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libiw30-30.pre9-39.7 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: libiw30 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 30.pre9 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 39.7 Build date: Thu Jan 13 11:31:12 2022
Group: Hardware/Wifi Build host: obs-arm-1
Size: 68120 Source RPM: wireless-tools-30.pre9-39.7.src.rpm
Summary: Tools for a wireless LAN
This package contains the wireless tools, used to manipulate the
wireless extensions. The wireless extension is an interface that allows
you to set wireless LAN specific parameters and get specific stats.






* Sat Nov 30 2019 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Convert wireless-tools.changes to proper UTF-8 format: new
    version of RPM are getting strict in interpreting files.
* Mon Jan 22 2018
  - improved install scripts (using install instead of mv and using $UID:
    * install_acx100_firmware
    * install_intersil_firmware
  - updated URL in install_acx100_firmware script (bnc#1004577)
  - improved spec file
    * removed obsolete openSUSE Versions checks
    * replaced bash variables with macros
    * removed obsolete tags and macros
    * cleaned spec file with spec-cleaner
* Sat Oct 18 2014 Led <>
  - update URL in install_intersil_firmware script
* Sat Oct 18 2014 Led <>
  - fix bashisms in install_*_scripts
* Thu Feb 06 2014
  - Remove superfluous iwlagn module config (bnc#831819)
  - Fix build with openSUSE 12.2 and SLE11
* Thu Nov 28 2013
  - install udev rules in _udevrulesdir.
* Fri Apr 05 2013
  - Add Source URL, see
* Fri Feb 15 2013
  - Move to where udev is installed using pkg-config.
    Apply the same thing also for 99-iwlwifi-led.rules (only
    openSUSE 12.3 and up).
* Fri Jul 06 2012
  - license update: GPL-2.0
    See line 22 of ifrename.c
* Thu Jun 07 2012
  - Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
* Tue Aug 23 2011
  - update to 30.pre9:
    o Create iwlib-private.h to minimise namespace pollution [iwlib]
    o More fix to the 64->32bit band-aid for encode [iwlib]
    o Update udev rule to remove a warning [19-udev-ifrename.rules]
      (from Ritesh Raj Sarraf <> and Guus Sliepen)
    o Propagate error codes out of main for get [iwconfig/iwlist/iwspy]
    (From Guus Sliepen <>)
    o Remove spurious commands from Czech iwconfig manpage.
* Tue Feb 08 2011
  - fixed typo in specfile; shall be /etc/modprobe.d/50-iwlagn.conf
* Wed Dec 01 2010
  - added iwlagn.modprobe with option to enable 11n connections
    options iwlagn 11n_disable=0
* Fri Feb 05 2010
  - iwl3945.modprobe added, bnc #556665
* Sun Jan 31 2010
  - remove inline hacking from iwlib.h, it breaks C++
    usage of iwlib.h
* Tue Jan 05 2010
  - enable parallel build
* Tue Sep 22 2009
  - fix build with --as-needed
  - fix -devel package dependencies
* Wed Sep 16 2009
  - use find_lang macro
* Thu Aug 20 2009
  - Remove requires on libiw-devel, all dependend packages have been
    checked and adjusted to use libiw-devel in BuildRequires
* Fri Jun 19 2009
  - disable as-needed for this package as it fails to build with it
* Mon Jun 08 2009
  - Remove ipw2100.modprobe, the associate parameter already defaults
    to 0 since 2.6.30
  - Update ipw2200.modprobe, the associate parameter already defaults
    to 0 since 2.6.30
* Thu Jun 04 2009
  - Split libiw30 and libiw-devel out of wireless-tools
* Mon Mar 23 2009
  - Update install_acx100_firmware and install_intersil_firmware
  - Update to 30pre8, changes:
    o Workaround kernel bug when getting ESSID [iwlib/iwconfig/iwgetid]
    o Enable scan buffer to grow up to 65535 instead of 32768 [iwlist]
    o Return a proper error if scan result exceed buffer max [iwlist]
    o Do above two fixes for the simple scan API [iwlib]
    o Spelling and typos in [iwconfig.8]
* Mon Mar 09 2009
  - renamed modprobe configs to /etc/modprobe.d/50-*.conf
    (required by new module-init-tools).
* Tue Feb 03 2009
  - Add 99-iwlwifi-led.rules and (bnc#462490)
* Sat Nov 08 2008
  - fix build of the shared lib again
* Thu Nov 06 2008
  - ipw2200 and ipw2100 should not automatically associate with any
    access point (default to associate=0). Fixes interferences with
  - Update to 30pre7, changes:
    o Display non-ASCII char in ESSID using escape sequence [iwlib]
    o Allow input of non-ASCII char in ESSID using escape sequence [iwlib]
    o Fix probing to not probe wildcards (left over '%d'->'*') [ifrename]
    o Output number of mapping matched (display + exit status) [ifrename]
    o Don't load mapping file if using options '-n' + '-i' [ifrename]
    o When using takeover, redo probing in case eth0 was in use [ifrename]
    o Update Hotplug documentation, add uDev bits [HOTPLUG-UDEV.txt]
    o Add ESSID bug patches and documentation [ESSID-BUG.txt]
    o Make wireless.21.h LGPL as promised a long time ago [wireless.21.h]
    o Fix unaligned access on SPARC in the 64->32 bit workaround [iwlib.c]
    o Mise à jour de la traduction en francais des pages manuel [fr/*]
    o Use wireless.22.h, make it GPL [iwlib.h/wireless.22.h]
    o Show Scanning Capabilities in "iwlist event" [iwlist]
    o Fix parsing of retry/power when modifier is used [iwconfig]
    o Remove trailing '/' in INSTALL_* that fooled checkinstall [Makefile]
    o Scan capabilities in struct iw_range [wireless.h]
    o Install localised man page [Makefile]
    o Fix #define that broke 32->64 bit workaround [wireless.22.h]
    o Fix gramar in man page, add about hidden networks [iwlist.8]
* Fri Feb 01 2008
  - update to 29, changes:
    o Don't look for "fixed" out of array in set_txpower_info() [iwconfig]
  - add patch bug-292887_iwlist.8-patch which makes the iwlist manpage
    better understandable
* Sat Jan 12 2008
  - fix library-without-ldconfig-* errors
* Thu Dec 20 2007
  - re-enable hwscan for iwlwifi devices
  - blacklist prism54 to prefer p54 driver (bug 300892)
* Tue Sep 11 2007
  - added missing endif to fix last change
* Mon Sep 10 2007
  - disable hardware scan for iwlwifi devices (bug 304652)
* Thu Aug 09 2007
  - correct firmware names for acx100 based cards in README.firmware
    and install_acx100_firmware (fixes b.n.c #212307)
  - add link to the acx100 wiki to README.firmware
* Mon Jul 30 2007
  - update to 29pre22, changes:
    o --version output WE_MAX_VERSION instead of WE_VERSION [iwlib]
    o Change iwstats dBm range to [-192;63] in iw_print_stats() [iwlib.c]
    o Implement iwstats IW_QUAL_RCPI in iw_print_stats()  [iwlib.c]
    o LINUX_VERSION_CODE removed, only use GENERIC_HEADERS [iwlib.h]
    o Fix OUI type check for WPA 1 IE [iwlist.c]
  - removed obsolete README.ipw3945
  - removed obsolete iwlib.patch
* Wed Jun 13 2007
  - update to 29pre21, changes:
    o Add largest bitrate in easy scan API [iwlib]
    o Debug version : output IW_EV_LCP_LEN [iwlist]
    o Fix 64->32bit band-aid on 64 bits, target is local aligned [iwlib]
    o More fix to the 64->32bit band-aid on 64 bits [iwlib]
    o Fix GENIE parsing os chipher/key_mngt [iwlist]
    o Compiler warning on DEBUG code [iwlist]
    - supports WE_MAX_VERSION 22
* Wed Apr 04 2007
  - removed /etc/modprobe.d/prism2 and switch_prism_driver
    (bug 239194)
* Thu Mar 29 2007
  - add /etc/modprobe.d directory
* Thu Mar 22 2007
  - removed linux-wlan-ng (separate package now)
  - added lwepgen
  - updated README.ipw3945
* Mon Mar 19 2007
  - update to version 29pre17, changes:
    * Tweak man pages : interface is often optional [iwlist.8/iwspy.8]
    * Drop obsolete port/roam code from [iwpriv]
    * Fix bug where all auth masks use iw_auth_capa_name [iwlist]
    * Fix iw_scan()/iw_process_scan() for non-root -> EPERM [iwlib]
    * Fix "iwconfig nickname" (was abreviated) [iwconfig]
    * Invalid mode from driver segfault iwlist scan [iwlist]
    * Replace index() with strchr() [iwlib/iwconfig/iwpriv]
    * Parser/printf/sscanf fixes and optimisation [iwconfig]
    * Fix bug extracting mountpoint of sysfs (wrong field) [ifrename]
    * Read sysfs symlinks transparently [ifrename]
    * Fix README header to talk about ifrename [README]
    * Add 'prevname' selector for udev compatibility [ifrename]
    * Read parent directory names in SYSFS selector [ifrename]
    * Make dry-run output compatible with udev [ifrename]
    * Update man page with useful SYSFS selectors [iftab.5]
    * Factorise wildcard rewrite '*'->'%d' to hide it from -D -V [ifrename]
    * Reorganise sysfs description, better wording [iftab.5]
    * Enhance explanation of arp and iwproto [iftab.5]
    * Band-aid for the 64->32bit iwevent/iwscan issues [iwlib]
    * Better band-aid for the 64->32bit iwevent/iwscan issues [iwlib]
    * Add udev compatible output, print new DEVPATH [ifrename]
    * Fix DEVPATH output to use the real devpath from udev [ifrename]
    * Add udev rules for ifrename integration [19-udev-ifrename.rules]
* Thu Sep 21 2006
  - update to linux-wlan-ng version 0.2.5 (sync with wlan-kmp,
    no real userspace changes)
* Fri Sep 08 2006
* Wed Aug 30 2006
  - update to version 29pre10, changes (shortened):
    * Check event stream 'point' payload size to avoid overflow [iwlib]
    * Make all users of event stream 'point' safe to NULL [iwlist/iwevent]
    * 'iwconfig txpower 1dBm' should not be 'mW' [iwconfig]
    * Forward compat. to WE-21 : essid len is strlen, not +1 [iwconfig]
    * Update definition of 'ap' and 'sens' to reflect reality [man]
    * Add WE-20 headers, compile with that as default
    * Add new power value : 'power saving' [iwconfig/iwlist/iwlib]
    * Optimise getting iwrange when setting TxPower [iwconfig]
    * Add support for unicast and broadcast bitrates [iwconfig/iwlist]
    * Drop 'domain' alias for 'nwid'. Obsolete. [iwconfig]
    * Update manpages with new features above [man]
    * Add temp variable to sscanf() to fix 64 bits issues [iwconfig]
    * Add 'last' scan option for left-over scan [iwlist]
    * Add 'essid' scan option for directed scan [iwlist]
    * Fix segfault on setting bitrate (parse wrong arg) [iwconfig]
    * More WPA support : iwlist auth/wpakeys/genie [iwlist]
  - added README.ipw3945 (bug 170124)
* Wed May 17 2006
  - install_intersil_firmware: fixed URL of PrismGT firmware
    package (bug 173875)
* Fri Feb 10 2006
  - split off wlan drivers in their own package
  - removed dependency on kernel-source
* Tue Feb 07 2006
  - linux-wlan-ng: removed prism2dl.c from tarball (bug 148715)
* Sun Feb 05 2006
  - split off madwifi to its own package
* Sat Feb 04 2006
  - added ipw3945 driver (bug 145190)
  - converted to Kernel Module Package
* Fri Jan 27 2006
  - converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Wed Jan 25 2006
  - fixed at76c503, linux-wlan-ng, and rt2x00 drivers to build
    against kernel 2.6.16
  - disabled prism2_cs driver (currently broken with kernel 2.6.16)
  - madwifi: fixed reporting of WPA capabilities (patch by
* Wed Jan 18 2006
  - madwifi: update to snapshot r1401 (should fix bug 140716)
* Fri Jan 13 2006
  - madwifi: update to latest snapshot r1394
  - removed madwifi-sysfs.dif (is now upstream)
  - acx: update to latest snapshot
  - adm8211: update to lastest snapshot, changes:
    * Update for 2.6.15
    * Remove useless includes in ieee80211_sta
  - removed obsolete comment in ipw2200.modprobe
* Mon Jan 09 2006
  - rt2x00: fix mismatched rwsem calls (by, bug 141418)
* Wed Jan 04 2006
  - using kernel headers instead of glibc ones in iwlib.h
* Wed Jan 04 2006
  - ipw2200: enabled module options again
* Mon Jan 02 2006
  - madwifi: update to latest snapshot r1372
  - acx: update to latest snapshot 20051228
* Mon Dec 19 2005
  - wireless-tools: update to version 28pre13, changs:
    * Ignore empty lines in iface enumeration iw_enum_devices() [iwlib]
    * Fix invalid buffer size in 'iwlist power' [iwlist]
    * Remove kernel headers, use glibc headers [iwlib]
    * Show explicit state for SIOCSIWAP, not numbers [iwconfig/iwevent]
    * Add WE-18 ioctls to the stream parser in standard_ioctl_hdr [iwlib]
    * Add GENIE parsing support in scan resuls [iwlist]
    * Scan : display bitrate values on a single line [iwlist]
  - madwifi: update to latest snapshot r1360
  - rt2x00: update to 2.0.0 beta3
* Wed Dec 07 2005
  - re-enabled rt2x00 driver
* Fri Nov 18 2005
  - setting base device via SET_NETDEV_DEV macro instead of assigning
  - set ARP type of wifiX helper interface to IEEE80211 instead
    of ETHER
* Wed Nov 16 2005
  - fixed sysfs device link (bug 133284)
* Mon Nov 07 2005
  - disabled rt2x00 for now as it needs a newer ieee802.11 stack
    than the one included in kernel 2.6.14
  - acx100: 2.6.14 compile fixes
  - at76c503: 2.6.14 compile fixes
  - linux-wlan-ng: 2.6.14 compile fixes
* Fri Nov 04 2005
  - removed ieee80211, ipw2100, and ipw2200 modules (now part of the
  - madwifi: update to madwifi-ng
  - replaced rt2400, rt2500, and rt2570 drivers by their successor
    driver rt2x00
  - adm8211: update to release 20051031
* Wed Nov 02 2005
  - don't build as root
* Wed Oct 12 2005
  - wireless-tools: update to 28pre9, changes:
    - Add WE-19 headers, compile with that as default
    - IW_EV_POINT_LEN has shrunk, so invert the IW_EV_POINT_OFF fixup
    - Remove WE backward compat from iwlib.h header
    - Add support for IW_QUAL_DBM in iw_print_stats()
    - Add support for ARPHRD_IEEE80211 in iw_check_mac_addr_type()
    - > iwspy work on wifi0 netdev from airo.c
* Tue Sep 06 2005
  - ipw2200: added broadcast fix by Peter Jones (bug 113634)
* Mon Sep 05 2005
  - added some defines as used in the original Makefile for building
    ipw2100/ipw2200; allows debugging (bug 87329)
* Mon Sep 05 2005
  - ipw2200: set led=1 as default option (bug 115176)
  - ipw2100: fixed crash on WPA enable (bug 115252)
* Fri Sep 02 2005
  - changed default driver for PC-Cards with Manufactor ID
    0x0156 0x0002 from hostap_cs to orinoco_cs (bug 114514)
* Thu Sep 01 2005
  - ipw2200: increased disassociation timeout threshold to 24 again
    (breaks association under some circumstances, see
  - ieee80211: including wireless.h earlier in ieee80211.h (fixes
    warnings about undefined WIRELESS_EXT)
  - madwifi: update to CVS head (fixes Master mode and adds WDS
* Fri Aug 26 2005
  - linux-wlan-ng: update to 0.2.2, changes (shortened):
    - Fix an array overflow in the hotplug helper function.
    - Added in-kernel devicetable for 2.6.13+ pcmcia
    - Updates to bring prism2_cs into the newer 2.6 kernel APIs.
    - Fixes in the hotplug invocation with WEXT (Pavel Roskin)
    - use usb_reset_device() on 2.6 kernels (Andreas Schulte)
    - PCMCIA card Ident fixes to coexist with orinioco driver
    - Ignore unexpected ctlx responses. (Chris Rankin)
    - Fix an off-by-one in scan results.
    - [usb] Fix a memory leak (Chris Rankin * Eroc Koenders)
    - [usb] clean up the PDA Read function a bit. (Chris Rankin)
    - [usb] Don't overwrite current CTLX URB before we're done with it.
    - Fix a byte-order problem when parsing scan results (Eroc Koenders)
    - Added a mib item (lnxRSNAIE) to get/set the WPA/RSNA IE.
    - Applied a patch from Chris Rankin which should solve the hangs with
    kernel preemption turned on.
    - Fixed a series of bad memsets in prism2dl
    - Added id for Viewsonic USB widget (Ekin Meroglu)
    - Fetch the BSSID when we get an AP_CHANGE event
    - netif_carrier_off/netif_carrier_on at appropriate times
    - Hook up the dot11CurrentTxPowerLevel MIB in the prism2 code.
    - CommsQuality now does the right thing with dBm values.
    - A major USB patch from Chris Rankin.  This rewrites the
    command-queueing code to something considerably more sane.
    - Further compile warning fixes on 64-bit targets (Pavel Roskin)
    - Fix prism2_cs on 64-bit targets (Pavel Roskin)
  - at76c503: fixed badness (bug 103146)
  - rewrote switch_prism_script to work with new pcmcia device
    tables of kernel 2.6.13
  - add /etc/modprobe.d/prism2 which defines what prism2 driver to
    use (default hostap)
  - updated README files
  - removed German LIESMICH files (out-of-date)
* Wed Aug 17 2005
  - rtl8180: intially added
  - minor specfile cleanup
* Thu Aug 11 2005
  - madwifi: fixed a problem with broadcast packages
  - removed obsolete files in /etc/pcmcia
* Wed Aug 10 2005
  - removed zd1201 firmware
* Fri Aug 05 2005
  - madwifi: update to current cvs head
  - added /etc/modprobe.d/ipw2200 to set hwcrypto=0 as default
    insmod option for ipw2200
* Tue Aug 02 2005
  - ipw2200: added fix for (some) problems in conjunction with
    kernel 2.6.13
* Mon Aug 01 2005
  - rt2400: update to 1.2.2beta3, changes:
    * Fix for channel change in Adhoc mode
  - rt2500: update to 1.1.0beta3, changes:
    * Channel change fix for adhoc mode
    * Fix for association to non-broadcast AP's
    * Fix to allow this device to create Adhoc networks
    * 4kb stacks are now supported
    * Rolling of changes in Ralink + release including:
    * Fix- Mlme queue tail pointer
    * Add- WPANONE
    * Add- AUTH AUTO method
    * Fix- racing condtion in mlme.c and rtmp_data.c
    * Fix iwconfig - Link Quality(means Channel Quality),
      Signal level and Noise level.
    * Fix iwlist ra0 channel - print out
  - rt2570: added initial version of this driver
* Mon Jul 18 2005
  - ipw2100: update to 1.1.2, changes:
    * Fixed problem with driver_ipw
    * Fixed problem with iwconfig set/get txpower
    * Fixed problem with WEP
  - ipw2200: update to 1.0.6, changes:
    * Fixed problem with setting Tx power on A band
    * Fixed problem with 'No space for Tx'
    * Fix hardware encryption (both WEP and AES) doesn't work with
    * Fix is_duplicate_packet() bug for fragmentation number setting
  - ieee80211: update to 1.0.3, changes:
    * Cleaned up some prior merge regressions when syncing with
    * Fix 64-bit warnings
    * Fix to refernce of skb->priority after skb freed
* Wed Jul 13 2005
  - ipw2100: update to 1.1.1, changes (shortenend):
    * Moved ieee80211 subsystem into its own object
    * Added WE-18 support.
    * Fixed problem with iwconfig set/get txpower
    * Fixed problem with 'iwlist retry' now showing min/max retry
    * Fixed problem with network monitor is broken due to
      netif_carrier_on is not called in ipw2100_open
    * Fixed compatibility with wpa_supplicant and the new -Dipw
      interface (that included a fix for 64-bit compatibility)
  - ipw2200: update 1.0.5, changes (shortened):
    * Fixed race condition during association causing firmware errors
    * Fixed problem with building in 64-bit environment
    * Fixed problem with SCAN_REQUEST_EXT sometimes failing
    * Fixed problem with bit rate not decreasing when moving
      laptop farther from AP
    * Fixed problem with 'iwconfig eth1 mode auto' and 'modprobe'
      locking the system
    * Fixed problem with "No space for Tx" for hwcrypto=1
    * Fixed kernel panic in rmmod caused by led work is still queued
    * Fixed problem with network doesn't reassociate after suspend/resume
    * Fixed problem with 'iwprvi sw_reset' not resetting the card from
      monitor mode
    * Fixed problem with monitor mode being used after a WEP key has
      been configured
    * Add duplicate packet checking code (kill ping DUP! and TKIP replay
    * Fix hardware encryption (both WEP and AES) doesn't work with
    * Removed ieee80211 subsystem from being part of the distribution.
    * Fixed problem with open APs not working with wpa_supplicant
    * Fixed problem with 'iwconfig eth1 frag 0' hanging the shell
    * Fixed problem with adapter not fully powering off during suspend
      to RAM or when module unloaded.
    * Improved support of iwlist freq|chan and setting of channels via
      iwconfig to correctly check channel limits (added ieee80211_geos)
    * Added iwpriv sw_reset extension to reset sw parameters
    * Added speed_scan channel scan list support
    * Modified the driver to load the EEPROM data even if RF KILL is
      active during driver load
    * Fixed problem with kernel oops if mode auto; modprobe -r ipw2200
    * Added QoS (CONFIG_IPW_QOS) support
    * Fixed some race conditions wich channel changes, association,
      and scan abort that could periodically cause a firmware restart
    * Fix problem with OOPS on module load
    * Added support to merge between adhoc networks
    * Added support for iwspy
  - linux-wlan-ng: modified makefiles to strip unwanted installations
* Fri Jul 08 2005
  - Fix build for 2.6.13.
* Fri Jul 08 2005
  - at76c503: fixed kernel panic (bug 90649)
  - acx100: update to bugfix release 0.2.0pre8_plus_fixes_57
  - madwifi: added includes where needed
* Fri Jun 10 2005
* Tue May 31 2005
  - rfswitch: do not build kernel modules for kernel-um
* Tue May 17 2005
  - wireless-tools: update to 28pre6, changes:
    - Make static lib use PIC objects [Makefile]
    - Add SYSFS selector support to ifrename [ifrename]
    - Fix a fd leak in pcmciaslot selector [ifrename]
    - Don't complain about eth0/wlan0 if takeover enabled [ifrename]
    - Update man pages for sysfs and eth0/wlan0 [ifrename.8]
    - Update man pages for frequ auto/off [iwconfig.8]
    - More clever manual loading and docking tricks [HOTPLUG.txt]
    - Czech (cs) man pages [cs/*]
    - Fudge patch below for better integration [iwconfig/iwevent/iwlist]
    - WE-18/WPA event display [iwevent]
    - WE-18/WPA parameter display [iwconfig]
  - acx100: update to bugfix release 0.2.0pre8_plus_fixes_56
  - adm8211: update to release 20050323, changes:
    - Added private ioctl to tune antenna power, lpf cutoff, and lnags
    - Made txpow ioctl actually work
    - Added documentation for these ioctls
  - ipw2100: do not build driver when ACPI is disabled in kernel
    configuration (bug 84029)
  - fixed Makefiles to not build drivers when wireless support is
    disabled in kernel configuration (bug 84027)
* Sun Mar 20 2005
  - removed zd1201 driver as it is already provided by the kernel
    package now
* Wed Mar 16 2005
  - rt2500: do not reset security mode when changing default WEP key
    index (bug 72339)
* Thu Mar 10 2005
  - linux-wlan-ng: install /etc/pcmcia/wlan-ng* in $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
* Wed Mar 09 2005
  - linux-wlan-ng: moved unused wlan-ng scripts to docdir to serve
    as examples (bug 66473)
  - rt2x500: added latest fixes (bug 71674)
* Mon Mar 07 2005
  - changed firmware path from /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware to
    /lib/firmware in firmware install scripts
  - changed firmware path in README.firmware and LIESMICH.firmware
  - updated README.wpa and LIESMICH.wpa
* Mon Feb 21 2005
  - rt2400: update to 1.2.2-beta2, changes:
    * ifconfig support for spoofing MAC address
    * Fix for setting of BSSID (982890)
    * Fix for setting of non-existent ESSID (1034910)
    * For for TX packet counters
    * RFMON support
    * sysfs support for HAL and NetworkManager
    * Dynamic interface naming support through module parameter
  - rt2500: update to 1.1.0-beta2, changes:
    * kmalloc stability fixes to the MLME
    * Cleanup on memory management functions (NDisFill/Move/Zero)
    * Rollin of Robin Cornelius RFMon Patch
    * RFMon support through iwconfig mode
    * Rolling of changes in Ralink release
    * Spinlock changes for stability
    * Fix for frequency values
    * Fix for link quality reporting (RobinC)
    * General Stability Improvements
    * sysfs support for HAL and NetworkManager
    * Dynamic interface naming support through module parameter
  - disabled rt2400 and rt2500 drivers on SMP kernels (not yet
* Tue Feb 15 2005
  - Install target must do a modules_install in the kernel sources.
* Tue Feb 15 2005
  - re-add install target to madwifi modules Makefile
* Mon Feb 14 2005
  - added drivers for Ralink rt2400 and rt2500 devices
  - adm8211: update to release 20050208, changes:
    * Change linkup timeout to 3 seconds
    * Use flags in ieee80211_data structure
    * Rescan if the link doesn't go up in 2 seconds
  - ipw2100: update to 1.0.5, changes (shortened):
    * Fixed problem with 'iwpriv eth1 reset' not working
    * Removed legacy firmware loading support
    * Possible fix for #problem of scans not always showing up
  - ipw2200: update to 1.0.1, changes (shortened):
    * iwconfig rate support
    * Improved link signal quality calculation
    * Added support for Intel PRO/Wireless 2225BG Network
      Connection adapter
    * Fixed a problem with sensitivity threshold during association
    * Added iwpriv for turning forcing long preamble support
    * Fixed locked BSSID reporting channel number
    * Added initial support for WPA
  - madwifi: update to current cvs
* Tue Feb 08 2005
  - zd1201: fixed makefile issue
* Tue Feb 08 2005
  - zd1201: do not try to install firmware during kernel build
* Mon Feb 07 2005
  - ipw2100: update to 1.0.4, changes:
    * New logic to attempt to catch hung firmware (possibly caused by
      bad AP frame received)
    * Fixed problem with wrong arguments being passed to set_security
    * Fixed problem with disassociation events not being sent to user
      space when firmware is being restarted
    * Fixed problem with suspend not working
    * Fixed problem with stats not being usable by non iwconfig
      wireless tools
  - ipw2100: obsolete set-security patch removed
  - ipw2200: update to 1.0.0, changes:
    * Fixed part of problem with an AP never being considered for
      association (storming) if the jiffies rewind problem occurs
  - added driver and firmware for ZyDAS ZD1201 devices
* Fri Jan 28 2005
  - wireless-tools: update to 28pre4:
    * Add option for stripping symbols on tools [Makefile]
    * Add escaping of essid keyworks with -- in manpage [iwconfig.8]
    * Update sensitivity description [iwconfig.8]
    * Fix iw_print_timeval() for timezone [iwlib/iwevent]
    * Escape interface name for --help/--version with -- [iwconfig]
    * Allow --help/--version to be interface names [iwlist]
    * Fix invalid sizeof for stat memcpy in easy scanning API
    * Fix my horrendous spelling [HOTPLUG.txt/PCMCIA.txt/README/*.8]
  - adm8211: update to release 20050124:
    * Remove bogus test for monitor mode
    * Fix monitor mode opps
    * Make sure we're not scanning before reporting scan results
    * Use time_after in ieee80211_associated
    * Remove NAPI from todo list
    * Enable LLTX
  - linux-wlan-ng: update to 0.2.1pre26:
    * Fix the "no hardware found" bug in 2.6.10+ kenels
    * Cleanups in the Makefiles and build system
    * Fix a typo in the shared.prism2 script
    * Fix a nice race condition on device registration.
    * Don't stop the netdev when we hit ifstate_disable.
    * hw->state wasn't being set properly on drvr_stop, nor were we
      clearing the port status in all cases.
    * Fix the "Debug: sleeping function called from invalid context"
      under 2.6 with prism2_usb
    * Wireless extension SCAN support
    * 2.6 sysfs support in the form of SET_NETDEV_DEV
    * Fix a brown-paper bag bug in the register_wlandev code
    * Patch for the Sitecom WL-022 widget
    * Build fix for ancient ETHTOOL versions
  - ipw2200: update to 0.21:
    * Provided __iomem typedef for pre-2.6.9
    * Changed firmware event/error log dumping to be masked with
      IPW_DL_FW_ERRORS flag.
    * Fixed compilation warnings when CONFIG_IPW_DEBUG and
      CONFIG_IEEE80211_DEBUG are not defined
    * Fixed warning on unused return code from
    * Fixed problem after any resume
    * Fixed problem after S4 resume
    * Fixed problem with bridged networks and Ad-Hoc by adding
      target MAC to station table, regardless of if they are
      actual Ad-Hoc cells
    * Fixed problem with setting mode immediately after load
      causing failures
    * Incorporated fixes to use __iomem
    * Fixed support for 64-bit platforms
    * Fixed problem with pci_alloc_consistent being handed a u32
      instead of dma_addr_t
    * Fixed problem w/ non-encrypted 802.1x authentication (driver no
      longer disassociates on privacy capability change -- similar to
      the behavior of ipw2100)
    * Fixed problem w/ resetting nic possibly leaving status
      variable bit set for a command being active.
    * Fixed problem w/ scan results not providing signal and level
* Wed Jan 12 2005
  - acx100: update to bugfix release 0.2.0pre8_plus_fixes_44
  - adm8211: update to release 20041227, chnages:
    * Updated suspend/resume stuff for 2.6.10
    * Crypto API and ARC4 now used for WEP
    * EEPROM better documented
    * Add more CSRs
    * Fix ordering in adm8211 tx header
  - ipw2200: update to 0.19, changes:
    * Fixed problem with unlocking the wrong spin lock
    * Restructured how the Link Quality is computed
    * Restructured how the scan channel list is constructed
    * Fixed problem with resume not working when coming from S3
    * Fixed problems with fragmentation not working
    * Fixed problem with packet latencies due to background scanning
    * Fixed problem with some packets not being received due invalid
      Rx filtering of BSSID
    * Added SCAN watchdog to detect when scanning is not completing
  - linux-wlan-ng: update to 0.2.1pre24, changes:
    * Fix build on 2.6.10-rc
    * Fix USB build on 2.6.x (x < 7)
    * Suspend the USB driver cleanly
    * Fix more USB badness
    * scan_timeout WAY too long
  - madwifi: build fix for kernel 2.6.10
* Wed Dec 15 2004
  - wireless-tools: update to version 28pre3, changes (shortened):
    * Fix buffer memory leak in scanning [iwlib/iwlist]
    * Increase scanning timeout for MadWifi
  - acx100: update to bugfix release 0.2.0pre8_plus_fixes_43
  - adm8211: update to release 20041111, changes (shortenend):
    * Fix reauthentication after deauthentication
    * Detect hidden SSID properly
    * Tolerate bad beacons/probe resp from stupid APs
    * Fix deauthentication handling in ieee80211 code
    * Adhoc on ADM8211B and up fixed
    * Fix bug in hidden SSID support
  - ipw2100: update to 1.0.2, changes (shortened):
    * Fixed problem with a deadlock when setting the MAC address
    * Fixed Shared Key authentication to support differnet default Tx
      index keys
    * Fixed problem with networks showing up as <hidden>
    * Fixed problem with multicast and broadcast packets being
    * Fixed Lockup/Panic/etc. on rmmod/modprobe looping
    * Fixed problem with AdHoc networks not being created
    * Fixed problem with adapter not shutting down on module unload
    * Changed delay for the wireless event (after association)
      in an attempt to correct WPA problems
    * Fixed race condition during reset
    * Added status, cfg, and capability sysfs entry
    * Removed cardmem, txqueue, and rxqueue sysfs entries
    * Fixed changing authentication mode resets the wep key
    * Fixed - txpower values are inverted
    * Significant changes to key management routines, especially in
      regard to multiple WEP key support
    * Added support for setting the TX power while in Ad-Hoc mode
    * Fixed problem with WPA PSK not working
    * Fixed iwconfig rts off/auto not supported
    * Report firmware version via ethtool
    * Fixed problem with scan results not expiring
    * Added stub for dynamically disabling C3 when PCI latency problem
      is detected
  - ipw2200: update to 0.18, changes (shortened):
    * Adjusted the behavior of ad-hoc to act much more like the
    ipw2100 does. This addresses several bugs relating to the
      formation/reformation of ad-hoc networks.
    * Added noise statistic reporting for current association
    * Fixed "associate" module parameter so that it works as the
      README states
    * Fixed signal strength reporting.
    * Added AP roaming support (via 802.11 re-association requests)
    * Fixed WEP use with ad-hoc mode
    * Fixed problem with SSIDs being scrambled when hidden
      networks detected
    * Fixed problem with 802.11b networks being extremely slow
    * Added support for multi-mode access points
    * Fixed problem with link state no longer being detected by
    * Fixed bug which kept the driver from being able to use a default
      crypto key other than the first or second key
    * Reduced interval of scan requests
  - linux-wlan-ng: updater to 0.2.1pre23, changes:
    * Fix badness in 2.6.10-rc1
    * Compile fix for 2.6.9-rc4+
    * Add support for x86-64 (and possibly other 64-bit targets)
    * Fix linkstate if driver reset without unloading
    * Rename the man pages to have a .1 extension
    * put a 'sleep 1' in the firmware load sequence to improve
    * Add Linksys WUSB11 card ident
  - madwifi: update to current cvs (2004-12-15)
  - madwifi: added multiple essid support (bug 48065)
  - madwifi: build and install 80211stats and athstats now
* Thu Nov 11 2004
  - fixed file list
* Thu Oct 21 2004
  - acx: changed default firmware path to /lib/firmware
* Mon Oct 18 2004
  - fixed broken adm8211 Makefile
* Mon Oct 18 2004
  - ipw2200: update to 0.12 (fixes bug 46435),
    from CHANGES (slighlty shortened):
    * Changed alloc_skb to use GFP_ATOMIC vs. GFP_ATOMIC| GFP_DMA
      GFP_ATOMIC needs to be used as GFP_KERNEL may block,
      and the call is made from the default work queue during
      adapter load
    * Added additional debug output during association to indicate
      security parameters (to assist in connection debugging)
    * Misc cleanups
    * Fixed problem with setting an ESSID to a network that doesn't
      exist in Managed mode
    * Fixed problem with privacy capability not being compared
      correctly when assessing viability of a network for association
    * Added support for shared key authentication (aka 'restricted')
    * Added debug level output into ieee80211* modules
    * Added support for setting the TX power
    * Added support for setting the fragmentation threshold
    * Added PSP power management support
    * Added support for suspend / resume
    * Corrected support of 'iwlist ${IFNAME} bitrate'
    * Corrected support of 'iwlist ${IFNAME} power'
    * Fixed problem with manual disabling of RF via rf_kill sysfs
      entry wasn't resulting in the card actually being disabled
    * Added mode module parameter so you can start the device in
      either Managed or AdHoc mode
    * Modified logic for detecting hidden SSIDs to work with how
      Linksys APs do it.
    * Hooked in the rest of AdHoc code
    * Added adhoc_create module parameter for configuring the driver
      to auto create a network if you have provided the channel and
      network name
    * More changes to the scan logic, adding more debug output to
      indicate why specific networks are chosen over others
    * Added a printk() to the pci probe indicating if it detects a
      2915ABG or 2200BG adapter.
    * Fixed problem with setting IW_MODE to AUTO
    * Fixed problem with device coming up even if manual disable
    * Fixed problem with udev (or anything else that parsed all
      sysfs entries) with causing error log storms to the kernel log
    * Fixed support for all 802.11G extended rates
    * Ad-Hoc code starting to show up
    * Added mode switching support
    * Enhanced the iwlist scan results to (hopefully) be more clear
      on various statistics.
    * Added support for restricting the 802.11 mode via a iwpriv
    * Fixed UNKNOWNSTATUS_ERROR if AdHoc beacon received while in
      managed mode
    * Fixed UNKNOWNSTATUS_ERROR if RF kill enabled when loading
    * Reworked IE parser to use an iterative loop
    * Fixed stricter type checking errors
    * Fix oops in ieee80211_crypt_free
    * Fixed module reference counting of ieee modules
    * Fixed oops if CONFIG_NETLINK enabled
    * Misc. code cleanups
    * Changed AP detection logic so that it only considers a probe
      response to be a duplicate if both the BSSID and ESSID match
    * Modified load sequence such that if the RF switch is disabled
      during load it doesn't try and bring up the network
    * Modified dev->open so that it doesn't start the queue unless
      it is associated
    * Sync'd ipw2100's ieee80211 module changes
  - ipw2200: removed patches becoming obsolete due to driver update
  - ipw2100: update to 0.56 (needed for ipw2200 update),
    from CHANGES (shortened):
    * Changed ipw2100_netdev to use netdev_priv
    * Changed use of timers for RF switch check and hang check to
      use deferred workqueue
    * Remapped debug numbering such that lower numbers produce fewer
    * Fixed problem with TX Watchdog kicking in occassionally if WPA
      is being used
    * Fixed latest wireless tools reporting failure when using
      'iwconfig ethX power on'
    * Fixed problem with 802.1x not working with in configurations
      where WEP was enabled
    * Changed 'Corruption detected' message to 'PCI latency error
      detected' to remove confusion of there possibly being disk data
    * Fixed spurious interrupt problem if driver fails to load
    * Fixed support for manual disable switch
    * Fixed resume maintaining manual disable state
    * Fixed sysfs permissions on module parameter entries
    * Synchronized ieee80211 with ipw2200 v0.11
    * Fixed problem with channels not being reported in scan output
    * Fixed ordering of scan results to keep networks in order across
      iterative probe receipts
    * Fixed scan aging to be based on time vs. scan count
    * Added time since last beacon received to scan output
    * Pulled out 2.4 specific #ifdef/#endif blocks
    * Reduced command timeout to 0.5s vs 3s
    * Added command_send check to the hang_check to try and identify
      hung firmware
* Thu Sep 30 2004
  - take last update back (broke ipw2200 WEP support, bug 46527)
* Wed Sep 29 2004
  - ipw2200: update to 0.9, changes:
    * Fixed support for all 802.11G extended rates (bug 46435)
    * Ad-Hoc code starting to show up.  You can now create Ad-Hoc
      networks and join with other cells.  Data Tx/Rx is still in the
    * Added mode switching support to WX:
      % iwconfig eth1 mode (managed|ad-hoc)
    * Enhanced the iwlist scan results to (hopefully) be more clear
      on various statistics.
    * Added support for restricting the 802.11 mode via a iwpriv method.
      See README.ipw2200 for more information.
    * Fixed UNKNOWNSTATUS_ERROR if AdHoc beacon received while in
      managed mode
    * Fixed UNKNOWNSTATUS_ERROR if RF kill enabled when loading driver
    * Reworked IE parser to use an iterative loop, based on Pedro
      Ramalhais' original WPA port
    * Fixed stricter type checking errors
    * Fix oops in ieee80211_crypt_free
    * Fixed module reference counting of ieee modules
    * Fixed oops if CONFIG_NETLINK enabled
    * Misc. code cleanups (extra casts removed, unused function warning)
    * Changed AP detection logic so that it only considers a probe
      response to be a duplicate if both the BSSID and ESSID match
      (allowing a single BSSID to broadcast multiple ESSIDs)
    * Modified load sequence such that if the RF switch is disabled
      during load it doesn't try and bring up the network.
    * Modified dev->open so that it doesn't start the queue unless it
      is associated
  - dropped obsolete patches for ipw2200
  - building seperate ieee80211-modules for ipw2100 and ipw2200
    as they are not compatible currently
* Tue Sep 28 2004
  - ipw2100: update to 0.55, changes:
    * Fixed rmmod oops in ieee80211
    * Merged in WPA code
    * Fixed IPW2100_DEBUG_FW to IPW_DEBUG_FW
    * Fixed suspend/resume
    * Misc. code cleanups (extra casts removed, unused function
    * Added filtering of corrupted 802.11 frames in rfmon mode
  - building ipw2100 and ipw2200 together now (they share code,
    makes building easier)
  - update madwifi to current CVS (fixes WPA support)
  - added README.wpa README.prism2 and German translation of REAMDEs
  - added switch_prism_driver (script helping to switch drivers for
    prism2 pcmcia cards)
  - ipw2200: fixed compiler warnings
* Mon Sep 27 2004
  - updated README.firmware
* Tue Sep 21 2004
  - ipw2200: fixed hard freeze when radio switch is off (bug 45690)
* Mon Sep 20 2004
  - ipw2100: removed WPA patch (may cause machine freeze)
* Mon Sep 20 2004
  - ipw2200: update to 0.8, changes (shortened):
    * Fixed rate reporting
    * Added support for associating with 802.11a APs
    * Improved quality/signal level reporting
    * Misc. code cleanups
    * Modified the AP selection logic to pick the AP with the
      strongest signal that meets the other configured criteria
    * Modified AP selection logic to discard APs whose scan age
      has expired
    * Added code to set the sensitivity in the firmware upon
    * Added code to correctly seed the random number control in the
    * Added code to try and correct the intermittent failure seen
      sometimes while loading the driver.
    * Added code to detect when enough beacons have been missed to
      trigger a disassociation, and to then invoke the disassociation
  - ipw2100: added WPA support, added patch to improve behaviour
    on software suspend
  - madwifi: update to current CVS (adds support for x86-64)
* Wed Sep 08 2004
  - ipw2200: update to 0.7, changes:
    * Fixed support for associating with G-only APs (and also
      supporting all of the G/B-rates in Mixed mode)
    * Modified iwconfig output to report either 'unassociated' or
      'ieee 802.11{band}' where band is one of a, b, or g.
    * Fixed error preventing modprobe from consistently working
* Fri Sep 03 2004
  - acx100: update to 0.2.0pre8_plus_fixes_29
  - adm8211: update to 20040901
  - ipw2100: update to 0.54, changes (shortened):
    * Test fix for spurious IRQs during firmware intialization.
    * Fixed payload_size bug in fragmentation code
    * Removed "IRQ ignored" message.
  - ipw2200: update to 0.6, changes (shortened):
    * Updated firmware interface to support new extended scan
    * Added ABG PCI ids
    * Added support for G data rates.
    * Partial support for A data rates.
    * Partial change for reporting link quality through iwconfig --
      not completed.
    * Misc. code cleanup
    * Fixed problem with load retry logic re-allocating Rx buffers
      repeatedly (skb leak)
    * Fixed SWSUSP compilation dependency to CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND2
    * Fix the initialization code
    * Report firmware version via ethtool
    * Fixed TCP session freezing problem
    * Added support for non-broadcasting ESSIDs
  - update wireless-tools to 27pre26, changes (shortened):
    - Sett proper size on SIOCGIWSTATS requests [iwlib]
    - Fix => wrq.u.txpower.flags [iwconfig]
    - Added dry-run support (only print name chages) [ifrename]
* Tue Aug 24 2004
  - add install target to ipw2100-Makefile
* Mon Aug 23 2004
  - added rfswitch modules (for notebooks with software only radio
  - acx100: update to 0.2.0pre8_plus_fixes_26
  - adm8211: update to 20040821
  - ipw2100: update to 0.53, changes:
    * Fixed completely broken proc init/destruct code
    * Fixed problem with new get_power not returning any string output
    * Fixed SWSUSP2 build dependency check to CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND2
    * Changed read to sys_read, etc. to fix legacy firmware
      compilation problems
    * Added code to remove workqueue on PCI init error path
    * Added dvals, load, and unload scripts.
    * Updated in-kernel patch to 2.6.8
  - ipw2200: fixed kernel oops on hwscan (bug 43987)
  - ipw2200: fixed sysfs device links
  - madwifi: update to cvs 20040832
  - madwifi: fixed compilation error on kernel 2.6.8
* Tue Aug 17 2004
  - Fix missing declarations.
  - Fix stupid casts.
* Tue Aug 17 2004
  - ipw2100: update to 0.52, changes (shortended):
    * Fixed problem with NULL embedded ESSIDs being used while the
      HW is not initialized.
    * Fix #162 - Attempts to set power options other than ON/OFF with
      'iwconfig eth1 power' now fail.  Clarified power level report
      out when get_power is used.
    * Fixed #166 - setting more than 5 keys affects active key.
      Any attempt to set a key outside the range 1-4 will result in
      Invalid Argument.
    * Added compilation support for having the SWSUSP patch installed
  - added ipw2200 driver (supports Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 cards)
* Fri Aug 13 2004
  - ipw2100: minor compile fixes
* Fri Aug 06 2004
  - at76c503: update to 0.12beta13
  - added driver adm8211 (for 802.11 ADMtek cards)
  - disabled prism_cs for all drivers by default, default is now
  - added /etc/pcmcia/hostap_cs.conf
  - madwifi: update to latest cvs (adds support for latest
    Atheros 5212 based cards)
  - madwifi: Makefile cleanups
* Mon Aug 02 2004
  - update ipw2100 driver to 0.51, changes (shortened):
    * Fixed setting of Level to 0 when not connected; fixed problem
      with waproamd not detecting when association is lost.
    * Fixed problem with connection state going out of sync with
      association when interface closed.
    * Added 'associate' module parameter to instruct the driver if
      it should auto-associate during scans.  Useful when using a
      user space utility for association policy.
    * Added reporting of level # for iwpriv ${IF_NAME} get_powermode
    * Fixed code from using default workqueue to using a custom
      workqueue.  This will (hopefully) fix any issues with keyboard
    * Fixed TX stall with MTU at 1500 (bug 133)
    * Removed av5100 and pbe5 modules from the IPW2100 project
    * Removed dependency on Host AP for WEP
    * Pulled all ieee80211* generic code into stand alone modules
    * Started cleaning up and reworking the ieee80211_tx fragmentation
    * Added fix to stop network degradation after ICV mismatches
    * _3 Fixed OOPS if RF switch disabled while loading the module
    * _2 Added firmware restart backoff algorithm -- you should no
      longer have a resource starved system if a restart storm hits.
    * Set default bit rate mask to only cover valid rates
    * Added ability to get/set expiration age for scans via proc
    * Fixed kernel oops if queue allocation fails
    * Fixed problem with using IPV6 when compiled as a module
    * Added mode and channel module parameters
    * Restructured the C3 corruption detection logic to be more
      agressive at detection in an attempt to minimize interface
      downtime due to corrupt data
    * Added support for setting TX rates
    * Fixed problem with interrupt conflicts during suspend/resume
      and init while loading the microcode
    * Fixed kernel oops and system lockups under heavy small packet
    * Fixed support for providing custom MAC address
    * Added Ad-Hoc support
  - removed hostap module since ipw2100 does not depend on it anymore
  - madwifi: switch to WPA branch
  - update wireless-tools to 27pre25, changes:
    * Easy scanning API (blocking & non-blocking) [iwlib]
    * Add channel only support to iwgetid [iwgetid]
    * Compile iwgetid with iwlib for above [Makefile/iwgetid]
    * Fix french man pages to not use special 'oe' char [fr/*.8]
    * Use hyphens instead of underscores in Debian docs [*.txt/*.7]
    * Update for WE-17 (wrq.u.freq.flags, IW_QUAL_*) [all]
    * Use iw_get_ext() instead of ioctl() [iwgetid]
    * Retry getting scan results with larger buffer [iwlist/iwlib]
    * Display wireless event capabilities [iwlist]
    * Add support for relative TxPower (yick !) [iwconfig/iwlist]
    * Create iw_print_txpower() [iwlib]
    * Add "Set" prefix for all SET wireless events [iwevent]
    * Add support for get_freq and get_essid events [iwevent]
    * Reorganise iw_print_freq() => create iw_print_freq_value() [iwlib]
    * Create iw_channel_to_freq() and use it [iwlib/iwconfig/iwevent]
    * Fixup for WE-18 : Set scan takes an iw_point [iwlist/iwlib]
    * Fixup for WE-19 : Take care of IW_EV_POINT_OFF [iwlib]
  - update acx100 driver to 0.2.0pre8_plus_fixes_23
* Tue May 18 2004
  - fixed specfile (build broke without kernel-source)
* Tue May 18 2004
  - update ipw2100 driver to 0.44:
    * Firmware updated
    * Monitor mode support added
    * Improved signal quality metric
    * Changed aging of scan results such that if a beacon or response
      isn't received within 3 scan's, it is not listed in scan
    * Added support for 802.1x EAP authentication
    * Fixed 'badness in local_bh_enable'
    * Increased timeout for detecting the hardware coming to life
    * Fixed boot time initialization failure
    * Added CONFIG_IPW2100_RX_DEBUG for dumping packet contents in
      the event that a WEP packet's ICV fails.
  - added modified hostap-driver-0.1.3 source, so ipw2100 does not
    depend on package km_hostap anymore
  - rewrote most makefiles
  - updated URLs in README.firmware
* Wed May 05 2004
  - fixed build problems with ipw2100 (did not find hostap-driver
    source while building kernel)
* Wed May 05 2004
  - update wireless tools to 27pre22
  - update ipw2100 driver to 0.42, from CHANGES (shortened):
    * Test fix for WEP/SSL stalls.
    * Test fix for CONFIG_IP_NF_CONNTRACK hang/oops/crash (Badness in
    * Added fix to kill hang check timer if initialization fails
    * Added code to remove scan entries if a beacon has not been
      received within the last 2 seconds.
    * Fixed ipw2100_power_cycle_adapter to use write_register instead
      of write_nic_dword
    * Lots of new instrumentation to assist in tracking down problems,
      most notably /proc/net/ipw2100/[if_name]/memory.
    * Changed excessive retry statistics to report the number of
      failures vs. just the number of retries.
  - update linux-wlan-ng driver to 0.2.1pre21,
    from CHANGES (shortened):
    - Added in beginnings of IWSPY support
    - Primary/Secondary firmware (finally) bundled with the driver.
    - Convert to newer 2.6 module parameter code.
    - Fix an inverted test in GIWENCODE wireless extension
    - Minor script fix for SSF cards
    - Fixes for SSF PCI cards
    - Fix script problems that result in a failed init returning
    - Fix an endian-ness buglet in prism2sta.c
    - Fix up pci resources on card init failure on plx card.
* Tue Apr 27 2004
  - fixed typo in ipw2100 Makefile
* Mon Apr 26 2004
  - updated wireless tools to 27pre20 (minor changes, mainly
    documentation updates and fixes, see CHANGELOG.h)
  - updated acx100 driver to 0.2.0pre8 (lot of fixes, see ChangeLog)
  - at76c503: compile fix (bug 39105)
  - updated ipw2100 driver to 0.41 (introduces WEP support, lot of
    changes and fixes, see CHANGES)
  - update madwifi driver to current cvs
  - fixed madwifi kernel badness on rmmod (bug 37352)
  - improved madwifi LED control a bit
  - merged patches for the different drivers
  - specfile cleanup
  - prevent drivers from being build in case wireless support is
    disabled in kernel config
* Wed Apr 07 2004
  - The ipw modules need to include linux/init.h because they use
* Mon Apr 05 2004
  - installing atmel.conf as /etc/pcmcia/atmel-suse.conf to prevent
    conflict with atmel.conf of atmel-firmware package
* Sat Apr 03 2004
  - fixed sysfs support in linux-wlan-ng drivers (bug #37278)
  - fixed sysfs support in acx100 driver
* Fri Apr 02 2004
  - fixed oops in madwifi driver (bug #37944)
  - added /etc/pcmcia/atmel.conf so driver for Atmel based pc-cards
    will be loaded (bug #37905)
* Wed Mar 31 2004
  - typo fix in install_intersil_firmware
* Tue Mar 30 2004
  - skip building of at76c503 when CONFIG_NET_WIRELESS is unset
    (bug #37450)
* Mon Mar 29 2004
  - Fix external kernel module build (unresolved symbols).
* Mon Mar 29 2004
  - re-added at76c503 driver (Atmel USB adapters)
  - updated Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 driver to 0.39 (shortened):
    * Fixed suspend/resume support C3 issue
    * Moved timer kill to ipw2100_down from the exit routine to stop
      timers when the interface goes down
    * Modified range settings for quality and level
    * Added /proc/net/ipw2100/[if_name]/internals to display some
      internal variables to help track issues.°
* Fri Mar 26 2004
  - updated Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 driver to 0.38 (shortened):
    * Added SW RF Kill switch support for Packard Bell EasyNote E5
    * Fixed RSSI to DBM constant from 98 to 90
    * Added patch for quality metrics in /proc/net/wireless
    * Refactored the start/stop code into ipw2100_up / down, and
      hooked the code into the suspend/resume code.
    * Added a 2s heartbeat timer to the firmware; if the RTC
      stalls then a reset is performed.
    * Fixed ISR code to use a tasklet instead of scheduled work
      (fixes 'hw_command_send timed out' during firmware restart)
    * Added 'firmware resets' and 'firmware hangs' counters to
    * Fixed /proc/net/ipw2100 cleanup on exit
    * Added initial eth_tool support for link detection
    * Switched ISR code to a scheduled work item
    * Fixed pci_free_consistent bug in ipw2100_msg_free
    * Added dumping of status structure if payload size reported
      to be greater than allowable 802_11 payload size.
    * Added firmware restart on bogus payload size
  - added section about Atmel cards in README.firmware
  - removed prism54 driver (is now part of linux kernel)
  - fixed sysfs support in madwifi
* Fri Mar 19 2004
  - updated Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 driver to 0.35:
    * Added wireless extension get range support
    * Added /proc/net/ipw2100/[if_name]/{ordinals,hw,registers,pci}
      for dumping various pieces of data.
    * Code cleanup in a couple spots
    * Removed max transit unit (MTU) check in isr_rx (should fix MTU
      conflict some users are seeing)
    * Modified code path so that if wake_up_sync is not defined,
      we define wake_up_interruptible_sync to wake_up_interruptible
      so that the __wake_up_sync patch is no longer needed.
    * Added initial start for suspend/resume (thanks to Len Brown).
* Fri Mar 19 2004
  - removing .orig files before packaging
* Thu Mar 18 2004
  - updated Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 driver to 0.34:
    * ACPI C3 conflict resolved
    * Added HW register and PCI configuration data dump entries to
    * Added hotplug firmware loading support
    * Added interface name module parameter (if_name)
    * Added port IO debug output for tracing IO to the actual
      hardware (IPW2100_DEBUG_IO)
    * Moved proc info into /proc/net/ipw2100 from /proc/ipw2100
    * Added support for /proc/net/wireless (thanks to Luc Saillard).
  - madwifi (madwifi-ibm_led.dif):
    added support for WLAN LED on IBM Thinkpads
* Tue Mar 16 2004
  - fixed typo in install_intersil_firmware
  - changed initial mac address to 00:00:00:00:00:00 so our tools
    can identify the address as a dummy (prism54)
* Mon Mar 15 2004
  - updated Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 driver to 0.32:
    * Added support for toggling RF switch
    * Added IPW2100_DEBUG_RF_KILL to monitor RF transitions in debug
    * Fixed module fault on iwconfig ethX nick (thanks Radu Graeb)
    * Hardware reset now supported
    * Support for hardware reset in response to fatal_interrupt
    * proc oops fixed (thanks to Radu Greab)
    * Fixed problem with dev->mem_end being set incorrectly
    * Fixed oops with accesing some iwconfig query commands while the
      driver is uninitialized.
  - added README.firmware
  - added scripts for easy installation of Intersil PrismGT and
    ACX100 firmware files
* Fri Mar 12 2004
  - added driver for Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 card (aka Centrino)
* Wed Mar 10 2004
  - disabled all drivers for um-kernel
* Tue Mar 09 2004
  - kmakefiles: don't build for um-kernel
* Tue Mar 09 2004
  - updated madwifi driver to current cvs (fixes incompatibility
    with CONFIG_REGPARM, bug #34140)
  - readded accidentally removed acx100 driver
  - using orinoco_cs as default driver for Netgear MA401RA (seems
    to be much more reliable)
* Mon Mar 01 2004
  - fix for lib64 platforms.
* Mon Mar 01 2004
  - update linux-wlan-ng to 0.2.1pre20:
    - limited support for wireless extensions
    - some driver fixes
  - rewrote driver makefiles for linux-wlan-ng
  - building lwepgen and keygen again (nwepgen is not very useful
    for 104 bit keys)
  - fixed linux-wlan-ng mkversionh script
  - added acx100 driver (for Texas Instruments ACX1xx chipsets)
  - update to latest prism54 cvs snapshot
  - various makefile fixes
  - disabled madwifi driver (crashes on init)
* Mon Feb 09 2004
  - update linux-wlan-ng to 0.2.1pre17:
    - x86-64 support
    - basic ethtool support
    - support for Netgear MA311 PCI card
    - some fixes/cleanup (see CHANGES file)
  - building tools from linux-wlan-ng also for non-x86
    (they are needed even so the drivers are not available)
  - not building lwepgen and keygen anymore (nwepgen does
    the job already)
  - using /lib/modules/`uname -r`/lib instead of /usr/src/linux
    for accessing kernel source in linux-wlan-ng
* Thu Feb 05 2004
  - fix filelist for non-x86
* Mon Feb 02 2004
  - update wireless-tools to version 27.pre9, changes:
    o Trivial cleanups and docs updates
    o Implement "iwconfig XXX txpower on" and fix "fixed" [iwconfig]
    o Always properly initialise sanlen before recvfrom() [iwevent]
    o Zero buffer so we don't print garbage after essid [iwgetid]
    o Document that 00:00:00:00:00:00 == no association [iwconfig.8]
      (From Guus Sliepen <>)
    o Fix doc typo : ad_hoc => ad-hoc [wireless.7/DISTRIBUTIONS.txt]
  - some specfile cleanups
  - added /sbin binaries  to filelist
* Thu Jan 29 2004
  - removed linux-wlan-ng and madwifi directories from km_wlan
    filelist for ppc
* Mon Jan 26 2004
  - removed dependency on kernel-source
* Fri Jan 23 2004
  - changed kernel-source-26 to kernel-source in neededforbuild
    (left over from test build)
* Fri Jan 23 2004
  - build linux-wlan-ng only on ix86
  - ported linux-wlan-ng to new pcmcia cardservices interface
    (needed for kernel 2.6)
  - removed accidentally readded depmod command
  - changed interface name of prism54 driver to wlanX
* Wed Jan 21 2004
  - removed unneeded k_deftl from neededforbuild
  - added prism54 driver
  - more preparations for kernel 2.6
* Thu Jan 08 2004
  - updated wireless-tools to version 27pre7 (minor fixes,
    also for bug #33112)
  - updated madwifi to latest cvs
  - removed atmel drivers (may get added again later)
  - package km_wlan should be ready for kernel 2.6
* Wed Oct 15 2003
  - updated madwifi to latest cvs version (fixes 802.11b mode
* Fri Sep 12 2003
  - configure kernel-source if needed
* Mon Sep 08 2003
  - km_wlan-HZ.diff: Adapt to dynamic-hz kernel patch.
* Fri Aug 22 2003
  - updated madwifi to latest cvs version (should fix some
    transmit timeout errors)
  - merged patches wireless_tools.26.dif and wireless_tools-wext.dif
* Mon Aug 18 2003
  - added genwepkey utility to generate 128bit WEP keys
* Thu Aug 14 2003
  - updated madwifi to latest cvs version (fixes possible kernel
    crash on module loading)
* Mon Aug 11 2003
  - updated madwifi to version 20030802
* Fri Jul 25 2003
  - removing object files before packaging km_wlan so no
    unneccesary dependencies get created
* Thu Jul 24 2003
  - removed 'depmod' call from madwifi Makefile
  - merged km_atmel and km_madwifi to km_wlan
* Wed Jul 16 2003
  - update wireless tools to version 26
  - update atmelwlandriver to version
  - update at76c503 to version 0.10
  - added madwifi driver (version 20030702)
  - added /etc/pcmcia/atmel.conf to filelist
* Tue Jun 17 2003
  - added directory to filelist
* Tue Jun 03 2003
  - update atmelwlandriver to version 20030602
  - update at76c503 driver to version 0.9
* Tue May 27 2003
  - add wireless.7 to filelist
* Wed Feb 26 2003
  - compiling against kernel source now which prevents a wireless
    extension version mismatch
  - changed group of km_atmel to Development/Sources (seems to
    be more common)
* Mon Feb 24 2003
  - added lvnet from the atmelwlandriver package
  - added wlan driver packages atmelwlandriver and at76c503 as
    subpackage km_atmel
* Fri Jan 10 2003
  - update to version 25 (lots of changes, see CHANGELOG.h)
* Fri Jun 21 2002
  - use -fPIC to build shared lib
* Mon Feb 11 2002
  - update to version 23
    * Split iw_check_addr_type() into two functions mac/if [iwlib]
    * iw_in_addr() does appropriate iw_check_xxx itself  [iwlib]
    * Allow iwspy on MAC address even if IP doesn't check [iwspy]
    * Allow iwconfig ap on MAC address even if IP doesn't check [iwconfig]
    * Fix iwlist man page about extra commands [iwlist]
    * Fix Makefile rules for library compile (more generic) [Makefile]
    * Set max length for all GET request with a iw_point [various]
    * Fix set IW_PRIV_TYPE_BYTE to be endian/align clean [iwpriv]
    * Add '/' at the end of directories to create them [Makefile]
    * Replace "cp" with "install" to get permissions proper [Makefile]
    * Install Man-Pages at the proper location [Makefile]
    * Add automatic header selection based on libc/kernel [iwlib.h]
    * Add "commit" to force parameters on the card [iwconfig]
    * Wrap ioctl() in iw_set/get_ext() wrappers [all]
    * Beautify set request error messages [iwconfig]
  - re-diffed patch
  - added INSTALL to docu files
* Tue Dec 11 2001
  - add manpages and %clean
* Mon Dec 10 2001
  - move progs from bin to sbin
  - add missing iwlist and iwgetid
  - mark documentation as %doc
  - update to 22
  - add include and library files
* Tue Aug 21 2001
  - update to version 21
    * Improved power management support
    * Transmit Power parameter
    * Better Makefile, header options can be set there
    * Support for GLibc2.2
    * Check Wireless Extension version mismatch
    * Retry settings
    * Split iwspy into iwspy and iwlist
* Fri Feb 09 2001
  - fixed to compile
* Sun Dec 03 2000
  - initial package
  - xwireless omitted



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