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perl-File-Temp-0.2304-lp151.2.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.1 for noarch

Name: perl-File-Temp Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 0.2304 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.2.1 Build date: Thu Jun 7 17:31:37 2018
Group: Development/Libraries/Perl Build host: lamb73
Size: 159923 Source RPM: perl-File-Temp-0.2304-lp151.2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Return name and handle of a temporary file safely
'File::Temp' can be used to create and open temporary files in a safe way.
There is both a function interface and an object-oriented interface. The
File::Temp constructor or the tempfile() function can be used to return the
name and the open filehandle of a temporary file. The tempdir() function
can be used to create a temporary directory.

The security aspect of temporary file creation is emphasized such that a
filehandle and filename are returned together. This helps guarantee that a
race condition can not occur where the temporary file is created by another
process between checking for the existence of the file and its opening.
Additional security levels are provided to check, for example, that the
sticky bit is set on world writable directories. See the "safe_level"
manpage for more information.

For compatibility with popular C library functions, Perl implementations of
the mkstemp() family of functions are provided. These are, mkstemp(),
mkstemps(), mkdtemp() and mktemp().

Additionally, implementations of the standard POSIX tmpnam() and tmpfile()
functions are provided if required.

Implementations of mktemp(), tmpnam(), and tempnam() are provided, but
should be used with caution since they return only a filename that was
valid when function was called, so cannot guarantee that the file will not
exist by the time the caller opens the filename.

Filehandles returned by these functions support the seekable methods.




Artistic-1.0 or GPL-1.0+


* Fri Jan 17 2014
  - update to 0.2304:
    * List all detectable dependencies for completeness. (Test::More had
      been unintentionally omitted in the last release and many core
      dependencies had never been listed.)
    * Remove compile test and associated dependencies
  - Fix summary
  - fix build on SLE_11 (use vendorlib for Test::More and File::Path)
* Fri Oct 04 2013
  - updated to 0.2302
    * Drop minimum Perl version back to 5.6 (erroneously bumped by dzil)
    * Do not inherit from Exporter (requires Exporter 5.57) (thanks to
      Olivier Mengué)
    * 'use base ...' => 'use parent ...' as parent is lighter (thanks to
      Olivier Mengué)
    * dist.ini: Managed with Dist::Zilla now; generates Makefile.PL
      to avoid circular dependency when using Build.PL
    * Build.PL: Use Module::Build
    * internally holds absolute path for cleanup (Fixes RT #44924)
    * t/rmtree.t: (new) Test temp dir removal explicitly.
    * t/tempfile.t: Correctly tests directory removal from chdir.
    * Clean up temp directory on exit even if it is the
      current directory. Patch supplied by Ed Avis and fixes RT #45246.
    * Defer unlinking tempfiles if initial unlink fails
      instad of croaking; fixes problems on NFS (RT #82720)
    * Allow leading template to new() for consistency with
    * Calling tempfile or tempdir as a class method now
      produce a more useful fatal error message
    * new/newdir/tempfile/tempdir now all allow either
      a leading template argument or a TEMPLATE option
    * Overload numify with refaddr() in same manner as IO::File
      (closes RT #47397 from Kevin Ryde)
* Fri Nov 18 2011
  - use original tar.gz
* Sun Jun 05 2011
  - update to 0.22
* Wed Dec 01 2010
  - switch to perl_requires macro
* Sat Jul 25 2009
  - spec mods
    * removed ^----------
    * removed ^#---------
* Sun Jun 21 2009
  - update to 0.21
  - added perl-macros
    o autogen filelist with perl_gen_filelist
* Wed Aug 20 2008 - 0.20
  - initial Package



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