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j4-dmenu-desktop-2.18-4.fc34 Generic menu for desktop managers linux/x86_64
jetty-9.4.38-1.fc34 Java Webserver and Servlet Container linux/noarch
jetty-client-9.4.38-1.fc34 client module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-continuation-9.4.38-1.fc34 continuation module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-http-9.4.38-1.fc34 http module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-io-9.4.38-1.fc34 io module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-jaas-9.4.38-1.fc34 jaas module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-javadoc-9.4.38-1.fc34 Javadoc for jetty linux/noarch
jetty-jmx-9.4.38-1.fc34 jmx module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-security-9.4.38-1.fc34 security module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-server-9.4.38-1.fc34 server module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-servlet-9.4.38-1.fc34 servlet module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-util-9.4.38-1.fc34 util module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-util-ajax-9.4.38-1.fc34 util-ajax module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-webapp-9.4.38-1.fc34 webapp module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-xml-9.4.38-1.fc34 xml module for Jetty linux/noarch
jffi-1.2.23-5.fc34 Java Foreign Function Interface linux/x86_64
jffi-javadoc-1.2.23-5.fc34 Javadoc for jffi linux/noarch
jffi-native-1.2.23-5.fc34 jffi JAR with native bits linux/x86_64
jgit-5.11.0-1.fc34 A pure java implementation of git linux/noarch
jgit-javadoc-5.11.0-1.fc34 API documentation for jgit linux/noarch
jisksp16-1990-fonts-0.983-23.fc34 16x16 JIS X 0212:1990 Bitmap font linux/noarch
jline-3.19.0-1.fc34 Java library for handling console input linux/noarch
jline-builtins-3.19.0-1.fc34 JLine builtins linux/noarch
jline-console-3.19.0-1.fc34 JLine console linux/noarch
jline-javadoc-3.19.0-1.fc34 Javadocs for jline linux/noarch
jline-reader-3.19.0-1.fc34 JLine reader linux/noarch
jline-remote-ssh-3.19.0-1.fc34 JLine remote SSH linux/noarch
jline-remote-telnet-3.19.0-1.fc34 JLine remote telnet linux/noarch
jline-style-3.19.0-1.fc34 JLine style linux/noarch
jline-terminal-3.19.0-1.fc34 JLine terminal linux/noarch
jline-terminal-jansi-3.19.0-1.fc34 JLine terminal with JANSI linux/noarch
jline-terminal-jna-3.19.0-1.fc34 JLine terminal with JNA linux/noarch
jol-cli-0.15-1.fc34 Java Object Layout command line interface linux/noarch
jol-core-0.15-1.fc34 Java Object Layout core classes linux/noarch
jol-parent-0.15-1.fc34 Java Object Layout parent POM linux/noarch
js-jquery-ui-touch-punch-0.2.3-0.10.20141219git4bc0091.fc34 Touch Event Support for jQuery UI linux/noarch
js-termynal-0.0.1-2.20210316git9b30189.fc34 Lightweight and modern terminal animations using async/await linux/noarch
julietaula-montserrat-alternates-fonts-7.210-4.fc34 A Montserrat area inspired typeface family alternate version linux/noarch
julietaula-montserrat-base-web-fonts-7.210-4.fc34 Web fonts version of the Montserrat area inspired typeface linux/noarch
julietaula-montserrat-extra-web-fonts-7.210-4.fc34 Extra web fonts version of the Montserrat area inspired typeface linux/noarch
julietaula-montserrat-fonts-7.210-4.fc34 Sans-serif typeface inspired from Montserrat area linux/noarch
julietaula-montserrat-fonts-common-7.210-4.fc34 Common files for julietaula-montserrat-fonts linux/noarch
junit5-5.7.1-1.fc34 Java regression testing framework linux/noarch
junit5-guide-5.7.1-1.fc34 Documentation for junit5 linux/noarch
junit5-javadoc-5.7.1-1.fc34 Javadoc for junit5 linux/noarch

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