    * XBM loader: Cosmetics
    * XBM loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * XBM loader: Ignore comments and other stuff in header
    * XPM loader: Use mmap() for loading
    * test: test_load improvements
    * imlib2_view: Add option to cache images
    * Introduce UPDATE_FLAG()
    * Introduce ARRAY_SIZE()
    * Loader cosmetics
    * Loader loading: Tweaks
    * Loader loading: Move to __imlib_FindBestLoaderForFormat()
    * Loader loading: Move __imlib_GetLoaderList()
    * Loader loading: Minor loader lookup refactoring
    * Loader loading: Avoid always loading all loaders
    * Loader loading: Don't bother looking up load() if we have load2()
    * WEBP loader: Enable loading animated images (first frame by default)
    * Fixup after recent change
    * Drop unnecessary free() NULL argument checks
    * Remove some unneeded headers
    * Rename X11 related files for clarity
    * Move ImlibImagePixmap population to __imlib_AddImagePixmapToCache()
    * test: Add X11 drawable grabbing test
    * Move pixmap stuff to x11_pixmap.c/h
    * Trivial changes in __imlib_Grab...() function prototypes
    * Refactor imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable()
    * Revert "Refactor imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable()"
    * Refactor imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable() - take 2
    * x11_grab.c: Rename source/destination variables for clarity
    * Fix y-upscaling in imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable()
    * test_grab: Cleanups, cosmetics
    * test_grab: Add scale-down tests
    * Only set MAINTAINERCLEANFILES in top-level
    * imlib2_view: Enable grabbing/viewing drawables
    * x11_grab.c: Cosmetics
    * x11_grab.c: Introduce function to get shape mask
    * Speedup in imlib_create_scaled_image_from_drawable()
    * Avoid signedness warning
    * Avoid "exceeds maximum object size" warning
    * blend.c: Tweaks, cleanups
    * Simplify build wrt. asm files
* Sat Oct 16 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.7.4:
    * imlib2_view: Move property stuff to separate file
    * imlib2_view: Cleanups
    * imlib2_view: By default scale large images to fit on screen
    * imlib2_view: Add some debug
    * imlib2_view: Fix issue with new default scaling
    * WEBP loader: Remove forgotten debug printout
    * WEBP loader: Rename fd variable to be same as everywhere else
    * LBM loader: Fix potential out-of-bounds memory access
    * GIF, TIFF, WEBP loaders: Fix loading if filename does not have usual suffix
    * Revert "GIF, TIFF, WEBP loaders: Fix loading if filename does not have usual suffix"
    * GIF, TIFF, WEBP loaders: Fix loading if filename does not have usual suffix - take 2
    * Add script to generate Changelog
    * Update Changelog to new format
    * image.c: Use the LOAD_... macros to check loader return values
    * autofoo: Resurrect non-pkg check for bzip2
    * Remove some unnecessary X_DISPLAY_MISSING stuff
    * rend.c: Remove some pointless lines
    * Add XBM loader
    * Add imlib2_load and /build to .gitignore
    * Remove obsolete and unused AC_HEADER_STDC
    * Restore file:key functionality
    * ICO loader: Fix (disabled) debug stuff
    * ICO loader: Enable specifying ico image index by key
    * Remove unused Context functions
    * context.c: Fix potential segv
    * LBM loader: Fix handling of missing RLE data
    * Fix clang-analyzer warnings - bin (trivial)
    * Fix clang-analyzer warnings - loaders (trivial)
    * Fix clang-analyzer warnings - loaders (suppress bogus)
    * Fix clang-analyzer warnings - lib (mostly trivial)
    * Fix clang-analyzer warnings - lib (less trivial)
    * autofoo: Move more to pkg-config
    * TIFF loader: Drop use of libtiff defined types deprecated in libtiff-4.3.0
    * TGA loader: Fix loading small images without footer
    * Spec file: Add git tag to rpm file name (if built from git checkout)
    * Cleanups: while->for loops (loaders list)
    * Cleanups: while->for loops (context list)
    * Cleanups: while->for loops (im->tags list)
    * Cleanups: while->for loops (images list)
    * Cleanups: while->for loops (pixmaps list)
    * Drop unused Imlib_Object_List:last
    * Add feature to build with ASAN (--enable-gcc-asan)
    * Correct (disabled) debug printouts
    * Loaders: Remove unnecessary headers
    * WEBP saver: Use fopen() etc. like all other savers
* Mon Dec 14 2020 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 1.7.1:
    * Fix big endian build
    * rend.c: Fix __imlib_generic_render() when jump != 0
    * grab.c: Support 30bpp display in __imlib_GrabXImageToRGBA()
    * WEBP loader: Add initial signature check
    * XPM loader: Get transparency right when doing header-only loading
    * Silence a couple of sign-compare warnings
  - Enable support for webp
  - Drop autotools build dependencies
* Sun Aug 16 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 1.7.0:
    * huge list of changes, see included ChangeLog
  - remove imlib2-bswap.patch: obsolete



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