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fossil-2.5-lp150.1.2 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for aarch64

Name: fossil Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 2.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.2 Build date: Tue May 8 23:20:03 2018
Group: Development/Tools/Version Control Build host: obs-arm-4
Size: 2452452 Source RPM: fossil-2.5-lp150.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Distributed software configuration management
Fossil is a distributed software configuration management system with
these features:
* integrated bug tracking and wiki
* built-in web-interface
* uses HTTP, with proxy support
* everything is in a single executable and CGI-enabled
* sqlite-backed database






* Mon Feb 26 2018
  - update to 2.5:
    * UI updates
    * display ettings persist across pages
    * improve responsiveness fo server process
    * Support for SQL Archives as a download option
* Thu Dec 07 2017
  - Use bcond for deciding between system and builtin sqlite.
  - Update to version 2.4:
    * New feature: URL Aliases. URL Aliases allow an administrator to
      define their own URLs on the web interface that are rewritten to
      built-in URLs with specific parameters. Create and configure
      URL Aliases using the /Setup/URL_Aliases menu option in the
      web interface.
    * Add tech-note search capability.
    * Add the -r|--revision and -o|--origin options to the annotate
    * Add the origin= query parameter to the /annotate webpage.
    * The fossil annotate command and the /annotate web page go
      backwards in time as far as can be computed in 30 milliseconds
      by default, rather than stopping after 20 steps. The new
      limit= query parameter or the --limit command-line option can
      be used to alter this timeout.
    * Provide separate on-line help screens for each setting.
    * Back out support for the --no-dir-symlinks option
    * Remove support from the legacy configuration sync
      protocol. The only way now to do a configuration push or pull
      is to use the new protocol that was added in 2011.
    * Add the from= and to= query parameters to /fdiff in order to
      get a diff of two files in the same check-in.
    * CVE-2017-17459, bsc#1071709: Fix the "ssh://" protocol to
      prevent an attack whereby the attacker convinces a victim to
      run a "clone" with a dodgy URL and thereby gains access to
      their system
    * Provide a checkbox that will temporarily disable all ad-units.
    * Improvements to the /stat page
    * Various new hyperlinks to the /bloblist and /bigbloblist pages.
    * Correct the /doc page to support read-only repositories.
    * Correct /zip, /tarball, zip, and tarball pages and commands to
      honor the versioned manifest setting when outside of an open
      checkout directory.
    * The admin-log and access-log settings are now on by default
      for new repositories.
    * Update the built-in SQLite to version 3.21.0.
* Fri Aug 11 2017
  - Update to version 2.3:
    * Update internal Unicode character tables, used in regular
      expression handling, from version 9.0 to 10.0.
    * Show the last-sync-URL on the /urllist page (
    * Added the "Event Summary" activity report. example
    * Added the "Security Audit" page, available to administrators
    * Added the Last Login time to the user list page,
      for administrators only
    * Added the --numstat option to the fossil diff command
    * Limit the size of the heap and stack on unix systems, as a
      proactive defense against the Stack Clash attack.
    * Fix "database locked" warnings caused by "PRAGMA optimize".
    * Fix a potential XSS vulnerability on the /help webpage.
    * Documentation updates
* Mon May 08 2017
  - Update to version 2.2:
    * GIT comment tags are now handled by Fossil during import/export.
    * Show the content of README files on directory listings.
    * Support for Basic Authentication if enabled (default off).
    * Show the hash algorithms used on the /rcvfromlist page.
    * The /tarball and /zip pages now use the the r= query parameter to
      select which check-in to deliver. The uuid= query parameter is
      still accepted for backwards compatibility.
    * Update the built-in SQLite to version 3.18.0.
    * Run "PRAGMA optimize" on the database connection as it is closing.
  - Changes in Version 2.1:
    * Add support for hash policies that control which of the
      Hardened-SHA1 or SHA3-256 algorithms is used to name new
    * Add the "gshow" and "gcat" subcommands to fossil stash.
    * Add the /juvlist web page and use it to construct the Download
      Page of the Fossil self-hosting website using Ajax.
* Wed Mar 08 2017
  - Update to version 2.0:
    * Use the hardened SHA1 implemenation by Marc Stevens and Dan
    * Add the ability to read and understand artifact names that are
      based on SHA3-256 rather than SHA1, but do not actually
      generate any such names.
    * Added the sha3sum command.
    * Update the built-in SQLite to version 3.17.0.
* Sat Feb 18 2017
  - Trim description
* Thu Feb 16 2017
  - Update to version 1.37:
    Changes for Version 1.37 (2017-01-16)
    * Add checkbox widgets to various web pages.
    * Add the fossil all ui command
    * Add the /file webpage
    * Enhance the /brlist webpage to make use of branch colors.
    * Add support for the ms=EXACT|LIKE|GLOB|REGEXP query parameter
      on the /timeline webpage, with associated form widgets.
    * Enhance the changes and status commands with many new filter
      options so that specific kinds of changes can be found without
      having to pipe through grep or sed.
    * Enhanced the fossil sql command so that it opens the checkout
      database and the configuration database in addition to the
      respository database.
    * TH1 enhancements:
    * Add [unversioned content] command.
    * Add [unversioned list] command.
    * Add project_description variable.
    * Rename crnl-glob setting to crlf-glob, but keep crnl-glob as
      a compatibility alias.
    * Added the --command option to the diff command.
    * Fix a C99-ism that prevents the 1.36 release from building
      with MSVC.
    * Fix ticket set when using the "+" prefix with fields from the
      "ticketchng" table.
    * Remove the "fusefs" command from builds that do not have the
      underlying support enabled.
    * Fixes for incremental git import/export.
    * Minor security enhancements to encrypted repositories.
    Changes for Version 1.36 (2016-10-24)
    * Add support for unversioned content, the fossil unversioned
      command and the /uv and /uvlist web pages.
    * The download page is moved into unversioned content so that
      the self-hosting Fossil websites no longer uses any external
    * Added the "Search" button to the graphical diff generated by
      the --tk option on the diff command.
    * Added the "--checkin VERSION" option to the diff command.
    * Various performance enhancements to the diff command.
    * Update internal Unicode character tables, used in regular
      expression handling, from version 8.0 to 9.0.
    * Fix multi-line timeline bug
    * Enhance the fossil purge command.
    * New command fossil shell.
    * SQL parameters whose names are all lower-case in Ticket Report
      SQL queries are filled in using HTTP query parameter values.
    * Added support for child projects that are able to pull from
      their parent but not push.
    * Added the -nocomplain option to the TH1 "query" command.
    * Added support for the chng=GLOBLIST query parameter on the
      /timeline webpage.
  - Refresh fossil-1.30-remove_date_time.patch and rename it to
  - Drop support for < openSUSE 11.4
* Mon Jun 27 2016
  - fossil 1.35:
    * Enable symlinks by default on all non-Windows platforms.
    * Enhance the Markdown formatting so that hyperlinks that begin
      with "/" are relative to the root of the Fossil repository.
    * Rework the /setup_list page (the User List page) to display all
      users in a click-to-sort table.
    * Fix backslash-octal escape on filenames while importing from git
    * When markdown documents begin with <h1> HTML elements, use that
      header at the document title.
    * Added the /bigbloblist page.
    * Enhance the /finfo page so that when it is showing the ancestors
      of a particular file version, it only shows direct ancestors and
      omits changes on branches, thus making it show the same set of
      ancestors that are used for /blame.
    * Added the --page option to the fossil ui command
    * Added the fossil bisect ui command
    * Enhanced the fossil diff command so that it accepts directory
      names as arguments and computes diffs on all files contained
      within those directories.
    * Fix the fossil add command so that it shows "SKIP" for files
      added that were already under management.
    * TH1 enhancements:
      Add [array exists] command.
      Add minimal [array names] command.
      Add tcl_platform(engine) and tcl_platform(platform) array elements.
    * Added the fossil reparent command
    * Added --include and --exclude options to fossil tarball and
      fossil zip and the in= and ex= query parameters to the
      /tarball and /zip web pages.
    * Add support for encrypted Fossil repositories.
    * If the FOSSIL_PWREADER environment variable is set, then use
      the program it names in place of getpass() to read passwords
      and passphrases
* Tue Nov 10 2015
  - fossil 1.34:
    * Make the fossil clean command undoable for files less than
    * Update internal Unicode character tables, used in regular
      expression handling, from version 7.0 to 8.0.
    * Add the new amend command which is used to modify tags of a
    * Fix bug in import command, handling version 3 of the svndump
      format for subversion.
    * Add the all cache command.
    * TH1 enhancements
    * Add the --undo option to the diff command.
    * Build-in Antirez's "linenoise" command-line editing library
      for use with the fossil sql command on Unix platforms.
    * Add stash cat as an alias for the stash show command.
    * Automatically pull before fossil merge when auto-sync is
    * Fix --hard option to fossil mv and fossil rm to enable them to
      work properly with certain relative paths.
    * Change the mimetype for ".n" and ".man" files to text/plain.
    * Display improvements in the fossil bisect chart command.
* Mon May 25 2015
  - fossil 1.33:
    * Improved fork detection on fossil update, fossil status and
      related commands.
    * Change the default skin to what used to be called "San
      Francisco Modern".
    * Add the /repo-tabsize web page
    * Add fossil import --svn, for importing a subversion repository
      into fossil which was exported using "svnadmin dump".
    * Add the "--compress-only" option to fossil rebuild.
    * Use a pie chart on the /reports?view=byuser page.
    * Enhanced fossil clean --verily so that it ignores keep-glob
      and ignore-glob settings. Added the -x alias for --verily.
    * Add the --soft and --hard options to fossil rm and fossil mv.
    * Improved ability to customize the timelime graph.
    * Improvements to the /sitemap page.
    * Automatically adjust the CLI timeline to the terminal width on Linux.
    * Added [info commands] and [info vars] commands to TH1.
    * Fix some obscure issues with TH1 expression processing.
    * Fix titles in search results for documents that are not wiki,
      markdown, or HTML.
    * Formally translate TH1 to Tcl return codes and vice-versa,
      where necessary, in the Tcl integration subsystem.
    * Add fossil leaves -multiple, for finding multiple leaves on
      the same branch.
    * Added the "Blitz" skin option.
    * Make fossil open honor ".fossil-settings/allow-symlinks".
    * Allow fossil add to be used on symlinks to nonexistent or
      unreadable files in the same way as fossil addremove.
    * Added fork warning to be issued if sync produced a fork
    * Update the info page to report when a file becomes a symlink.
      Additionally show the UUID for files whose types have changed
      without changing contents or symlink target.
    * Have fossil changes and fossil status report when executable
      or symlink status changes on otherwise unmodified files.
    * Permit filtering weekday and file reports by user. Also ensure
      the user parameter is preserved when changing types. Add a
      field for direct entry of the user name to each applicable
    * Create parent directories of empty-dirs if they don't already
    * Inhibit timeline links to wiki pages that have been deleted.
  - source tarball signature not available for this release
  - new minimum sqlite3 requirement is 3.8.7, build with bundled
    version where it is not available.
* Sat Mar 21 2015
  - fossil 1.32:
    * backwards compatibility fixes
    * Anti-aliased rendering of arrowheads on timeline graphs.
    * Added vi/less-style key bindings to the --tk diff GUI.
    * Documentation updates
    * Add the --repolist option to server commands
    * Added the "Xekri" skin.
    * Enhance the "ln=" query parameter on artifact displays to accept
      multiple ranges, separate by spaces (or "+" when URL-encoded).
    * Added fossil forget as an alias for fossil rm.
  - includes changes from 1.31:
    * Improve file change graphs, fossil rebuild recommended
    * Optional full-text search, /srchsetup page, fts-config command
    * Improve UI and wiki funktionality
    * new rebuild --ifneeded
    * Added override skins option ("skin:", --skin)
    * Added the /md_rules pages about Markdown format.
    * Added the --repolist and --nojail options to server commands
    * Added the fossil all add subcommand to "fossil all".
    * Improvements to the /login page.
    * Downloads by "nobody" now enabled by default in new repositories.
    * Add IPv6 support to fossil sync and fossil clone
    * Added the /mimetype_list page.
    * Added the /hash-collisions page.
* Tue Jan 20 2015
  - fossil 1.30:
    * Added the fossil bundle command.
    * Added the fossil purge command.
    * Added the fossil publish command.
    * Added the fossil unpublished command.
    * Add support for Docker.
    * Enhancements and additions to web interface
    * Add the fossil fusefs DIRECTORY command ans FuseFS support for
      examining history
    * Add the administrative log that records all configuration.
    * Improvements to command line interface
    * Use full 40-character SHA1 hashes (instead of abbreviations)
      in most internal URLs.
    * Improvements to sync resilience
    * Fix CVE-2014-3566 "POODLE SSL 3.0" vulnerability.
  - build with system sqlite that have a new enough version
  - build with fuse
  - update fossil-1.29-remove_date_time.patch
    to fossil-1.30-remove_date_time.patch
* Mon Sep 22 2014
  - fossil 1.29:
    * Add the ability to display content, diffs and annotations for
      UTF16 text files in the web interface.
    * Add the "SaveAs..." and "Invert" buttons to the graphical diff
      display that results from using the --tk option with the fossil
      diff command.
    * The /reports page now requires Read ("o") permissions. The
      "byweek" report now properly propagates the selected year
      through the event type filter links.
    * The info command now shows leaf status of the checkout.
    * Add support for tunneling https through a http proxy
    * Add option --empty to the "fossil open" command.
    * Enhanced the fileage page to support a glob parameter.
    * Add -w|--ignore-all-space and -Z|--ignore-trailing-space
      options to fossil annotate, fossil blame, fossil (g)diff,
      fossil stash diff.
    * Add --strip-trailing-cr option to fossil (g)diff and fossil
      stash diff.
    * Add button "Ignore Whitespace" to /annotate, /blame, /ci, /fdiff
      and /vdiff UI pages.
    * Enhance /reports with a "byweekday" view.
    * Enhance the fossil cat command so that it works outside of a
      checkout when using the -R command-line option.
    * Use full-length SHA1 hashes, not abbreviations, in most
    * Correctly render the <title> markup on wiki pages in the
      /artifact webpage.
    * Enhance the fossil whatis command to report on attachments
      and cluster artifacts. Added the /help?cmd=test-whatis-all
      command for testing purposes.
    * Add support for HTTP Basic Authentication on clone and sync.
    * Fix the stash so that it remembers added files and re-adds them
      when the stash is applied.
    * Fix the server so that it avoids writing to the database (and
      thus avoids database locking issues) on a pull or clone.
    * Add support for server load management using both a cache of
      expensive pages (the fossil cache command) and by rejecting
      expensive page requests when the server load average is too
    * Add the fossil praise command as an alias for fossil blame for
      subversion compatibility.
    * Enhance the fossil test-diff command with -y or --tk options so
      that it shows both filenames above their respective columns in
      the side-by-side diff output.
    * Issue a warning if a fossil add command tries to add a file that
      matches the ignore-glob.
    * Add option -W|--width to "fossil stash ls" and "fossil leaves"
    * Enhance support for running as the root user
    * Added the -empty option to fossil new, which causes it to not
      create an initial empty commit. The first commit after
      checking out a repo created this way will become the initial
    * Enhance sync operations by committing each round-trip to
      minimize number of retransmits when autosync fails. Include
      option for fossil update and fossil merge to continue even if
      missing content.
    * Minor portability fixes for platforms where the char type is
      unsigned by default.
  - use source URLs
  - verify source signatures
  - add fossil-1.29-remove_date_time.patch to fix packaging warning
* Thu May 22 2014
  - Update to version 1.28:
    * Enhance /reports to support event type filtering.
    * When cloning a repository, the user name passed via the URL
      (if any) is now used as the default local admin user's name.
    * Enhance the SSH transport mechanism so that it runs a single
      instance of the "fossil" executable on the remote side,
      obviating the need for a shell on the remote side. Some users
      may need to add the "?fossil=/path/to/fossil" query parameter
      to "ssh:" URIs if their fossil binary is not in a standard
    * Add the "fossil blame" command that works just like "fossil
      annotate" but uses a different output format that includes the
      user who made each changes and omits line numbers.
    * Add the "Tarball and ZIP-archive Prefix" configuration
      parameter under Admin/Configuration.
    * Fix CGI processing so that it works on web servers that do not
      supply REQUEST_URI.
    * Add options --dirsonly, --emptydirs, and --allckouts to the
      "fossil clean" command.
    * Ten-fold performance improvement in large "fossil blame" or
      "fossil annotate" commands.
    * Add option -W|--width and --offset to "fossil timeline" and
      "fossil finfo" commands.
    * Option -n|--limit of "fossil timeline" now specifies the
      number of entries, just like all other commands which have the
    - n|--limit option. The various timeline-related functions now
      output "--- ?? limit (??) reached ---" at the end whenever
      appropriate. Use "-n 0" if no limit is desired.
    * Fix handling of password embedded in Fossil URL.
    * New --once option to fossil clone command which does not store
      the URL or password when cloning.
    * Modify fossil ui to respect "default user" in an open
    * Fossil now hides check-ins that have the "hidden" tag in
      timeline webpages.
    * Enhance /ci_edit page to add the "hidden" tag to check-ins.
    * Advanced possibilities for commit and ticket change
      notifications over http using TH1 scripting.
    * Add --sha1sum and --integrate options to the "fossil commit"
    * Add the "clean" and "extra" subcommands to the "fossil all"
    * Add the --whatif option to "fossil clean" that works the same
      as "--dry-run", so that the name does not collide with the
    - -dry-run option of "fossil all".
    * Provide a configuration option to show dates on the web
      timeline as "YYMMMDD HH:MM"
    * Add an option to the "stats" webpage that allows an
      administrator to see the current repository schema.
    * Enhancements to the "/vdiff" webpage for more difference
      display options.
    * Added the "/tree" webpage as an alternative to "/dir" and make
      it the default way of showing file lists.
    * Send gzipped HTTP responses to clients that support it.
* Tue Oct 15 2013
  - Update to Version 1.27
    * Enhance the fossil changes, fossil clean, fossil extras,
      fossil ls and fossil status commands to restrict operation to
      files and directories named on the command-line.
    * New --integrate option to fossil merge, which automatically
      closes the merged branch when committing.
    * Renamed /stats_report page to /reports. Graph width is now
      relative, not absolute.
    * Added yw=YYYY-WW (year-week) filter to timeline to limit the
      results to a specific year and calendar week number,
      e.g. /timeline?yw=2013-01.
    * Updates to SQLite to prevent opening a repository file using
      file descriptors 1 or 2 on unix. This fixes a bug under which
      an assertion failure could overwrite part of a repository
      database file, corrupting it.
    * Added support for unlimited line lengths in side-by-side
    * New --close option to fossil commit, which immediately closes
      the branch being committed.
    * Added chart option to fossil bisect.
    * Improvements to the "human or bot?" determination.
    * Reports errors about missing CGI-standard environment
      variables for HTTP servers which do not support them.
    * Added --scgi option to fossil server.
    * Internal improvements to the sync process.
    * The internals of the JSON API are now MIT-licensed, so
      downstream users/packagers are no longer affected by the "do
      no evil" license clause.
    * The argument to the --port option for the "fossil ui" and
      "fossil server" commands can take an IP address in addition to
      the port number, causing Fossil to bind to just that one IP
    * After prompting for a password, also ask if that password
      should be remembered.
    * Performance improvements to the diff engine.
    * Fix the side-by-side diff engine to work better with
      multi-byte unicode text.
    * Color-coding in the web-based annotation (blame) display. Fix
      the annotation engine so that it is no longer confused by
    * The markdown formatter is now available by default and can be
      used for tickets, wiki, and embedded documentation.
    * Add subcommands "fossil bisect log" and "fossil bisect status"
      to the "fossil bisect" command, as well as other bisect
    * Enhanced defenses that prevent spiders from using excessive
      CPU and bandwidth.
    * Consistent use of the -n or --dry-run command line options.
    * Enhancements to /timeline.rss, adding more flags for filtering
      results, including the ability to subscribe to changes made to
      individual tickets.
    * Improved handling of the differences between case-sensitive
      and case-insensitive filesystems.
    * JSON API: added the 'status' command to report local checkout
    * Fixes to the --args support and documented this feature in the
    * Added /stats_report page.
    * Added ym=YYYY-MM filter to the "/timeline" url.
    * Fixed: config reset now re-installs default ticket report
    * ssh:// and file:// protocols now ignore proxy settings.
    * Added /hash-color-test web page.
    * Cherry-pick merges are recorded internally (though no yet
      displayed on the timeline graph.)
    * Bring in the latest versions of SQLite, zlib, and autosetup
      from upstream.
* Mon Feb 18 2013
  - Update to Version 1.25
    * Timeline Nodes in the ui selectable to diff between two nodes.
    * Added and enhanced a few commands and options.
    * Added a few JavaScripts to the web ui.
* Thu Nov 22 2012
  - Update to version 1.24 and change the versioning scheme from
    time stamp to upstream version number. This shouldn't be a
    problem, because fossil never was on Factory or any release.
* Wed Jun 01 2011
  - updated to 20110528185122
    - see changelog at
* Sun Apr 03 2011
  - updated to 20110316111914
    The changelog from upstream is huge
    has ca. 600 checkins since 2010-09
* Tue Sep 28 2010
  - updated to 20100918155143
* Wed Sep 08 2010
  - initial package based on version 20100823222416



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