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crash-devel-7.2.8-lp152.2.15 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 for x86_64

Name: crash-devel Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 7.2.8 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.2.15 Build date: Tue Jun 9 04:08:12 2020
Group: Development/Tools/Debuggers Build host: cloud126
Size: 217745 Source RPM: crash-7.2.8-lp152.2.15.src.rpm
Summary: Development files for crash
This files are required to build extensions for crash.

Crash is the core analysis suite that can be used to investigate either
live systems, kernel core dumps created from the netdump and diskdump
packages from Red Hat Linux, the mcore kernel patch offered by Mission
Critical Linux, or the LKCD kernel patch.

    David Anderson <>






* Sat Apr 18 2020 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Make Factory ppc64 crash usable on both SLE 15 SP1 and releases before
    SLE15 SP1 (bsc#1148197).  This is only a workaround that requires to build
    crash for each codestream separately.
* Fri Apr 17 2020 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Drop crash-s390-autodetect-kaslr.patch which has been merged in 7.2.7.
* Wed Apr 08 2020 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Add crash-fix-kmem-sS-for-caches-created-during-SLUB-bootstrap.patch
    Fix "kmem -[sS]" for caches created during SLUB bootstrap (bsc#1164815 ltc#182973).
* Wed Apr 01 2020 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Add crash-Fix-for-reading-compressed-kdump-dumpfiles-from-syst.patch
    Fix integer overflow with large memory configuration (bsc#1168233 ltc#184660).
* Tue Feb 04 2020 David Mair <>
  - Upgraded the source to version 7.2.8. The previous version was
    modified to support newer kernels used in SLE-15-SP2 but was not
    * Includes a fix for kernels that contain:
      which introduces symbol namespaces. Without the change then
      depending on architecture:
      (1) the kernel module symbol list will contain garbage
      (2) the session fails during initialization with a dump of
      the internal buffer allocation stats followed by the
      message "crash: cannot allocate any more memory"
      (3) the session fails during initialization with a
      segmentation violation (bsc#1162064)
    * Includes the merge of the S390x patches since crash 7.2.7
    * Source already includes XZ compressed module support, removed:
    * Refreshed patches that were no longer aligned with source:
* Fri Jan 10 2020 David Mair <>
  - Upgraded the source tarball to version 7.2.7. This is required
    to support coredumps from currently used kernel versions in the
    product (bsc#1159686).
  - droped the patch obsoleted due to already being present in the
    new source:
    * crash-allow-kmem-section-is-early.patch
* Tue Nov 12 2019 David Mair <>
  - Added commit c0371f6ee2cae31ec9f506bbd231ab8fbe334c13 - Fix to
    allow live analysis of s390x kernels that have been configured
    with CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE=y (KASLR). This allows crash to load
    the coredump without the need for "--kaslr=<offset> on the
    Implements jsc#SLE-9797
* Fri Nov 08 2019 Jiri Slaby <>
  - add crash-symbols-add-support-for-XZ.patch (bnc#1155921)
* Wed Aug 21 2019 Michel Normand <>
  - Disable LTO for PowerPC as bypass boo#1146646
* Thu Aug 08 2019 David Mair <>
  - Added patch for commit 326e1b8f83a4318b09033ef754f40c785aed5e68
    in linux 5.3:
* Mon Jun 24 2019 David Mair <>
  Upgraded the source tarball to version 7.2.6 to bring better
    support of version 5 kernels such as 5.3 in SLE-15-SP2
    Dropped the following patches obsoleted by the version upgrade:
    * crash-xen-invalid-pcpu-vaddr-use-hardware-domain-symbol.patch
    * crash-fix-for-4.20-without-CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE.patch
    * crash-fix-for-virsh-dump-dumps-with-KASLR.patch
    * crash-fix-kmem-z-on-kernel-5.0.patch
    * crash-fix-kmem-i-on-kernel-5.0.patch
    * crash-fix-sym-for-module-symbols-on-kernel-5.0.patch
    * crash-fix-dis-function-for-module-symbols-on-kernel-5.0.patch
    * crash-handle-radix_tree_root-changes-in-post-5.1-kernels.patch
    * crash-find-kernel-configuration-data-with-kernel-5.1.patch
    * crash-fix-dev-dD-on-kernel-5.1.patch
    Re-aligned the following patches with the new version source:
    Modified the following patches to integrate with version upgrade:
* Tue Apr 23 2019 Michal Kubecek <>
  - Upgrade the source tarball to version 7.2.5
  - drop patches obsoleted by version upgrade:
    * crash-fix-snprintf-overflow.patch
    * crash-update-recognition-of-x86_64-CPU_ENTRY_AREA.patch
  - post-7.2.5 upstream patches for kernel 5.0/5.1 compatibility:
    * crash-fix-for-4.20-without-CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE.patch
    * crash-fix-for-virsh-dump-dumps-with-KASLR.patch
    * crash-fix-kmem-z-on-kernel-5.0.patch
    * crash-fix-kmem-i-on-kernel-5.0.patch
    * crash-fix-sym-for-module-symbols-on-kernel-5.0.patch
    * crash-fix-dis-function-for-module-symbols-on-kernel-5.0.patch
    * crash-handle-radix_tree_root-changes-in-post-5.1-kernels.patch
    * crash-find-kernel-configuration-data-with-kernel-5.1.patch
    * crash-fix-dev-dD-on-kernel-5.1.patch
* Thu Feb 14 2019
  - Update for XEN dom0 changes in v4.11 that cause coredumps made
    of a domU using virch on the dom0 to fail to load in the dom0
    version of crash reporting "crash: invalid kernel virtual address:
    <address> type:fill_pcpu_struct", followed by "WARNING: cannot
    fill pcpu_struct" and "crash: cannot read cpu_info"
    (bsc#1124690 and bsc#1122594)
* Fri Jan 11 2019
  - Update the recognition of x86_64 CPU_ENTRY_AREA (bsc#1104743, bsc#1090127)
* Tue Dec 18 2018 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Fix SLE15 SP1 Incorrect vmcore generated (bsc#1119791).
    This is not compatible with SLE15 and SLE12 SP4.
* Fri Oct 12 2018 Jeffrey Cheung <>
  - Sync with SLE15 SP1 (SR#173916) to enable the kmp-rt for SLERT15 SP1 only
    set %if 0%{?sle_version} >= 150100
* Wed Aug 08 2018
  - Added:
    The update is required for Linux 4.11 and greater kernels, which
    reimplemented the IDR facility to use radix trees in kernel commit
    0a835c4f090af2c76fc2932c539c3b32fd21fbbb, titled "Reimplement IDR and IDA
    using the radix tree".  Without the patch, if any IPCS entry exists, the
    command would fail with the message "ipcs: invalid structure member offset:
    idr_top" (bsc#1092101)
* Wed Jul 04 2018
  - Added crash-fix-snprintf-overflow.patch
    Fix to address a "__builtin___snprintf_chk" compiler warning.
  - Added crash-update-recognition-of-x86_64-CPU_ENTRY_AREA.patch
    Update the recognition of x86_64 CPU_ENTRY_AREA.
* Wed Jul 04 2018
  - Upgrade the source tarball to version to 7.2.3
    A complete changelog is available via the crash source page at:
  - Refreshed:
* Mon Mar 19 2018
  - Upgraded to 7.2.1 because it includes the fixes to support
    several core cases that recently were caused tofail to open.
    As a result, removed patches that were already superceded by
    7.2.1 source (bsc#1103371).
* Mon Feb 05 2018
  - Added:
    Fixes Xen dump files that cannot be opened in hypervisor mode.
* Fri Jan 12 2018
  - Added crash-ppc64-ensure-chosen-stack-symbol-relates-to-an-actual-backtrace.patch
    With latest NMI IPI changes, crash_ipi_callback is found multiple
    times on the stack. Ensure the chosen symbol relates to an actual
    backtrace. bsc#1072718
* Thu Dec 07 2017
  - Escape the usage of %{VERSION} when calling out to rpm.
    RPM 4.14 has %{VERSION} defined as 'the main packages version'.
* Wed Nov 29 2017
  - Added crash-x86_64_kvtop-usable-symtab_init.patch to change
    x86_64_kvtop() so that it can be called during symtab_init()
    Added crash-allow-use-of-sadump-captured-KASLR-kernel.patch to
    allow use of dumps of KASLR enabled kernels that were captured
    by sadump.
    Both are bsc#1070278/FATE#323473
* Tue Nov 14 2017
  - Upgrade the source tarball to version to 7.2.0 which requires the
    removal of patches that are then already applied:
    A complete changelog is available via the crash source page at:
    Added crash-ppc64-book3s-update-hash-page-table-geometry.patch
    from via bsc#1067702 to correct
    errors with virtual-to-physical address translation in the larger
    virtual address range of newer kernels.
    Added a BuildRequires of libelf that will populate the build
    workspace with libelf (from elfutils) even though it is not
    directly required by crash but is required by gdb (which crash
    nests). It no longer got picked up automatically for build and
    gdb and kernel module features had build errors before it.
* Fri Jun 09 2017
  - crash-xen_add_support_for_domU_with_linux_kernel_from_3.19.patch:
    Since linux kernel 3.19 crash readmem() can't be used to read
    xen_p2m_addr associate memory directly during m2p translation.
    PV domU p2m mapping is also stored at xd->xfd + xch_index_offset
    and organized as struct xen_dumpcore_p2m. This patch implements
    a special reading function read_xc_p2m() to extract the mfns
    from xd->xfd + xch_index_offset and makes and crash support Xen
    PV domU dumpfiles for kernel 3.19 and later (bsc#1043501).
    - add crash-xen_add_support_for_domU_with_linux_kernel_from_3.19.patch
* Fri Jun 02 2017
  - Merge SLE changes into Factory (bsc#1041638)
* Thu May 25 2017
  - crash-stop_read_error_when_intent_is_retry.patch: When reading a
    memory image fails it may not be an error if it is still possible
    to switch image and retry the read. Fix the error message output
    to only occur if no retries are intended (bsc#1038839).
    - add crash-stop_read_error_when_intent_is_retry.patch
* Mon Apr 24 2017
  - Exclude openSUSE from RT KMP build (bsc#1013843)
* Tue Mar 28 2017
  - crash source nests gdb source but gdb has a new build error on
    Factory due to the bug and build environment modifications. The
    fix is upstream gdb but not upstream crash's gdb.
    Created crash patch:
    to create the gdb patch in expanded crash and added to the gdb
    Makefile patch it's application. Resolves the build error.
* Tue Mar 07 2017
  - Upgrade of source tarball to 7.1.8 from upstream and refresh of
    patches to align with the version. For a detailed changelog of
    the source tarball see:
    Adds a feature to permit the use of the command-line options
    "--kaslr=<offset>" and/or "--kaslr=auto" with the x86 32-bit
  - refresh crash-sles9-time.patch crash-compressed-booted-kernel.patch
  - drop crash-Fix-for-the-PPC64-bt-command-for-non-panicking-activ.patch
    merged upstram in 7.1.8
* Wed Feb 01 2017
  - Fix analyzing fadump dumps on PPC64 (bsc#1022962).
    + crash-Fix-for-the-PPC64-bt-command-for-non-panicking-activ.patch
* Tue Jan 24 2017
  - Upgrade of source tarball to 7.1.7 from upstream, removal of
    crash-kernel-4.7.patch (source includes it) and refresh of other
    patches to align with the version. For a detailed changelog of
    the source tarball see:
    Feature enhancements included from 7.1.6:
    - Introduction of support for "live" ramdump files, such as those
      that are specified by the latest QEMU version's mem-path
      argument of a memory-backend-file  object, e.g.:
      $ qemu-kvm ...other-options... \
    - object memory-backend-file,id=MEM,size=128m,mem-path=/tmp/MEM,share=on \
    - numa node,memdev=MEM -m 128
      and a live session run can be run against the guest kernel like so:
      $ crash <path-to-guest-vmlinux> live:/tmp/MEM@0
    - Implemented support for the redesigned ARM64 kernel virtual
      memory layout that was introduced in Linux 4.6. Plus ARM64
      support for 4k pages with 4-level page tables and 48 VA bits.
      NB: On live systems automatic operation with Linux 4.6 ARM64
      kernels requires that CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE is not configured.
      If it is configured then use with a live system requires two
    - -machdep arguments, e.g.:
    - -machdep phys_offset=<base physical address>
    - -machdep kimage_voffset=<kernel kimage_voffset value>
    - Improvement of the ARM64 bt -f display so that, for most cases,
      the stack frame delimiter will be the location of the old FP
      and LR pair.
    - New bt -v option that checks all tasks for evidence of stack
    - Incorporation of an alternative stack backtrace mathod
      accessed directly using bt -o and the default method can be
      toggled between the two using bt -O.
    - Fix for the case where the sym/dis commands fail for a symbol
      name that is composed entirely of hexadecimal characters and
      was previously interpreted as an address.
    - Determine structure member data if the member is contained in
      an anonymous structure or union (no longer necessary to use a]
      discrete gdb "printf" command to find the offset of it).
    - Session initialization speed up.
    - Addition of "list -S" and "tree -S" options (similar to the -s
      option of each command) where member values are read from
      memory instead of being interpreting gdb output (much faster
      behavior for 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-byte members).
    - Fix to recognize x86_64 Linux 4.8-rc1 and later kernels that
      are configured with CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_MEMORY.
    - Support for PPC64 virtual address translation of radix MMU.
    - Improvement of "dev -d" output to display I/O statistics for
      devices that use the blk-mq interface.
    Feature enhancements included from 7.1.7:
    - Restore x86_64 "dis" command's symbol translation for call or
      jump target addresses for kernels configured with
    - Re-factor of the trace extension module to locate all of the
      ftrace buffers and extracts data from each of them rather than
      only the primary one.
    - Support for s390x CONFIG_THREAD_INFO_IN_TASK configuration so
      that "bt" command no longer shows incomplete output.
    - Support for live ARM64 kernels from Linux 4.6 that have the
      kernel image loaded anywhere in physical memory.
    - Update of /dev/crash/kernel driver to v1.3 which adds support
      Linux 4.6 and later ARM64 kernels configured with
      CONFIG_HARDENED_USERCOPY and S390x kernels that use
      xlate_dev_mem_ptr() and unxlate_dev_mem_ptr() rather than
      kmap() and kunmap().
    - refresh eppic-support-arm64.patch crash-debuginfo-compressed.patch
    - drop crash-linux-4.6-printk-flags.patch merged upstream in 7.1.6
* Wed Oct 19 2016
  - Enabled RT KMP build (bsc#1005578)
* Mon Aug 15 2016
  - crash-linux-4.6-printk-flags.patch: Fix warning "failed to read
    pageflag_names entry" on Linux 4.6 (bsc#978601).
* Fri Jul 08 2016
  - crash-kernel-4.7.patch:
    support 4.7 kernel (page._count renamed to page._refcount)
* Fri May 27 2016
  - eppic-support-arm64.patch: Support for ARM64 (FATE#320844).
* Tue May 24 2016
  - Upgrade of source tarball to 7.1.5 from upstream and fix of
    crash-sles9-time.patch for the version and refresh of other
    patches to align with the version. For a detailed changelog of
    the source tarball see:
    includes a fix for bsc#977306.
    Feature enhancements include:
    - "whatis -r" and "whatis -m" commands that allow search for
      data structure of a specified size and that contains a member
      of a given type respectively.
* Thu Jan 28 2016
  - Upgrade to 7.1.4 from upstream. For a detailed changelog see
* Fri Jan 22 2016
  - Disable RT KMP build (bsc#962719)
* Wed Oct 07 2015
  - Enable RT KMP build (bsc#948840)
* Thu Oct 01 2015
  - For 7.1.3 ppc64le the following patches are obsoleted by mainline
* Tue Sep 22 2015
  - Update to 7.1.3 (bsc#946458)
    o Introduction of "dis -f <address>" which disassembles from the
      address to the end of the function
    o Introduction of "dis -s <address>" which displays the filename
      and line number associated with the specified text location,
      followed by a source code listing if available.
    o Addition of a new "--src <directory>" command line option for
      use by the "dis -s" option if the kernel source is not located
      in the standard location.
    o Do not search for a panic task in s390x dumpfiles that are
      marked as a "live dump"
    o Fix unnecessary error messages when a directory is used as a
      command line argument
    o See for
      the complete changelog
  - Removed these patches obsoleted by mainline:
  - Refreshed patches
* Wed Jul 29 2015
  - crash-move-xen-dom0-handling-into-own-file.patch: Move Xen Dom0
    handling into xen_dom0.c (FATE#316467).
  - crash-move-xen-p2m-map.patch: Move xen p2m map initialization to
    xen_kdump_p2m (FATE#316467).
  - crash-use-xen_machine_addr-command.patch: Use XEN_MACHINE_ADDR
    command flag instead of overriding readmem (FATE#316467).
  - crash-move-xen-elf-note-processing.patch: Move Xen ELF note
    processing to xen_dom0.c (FATE#316467).
  - crash-add-xen-dom0-support-for-kdump.patch: Add Xen Dom0 support
    for kdump compressed files (FATE#316467).
* Tue Jul 21 2015
  - crash-s390x-add-vector-support.patch: SIMD support for dump
    tools (z13) (FATE#318058).
* Mon Jul 20 2015
  - Upgrade to 7.1.2 from upstream. For a detailed changelog see
  - Refreshed patch series with some changes required to
    adjust for git host changes in eppic-switch-to-system-lib.patch
* Wed May 27 2015
  - Upgrade to 7.1.1 from upstream. At the time of writing the only
    published changelog was supplied by e-mail list and is as follows
    - Fix for two minor issues with the "net" command.  Without the patch,
    the "net -a" option appends its correct output with the command's
    "Usage:" message; and if either the "net -x" or "net -d" options are
    used without also specifying "-s" or "-S", the error message would
    indicate "net: illegal flag: 800000" or "net: illegal flag: 1000000"
    instead of showing the command's "Usage:" message.
    - If the kernel (live or dumpfile) has the TAINT_LIVEPATCH bit set, or
    if the Red Hat "kpatch" module is installed, the tag "[LIVEPATCH]"
    will be displayed next to the kernel name in the initial system
    banner and by the "sys" command.  This new tag replaces the
    "[KPATCH]" tag that was introduced in crash-7.0.7.
    - Addressed three Coverity Scan complaints in vmware_vmss.c:
      50:leaked_storage: Variable "fp" going out of scope leaks the
      storage it points to.
      53:leaked_storage: Variable "fp" going out of scope leaks the
      storage it points to.
      256:warning: Use of memory after it is freed
    - Remove the LKCD-only "propeller spinner" seen when a dumpfile read
    requires more than 2048 page header accesses.  This was put in place
    because of the non-random-access design of LKCD dumpfiles.  Without
    the patch, the spinner display is intermingled with command output,
    which complicates the parsing of the output.
    - Fix to support the Linux version increment from 3 to 4.  Without the
    patch, both dumpfile and live sessions fail during initialization,
    issuing the message "WARNING: kernel version inconsistency between
    vmlinux and dumpfile" or "WARNING: kernel version inconsistency
    between vmlinux and live memory", followed by the nonsensical fatal
    error message "crash: incompatible arguments:  vmlinux is not SMP --
    vmcore is SMP" or "crash: incompatible arguments:  vmlinux is not
    SMP -- live system is SMP".  To prevent unexpected kernel version
    bumps in the future, support has been added for version 5.
    - Add support for more than 16TB of physical memory space in the SADUMP
    dumpfile format.  Without the patch, there is a limitation caused
    by several 32-bit members of dump_header structure, in particular
    the max_mapnr member, which overflows if the dumpfile contains more
    than 16TB of physical memory space.  The header_version member of
    the dump_header structure has been increased from 0 to 1 in this
    extended new format, and the new 64-bit members will be used.
    - Fix for command lines that are redirected to a pipe.  Without the
    patch, if an external piped-to command contains a quoted string that
    includes a "|" character, the command fails with the message "crash:
    pipe operation failed".
    - Fix for insecure temporary file usage in _rl_tropen() as reported by
    readline library CVE-2014-2524.
    - When the gdb-<version>.patch file has changed and a rebuild is
    done from within a previously-existing build tree, the "patch -N"
    option is used to ignore patches that have been previously applied;
    this patch also applies the "patch -r-" option to prevent unnecessary
    .rej files from being created.
    - Fix to account for Xen hypervisor's "domain" structure member name
    change from "is_paused_by_controller" to "controller_pause_count".
    Without the patch, in Xen 4.2.5 and later, the crash session fails
    during initialization with the error message 'crash: invalid
    structure member offset: domain_is_paused_by_controller".
    - During initialization, reject useless ARM64 "(A)" and "(a)" absolute
    symbols that are below the text region.  Without the patch, several
    recently-introduced absolute symbols have been introduced into the
    kernel, which will be displayed by "sym -l" prior to the first kernel
    virtual address symbol, and will show up in command output where
    memory values are translated into kernel symbol references.
    - Fix for ARM64 kernels to account for changes in the virtual memory
    layout introduced in Linux 3.17.  The vmalloc region end address, and
    the vmemmap start and end addresses are now calculated at kernel
    build time, because they depend upon the size of a struct page.
    Accordingly, the crash utility needs to calculate those three address
    values dynamically, after the embedded gdb module has initialized.
    Without the patch, reads of page structures return invalid data due
    to incorrect virtual-to-physical translations of memory in the
    vmemmap range.  This in turn causes commands that require page
    structure contents to fail or show invalid data, such as "kmem -p",
    "kmem -[sS]", and the "kmem -[fF]" options.
    - Fix to support ELF vmcore dumpfiles whose PT_LOAD file offset values
    of their respective memory segments are not laid out sequentially
    from low to high in the dumpfile.  This has only been seen in ELF
    dumpfiles created by VMware's "vmss2core -M" facility.  Without the
    patch, the crash session may fail during initialization, either with
    the message "cannot malloc ELF header buffer", or "crash: <dumpfile>:
    not a supported file format".
    - Enhancement to the support of VMware .vmss suspended state dumpfiles.
    There may be holes in the memory address saved for PCI, etc.  In such
    cases, the memory dump is divided into regions.  With this patch, up
    to 3 memory regions are supported.
    - Fortified the error handling of task gathering from the pid_hash[]
    chains during session initialization.  If a chain has been corrupted,
    the patch prevents the sequence from entering an infinite loop, and
    the error messages associated with corrupt/invalid chains have been
    updated to report the pid_hash[] index number.
    - Implemented a new STRDUPBUF() utility that will duplicate an existing
    string into a buffer allocated with GETBUF().  As is the case with
    any buffer allocated with GETBUF(), it is only meant to exist during
    the life-span of the current command.  If it is not explicitly freed
    via FREEBUF(), then it will be freed automatically prior to the next
    - Implemented a new fill_struct_member_data() function that gathers
    a bundle of data that describes a structure member.  The function
    receives a pointer to a struct_member_data structure, in which the
    caller has initialized the "structure" and "member" name pointers:
      struct struct_member_data {
      char *structure;
      char *member;
      long type;
      long unsigned_type;
      long length;
      long offset;
      long bitpos;
      long bitsize;
    A gdb "printm" command is crafted using those two fields, and the
    output of the command is used to initialize the remaining six fields.
    Adapted from Qiao Nuohan's "pstruct" extension module.
    - Implemented a new "runq -c cpu(s)" option to display the run queue
    data of specified cpus.  It can be used in conjunction with all runq
    command options.  The cpus must be specified in a comma- and/or
    dash-separated list; for examples, "3", "1,8,9", "1-23", or "1,8-15".
    - Build extension modules that utilize the generic extensions/Makefile
    with -g.  In addition, build the snap.c extension module with -g.
    - Several fixes, updates, and enhancements for 32-bit MIPS support:
      (1) The MIPS general purpose registers in the elf_gregset_t
      don't start at index 0 but at index 6.
      (2) Adjust for the kernel's pt_regs structure changes between
      kernel versions.  For example, fields are inserted into the
      middle based on build time options, and the amount of padding
      at the head of the structure was changed relatively recently.
      To handle this, split the structure definition into two parts
      and get the offsets of these two parts dynamically.
      (3) Do not display each parsed kernel symbol during initialization
      when invoked with "crash -d8".
      (4) Add support for loading raw MIPS ramdump dumpfiles.
      (5) Add support for compressed kdump dumpfiles.
    - Fix for a typo in "help foreach", and a fix for a spelling error in
    "help input".
    - Fix for "and and" and "the the" typos in the README file.
    - Fix to address the Xen 4.5.0 hypervisor symbol name change from
    "dom0" to "hardware_domain".  Without the patch, the crash session
    fails with the error message "crash: cannot resolve: dom0".
    - Fix for a regression in crash-7.1.0 that causes failures when the
    "crash -t" option is run on a live system, and when analyzing remote
    Linux kernels.  Without the patch, "crash -t" on a live system fails
    with the message "crash: cannot open remote memory source: /dev/mem",
    and attempts to analyze a Linux kernel remotely just shows the kernel
    timestamp and exits immediately.
    - Speed up the session invocation time of "flattened" format dumpfiles
    created by the makedumpfile(8) facility.  When sorting the blocks of
    memory by their intended ELF or compressed kdump file offsets, the
    patch replaces the bubble-sort method that is currently used with an
    insertion sort method.
    - Remove the non-existent "-L" option from the "ps" command's mutually-
    exclusive options error message.
    - Fix for the "irq", "mount", "kmem -p" and "kmem -v" commands when
    they are used in an input file.  If more than one of any of those
    four commands are used in an input file, the output of the second
    and subsequent command instances will not display their respective
    command headers.
    - Implemented a new "kmem -m" option that is similar to "kmem -p",
    but it allows the user to specify the page struct members to be
    displayed.  The option takes a comma-separated list of one or
    more page struct members, which will be displayed following the
    page structure address.  The "flags" member will always be expressed
    in hexadecimal format, and the "_count" and "_mapcount" members will
    always be expressed in decimal format.  Otherwise, all other members
    will be displayed in hexadecimal format unless the current output
    radix is 10 and the member is a signed/unsigned integer.  Members
    that are data structures may be specified by the data structure's
    member name, or expanded to specify a member of that data structure.
    For example, "-m lru" refers to a list_head data structure, in which
    case both the and list_head.prev pointer values will
    be displayed; if "-m" is specified, just the
    value will be displayed.
    - Support enhancement for the 32-bit MIPS architecture that retrieves
    the per-cpu registers from the NT_PRSTATUS notes stored in the header
    of compressed kdump dumpfiles.
    - Fix to remove an invalid warning message on ARM64 if a crash session
    is invoked with the "-d<number>" debug flag.  Without the patch,
    the invalid message is "WARNING: SPARSEMEM_EX: questionable section
    - Remove the leftover ".constructor" build file in the extensions
    subdirectory when "make extensions" is complete, and update the
    top-level .gitignore file to ignore post-build extensions
    subdirectory files.
    - Fix for a segmentation violation generated by the "help -[n|D]"
    options on ARM64 compressed kdumps.
    - Additional output for the "help [-D|-n]" options on ARM64.  For ELF
    kdump vmcores and compressed kdumps, the elf_prstatus structure in
    each NT_PRSTATUS note will be translated.
    - The "help -r" option has been extended to dump the ARM64 registers
    stored in each per-cpu NT_PRSTATUS note in compressed kdump and
    ELF kdump dumpfiles.
    - Fix for the ARM64 page size determination on Linux 4.1 and later
    kernels.  Without the patch, the crash session fails during
    initialization with the message "crash: invalid/unsupported page
    size: 98304" on kernels with 64K pages.  On kernels with 4K pages,
    the message is "crash: invalid/unsupported page size: 6144".  In
    addition, the "-p <page-size>" command line override option
    had no effect on ARM64; that has been fixed as well.
    - Fix for the DATE display in the initial system banner and by the
    "sys" command to account for the Linux 3.17 change that moved
    the "timekeeper" symbol and structure into a containing tk_core
    structure; the "shadow_timekeeper" timekeeper will be used as an
    alternative.  Without the patch, the DATE shows something within
    a few hours of the Linux epoch, such as "Wed Dec 31 18:00:00 1969".
    - Fixes for the translation of ARM64 PTEs, as displayed by the "vm -p"
    and "vtop" commands.  Without the patch, if "vm -p" references a
    swapped-out page on Linux 4.0 and later kernels, the SWAP location
    may indicate "(unknown swap location)", and will show an invalid
    OFFSET value; on Linux 3.13 and later kernels, running "vtop" on a
    user virtual address incorrectly translates the PTE contents of
    swapped out pages by showing a PHYSICAL address and FLAGS translation
    instead of the SWAP device and OFFSET.  It is possible that there may
    be PTE bit translation errors on other kernel versions; the patch
    addresses the changes in ARM64 PTE bit definitions made in Linux
    3.11, 3.13, and 4.0 kernels.
    - Enhanced the "struct.member" display capability of the "struct",
    "union", "task", "list" and "tree" commands.  If a specified
    structure member contains an embedded structure, the output may
    be restricted to just the embedded structure by expressing the
    .member argument as "member.member".  If a specified structure
    member is an array, the output may be restricted to a single array
    element by expressing the .member argument as "member[index]".
    Furthermore, these embedded member specifications may extend beyond
    one level deep, for example, by expressing the member argument as
    "member.member.member", or "member[index].member".
    - Fix for any command that passes strings to gdb for evaluation,
    where the string contains a parentheses-within-parentheses
    expression along with a ">" or ">>" operator inside the outermost
    set of parentheses.  Without the patch, a command such as the
    following fails like so:
      crash> p ((1+1) >> 1)
      p: gdb request failed: p ((1+1)
    - Fix for the handling of ARM64 kernel module per-cpu symbols.  Without
    the patch, if the debuginfo data of an ARM64 kernel module that
    contains a per-cpu section is loaded by "mod -s <module>" or
    "mod -S", commands such as "bt" or "sym" may incorrectly translate
    the module's virtual addresses to symbol names.
  - 0001-Prepare-for-the-future-increment-of-Linux-3.x-to-4.x.patch:
    Dropped. Handling kernel 4.0 is now part of the upstream source.
* Sun Mar 15 2015
  - add patch from upstream to handle kernel 4.0
* Fri Feb 06 2015
  - Upgrade to 7.1.0 from upstream. For a detailed changelog see
  - Refreshed patch series with only re-alignment required.
* Fri Nov 21 2014
  - Upgrade to 7.0.9 from upstream, For a detailed changelog see
  - Refreshed patch series but no modifications required.



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