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xfsprogs-4.15.0-4.27.1 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for s390x

Name: xfsprogs Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 4.15.0 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 4.27.1 Build date: Fri Mar 27 09:54:40 2020
Group: System/Filesystems Build host: s390zp31
Size: 5051493 Source RPM: xfsprogs-4.15.0-4.27.1.src.rpm
Summary: Utilities for managing the XFS file system
A set of commands to use the XFS file system, including mkfs.xfs.

XFS is a high performance journaling file system which originated on
the SGI IRIX platform.	It is completely multithreaded. It can support
large files and large file systems, extended attributes, and variable
block sizes.It is extent based and makes extensive use of Btrees
(directories, extents, and free space) to aid both performance and

Refer to the documentation at for
complete details.  This implementation is on-disk compatible with the
IRIX version of XFS.






* Thu Mar 26 2020
  - xfs_quota: reformat commands in the manpage so that fstest can check
    that each command is actually documented (bsc#1167206)
    * Add xfsprogs-man-reformat-xfs_quota-commands-in-the-manpage-for-t.patch
* Thu Mar 26 2020
  - xfs_db: document some missing commands ('attr_set', 'attr_remove',
    'logformat') in the manpage (bsc#1167205)
    * Add xfsprogs-man-document-some-missing-xfs_db-commands.patch
* Thu Mar 26 2020
  - xfs_io: allow size to be suffixed by k,m,g for kilobytes, megabytes or
    gigabytes respectively for the copy_range command (bsc#1158630)
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs_io-Make-copy_range-arguments-understand-iB-values.patch
* Tue Jan 28 2020
  - mkfs.xfs: validate extent size hint parameters (bsc#1158509)
    * Add xfsprogs-mkfs-validate-extent-size-hint-parameters.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs-move-inode-extent-size-hint-validation-to-libxfs.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs_repair-use-libxfs-extsize-cowextsize-validation-.patch
* Sun Jan 05 2020
  - xfs_repair: don't fail recovery of orphaned shortform directories
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs-create-structure-verifier-function-for-short-for.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs-create-structure-verifier-function-for-shortform.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs-provide-a-centralized-method-for-verifying-inlin.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs-refactor-short-form-directory-structure-verifier.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs_repair-don-t-fail-directory-repairs-when-grabbin.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs_repair-implement-custom-ifork-verifiers.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs_repair-use-custom-ifork-verifier-in-mv_orphanage.patch
* Sun Jan 05 2020
  - xfs_quota: fix false error reporting of project inheritance flag is
    not set (bsc#1158758)
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs_quota-fix-false-error-reporting-of-project-inher.patch
* Wed Nov 20 2019
  - Remove the xfs_scrub_all script from the package, as it is unused and
    it induces a dependency to python (bsc#1157438).
* Mon May 20 2019
  - xfs_info: enable offline (unmounted) filesystem geometry queries (bsc#1129859)
    * Add xfsprogs-libfrog-refactor-fs-geometry-printing-function.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-mkfs-use-geometry-generation-helper-functions.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs-hoist-xfs_fs_geometry-to-libxfs.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs-refactor-the-geometry-structure-filling-function.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs_db-add-a-superblock-info-command.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs_info-call-xfs_db-for-offline-filesystems.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs_info-move-to-xfs_spaceman.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs_info-use-findmnt-to-handle-mounted-block-devices.patch
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs_spaceman-add-a-superblock-info-command.patch
* Sat May 11 2019
  - xfs_repair: allow '/' in attribute names (bsc#1122271)
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs_repair-allow-in-attribute-names.patch
* Sat May 11 2019
  - xfs_repair: Add missing braces to allow zeroing of corrupt log
    * Add xfsprogs-xfs_repair-Add-missing-braces-to-allow-zeroing-of-co.patch
* Wed Dec 19 2018
  - xfs_repair: Fix root inode's parent when it's bogus for sf directory
    * Add xfsprogs-repair-Fix-root-inode-s-parent-when-it-s-bogus-f.patch
* Mon Oct 22 2018
  - Explictly disable systemd unit files for scrub (bsc#1105068).
* Tue Aug 21 2018
  - repair: shift inode back into place if corrupted by bad log
    replay (bsc#1105396).
    * Added 0001-repair-shift-inode-back-into-place-if-corrupted-by-b.patch
* Tue Aug 21 2018
  - mkfs: avoid divide-by-zero when hardware reports optimal i/o size as 0
    - xfsprogs-mkfs-avoid-divide-by-zero-when-hardware-reports-opti.patch
* Tue Apr 17 2018
  - xfsprogs-devel needs uuid/uuid.h, Require pkgconfig(uuid) (bsc#1089947)
* Wed Feb 28 2018
  - adds make_xfs_scrub_interp_explicit.patch, rpm lint complains about
    using env python, when this is used the dependency checker for rpm
    will not be able to resolve dependencies correctly, so an explicit
    interpreter is needed.
  - Update to v4.15.0 as it contains major code refactor on mkfs/xfs_mkfs.c
    which would help to eventually consider completing FATE#324503. Changes
    in this release:
    * Fix spelling mistake in mkfs lazy superblock diagnostic
    * Fix grammar and spelling in strings and man pages
    * Add xfs_scrub_fail systemd service file docs entry
    * Update .gitignore list for generated scrub cron file
    * Several updates to use more modern Debian packaging
    * xfsprogs: Release v4.15.0-rc1
    * xfs_scrub: refactor outcome display into a separate helper
    * xfs_scrub: always init phase information
    * xfs_scrub: reclassify some of the warning messages
    * xfs_scrub: reclassify runtime errors
    * xfs_scrub: classify lack of ioctl support as a runtime error
    * xfs_scrub: remove preen mode
    * xfs_mdrestore: Don't rewind source file stream
    * xfs_mdrestore: Add -i option to built-in help
    * xfs_io: fix copy_file_range symbol name collision
    * xfs_scrub: kill dead code
    * xfs_scrub: close dir_fd if we don't get a DIR pointer
    * mkfs: don't create realtime filesystems with reflink enabled
    * xfs_scrub: handle scrub-only kernels more helpfully
    * xfs_scrub: wire up repair ioctl
    * debian/control: remove nonexistent libreadline5-dev build dependency
    * xfs_scrub: integrate services with systemd
    * xfs_scrub: create a script to scrub all xfs filesystems
    * xfs_scrub: progress indicator
    * xfs_scrub: fstrim the free areas if there are no errors on the filesystem
    * xfs_scrub: check summary counters
    * xfs_scrub: optionally use SCSI READ VERIFY commands to scrub data blocks on disk
    * xfs_scrub: scrub file data blocks
    * xfs_scrub: create infrastructure to read verify data blocks
    * xfs_scrub: create a bitmap data structure
    * xfs_scrub: warn about normalized Unicode name collisions
    * xfs_scrub: warn about suspicious characters in directory/xattr names
    * xfs_scrub: check directory connectivity
    * xfs_scrub: scan inodes
    * xfs_scrub: thread-safe stats counter
    * xfs_scrub: scan filesystem and AG metadata
    * xfs_scrub: wrap the scrub ioctl
    * xfs_scrub: filesystem counter collection functions
    * xfs_scrub: add file space map iteration functions
    * xfs_scrub: add space map iteration functions
    * xfs_scrub: add inode iteration functions
    * xfs_scrub: find XFS filesystem geometry
    * xfs_scrub: create an abstraction for a block device
    * xfs_scrub: figure out how many threads we're going to need
    * xfs_scrub: dispatch the various phases of the scrub program
    * xfs_scrub: set up command line argument parsing
    * xfs_scrub: common error handling
    * xfs_scrub: create online filesystem scrub program
    * mkfs: more sunit/swidth sanity checking
    * mkfs: always explain why numeric inputs are invalid
    * mkfs: don't call values 'illegal', they're invalid
    * mkfs: don't crash on dswidth overflow
    * misc: ubsan fixes
    * xfs_db: interpret inode timestamps as signed integers
    * xfsprogs: update dead urls
    * xfs_copy: accept CRC version of ABTB_MAGIC in ASSERT
    * xfs_logprint: fix v3 inode formatting
    * libxfs: use a memory zone for log items
    * libxfs: use a memory zone for transactions
    * libxfs: remove unused buf_fsprivate3
    * xfs: add a proper transaction pointer to struct xfs_buf
    * xfs: remove wrappers around b_fspriv
    * find-api-violations: fix a broken grep pattern
    * xfs_repair: fix libxfs namespace problems
    * xfs_db: fix crash when field list selector string has trailing slash
    * xfs_db: check should deal with cow staging extents correctly
    * libhandle: zap fdhash in fshandle_destroy
    * xfs_io: add a new 'log_writes' command
    * xfs_io: add MAP_SYNC support to mmap()
    * mkfs: do not allow both "dev" and "name" subopts for log or realtime
    * mkfs: pass switch case value directly into getnum/getstr
    * mkfs: un-document removed logarithm based CLI options
    * mkfs: remove logarithm based CLI options
    * mkfs: resolve sector size CLI conflicts
    * mkfs: convert subopt name, val pairs to enums and declared arrays
    * mkfs: support arbitrary conflict specification
    * mkfs: protofile only needs to be set up once
    * mkfs: simplify minimum log size calculation
    * mkfs: use opts parameter during option parsing
    * mkfs: remove use-once default macros
    * mkfs: document sb_feat_args members
    * mkfs: invert project id width boolean name
    * mkfs: remove unused m_uuid in sb_feat_args
    * mkfs: Don't emit default config message yet
    * Merge branch 'libxfs-4.15-sync' into for-next
    * xfs: only skip rmap owner checks for unknown-owner rmap removal
    * xfs: always honor OWN_UNKNOWN rmap removal requests
    * xfs: queue deferred rmap ops for cow staging extent alloc/free in the right order
    * xfs: move xfs_iext_insert tracepoint to report useful information
    * xfs: account for null transactions in bunmapi
    * xfs: hold xfs_buf locked between shortform->leaf conversion and the addition of an attribute
    * xfs: add the ability to join a held buffer to a defer_ops
    * xfs: refactor buffer logging into buffer dirtying helper
    * xfs: remove "no-allocation" reservations for file creations
    * xfs: fix leaks on corruption errors in xfs_bmap.c
    * libxfs: libxfs_nproc should never return negative numbers
    * mkfs: tidy up definitions
    * mkfs: move error functions
    * mkfs: cleanup redundant temporary code
    * mkfs: factor log size calculations
    * mkfs: factor initial mount setup
    * mkfs: rework imaxpct calculation
    * mkfs: factor AG alignment
    * mkfs: factor AG geometry calculations
    * mkfs: factor rt device validation
    * mkfs: factor log device validation
    * mkfs: factor data device validation
    * mkfs: factor device opening
    * mkfs: rework stripe calculations
    * mkfs: factor rtdev extent size validation
    * mkfs: fix hidden parameter in DTOBT()
    * mkfs: factor out device size calculations
    * mkfs: factor inode size validation
    * mkfs: factor directory blocksize validation
    * mkfs: factor superblock feature validation
    * mkfs: factor log sector size validation
    * mkfs: factor blocksize validation
    * mkfs: factor sectorsize validation
    * mkfs: rename top level CLI parameters
    * mkfs: introduce default configuration structure
    * mkfs: factor secondary superblock updates
    * mkfs: factor writing AG headers
    * mkfs: factor out device preparation
    * mkfs: factor in memory superblock setup
    * mkfs: factor printing of mkfs config
    * mkfs: Introduce mkfs configuration structure
    * mkfs: factor sector subopts parser
    * mkfs: factor rt subopts parser
    * mkfs: factor naming subopts parser
    * mkfs: factor meta subopts parser
    * mkfs: factor log subopts parser
    * mkfs: factor inode subopts parser
    * mkfs: factor data subopts parser
    * mkfs: factor block subopts parser
    * mkfs: add generic subopt parsing table
    * mkfs: introduce a structure to hold CLI options
    * mkfs: make subopt table const
    * mkfs: disallow specifying the sector size of internal log
    * xfs_db: add missing padding fields
    * xfs_db: print structure padding fields consistently
    * xfs_repair: remove old workqueue stuff in favor of libfrog code
    * libhandle: add missing destructor
    * libfrog: add missing function fs_table_destroy
    * libfrog: move paths.c out of libxcmd
    * libfrog: move conversion factors out of libxcmd
    * libfrog: move topology code out of libxcmd
    * libfrog: create a threaded workqueue
    * libfrog: promote avl64 code from xfs_repair
    * libfrog: move list_sort out of libxfs
    * libfrog: add bit manipulation functions
    * libfrog: move libxfs_log2_roundup to libfrog
    * libfrog: move all the userspace support stuff into a new library
    * man: describe the metadata scrubbing ioctl
    * xfs_io: provide an interface to the scrub ioctls
    * xfs_io: add buf_lru_ref tag to inject table
    * xfs_io: pull xfs errortag definitions from libxfs
    * xfs_io: implement ranged fiemap query
    * xfs_io: fix gcc-7 related printf warnings
    * Merge branch 'libxfs-4.15-sync' into for-next
    * xfs: abstract out dev_t conversions
    * xfs: fix memory leak in xfs_iext_free_last_leaf
    * xfs: fix type usage
    * xfs: remove u_int* type usage
    * xfs: handle zero entries case in xfs_iext_rebalance_leaf
    * xfs: add comments documenting the rebalance algorithm
    * xfs: trivial indentation fixup for xfs_iext_remove_node
    * xfs: remove a superflous assignment in xfs_iext_remove_node
    * xfs: add some comments to xfs_iext_insert/xfs_iext_insert_node
    * xfs: fix number of records handling in xfs_iext_split_leaf
    * xfs: mark xfs_btree_check_lblock and xfs_btree_check_ptr static
    * xfs: move xfs_bmbt_irec and xfs_exntst_t to xfs_types.h
    * xfs: pass struct xfs_bmbt_irec to xfs_bmbt_validate_extent
    * xfs: remove the nr_extents argument to xfs_iext_remove
    * xfs: remove the nr_extents argument to xfs_iext_insert
    * xfs: use a b+tree for the in-core extent list
    * xfs: allow unaligned extent records in xfs_bmbt_disk_set_all
    * xfs: remove support for inlining data/extents into the inode fork
    * xfs: simplify xfs_reflink_convert_cow
    * xfs: introduce the xfs_iext_cursor abstraction
    * xfs: iterate over extents in xfs_bmap_extents_to_btree
    * xfs: iterate over extents in xfs_iextents_copy
    * xfs: pass an on-disk extent to xfs_bmbt_validate_extent
    * xfs: treat idx as a cursor in xfs_bmap_collapse_extents
    * xfs: treat idx as a cursor in xfs_bmap_del_extent_*
    * xfs: treat idx as a cursor in xfs_bmap_add_extent_unwritten_real
    * xfs: treat idx as a cursor in xfs_bmap_add_extent_hole_real
    * xfs: treat idx as a cursor in xfs_bmap_add_extent_hole_delay
    * xfs: treat idx as a cursor in xfs_bmap_add_extent_delay_real
    * xfs: remove a duplicate assignment in xfs_bmap_add_extent_delay_real
    * xfs: don't create overlapping extents in xfs_bmap_add_extent_delay_real
    * xfs: convert remaining xfs_sb_version_... checks to bool
    * xfs: move error injection tags into their own file
    * xfs: remove inode log format typedef
    * xfs: remove the inode log format from the inode log item
    * xfs: remove redundant assignment to variable bit
    * xfs: compare btree block keys to parent block's keys during scrub
    * xfs: abort dir/attr btree operation if btree is obviously weird
    * xfs: add a new xfs_iext_lookup_extent_before helper
    * xfs: merge xfs_bmap_read_extents into xfs_iread_extents
    * xfs: rewrite xfs_bmap_first_unused to make better use of xfs_iext_get_extent
    * xfs: don't rely on extent indices in xfs_bmap_insert_extents
    * xfs: don't rely on extent indices in xfs_bmap_collapse_extents
    * xfs: update got in xfs_bmap_shift_update_extent
    * xfs: remove xfs_bmse_shift_one
    * xfs: split xfs_bmap_shift_extents
    * xfs: remove XFS_BMAP_MAX_SHIFT_EXTENTS
    * xfs: remove if_rdev
    * xfs: remove the never fully implemented UUID fork format
    * xfs: remove XFS_BMAP_TRACE_EXLIST
    * xfs: move pre/post-bmap tracing into xfs_iext_update_extent
    * xfs: remove post-bmap tracing in xfs_bmap_local_to_extents
    * xfs: make better use of the 'state' variable in xfs_bmap_del_extent_real
    * xfs: add a xfs_bmap_fork_to_state helper
    * xfs: scrub quota information
    * xfs: scrub realtime bitmap/summary
    * xfs: scrub directory parent pointers
    * xfs: scrub symbolic links
    * xfs: scrub extended attributes
    * xfs: scrub directory metadata
    * xfs: scrub inode block mappings
    * xfs: scrub inodes
    * xfs: scrub refcount btrees
    * xfs: scrub rmap btrees
    * xfs: scrub inode btrees
    * xfs: scrub free space btrees
    * xfs: scrub the AGI
    * xfs: scrub AGF and AGFL
    * xfs: scrub the secondary superblocks
    * xfs: scrub the shape of a metadata btree
    * xfs: probe the scrub ioctl
    * xfs: create an ioctl to scrub AG metadata
    * xfs: create inode pointer verifiers
    * xfs: refactor btree block header checking functions
    * xfs: refactor btree pointer checks
    * xfs: create block pointer check functions
    * xfs: remove xfs_bmbt_get_state
    * xfs: remove all xfs_bmbt_set_* helpers except for xfs_bmbt_set_all
    * xfs: replace xfs_bmbt_lookup_ge with xfs_bmbt_lookup_first
    * xfs: pass a struct xfs_bmbt_irec to xfs_bmbt_lookup_eq
    * xfs: pass a struct xfs_bmbt_irec to xfs_bmbt_update
    * xfs: refactor xfs_bmap_add_extent_unwritten_real
    * xfs: refactor delalloc accounting in xfs_bmap_add_extent_delay_real
    * xfs: refactor xfs_bmap_add_extent_delay_real
    * xfs: refactor xfs_bmap_add_extent_hole_real
    * xfs: refactor xfs_bmap_add_extent_hole_delay
    * xfs: refactor xfs_del_extent_real
    * xfs: use the state defines in xfs_bmap_del_extent_real
    * xfs: use correct state defines in xfs_bmap_del_extent_{cow,delay}
    * xfs: move some more code into xfs_bmap_del_extent_real
    * xfs: use xfs_bmap_del_extent_delay for the data fork as well
    * xfs: rename bno to end in __xfs_bunmapi
    * xfs: don't set XFS_BTCUR_BPRV_WASDEL in xfs_bunmapi
    * xfs: use xfs_iext_get_extent instead of open coding it
    * xfs: fix incorrect extent state in xfs_bmap_add_extent_unwritten_real
* Tue Dec 19 2017
  - Deletes already merged xfs_io-stat-fix-typo-in-statfs-f_flags.patch
  - Deletes already merged xfs_io-stat-treat-statfs.f_flags-as-optional.patch
  - Refreshes patch xfsprogs-docdir.diff
  - Update to v4.14.0:
    * xfs_io: stat: treat statfs.f_flags as optional
    * xfs_io: stat: fix typo in statfs->f_flags
    * xfsprogs: fix wrong variable types in pwrite/pread code
    * xfs_io: Allow partial writes
    * xfs_io: Add RWF_NOWAIT to pwritev2()
    * xfs_io: Add support for pwritev2()
    * xfs_io: Disable -V if pwritev is not available
    * xfs_repair: always release btree buffers when refcountbt checks fail
    * misc: fix ubsan warnings
    * misc: enable thread sanitizer if the builder wants it
    * misc: enable gcc/clang address sanitizer if the builder wants it
    * misc: enable ubsan if the builder wants it
    * xfs_repair: fix cowextsize field checking and repairing
    * xfs_repair: clear DAX flag from non-file inodes
    * xfs_repair: fix bag memory overwrite problems
    * xfs_io: add new error injection knobs to inject command
    * xfsprogs: explicitly cast troublesome types to match printf  format specifiers
    * db: increase metadump's default overly long extent discard  threshold
    * build: define _DEFAULT_SOURCE with _BSD_SOURCE for preadv
    * xfsprogs: add xfs_spaceman to .gitignore
    * xfs_io: report io error for pwrite -W and -w
    * xfs_metadump: zap stale data in DIR2_LEAF1 dirs
    * metadump: update manpage for dirty log/obfuscation issue
    * kill off u_int*_t types
    * xfs: trim writepage mapping to within eof
    * xfs: handle error if xfs_btree_get_bufs fails
    * xfs: Fix bool initialization/comparison
    * xfs: Don't log uninitialised fields in inode structures
    * xfs: revert "xfs: factor rmap btree size into the indlen calculations"
    * xfs: perag initialization should only touch m_ag_max_usable for AG 0
    * xfs: fix compiler warnings
    * xfs: simplify the rmap code in xfs_bmse_merge
    * xfs: use xfs_iext_*_extent helpers in xfs_bmap_split_extent_at
    * xfs: use xfs_iext_*_extent helpers in xfs_bmap_shift_extents
    * xfs: move some code around inside xfs_bmap_shift_extents
    * xfs: use xfs_iext_get_extent in xfs_bmap_first_unused
    * xfs: switch xfs_bmap_local_to_extents to use xfs_iext_insert
    * xfs: add a xfs_iext_update_extent helper
    * xfs: relog dirty buffers during swapext bmbt owner change
    * xfs: skip bmbt block ino validation during owner change
    * xfs: don't log dirty ranges for ordered buffers
    * xfs: remove the ip argument to xfs_defer_finish
    * xfs: rename xfs_defer_join to xfs_defer_ijoin
    * xfs: refactor xfs_trans_roll
    * xfs: stop searching for free slots in an inode chunk when there are none
* Fri Nov 17 2017
  - Fix building on SLE11
  - Added xfs_io-stat-fix-typo-in-statfs-f_flags.patch
  - Added xfs_io-stat-treat-statfs.f_flags-as-optional.patch
* Fri Nov 17 2017
  - Update to 4.13.1
    * mkfs: don't overflow the subopts array
  - Update to 4.13.0
    * xfs_repair: handle missing extent states
    * mkfs: pass a custom cowextsize into the created filesystem
    * xfs_db: version command misses RMAPBT feature string
    * xfs_repair: don't use do_warn for normal log message
    * libxfs: remove getcwd/chdir dance from initialization
    * xfs_repair: take the ag_lock before recording rmap for a bmbt record
    * mkfs.xfs: Don't stagger AG for a single disk
    * xfs: fix inobt inode allocation search optimization
    * xfs_io: clarify the fsmap documentation
    * fiemap: Fix semantics of max_extents (-n arguments)
    * xfs_repair: fix thread creation failure recovery
    * xfs_repair: add prefetch trace calls to debug thread creation failures
    * xfs_repair: clear pthread_t when pthread_create fails
    * xfs_io: add seek consistency checks
    * fsr: fix uninitialized fs usage after timeout
    * xfs_db: bit fuzzing should read the right bit when flipping
    * xfs_db: make write/fuzz -c and -d work on non-crc filesystems
    * xfs_db: free field list when failing out of fuzz
    * xfs_db: reset metadump output flag
    * xfs_db: btdump should avoid eval for push and pop of cursor
    * xfs_db: use TYP_F_CRC_FUNC for inodes & dquots
    * xfs_db: introduce fuzz command
    * xfs_db: write values into dir/attr blocks and recalculate CRCs
    * xfs_db: print attribute remote value blocks
    * xfs_db: dump dir/attr btrees
    * xfs_db: fix metadump redirection (again)
    * xfs_repair: fix symlink target length checks by changing MAXPATHLEN to XFS_SYMLINK_MAXLEN
    * xfs_metadump: properly handle obfuscation of all remote attribute blocks
    * xfs_io: allow lsattr & lsproj on foreign filesystems
    * libxfs: init ->b_maps on contig buffers for uncached compatibility
    * xfs_db: associate proper type with free inode btree root
    * xfs_io: Print filesystem statfs flags in 'statfs' command
    * xfs: fix multi-AG deadlock in xfs_bunmapi
    * xfs: check that dir block entries don't off the end of the buffer
    * xfs: check _alloc_read_agf buffer pointer before using
    * xfs: set firstfsb to NULLFSBLOCK before feeding it to _bmapi_write
    * xfs: check _btree_check_block value
    * xfs: don't crash on unexpected holes in dir/attr btrees
    * xfs: export _inobt_btrec_to_irec and _ialloc_cluster_alignment for scrub
    * xfs: try to avoid blowing out the transaction reservation when bunmaping a shared extent
  - Update to 4.12.0
    * libxfs: propagate transaction block reservations
    * xfs_db: properly set inode type
    * xfs_db: redirect printfs when metadumping to stdout
    * mkfs.xfs: allow specification of 0 data stripe width & unit
    * mkfs: set inode alignment and cluster size for minimum log size estimation
    * mkfs: set agblklog when we're verifying minimum log size
    * libxfs: fix fsmap.h inclusion
    * xfs_db: identify attr dabtree field types correctly
    * xfs_spaceman: fix potential overflowing expression in trim_f()
    * xfs_spaceman: close open file for error case in openfile()
    * xfs_spaceman: fix potential memory leak by malloc in scan_ag
    * xfs_db: improve argument naming in set_cur and set_iocur_type
    * xfs_db: update buffer size when new type is set
    * xfs_spaceman: add group summary mode
    * xfs_spaceman: add a man page
    * xfs_spaceman: Free space mapping command
    * xfs_spaceman: add new speculative prealloc control
    * xfs_spaceman: add FITRIM support
    * xfs_spaceman: space management tool
    * xfs_repair: replace rmap_compare with libxfs version
    * xfs_io: support the new getfsmap ioctl
    * xfs: introduce the XFS_IOC_GETFSMAP ioctl
    * libxfs: use crc32c slice-by-8 variant by default
    * libxcmd: add cvt{int, long} to convert strings to int and long
    * metadump: warn about corruption if log is dirty
    * xfs_metadump: tag metadump image with informational flags
    * xfs_repair: handle reading superblock from image on larger sector size filesystem
    * xfs_db: add alignment filter to freesp command
    * xfs_growfs: ensure target path is an active xfs mountpoint
    * libxfs: fix xfs_trans_alloc_empty namespace
    * xfs: fix unaligned access in xfs_btree_visit_blocks
    * xfs: avoid mount-time deadlock in CoW extent recovery
    * xfs: fix indlen accounting error on partial delalloc conversion
    * xfs: abstract PF_FSTRANS to PF_MEMALLOC_NOFS
    * xfs: reserve enough blocks to handle btree splits when remapping
    * xfs: simplify validation of the unwritten extent bit
    * xfs: introduce xfs_bmapi_remap
    * xfs: pass individual arguments to xfs_bmap_add_extent_hole_real
    * xfs: fix integer truncation in xfs_bmap_remap_alloc
    * xfs: simplify xfs_calc_dquots_per_chunk
    * xfs: implement the GETFSMAP ioctl
    * xfs: add a couple of queries to iterate free extents in the rtbitmap
    * xfs: create a function to query all records in a btree
    * xfs: provide a query_range function for freespace btrees
    * xfs: plumb in needed functions for range querying of the freespace btrees
    * xfs: fix up inode validation failure message
  - Update to 4.11.0
    * xfs_io: add missed quotation marks in man page
    * xfs_io: add missed inode command into man page
    * xfs_io: fix statx call for changed UAPI
    * xfs_db: dump metadata btrees via 'btdump'
    * xfs_db: use iocursor type to guess btree geometry if bad magic
    * xfs_db: don't print arrays off the end of a buffer
    * mkfs.xfs: Assign proper defaults to rmapbt and reflink flags
    * xfs_io: Add statx support for PowerPC architecture
    * xfs_io: fix statx definition for non-x86 architecture
    * xfs_db: allow write -d to dqblks
    * xfs_db: allow write -d to inodes
    * xfs_io: hook up statx
    * xfsprogs: fix build dep on
    * xfs_repair: pass btnum not magic to phase5 functions
    * xfs_io: Fix "falloc -p" to pass KEEP_SIZE
    * xfs_repair: warn about dirty log with -n option
    * xfs_repair: detect invalid zero-sized symlink inodes
    * xfs_io: support shutdown command on foreign fses
    * libxfs: fix xfs_extent_busy_flush macro definition
    * xfs: verify inline directory data forks
    * xfs: try any AG when allocating the first btree block when reflinking
    * xfs: use iomap new flag for newly allocated delalloc blocks
    * xfs: tune down agno asserts in the bmap code
    * xfs: Use xfs_icluster_size_fsb() to calculate inode chunk alignment
    * xfs: split indlen reservations fairly when under reserved
    * xfs: handle indlen shortage on delalloc extent merge
    * xfs: improve handling of busy extents in the low-level allocator
    * xfs: go straight to real allocations for direct I/O COW writes
    * xfs: allow unwritten extents in the CoW fork
    * xfs: verify free block header fields
    * xfs: check for obviously bad level values in the bmbt root
    * xfs: filter out obviously bad btree pointers
    * xfs: fail _dir_open when readahead fails
    * xfs: fix toctou race when locking an inode to access the data map
    * xfs: glean crc status from mp not flags in xfs_btree_init_block_int
  - Update to 4.10.0
    * xfs_metadump: ignore attr leaf with 0 entries
    * libxfs: sync up FSGETXATTR names and definitions with the kernel
    * xfsprogs: Fix building xfsprogs on 32-bit platforms (again)
    * xfs: extsize hints are not unlikely in xfs_bmap_btalloc
    * xfs: use per-AG reservations for the finobt
    * xfs: only update mount/resv fields on success in __xfs_ag_resv_init
    * xfs: verify dirblocklog correctly
    * xfs: fix COW writeback race
    * xfs: fix xfs_mode_to_ftype() prototype
    * xfs_db: Interpret inode's di_format field as unsigned
    * xfs_repair: trash dirattr btrees that cycle to the root
    * xfs_repair: strengthen geometry checks
    * xfs_db: fix the 'source' command when passed as a -c option
    * libxfs: sanitize agcount on load
    * xfs_io: add DAX and CoW extent-size flags to chattr manpage
    * xfs_io: fix missing syncfs command
    * xfs_logprint: handle log operation split of inode item correctly
    * xfs: sanity check inode di_mode
    * xfs: sanity check directory inode di_size
    * xfs_repair: update the manual content about xfs_repair exit status
    * xfs_repair.8: document dirty log conditions
    * xfs_io: implement 'utimes' command
    * libxcmd: add non-iterating user commands
    * xfs_io: make various commands one-shot only
    * libxcmd: don't check generic library commands
    * libxcmd: merge command() and iterate_command()
    * libxcmd: rename args_command to command_iterator
    * libxcmd: check CMD_FLAG_GLOBAL inside args_command()
    * xfs_io: fix some documentation problems
    * xfs_io: fix the minimum arguments to the reflink command
    * xfs_io: prefix dedupe command error messages consistently
    * xfs_io: Improvements to copy_range return code handling
    * xfs_io: implement 'set_encpolicy' and 'get_encpolicy' commands
    * xfs_logprint: di_gen is unsigned
    * xfs_io: fix building with musl
    * xfs: don't rely on ->total in xfs_alloc_space_available
    * xfs: adjust allocation length in xfs_alloc_space_available
    * xfs: fix bogus minleft manipulations
    * xfs: bump up reserved blocks in xfs_alloc_set_aside
    * xfs: use the actual AG length when reserving blocks
    * xfs: use GPF_NOFS when allocating btree cursors
    * xfs: ignore leaf attr ichdr.count in verifier during log replay
    * xfs: optimise CRC updates
    * xfs: make xfs btree stats less huge
    * xfs: don't allow di_size with high bit set
    * xfs: error out if trying to add attrs and anextents > 0
    * xfs: don't crash if reading a directory results in an unexpected hole
    * xfs: complain if we don't get nextents bmap records
    * xfs: check for bogus values in btree block headers
    * xfs: forbid AG btrees with level == 0
    * xfs: several xattr functions can be void
    * xfs: handle cow fork in xfs_bmap_trace_exlist
    * xfs: pass state not whichfork to trace_xfs_extlist
    * xfs: Move AGI buffer type setting to xfs_read_agi
    * xfs: track preallocation separately in xfs_bmapi_reserve_delalloc()
    * fs: xfs: libxfs: constify xfs_nameops structures
    * repair: use new extent lookup helpers in bmap_next_offset
    * xfs: use new extent lookup helpers in __xfs_bunmapi
    * xfs: use new extent lookup helpers in xfs_bmapi_write
    * xfs: use new extent lookup helpers in xfs_bmapi_read
    * xfs: new inode extent list lookup helpers
    * xfs: check minimum block size for CRC filesystems
    * xfs: provide helper for counting extents from if_bytes
    * xfs: check return value of _trans_reserve_quota_nblks
    * xfs: set XFS_DA_OP_OKNOENT in xfs_attr_get
  - Removed now-obsolete patches:
    * Removed xfs_repair-clear-pthread_t-when-pthread_create-fails.patch
    * Removed xfs_repair-add-prefetch-trace-calls-to-debug-thread-creation-failures.patch
    * Removed xfs_repair-fix-thread-creation-failure-recovery.patch
    * Removed fsr-fix-uninitialized-fs-usage-after-timeout.patch
* Mon Aug 28 2017
  - Add missing coreutils dependency for initrd macros (bsc#1055492).
* Thu Jun 22 2017
  - Fix crash in xfs_repair when threads fail to start (bsc#1019938).
    * Added xfs_repair-clear-pthread_t-when-pthread_create-fails.patch
    * Added xfs_repair-add-prefetch-trace-calls-to-debug-thread-creation-failures.patch
    * Added xfs_repair-fix-thread-creation-failure-recovery.patch
* Fri Jun 02 2017
  - fsr: fix uninitialized fs usage after timeout (bsc#1002699).
    * Added fsr-fix-uninitialized-fs-usage-after-timeout.patch
* Tue May 16 2017
  - Update to 4.9.0
    * xfs_quota: handle wrapped id from GETNEXTQUOTA
    * xfs_repair: don't indicate dirtiness if FSGEOMETRY fails
    * xfs_repair: junk leaf attribute if count == 0
    * xfs_repair: fix some potential null pointer deferences
    * xfs_repair: fix bogus rmapbt record owner check
    * xfs.h: require transparent LFS for all users
    * xfs_io: Fix initial -m option
    * xfs_io: add command line option -i to start an idle thread
    * xfsprogs: Update FSF address in COPYING file
    * mkfs.xfs: format reflink enabled filesystems
    * xfs_repair: use thread pools to sort rmap data
    * xfs_repair: check for mergeable refcount records
    * xfs_repair: use range query when while checking rmaps
    * xfs_repair: check the CoW extent size hint
    * xfs_repair: complain about copy-on-write leftovers
    * xfs_repair: rebuild the refcount btree
    * xfs_repair: check the refcount btree against our observed reference counts when -n
    * xfs_repair: fix inode reflink flags
    * xfs_repair: record reflink inode state
    * xfs_repair: process reverse-mapping data into refcount data
    * xfs_repair: handle multiple owners of data blocks
    * xfs_repair: check the existing refcount btree
    * xfs_repair: fix get_agino_buf to avoid corrupting inodes
    * xfs_logprint: support bmap redo items
    * xfs_logprint: support refcount redo items
    * xfs_logprint: support cowextsize reporting in log contents
    * xfs_io: try to unshare copy-on-write blocks via fallocate
    * xfs_io: provide long-format help for falloc
    * xfs_io: support injecting the 'per-AG reservation critically low' error
    * xfs_io: add refcount+bmap error injection types
    * xfs_io: get and set the CoW extent size hint
    * libxfs: add autoconf mechanism to override system header fsxattr
    * xfs_io: bmap should support querying CoW fork, shared blocks
    * xfs_growfs: report the presence of the reflink feature
    * xfs_db: print one array element per line
    * xfs_db: deal with the CoW extent size hint
    * xfs_db: metadump should copy the refcount btree too
    * xfs_db: add support for checking the refcount btree
    * xfs_db: dump refcount btree data
    * libxfs: add fsxattr flags and fields for cowextsize
    * libxfs: free the CoW fork from an inode
    * libxfs: plumb in bmap deferred op log items
    * libxfs: plumb in refcount deferred op log items
    * libxfs: add xfs_refcount.h to the standard include list
    * libxfs: initialize the in-core mount context for refcount btrees
    * xfs_buflock: handling parsing errors more gracefully
    * xfs_logprint: fix up the RUI printing code to reflect new format
    * xfs: defer should abort intent items if the trans roll fails
    * xfs: add xfs_trim_extent
    * libxfs: clean up _calc_dquots_per_chunk
    * xfs: rework refcount cow recovery error handling
    * xfs: implement swapext for rmap filesystems
    * xfs: recognize the reflink feature bit
    * xfs: simulate per-AG reservations being critically low
    * xfs: don't mix reflink and DAX mode for now
    * xfs: check for invalid inode reflink flags
    * xfs: convert unwritten status of reverse mappings for shared files
    * xfs: use interval query for rmap alloc operations on shared files
    * xfs: add shared rmap map/unmap/convert log item types
    * xfs: increase log reservations for reflink
    * xfs: try other AGs to allocate a BMBT block
    * xfs: preallocate blocks for worst-case btree expansion
    * xfs: create a separate cow extent size hint for the allocator
    * xfs: teach get_bmapx about shared extents and the CoW fork
    * xfs: store in-progress CoW allocations in the refcount btree
    * xfs: support removing extents from CoW fork
    * xfs: support allocating delayed extents in CoW fork
    * xfs: support bmapping delalloc extents in the CoW fork
    * xfs: introduce the CoW fork
    * xfs: don't allow reflinked dir/dev/fifo/socket/pipe files
    * xfs: add reflink feature flag to geometry
    * xfs: return work remaining at the end of a bunmapi operation
    * xfs: implement deferred bmbt map/unmap operations
    * xfs: pass bmapi flags through to bmap_del_extent
    * xfs: map an inode's offset to an exact physical block
    * xfs: log bmap intent items
    * xfs: create bmbt update intent log items
    * xfs: introduce reflink utility functions
    * xfs: reserve AG space for the refcount btree root
    * xfs: adjust refcount when unmapping file blocks
    * xfs: connect refcount adjust functions to upper layers
    * xfs: adjust refcount of an extent of blocks in refcount btree
    * xfs: log refcount intent items
    * xfs: create refcount update intent log items
    * xfs: add refcount btree operations
    * xfs: account for the refcount btree in the alloc/free log reservation
    * xfs: define the on-disk refcount btree format
    * xfs: refcount btree add more reserved blocks
    * xfs: introduce refcount btree definitions
    * xfs: remote attribute blocks aren't really userdata
    * xfs: set up per-AG free space reservations
    * xfs: defer should allow ->finish_item to request a new transaction
    * xfs: count the blocks in a btree
    * xfs: create a standard btree size calculator code
    * xfs: convert RUI log formats to use variable length arrays
    * xfs: track log done items directly in the deferred pending work item
    * xfs: fix superblock inprogress check
  - Update to 4.8.0
    * Add support for reflinks
    * xfs_io: fix inode command with "-n" for bogus inode
    * xfs_io: fix inode command help and argsmax
    * xfs_repair: add freesp btree block overflow to the free space
    * xfs_repair: fix bogosity when rmapping new AGFL blocks
    * libxcmd: fix counting of xfs entries in fs_table_insert
    * xfs_copy: Fix meta UUID handling on multiple copies
    * xfs_repair: fix segfault from uninitialized tp in mv_orphanage
    * xfs_io: allow chattr & chproj on foreign filesystems
    * xfs_quota: fix free command for foreign fs
    * xfs_quota: un-flag non-foreign-capable commands
    * xfs_quota: Enable 3 more foreign commands
    * xfs_quota: add case for foreign fs, disabled regardless of foreign_allowed
    * xfs_quota: print and path output formatting: maintain reverse compatibility
    * libxcmd: populate fs table with xfs entries first, foreign entries last
    * xfs_repair: exit with status 2 if log dirtiness is unknown
    * xfs_db: pass the inode cluster offset when copying inodes
    * xfs_repair: don't crash on ENOSPC rebuilding a btree
    * libxfs/linux.c: Replace use of ustat by stat
    * db: write via array indexing doesn't work
    * xfs_db: properly set dquot_buf when operating on dquot
    * xfs_quota: fix missing break after foreign_allowed option
    * xfs_db: add crc manipulation commands
    * xfs_quota: certain commands must always be available
    * xfs_quota: add capabilities for use on non-XFS filesystems
    * xfs_quota: wire up XFS_GETQSTATV
    * xfs_metadump: don't warn about unobfuscated log with -o
    * xfs_repair: fix naming problems in repair/rmap.c
    * misc: fix libxfs api violations
    * misc: fix Coverity errors
    * libxcmd: fix mount option parsing to find rt/log devices
    * xfs: simple btree query range should look right if LE lookup fails
    * xfs: fix some key handling problems in _btree_simple_query_range
    * xfs: don't perform lookups on zero-height btrees
    * mkfs.xfs: create filesystems with reverse-mappings
    * mkfs: set agsize prior to calculating minimum log size
    * xfs_repair: check for impossible rmap record field combinations
    * xfs_repair: look for mergeable rmaps
    * xfs_repair: merge data & attr fork reverse mappings
    * xfs_repair: add per-AG btree blocks to rmap data and add to rmapbt
    * xfs_repair: rebuild reverse-mapping btree
    * xfs_repair: check existing rmapbt entries against observed rmaps
    * xfs_repair: add fixed-location per-AG rmaps
    * xfs_repair: add inode bmbt block rmaps
    * xfs_repair: record and merge raw rmap data
    * xfs_repair: collect reverse-mapping data for refcount/rmap tree rebuilding
    * xfs_repair: create a slab API for allocating arrays in large chunks
    * xfs_repair: fix fino_bno calculation when rmapbt is enabled
    * xfs_repair: use rmap btree data to check block types
    * xfs_logprint: support rmap redo items
    * xfs_io: add rmap-finish error injection type
    * xfs_growfs: report rmapbt presence
    * xfs_db: introduce the 'fsmap' command to find what owns a set of fsblocks
    * xfs_db: copy the rmap btree
    * xfs_db: spot check rmapbt
    * xfs_db: display rmap btree contents
    * libxfs: add deferred ops item handlers for userspace
    * libxfs: fix various oddities in the kernel import
    * xfs: store rmapbt block count in the AGF
    * xfs_io: add free-extent error injection type
    * xfs_logprint: fix formatting issues with the EFI printing code
    * xfs_repair: preserve in-core meta_uuid while zeroing unused sb portions
    * xfs_io: bmap should print 'delalloc', not '-2'
    * xfs_buflock: add a tool that can be used to find buffer deadlocks
    * libxfs: fix xfs_isset pointer calculation
    * xfs: increase XFS_BTREE_MAXLEVELS to fit the rmapbt
    * xfs: change xfs_bmap_{finish,cancel,init,free} -> xfs_defer_*
    * xfs: rework xfs_bmap_free callers to use xfs_defer_ops
    * xfs: enable the xfs_defer mechanism to process extents to free
    * xfs: introduce interval queries on btrees
    * xfs: support btrees with overlapping intervals for keys
    * xfs: add function pointers for get/update keys to the btree
    * xfs: during btree split, save new block key & ptr for future insertion
    * xfs: set *stat=1 after iroot realloc
    * xfs: fix locking of the rt bitmap/summary inodes
    * xfs: fix attr shortform structure alignment on cris
  - Update to 4.7.0
    * xfs_quota: fall back silently if XFS_GETNEXTQUOTA fails
    * xfs_io: implement 'copy_range' command
    * xfs_repair: low memory shouldn't indicate corruption on exit
    * xfs_repair: don't call xfs_sb_quota_from_disk twice
    * xfs_repair: resolve Coverity OVERFLOW_BEFORE_WIDEN
    * libxfs: fix double free in libxfs_alloc_file_space
    * libxfs: fix use after from in xfs_trans_roll
    * xfs: always set rvalp in xfs_dir2_node_trim_free
    * xfs: borrow indirect blocks from freed extent when available
    * xfs: update freeblocks counter after extent deletion
    * xfs: fix computation of inode btree maxlevels
    * xfs_check: process sparse inode chunks correctly
    * xfs_db: Revert "xfs_db: make check work for sparse inodes"
    * xfs_repair: set rsumino version to 2
    * mkfs: better error with incorrect b/s value suffix usage
    * mkfs: fix -l su minval
    * xfs.h: define XFS_IOC_FREEZE even if FIFREEZE is defined
    * xfs_quota: only round up timer reporting > 1 day
    * xfs_quota: check report_mount return value
    * xfs_repair: new secondary superblock search method
    * libxcmd: generalize topology functions
    * xfs_db: defang frag command
    * db: limit AGFL bno array printing
    * xfs_db: allow recalculating CRCs on invalid metadata
    * xfs_db: fix unaligned accesses
    * metadump: limit permissible sector sizes
    * mkfs: conflicting values with disabled crc should fail
    * mkfs: add optional 'reason' for illegal_option
    * mkfs: unit conversions are case insensitive
    * mkfs: don't treat files as though they are block devices
    * mkfs: add string options to generic parsing
    * mkfs: encode conflicts into parsing table
    * mkfs: merge getnum
    * mkfs: table based parsing for converted parameters
    * mkfs: add respecification detection to generic parsing
    * mkfs: use getnum_checked for all ranged parameters
    * mkfs: getbool is redundant
    * mkfs: structify input parameter passing
    * mkfs: validate logarithmic parameters sanely
    * mkfs: validate all input values
    * mkfs: Sanitise the superblock feature macros
    * mkfs: sanitise ftype parameter values.
    * xfsprogs: use common code for multi-disk detection
    * xfs_repair: fix agf limit error messages
    * xfs_quota: print quota id number if the name can't be found
    * xfs_quota: fully support users and groups beginning with digits
    * xfs_io: allow mmap command to reserve some free space
    * xfs_io: modify argument errors of mremap command
    * Merge branch 'progs-misc-fixes-for-4.6' into for-master
    * Merge branch 'libxfs-4.6-sync' into for-master
    * xfs_io: implement 'inode' command
    * mkfs: fix crash when initializing rbmip
    * libxfs: fix up mismerge in libxfs_iflush_int
    * xfs: RT bitmap and summary buffers need verifiers
    * xfs: RT bitmap and summary buffers are not typed
    * xfs: handle errors from ->free_blocks in xfs_btree_kill_iroot
    * xfs: wire up Q_XGETNEXTQUOTA / get_nextdqblk
* Tue May 16 2017
  - Advise user of fs recovery options when we fail to mount (fate#320443)
    * Add dracut-fsck-help.txt
    * Add
* Mon Mar 28 2016
  - Update to 4.5.0
    * xfs_io: prevent divide-by-zero on random IO
    * xfs_db: dquot command documentation fixes
    * xfs_quota: better command line parsing and documentation
    * libxfs: update to match kernel 4.5-rc1 code base
    * xfs_io: add DAX inode flag support
    * repair: scalability improvements on large corrupt filesystems
    * repair: directory rebuild fixes
    * mdrestore: progress accounting now works
    * metadump: fix btree block unused region zeroing
    * quota: timer command fixes
    * mkfs: man page cleanups
    * xfs_io: reflink, dedupe and other fixes
    * quota: Q_XGETNEXTQUOTA support
    * build cleanups for alternate C librarys
    * db: check fixes for sparse inodes
    * various: Fixes for Coverity reports
    * xfs_io: Document zero and help commands
    * mkfs: DIO can use logical sector size limits
    * repair: don't reset log cycle numbers when zeroing
    * db: add ability to format log to a specific cycle
* Tue Dec 29 2015
  - Trigger regeneration of initrd n recent releases (bsc#960273)
  - Remove conditions for unsupported releases
  - Make building more verbose
* Thu Nov 26 2015
  - Update to 4.3.0
    * xfs_fsr: improved temp file attr fork handling
    * libxfs: output verifier names in warnings
    * xfs_repair: enable verifier corruption warnings on very verbose
      output settings
    * xfs_fsr: abstract mntinfo/mntent differences
    * xfs_io: reflink and dedupe operation support
    * libxcmd: factoring of runtime reporting
    * man page fixes
    * xfs_db: blockget/blocktrash support for v5 filesystems
    * xfs_repair: many directory/attr cleanups and fixes
    * Log zeroing rework for v5 filesystems to prevent log sequence
      numbers from going backwards
  - xfsprogs-ppc64.diff: Removed since we use asm/types.h for definitions now
* Wed Nov 18 2015
  - Update to 4.2.0
    * db: show sparse inodes feature state in version command output
    * db: support sparse inode chunk inobt record and sb fields
    * growfs: display sparse inode status from xfs_info
    * libxfs: clear buffer state flags in libxfs_getbuf and variants
    * libxfs: error negation rework
    * libxfs: Fix attr leaf block definition
    * libxfs: Fix file type directory corruption for btree directories
    * libxfs: fix memory leasks in libxfs_umount()
    * libxfs: fix uuid check durign inode allocation
    * libxfs: fix XFS_WANT_CORRUPTED_* macros to return negative error codes
    * libxfs: readahead of dir3 data blocks should use the read verifier
    * libxfs: v3 inodes are only valid on crc-enabled filesystems
    * libxfs: verifier should set buffer error when da block has a bad magic
    * metadump: reorder inode record sanity checks and inode buffer read
    * metadump: support sparse inode records
    * mkfs: sparse inode chunk support
    * mkfs.xfs: always use underlying fs sector size when mkfs'ing a file
    * repair: access helpers for on-disk inobt record freecount
    * repair: do not account sparse inodes in phase 5 cursor init.
    * repair: do not prefetch holes in sparse inode chunks
    * repair: factor out sparse inodes from finobt reconstruction
    * repair: fix wrong logic when validating node magic number
    * repair: handle sparse format inobt record freecount correctly
    * repair: handle sparse inode alignment
    * repair: helper for inode chunk alignment and start/end ino number
    * repair: helper to import on-disk inobt records to in-core trees
    * repair: helper to transition inode blocks to inode state
    * repair: process sparse inode records correctly
    * repair: reconstruct sparse inode records correctly on disk
    * repair: remove duplicate field from aghdr_cnts
    * repair: scan and track sparse inode chunks correctly
    * repair: scan sparse finobt records correctly
    * repair: use ir_count for filesystems with sparse inode support
    * repair: use sb_meta_uuid for checking of metadata headers
    * repair: validate ir_count field for sparse format records
    * xfs: add fs geometry bit for sparse inode chunks
    * xfs: add sparse inode chunk alignment superblock field
    * xfs: allocate sparse inode chunks on full chunk allocation failure
    * xfs: always log the inode on unwritten extent conversion
    * xfs: check min blks for random debug mode sparse allocations
    * xfs: clean up XFS_MIN_FREELIST macros
    * xfs_copy: fix copy of hard 4k devices
    * xfs_copy: fix up initial sb buffer read on CRC fs
    * xfs: create individual inode alloc. helper
    * xfs_db: don't crash on a corrupt inode
    * xfs: enable sparse inode chunks for v5 superblocks
    * xfs: extent size hints can round up extents past MAXEXTLEN
    * xfs: filter out sparse regions from individual inode allocation
    * xfs_fsr: Fix parentheses around truth value
    * xfs: helper to convert holemask to inode alloc. bitmap
    * xfs: introduce inode record hole mask for sparse inode chunks
    * xfs: kill unsupported superblock versions
    * xfs: only free allocated regions of inode chunks
    * xfs: pass inode count through ordered icreate log item
    * xfs: randomly do sparse inode allocations in DEBUG mode
    * xfs: remote attribute headers contain an invalid LSN
    * xfs: remote attributes need to be considered data
    * xfs_repair: automatically enable -f (file) mode when needed
    * xfs_repair: call IRELE(ip) after libxfs_trans_iget calls
    * xfs_repair: check v5 filesystem attr block header sanity
    * xfs_repair: fix broken EFSBADCRC/EFSCORRUPTED usage with buffer errors
    * xfs_repair: Fix malloc size of rt_ext_tree_ptr
    * xfs_repair: force not-so-bad bmbt blocks back through the verifier
    * xfs_repair: free msgbuf on exit
    * xfs_repair: ignore "repaired" flag after we decide to clear xattr block
    * xfs_repair: include any realloc'ed buffers in final putbuf
    * xfs_repair: refuse to unset lazycount on V5 filesystems
    * xfs_repair: release corrupt directory node buffer
    * xfs_repair: set args.geo in dir2_kill_block
    * xfs_repair: set args.geo in longform_dir2_entry_check_data
    * xfs_repair: unconditionally free blockmaps when threads complete
    * xfs_repair: update btree ptr when attr node level moves to next buffer
    * xfs: skip unallocated regions of inode chunks in xfs_ifree_cluster()
    * xfs: support min/max agbno args in block allocator
    * xfs: update free inode record logic to support sparse inode records
    * xfs: xfs_alloc_fix_freelist() can use incore perag structures
    * xfs: xfs_attr_inactive leaves inconsistent attr fork state behind
    * xfs: xfs_bunmapi() does not need XFS_BMAPI_METADATA flag
    * Other minor fixes and build system rework
  - Added new dependency on libblkid-devel.
* Fri Jul 31 2015
  - Update to 3.2.4
    * properly obfuscate images created by xfs_metadump
* Sat Jul 11 2015
  - Update to 3.2.3
    * xfs_repair: handle speciall atribute names correctly
    * xfs_repair: handle v5 format feature flags correctly
    * xfs_repair: Better v5 format validation for directories
    * mkfs.xfs: enable metadata CRCs by default
    * mkfs.xfs: enable free inode btrees by default
    * build: glibc support updates
    * man page updates
    * xfs_admin: Changing UUIDs disable for CRC enabled filesystems
    * xfs_repair: Separate pquota inode fixes
    * xfs_db: inode alignment fixes
    * mkfs.xfs: fix failures creating file images
    * libxfs: zero new buffers before use
    * xfs_repair: handle directory leaf CRC errors gracefully
    * xfs_repair: validate and repair inode CRCs
    * xfs_repair: lots of broken directory repair fixes
    * xfs_db: handle v3 inodes properly
    * xfs_db: allow writing corrupted metadata on CRC enabled
    * xfs_repair: gracefully handle > 512 byte sector superblocks
    * mkfs.xfs: take into acocunt log stripe unit when sizing log
    * xfs_metadump: inode alignment and null inode fixes
    * xfs_io: FALLOC_FL_INSERT_RANGE support
    * build: libtool static library build fixes
    * mkfs.xfs: large block size inode alignment fixes
    * xfs_repair: secondary superblock scan fixes
    * xfs_repair: don't care about symlink compenent lengths
  - Rebase patches
    * xfsprogs-docdir.diff
    * xfsprogs-ppc64.diff
* Thu Mar 19 2015
  - Update url
  - Do not use full path for make
* Thu Mar 19 2015
  - Use url for source
  - Add gpg signature
  - Cleanup spec-file with spec-clener
* Thu Dec 11 2014
  - Updated to 3.2.2
    - xfs_repair, mkfs.xfs stripe geometry fixes
    - libxcmd path handling fixes
    - xfs_crash crash fix
    - xfs_logprint AGI/AGF handling improvements
    - libhandle support for symlinked /usr
    - fix multiple Coverity and sparse reported issues
    - new mremap, sync, syncfs commands for xfs_io
    - man page updates
    - xfs_repair sets ftype in lost+found dirents
    - xfs_repair handles bad inodes better
    - xfs_repair freelist rebuild improvements
    - xfs_repair finobt crash fixes
    - xfs_copy handles 4k sector devices better
    logprint-Fix-printing-of-AGF-and-AGI-buffers.patch: Removed (merged upstream)



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