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homebank-5.5.8-1.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: homebank Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 5.5.8 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Sat Oct 22 15:15:44 2022
Group: Productivity/Office/Finance Build host: obs-arm-8
Size: 2534300 Source RPM: homebank-5.5.8-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Application to manage personal accounts
HomeBank is an application to manage personal accounts at home. The main
concept is to be light, simple and very easy to use. It brings many
features that allows to analyze finances in a detailed way instantly and
dynamically with powerful report tools based on filtering and graphical






* Fri Oct 21 2022 Carsten Ziepke <>
  - Update to version 5.5.8:
    * bugfix: lp#1992548 linking xfers between accounts fails to
      join correctly
    * bugfix: lp#1992284 manage tag edit input is empty
* Wed Oct 05 2022 Carsten Ziepke <>
  - Update to version 5.5.7:
    * bugfix: lp#1681532 Segfault when pressing escape while editing
      a new transaction
    * bugfix: lp#1981464 "Select among possible transactions" duplicate
      transfer refactor
    * bugfix: lp#1984246 compilation problem on Debian 11
    * bugfix: lp#1987975 choose among target xfer faultly propose same
      sign transaction
    * bugfix: lp#1988489 Statistics "total" percentage breakdown
    * bugfix: lp#1988594 edit txn with keyboard ok button (alt) don't
      update focused amount
    * bugfix: lp#1989171 Invalid appdata confuse gnome-software
    * bugfix: lp#1991459 register apply type=income +
      status=uncategorized shows expense
  - BuildRequires for glib2 changed back to >= 2.39, lp#1984246
    fixes building with glib2 < 2.68
* Thu Jun 30 2022 Carsten Ziepke <>
  - Update to version 5.5.6:
    * bugfix: #1977796 rounding problem for euro minor in
      deutsche mark
    * bugfix: #1976138 split amount opposite sign don't work when
      using + button
    * bugfix: #1972078 inherit old xfer enable to post to
      a closed account
    * bugfix: #1970526 windows do not minimize independently; cannot
      raise main window above others
    * bugfix: #1970509 manage scheduled list column hscrollbar
    * bugfix: #1970020 balance report - toggle detail show no txn
    * bugfix: #1967708 csv export invalid with semicolon in text
  -  BuildRequires for glib2 changed to >= 2.68
* Mon Apr 25 2022 Carsten Ziepke <>
  - Update to version 5.5.5:
    * change: windows: upgraded to GTK 3.24.33
    * wish: #1960755 add a refresh button in account detail screen
    * wish: #1960380 void transaction icon improved visibility in
      dark mode
    * wish: #1950234 your account show total for single group
      foreign currency
    * wish: #1948608 scheduled list (manage/bottom) could show
      category column
    * wish: #1945636 detail report list amount sort in base currency
    * bugfix: fixed double trigger on some radiobutton: category,
      budget, assign, repstats
    * bugfix: #1968249 templates names not displayed in Transaction
    * bugfix: #1965594 children windows should be transient for their
    * bugfix: #1964433 'Top Spending' home chart option button
    * bugfix: #1963833 window: main window don't open in primary
    * bugfix: #1960750 tooltip is in English even if localization is
      set to FR
    * bugfix: #1960745 not showing * after some changes made
      to manage
    * bugfix: #1960743 double click payee not working after search
    * bugfix: #1958767 managing payees search does not refresh
      after merge
    * bugfix: #1958145 windows: can't enter specials characters with
      alt gr
    * bugfix: #1958001 balance 'Show Empty Line' includes days
      outside of selected range
* Sat Jan 15 2022 Carsten Ziepke <>
  - Update to version 5.5.4:
    * change: windows: upgraded to GTK 3.24.31
    * bugfix: #1956185 dates not accepting 2 digit year
    * bugfix: #1955984 homebank cannot import its own CSV exports
    * bugfix: #1955046 statistics time csv subcategory export fail
    * bugfix: #1954017 QIF import uncheck similar txn with
      different category
    * bugfix: #1947931 vehicle cost CSV output incorrect values
      in km/l column
    * bugfix: #1945715 windows: update currency return
      'unaccaceptable TLS certificate'
    * bugfix: #1942494 statistics "total" percentage breakdown
    * bugfix: #1940103 (null) is shown in dialog when deleting
      a template/scheduled
    * bugfix: #1919063 windows: scaling in 'Top Spending' text
      too big in UHD 3840 x 2160
    * bugfix: #1801655 windows: button order for GtkAssistant
      import is confusing
* Tue Aug 10 2021 Carsten Ziepke <>
  - Update to version 5.5.3:
    * new: added 4 report color themes: quicken2017, mint,
    material, nord
    * change: added 6 more colors to ynab report color theme
    * wish: #1930395 ability to copy certain amounts (sum, avg, balance)
    * bugfix: fixed some minor memory leak in post scheduled
    * bugfix: adding tags from manage tags dialog don't enable save
    * bugfix: #1936806 after editing a txn from detail list of report,
    the list is empty
    * bugfix: #1934739 today button text is not translated in date picker
    * bugfix: #1932301 main windows New and Save tooltip text remains
    in english
    * bugfix: #1931816 changing a date from 'show all transaction'
    don't sort by date
    * bugfix: #1930924 import back a csv reads categories as tags
    * bugfix: #1928147 account column don't sort in scheduled dialog
    * bugfix: #1919936 document what the account maximum balance limit
    does in practice
* Sun May 09 2021 Carsten Ziepke <>
  - Update to version 5.5.2:
    * new   : statistics report add result/detail to clipboard/csv
    * wish  : #1923368 calendar "Today" button to not auto-close
    * wish  : #1916365 please add Toggle detail function to Time
      mode on Statistics report
    * bugfix: #1925976 statistics "total" percentage breakdown
    * bugfix: #1922829 reorder transaction buttons not updated
      after date change
    * bugfix: #1921741 top spending chart legend text overlap
    * bugfix: #1919080 OFX import deduplication unselect valid txn
    * bugfix: #1918479 choosing to force budget monitoring does
      not make document dirty
    * bugfix: #1918334 void transactions from previous periods show
      up in the current transactions
* Tue May 04 2021 Carsten Ziepke <>
  - Update to version 5.5.1:
    * change: report window are now closed when new/open a file
    * bugfix: #1917837 the tag popover list is too small in width
      and height
    * bugfix: #1917075 delete unused payee/category do not enable
    * bugfix: #1916932 impossible to read text when using dark theme
    * bugfix: #1916587 scheduled this/next month date filter is wrong
    * bugfix: #1915729 windows "tag" close the programm on delete
    * bugfix: #1915660 update to the Help & Homebank for check
    * bugfix: #1915643 the "Balance report" does not group correctly
      by week (ISO 8601)
    * bugfix: #1915609 qif export of multiple account double xfer
    * bugfix: #1914943 statistic by time total row doubled with
    * bugfix: #1914935 changing the "Include remind into balance"
      option doesn't update balance in accounts summary
    * bugfix: #1910857 transaction category autofill from payee is
      too invasive
    * bugfix: #1910819 paste amount into split may input too much
      decimal digits
    * bugfix: #1889659 crash on typing in category during add due
      to inconsistent XML
    * bugfix: #1842429 difference between loading 1 OFX file or
      more at once
    * wish  : #1904569 more flexible date handling for QIF import
    * wish  : #1594684 balance report to select several accounts
* Sat Feb 13 2021 Carsten Ziepke <>
  - Update to version 5.5:
    * new   : your accounts added cleared column
    * new   : target xfer dialog add a match ratio column
    * new   : added checking and savings account type
    * new   : added tooltip on 'your accounts' to show last reconciled
      date, minimun/maximum remaining
    * new   : trend time, added average value and line into the graph
    * change: your accounts renamed bank column to reconciled
    * change: statistics report renamed the 'Balance' term with a more
      accurate 'Total'
    * change: statistics report added a compare Exp. & Inc. checkbox
      to clarify the interface
    * wish  : #1911838 integrate fr_CA categories (included with wish)
    * wish  : #1909694 duplicate auto assignment find
    * wish  : #1909590 include one decimal digit in the fuel average
    * wish  : #1900281 homebank Stats Rept - Subcategory heading
    * wish  : #1898277 add a "today" button/calendar option when adding
      new transactions
    * wish  : #1897810 search or sort assignment rules
    * wish  : #1897696 red text in budget report for negative results
    * wish  : #1894425 Add switch inside app to change dark/light theme
    * wish  : #1893854 shortcut for scheduled main window button
    * wish  : #1892606 graph legend text not smaller than windows font
    * wish  : #1891878 your accounts add remaining before overdraft
    * wish  : #1890024 add a high limit for saving accounts
    * wish  : #1887212 internal xfer detection day gap manual preference
    * wish  : #1884376 payee multimatch for autocompletion
    * wish  : #1882876 category/payee separate usage count for
      transaction and overall usage
    * wish: : #1882456 txn dialog to order popover category by type
    * wish  : #1870390 statistic report - sum/total as last row
    * wish  : #1866456 import option to invert expense/income for
      credit card account
    * wish  : #1857636 Allow showing only short/medium-term scheduled
      operations in the main window's overview
    * wish  : #1847622 txn status display to button and/or add icon
    * wish  : #1846928 top spending max items configurable
    * wish  : #1846822 your accounts column choose + add cleared
    * wish  : #1581863 on main window, accounts have 'Reconciled date'
    * wish  : #1565386 ability to set time interval for the Balance report
    * wish  : # 300380 add direct print + pdf/png/ps export mostly
      for report/graph
    * bugfix: #1911805 the decimal digits of the Belarusian ruble is
      indicated incorrectly
    * bugfix: #1909323 windows: crash importing an OFX file with
      info + add to info
    * bugfix: #1903437 date column in transaction list can be empty
    * bugfix: #1898408 split window does not provide 8 decimal places
      for cryptocurrency
    * bugfix: #1898294 time unit is not translated 'Manage
      scheduled/template transactions' dialog
    * bugfix: #1895478 ofx file marked as invalid if empty line at top
  - Remove obsolete (0%{?suse_version} < 1330) stuff from spec file
* Wed Sep 30 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to version 5.4.3:
    * change: remove deprecated GtkAction/GtkUIManager for
    * change: harmonization of dialog dimension with aspect
    * change: split list column now follow same width rule
      than other list
    * change: updated the file statistics: added tags, currencies,
      template, scheduled
    * change: updated the welcome dialog: added icon, relayout, show
      next time checkbox
    * change: reworked and improved the new file assistant
    * change: prefixed template created from the register
    * wish  : #1861759 search "Manage Accounts"
    * wish  : #1861432 merge tags
    * wish  : #1860905 sort by amount in budget report
    * wish  : #1851733 Reports/Vehicle Cost Report filtered dropdown
    * wish  : #1851729 multi line scheduled post
    * wish  : #1851718 popup menu on transaction list
    * wish  : #1847907 add reconcile data when export as CSV
    * wish  : #1829597 view split transaction detail from the register
      (expand or other)
    * wish  : #1810621 mass prefill assignment from the register
    * bugfix: double click on scheduled list total line was faulty
    * wish  : #1886299 export to csv/clipboard 1st column title
    * wish  : #1886181 default preference or remind for import
      similar date gap
    * wish  : #1880386 revert ease to combine expense/income in
      splits dialog
    * wish  : #1882081 add a gtk font size override Edit
    * wish  : #1871383 increase exchange rate size
    * wish  : #1869112 "Export CSV" feature for the "Show all..."
      transactions view
    * wish  : #1837550 export transaction from account as CSV with
      every split line
    * bugfix: delete tag was partially working
    * bugfix: your accounts list was not refreshed after new
      file or import
    * bugfix: #1870476 typo: Your
    * bugfix: #1870433 default backup path folder not initialized
      with wallet folder
    * bugfix: #1869727 typo: assigment
    * bugfix: #1868185 search not finding amounts with more than 3
      digits dollar amount
    * bugfix: #1867392 delete tooltip not translated in
      scheduled/template dialog
    * bugfix: #1865361 txn dialog template list switch sort order
      on each save
    * bugfix: #1865083 when moving a transaction a 'changed' icon
      isn't displayed against the 'from' account
    * bugfix: #1864176 'Restore backup' doesn't open default
      backup folder
    * bugfix: #1864089 missing icons for "Case sensitive" and
      "Regular expression in the assignment dialog
    * bugfix: #1863484 scheduled 'stop after' cannot be removed
    * bugfix: #1862769 manage schedule/template and quicksearch
    * bugfix: #1862677 add and keep FROM register reset the date
    * bugfix: #1862540 win: currency symbol detection fail leads
      to crash
    * bugfix: #1862436 win: incorrect display of russian ruble
      currency symbol
    * bugfix: #1858675 import/export budget mixup if subcategory
      has same name
* Tue Mar 10 2020
  - Update to version 5.3.2:
    * Changes;
      + Remove deprecated GtkAction/GtkUIManager for rep_balance.
    * Bugfixes;
      + Edit menu was not disable for closed account.
      + Statistics show legend toolbutton was state inverted.
      + #1861337 transactions from closed accounts not
      showing > Transactions > Show All.
      + #1861008 after changing values in the budget, the save button
      is not enabled.
      + #1860356 transaction List wrong preset status dropdown.
      + #1860309 preference "Keep the last date" not working after
      creating a new transaction
      + #1860232 crash when deleting multiple transactions from
      "Show All" view.
      + #1859476 budget "Dec" not included in total.
      + #1859386 unable to save Split Transaction in 5.3.1 after
      initially working.
      + #1859346 restore backup should be available anytime.
      + #1859344 missing texts under icons in top menu.
      + #1859275 budget table view balance sometimes empty + no edit.
  - Changes from version 5.3.1:
    * Bugfixes;
      + #1859279 toggling from category to subcategory level on
      Statistics Report doubles the amount .
      + #1859117 split transaction not displaying Split in Category
      after edit txn.
      + #1859088 crash may occur if you enable 'show confirmation
      text' in preference.
      + #1859077 no more pre-filled account when single account.
      + #1858945 keep last date preference no more working.
      + #1858682 add buttons disabled while adding or inherit a
      + #1858507 some menu/toolbar tooltip text remains in English.
  - Changes from version 5.3:
    * New;
      + Transaction dialog shows weekdays and account currency.
      + Transaction type created expense/income and transfer.
      + Added a clear menu for recent opened file.
      + Added delete key shortcut to delete transaction.
      + Added budget pin icon to category forced to be displayed.
      + Filter dialog added select all/none/invert for payment.
      + Added account budget icon to show if account is part of the
    * Changes;
      + Xhb data file format (v1.4).
      + Account dialog layout change.
      + Budget dialog layout change.
      + Assign dialog layout change.
      + Filter dialog layout change.
      + Transaction dialog layout change.
      + Merged transaction and template dialog.
      + Internal transfer payment mode removed (in profit to transfer
      + Transfer payment mode was renamed to bank transfer.
      + Button add/edit/merge/delete to icon button into toolbar
      under listview.
      + Rewritten menus and toobars to drop usage of deprecated
      + Dropped significant g_list_append to gain in performance.
      + Replaced the 'remove' text to more accurate 'delete'.
      + Reworked the ui design of release candidate warning message.
      + Lighten stack usage for dialog.
    * Wish;
      + #1851449 Add a transaction very very slooow with many account
      + #1848604 rely on type exp/inc also for split line input.
      + #1845388 remind the apply of assignment between import.
      + #1844892 detect/skip UTF-8 BOM (Excel CSV files).
      + #1842897 color trailing spaces in assignments.
      + #1842758 your accounts list keep state after open/close
      + #1840100 updates when use multiple account window.
      + #1831975 optional visible/audible confirmation of transaction
      + #1831372 add nett Budget value to 'Manage Budget' screen.
      + #1818320 add "void" status to transactions.
      + #1818052 copy/paste one/multiple transaction(s).
      + #1813474 "Info" field for scheduled/template transactions.
      + #1812630 multiple edit enable change to internal transfer.
      + #1812598 calculate "Remind" transactions into balance (as
      configuration option?).
      + #1810299 bold lowest balance for future date in register.
      + #1792279 configurable backup directory.
      + #1756681 ease debit/credit/transfer transaction seizure.
      + #1749457 change order of same day transactions.
      + #1740368 expense & Income type available at sub-category
      + #1719184 table view for budget setup (contribution code).
      + #1708974 allow for transfer on mismatched days.
      + #1504348 improve control of assignments.
      + #1460666 features for scheduled transactions dialog.
      + #1173135 statistics report to show all items (pay, cate,
      acc...) over time.
      + #1095160 account: more type and created group.
    * Bugfixes;
      + #1854953 Direct Debit type ignored during OFX import.
      + #1853531 show 'Uncleared' transactions displays uncleared and
      + #1845841 check point and remainder on splits gone since 5.2.
      + #1847645 number of backups exceeds preference settings.
      + #1845839 updating a transaction from the Remind screen
      doesn't always update the account summary.
      + #1844881 internal xfer of budget account "this needs a
      + #1829927 when inherit a txn, the Add button faulty keep the
  - Changes from version 5.2.8:
    * New;
      + Import: auto assigment is now optional.
      + Payee dialog: added a payment icon column to ease management.
      + Add help and donate toolbar buttons.
    * Changes;
      + Payee popover: improved the dimension of the popover to larger one.
    * Wish;
      + #1843184 reorganize accelerator for txn dialog.
      + #1841462 shortcuts for register view.
      + #1828914 mark "Today" for calendar widget.
      + #1826211 csv import to assign category from payee choice.
      + #1673902 add a visual marker for uncategorized txn of budget
    * Bugfixes;
      + Fixed compile fail with GTK < 3.22 and gtk_popover_popdown.
      + Accelerator key was not working for date widget.
      + #1843648 info gets empty after editing a txn with paymode
      cheque and positive amount.
      + #1842935 can't save file after OFX import with long unicode
      + #1842292 windows: language change KO if install path as utf-8
      char (é, ç, à, etc).
      + #1840998 transaction Screen only shows 3 weeks in advance.
      + #1840393 import qfx similar transaction dialog amount show
      + #1839851 balance report details view all show amount 0.00.
  - Changes from version 5.2.7:
    * New;
      + Dropped usage of comboboxentry in profit of a popover list
      for tags.
      + Payee column shows >account or <account for internal
      + Transaction tooltip were clarified.
    * Wish;
      + #1828732 add expand/collapse all for categories in edit
    * Bugfixes;
      + Filter payment click on label was not working.
      + Tags add from manager was allowing input space in name.
      + Tags were not freed from archives.
      + #1837838 create an account in new file wizard allows trailing
      space in account name.
      + #1836380 vehicle cost report show bad km stats in some case.
      + #1835588 toggle future transactions button is faulty always
      + #1832982 typo in src/dsp-account.c.
      + #1832216 win: open payee menu crash on libcairo, and is slow.
      + #1830880 changing a transaction in the future screen doesn't
      activate the save button.
      + #1830710 tag list is slow with lots of items and too wide.
      + #1830707 no warning for "amount and category sign don't
      match" if internal transfer.
      + #1830656 Payee and Memo colums on scheduled screen sometimes
      revert to minimum width.
      + #1830523 future/remind txn main panel list shows 0.00 amount.
      + #1792277 not all columns auto-size to contents.
* Thu Jan 30 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - No longer recommend -lang: supplements are in use
* Mon May 27 2019
  - Update to 5.2.6:
    + Changes:
    - access to the show all transaction with the toolbar
    + Bugfixes:
    - #1829630 homebank: _cairo_arc_in_direction(): homebank killed by SIGABRT
    - #1829076 status "no category" filter not working
    - #1829603 multi currencies problem in Trend Time Report
    + Wishes:
    - #1829007 prefill txn dialog with account if single
    - #1828209 multiple edit could allow updating transaction amount
    - #1809022 detail txn show only category amount split part
    - #1792749 main window date 'other...' consistency
* Wed Mar 20 2019 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to version 5.2.3
    + new
    - statistics report, added account
    - trend time report, added half year interval
    - added console error message for load/save preference file
    + wish
    - sortable columns during import
    - fill paymode/category independently from payee
    - enable to import unlimited account
    - reorder split transactions
    - add tags manager
    - "Show all accounts" should not be shown when no account is selected
    - scheduled home list to show remaining occurence
    - OFX import to allow mapping the "name" field to "info"
    - remind expander state into 'Your account' list
    - display list of available tags in txn dialog
    - enable tag for trend time report
    + lots of bug fixes, see the Changelog for a complete list



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