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java-latest-openjdk-slowdebug- RPM for i586

From Mageia 8 for i586 / media / core / backports_testing

Name: java-latest-openjdk-slowdebug Distribution: Mageia
Version: Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 0.rolling.2.mga8 Build date: Sat Jun 18 01:23:55 2022
Group: Development/Java Build host: localhost
Size: 647279 Source RPM: java-latest-openjdk-
Packager: neoclust <neoclust>
Summary: OpenJDK 18 Runtime Environment unoptimised with full debugging on
The OpenJDK 18 runtime environment.
This package is unoptimised with full debugging. Install only as needed and remove ASAP.




ASL 1.1 and ASL 2.0 and BSD and BSD with advertising and GPL+ and GPLv2 and GPLv2 with exceptions and IJG and LGPLv2+ and MIT and MPLv2.0 and Public Domain and W3C and zlib and ISC and FTL and RSA


* Fri Jun 17 2022 neoclust <neoclust> 1:
  + Revision: 1864654
  - Update to RC version of OpenJDK 18
  - Support JVM variant zero following JDK-8273494 no longer installing Zero's in the server directory
  - Disable HotSpot-only pre-build which is incompatible with the boot JDK being a different major version to that being built
  - Rebase FIPS patches from fips-18u branch and simplify by using a single patch from that repository
  - Detect NSS at runtime for FIPS detection
  - Turn off build-time NSS linking and go back to an explicit Requires on NSS
  - Enable AlgorithmParameters and AlgorithmParameterGenerator services in FIPS mode
  - Rebase RH1648249 nss.cfg patch so it applies after the FIPS patch
  - update to ea version of jdk18
  - add new slave jwebserver and corresponding manpage
  - adjust rh1684077-openjdk_should_depend_on_pcsc-lite-libs_instead_of_pcsc-lite-devel.pat
  - Replace -mstackrealign with -mincoming-stack-boundary=2 -mpreferred-stack-boundary=4 on x86_32 for stack alignment
    Support a HotSpot-only build so a freshly built can then be used in the bootstrap JDK.
    Explicitly list JIT architectures rather than relying on those with slowdebug builds
    Disable the serviceability agent on Zero architectures even when the architecture itself is supported
  - Introduce stapinstall variable to set SystemTap arch directory correctly (e.g. arm64 on aarch64)
  - Need to support noarch for creating source RPMs for non-scratch builds.
  - January 2022 security update to jdk 17.0.2+8
  - Rename to following JDK-8276025
  - Remove JDK-8276572 patch which is now upstream.
  - Rebase RH1995150 & RH1996182 patches following JDK-8275863 addition to
  - Sync gdb test with java-1.8.0-openjdk and improve architecture restrictions.
  - New java 17 version
  - Patch syslookup.c so it actually has some code to be compiled into libsyslookup
  - Restructure the build so a minimal initial build is then used for the final build (with docs)
  - This reduces pressure on the system JDK and ensures the JDK being built can do a full build
  - Minor cosmetic improvements to make spec more comparable between variants
  - Update tapsets from IcedTea 6.x repository with fix for JDK-8015774 changes (_heap->_heaps) and @JAVA_SPEC_VER@
  - Update with a VCS mode that retrieves sources from a Mercurial repository
  - October CPU update to jdk 17.0.1+12
  - Update to jdk-17+33, including JDWP fix and July 2021 CPU
  - Build with java 17
  - update sources to jdk 17.0.0+26
  - New version 16.0.2+7
  - Add java 16 to mageia 8 backports (mga#28512)
* Tue Mar 02 2021 neoclust <neoclust> 1:
  + Revision: 1695842
  - Update to jdk-
  - Update tarball generation script to use git following OpenJDK's move to github
  - Update tarball generation script to use PR3823 which handles JDK-8235710 changes
  - Use upstream default for version-pre rather than setting it to "ea" or ""
  - Drop which is no longer generated, thanks to JDK-8235710
  - Drop unnecessary compiler flags, dating back to work on GCC 6 & 10
  - Adapt RH1750419 alt-java patch to still apply after some variable re-naming in the makefiles
  - Update filever to remove any trailing zeros, as in the OpenJDK build, and use for source filename
  - Use system harfbuzz now this is supported.
  - Pass SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to build for reproducible builds
  - fixed missing condition for fastdebug packages being counted as debug ones
  - removed lib-style provides for fastdebug_suffix_unquoted
  - many cosmetic changes taken from more maintained jdk11
  - introduced debug_arches, bootstrap_arches, systemtap_arches, fastdebug_arches, sa_arches, share_arches, shenandoah_arches, zgc_arches
    instead of various hardcoded ifarches
  - updated systemtap
  - added requires excludes for debug pkgs
  - removed redundant logic around jsa files
  - added runtime requires of lksctp-tools and libXcomposite%
  - added and used Source15, but is made always positive as jdk15 now does not honor system policies
  - s390x excluded form fastdebug build
  - Added checks and restrictions around alt-java
* Sat Dec 12 2020 neoclust <neoclust> 1:
  + Revision: 1655827
  - Build java15 with Java14
* Fri Dec 11 2020 neoclust <neoclust> 1:
  + Revision: 1655416
  - Rebuild java 14 against itself
  - Fix java 14 deps
  - Update to java 15
  - Downgrade to java14
  - Update to Java15
    Fc commit: 30e2db73446b513095dfbf5ae432f29e35125356
* Mon Aug 24 2020 neoclust <neoclust> 1:
  + Revision: 1618680
  - Rebuild against java 14
* Mon Aug 24 2020 neoclust <neoclust> 1:
  + Revision: 1618668
  - Rebuild using java11 because of a wrong require
  - Build java14 against itself
* Mon Aug 24 2020 neoclust <neoclust> 1:
  + Revision: 1618497
  - Allow to build from java11 ( from fedora )
  - Update to java 14
  - imported package java-latest-openjdk



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