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resource-agents-4.4.0+git57.70549516-6.1 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for s390x

Name: resource-agents Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 4.4.0+git57.70549516 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 6.1 Build date: Mon Apr 19 09:33:10 2021
Group: Productivity/Clustering/HA Build host: s390zp31
Size: 2477656 Source RPM: resource-agents-4.4.0+git57.70549516-6.1.src.rpm
Summary: HA Reusable Cluster Resource Scripts
A set of scripts to interface with several services to operate in a
High Availability environment for both Pacemaker and rgmanager
service managers.




GPL-2.0-only AND LGPL-2.1-or-later AND GPL-3.0-or-later


* Mon Nov 23 2020
  - (bsc#1178977) does not handle probe actions
    Add upstream patch:
* Mon Sep 14 2020
  - Last commit of a galera cluster member is not saved into grastate.dat
    [ref:_00D1igLOd._5001iQlUm4:ref] (bsc#1175435)
    Add upstream patch:
* Wed Aug 19 2020
  - GCP Resource Agents - Support for Multi Alias IP
    Add upstream patch:
  - OCF version check for pacemaker is incompatible with the SUSE version
    strings [ref:_00D1igLOd._5001iO8Exd:ref] (bsc#1170354)
    Add upstream patch:
* Thu Jun 18 2020
  - /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/heartbeat/clvm has mismatched variable assignment
  - L3: azure-events resource agent failure causes attr_globalPullState
    to be stuck in "PULLING" state. (bsc#1170270)
  - Add upstream patch:
* Wed Feb 26 2020
  - Request to add "gcp-vpc-move-route" resource agent to SLE12 and SLE15
    (bsc#1161898) Add patch:
* Wed Feb 26 2020
  - Update to version 4.4.0+git57.70549516:
    * [lvmlockd] support lvm2-2.03 removing lvmetad
    * oralsnr: allow using the tns_admin directory for different listeners
    * Change 'alredy' to 'already'
    * LVM-activate: add OCF_CHECK_LEVEL to control monitor action
    * redis: validate_all: fixes file status tests
    * rabbitmq-cluster: ensure we delete nodename if stop action fails
    * IPsrcaddr: remove hardcoded device when using destination parameter
    * Remove standby.signal when promote with restart
    * IPsrcaddr: fixes to avoid failing during probe
    * LVM-activate: verify vg or lv validity
    * [podman] Simplify the code for checking if an image exists
    * Filesystem: add trigger_udev_rules_if_need() for -U, -L, or /dev/xxx device
    * Filesystem: respect udevd need time to create UUID symlinks
    * ldirectord: Support sched-flags
    * IPaddr2: ipt_CLUSTERIP "iptables" extension not "nft" backend compatible
    * IPsrcaddr: fixes to replace local rule if using local table, and set src back to primary for device on stop
    * iSCSI logical unit fix (#1435)
    * Clear out the $DIR_EXECUTABLE variable so we catch the situation when we lose the directory with binaries after first sapinstance_init invokation. The second sapinstance_init invocation will not detect it as it will have already preset the $DIR_EXECUTABLE from previous run. This may allow us running actions after second sapinstance_init invocation that would be not run if we knew that we miss the needed binaries.
    * High: pgsql: Support for PostgreSQL 12
    * IPaddr2: add noprefixroute parameter
    * Filesystem: refresh UUID in the start phase
    * azure-lb Set socat to default on SUSE distributions.
    * exportfs: allow multiple exports of same directory
    * Low: MailTo: fix variable expansion
    * fixes (#1427)
    * Low: exportfs: Fix spelling error
    * Low: mysql-common: fix startup check
    * aliyun-vpc-move-ip: add binary detection
    * Supports both 'go' and 'python' versions of Aliyun CLI
    * build: update ChangeLog for 4.4.0
    * Low: NodeUtilization: Fix checking for Xen commands
    * build: update ChangeLog for 4.4.0-rc1
    * Route: only validate for start and validate-all actions
    * apache: testing to-execute-file for mere presence is not enough
    * LVM-activate: add partial-activation support
    * Add missed requirement
    * Use the function get_release_id to detect the OS. The parameter LOAD_STATUS_MODULE must be quoted.
    * gcp-pd-move: add parameter stackdriver_logging (#1412)
    * aws-vpc-route53: Improvements and fixes (#1409)
    * LVM-activate: move pvscan --cache to validate
    Fixes to bugs bsc#1151833, bsc#1154465 are included in this update.
* Mon Sep 30 2019
  - Update to version 4.3.0+git178.b102c209:
    * Adapt azure-lb Resource Agent to support socat usage too (bsc#1150046)
    * redis: consider redis-cli features to choose optimal password passing method and warning filtering workaround (#1403)
    * fix master_is_active() erroneously reporting there is master when there is no fixes #1399
    * nfsserver: use "--no-legend" for systemctl "list-unit-files" calls
    * nfsserver: performance improvements for systemd enabled systems
    * IPaddr2: IPv6 return empty string when sanitation fails
    * Low: IPaddr2: fix to work properly with unsanitized IPv6 addresses
    * Filesystem: improve "/" check for bind mounts
    * IPsrcaddr: add destination and table parameters
* Mon Sep 09 2019
  - Update to version 4.3.0+git161.00cb192d:
    * apache: correctly detect when statusurl is set
    * Restore users/perms/policies even if starting in a single node mode
    * spec: use %{?centos} as _version doesnt work on newer CentOS versions
    * exportfs: doc clarification for clientspec format
    * Fixup docker_stop condition on error
    * Make the check for the docker daemon being up more robust
    * Low: oracle-common: Delete the ORACLE_HOME check that is no longer needed because it is checked first.
    * Low: ora-common: Properly output message when sid parameter is invalid.
    * spec: updates from Fedora
    * spec: update to BR to libnet-devel for opensuse
    * CI: "make rpm" fixes
    * Route: dont fence node when parameters arent set
    * requested changes applied.
    * Added support for SSL replication
    * [build] drop now unnecessary make distcheck options
    * [build] allow systemd files to be installed in non-standard location
    * [build] fix make distcheck by adding fallback OS dir to find docbook.xsl
    * Don't call readlink on path if it does not exist
* Wed Aug 14 2019
  - Update to version 4.3.0+git131.7af8c368:
    * mysql/mariadb/galera: use runuser/su to avoid using SELinux DAC_OVERRIDE
    * Generate addition drop-in dependencies for podman containers
    * Delay: protect grep regex argument from shell globbing
    * ipsec: fix bashism; [ a == b ] -> [ a = b ]
    * changing bashism to generic solution
    * iSCSILogicalUnit: only create acls if it doesnt exist
    * LVM-activate: fix monitor might hang due to lvm_validate which was added by accident
    * check if mod_status is present in configuration
    * Load apache status modules from RA cmdline for SUSE only OS (bsc#1138281)
    * Improve PidFile pattern
    * CTDB: drop sysconfig presence check during validate
    * CTDB: generate script.options file for 4.9+
    * podman: only use exec to manage container's lifecycle
    * Fix path to example for ocf python agent
    * CTDB: support Samba 4.9+ (bsc#1137130)
    * Medium: Filesystem: Prevents to all root user processes are killed when bind mounting a directory on rootfs.
    * aws-vpc-route53: Removed absolute path for awk command (bsc#1140874)
    * aws-vpc-route53: Tuning on dig timeout on r53_monitor function (bsc#1140874)
    * aws-vpc-route53: Change check interval in _update record function (bsc#1140874)
    * aws-vpc-route53: Remove unecessary tabs (bsc#1140874)
    * aws-vpc-route53: Normalize variable declaration (bsc#1140874)
    * aws-vpc-route53: Changed log line wording on r53_stop function (bsc#1140874)
    * aws-vpc-route53: Add --cli-connect-timeout 10 option to AWS CLI (bsc#1140874)
    * aws-vpc-route53: Add extra log line to r53_start function (bsc#1140874)
    * aws-vpc-route53: Replace ec2metada with curl to fetch the IP address directly from EC2 metadata (bsc#1140874)
    * aws-vpc-route53: Changes and improvements to r53_start function (bsc#1140874)
    * aws-vpc-route53: Changes and improvements to r53_stop function (bsc#1140874)
    * aws-vpc-route53: Changes and improvements to _update_record function (bsc#1140874)
    * aws-vpc-route53: Changes and improvements to r53_monitor function (bsc#1140874)
    * aws-vpc-route53: Add binary check for curl and dig (bsc#1140874)
    * aws-vpc-route53: Change in function names from ec2ip_* to r53_* (bsc#1140874)
    * Add missing quotes in ec2ip_stop() (bsc#1140874)
    * Filesystem: remove removed notify-action from metadata
    * Use _default variables in ZFS RA.
    * Use _default variables in Xinetd RA.
    * Use _default variables in Xen RA.
    * Use _default variables in WinPopup RA.
    * Use _default variables in vsftpd RA.
    * Use _default variables in VirtualDomain RA.
    * Use _default variables in VIPArip RA.
    * Use _default variables in varnish RA.
    * Use _default variables in tomcat RA.
    * Use _default variables in syslog-ng RA.
    * Use _default variables in SysInfo RA.
    * Use _default variables in Stateful RA.
    * Use _default variables in Squid RA.
    * Use _default variables in SphinxSearchDaemon RA.
    * Use _default variables in slapd RA.
    * Use _default variables in sg_persist RA.
    * Use _default variables in sfex RA.
    * Use _default variables in ServeRAID RA.
    * Use _default variables in SendArp RA.
    * Use _default variables in scsi2reservation RA.
    * Use _default variables in SAPInstance RA.
    * Use _default variables in SAPDatabase RA.
    * Use _default variables in rsyslog RA.
    * Use _default variables in rsyncd RA.
    * Use _default variables in Route RA.
    * Use _default variables in redis RA.
    * Use _default variables in Raid1 RA.
    * Use _default variables in rabbitmq-cluster RA.
    * Use _default variables in Pure-FTPd RA.
    * Use _default variables in proftpd RA.
    * Use _default variables in pound RA.
    * Use _default variables in postfix RA.
    * Use _default variables in portblock RA.
    * Use _default variables in podman RA.
    * Use _default variables in pingd RA.
    * Use _default variables in pgsql RA.
    * Use _default variables in ovsmonitor RA.
    * Use _default variables in oralsnr RA.
    * Use _default variables in oracle RA.
    * Use _default variables in oraasm RA.
    * Use _default variables in openstack-info RA.
    * Use _default variables in NodeUtilization RA.
    * Use _default variables in nginx RA.
    * Use _default variables in nfsnotify RA.
    * Use _default variables in mysql-proxy RA.
    * Use _default variables in ManageVE RA.
    * Use _default variables in ManageRAID RA.
    * Use _default variables in MailTo RA.
    * Use _default variables in machine-info RA.
    * Use _default variables in lxd-info RA.
    * Use _default variables in lxc RA.
    * Use _default variables in lvmlockd RA.
    * Use _default variables in LVM-activate RA.
    * Use _default variables in LVM RA.
    * Use _default variables in LinuxSCSI RA.
    * Use _default variables in jira RA.
    * Use _default variables in jboss RA.
    * Use _default variables in iSCSITarget RA.
    * Use _default variables in iSCSILogicalUnit RA.
    * Use _default variables in IPsrcaddr RA.
    * Use _default variables in ipsec RA.
    * Use _default variables in IPaddr2 RA.
    * Use _default variables in IPaddr RA.
    * Use _default variables in iface-vlan RA.
    * Use _default variables in ids RA.
    * Use _default variables in ICP RA.
    * Use _default variables in garbd RA.
    * Use _default variables in galera RA.
    * Use _default variables in fio RA.
    * Use _default variables in Filesystem RA.
    * Use _default variables in EvmsSCC RA.
    * Use _default variables in Evmsd RA.
    * Use _default variables in ethmonitor RA.
    * Use _default variables in eDir88 RA.
    * Use _default variables in Dummy RA.
    * Use _default variables in docker RA.
    * Use _default variables in dnsupdate RA.
    * Use _default variables in Delay RA.
    * Use _default variables in db2 RA.
    * Use _default variables in CTDB RA.
    * Use _default variables in clvm RA.
    * Use _default variables in ClusterMon RA.
    * Use _default variables in aws-vpc-move-ip RA.
    * Use _default variables in apache RA.
    * Use _default variables in aliyun-vpc-move-ip RA.
  - Remove 0007-CTDB-support-Samba-4.9.patch
    * This patch was merged upstream.
* Fri Jun 14 2019
  - Fix CTDB resource agent for Samba 4.9.0 and later (bsc#1137130)
    * 0007-CTDB-support-Samba-4.9.patch
* Fri Jun 14 2019
  - Update to version 4.2.0+git157.40de8382:
    * azure-events: change message log level for the non action messages (bsc#1137038, bsc#1137231)
    * Remove unneeded podman exec --help call
    * Simplify podman_monitor()
    * Avoid double call to podman inspect in podman_simple_status()
    * dhcpd: keep SELinux context
    * vsftpd: fix missing $ on exit code detected by CI
    * ocf_is_true: add True to regexp
    * Low: Filesystem: Fix missing mount point due to corrupted mount list
    * Low: Filesystem: Fix a problem umount is not executed in the event of a disk failure
    * pgsql: enhance checks in pgsql_real_start to prevent incorrect status gets
    * Set fdisk command options on Linux or BSD
    * Adds a virtio- prefix to check disk's availability
    * Use fdisk to physically check disks' availability
    * Monitor: check cinder volume locally without using the API
    * Bad variable name to export (sh syntax)
    * Use strict sh features (no bash regex)
    * Cinder: Manages a local cache and calls the API to get openstack_id
    * Medium: pgsql: Set initial score for primary and hot standby in the probe.
    * Volume re-attaching, v3 API, get hostname from corosync
* Tue Jun 04 2019
  - Update to version 4.2.0+git122.571ed619:
    * Fix implicit bytes conversion that breaks py3. Reduces the amount of errors messages using default value on crm_attribute (bsc#1137038, bsc#1137231)
    * galera: Allow empty password for "check_passwd" parameter
    * Squid: dont run pgrep -P without PID
* Wed May 22 2019
  - Update to version 4.2.0+git116.b6c0f9fb:
    * galera: Log message when changing content of grastate.dat file
    * Use _default variables for all OCF_RESKEYs.
    * Use _default variable for binary path.
    * Drop unused LSB_STATUS_STOPPED variable.
    * Add resource agent for dovecot.
    * Fixes parameter meta-data
    * Fails docker RA gracefully when command not found Fails gracefully when daemon not running
    * CTDB: fix version string with vendor trailer comparison (bsc#1133337)
* Fri May 03 2019
  - Update to version 4.2.0+git104.25f2052b:
    * Low: LVM: Change of return code when start fails.
    * galera: Ignore safe_to_bootstrap in grastate.dat in some cases
    * aws-vpc-move-ip: Linting adjustment (bsc#1133962)
    * aws-vpc-move-ip: Moving shared part outside if (bsc#1133962)
    * aws-vpc-move-ip: More robust approach of getting MAC address (bsc#1133962)
    * ethmonitor: fix is_interface() regression
    * aws-vpc-move-ip: Requested fix to avoid using AWS API (bsc#1133962)
    * aws-vpc-move-ip: Fixing indentation (bsc#1133962)
    * aws-vpc-move-ip: Fix for VM having multiple network interfaces (bsc#1133962)
    * add network namespace support to IPaddr2
    * [rabbitmq] Stop redirecting all output to /dev/null in set_policy
    * Support build and install on RHEL 6 (#1308)
    * gcp-vpc-move-route/gcp-vpc-move-vip: fix Python 3 encoding issue
    * IPsrcaddr: make proto optional to fix regression when used without NetworkManager
    * LVM-activate: align dmsetup report command to standard
    * LVM-activate: return OCF_NOT_RUNNING on initial probe (bsc#1114855)
    * ethmonitor: check if interface exists by link
    * Squid: fix pid file issue due to new Squid version saving the PID of the parent process instead of the listener child process
    * Restrict strncpy by size of target, not of source. Fixes gcc error/warning
    * CTDB: add ctdb_max_open_files parameter
    * LVM-activate: only check locking_type when LVM < v2.03
    * redis: Filter warning from stderr when calling 'redis-cli -a'
    * LVM-activate: fix indentation
  - Remove 0007-LVM-activate-return-OCF_NOT_RUNNING-on-initial-probe.patch
    * This patch was integrated upstream and is not needed as an extra patch.
* Tue Apr 02 2019
  - LVM-activate returns the correct value on initial probe (bsc#1114855)
    * 0007-LVM-activate-return-OCF_NOT_RUNNING-on-initial-probe.patch
* Mon Feb 18 2019
  - Update to version 4.2.0+git63.0f7987fb:
    * clvm: support exclusive mode
    * Revert " Added support for multiple slaves to pgsql."
    * azure-lb: remove reference to status from usage
    * configure: add Python library detection
    * Added support for multiple slaves to pgsql.
    * LVM-activate: make vgname not uniqe
    * LVM-activate: fix dmsetup check
    * LVM-activate: fix bashism [[
    * Route: make family parameter optional
    * LVM-activate: dont fail initial probe
    * docker: Fix issues with stop operation
    * rabbitmq-cluster: always use quiet flag for eval calls
    * aws-vpc-move-ip: multiple VPC routing tables in routing_tables parameter - included comment in metadata section (bsc#1125138)
    * aws-vpc-move-ip: multiple VPC routing tables in routing_tables parameter - adjusting sleep time (bsc#1125138)
    * aws-vpc-move-ip: new feature: include support for multiple routing tables (bsc#1125138)
* Thu Dec 06 2018
  - Update to version 4.2.0+git33.69a622fd:
    * rabbitmq-cluster: better ensure node attributes are removed
    * Do not log at debug log level when HA_debug is unset
    * Enable --query flag in DescribeRouteTable API  (#1269)
    * Moved more Code to the Legacy section and cleaned the Legacy code as we already know that we are on pre-1.0 Version
    * Add lxc-stop Timeout
    * Remove Parameter and replace with Version Check
    * lxc: Add Support for lxc-stop
    * rabbitmq-cluster: fix regression in rmq_stop
    * rabbitmq-cluster: debug log detailed output when mnesia query fails
    * SAPDatabase: Improved the documentation about HANA usage
  - Remove 0001-Revert-Add-additional-info-to-SAPDatabase-RA.patch
* Thu Nov 01 2018
  - Update to version 4.2.0+git8.7c750bab:
    * heartbeat/{docker,podman,rkt}: nicer treatment of "reuse" parameter
    * Maint: fix several typos discovered with "make spellcheck"
    * Fix demote example log line.
* Mon Oct 22 2018
  - Included the missing azure-events RA needed for maintenance on the
    Azure Public Cloud. (bsc#1112334)
  - Included the library used by the azure-events RA (bsc#1112334)
  - Update to version 4.1.1+git24.9b664917:
    * apache: fix return value for silent_status
    * ZFS: cleanup different indentations
    * Fix spelling error in gcp-vpc-move-ip/route
    * Initial version of the azure-events RA
    * rabbitmq-cluster: fail monitor when node is in minority partition
    * ZFS agent: check status without locks when possible
    * Mid: pgsql: Fix to ignore Master's re-promote.
    * Low: oracle: print more appropriate log when dbopen was failed
    * Low: oracle: accept any boolean value for clear_backupmode option
    * nfsserver: run prepare_directory after bind_tree and stop var-lib-nfs-rpc_pipefs.mount to fix issues when changing shared_infodir
    * CTDB: fix --logging/--logfile version string comparison (bsc#1102935)
    * Do not use the absolute path in redis' pidof calls
    * awseip: Documentation updates to prerequisites
    * nfsserver: only mount rpc_pipefs if it's not mounted
    * nfsserver: mount based on rpcpipefs_dir variable
    * LVM-activate: fixes
    * IPv6Addr/nagios/sybaseASE: add missing "s"-suffix in metadata
    * Add gcp-pd-move python script
    * Medium: Squid: Use ss if netstat is not available
    * Medium: portblock: Use ss or netstat (partial)
    * Medium: garbd: Use netstat or ss
    * Mid: apache: Retry pid check.
    * timeout/interval: add "s" suffix where it's missing
    * Low: Xen: Set utilization for cpu and hv_memory
    * pgsql: create replication slots after promoting master
    * VirtualDomain: add stateless support
  - Add 0001-Revert-Add-additional-info-to-SAPDatabase-RA.patch
* Fri Sep 07 2018
  - Created the symlink for the suse:aws-vpc-move-ip RA for backward
    compatibility reasons. The package aws-vpc-move-ip will be dropped
    and the Upstream resource agent will be the only one maintained.
* Tue Sep 04 2018
  - Update to version 4.1.1+git165.1ddbf85d:
    * Add Python library
    * gcp-vpc-move-vip: use Python library
    * gcp-vpc-move-vip: moved alias-parameters to top of metadata
    * gcp-vpc-move-route: use Python library
    * Python: add logging.basicConfig() to support background logging
    * CTDB: fix incorrect db corruption reports (bsc#1101668)
    * CTDB: explicitly use bash shell
    * CTDB: fix OCF_RESKEY_ctdb_recovery_lock validation (bsc#1088692)
    * aws-vpc-move-ip: Use ip utility to check address
    * rabbitmq-cluster: retry start when cluster join fails
    * ipsec: Add tunnel fallback option
    * LVM: fix missing dash (bsc#1104900)
    * Remove output redirection to file in /tmp
    * Medium: mysql: Remove obsolete DEBUG_LOG functionality (bsc#1021689)
    * lvmlockd: add cmirrord support
    * Initial podman support
    * LVM-activate: return OCF_ERR_CONFIGURED for incorrect vg_access_mode
    * spec: fix some overkil path-based Requires, trailing whitespace, thinko
    * rabbitmq-cluster: get cluster status from mnesia during monitor
    * aws-vpc-move-ip: Fix broken shell quoting
    * Filesystem: Support symlink as mountpoint directory
    * aliyun-vpc-move-ip: improve metadata and manpage
    * aws-vpc-move-ip: Check the rounting table also during monitor probe action ((bsc#1106707)
    * aws-vpc-move-ip: Force text output during awscli call ((bsc#1106707)
    * aws-vpc-move-ip: Included the address param for backward compat. Evaluate if the address param is set and if the ip para is null, and set the ip param with the address value. ((bsc#1106707)
    * pgsql: Avoid the change of /dev/null to postgres owner/group The check_log_file performs a -f test on the logfile which is set to /dev/null by default, and it returns 1 for non-regular files. (bsc#1090882)
    * Filesystem: Canonicalize mountpoint symlinks
* Thu Aug 09 2018
  - Update to version 4.1.1+git118.9a4fbd24:
    * SAPInstance: Improved SAP instance profile detection (bsc#1096744)
    * findif: only match lines containing netmasks
    * SAPInstance: Improved indents (bsc#1096744)
    * SAPInstance: implemeted reload method (bsc#1096744)
    * build: add missing manpages
    * aliyun-vpc-move-ip: fix manpage (fate#326557)
    * aliyun-vpc-move-ip: fixes. (fate#326557)
    * Add Aliyun vpc-move-ip agent. (fate#326557)
    * minor fixes
    * move stackdriver parameter
    * filter call to aggregatedList
    * add deprecation message
    * python implementation of
    * Do not call ocf_attribute_target in the meta-data function
    * sfex: fixes to avoid errors with latest gcc
    * minor fixes
    * implement validate-all
    * minor fixes
    * manage ip alias
    * CI: skip Python agents in shellcheck
    * configure: add Python path detection
    * Volume groups and logical volumes "-" in their name get mangled with double dashes in dmsetup.  Switching to wc and just counting lines while depending on the vgname + lvname filter in the dmsetup call gets around the issue with dmsetup outputting correctly but grep failing due to the name mangle.
    * Mid: IPaddr2: Change return code.
    * ra-dev-guide: update instructions for GitHub
    * sybaseASE: bash path-detection
    * sybaseASE: new resource agent
    * gcp-vpc-move-ip: check specificed gcloud binary in validate
* Wed Jun 27 2018
  - Unify source package with SLE 12 / Leap 42:
    * High: oracle: Fix alter user syntax for set_mon_user_profile (bsc#1089279)
    * Medium: Raid1: Ignore transient devices after stopping a device (bsc#1077416)
    * Low: Raid1: remove unnecessary wait flags (bsc#1077416)
    * Medium: aws-vpc-route53: Fix tempfile race (bsc#1059312)
    * High: aws-vpc-route53: Add agent for AWS Route 53 (fate#322781)
    * VirtualDomain: Properly migrate VMs on node shutdown (bsc#1074014)
    * Low: sg_persist: Read empty value when when no attribute exists (bsc#1048288)
    * High: aws-vpc-route53: Add agent for AWS Route 53 (fate#322781)
    * Medium: Raid1: Handle case when mddev is a symlink(bsc#1047991)
    * Low: ocf-shellfuncs: Avoid printing empty INFO messages (bsc#1053621)
    * Low: SAPInstance: Mention monitor support in documentation (bsc#1051913)
  - Obsoletes the following patches (SLE 12 / Leap 42):
    * 0001-High-oracle-Fix-alter-user-syntax-for-set_mon_user_p.patch
    * 0005-Medium-CTDB-Use-logging-syntax-for-ctdbd-bsc-981863.patch
    * 0007-Low-sg_persist-Read-empty-value-when-when-no-attribu.patch
    * 0008-High-aws-vpc-route53-Add-agent-for-AWS-Route-53-fate.patch
    * 0009-Medium-Raid1-Handle-case-when-mddev-is-a-symlink.patch
    * 0010-High-CTDB-Don-t-fail-on-empty-directory-bsc-1052577.patch
    * 0011-Low-ocf-shellfuncs-Avoid-printing-empty-INFO-message.patch
    * 0012-Low-SAPInstance-Mention-monitor-support-in-documenta.patch
    * 0013-High-galera-Backport-galera-fixes-from-upstream-bsc-.patch
    * 0014-VirtualDomain-Properly-migrate-VMs-on-node-shutdown-.patch
    * 0015-Low-aws-vpc-route53-Fix-missing-ocf_log-in-log-messa.patch
    * 0016-High-aws-vpc-route53-Add-agent-for-AWS-Route-53-fate.patch
    * 0017-Low-aws-vpc-route53-Fix-missing-ocf_log-in-log-messa.patch
    * 0018-Medium-aws-vpc-route53-Fix-tempfile-race-bsc-1059312.patch
    * 0019-Dev-aws-vpc-route53-Eliminate-duplicated-code.patch
    * 0020-Dev-aws-vpc-route53-Clean-up-logging.patch
    * 0021-Low-Raid1-remove-unnecessary-wait-flags-bsc-1077416.patch
    * 0022-Medium-Raid1-Ignore-transient-devices-after-stopping.patch
* Wed Jun 20 2018
  - Update to version 4.1.1+git70.00ae6a17:
    * Medium: pgsql: Fix incorrect SQL is selected with PostgreSQL 11 or later.
    * log the error message in abnormal_end() function even when we are in 'stop' operation so it is clear from logs on how did we end up here
    * Medium: SAPInstance: Add monitored services for ENSA2 (bsc#1092384)
    * Squid: cleanup description for squid_port parameter
    * ldirectord: add manpage to service documentation
    * Medium: Add openstack resource agents
    * findif: improve IPv6 NIC detection
    * awseip: fix allocation_id not found error
    * awsvip: get secondary-private-ip more precisely
    * awsvip: get network-id from meta-data directly
    * syslog-ng: added note that qdisk_dir is only supported in PE6
    * syslog-ng: merge Premium Edition 6 and 7 code into main agent
    * send_arp: dont use "-Wcast-align" due to false-positive fail on ARM.
    * gcp-vpc-move-ip: fix bash path-detection
    * enable chap authentication for lio-t iscsi target implementation. if attribute 'incoming_username' is set: enable attribute 'authentication', disable attribute 'generate_node_acls' and set chap 'userid' and 'password' for each 'allowed_initiator'
    * Low: exportfs: Fix inconsistent whitespace in exportfs_monitor
    * Medium: exportfs: Fix square bracket stripping in clientspec
    * Low: VirtualDomain: fix warning messages in log
    * New RA that manage IP moving in GCP
* Mon Apr 16 2018
  - Require /usr/bin/logger (provided by util-linux-systemd)
* Tue Mar 06 2018
  - Update to version 4.1.1+git0.5a1edf2b:
    * High: mpathpersist: Fixed problem that character string could not be correctly parsed (bsc#1083896)
    * High: VirtualDomain: Properly migrate VMs on node shutdown (bsc#1074014)
    * Medium: awseip/awsvip: improvements (incl multi NIC support)
    * Medium: awseip/awsvip: increase default "api_delay" to 3s to avoid failures
    * Low: pgsql: try to create stats_temp_directory
    * Low: Filesystem: Add support for cvfs
    * Low: pgsql: improve validations for replication mode
* Wed Feb 07 2018
  - Edits to description, and compact build commands.
* Wed Feb 07 2018
  - Update to version 4.1.0+git83.6c77ce7e:
    * Medium: Raid1: Ignore transient devices after stopping a device (bsc#1077416)
    * redis: add support for tunneling replication traffic
    * Low: ovsmonitor: Generate man page for ovsmonitor (fate#323276)
    * Low: Raid1: remove unnecessary wait flags (bsc#1077416)
    * Pacemaker 2.0 compatibility (fate#324508):
    * Low: Xen: Use "crm_attribute --name/-n" instead of deprecated "--attr-name"
    * Low: Xen,redis: Use "crm_attribute --query/-G" instead of deprecated "--get-value"
    * Low: db2,galera,NodeUtilization: Use "crm_attribute --quiet/-q" instead of deprecated "-Q"
    * Low: sfex_daemon: Use "crm_resource --node/-N" instead of deprecated "--host-uname/-H"
    * Low: Xen,NodeUtilization: Use "crm_attribute --node/-N" instead of deprecated "--node-uname/-U"
    * Low: vmware: Do not reference the dropped cluster property "default_action_timeout"
  - Remove patch merged upstream:
    * 0001-Drop-python-from-build-system-since-nothing-uses-it.patch
* Wed Jan 17 2018
  - Drop python requirement (bsc#1076413)
    * 0001-Drop-python-from-build-system-since-nothing-uses-it.patch
* Wed Jan 17 2018
  - Use python3 (bsc#1076413)
* Fri Jan 12 2018
  - Update to version 4.1.0+git59.a0452207:
    * lvmlockd: auto change lvm config to use lvmlockd (fate#323822)
    * LVM-activate: put all validations into lvm_validate (fate#323822)
    * mariadb: GTID/semi-sync based MariaDB Master/Slave resource-agent
* Tue Jan 09 2018
  - Update to version 4.1.0+git54.b264e401:
    * mpathpersist: New agent (fate#324044)
    * jira: New resource agent
    * azure-lb: New resource agent
    * lxc-info/machine-info: New agents for monitoring containers/machines
    * Low: redis: Check read bit on redis config
    * Low: IPsrcaddr: Only check for ifconfig on BSD/solaris
    * Medium: CTDB: Cope with deprecated "idmap backend" smb.conf option
    * Medium: oracle: Fix alter user syntax for set_mon_user_profile
    * Medium: db2: improve monitor and simplify STANDBY/.../DISCONNECTED
    * Medium: CTDB: fix initial probe
    * Medium: ethmonitor: add intel omnipath support
    * Medium: LVM-activate: avoid unnecessary validation in stop action
    * Medium: IPsrcaddr: match exact route to avoid failing
* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Update to version v4.1.0rc1~git8.2900c751:
    * Drop libnet dependency (bsc#1069596)
    * db2: fix HADR promote when master failed
    * Add resource agent for IPSEC tunnels
    * Mid: apache: Move the stop judgment last.
    * Mid: apache: Eliminate wasteful TERM transmission, correct the waiting time correctly.
    * galera: recover from empty gvwstate.dat
    * Revert "LVM: use vgscan --cache to update metadata during start/relocate"
    * Medium: IPaddr2: do not send Gratuitous ARPs in the Cluster IP configuration
    * Medium: IPaddr2: add send_arp_opts parameter
    * Medium: IPaddr2: allow to choose arping instead of send_arp binary
    * Low: send_arp.linux: print proper usage
    * Low: IPaddr2: document arp_interval as deprecated
    * Low: IPaddr2: remove metadata of an unused parameter arp_mac
    * Low: IPaddr2: always remove orphan pidfile
    * Low: IPaddr2: use ocf_log for an output from send_arp
* Fri Nov 03 2017
  - Update to version 4.0.1+git.1509705432.020b5b34:
    * LVM-activate: add new RA for LVM activation (fate#323822)
    * nfsserver: allow stop to timeout
    * adding docker-native healthcheck query to docker
* Wed Nov 01 2017
  - Update to version 4.0.1+git.1508859013.2b3cb4a6:
    * Medium: aws-vpc-route53: Fix tempfile race (bsc#1059312)
    * High: pgsql: Support PG10: Following the change of the PostgreSQL function name.
    * High: pgsql: Support PG10: Following the change of the default action of "pg_ctl start" and "pg_ctl promote".
* Mon Sep 04 2017
  - Update to version 4.0.1+git.1504527822.722ffb5b:
    * High: ovsmonitor: Add OpenvSwitch monitor agent (fate#323276)
* Thu Aug 31 2017
  - Update to version 4.0.1+git.1504207605.22ac330c: (bsc#1053207)
    * galera: Honor "safe_to_bootstrap" flag in grastate.dat (bsc#1055017)
    * galera: Fix instance name in master_exists() (bsc#1056635)
* Thu Aug 31 2017
  - Update to version 4.0.1+git.1504170332.70fbcd8a:
    * Medium: ocf-shellfuncs: improve locking (ocf_take_lock)
    * Low: ocf-shellfuncs: Avoid printing empty INFO messages (bsc#1053621)
    * Low: SAPInstance: Mention monitor support in documentation (bsc#1051913)
    * High: lvmlockd: add resource agent for lvmlockd daemon (fate#323822)
    * High: rkt: Add agent for managing rkt containers
    * Medium: varnish: Compatibility for version 4.0
* Mon Aug 28 2017
  - Update to version 4.0.1+git.1503904762.b4582bdb:
    * Low: mysql: Fixed bug where crm_admin is never called, leaving master scores to -1 in certain conditions.
    * Low: exportfs: check fsid parameter for not containing a comma
    * Low: mysql: don't run ocf_is_ms check in a subshell
    * Low: redis: add check for redis-check-rdb
    * Low: redis: wait for pid file to appear after start
    * High: pgsql: Allow dynamic membership
    * Medium: CTDB: fix issue with --logfile being replace with --logging
    * Medium: oraasm: new resource agent for Oracle ASM Disk Groups
    * Medium: rabbitmq-cluster: Backup and restore policies
    * Low: Raid1: Clean up spelling and whitespace
    * Medium: LVM: use vgscan --cache to update metadata during start/relocate
    * Medium: LVM: warn when cache mode is not writethrough
    * Medium: iSCSILogicalUnit: add emulate parameters
    * Medium: mysql: Properly Detect read_only State
    * Medium: anything: Allow multiple instances of binfiles to be run (pidfile will be unique)
    * Medium: anything: Start should return OCF_RUNNING if monitor succeeds
    * Medium: anything: Attempt to fix missing PID directory before starting
    * Medium: kamailio fixes and enhancements for v5.0
    * Low: portblock: dont log dd "0+0 records in/out"
    * Medium: Raid1: Handle case when mddev is a symlink
    * Low: sg_persist: Read empty value when when no attribute exists (bsc#1048288)
    * Medium: VirtualDomain: new attributes migrateuri, remoteuri, migration_user
    * Low: sapdb: Add hdbnameserver to monitor services
    * High: CTDB: Don't fail on empty directory (bsc#1052577)
    * High: minio: Resource agent for the minio storage server
    * High: ZFS: Add ZFS Resource Agent
    * High: awseip/awsvip: fixes and improvements
    * Medium: VirtualDomain: new configuration option shutdown_mode
    * Medium: Route: Resource key for the address family (ip4, ip6 or detect)
    * Low: aws-vpc-route53: Fix missing ocf_log in log message
  - Remove patches merged upstream:
    * Remove 0005-Medium-CTDB-Use-logging-syntax-for-ctdbd-bsc-981863.patch
    * Remove 0008-Low-sg_persist-Read-empty-value-when-when-no-attribu.patch
    * Remove 0010-High-CTDB-Don-t-fail-on-empty-directory-bsc-1052577.patch
    * Remove 0009-High-aws-vpc-route53-Add-agent-for-AWS-Route-53-fate.patch
    * Remove 0007-Medium-Raid1-Handle-case-when-mddev-is-a-symlink.patch
* Mon Aug 07 2017
  - High: CTDB: Don't fail on empty directory (bsc#1052577)
    * Add 0010-High-CTDB-Don-t-fail-on-empty-directory-bsc-1052577.patch
* Sun Jul 16 2017
  - High: aws-vpc-route53: Add agent for AWS Route 53 (fate#322781)
    * Add 0009-High-aws-vpc-route53-Add-agent-for-AWS-Route-53-fate.patch
  - Low: sg_persist: Read empty value when when no attribute exists (bsc#1048288)
    * Add 0008-Low-sg_persist-Read-empty-value-when-when-no-attribu.patch
* Fri Jul 14 2017
  - Medium: Raid1: Handle case when mddev is a symlink(bsc#1047991)
* Wed May 17 2017
  - Update to version 4.0.1+git.1495055229.643177f1:
    * High: SAPInstance: Add IS_ERS parameter (bsc#1036486)
    * High: DB2: fix HADR support for DB2 V98+ (bsc#1035470)
    * Medium: iSCSILogicalUnit/iSCSITarget: protect targetcli invocations with locks
    * Medium: iSCSILogicalUnit: lio-t IPv6-support
    * Medium: LVM: add check_writethrough parameter
    * Medium: galera: fix permission of temporary log file for mariadb 10.1.21+
    * Medium: galera: fix the first bootstrap when cluster has no data
    * Medium: docker: fix to deal with the image name correctly.
    * Medium: named: Add support for rndc options in named resource agent.
    * Medium: NodeUtilization: Add NodeUtilization agent
    * Medium: rabbitmq-cluster: Allow the rabbitmq cluster to work on pacemaker remote nodes
    * Medium: galera: fix master target during promotion with cluster_host_map
    * Medium: IPaddr2: add option for specifying IPv6's preferred_lft
    * Medium: docker: Allow callers to specify a set of directories that should be created if the don't exist
    * Low: pgsql: fix regex in set async mode
    * Low: added kamctl parameter as it was missing, causing issues if kamctl is not in PATH
    * Low: clvm: remove reload action from metadata
    * Low: iSCSILogicalUnit: replace openssl call with md5sum
    * Low: nginx: fix return code for configfile err
    * Add 0006-Revert-ocf_log-use-same-log-format-as-pacemaker.patch
* Wed Feb 01 2017
  - Update to version 4.0.0+git.1485962683.3b5faae:
    * Also backup users permissions. Skip guest user permission for vhost /
    * Low: slapd: Change of the stop processing.
    * LVM: add error messages for partial_activation
    * Low: apache: Reduce log spam for success
    * Low: Correctly redirect output to /dev/null
    * Low: eDir88: Fix incorrect shell usage
    * Low: redis: Fix error in log output
    * Low: tomcat: Fix incorrect shell usage
    * Low: rabbitmq-cluster: Fix incorrect shell usage
    * Low: Filesystem: Fix incorrect shell usage
    * Low: nginx: Fix incorrect shell usage
    * Low: ServeRAID: Fix incorrect shell usage
    * Low: postfix: data_dir loop could only ever run once
    * Low: SysInfo: Convert test series to legal syntax
    * tomcat: fix systemd tomcat start script check
    * galera: make last commit parsing compatible with mariadb 10.1.18+
    * galera: prevent promote right after demote
    * ifcheck must not suppress stdout of "ip" command so that it can be printed out in case of an error (e.g., usage in findif_check_params).
    * Medium: IPaddr2: add option to enable sending refresh arp packets in monitor
    * Low: IPaddr2: Log refresh arp packets at debug level instead of info
    * pgsql: fix problem with creating replication slot names, when node count greather then 2
    * Low: Update outdated mailing list/wiki references
    * Enable dump/restore users from RabbitMQ ver. 3.6.x
    * Don't run scriptlets if Mnesia isn't available
    * Don't call erlang:halt/0 inside of the working node
    * Remove file only if successfully imported users
    * Dump users only if non-empty
    * Improve dump/restore ofusers' permissions
    * Restore users' permissions only if Mnesia is running
    * RabbitMQ: Reset Mnesia before joining existing cluster
    * portblock: Use -w (wait) to avoid "insufficient privileges" error
    * portblock: version check for -w
    * Double-quote value of synchronous_standby_names in rep_mode.conf
    * specfile: make requirements general and update comments
    * Filesystem: check if there are any mounts mounted under the mountpoint
    * IPaddr2: return success on stop with invalid IP
    * Fix typo in IPaddr2
    * Fix grammar and spelling in some resource agents
    * galera: allow names in wsrep_cluster_address to differ from pacemaker nodes' names
    * IPaddr2 detect duplicate IP
    * redis: use "CLIENT KILL type normal" to notify clients of master being demoted
    * specfile: Add metadata.rng to the file to be collected
    * Adds support for fstype=zfs on Filesystem resource agent
    * LVM: fix partial activation
    * galera: revert "long SST monitoring" PR #684 and #762
    * Medium: exportfs: Only strip brackets from edges of clientspec (bsc#1022223)
  - Rebase patches:
    * Add 0001-LVM-Default-partial_activation-to-true-in-SLE-HAE.patch
    * Add 0002-nfsserver-fix-path-to-sm-notify.patch
    * Add 0003-ldirectord-don-t-create-subsys-lock.patch
    * Add 0004-Revert-Low-build-Move-binaries-in-usr-lib-heartbeat-.patch
    * Add 0005-Medium-CTDB-Use-logging-syntax-for-ctdbd-bsc-981863.patch
    * Remove lvm-vg-partial-active.diff
    * Remove resource-agents-nfsserver-sle11.patch
    * Remove no-var-lock-subsys.patch
    * Remove 0006-Revert-Low-build-Move-binaries-in-usr-lib-heartbeat-.patch
    * Remove 0001-Medium-CTDB-Use-logging-syntax-for-ctdbd-bsc-981863.patch
* Wed Nov 02 2016
  - Update to version 3.9.7+git.1478106349.5ff08d4:
    * tomcat: Add force_systemd parameter to rely on systemd service
    * nfsserver: dont stop rpcbind, as other services might use it
    * ldirectord: a further fix for spurious reminder e-mails
    * Medium: docker: Reduce monitor log spam
    * Medium: mysql-proxy: Fix incorrect conditional reported by shellcheck
    * Medium: garbd: Fix broken probe check
    * Doc: docker: Clarify limitations of monitor_cmd in parameter description
* Tue Nov 01 2016
  - Update to version 3.9.7+git.1477655995.de4be97:
    * adjusting to work with HANA Multi-Tenant Databases (bsc#1007142)
    * Medium: docker: Use docker exec for monitor_cmd if supported (bsc#1007867)
    * sg_persist: fix matching of hex node ids
    * sg_persist: do not spill info output to stderr
    * fix status clustered to check the specified logical volume
    * Delay: set default startdelay lower than start timeout to avoid it timing out before starting with default values
    * Low: Filesystem: Clearer exit reason if mount fails
* Tue Oct 18 2016
  - Update to version 3.9.7+git.1475827855.a95ea74:
    * High: nfsserver: Delete the temp file correctly.
    * Low: nfsserver: Prevent unnecessary log output
* Tue Oct 18 2016
  - Revert send_arp to libnet version (bsc#985486)
    * For infiniband support in IPaddr2, install ipoibtools
* Thu Oct 06 2016
  - Update to version 3.9.7+git.1475676827.4af1003:
    * High: rabbitmq-cluster: forget stopped rmq nodes with notify=true
    * [rabbitmq-cluster] Backup and restore rabbitmq users during resource restart
    * RabbitMQ: New error code - 69
    * RabbitMQ: Forget node before 2nd joining attempt
    * rabbitmq: Allow automatic cluster recovery before forcing it
    * oracle: fix MONPROFILE to use monprofile parameter when set
    * oracle: fix issue with C## in monprofile (bsc#1005424)
    * oracle: add quotes for monuser and monpassword
    * Medium: pgsql: change stop_escalate parameter as usable value
    * Low: pgsql: adjust stop_escalate time when it is longer than the timeout
    * [galera] Add /etc/default/clustercheck importation
    * Medium: ldirectord: Fix the issue in IPv4/IPv6 mixed environment
    * ldirectord: Do an initial check of all services in when in 'starting' status
    * Low NFS: add more default init scripts to check
    * exportfs: Add pseudo resource factor (bsc#978680)
    * exportfs: Add IPv6 support
    * Low: extend support for AWS elastic ip association
    * Low: Rename ra-dev-guide.txt to ra-dev-guide.asc
    * garbd: Introduces garbd resource-agent
  - Drop merged patches:
    * Remove 0001-Medium-ldirectord-Remove-IPv6-workaround-bsc-977193.patch
    * Remove 0001-exportfs-Add-pseudo-resource-factor-bsc-978680.patch
* Thu Aug 11 2016
  - Use non-libnet version of send_arp for IB support (bsc#985486)
* Thu Jun 30 2016
  - Remove unused conditions from the spec-file as we build only on
    new enough distributions
  - Sort all variables with spec-cleaner for better readability
  - Enable monitoring subpkg as we now have all the needed dependencies
  - Convert to pkgconfig style dependencies where applicable
* Tue Jun 28 2016
  - exportfs: Add pseudo resource factor (bsc#978680)
  - Add 0001-exportfs-Add-pseudo-resource-factor-bsc-978680.patch
* Mon May 30 2016
  - Medium: ldirectord: Remove IPv6 workaround (bsc#977193)
  - Medium: CTDB: Use --logging syntax for ctdbd (bsc#981863)
  - Add 0001-Medium-ldirectord-Remove-IPv6-workaround-bsc-977193.patch
  - Add 0001-Medium-CTDB-Use-logging-syntax-for-ctdbd-bsc-981863.patch
* Fri May 20 2016
  - Remove redundant %clean section. Ensure systemd-tmpfiles is run.
* Tue May 03 2016
  - Update to version 3.9.7+git.1461938976.cb7c36a:
    + High: managing "Elastic IP" for EC2 instances
    + High: managing "Secondary Private IP" for EC2 instances
    + Low: VirtualDomain: fix unnecessary error when probing nonexistent domain
    + Low: mysql: Handle non-standard mysql server port
    + Low: Fix protential error for RA:nagios
    + Medium: iSCSILogicalUnit: Fix when using rbd store.
    + Low: iSCSILogicalUnit: Add tgt_bsopts parameter.
    + Low: Don't send Inaccessible real server e-mails in fork=yes mode
* Tue Apr 26 2016
  - Update to version 3.9.7+git.1461679689.18a78f5:
    + Medium: symlink: Handle missing directories in target (bsc#973054)
    + oracle: "shutdown immediate;" is needed after cleanup to be able to recover from the ORA-01081 error
    + oracle: inform user that monprofile must start with C## for container databases
    + tickle_tcp: Fix "Failed to open raw socket (Invalid argument)" issue
* Mon Mar 21 2016
  - Update to version 3.9.7+git.1458512170.48350a9:
    + High: SAPDatabase: Add support for Oracle 12c (bsc#967380)
    + High: evaluate parameter DBOSUSER also in start and stop methods (bsc#971914)
    + Low: SAPInstance: Update version support statement (bsc#965872)
    + Low: apache: ensure readable $TESTCONFFILE
    + Added iSER enabled portal support
    + quote vgchange options
    + Added pgagent RA
    + galera: fix monitoring of joining node for long running SST
    + galera: don't bootstrap from a node with no grastate.dat when possible
    + oralsnr: fix status check fail when username is more than 8 characters long
* Fri Feb 19 2016
  - Update to version 3.9.7+git.1454950092.6f56933:
    + Dev: ocft: include runocft to the tarball
* Wed Feb 03 2016
  - Update to version 3.9.7+git.1454497075.e697f43:
    + Medium: nfsserver: fix monitor for systemd
    + galera: force crash recovery if needed during last commit detection
    + galera: prevent recovered nodes from bootstrapping cluster when possible
    + galera: remove bashism
    + Add portal check to open_iscsi_get_session_id()
* Thu Jan 28 2016
  - Update to version 3.9.7~rc1+git.1453889774.3446b99:
    + Low: ldirectord: Fix unset failcount error (bsc#962795)
* Mon Jan 18 2016
  - Update to version 3.9.6+git.1452867140.fc8ace0:
    + SAPDatabase: Add Oracle 12 to list of supported databases (bsc#953991)
    + High: clvm: fix issue with only first option of daemon_options being used
    + High: mysql: fix grep failure on MySQL5.6 or higher when checking read_only variable
    + Medium: sg_persist: remove uncalled for ocf_run calls
    + Medium: ocf_shellfuncs: suppress bash specific trace_ra log on dash
    + Medium: ocf-rarun: replace error log messages with calls to ocf_exit_reason
    + Medium: nfsserver: do redhat specific stuff on redhat
    + Medium: iscsi: replace error log messages with calls to ocf_exit_reason
    + Medium: oracle/oralsnr: replace error log messages with calls to ocf_exit_reason
    + Medium: pingd: replace error log messages with calls to ocf_exit_reason
    + Medium: Raid1: replace error log messages with calls to ocf_exit_reason
    + Medium: pgsql: replace error log messages with calls to ocf_exit_reason
    + Medium: exportfs: don't increment fsid for single directory
    + Medium: Filesystem: add overlay as supported filesystem
    + Medium: mysql: When mysql has been already stopped, mysql is finished normally.
    + Low: pgsql: fix to be used valid charcters when the invalid characters is used in replication_slot_name.
    + Low: mysql: fix missing variables
    + Low: mysql: tmpfile is leaking when set the OCF_CHECK_LEVEL to 10
    + Low: nfsserver: prevent error messages on platforms without rpcuser (again)
    + Low: pgsql : fix invalid log message
    + Low: apache-conf: handle parsing includes with values in quotes
    + Low: pgsql: properly show default values in meta-data
    + Low : Changed the check handling of pid to the common function.
    + Low : Changed it that the message which pid file deleted repeated and did not appear
    + Low: pgsql: fix grep failure when using pacemaker 1.1.12
    + LVM: Allow vgck failures if partial
    + LVM: Correct grammar in partial_activation descriptions
    + IPaddr2: Add IPv6 DAD collision detection
    + VirtualDomain: New resource attributes migration_speed and migration_downtime
    + Nagios Resource Agent
    + Fix 90s wait/killing of databases containing the name of the database being killed, and added cleanup code to kill remaining listener process.
    + wait up to startup_wait seconds before failing if mysqld startup is slow
  - Remove patches that have been merged upstream
    - Remove 0001-nfsserver-Add-EXEC_MODE-for-systemd-without-nfs-lock.patch
    - Remove 0002-nfsserver-Use-rpc-statd.service-for-NFS-locking-in-E.patch
* Tue Nov 24 2015
  - nfsserver: Use rpc-statd.service for NFS locking in EXEC_MODE=3 (bsc#955114)
  - Add 0002-nfsserver-Use-rpc-statd.service-for-NFS-locking-in-E.patch
* Fri Nov 20 2015
  - nfsserver: Add EXEC_MODE for systemd without nfs-lock.service (bsc#955114)
  - Add 0001-nfsserver-Add-EXEC_MODE-for-systemd-without-nfs-lock.patch
* Wed Oct 14 2015
  - Update to version 3.9.6+git.1444655379.5f44ac6:
    + send_arp: fix for infiniband, re-merge from upstream iputils arping
    + Medium: docker: Correction of the mistake of the variable name.
    + Low: s/ist/is typo fix
    + Low: syslog-ng: set default binary to /sbin/syslog-ng
    + galera: start joining nodes during 'monitor' to allow long-running SST
    + galera: document the bootstrap flow
* Wed Sep 16 2015
  - Update to version 3.9.6+git.1442374860.7f3628a:
    + Low: pgsql: set_master_score use an undefined variable($target).
    + Fix exec_sql errors like "unknown variable select pg_ " on ubuntu
    + Low: Allow + and - as broadcast arguments (bsc#940931)
    + Low: IPaddr2: Describe + and - broadcast arguments (bsc#940931) (#656)
    + galera: add support for MYSQL_HOST and MYSQL_PORT from clustercheck
* Tue Sep 08 2015
  - Update to version 3.9.6+git.1441596198.a62fc5a:
    + High: clvm: activate_vgs option for enable/disable of automatic vg activation
    + High: IPsrcaddr: return correct error code during stop when misconfigured
    + Fixed redis start operation if replication sync takes > 20 seconds
    + Made 'slave of XXX' wait forever (demote)
    + Low: pgsql: eliminate duplicate "ocf_exit_reason".
    + Docker: remove trailing spaces
    + Docker: fix docker existance test report error
    + High: redis: avoid 0 byte dump.rdb start failures
    + High: dhcpd: use correct default chroot for rhel based systems
    + interpret listener stop results correctly
    + Support RozoFS
    + Low: pgsql: replace "output=su ..." to a new function, exec_sql()
    + Medium: pgsql: delete an old replication slot when creating the slot.
    + iSCSILogicalUnit: add check for leftover target/core entries for lio-t
    + iSCSILogicalUnit: return OCF_NOT_RUNNING on monitor if backing path does not exist
    + iSCSILogicalUnit: when deleting a LUN or initiator fails with lio-t, proceed with warning
    + iSCSITarget: properly create portals for lio-t implementation
    + more accurate search results when tag is not specified
    + Fix "docker images" difference between distro
    + more strictly image check for repository, name, and tag
    + Use runuser inteald of su command for SELinux enforcing mode
    + Use runuser command instead of su in order to run selinux enforcing mode.
    + Medium: CTDB: Preserve permissions on smb.conf (bsc#935253)
    + High: redis: use required client pass word when set
    + Added "maxfiles" parameter for increasing maximum number of open files (for ulimit -n)
    + Low: update contact info
    + pgsql: Fix return code override in pgsql_real_start()
    + [high] Fix redis password parser
* Fri May 08 2015
  - Update to version 3.9.6+git.1430920897.b7ea7f9:
    + High: galera: make sure to clear last known sequence number promote is even attempted
    + High: galera: properly redetect bootstrap after demote
    + High: ethmonitor: link_status_only option for skipping RX counter and arping tests
* Tue Apr 21 2015
  - Update to version 3.9.6+git.1429568091.f79322c:
    + Medium: multiple: make sure that the pidfile directory exist
    + Fix process name grep in exit_idle
    + Low: pgsql: fix check_wal_receiver to prevent incorrect "ERROR" status display and output WARN log in the master
    + Low: allow rgmanager lvm agent to handle hostname aliases
    + Fix rmq_join_list to only return online nodes
    + Medium: pgsql: Support replication slots
    + Low: pgsql: add validation check for replication slot.
    + Low: redis: smarter config argument default
    + Fix: redis: reliable shutdown.
    + Low: redis: loosen advertised default monitor timeout seconds
    + Fix: redis: do not attempt to demote if redis is dead
    + Low: redis: make sure to always delete master score on stop
    + Low: redis: reconnect to new master after promotion
    + High: redis: only connect to active master instances
    + High: redis: wait_last_known_master option for redis agent.
    + Low: redis: prevent bash syntax errors and lower priority some log messages
    + High: galera: retrieve last sequence number without using read-only mode
    + Fix return code in asterisk_monitor #2
* Tue Apr 07 2015
  - Update to version 3.9.6+git.1427133197.6897c9c:
    + High: introducing rabbitmq clustering agent
    + Filesystem: fix misspelled log messages
    + Filesystem: support overlayfs
    + Medium: sg_persist: do use the binary parameter
    + Medium: dnsupdate: use the advertised nsupdate_opts
    + build: add missing RAs to makefiles
    + Fix: nfsserver: avoid re-tagging nfs sysconfig with autogen header
    + nfsserver: merge options into existing sysconfig/nfs
    + portblock: portno param can be a string like 137,138
    + portblock: replace ancient heartbeat config with crm configure
    + portblock: clarify TCP RST vs ICMP port unreachable
    + portblock: capitalize "Linux"
    + portblock: ports can't be "turned off"
    + portblock: fix typo
    + Medium: VirtualDomain: enforce C locale in force_stop
    + Low: VirtualDomain: Fixed to correctly get the return code of the "virsh destroy" command
    + redis: retry on unknown error when starting
    + bash bug fix, no arbitrary stop timeout, placeholder master during election period
    + build: update ChangeLog for 3.9.6
    + Medium: VirtualDomain: enforce C locale in status
    + CTDB: Change default socket location to CTDB's expected default.
    + CTDB: Whitespace cleanup.
    + Medium: VirtualDomain: add migrate_options parameter
    + nginx: Allow different URLs for level 10 and 20 monitor
    + build: update ChangeLog for 3.9.6-rc1
    + Low: for rgmanager nfs agent, strip off trailing '/' from path option
    + Allow MySQL to run as user other than mysql
    + Fix missed detection of write failure
    + Low: fixes rgmanager pgsql agent's ability to detect user group
    + Modify manual for negotiatetimeout
    + Medium: iscsi: run iscsi discovery only when necessary
    + High: VirtualDomain: save the config before virsh undefine (bnc#891915)
    + RA and ocft for sg_persist
    + ldirectord: Add Install section for systemd unit file.
    + Use calculated default pidfile.
    + Removed 'pidof' because it's not cross-platform compatible
    + Using 'check_binary'
    + ldirectord: modify manual and sample for Radius check
    + ldirectord: Fix can not remove virtualservice when stopping ldirectord via systemctl.
    + Use the most specific matching route
    + Low: LVM: volgrpname is unique (meta-data update)
    + Medium: ldirectord: Get correct user for sending email (bnc#910497)
    + Low: remove POSIX-incompatible command
    + Low: add variables OCF_RA_VERSION_MAJOR, OCF_RA_VERSION_MINOR, OCF_EXIT_REASON_PREFIX OCF_RESOURCE_TYPE, and OCF_RESOURCE_PROVIDER in ra-dev-guide.txt based on pacemaker source
    + Low: add a few more references to notify in ra-dev-guide.txt
    + #526, do not set write_back when creating backstore/block
    + Medium: portblock: Feature: reset_tcp_on_unblock_stop
    + Low: nfsserver: prevent error messages on platforms without rpcuser
    + Medium: Xen: fix regression with xm and quoting (lf#2671)
    + re-add LXCpre1.0 logic
    + remove check for unused binary
    + fix for missing lxc-ps command in ocf:heartbeat:lxc
    + Low: Route: some unique attributes are not unique
    + Log domain status in debug mode for xl and xen-list
    + Medium: IPaddr2 findif: accept dotted quad netmask
    + Low: mysql: document use of notify metadata attr for master/slave
    + Medium: VirtualDomain: For Xen, prefer xl to xen-list (boo#901453)
    + Medium: Xen: Use xl list $domain return code in status check (boo#901453)
    + Low: pgsql: PostgreSQL 9.3 compatibility for unix_socket_directories
  - Remove merged patches:
    + findif-multiple-routes-bnc892755.patch
    + fix-sg_persist-commented-byLars.patch
    + fix-sg_persist-demote-error.patch
    + fix-sg_persist-devs-required-and-not-defined.patch
    + fix-sg_persist-for-code-normalization.patch
    + resource-agents-new-sg_persist.patch
    + sg_persist-ocft-not-configure-iscsi.patch
* Thu Dec 04 2014
  - fix fix-sg_persist-devs-required-and-not-defined.patch
    to eliminate build warning: script-without-shebang
* Fri Nov 21 2014
  - Update to upstream cs v3.9.5-631-g992ca06
    - High: Introduces the docker agent to manage docker containers in an HA environment
    - High: mysql: report error when validation fails during monitor yet pid is still active
    - High: mysql-common: avoid use of check_binary in common validation function.
    - Medium: ocf-shellfuncs: set HA_LOGD depending on HA_use_logd
    - Low: VirtualDomain: downgrade error msg during probe
    - Modified replication_user description: RELOAD privilege is required for RESET SLAVE or RESET SLAVE ALL command.
    - Only strip tag on stop if we are owner
    - Low: pgsql: PostgreSQL 9.3 compatibility for unix_socket_directories
    - Medium: Xen: Use xl list $domain return code in status check (boo#901453)
    - Medium: VirtualDomain: For Xen, prefer xl to xen-list (boo#901453)
    - Low: mysql: document use of notify metadata attr for master/slave
* Thu Oct 16 2014
  - Update to upstream cs v3.9.5-589-gb644395
    - High: iSCSILogicalUnit: fixes syntax errors
    - High: galera: do not ignore specified check_password
    - Fix: shellfuncs: fix syntax error caused by exit_reason support for dash shell.
    - Fix: ocf_exit_reason: implicit format string "%s" for single argument version
    - Fix: ha_log: drop global __ha_log_ignore_stderr_once hack
    - $((var++)) breaks in the dash shell



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