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cross-aarch64-openmandriva-linux-gnu-libc-2.34-0 Libc for crosscompiling to aarch64-openmandriva-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
cross-armv7hnl-openmandriva-linux-gnueabihf-libc-2.34-0 Libc for crosscompiling to armv7hnl-openmandriva-linux-gnueabihf linux/x86_64
cross-i686-openmandriva-linux-gnu-libc-2.34-0 Libc for crosscompiling to i686-openmandriva-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
cross-ppc64-openmandriva-linux-gnu-libc-2.34-0 Libc for crosscompiling to ppc64-openmandriva-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
cross-ppc64le-openmandriva-linux-gnu-libc-2.34-0 Libc for crosscompiling to ppc64le-openmandriva-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
cross-riscv64-openmandriva-linux-gnu-libc-2.34-0 Libc for crosscompiling to riscv64-openmandriva-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
cross-x86_64-openmandriva-linux-gnux32-libc-2.34-0 Libc for crosscompiling to x86_64-openmandriva-linux-gnux32 linux/x86_64
glibc-2.34-0 The GNU libc libraries linux/x86_64
glibc-devel-2.34-0 Header and object files for development using standard C libraries linux/x86_64
glibc-doc-2.34-0 Docs for glibc linux/noarch
glibc-i18ndata-2.34-0 Database sources for 'locale' linux/x86_64
glibc-static-devel-2.34-0 Static libraries for GNU C library linux/x86_64
glibc-utils-2.34-0 Development utilities from GNU C library linux/x86_64
libc6-2.34-0 The GNU libc libraries linux/x86_64
nscd-2.34-0 A Name Service Caching Daemon (nscd) linux/x86_64

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