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RPM of Group Networking/Remote access

dropbear-2018.76-2.mga7 SSH2 server and client linux/i586
freerdp-2.0.0-0.rc4.1.mga7 A free remote desktop protocol client linux/i586
gaskpass-1.2-16.mga7 A Gnome X11 passphrase dialog for OpenSSH linux/i586
google-drive-ocamlfuse-0.7.2-2.mga7 FUSE filesystem for Google Drive linux/i586
grdesktop-0.23-15.mga7 A gtk2 frontend for rdesktop linux/i586
gstm-1.2-16.mga7 A front-end to ssh tunneling linux/i586
httpfs- HTTP fuse filesystem linux/i586
httpfs2-0.1.5-5.mga7 FUSE filesystem for mounting files from HTTP servers linux/i586
italc-3.0.3-3.mga7 Intelligent teaching and learning with computers linux/i586
italc-client-3.0.3-3.mga7 Software for iTALC-clients linux/i586
italc-client-autostart-3.0.3-3.mga7 Autostart for italc-client linux/i586
italc-master-3.0.3-3.mga7 iTALC master software linux/i586
keychain-2.8.5-2.mga7 Keychain manages ssh-agent to minimise passphrase entry for ssh linux/noarch
krb5-appl-clients-1.0.3-10.mga7 Kerberos-aware telnet, ftp, rcp, rsh and rlogin clients linux/i586
krdc-19.04.0-1.mga7 KDE Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
krfb-19.04.0-1.mga7 Remote Desktop Server linux/i586
kwallet-daemon-17.08.3-1.mga7 Kwallet daemon linux/i586
libsamba-test0-4.10.4-1.mga7 Libraries need by teh testing tools for Samba servers and clients linux/i586
linuxvnc-0.9.10-4.mga7 VNC server to monitor a text session linux/i586
mediatomb-0.12.1-24.mga7 UPnP AV MediaServer linux/i586
mosh-1.3.2-6.mga7 Mobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo linux/i586
netkit-telnet-0.17-18.mga7 Client for the telnet remote login protocol linux/i586
nxagent- NX X server based on Xnest linux/i586
nxproxy- Provide the protocol compression and caching part of the NX scheme linux/i586
openssh-8.0p1-1.mga7 OpenSSH free Secure Shell (SSH) implementation linux/i586
openssh-askpass-8.0p1-1.mga7 OpenSSH X11 passphrase dialog linux/i586
openssh-askpass-common-8.0p1-1.mga7 OpenSSH X11 passphrase common scripts linux/i586
openssh-askpass-gnome-8.0p1-1.mga7 OpenSSH GNOME passphrase dialog linux/i586
openssh-clients-8.0p1-1.mga7 OpenSSH Secure Shell protocol clients linux/i586
openssh-ldap-8.0p1-1.mga7 A LDAP support for open source SSH server daemon linux/i586
poppassd-ceti-1.8.5-12.mga7 An Eudora and NUPOP change password server linux/i586
pssh-2.3.1-11.mga7 Parallel SSH tools linux/noarch
putty-0.71-1.mga7 SSH, Telnet and Rlogin client linux/i586
pyhoca-cli- Command line X2Go client written in Python linux/noarch
pyhoca-gui- A graphical client for X2Go using the Python X2Go API linux/noarch
rdesktop-1.8.5-1.mga7 X client for remote desktop into Windows Terminal Server linux/i586
remmina-1.3.4-1.mga7 GTK+ remote desktop client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-common-1.3.4-1.mga7 Common files for Remmina Remote Desktop Client plugins linux/i586
remmina-plugins-exec-1.3.4-1.mga7 External execution plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-nx-1.3.4-1.mga7 NX plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-rdp-1.3.4-1.mga7 RDP plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-secret-1.3.4-1.mga7 Keyring integration for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-spice-1.3.4-1.mga7 SPICE plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-st-1.3.4-1.mga7 Socket Terminal plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-telepathy-1.3.4-1.mga7 Telepathy plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-vnc-1.3.4-1.mga7 VNC plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
remmina-plugins-xdmcp-1.3.4-1.mga7 XDMCP plugin for Remmina Remote Desktop Client linux/i586
rsh-0.17-35.mga7 Clients for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp) linux/i586
samba-krb5-printing-4.10.4-1.mga7 Samba CUPS backend for printing with Kerberos linux/i586
samba-winbind-krb5-locator-4.10.4-1.mga7 Samba winbind krb5 locator linux/i586
socat-2.0.0-0.b9.6.mga7 Multipurpose relay linux/i586
spice-client-0.14.2-1.mga7 Implements the client side of the SPICE protocol linux/i586
spice-gtk-0.36-4.mga7 A GTK client widget for accessing SPICE desktop servers linux/i586
sshfs-fuse-3.5.2-2.mga7 Filesystem running over SFTP linux/i586
sshpass-1.06-2.mga7 Non-interactive SSH authentication utility linux/i586
sshuttle-0.78.5-1.mga7 Transparent Proxy VPN linux/noarch
synergy-1.10.1-1.mga7 Mouse and keyboard sharing utility linux/i586
synergy-gui-1.10.1-1.mga7 Qt based GUI for synergy linux/i586
taktuk-3.7.7-2.mga7 Parallel, scalable launcher for cluster and lightweight grids linux/i586
tentakel-2.2-17.mga7 Program that executes the same command on many hosts in parallel linux/noarch
tigervnc-1.9.0-3.mga7 Viewer for the VNC remote display system linux/i586
tigervnc-java-1.9.0-3.mga7 Java viewer for the VNC remote display system linux/i586
tigervnc-server-1.9.0-3.mga7 Server for the VNC remote display system linux/i586
tigervnc-server-module-1.9.0-3.mga7 Xorg module for the VNC remote display system linux/i586
vinagre-3.22.0-7.mga7 VNC Client for the GNOME Desktop linux/i586
vino-3.22.0-3.mga7 GNOME VNC server linux/i586
vnc-server-common-1.0-8.mga7 Common files for VNC servers linux/noarch
woof-20120531-8.mga7 Simple Web-based File Exchange linux/noarch
x2goagent- Wrapper arround nxagent to use with x2goserver linux/i586
x2goclient- A Qt5 client for the x2go system linux/i586
x2goserver- The server-side core of X2go linux/i586
x2goserver-postgresql- Virtual package for using x2goserver with a postgresql database linux/i586
x2goserver-sqlite- Virtual package for using x2goserver with sqlite linux/i586
xrdp-0.9.10-1.mga7 Open source remote desktop protocol (RDP) server linux/i586
xrdp-devel-0.9.10-1.mga7 Headers and pkg-config files needed to compile xrdp backends linux/i586

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