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kubernetes1.17-kubelet-common-1.17.7-lp153.1.45 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for s390x

Name: kubernetes1.17-kubelet-common Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.3
Version: 1.17.7 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp153.1.45 Build date: Wed May 19 01:27:02 2021
Group: System/Management Build host: s390zp2a
Size: 277011 Source RPM: kubernetes1.17-1.17.7-lp153.1.45.src.rpm
Summary: Kubernetes kubelet daemon
Manage a cluster of Linux containers as a single system to accelerate Dev and simplify Ops.
kubelet daemon






* Fri Jun 19 2020
  - Update to version 1.17.7:
    * Fix fieldType being dropped by older go-clients
    * FieldManager: Reset if we receive nil or a list with one empty item
    * enable floating IP for IPv6
    * Extend AWS azToRegion method to support Local Zones and other partitions
    * kubelet: block non-forwarded packets from crossing the localhost boundary
    * Deflake port-forward e2e test
    * Skip Pod Conditions from scheduling queue updates
    * add test for finalizers
    * skip unnecessary scheduling attempt when pod's finalizers change
    * set dest prefix and port for IPv6 sg rule
    * Create class to call function at most every given period
    * fieldManager: Ignore and log all errors when updating managedFields
    * Make kubectl tolerate other versions of the CSR API
    * Changes to ManagedFields is not mutation for GC
    * fix a number of unbounded dimensions in request metrics
    * build: Use debian-hyperkube-base@v1.0.0 image
    * Source CNI plugins from gs://k8s-artifacts-cni/release
    * Update CNI to v0.8.6
    * releng: Remove debian-hyperkube-base image building from this branch
    * Fix public IP not shown issues after assigning public IP to Azure VMs
    * fix: formating and typo
    * fix: address test failure and review comments
    * fix: add unit tests for truncate long subnet name on lb ip configuration
    * fix: should truncate long subnet name on lb rules
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.17.6
    * kubeadm: fix flakes when performing etcd MemberAdd on slower setups
    * Add back anti-affinity to kube-dns pods.
    * Check for empty zone string
    * Azure - do not use 0 zone or empty string for zone when creating PVs
    * Fix client-ca dynamic reload in apiserver
    * Make updateAllocatedDevices() as a public method and call it in podresources api
* Wed Jun 10 2020 Richard Brown <>
  - Add reproducible-buildid.patch to make package build reproducible
  - Remove %{?_smp_mflags} to make build more reliable [boo#1172744]
* Tue Jun 09 2020
  - Update to version 1.17.6:
    * Azure: support non-VMSS instances removal
    * deps: Use debian-base:v2.1.0 and debian-iptables:v12.1.0
    * build: Add build-image OWNERS to debian-{base,iptables} and pause dirs
    * count no nodes scheduling failure as unschedulable instead of error
    * base-images: Update to kube-cross:v1.13.9-5
    * build: Alpha-sort dependencies.yaml
    * Work-around for missing metrics on CRI-O exited containers
    * fix: azure disk dangling attach issue
    * fix: ACR auth fails in private azure clouds
    * Restore cache-control header filter
    * bugfix: initcontainer wasn't considered when calculate resource request
    * fix: azure file csi migration failure
    * Fix flaws in Azure CSI translation
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.17.5
    * Move PSP tests behind a feature tag
    * Fix code for 1.17
    * kube-openapi bump to release-1.17
    * Do not reset managedFields in status update strategy
    * Use discovery to test apply all status
    * Preserve int/float distinction when decoding raw values
    * All check for instanceID
    * Fix AWS eventual consistency of AttachDisk
    * fix: update max azure disk max count
    * Fix cherry-pick errors
    * Fix CSINodeInfo startup
    * Wait for APIServer 'ok' forever during CSINode initialization during Kubelet init
* Mon Jun 08 2020 Richard Brown <>
  - Add ConditionPathExists=/var/lib/kubelet/config.yaml to kubelet.service [boo#1146372]
* Wed Jun 03 2020 Richard Brown <>
  - Avoid unncessary kubernetes1.17-kubelet package removal [boo#1168390]
* Wed May 20 2020 Richard Brown <>
  - Run sysctl -a --system before kubelet to ensure sysctl parameters are correctly loaded [boo#1171770]
* Fri Apr 24 2020
  - Update to version 1.17.5:
    * Fix GCE ILB for large clusters
    * gce-addons: Make sure default/limit-range doesn't get overridden
    * Restore the ability to `kubectl apply --prune` without -n flag
    * Fix client watch reestablishment handling of client-side timeouts
    * Fix priorityClass typo, add numeric priority to static pods
    * Test dropped round-trip annotations in HPA conversion
    * Drop round-trip annotations in HPA conversion
    * Ensure Azure availability zone is always in lower cases
    * Clean up event messages for errors.
    * Fix permissions for endpointslice controller
    * Allow to continue if a resource fails to list
    * Check that ImageInspect pointer is not nil
    * Fix bug about unintentional scale out during updating deployment.
    * kubeadm: increase timeouts in the etcd client
    * kubeadm: handle multiple members without names during concurrent join
    * build/dependencies: Remove bazel WORKSPACE go_version check
    * deps: Update to Golang 1.13.9
    * build: Remove kube-cross image building
    * Fix the VMSS name and resource group name when updating VMSS for LoadBalancer backendPools.
    * Remove wait.Until for running Kubelet Bootstrap
    * Parallelize attach operations across different nodes for volumes that allow multi-attach
    * Add nil nodeinfo check in podFitsOnNode
    * fix: check disk status before disk azure disk
    * Update kube-openapi to release-1.17
    * Update tag for structured-merge-diff to v2.0.1
    * EndpointSlice and Endpoints should treat terminating pods the same
    * EndpointSliceTracker should track updated resource version
    * Ensuring EndpointSlices are not used for Windows kube-proxy implementations
    * Ensuring kube-proxy does not mutate shared EndpointSlices
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.17.4
    * let image cache do sort on write instead of on read to avoid data
    * Removing kubectl get output e2e test
    * Fix VMSS cache content
    * Preserve target apiVersion when decoding into unstructured lists
    * Adding a temporary fix for kubectl get output e2e test
    * /readyz should start returning failure on shutdown initiation
    * test: don't use hardcoded pod count for memory limit test
    * Fixed in the GCE/PD in-tree volume logic to expose the max number of persistent-disks for each instance type correctly.
    * Honor status.podIP over status.podIPs, node.spec.podCIDR over node.spec.podCIDRs
    * fix: corrupted mount point in csi driver
    * fix: azure file mount timeout issue
    * fix behaviour of aws-load-balancer-security-groups annotation
    * fix: add remediation in azure disk attach/detach
    * Update to golang@1.13.8
    * build: Enable kube-cross push/pull from K8s Infra GCR
    * build: Add justaugustus as reviewer
    * build: Add OWNERS on build-image/
    * rename to sharedLimitWriter
    * address review feedback
    * Fix docker/journald logging conformance
    * fix get-kube authorization headers
    * Calling hcsshim instead of docker api to get stats for windows to greatly reduce latency
    * adding e2e test to ensure it takes less than 10 seconds to query kubelet stats for windows nodes
    * update
    * kube-proxy filter Load Balancer Status ingress
    * kube-proxy unit test FilterIncorrectIPVersion
    * add delays between goroutines for vm instance update
    * Updated test cos image to include runc-1.0.0-rc10
    * Fix gce-cos-master-reboot test
    * Fix route conflicted operations when updating multiple routes together
    * fix: get azure disk lun timeout issue
    * Set up connection onClose prior to adding to connection map
    * fix: add azure disk migration support for CSINode
    * Add annotation annealing for migration for PVs and PVCs during syncVolume and syncClaim. This allows external-provisioners to pick up and delete volumes when they have been rolled up from previous kubernetes versions.
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.17.3
    * Limit number of instances in single update to GCE target pool
    * Add code to fix kubelet/metrics memory issue.
    * Remove Error log for nil StartTime
    * CHANGELOG: Move changelogs into a subdir to delegate releng approvals
    * Enable selinux tags in make targets
    * Fix pending_pods, schedule_attempts_total was not recorded
    * Fixing Potential Race Condition in EndpointSlice Controller.
    * Restore statefulset conversion that populates apiVersion/kind in volume templates
    * Use standard default storage media type in local-up-cluster
    * changelog: clarify 1.17 upgrade requirements
    * Fix back off when scheduling cycle is delayed
    * blank out value for unbounded client label
    * update to v2.2.8
    * set nil cache entry based on old cache
    * Revert "It fixes a bug where AAD token obtained by kubectl is incompatible with on-behalf-of flow and oidc."
    * Fix issue with GCE scripts assuming Python2.
    * Add/Update for v1.17.2.
    * [1.17] No-op whitespace fix to CHANGELOG-1.17 to trigger a new 1.17 build
    * Update to golang@1.13.6
    * Fix the bug PIP's DNS is deleted if no DNS label service annotation is set.
    * kubenet: replace gateway with cni result
    * Add/Update for v1.17.1.
    * Fixes unnecessary creation of default SG and trying to delete non-provisioned SG by k8s system when annotation [] is present
    * Ensure a provider ID is set on a node if expected
    * Bind metrics-server containers to linux nodes to avoid Windows scheduling on kubernetes cluster includes linux nodes and windows nodes
    * Drop version from static openapi json file
    * Update to golang@1.13.5
    * Revert reflector changes from PR #83520 from 1.17
    * Fix IPv6 addresses lost issue in pure ipv6 vsphere environment
    * Fix unit test to run in non-gce environments
    * fix: azure disk could not mounted on Standard_DC4s/DC2s instances
    * Use legacyscheme's types rather than testapi ones
    * Fix nil pointer dereference in the azure provider
    * Add unit test for extended ipv4 service IP range
    * Revert "remove ipallocator in favor of k/utils net package"
    * It fixes a bug where AAD token obtained by kubectl is incompatible with on-behalf-of flow and oidc.
    * Allocate map when out points to nil map
    * fix: azure data disk should use same key as os disk by default
    * Check FileInfo against nil during walk of container dir path
    * Add UID precondition to kubelet pod status patch updates
    * Add cache for VMSS.
    * Fix build break - Hyperkube image needs kubelet/kubectl
    * Include cloud/gcp in e2e.test
    * Do not swallow timeout in manageReplicas
    * Sync the status of static Pods
    * Increase Burst limit for discovery client
    * Update v1.17.0 CHANGELOG to match final draft
    * Fix LoadBalancer rule checking so that no unexpected LoadBalancer updates are made
    * Fix broken SELinux detection
    * Add/Update for v1.17.0.
    * Kubernetes version v1.17.1-beta.0 openapi-spec file updates
    * Deflake kubectl custom printing test
    * Refactor parsing logic for service IP and ranges, add tests
    * Fix bug in apiserver service cluster cidr split
    * Switch addon resizer to 1.8.7
    * Deflake pod readiness e2e
    * Add/Update for v1.17.0-rc.2.
    * Move hostdns.conf out of cni directory.
    * Fix iscsi refcounter in the case of no Block iscsi volumes
    * Ensure webhook backend requests are not artificially rate-limited
    * Retain objects for a limited lifetime in the mutation cache detector by default
    * Enable mutation detection
    * Make cluster auto scaler use leases
    * Bump Cluster Autoscaler version to 1.17.0
    * fix: padded base64 encoded docker auth field
    * apiextensions: filter required nullable to workaround kubectl validation
    * update cadvisor  dependency to v0.35.0
    * Bumped the number of times a node tries to lookup itself
    * Wait for PV to be available before creating PVCs in volume binding test
    * increase pv controller resync period to try to deflake api update conflicts
    * Fix GKE upgrade test.
    * Use plugin name for filtering metrics
    * Provided a mechanism to re-register hidden metrics.
    * Deep copying EndpointSlices in reconciler before modifying them.
    * Set node cidr mask size ipv4/ipv6 config
    * Revert "kube-proxy: check KUBE-MARK-DROP"
    * Add/Update for v1.17.0-rc.1.
    * Add/Update for v1.17.0-beta.2.
    * Add/Update for v1.17.0-beta.1.
    * Results of running update scripts: update-openapi-spec
    * Delete extraneous CHANGELOG-*.md files on branch.
* Thu Apr 16 2020 Richard Brown <>
  - kubelet-common: conflict with other instances of kubelet-common and require kubernetes-kubelet%{baseversion}
* Fri Apr 03 2020 Richard Brown <>
  - Initial Packaging - see kubernetes changelog for historic logs



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