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libportmidi2-2.0.4-2.7 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: libportmidi2 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2.0.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.7 Build date: Sat Feb 10 03:07:04 2024
Group: System/Libraries Build host: i01-armsrv2
Size: 42896 Source RPM: portmidi-2.0.4-2.7.src.rpm
Summary: Real-time MIDI input/output audio library
PortMidi -- a library for real-time MIDI input/output audio.
This package contains the shared library that is required at runtime for every
application that uses PortMidi.






* Fri Dec 30 2022 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
  - If we don't build the java bindings, we can reduce the minimum
    cmake version to a level, that allows building for current Leaps
* Thu Oct 13 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.0.4:
    This release adjusts the data rate limit imposed on MIDI through macOS IAC
    bus to avoid losing data (this is a macOS limitation, not a PortMidi
    limitation). Apparently, the limit was significantly dropped somewhere around
    macOS 12. This release is tested on Apple M2 in addition to Linux, Win32, and
    macOS Intel. It also includes a working but not complete port to Haiku.
  - drop 0001-Add-missing-return-type.patch,
    0001-Adding-missing-file-to-repo.patch: upstream
* Wed Aug 10 2022 Konstantin Voinov <>
  - Disable RPATH in the .spec
* Mon May 09 2022 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Update to 2.0.3
    * This version allows multiple hardware devices to have the same
  - Add upstream changes:
    * 0001-Adding-missing-file-to-repo.patch
    * 0001-changing-path-to-pm_common-directory-in-file-pm_comm.patch
    * 0001-Add-missing-return-type.patch
* Mon Jan 03 2022 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 2.0.2
    - build system fixes
  - drop 7ed4da65ff67fa2b22eccd88beb743bd2dff6bfb.patch
  - require cmake >= 3.21
* Fri Dec 31 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - restore the java package with the pmdefaults app
  - restore test tools again
* Thu Dec 30 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 2.0.1
    PortMidi has a new extended API with Pm_CreateVirtualInput(),
    Pm_CreateVirtualOutput(), and Pm_DeleteVirtualDevice() so we are
    calling this major version 2. Other changes include:
    - More careful rate limiting on macOS to allow faster IO to real
    devices, while still limiting flow through IAC bus and virtual
    ports that might cause macOS to drop messages.
    - Many updates to CMake files, including install and package
    - Elimination of scorealign, portsmf, and PortMidi support for
    several other languages. (We'll try to maintain links to active
    projects or host language support in separate repos within this
    PortMidi project.)
    - Only basic support for Java and PmDefaults program. Current plan
    is to eliminate PmDefaults, Pm_GetDefaultInputDeviceID(), and
    Pm_GetDefaultOutputDeviceID() at the end of 2022, moving
    jportmidi and pmjni library to another repo unless users
    complain. Unfortunately, operating systems never introduced
    preferred MIDI devices analogous to preferred Audio devices.
    - A few other bug fixes such as Unicode handling are now included.
  - drop patches from upstream:
  - drop rpmlintrc as we no longer need it
  - modernize spec file
  - drop java subpackage for now
* Mon Aug 25 2014
  - Correct license to MIT
  - Include license file in %doc
  - Weeaken timidity requires to recommends
* Fri Dec 14 2012
  - Add Requirement for timidity as most sound cards don't
    have a dedicated midi device anymore
  - Build with fix needed for lenmus
* Wed Jun 06 2012
  - imported from Packman to OBS
  - don't ship static library



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