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libevent-2_1-7-32bit-2.1.12-150600.1.2 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.6 for x86_64

Name: libevent-2_1-7-32bit Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 2.1.12 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 150600.1.2 Build date: Fri Mar 8 19:49:00 2024
Group: System/Libraries Build host: h04-ch2a
Size: 834660 Source RPM: libevent-2.1.12-150600.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: An event notification library
The libevent API provides a mechanism to execute a callback function
when a specific event occurs on a file descriptor or after a timeout
has been reached. Furthermore, libevent also support callbacks due to
signals or regular timeouts.

Currently, libevent supports /dev/poll, kqueue(2), event ports,
POSIX select(2), Windows select(), poll(2), and epoll(4).

Libevent additionally provides a sophisticated framework for buffered
network IO, with support for sockets, filters, rate-limiting, SSL,
zero-copy file transmission, and IOCP. Libevent includes support for
several useful protocols, including DNS, HTTP, and a minimal RPC

This package holds the shared libraries for libevent.






* Sun Jan 15 2023
  - Disable the select backend, this can be easily done by lying
    to configure. This is done due to:
    * using fd number > 1024 on an fd_set results in a runtime
      fortify source assertion, preventing further doom.
    * select will not be changed to handle fd > 1024.
    * this limit is unreasonable low for this century.
* Tue Feb 09 2021
  - Drop insserv_prereq and fillup_prereq macros: there are no
    pre-scripts that would justify these dependencies.
* Tue Jul 28 2020
  - Update to 2.1.12 stable
    * buffer: do not pass NULL to memcpy() from evbuffer_pullup()
    * http: fix undefined-shift in EVUTIL_IS*_ helpers
    * Check error code of evhttp_add_header_internal() in
    * http: fix EVHTTP_CON_AUTOFREE in case of timeout
    * evdns: Add additional validation for values of dns options
    * Fix memory corruption in EV_CLOSURE_EVENT_FINALIZE with debug enabled
    * increase segment refcnt only if evbuffer_add_file_segment() succeeds
    * evdns: fix a crash when evdns_base with waiting requests is freed
    * event_base_once: fix potential null pointer threat
    * http: do not assume body for CONNECT
    * evbuffer_add_file: fix freeing of segment in the error path
    * Fix checking return value of the evdns_base_resolv_conf_parse()
    * Support EV_CLOSED on linux for poll(2)
    * Parse IPv6 scope IDs.
    * evutil_time: detect and use _gmtime64_s()/_gmtime64()
    * bufferevent: allow setting priority on socket and openssl type
    * Fix EV_CLOSED detection/reporting
    * Revert "Warn if forked from the event loop during event_reinit()"
* Tue Sep 24 2019
  - Add upstream patches with the feature of "prepare" and "check"
    watchers. That feature is needed by envoy-proxy:
    * 0001-evwatch-Add-prepare-and-check-watchers.patch
    * 0002-evwatch-fix-race-condition.patch
* Tue Aug 20 2019
  - Update to 2.1.11 stable
    * Fix ABI breakage that had been introduced in 2.1.10. Strictly speaking
      this release breaks ABI again to make it compatible with <= 2.1.9.
      + See git commit 18104973 for more details
    * evdns: add new options -- so-rcvbuf/so-sndbuf
    * various autotools and cmake build changes
    * buffer: fix possible NULL dereference in evbuffer_setcb() on ENOMEM
    * Warn if forked from the event loop during event_reinit()
    * evutil: set the have_checked_interfaces in evutil_check_interfaces()
    * https-client: correction error checking
* Fri Aug 02 2019
  - Use FAT LTO objects in order to provide proper static library.
* Mon Jul 01 2019
  - Fix name of library package (bsc#1138369)
* Mon May 27 2019
  - Update to 2.1.10 stable
    * Add support for EV_TIMEOUT to event_base_active_by_fd
    * kqueue: Avoid undefined behaviour.
    * Prevent integer overflow in kq_build_changes_list.
    * evdns: fix lock/unlock mismatch in evdns_close_server_port()
    * Protect min_heap_push_ against integer overflow.
    * le-proxy: initiate use of the Winsock DLL
    * Fix leaks in error path of the bufferevent_init_common_()
    * buffer: make evbuffer_prepend() of zero-length array no-op
    * Don't loose top error in SSL
    * Remove needless check for arc4_seeded_ok
    * Cleanup __func__ detection
    * Add convenience macros for user-triggered events
    * Notify event base if there are no more events, so it can exit without
    * Fix base unlocking in event_del() if event_base_set() runned in another
    * If precise_time is false, we should not set EVENT_BASE_FLAG_PRECISE_TIMER
    * Fix race in access to ev_res from event loop with event_active()
    * Return from event_del() after the last event callback termination
    * Preserve socket error from listen across closesocket cleanup
    * fix connection retries when there more then one request for connection
    * improve error path for bufferevent_{setfd,enable,disable}()
    * Fix conceivable UAF of the bufferevent in evhttp_connection_free()
    * Fix evhttp_connection_get_addr() fox incomming http connections
    * fix leaks in evhttp_uriencode()
    * CONNECT method only takes an authority
    * Allow bodies for GET/DELETE/OPTIONS/CONNECT
    * Do not crash when evhttp_send_reply_start() is called after a timeout.
    * Fix crashing http server when callback do not reply in place
    * fix handling of close_notify (ssl) in http with openssl bufferevents
    * use *_new_with_arg() to match function prototype
    * avoid NULL dereference on request is not EVHTTP_REQ_POST
    * bufferevent_socket_connect{,_hostname}() missing event callback and use
      ret code
    * don't fail be_null_filter if bytes are copied
    * Call underlying bev ctrl GET_FD on filtered bufferevents
    * be_openssl: avoid leaking of SSL structure
    * Add missing includes into openssl-compat.h
    * Explicitly call SSL_clear when reseting the fd.
    * sample/https-client: use host SSL certificate store by default
    * ipv6only socket bind support
    * evdns: handle NULL filename explicitly
    * Fix assert() condition in evbuffer_drain() for IOCP
    * fix incorrect unlock of the buffer mutex (for deferred callbacks)
    * Fix wrong assert in evbuffer_drain()
    * Port `` and `test/` to Python 3.
  - rename python2-shebang.patch -> python3-shebang.patch following port
* Tue Jul 10 2018
  - Make use of %license macro
* Tue Jun 12 2018
  - Add devel-static package, which is needed for building Envoy
    ( and Cilium with Envoy integration
  - Fix an error about /usr/bin/env shebang in
    * python2-shebang.patch
* Mon Oct 02 2017
  - Trim description of secondary packages and SRPM.
    Rectify RPM group.
* Mon Oct 02 2017
  - Add baselibs.conf: build libevent-2_1-8-32bit (needed by
* Mon Feb 20 2017
  - Update to 2.1.8 stable
    * Fix _FILE_OFFSET_BITS redefinition
    * evutil_time: include <unistd.h> when there is only sleep()/usleep()
    * test/dns: run async resolving after sync one (to avoid timeouts)
    * test/http: turn off some tests that based on backlog filling
    * Fix incorrect MIME type
  - Add libevent-2.1.8-stable.tar.gz.asc tarball GPG signature
    * Replace keyring with Azat Khuzhin's public key
* Fri Nov 25 2016
  - Update to 2.1.7 rc
    * Fix cmake -DEVENT__COVERAGE=ON
    * use ev_uint16_t instead of unsigned short for port
    * poll: Prevent libevent from spinning if POLLNVAL occurs
    * Make it build using OpenSSL 1.1.0
    * Don't call BIO_number_{read|written} on NULL BIOs.
    * Switch from a 512 to 2048-bit RSA key.
    * Ignore temporary configure files
* Wed Jul 06 2016
  - Fix pkg-config/pkgconfig BuildRequires for Fedora.
* Sat Mar 14 2015
  - Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
  - Add gpg signature
  - Enable tests that do not require network connection
* Sun Feb 22 2015
  - update to 2.0.22:
    * Avoid integer overflow bugs in evbuffer_add() and related
      functions. See CVE-2014-6272 advisory for more information
    * fix #73 and fix http_connection_fail_test to catch it
    * Avoid racy bufferevent activation
    * Fix compilation with WIN32_HAVE_CONDITION_VARIABLES enabled
    * Fix missing AC_PROG_SED on older Autoconfs
    * Backport libevent to vanilla Autoconf 2.59 (as used in RHEL5)
      autmake 1.13 compat
    * Rename to to appease newer autoconfs
    * Avoid using top_srcdir in TESTS: new automakes do not like this
    * Use windows vsnprintf fixup logic on all windows environments
    * Fix a compiler warning when checking for arc4random_buf linker
    * Fix another arc4random_buf-related warning
    * Add -Qunused-arguments for clang on macos
    * Avoid leaking fds on evconnlistener with no callback set
    * Avoid double-close on getsockname error in
    * Fix a locking error in bufferevent_socket_get_dns_error
    * libevent/win32_dealloc() : fix sizeof(pointer) vs
    * bufferevent_pair: don't call downcast(NULL)
    * Consistently check for failure from evbuffer_pullup()
    * Fix race caused by event_active
    * Avoid redundant invocations of init_extension_functions for
    * Typo fixes from Linus Nordberg
    * Add a few files created by "make verify" to .gitignore
    * regress_buffer: fix 'memcmp' compare size
    * Fix bufferevent setwatermark suspend_read
    * Fix evbuffer_peek() with len==-1 and start_at non-NULL
    * Checking request nameserver for NULL, before using it
    * Fix SEGFAULT after evdns_base_resume if no nameservers
    * Fix a crash in evdns related to shutting down evdns
    * Check does arch have the epoll_create and __NR_epoll_wait
    * Avoid other RNG initialization FS reads when urandom file is
    * When we seed from /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid, count it as
    * Document that arc4random is not a great cryptographic PRNG
    * Add evutil_secure_rng_set_urandom_device_file
    * Really remove RNG seeds from the stack
    * Fix a mistake in evbuffer_remove() arguments in example http
      server code
    * Fix a typo in a comment in buffer.h
    * Clarify event_base_loop exit conditions
    * Use FindClose for handle from FindFirstFile in http-server.c
    * Fix a typo in a doxygen comment
  - update source URL
* Fri Jan 09 2015
  - Update to 2.1.5 beta
    * Avoid integer overflow bugs in evbuffer_add() and related
      functions.  See CVE-2014-6272 advisory for more information.
    * Provide support for SO_REUSEPORT through LEV_OPT_REUSABLE_PORT
    * Fix use-after-free error in EV_CLOSURE_EVENT callback
    * Fix race caused by event_active
    * Fix evbuffer_peek() with len==-1 and start_at non-NULL.
    * Consistently check for failure from evbuffer_pullup()
    * Fix evbuffer_peek() with len==-1 and start_at non-NULL.
    * be async: avoid double close()
    * Avoid double free for filterevents that use BEV_OPT_CLOSE_ON_FREE
    * fix bufferevent setwatermark suspend_read
    * bufferevent_openssl: reset fd_is_set when setfd with -1 is called
    * Add evhttp_connection_set_family() to set addrinfo->family for
      DNS requests
    * Implement interface that provides the ability to have an outbound
      evhttp_connection free itself once all requests have completed
    * Implement new/free for struct evutil_monotonic_timer and export
      monotonic time functions
    * Fix a crash in evdns related to shutting down evdns
    * evdns: avoid read-after-free in evdns_request_timeout_callback()
    * Correctly handle allocation failures in evdns_getaddrinfo
    * evdns: fix EVDNS_BASE_DISABLE_WHEN_INACTIVE in case
    * evdns: add retry/reissue tests for
    * evdns: fail ns after we are failing/retrasmitting request
    * http: reset connection before installing retry timer (fix http
      retries handling)
    * regress_dns: fix leaks in getaddrinfo_async{,_cancel_stress}
    * use correct tt macro for pointer compare
    * regress_buffer: fix 'memcmp' compare size
    * Use a more precise calculation for max in time-ratelim.c
    * Make a buffer larger in the tests to avoid a scary
    * Make http-server.c output into good html5
    * Use FindClose for handle from FindFirstFile in http-server.c
    * https-client: add -retries argument, for connection retries
    * Fix mixed declarations and code (forbidden by ISO C90)
    * tree.h: drop duplicated content of tree.h
    * evdns: disable probing with EVDNS_BASE_DISABLE_WHEN_INACTIVE
    * Change return type of evutil_load_windows_system_library_ to
* Tue Oct 21 2014
  - Fix build on non-SUSE rpm based platforms.
* Tue Oct 21 2014
  - Update to 2.1.4 alpha
    * Added event_base_get_num_events()
    * New event_base_active_by_fd API
    * Add event_base_active_by_signal by analogy
    * Add access to max event count stats
    * Implemented EV_CLOSED event for epoll backend
    * Add evutil_secure_rng_set_urandom_device_file
    * Add function to fetch underlying ratelimit cfg
    * Pass and return const for bufferevent_get_token_bucket_cfg
    * Add watermark introspection
    * Add an option to trigger bufferevent I/O callbacks
    * Add an option to trigger bufferevent event callbacks
    * Add evhttp_connection_get_server()
    * add a http default content type option
    * http: implement new evhttp_connection_get_addr() api.
    * Add a variant of evhttp_send_reply_chunk() with a callback on
    * Allow registering callback for parsing HTTP headers
    * Provide on request complete callback facility
    * evhttp_request_set_on_complete_cb to be more specific about what
      the function actually does and usage
    * bug fix for issues #293 evdns_base_load_hosts doesn't remove
      outdated addresses
    * Don't segfault on no found event backend.
    * Change the BSD license from 4 to 3-clause.
    * Minimum required python version is 2.4.
    * Added EVENT__ENABLE_GCC_WARNINGS, turns all warnings into
    * Some work on making it possible to simply do add_subdirectory() on
      the project.
    * Rename event_extras to event_extra
    * If evsel->del() fails, don't leave the evmap in an inconsistent
    * Move event_debug_note_teardown_ before mm_free.
    * Check CLOCK_MONOTONIC_* at runtime if needed.
    * Fix reinit of fds with EV_WRITE but not EV_READ.
    * Tweaked callbacks to prevent race condition
    * Move assert(ev) to before we use ev in EV_CLOSURE_EVENT_FINALIZE
    * Fix a double close() bug in evhttp when the underlying bufferevent uses
    * Avoid racy bufferevent activation
    * When we seed from /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid, count it as success
    * Avoid other RNG initialization FS reads when urandom file is
    * Really remove RNG seeds from the stack
    * Initialize async bufferevent timeout CBs unconditionally
    * Checking request nameserver for NULL, before using it.
    * Fix SEGFAULT after evdns_base_resume if no nameservers
    * Actually use the log facility for reporting evdns problems.
    * Fix SEGFAULT after evdns_base_resume if no nameservers
    * fix for ServFail from RIPE Atlas release
    * Missed lock acquire/release in event_base_cancel_single_callback_()
    * Fix locking in bufferevent_get_options_().
    * Avoid leaking segment mappings when offset is not a page multiple
    * Add tests for evdns_base_resume().
    * Avoid redundant syscall to make a nonblocking socket nonblocking
    * Avoid redundant syscall if making a socket cloexec twice
    * Avoid redundant invocations of init_extension_functions for IOCP
    * le-proxy: Fail more gracefully if opening listener fails
    * http-server: drop uri_root from base_url in http-server.
    * https-client: POST supported, args supported
    * https-client: Set hostname for SNI extension
  - Update to 2.1.3 alpha
    * Implement event_finalize() and related functions to avoid certain
    * Use finalization feature so bufferevents can avoid deadlocks
    * Always run pending finalizers when event_base_free() is called
    * Remove bufferevent_del_generic_timeout_cbs as now unused
    * More documentation for finalization feature
    * Make the event_finalize* functions return an error code
    * Mark the finalize stuff as experiemental in case it needs to
    * evdns: New flag to make evdns not prevent the event loop from
    * Make event_remove_timer behave correctly with persistent timers
    * Unit test for event_remove_timer with EV_PERSIST.
    * Double-check next timeout when adding events
    * event_base_update_cache_time should be a no-op if the loop isn't
    * Avoid leaking fds on evconnlistener with no callback set
    * Avoid double-close on getsockname error in evutil_ersatz_socketpair
    * Fix a locking error in bufferevent_socket_get_dns_error.
    * Fix a mistake in evbuffer_remove() arguments in example http server code
    * When EWOULDBLOCK is not EAGAIN, treat it as equivalent to it
    * Fix ipv6 support for http. When URL contain domain, not IP
    * uri decode: fix for warning "use of uninitialised value"
    * uri decode: changed the test for the existence of the next character
    * Add new error_cb for actual reporting of HTTP request errors.
    * Add test for EVREQ_HTTP_REQUEST_CANCEL into http_cancel_test()
    * Drop extra header http_struct.h from regress_http.c
    * https-client was putting newlines at 256-byte boundaries
    * better handling of OpenSSL errors
    * use Debian's default root certificate location
    * use iSECPartners code to validate hostname in certificate
    * pull in wildcard matching code from cURL
  - Update to 2.1.2 alpha
    * Replace pipe-based notification with EVFILT_USER where possible.
    * Make th_base_lock nonrecursive.
    * New event_get_priority() function to return an event's priority
    * Add a bufferevent_get_priority() function
    * Add an event_base_loopcontinue() to tell Libevent to rescan for more
      events right away
    * Add a new callback to get called on evbuffer_file_segment free
    * Expose event_base_foreach_event() as a public API.
    * Add an event_remove_timer() to remove timer on an event without
      deleting it
    * Make bufferevent_set_timeouts(bev, NULL, NULL) have plausible
    * Rename event_enable_lock_debuging() to ..._debugging(). (The old name
      should still work.)
    * Add missing implementation for event_enable_debug_logging
    * Do not track use_monotonic field when is no monotonic clock
    * EVENT_BASE_FLAG_PRECISE_TIMER indicates we want fine timer precision
    * On Linux, use CLOCK_MONOTONIC_COARSE by default
    * Refactor monotonic timer handling into a new type and set of
      functions; add a gettimeofday-based ratcheting implementation
    * Add EVENT_PRECISE_TIMER environment var for selecting precise-but-slow
    * Avoid giving a spurious warning when timerfd support is unavailable
    * Free dangling event_once objects on event_base_free()
    * Avoid (unlikely) overflow in bench_httpclient.c
    * Change evutil_weakrand_() to avoid platform random()
    * Refactor the callback part of an event into its own event_callback
    * Add "active later" event_callbacks to supersede deferred
    * event_base_assert_ok: check value of event_active_count for
    * Replace deferred_cbs with event_callback-based implementation.
    * Restore our priority-inversion-prevention code with deferreds
    * Refactor event_persist_closure: raise and extract some common logic
    * Remove the unused bits from EVLIST_ALL
    * ignore LWS after field-content in headers
    * Remove trailing tabs in HTTP headers as well.
    * Remove internal ws from multiline http headers correctly
    * add evhttp_request_get_response_code_line
    * Use EVUTIL_SOCKET_ERROR() wrapper to save/restore errno in
    * preserve errno in evhttp_connection_fail_ for inspection by the
    * Correctly handle running on a system where accept4 doesn't work.
    * Avoid double-free on error in evbuffer_add_file.
    * Fix another possible uninitialized read in dns regression tests.
    * Prevent reference leak of bufferevent if getaddrinfo fails.
    * Make event_base_getnpriorities work with old "implicit base" code
    * Fix event_dlist definition when sys/queue not included
  - Update to 2.1.1 alpha
    * Replace several TAILQ users with LIST. LIST can be a little faster than
      TAILQ for cases where we don't need queue-like behavior.
    * Disabled code to optimize the case where we reinsert an existing
    * Remove a needless base-notify when rescheduling the first timeout
    * Save a needless comparison when removing/adjusting timeouts
    * Possible optimization: split event_queue_insert/remove into
      separate functions.
    * Make event_count maintenance branchless at the expense of an
      extra shift.
    * Optimization in event_process_active(): ignore maxcb & endtime
      for highest priority events.
    * Bypass event_add when using event_base_once() for a 0-sec timeout
    * Remove the eventqueue list and the ev_next pointers.
    * Roughly 20% speed increase when line-draining a buffer using
    * Infrastructure for using faster/fewer syscalls when creating
    * Minimize syscalls during socket creation in listener.c
    * Use a wrapper function to create the notification
    * Use pipes for telling signals to main thread when possible
    * Save syscalls when constructing listener sockets for evhttp
    * Save some syscalls when creating evdns sockets
    * Save some syscalls when constructing a socket for a bufferevent
    * Prefer epoll_create1 on Linux where available
    * Use current event set rather than current pending change when
      deciding whether to no-op a del
    * evport: use evmap_io to track fdinfo status. Should save time and
    * evport: Remove a linear search over recent events when
      reactivating them
    * evport: Use portev_user to remember fdinfo struct
    * evport: don't scan more events in ed_pending than needed
    * evport: Remove artificial low limit on max events per getn call
    * Reenable main/many_events_slow_add for evport in 2.1
    * Add event_enable_debug_logging() to control use of debug logs
    * Add event_config function to limit time/callbacks between calls
      to dispatch
    * New EVLOOP_NO_EXIT_ON_EMPTY option to keep looping even when no
      events are pending
    * Add event_base_get_npriorities() function.
    * Make evbase_priority_init() and evbase_get_npriorities()
    * New event_base_update_cache_time() to set cached_tv to current
    * Add event_self_cbarg() to be used in conjunction with
    * Add a new libevent_global_shutdown() to free all globals before
    * Use getifaddrs to detect our interfaces if possible
    * Add event_base_get_running_event() to get the event* whose cb we
      are in
    * Add evbuffer_add_file_segment() so one fd can be used efficiently
      in more than one evbuffer_add_file at a time
    * Allow evbuffer_ptr_set to yield a point just after the end of the
    * Allow evbuffer_ptr to point to position 0 in an empty evbuffer
    * Set the special "not found" evbuffer_ptr consistently.
    * support adding buffers to other buffers non-destructively
    * prevent nested multicast references, reworked locking
    * New EVBUFFER_EOL_NUL to read NUL-terminated strings from an
    * Make evbuffer_file_segment_types adaptable
    * Added evbuffer_add_iovec and unit tests.
    * Add evbuffer_copyout_from to copy data from the middle of a
    * Allow users to set allow_dirty_shutdown
    * Add a bufferevent_getcb() to find a bufferevent's current
    * bufferevent: Add functions to set/get max_single_read/write
    * bev_ssl: Be more specific in event callbacks. evhttp in particular gets
      confused without at least one of BEV_EVENT_{READING|WRITING}.
    * Support TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT sockopts for listeners
    * Allow evconnlistener to be created in disabled state.
    * The LEV_OPT_CLOSE_ON_EXEC flag now applies to accepted listener
      sockets too
    * Add evhttp callback for bufferevent creation; this lets evhttp
      support SSL.
    * evhttp: Add evhttp_foreach_bound_socket.
    * Provide the autoconf m4 macros for the new OpenSSL via pkg-config
    * Move libevent 1.x headers to include/, to put all public headers in
      a new place.
    * Add a magic number to debug_locks to better catch lock-coding
    * munge the debug_lock signature before freeing it: it might help us
      catch use-after-free
    * Tweaks to return types with end-of-buf ptrs
    * New evhttp function to adjust initial retry timeout
    * now prints status information to stdout and errors to
    * Restore fast-path event_reinit() for slower backends
    * Check changelist as part of checking representational integrity
    * Convert event-config.h macros to avoid reserved identifiers
    * Convert include-guard macro convention to avoid reserved identifiers
    * Make output conform to identifier conventions
    * Apply the naming convention to our EVUTIL_IS* functions
    * Do not use system EAI/AI values if we are not using the system



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