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RPM of Group Development/Databases

389-adminutil-devel-1.1.22-9.mga7 Development and header files for 389-adminutil linux/i586
firebird-devel- UDF support library for Firebird SQL server linux/i586
gcab-1.2-2.mga7 Tool and library mainly made to create Cabinet files linux/i586
glom-1.31.6-9.mga7 Easy-to-use database designer and user interface linux/i586
libdb4.8-devel-4.8.30-24.mga7 Development libraries/header files for the Berkeley DB library linux/i586
libdb4.8-static-devel-4.8.30-24.mga7 Development static libraries files for the Berkeley DB library linux/i586
libdb5.3-devel-5.3.28-17.mga7 Development libraries/header files for the Berkeley DB library linux/i586
libdb5.3-static-devel-5.3.28-17.mga7 Development static libraries files for the Berkeley DB library linux/i586
libdbnss4.8-devel-4.8.30-24.mga7 Development libraries/header files for building nss modules with Berkeley DB linux/i586
libfbembed-devel- Development Libraries for Firebird2 SQL Database linux/i586
libgda5.0-devel-5.2.8-1.mga7 GNU Data Access Development linux/i586
libgdbm-devel-1.18.1-1.mga7 Development libraries and header files for the gdbm library linux/i586
libiodbc-devel-3.52.12-2.mga7 header files and libraries for iODBC development linux/i586
libopendbx-devel-1.4.6-7.mga7 Development files for opendbx linux/i586
libpostgis-devel-2.5.2-1.mga7 Development files for postgis linux/i586
libpqxx-4.0.1-10.mga7 The official C++ client API for PostgreSQL linux/i586
libspatialindex-devel-1.8.5-3.mga7 Development files for libspatialindex linux/i586
libspatialite-devel-4.3.0a-8.mga7 Development files for libspatialite linux/i586
libtinycdb-devel-0.78-1.mga7 Development libraries and headers for libtinycdb1 linux/i586
libxapian-devel-1.4.10-1.mga7 Development files for xapian linux/i586
libxbase-devel-3.1.2-16.mga7 Xbase development package linux/i586
mariadb-connector-odbc-3.0.8-1.mga7 ODBC driver library for connecting to MariaDB and MySQL servers linux/i586
msitools-0.99-1.mga7 Utilities to inspect and create Windows Installer files linux/i586
opendbx-firebird-1.4.6-7.mga7 Firebird backend - provides firebird support in opendbx linux/i586
opendbx-mysql-1.4.6-7.mga7 MySQL backend - provides mysql support in opendbx linux/i586
opendbx-postgresql-1.4.6-7.mga7 PostgreSQL backend - provides postgresql support in opendbx linux/i586
opendbx-sqlite-1.4.6-7.mga7 SQLite 2 backend - provides sqlite2 support in opendbx linux/i586
opendbx-sqlite3-1.4.6-7.mga7 SQLite 3 backend - provides sqlite3 support in opendbx linux/i586
opendbx-sybase-1.4.6-7.mga7 Sybase backend - provides sybase support in opendbx linux/i586
opendbx-utils-1.4.6-7.mga7 Utility binaries for opendbx linux/i586
perl-DBD-mysql-4.50.0-1.mga7 MySQL-Perl bindings linux/i586
pgmodeler-0.9.1-3.mga7 PostgreSQL Database Modeler linux/i586
postgresql11-devel-11.3-1.mga7 PostgreSQL development header files and libraries linux/i586
postgresql9.6-devel-9.6.13-4.mga7 PostgreSQL development header files and libraries linux/i586
sphinx-2.3.2-0.beta.1.mga7 SQL full-text search engine linux/i586
swi-prolog-odbc-7.4.2-4.mga7 ODBC interface for swi-prolog linux/i586
tora-3.2-3.mga7 Toolkit for Oracle with MySQL and PostgreSQL support only linux/i586
virtuoso-opensource-6.1.8-6.mga7 OpenLink Virtuoso Database System Open-Source Edition linux/i586
virtuoso-opensource-applications-6.1.8-6.mga7 Virtuoso open source applications linux/i586
virtuoso-opensource-jars-6.1.8-6.mga7 Virtuoso open source jar files linux/i586

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