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nfs-client-2.1.1-10.12.1 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for s390x

Name: nfs-client Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 2.1.1 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 10.12.1 Build date: Wed May 5 02:31:03 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/NFS Build host: s390lp4
Size: 805343 Source RPM: nfs-utils-2.1.1-10.12.1.src.rpm
Summary: Support Utilities for NFS
This package contains common NFS utilities which are needed for client
and kernel based server.






* Thu Sep 03 2020
  - 0009-Convert-remaining-python-scripts-to-python3.patch
    Python is no longer installed by default and these scripts
    work with python3, so request that explicitly.
* Thu Jul 09 2020
  - 0008-gssd-replace-non-thread-safe-strtok-with-strsep.patch
    Fix bug with concurrent gssd requests arriving from kernel.
* Mon Sep 30 2019
  - Don't make /var/lib/nfs owned by statd.
    Only sm and sm.bak need to be accessible by
    statd or sm-notify after they drop privs.
    Providing they get created, the parent
    directory can be root-owned.
  - 0007-statd-user-from-sm
    Change rpc.statd and sm-notify to take uid from the sm
    (bsc#1150733 CVE-2019-3689)
* Mon Dec 03 2018
  - 0002-Let-systemd-know-when-rpc.statd-is-needed.patch
    Fixes for systemd integration
  - nfs.conf: spell NFSV4LEASETIME correctly.
* Fri Jul 06 2018
  - Create files in /var/lib/nfs via tmpfiles.d [bsc#1100404],
* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Fri Oct 06 2017
  - fix incorrect dependency in
    When yast restarts "nfs" it should propagate to nfs-client,
    but doesn't.
* Wed Jul 05 2017
  - nsm-headers.patch: add missing <stdint.h>
* Tue May 02 2017
  - Prerequire needed group "nogroup"
* Wed Feb 08 2017
  - update upstream version from 1.3.4 to 2.1.1
    The significant update is that configuration can
    now be read from a central /etc/nfs.conf file, and
    it can include other files such as /etc/sysconfig/nfs
    This means that the old nfs-config.service systemd
    unit is no longer needed.
  - /etc/nfs.conf file created to import all sysconfig
    settings except *_OPTIONS directly into running code.
  - dropins created to pass *_OPTIONS sysconfig setting to
    the various daemons.
  - various specfile improvements, such as using "-D" in
    "install" commands, and adding "verify_permissions".
  - "xtab" has not been needed for years and has now been remove.
  - sysconfig.nfs updated, particular the ServiceRestart
    declarations have been tuned for systemd units.
  - 0003-nfs-server-generator-handle-noauto-mounts-correctly.patch
    Fix the nfs-server-generator so that mounts marked "noauto"
    are not automatically mounted when NFS exported.
  - 0001-conffile-ignore-empty-environment-variables.patch
    Other minor fixes found during testing.
    now included upstream
* Thu Jan 19 2017
  - Check for existence of "statd" user before creating it,
    and do not suppress errors about it.
  - Ensure units passed to %service_* are full filenames.
  - Pass all units (non-templated) to %service_*.
* Mon Nov 14 2016
  - Also ignore errors on the first chown call: this can happen
    especially in the build system when shadow is not present and
    the user has not been generated in the %pre phase.
* Fri Oct 21 2016
  - move rpc.svcgssd and corresponding man page from
    nfs-client package to nfs-kernel-server.
    For NFSv4.0 this is needed on client as well as
    the server to support the back-channel.
* Sun Aug 21 2016
    1.3.4 moved the config script location to somewhere
    that doesn't exist on openSUSE.  Move it somewhere
    better and install it there.
* Wed Aug 10 2016
  - nfs-utils-1.3.4.tar.xz
    New upstream release.  Lots of bugfixes, no significant
    functionality changes
  - delete 0001-Fix-protocol-minor-version-fall-back.patch
    delete 0001-close-the-syslog-fd-in-daemon_init.patch
    delete 0001-mount-run-START_STATD-fully-as-root.patch
    delete 0001-mount.nfs-hide-EBUSY-errors.patch
    delete 0001-mount.nfs-trust-the-exit-status-of-start_statd.patch
    delete 0001-systemd-Decouple-the-starting-and-stopping-of-rpcbin.patch
    delete 0002-systemd-unit-files-fix-up-dependencies-on-rpcbind.patch
    delete nfs-utils-no-svcgss.service
    delete nfs-utils-uninit-mem.patch
    All patches are included in 1.3.4
* Tue Aug 09 2016
    Fix some problems with version_params.
    Various misspellings and remove the possiblity
    that V4 is both disabled and enabled.
* Mon Aug 08 2016
  - Drop OMC svcinfo file, nowdays useless
* Mon Aug 08 2016
  - Sort a bit with spec-cleaner to get uptodate spec
  - Convert deps from regular devels to pkgconfig style
* Tue May 24 2016
  - 0001-systemd-Decouple-the-starting-and-stopping-of-rpcbin.patch
    Fix systemd dependencies to ensure rpcbind is started when needed.
* Thu Apr 21 2016
  - 0001-close-the-syslog-fd-in-daemon_init.patch
    Without this, tracing doesn't work
  - 0001-mount.nfs-trust-the-exit-status-of-start_statd.patch
  - 0001-mount-run-START_STATD-fully-as-root.patch
* Mon Apr 04 2016
  - Drop unused BuildRequires for libgssglue, not used with tirpc
* Mon Apr 04 2016
  - Drop unused BuildRequires for librpcsecgss, tirpc version is used
* Wed Mar 02 2016
  - 0001-mount.nfs-hide-EBUSY-errors.patch
    Stop "mount -a -t nfs" from complaining if filesystem
    already mounted (bsc#950340)
* Thu Feb 18 2016
  - 0001-Fix-protocol-minor-version-fall-back.patch
* Wed Feb 17 2016
  - nfs.service: don't mount/unmount nfs filesystems.
    systemd does this automatically.  Trying to do it here too
    causes timing races (boo#963616)
* Thu Nov 26 2015
  - nfs-utils-uninit-mem.patch: fix use of uninitialized memory (bsc#956743)
* Mon Nov 09 2015
  - Remove sysvinit related macros; the package doesn't contain any
    sysvinit script
  - Replace systemd with systemd-rpm-macros; increase dependencies
  - Use %configure macro
  - Remove depreciated %clean section
* Tue Oct 27 2015
  - Use proper annotations for service restart (bsc#952055).
* Thu Oct 22 2015
  - update upstream version from 1.3.1 to 1.3.3.
    This contains lots of bugfixes but not significant new features.
  - delete
    delete 0002-Centralize-dependencies-on-the-auth-unit.patch
    both included upstream
  - nfs-utils-no-svcgss.service
    fix minor make-install issue (has since been accepted upstream)
  - use "make install" to install systemd files instead of hand-code.
  - retain rpc-svcgssd for now until gss-proxy is packaged.
* Thu Oct 15 2015
  - honour RPC_PIPEFS_DIR setting.
    It is currently ignored due to a logic error.
* Thu Sep 24 2015
  - nfsserver.service.  Provide ExecReload directive.
    This allows "systemctl reload nfsserver" to work.
    PropagatesReloadTo but itself is not enough if this
    unit doesn't have it's own Reload handler.
* Thu Aug 13 2015
  - sysconfig.nfs: add STATD_PORT, STATD_HOSTNAME,
    Also handle NFSV4LEASETIME, which was missing.
* Mon Aug 10 2015
  - nfs.service: improve back-compatibility with /etc/init.d/nfs
    + mount and unmount nfs filesystems on start/stop.
    + keep status as "good" when everything is running.
* Sun Nov 09 2014
  - fix bashisms in pre/post scripts
* Wed Nov 05 2014
  - new upstream nfs-utils-1.3.1
    This brings numerous fixes, particularly to gssd and
    nfsdcltrack.  It incorporates all the upstreamable
    patches we had:
  - Delete  nfsdcltrack.sbin.patch
  - Delete  start-statd.patch
    Patches from 1.3.2-rc, which look useful
  - Convert from /etc/init.d startup scripts to full
    systemd integration.
    The upstream standard names are "nfs-client" and "nfs-server"
    rather than "nfs" and "nfsserver", so local "nfs" "nfsserver"
    aliases are created and "rcXXX" links are provided for all 4.



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