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zile-2.6.2-1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenMandriva Cooker for aarch64 / unsupported / release

Name: zile Distribution: OpenMandriva Lx
Version: 2.6.2 Vendor: OpenMandriva
Release: 1 Build date: Tue Sep 27 23:52:19 2022
Group: Editors Build host:
Size: 336768 Source RPM: zile-2.6.2-1.src.rpm
Packager: bero <>
Summary: Lossy Emacs
Zile is another Emacs-clone. Zile is a customizable, self-documenting
real-time open-source display editor.

Zile was written to be as similar as possible to Emacs; every Emacs user
should feel at home with Zile. Zile features

    * Small but fast and powerful. It is very useful for small footprint
      installations (like on floppy disk) or quick editing sessions.
    * 8-bit clean. Zile can operate with binary files.
    * Looks like Emacs. Most Zile key sequences and function names are
      identical to Emacs ones.
    * Multi buffer editing w/multi level undo. Zile can open an infinite
      number of files and can record an infinite sequence of undo
    * Multi window. Zile can display multiple windows on the screen.
    * Killing, yanking and registers. The typical killing, yanking and
      register features of Emacs are available under Zile.
    * Minibuffer completion. Zile can complete the user written text.
      This is very useful for M-x commands and for selecting files.
    * Colors. Zile makes use of the color capatibilities of the terminal
      if available.
    * Source highlighting (``C'', ``C++'', and shell scripts). Zile can
      highlight ``C'', ``C++'' source files and shell scripts for
      better reading.
    * Auto fill (word wrap). Zile automatically breaks the lines when
      they become too wide (if the Auto Fill Mode is enabled).







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