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znc-1.7.5-bp153.1.21 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for s390x

Name: znc Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: 1.7.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.21 Build date: Sat Mar 13 23:40:02 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/IRC Build host: s390zp27
Size: 8389229 Source RPM: znc-1.7.5-bp153.1.21.src.rpm
Summary: Advanced IRC Bouncer
ZNC is an IRC bouncer with many features like detaching, multiple
users, per channel playback buffer, SSL, IPv6, transparent DCC bouncing, and
C++ module support.






* Sun Sep 29 2019 Mathias Homann <>
  - Update to 1.7.5:
    * modpython: Add support for Python 3.8
    * modtcl: install .tcl files when building with CMake
    * nickserv: report success of Clear commands
    * Update translations, add Italian, Bulgarian, fix name of Dutch
    * Update error messages to be clearer
    * Add a deprecation warning to ./configure to use CMake instead in addition to an already existing warning in README
* Sat Jul 13 2019 Bernhard Wiedemann <>
  - Use swig to build bindings
* Thu Jun 27 2019 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 1.7.4:
    * This is a security release to fix CVE-2019-12816 boo#1138572
    * Send "Connected!" messages to client to the correct nick
* Tue May 28 2019 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 1.7.3:
    * This is a security release to fix CVE-2019-9917.
    * Docker only: the znc image now supports --user option of docker
  - Drop no longer needed znc-CVE-2019-9917.patch
* Mon Mar 25 2019 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Fix boo#1130360 CVE-2019-9917
    * znc-CVE-2019-9917.patch
* Tue Jan 29 2019
  - Update to version 1.7.2:
    * Fix compilation without deprecated APIs in OpenSSL (#1615)
    * Distinguish Channel CTCP Requests and Replies (#1624)
    * admindebug: Enforce need of TTY to turn on debug mode (#1580)
    * controlpanel: Add missing return to ListNetMods (#1589)
    * webadmin: Fix adding the last allowed network (#1584)
* Wed Jul 18 2018
  - Update to version 1.7.1:
    * Security critical fixes[edit]
      + CVE-2018-14055: non-admin user could gain admin privileges and shell access by injecting values into znc.conf.
      + CVE-2018-14056: path traversal in HTTP handler via ../ in a web skin name.
    * Core
      + Fix znc-buildmod to not hardcode the compiler used to build ZNC anymore in CMake build (#1536)
      + Fix language selector. Russian and German were both not selectable.
      + Fix build without SSL support (#1554)
      + Fix several broken strings
      + Stop spamming users about debug mode. This feature was added in 1.7.0, now reverted. (#1541)
    * New
      + Add partial Spanish, Indonesian, and Dutch translations
    * Modules
      + adminlog: Log the error message again (regression of 1.7.0) (#1557)
      + admindebug: New module, which allows admins to turn on/off --debug in runtime (#1556)
      + flooddetach: Fix description of commands (#1548)
      + modperl: Fix memory leak in NV handling
      + modperl: Fix functions which return VCString (#1543)
      + modpython: Fix functions which return VCString (#1543)
      + webadmin: Fix fancy CTCP replies editor for Firefox. It was showing the plain version even when JS is enabled
    * Internal
      + Deprecate one of the overloads of CMessage::GetParams(), rename it to CMessage::GetParamsColon()
      + Don't throw from destructor in the integration test
      + Fix a warning with integration test / gmake / znc-buildmod interaction.
  - Drop upstream patches:
    * znc-inject2.patch
    * znc-inject.patch
    * znc-traversal.patch
* Mon Jul 16 2018
  - Fix boo#1101280 CVE-2018-14056
    * znc-traversal.patch
  - Fix boo#1101281 CVE-2018-14055
    * znc-inject.patch
    * znc-inject2.patch
  - Fix building on Leap-42* by using less strict linker flags
* Mon Jun 04 2018
  - Define systemd unitdir for cmake
* Fri Jun 01 2018
  - Update to version 1.7.0:
    * Add CMake build. Minimum supported CMake version is 3.1. For now ZNC can be built with either CMake or autoconf. In future autoconf is going to be removed.
    * Currently znc-buildmod requires python if CMake was used; if that's a concern for you, please open a bug.
    * Increase minimum GCC version from 4.7 to 4.8. Minimum Clang version stays at 3.2.
    * Make ZNC UI translateable to different languages (only with CMake), add partial Russian and German translations. (#1237) (#1354) (#1462)
    * If you want to translate ZNC to your language, please join
    * Configs written before ZNC 0.206 can't be read anymore (#929)
    * Implement IRCv3.2 capabilities away-notify, account-notify, extended-join (#315) (#316)
    * Implement IRCv3.2 capabilities echo-message, cap-notify on the "client side" (#950)
    * Update capability names as they are named in IRCv3.2:→server-time,→batch. Old names will continue working for a while, then will be removed in some future version.
    * Make ZNC request server-time from server when available (#839)
    * Increase accepted line length from 1024 to 2048 to give some space to message tags
    * Separate buffer size settings for channels and queries (#967)
    * Support separate SSLKeyFile and SSLDHParamFile configuration in addition to existing SSLCertFile (#1192)
    * Add "AuthOnlyViaModule" global/user setting (#331)
    * Added pyeval module
    * Added stripcontrols module (#387)
    * Add new substitutions to ExpandString: %empty% and %network%. (#1049) (#1139)
    * Stop defaulting real name to "Got ZNC?" (#818)
    * Make the user aware that debug mode is enabled. (#1446)
    * Added ClearAllBuffers command (#852)
    * Don't require CSRF token for POSTs if the request uses HTTP Basic auth. (#946)
    * Set HttpOnly and SameSite=strict for session cookies (#1077) (#1450)
    * Add SNI SSL client support (#1200)
    * Add support for CIDR notation in allowed hosts list and in trusted proxy list (#207) (#1219)
    * Add network-specific config for cert validation in addition to user-supplied fingerprints: TrustAllCerts, defaults to false, and TrustPKI, defaults to true. (#866)
    * Add /attach command for symmetry with /detach. Unlike /join it allows wildcards.
    * Timestamp format now supports sub-second precision with %f. Used in awaystore, listsockets, log modules and buffer playback when client doesn't support server-time (#1455)
    * Build on macOS using ICU, Python, and OpenSSL from Homebrew, if available (#894)
    * Remove --with-openssl=/path option from ./configure. SSL is still supported and is still configurable
  - Update dependencies
  - Run spec-cleaner
  - Use cmake for building
* Wed Mar 07 2018
  - Update to version 1.6.6:
    * Fix use-after-free in znc --makepem. It was broken for a long
      time, but started segfaulting only now. This is a useability
      fix, not a security fix, because self-signed (or signed by a
      CA) certificates can be created without using --makepem, and
      then combined into znc.pem.
* Thu Nov 09 2017
  - Cleanup of spec file with spec-cleaner
* Wed May 10 2017
  - Update project url
* Wed Mar 15 2017
  - Update to version 1.6.5:
    * Fixed a regression of 1.6.4 which caused a crash in modperl/modpython. (#1283)
    * Fixed the behavior of verbose command in the sasl module. (#1291)
* Fri Feb 03 2017
  - Drop extra hardening flags
* Fri Feb 03 2017
  - Slightly trim descriptions.
* Wed Dec 14 2016
  - Update to version 1.6.4 (boo#1017182):
    * Fixed build with OpenSSL 1.1. (#1310)
    * Fixed build on Cygwin.
    * Fixed a segfault after cloning a user. The bug was introduced in ZNC 1.6.0. (#1340)
    * Fixed a segfault when deleting a user or network which is waiting for DNS during connection. The bug was introduced in ZNC 1.0. (#1342)
    * Fixed a segfault which could be triggered using alias module. (#1347)
    * Fixed an error in controlpanel module when setting the bindhost of another user.
    * Fixed route_replies to not cause client to disconnect by timeout. (#1299)
    * Fixed compatibility with the Gitter IRC bridge. (#1321)
    * Fixed OnInvite for modpython and modperl. (#1283)
    * Fixed external location of GoogleTest for make test.
* Tue Mar 29 2016
  - Update changelog with missed issue boo#973088 (update to 1.6.3)
* Wed Feb 24 2016
  - Update to 1.6.3
    * New character encoding is now applied immediately, without
    * Fixed build with LibreSSL. (#594)
    * Fixed error 404 when accessing the web UI with the configured
      URI prefix, but without the / in the end.
    * znc-buildmod now exits with non-zero exit code when the .cpp
      file is not found. (#1226)
    * Fixed znc-buildmod on Cygwin.
    * ExpandString got expanded.
    * Default quit message is switche
  - Small spec file cleanup
* Tue Nov 17 2015
  - Update to 1.6.2
    * fixes
    + Fixed a use-after-delete in webadmin. It was already
    partially fixed in ZNC 1.4; since 1.4 it has been still
    possible to trigger, but much harder.
    + Fixed a startup failure when awaynick and simple_away were
    both loaded, and simple_away had arguments.
    + Fixed a build failure when using an ancient OpenSSL version.
    + Fixed a build failure when using OpenSSL which was built
    without SSLv3 support.
    + Bindhost was sometimes used as ident.
    + CAP :END wasn't parsed correctly, causing timeout during
    login for some clients.
    + Fixed channel keys if client joined several channels in
    single command.
    + Fixed memory leak when reading an invalid config.
    * autovoice
    + Check for autovoices when we are opped.
    * controlpanel
    + Fixed DelCTCPReply case-insensitivity.
    * dcc
    + Add missing return statement. It was harmless.
    * modpython
    + Fixed a memory leak.
    * modules_online
    + Wrong ident was used before.
    * stickychan
    + Fixed to unstick inaccessible channels to avoid infinite
    join loops.
    * internal changes
    + Fixed the nick passed to CModule::OnChanMsg() so it has
    channel permissions set.
    + Fixed noisy -Winconsistent-missing-override compilation
    + Initialized some fields in constructors of modules before
  - Make building more verbose
  - Partially fixes bsc#956254 - CVE-2014-9043
* Wed Aug 05 2015
  - Update to 1.6.1:
    * Fixed the problem that channels were no longer removed from the config despite
    of chansaver being loaded.
    * Fixed query buffer size for users who have the default channel buffer size set to 0.
    * Fixed a startup failure when simple_away was loaded after awaynick.
    * Fixed channel matching commands, such as DETACH, to be case insensitive.
    * Specified the required compiler versions in the configure script.
    * Fixed a rare conflict of HTTP-Basic auth and cookies.
    * Hid local IP address from the 404 page.
    * Fixed a build failure for users who have -Werror=missing-declarations in their CXXFLAGS.
    * Fixed CXXFLAGS=-DVERSION_EXTRA="foo" which is used by some distros to package ZNC.
    * Fixed znc-buildmod on Cygwin.
    * Fixed CThreadPool destructor to handle spurious wakeups.
    * Fixed make distclean to remove zncconfig.h.
    * Improved the error message about --datadir.
    * Fixed a compilation warning when HAVE_LIBSSL is not defined.
    * Fixed 'comparision' typos in CString documentation.
    * Added a non-minified version of the jQuery source code to make Linux distributions
    (Debian) happy, even though the jQuery license does not require this.
    * chansaver:
    * Fixed random loading behavior due to an uninitialized member variable.
    * modpython:
    * Fixed access to CUser::GetUserClients() and CUser::GetAllClients().
    * sasl:
    * Improved help texts for the SET and REQUIREAUTH commands. (#875)
    * savebuff:
    * Fixed periodical writes on the disk when the module is loaded after startup. (#868)
    * webadmin:
    * Fixed module checkboxes not to claim that all networks/users have loaded
      a module when there are no networks/users. (#872)
    * Added an explanation that ZNC was built without ICU support, when encoding
      settings are disabled for that reason.
    * Improved the breadcrumbs.
    * Mentioned ExpandString in CTCP replies.
    * Added an explanation how to delete port which is used to access webadmin.
* Sun Feb 15 2015
  - Update to 1.6.0:
    * Switch versioning scheme to <major>.<minor>.<patch>.  Add settings
    * for which SSL/TLS protocols to use (SSLProtocols),
    which ciphers to enable (SSLCiphers). By default TLSv1+ are enabled,
    SSLv2/3 are disabled. Default ciphers are what Mozilla advices:
    * Validate SSL certificates.  Allow clients to specify an ID as part of
    * username
    (user[@identifier][/network]). Currently not used, but modules can
    use it.
    * Add alias module for ZNC-side command interception and processing.
    * Support character encodings with separate settings for networks,
    and for clients. It replaces older charset module, which didn't work
    well with webadmin, log and other modules.
    * Support X-Forwarded-For HTTP header, used with new TrustedProxy
    * setting.  Add URIPrefix option for HTTP listeners, used with reverse
    * proxy.  Store query buffers per query the same way it's done for
    * channels,
    add new option AutoClearQueryBuffer.
    * Add DisableChan command to *status, it was available only in
    webadmin before.
    * Allow wildcards in arguments of Help commands of *status and
    various modules.
    * Support IRCv3.2 batches, used for buffer playbacks.  Support IRCv3.2
    * self-message.  Remove awaynick module. It's considered bad etiquette.
    * Add JoinDelay setting, which allows a delay between
    connection to server, and joining first channel. By default it joins
    immediately after connect.
    * Make Detach, EnableChan and DisableChan commands of *status
    accept multiple channels.
    * znc-buildmod: Build output to the current working directory.  Wrap
    * long lines in tables (e.g. in Help or
    ListAvailMods commands).
    * Support ECDHE if available in OpenSSL.  Report ZNC version more
    * consistently, add HideVersion
    setting, which hides ZNC version from public.
    * Bump compiler requirements to support C++11. This means
    GCC 4.7+, Clang 3.2+, SWIG 3.0.0+.
  - Drop support for old distributions since they lack support for
  - Drop package extra, all modules are now in znc
  - Disable colloquy plugin since it fails to build
  - Drop init script
* Mon Feb 09 2015
  - Rename znc-python to znc-python3
  - Add signature and znc.keyring
  - Reorder source names
  - Correct (pre) dependencies for older releases of openSUSE



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