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Packages beginning with letter S

safecopy-1.7-1 A data recovery tool linux/aarch64
samurai-1.2-1 ninja-compatible build tool written in C linux/aarch64
sauerbraten-2020_12_29-1 A multi-player/single-player first person shooter linux/aarch64
sauerbraten-data-2020_12_29-1 Standalone Sauerbraten server for LAN and Internet gaming linux/noarch
sauerbraten-server-2020_12_29-1 Standalone Sauerbraten server for LAN and Internet gaming linux/aarch64
scicraft-1.0.2-7 A powerful open source data analysis software linux/noarch
scim-pinyin-0.5.92-2 Chinese input module for Smart Chinese/Common Input Method platform linux/aarch64
scite-4.2.0-1 SCIntilla based GTK3 text editor linux/aarch64
scotch-6.0.4-3 Mapping, partitioning, and sparse matrix block ordering linux/aarch64
scratch- Programming language learning environment for stories, games, music and art linux/noarch
scratch-help- Documentation for the Scratch programming language linux/noarch
scratch-i18n- Translations for the Scratch programming environment linux/noarch
scratch-image- The Scratch programming environment linux/noarch
scratch-media- The standard distribution of sprites and media for Scratch linux/noarch
scratch-projects- The standard distribution of Scratch projects linux/noarch
screentest-2.0-4 The CRT screen quality testing utility linux/aarch64
sdcc-3.9.0-1 Small Device C Compiler linux/aarch64
sdl-ball-1.04-1 A Free/OpenSource brick-breaking game with pretty graphics linux/aarch64
seamonkey- Web browser, e-mail, news, IRC client, HTML editor linux/aarch64
sec-2.8.2-1 Simple Event Correlator script to filter log file entries linux/noarch
secondlife-artwork- Artwork for the Second Life 3-D virtual world linux/noarch
semantik-1.2.4-1 Mindmapping-like tool linux/aarch64
send_nsca-2.9.2-1 NSCA client linux/aarch64
sereno-violetto-2.0-1 Sereno-violetto Plasma 5 Aurorae theme for OpenMandriva linux/noarch
shared-desktop-ontologies-0.11.0-13 Semantic web to the desktop in terms of vocabulary linux/noarch
shared-desktop-ontologies-devel-0.11.0-13 Devel stuff for shared-desktop-ontologies linux/noarch
shmux-1.0.2-1 Program for executing the same command on many hosts in parallel linux/aarch64
sieve-connect-0.81-3 A client for the ManageSieve protocol linux/noarch
sigil-1.9.30-2 A free, open source WYSIWYG ebook editor linux/aarch64
simgear-devel-2020.3.15-1 Headers/misc for developing programs that will use SimGear linux/aarch64
simutrans-pak128-2.8.1-1 A complete Simutrans game data package with 128x128 tiles linux/noarch
skippy-xd-0.5.1-2 A full screen pager for X11 linux/aarch64
slay-1.2-16 Utility to kill all processes belonging to a user linux/noarch
sleuthkit-4.12.0-1 The Sleuth Kit linux/aarch64
slim-1.3.6-11 Simple login manager linux/aarch64
slimrat-1.1-0.beta2.1 Utility for downloading files from Rapidshare, Depositfiles etc linux/noarch
slune-1.0.15-7 Summary A multiplayer 3D racing and car-crashing game in Python linux/noarch
smesh-doc-6.7.6-2 Docs for smesh linux/aarch64
smoothscan-0.1.0-1 A tool to convert scanned text into a vectorized output form linux/aarch64
smplayer-skins-20.11.0-1 Skins for SMPlayer linux/noarch
snapfly-0.8-2 A lightweight PyGTK menu linux/noarch
snmptt-1.4-1 SNMP Trap Translator linux/noarch
snort- An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) linux/aarch64
snort-community-rules-2.4-7 The Community Rulesets for Snort linux/noarch
snort-devel- Snort development files linux/aarch64
soci-3.2.3-1 C++ Database Access Library linux/aarch64
soci-doc-3.2.3-1 Documentation for SOCI linux/aarch64
solaar-1.1.1-2 Device manager for Logitech's Unifying Receiver linux/noarch
solarwolf-1.5-11 2D frantic arcade game of collecting boxes and dodging bullets linux/noarch
sonata-1.7.0-2 An elegant music client for MPD linux/noarch
songwrite3-0.2-1 Guitar tabulature editor with playing and printing linux/noarch
sound-juicer-3.38.0-1 CD ripping tool using GTK+ and GStreamer linux/aarch64
spacefm-1.0.6-2 A multi-panel tabbed file manager linux/aarch64
spacefm-1.0.6-1 A multi-panel tabbed file manager linux/aarch64
spe-0.8.4.h-6 A Python-based IDE linux/aarch64
spice-3f5-17 Berkeley SPICE 3 Circuit Simulator linux/aarch64
spindown-0.4.0-5 Daemon that can spin idle disks down linux/aarch64
spip-2.1.1-4 CMS tool for Internet linux/noarch
spring-mod-nanoblobs-0.65-2 Nanoblobs mod for Spring linux/noarch
sqlgrey-1.7.6-5 Postfix grey-listing policy service linux/noarch
sqlitebrowser-3.12.2-1 Design and edit database files compatible with SQLite linux/aarch64
sqlmap-1.2.12-1 Automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool linux/noarch
squeak-vm- The Squeak virtual machine linux/aarch64
srm-1.2.13-2 Secure rm - destroys file contents before unlinking linux/aarch64
sselp-5.2-1 Prints X selection to standard out linux/aarch64
ssl-cert-check-4.11-1 SSL certificate expiration checker linux/noarch The Devil's Dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch Elements database for StarDict 2 linux/noarch CIA World Factbook for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-dan-ita-2.4.2-7 Danish -> Italian *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-dan-jpn-2.4.2-7 Danish -> Japanese *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-dan-lat-2.4.2-6 Danish -> Latin *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-dan-nld-2.4.2-6 Danish -> Dutch *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-fin-dan-2.4.2-7 Finnish -> Danish *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-hun-dan-2.4.2-7 Hungarian -> Danish *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-jpn-swe-2.4.2-6 Japanese -> Swedish *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-lat-swe-2.4.2-7 Latin -> Swedish *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-nld-dan-2.4.2-6 Dutch -> Danish *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-rus-dan-2.4.2-6 Russian -> Danish *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-rus-swe-2.4.2-7 Russian -> Swedish *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-spa-swe-2.4.2-6 Spanish -> Swedish *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-swe-esp-2.4.2-8 Swedish -> Esperanto *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-swe-hun-2.4.2-6 Swedish -> Hungarian *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-swe-ind-2.4.2-6 Swedish -> Indonesian *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-swe-isl-2.4.2-6 Swedish -> Icelandic *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-swe-ita-2.4.2-6 Swedish -> Italian *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-swe-jpn-2.4.2-7 Swedish -> Japanese *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-swe-lat-2.4.2-7 Swedish -> Latin *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-swe-nld-2.4.2-7 Swedish -> Dutch *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-swe-wel-2.4.2-7 Swedish -> Welsh *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stardict-quick-wel-swe-2.4.2-7 Welsh -> Swedish *Quick dictionary for StarDict 2 linux/noarch
stella-6.7-1 An Atari 2600 Video Computer System emulator linux/aarch64
stellarium-0.22.2-1 Desktop planetarium linux/aarch64
stress-1.0.7-1 A tool which imposes a configurable amount of load on your system linux/aarch64
strongswan-5.9.1-1 IPSEC implementation linux/aarch64
strongswan-charon-nm-5.9.1-1 NetworkManager plugin for Strongswan linux/aarch64
strongswan-tnc-imcvs-5.9.1-1 Trusted network connect (TNC)'s IMC/IMV functionality linux/aarch64
sublib-0.9-6 A library that eases the development of subtitling applications linux/aarch64
sublib-devel-0.9-6 SubLib devel files linux/aarch64
suck-4.3.4-1 Download news from remote NNTP server linux/aarch64
sugar-artwork-0.108.1-1 Artwork for Sugar look-and-feel linux/aarch64
sugar-base-0.98.0-3 Base Sugar library linux/aarch64
sugar-presence-service-0.90.2-3 The Sugar presence service linux/aarch64
surfraw-1.0.7-11 Command line interface to various web search engines linux/noarch
svg2pdf-0.2-1 Simple SVG to PDF converter linux/aarch64
svm-tools-3.31-1 A Library for Support Vector Machines linux/aarch64
svnauthcheck-1.0.12-1 Tool to check the syntax of subversion acl file linux/aarch64
swh-lv2-1.0.16-1 SWH LV2 plugins converted from LADSPA linux/aarch64
swh-plugins-0.4.17-1 A set of audio plugins for LADSPA linux/aarch64
swm-1.2.5-14 A small window manager for X11 linux/aarch64
sword-1.9.0-4 The SWORD Project framework for manipulating Bible texts linux/aarch64
sxhkd-0.6.2-1 A simple X hotkey daemon linux/aarch64
sylpheed-3.7.0-1 A GTK+2 based, lightweight, and fast e-mail client linux/aarch64
syslog-ng-patterndb-20091209-3 Syslog-ng pattern database linux/noarch
sysstat-12.3.1-1 Includes the sar and iostat system monitoring commands linux/aarch64

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