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thunar-4.18.4-1.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: thunar Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 4.18.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Thu Feb 23 18:13:17 2023
Group: Productivity/File utilities Build host: obs-arm-7
Size: 1754055 Source RPM: thunar-4.18.4-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: File Manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment
Thunar is a file manager for the Xfce desktop environment. Its
functionality can be extended through plugins. Thunar can also be
extended by writing scripts to be placed in the context menu for
various file types.






* Thu Feb 23 2023 Manfred Hollstein <>
  - Update to 4.18.4:
    * Dont open folder when mounting device (Issue #919)
    * Dont show full menu for unmounted devices (#1049)
    * Support handling URIs via desktop file (#1044)
    * Focus correct split pane on mouse click (#1039)
    * Prevent wrong undo/redo notify (#1036)
    * Support undo trash for linked pathes (#1030)
    * Always ask before delete files via undo (#1027)
    * Fix use after free fault (#1031)
    * Allow symlink creation on remote locations (#875)
    * Prevent crash when closing window (#884)
    * Keep directory specific sort details (#1017)
    * Dont add extra-dot when creating links (#1019)
    * Translation Updates
* Wed Feb 15 2023 Manfred Hollstein <>
  - Explicitly require the newer libpcre2 instead of libpcre; this
    fixes boo#1208260
* Mon Jan 23 2023 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Add switch_pane_shortcut.patch
    Backport upstream fix for gxo#xfce/thunar#1005
  - Add differentiate_zoom_levels_between_view_modes.patch
    Backport upstream fix for gxo#xfce/thunar#832
* Sat Jan 21 2023 Manfred Hollstein <>
  - Update to 4.18.3:
    * Prevent critical when changing directory (gxo#xfce/thunar#1014)
    * Keep hidden toolbar hidden after Ctrl+L (gxo#xfce/thunar#1011)
    * Prevent jumping cursor on file deletion (gxo#xfce/thunar#910)
    * Prevent Critical when file counting is enabled
    * Properly handle resident thunar plugins (gxo#xfce/thunar#1007)
    * Translation Updates
* Wed Jan 11 2023 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Update to version 4.18.2:
    * bulk renamer: Remember LastActiveMode (gxo#xfce/thunar#989)
    * Dont show toolbar menu for back/forward (gxo#xfce/thunar#983)
    * Double compact view ellipsization threshold
    * Few thumbnails missing after scroll (gxo#xfce/thunar#843)
    * Improve alignment of XfceFileNameInput
    * Make 'empty trash' sensitive on tab-switch (gxo#xfce/thunar#1001)
    * Only attach toolbar after toolbar items were set up (gxo#xfce/thunar#927)
    * Prevent crash after closing windows (gxo#xfce/thunar#995)
    * Prevent crash for copy+overwrite via DBus (gxo#xfce/thunar#1002)
    * Prevent rare crash when closing thunar (gxo#xfce/thunar#698)
    * Prevent segfault for location selector (gxo#xfce/thunar#994)
    * Re-add symlink target in type column (gxo#xfce/thunar#985)
    * Revert "Prevent focus stealing of file transfer dialog (gxo#xfce/thunar#643)"
    * Shrink rename dialog only in height
    * split-view: prevent losing open tabs (gxo#xfce/thunar#986)
* Thu Dec 22 2022 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Update to version 4.18.1:
    * Fix several thumbnailing issues
    * 'replace' option fixed for copy with '*.partial~' (gxo#xfce/thunar#974)
    * Preserve trusted state when launchers are copied
    * Don't reset zoom-level for directory specific settings (gxo#xfce/thunar#970)
    * Prevent build failure for NixOS (gxo#xfce/thunar#972)
    * Prevent location bar crash (gxo#xfce/thunar#968)
    * Translation Updates
* Sun Dec 18 2022 Manfred Hollstein <>
  - Update to version 4.18.0:
    New features: (see
    - List View
    - Image Preview
    - Undo and Redo
    - File Highlight
    - Customizable Toolbar
    - Split View
    - Statusbar
    - Recursive Search
    - Recently used files shown in the side pane
    - New Bookmark Menu
    - Trash directory with easy access to `Empty Trash' and `Restore'
    - Improvements to the Default Applications management
    - Custom Actions can be arranged in cascading submenus
    - Preferences dialogs got streamlined
    Bug fixes:
    * Dont reset zoom-level for directory specific settings (gxo#xfce/thunar#970)
    * Prevent build failure for NixOS (gxo#xfce/thunar#972)
    * Prevent location bar crash (gxo#xfce/thunar#968)
    * build: Let xdt-depends.m4 macros set GLib macros
    * Translate the string "Search: " (gxo#xfce/thunar#953)
    * Fix typo in tooltip
  - Bump build requirements for 4.18.0
  - Remove _service stuff
* Mon Apr 04 2022 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Update to version 4.16.11
    * Don't reload the view when text is copied (gxo#xfce/thunar#706)
    * NULL checks to prevent crash on malformed bookmark URI (gxo#xfce/thunar#716)
    * Use 'g_timeout_add_full' to set tree-view cursor (gxo#xfce/thunar#351)
    * Fix signal disconnect in thunar_window_unrealize
    * Don't go beyond THUNAR_N_VISIBLE_COLUMNS while parsing col widths
    * Translation Updates
* Fri Sep 17 2021 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 4.16.10
    * Fix signal disconnect to prevent crash (bxo#xfce/thunar#553)
    * Don't go beyond THUNAR_N_VISIBLE_COLUMNS while parsing col widths
* Sun Sep 12 2021 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 4.16.9
    * Listen to changes on shortcuts to update them when required
    * Use move action when dragging files of different users
    * Fix file-icon update when file is cut (gxo#xfce/thunar#588)
    * Open correct folder on middle-click in tree-view
    * Disable automatic queueing of file transferes
    * Fix GLib-CRITICAL in list-view (gxo#xfce/thunar#487)
    * thunar_file_is_executable() now checks if .desktop file is safe
    * Fix missing folder in history when opened in new tab
    * Fixing various memory leaks (gxo#xfce/thunar#573)
    * Update manpage (gxo#xfce/thunar#121)
    * Dont show "execute" on context menu for folders
    * Translation Updates
* Sat May 08 2021 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 4.16.8
    * Activating Desktop Icon does not Use Default Application
  - changes from 4.16.7:
    * Prevent crash if invalid-symlink is used as bookmark
    * Dont execute files, passed via command line due to security risks
    * Avoid excessively checking whether files are executables
    * CDDA appears twice in side pane (gxo#xfce/thunar#486)
    * Critical error when opening Edit menu (gxo#xfce/thunar#542)
    * Shortcuts view regression : Watch trash for changes
    * Translation Updates
* Sun Mar 21 2021 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 4.16.6
    * Reload current directory before selecting new files
    * tree-view: Hide menu-item "properties" for unmounted devices
    * Removed 'the root folder has no parent' dialog box
    * Revamp documentation to modernize/uniformize accross components
    * Remove watches on shortcuts (gxo#xfce/thunar#513,
    * Translation Updates
* Mon Mar 08 2021 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Update to version 4.16.5
    * Emergency release on the thunar 4.16 branch, since the fix for
      Issue #47 can cause high I/O in some cases (gxo#xfce/thunar#526)
    * Revert "Bookmarks no longer need an existing file
* Sun Mar 07 2021 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 4.16.4
    * Bookmarks no longer need an existing, underlying file
    * Regression: Select copied files after copy operation
    * Reintroduce alternative zoom shortcuts (gxo#xfce/thunar#514)
    * Prevent hangup if a copy task that is blocked is resumed
    * Regression: Allow custom image files for UCA icons
    * Dont merge folders when creating copy with same name
    * Fix incorrect return value in scroll event handler
    * Translation Updates
* Tue Feb 09 2021 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 4.16.3
    * By default show all available volumes
    * Regression: Skip app info updates on sendto actions
    * Regression: Toggle menu visibility on F10 if menu hidden
    * Regression: "Shift" + "Select Trash in menu" has to trigger delete
    * Dont select previous file after delete/trash (bxo#xfce/thunar#477)
    * Increase min. size of "text" field in bulk renamer
    * Translation Updates
* Tue Jan 12 2021 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 4.16.2
    * Regression: "Open with other application" missing
    * Always create new files and folders in current directory
    * Translation Updates
* Tue Dec 29 2020 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 4.16.1
    * Prevent crash on Ctrl+H when there is no sidepane
    * Roleback to previous spinner handling (gxo#xfce/thunar#448)
* Wed Dec 23 2020 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Update to version 4.16.0
    - Fix action of Back/Forward mouse gesture when using RTL
      (Issue gxo#xfce/thunar#90)
    - Prevent crash on mouse gesture action
      (Issue gxo#xfce/thunar#443)
    - Avoid crashes when closing thunar with ctrl+w
    - Ignore double-click events from back/forward mouse button
      (Issue gxo#xfce/thunar#371)
    - Remove GLIB_CHECK_VERSION IFDEFs which are obsolete after glib bump
    - bump minimum required exo version to 4.15.3
    - Wrap box around spinner to prevent flickering
      (Issue gxo#xfce/thunar#440)
    - Use g_drive_is_removable over g_drive_is_media_removable
    - bump glib (and gio, gthread, etc) to 2.50.0
    - Do not duplicate app_info when added via custom command
      (Issue gxo#xfce/thunar#309)
    - Escape all whitespace characters in custom command path
    - Remove hidden quotes for "Open with"->"custom command"
      (Issue gxo#xfce/thunar#425)
    - Ignore unknown XML elements in UCA.xml
    - Regression: Fix broken bulk renamer context menu
      (Issue gxo#xfce/thunar#436)
    - Revert of b12247c2 and proper fix for Issue gxo#xfce/thunar#423
    - Remove duplicated code in renamer and prevent possible leak
    - Prevent possible crash of thunar_launcher_poke
      (Issue gxo#xfce/thunar#436)
    - Fix combo box entry order (Issue gxo#xfce/thunar#435)
    - Remove TODO file
    - Change focus when clicking an emblem entry
      (Issue gxo#xfce/thunar#315)
    - Bump GLib minimum version to 2.44
    - Prevent Gtk-CRITICAL when terminating session
      (Issue gxo#xfce/thunar#430)
    - Missing thunarx support on the shortcut view
      (Issue gxo#xfce/thunar#423)
    - Translation Updates
* Sat Nov 07 2020 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 4.15.3
    * No special treatment on "rename" for .desktop files
    * Show full filename/extention for .desktop files
    * Focus view when location selector is closed (gxo#xfce/thunar#420)
    * Thunar shows wrong content after outside operations
    * Regression: Restore file menu section arrangement
    * Use same structure than other xfce projects
    * Fall back to fast content type if regular is unavilable in file
      attributes (gxo#xfce/thunar!36)
    * Fix Regressions around menu bar spinner (gxo#xfce/thunar#394)
    * Fix error for custom date format in details view
    * Add support for transparency in gtk-themes (gxo#xfce/thunar!31)
    * Regression: Apply accel keys only to current tab
    * Translation Updates
* Fri Aug 28 2020 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 4.15.2
    * Regression: Dont crash when starting thunar with gvfs disabled
    * Move mount/unmount/eject actions into launcher
    * Use thunar-menu and launcher in tree-view (gxo#xfce/thunar#349)
    * Use the new icon when running with elevated privileges (root)
    * Remove path limit to check on drop (gxo#xfce/thunar#350)
    * Avoid crashes when using details view (gxo#xfce/thunar#307)
    * Fix unavailable rubber banding in detailed view
    * Remove obsolete dispose method to prevent warning
    * Show device indentifier in side pane tooltip
    * Make use of shared field codes expansion of libxfce4util (MR !23)
    * Implement directory specific sort-column and sort-order
    * Add an option to delete saved directory specific settings
    * Implements directory specific view type (gxo#xfce/thunar#8)
    * Add features to support directory specific view settings
    * Regression: Add missing seperator to icon view submenu
    * Replace _thunar_assert() with _thunar_return_if_fail() in order
      to prevent crash when build with debug on FreeBSD (MR !22)
    * Menu items cut/copy/paste do not work for location entry
    * Shorten strings for different views (gxo#xfce/thunar#247)
    * Segfault when file is created while files are selected
    * Thunar hangs when closing windows using CTRL+W
    * Regression: Missing accelerators for bookmark items
    * Fixed SEGV when the side pane is hidden (gxo#xfce/thunar#335)
    * Regression: Window menu not updated properly (gxo#xfce/thunar#320)
    * Support queued copy (configurable) (gxo#xfce/thunar#294)
    * Regression: "Create Archive..." doesn't show (gxo#xfce/thunar#329)
    * Fix unavailable rubber banding in detailed view (gxo#xfce/thunar#326)
    * Context menu entries in Thunar flutter while downloading
    * Improve cusor handling after file deletion in thunar
    * Fix regression: Trying to open a .desktop file from the context menu
      leads to the execution of the file (gxo#xfce/thunar#325)
    * Use numbering on label "open new window/tab" only for multiple
      windows/tabs (MR !15)
    * Remove "Sort by" and "View as" from menu item labels
    * Add new app icon and switch to rDNS icon name (MR !11)
    * Replace deprecated GtkActionEntry with XfceGtkActionEntry
    * Menus are now updated when selection changes not only when opened
    * Merge all file-context-menus into one (gxo#xfce/thunar#198)
    * Ghost file ocasionally remains when dropping file into directory
    * Use XfceFilenameInput to validate long filenames (bxo#13720)
    * Support for variables like $HOME in address bar (bxo#12165)
    * Fix eject button click detection when using RTL languages
    * Remove upper case from group names in shortcuts view
    * Option to rename a file when existing copy conflicts (bxo#16686)
    * Remove suffix "- FileManager" from window title
    * Move from exo-csource to xdt-csource (bxo#16717)
    * Pause button on copy/move (bxo#16685)
    * Allow drag-and-drop of multiple files in icon view (bxo#2487)
    * Add keywords to .desktop files to thunar (bxo#16618)
    * Reduce vertical space in Templates info popup
    * Hide android phone from network group (bxo#11584)
    * Reduce size of Templates info popup
    * Do not add "cant-write" emblem to files in the Trash
    * Hide Browse Network entry in shortcuts view if not supported
    * Move 'network' to the bottom of tree view (bxo#16516)
    * Add examples to "Select by Pattern" dialog (bxo#16587)
    * Improve tooltips in shortcuts view (bxo#16566)
    * Rename "Disconnect" context menu entry in side pane (bxo#16558)
    * Make path entry matching case-insensitive (bxo#12747)
    * Add new bookmarks to bottom of list in shortcuts view (bxo#16526)
    * Move places above devices in shortcuts view (bxo#11586)
    * Add desktop actions for home, computer and trash (bxo#16497)
    * Option to use static icon instead of folder icon (bxo#16501)
    * Remove top level desktop entry from tree view (bxo#16474)
    * Easy access to computer:/// (bxo#16472)
    * Use libxfce4ui close-multiple-tab dialog (bxo#16254)
    * Replace deprecated G_FILE_MONITOR_EVENT_MOVED (bxo#16328)
    * Use symbolic icon for eject (bxo#16281)
    * Prevent ghost files after "move" on remote locations (bxo#15704)
    * Add a confirmation dialog when closing a window with multiple
      open tabs.
    * Improve explanation string for "invert selection" action
    * Improve layout of Permissions tab (bxo#15557)
    * Remove superfluous shell script "ThunarBulkRename" (bxo#15373)
    * Make labels in permissions chooser wrap
    * Add a small delay when dismissing notifications (bxo#14552)
    * File / Folder size text in statusbar sometimes is ambiguous
    * Add missing parameter to ThunarBrowserPokeDeviceFunc function
    * Add property to enable/disable frames on thumbnails (bxo#14433)
    * Improved spacing between widgets in Properties and Preferences
    * Fixed numerous compiler warnings
    * Fixed numerous warning and critical messages
    * Translation Updates
* Thu Aug 27 2020 Callum Farmer <>
  - Fixes for %_libexecdir changing to /usr/libexec (bsc#1174075)
* Sun May 24 2020 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 1.8.15
    * Only open devices after successful mount attempt (bxo#16831)
    * Fix shortcut support for addressbar (bxo#4537 and bxo#13680)
    * Fix crash in bulk renamer on repeated rename (bxo#16824)
    * Add checks for thumbnailer 0 handles (bxo#14122)
    * Replace 'thunar_return_if_fail (THUNAR_IS_DEVICE (device))'
      with standard 'if (..)' to prevent possible crashes. (bxo#13404)
    * Fix check if folder is fully loaded when expanding path
      in tree view.
    * Prevents 100% CPU load and loosing sync with main view
      in some cases. (bxo#15762)
    * Fixes 100%CPU on tree-view in some rare cases (bxo#16024)
    * Delete native files faster (bxo#16641)
    * Support libxfce4ui XfceTitledDialog new API (bxo#16616)
    * Translation Updates
* Wed Mar 25 2020 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 1.8.14
    * Revert "Allow opening of multiple file selections (bxo#2487)",
      because it introduced a regression (Not possible any more to DnD
      multiple files in icon/compact view) (bxo#16598)
    * Translation Updates
* Mon Mar 23 2020 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 1.8.13
    * Use tre-view toplevel path of the cursor, if available, in order to
      prevent jumping (bxo#16024)
    * Increase vertical gap between icon and its label slightly (bxo#16041)
    * Fix crash when inserting USB device in tree-view mode. (bxo#15172)
    * Fix jump to Home when ejecting a currently viewed device (bxo#16504)
    * Allow context menu when editing location in pathbar (bxo#16483)
    * Sort device entries in tree view (bxo#16471)
    * Allow to open multiple files at once (bxo#2487)
    * Fix incorrect pathbar autocomplete (bxo#16267)
    * Avoid unreadable names in detailed view (bxo#16391)
    * Prevent crash when renaming files (bxo#10805)
    * Translation Updates
* Fri Jan 31 2020 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 1.8.12
    * NULL is the proper sentinel for g_object_new() (bxo#16310)
    * Drop timer on finalize (bxo#15305)
    * Store column width setting asynchronously and only once (bxo#15305)
    * When move to trash fails, ask whether to delete files (bxo#15975)
    * Ctrl+Mousewheel does not enlarge/shrink entries
      (for detailed list view) (bxo#15936)
    * Extra padding for Eject button when scrollbar is visible (bxo#15312)
    * Use standard icon instead of custom
    * Translation Updates
* Sat Nov 16 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Update to version 1.8.11
    - Thunar 1.8.10 crashing on startup in FreeBSD and Fedora,
      caused by nonfunctional pango version check (bxo#16136, bxo#16138)
    - Translation Updates
* Sun Nov 10 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Update to version 1.8.10
    - Allow compilation with panel 4.15
    - thunar-job: keep track of number of processed files (bxo#16117)
    - No context menu on right-click when started via trash-panel-plugin
    - icon text now centered after unchecking "Text besides icons"
    - Remove the vertical gap between icon and label (bxo#16041)
    - Fix icon view alignment (bxo#16107)
    - Not possible to grab scrollbar on the very right pixels when maximized
    - Wrap text of error dialog
    - Not possible to empty the trash via the pathbar context menu
    - Crash on refresh if remote folder has been removed (bxo#15961)
    - Center action buttons in conflict dialog window (bxo#15973)
    - Ensure UCAs use currently selected file path (bxo#15119)
    - make filename label selectable in conflict dialog window
    - Center action buttons in conflict dialog window (bxo#15973)
    - Clear UCA shortcut when the action is deleted
    - Prevent Gtk-CRITICAL when adding or modifying a UCA
    - Thunar SendTo Email: Add missing archive formats (bxo#15917)
    - sendto plugin: fix content type resolution. (bxo#15916)
    - sendto plugin: extract function tse_file_is_archive (bxo#15916)
    - All glory to lowercase (bxo#15394)
    - mismatched names between thunar.appdata.xml and thunar.desktop
    - Remove superfluous .desktop file ""
    - Prevent unnecessary fallback copy-delete in file move when
    - Fix possible memory leak
    - Fix popup menus size (bxo#15832)
    - Add Alt+D as accelerator for Open Location (bxo#15828)
    - Do not insert hyphens at intra-word line breaks (bxo#15856)
  - Dropped obsolete patch thunar-1.8-appdata.patch as fixed upstream
* Fri Aug 16 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Fixed sources in spec file
* Mon Aug 12 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Update to version 1.8.9
    * Remove 'auto-expand folders' from tree-view since it causes bad
      usability with keyboard (bxo#15743)
    * preferences: Add button icons to Help/Close
    * Use designated initializer to avoid compile warnings (bxo#15734)
    * Prevent premature disposal of clipboard manager (bxo#15635)
    * Keep "Open with" menu items updated (bxo#15530)
    * Translation Updates
* Fri Jul 19 2019 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 1.8.8
    * Do not register "send to" as last used app (bxo#14118)
    * Use https where possible
    * Dont restart the folder monitor on each refresh (bxo#13364)
    * Fix XML declaratation in uca.xml (bxo#13623)
    * Always show the executable checkbox (bxo#15605)
    * Replace Trash action with Delete as needed (bxo#15352)
    * Translation updates
* Sat Jun 29 2019 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 1.8.7
    * Fix crash on unmounted volume in tree pane right click (bxo#15452)
    * Do not check G_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_ACCESS_CAN_WRITE anymore (bxo#15367)
    * Deactivate "Move to Trash" menu entry on volumes without trash
    * thunar-sendto-email.desktop: use xdg mail-send icon (bxo#15499,
      merged thunar-use-xdg-icon-spec-icons.patch upstream)
    * Restore "Empty File" menu icon (bxo#15540)
    * Rename Camelcase to Title Case (bxo#15579)
    * Update mimeapps.list only when necessary (bxo#15533)
    * Prevent new bookmarks on sidebar when dragging files (bxo#14921)
    * Translation updates
* Mon May 20 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Fixed Xfce bug trackers in previous changelog entry
* Mon May 20 2019 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
  - Update to version 1.8.6
    * Job is now optional for thunar_io_scan_directory
    * Expand scroll window of file operation progress dialog (bxo#14946)
    * Fix compiler error -Wcast-function-type (GCC 8)
    * Bump glib minimal required version
    * Fix g_type_class_add_private is deprecated
    * Small code cleanup
    * Fix pathbar to on middle click open folders in new tabs (bxo#15302)
    * Translation updates: Danish
  - Dropped thunar-job-optional.patch since it was fixed upstream
* Sat May 18 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Added patch from upstream: thunar-job-optional.patch
    prevent Thunar segfault at startup:
    make Job optional for thunar_io_scan_directory
* Sat May 18 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Update to version 1.8.5
    - Do not exit when dbus name registration fails (bxo#15149)
    - tree view jumps (scrolls) when clicking on a directory (bxo#15174)
    - Correctly check if destination is writable (bxo#14718)
    - Make tree-view 'Move to Trash' icon the same as in main pane
    - Make toggle for the delete entry affect tree-view side pane too
    - Pathbar buttons are now resized on folder rename (bxo#15024)
    - Load templates synchronously (bxo#15200)
    - delete key in tree-view can delete the user home folder (bxo#15095)
    - Hide unneeded context menu entries for folder "Trash" in tree view
    - crash after clicking when XDG_SESSION_TYPE isn't set (bxo#15366)
    - man page incorrectly suggests '-v' instead of '-V'
    - Fix how wallpaper is set on Gnome
    - SEGV (11) on USB-flash connection (bxo#13813)
    - Fix session startup priority
    - Fix queued context menu popup
    - Restore right-click drag and drop functionality (bxo#14583)
    - Translation updates
  - Dropped obsolete patch thunar-1.8.4-fix-context-menu.patch
  - Added conditional %bcond_with git for building with git master branch
  - Updated URL
  - Use /metainfo instead of /appdata and drop obsolete file edits
  - Other spec file cleanups
* Mon May 13 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Added thunar-1.8.4-fix-context-menu.patch fixing "create document"
    sub-menu not showing any content (boo#1134899)
* Mon Jan 28 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
  - fixed bug trackers in latest changelog
* Mon Jan 28 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Update to 1.8.4
    * Emergency release, triggerd by some trouble with the added support for
      org.freedesktop.FileManager1.service in thunar 1.8.3
    * Renamed to to avoid name clashes (bxo#12414)
    * Dont exit when name org.freedesktop.filemanager1 lost on message-dbus
    * Translation updates
* Fri Jan 25 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
  - Update to 1.8.3:
    * Thunar sometimes mounts USB drives with root permission (bxo#14719)
    * FreeBSD -Thunar crash due to passing null to strcmp() (bxo#15059)
    * Add support for org.freedesktop.FileManager1 (bxo#12414)
    * Still 8sec delay on logout when there is an open thunar window (bxo#15008)
    * Thunar does not recover directories opened in a previous session (bxo#14969)
    * Thunar utilizes 100%CPU when the parent directory is not readable (bxo#14900)
    * Add support for CTRL+Z in rename dialog (bxo#14956)
    * Thunar rarely freezes when switching to tree-view (bxo#14960)
    * Crash in tree-view when multiple windows are open (bxo#14714)
    * Improve description of UCA command parameters (bxo#14720)
    * Fixed some Warnings and GLib-GObject-CRITICAL messages
    * Translation updates
  - added %license macro
  - added Recommends: catfish for file search



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